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(Shola Mara Carletti)


After I graduated in graphic design from ISA in Urbino, one of the best art schools in Italy, I started my career as a graphic designer, a passion I cherish to this day (e.g. I am the designer of the Italian Osho Times and of many Osho books and events) while being engaged in pure art work at the same time.

17 years ago I decided to visit Pune – and there I took sannyas. From then on I spent 6 months a year in Pune and the rest of the year in other parts of the world, but 6 years ago I decided to make Pune my home and focus on painting. Now I show my work in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Dubai.

Contact Details

B5 Sultanat Society North Main Road
Koregaon Park
Pune, IN 41100
Mobile: + 91 9860-834-659
Skype: sholacarletti
email Shola
Shola M Carletti
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