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(Janet Bohlool)


Dear Friends of Osho, I have been living here in Bali for over 20 years and have just started a new list of sannyasins and other friends of Osho here in Bali so we can all connect. I have the Bali Information Service ( and also have a Bed & Breakfast room available for rent to friends visiting Bali. You are welcome to contact me. My B&B is located in a little community of Sannyasins in Kerobokan.

Sohana02.jpg B&B1.jpg

Villa Ayu Pool.jpg Bali Beach.jpg

For anyone wishing to connect with friends of Osho here in Bali, please send your message to:
I am the moderator of this list and will forward your message to our family here.

Om Shanti, Sohana

Contact Details

Villa Ayu
Kerobokan, Denpasar 80117
Phone: +62 361 423-595
Mobile: 0812-3607-4711
Bali Information Service
Visionary Bali Jewelry
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