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Mevlana (previously Osho Mevlana) is the name of a residential property in Myocum, N.S.W. Australia. Circa 1993 it was bought by Swami Amitabh, Ma Latifa and Swami Niten and consisted of a four hundred acre parcel of land that had been a dairy farm. The intention was to create an 'Osho Field' near to Byron Bay, Australia, as a Sannyasin experiment in living inspired by the vision of Osho. In 1996 Amitabh was tragically killed, along with another occupant, in a light aircraft accident in which Niten sustained multiple, life threatening injuries. Miraculously, Niten survived and following the excellent treatment he received in hospital, made a remarkable recovery through a combination of shear determination and the loving support of family and friends. Mevlana also survived and proved to have a life of it's own despite the loss of Amitabh's contribution, and has evolved through many trials and tribulations into what it is now, in January 2010.

Mevlana has blossomed into a well run, residential community with approximately 60 residents, 15 private houses, and many community facilities - all connected by an internal bitumen sealed road network. We have planning consents for more individuals to build their houses and there are a few currently under construction. There are also planning consents for various Rural Tourist Facilities, which await construction.

The property is owned by a limited company whose only shareholders are the people who have bought into the community and built their house, or intend to build their house, on the land. The shareholders come from a wide range of backgrounds but have in common the vision of living in a community that looks beyond traditional life styles and belief systems, and cooperates in furthering the well being of the community, whilst respecting the individuality of its' members. As more people join the community, there is a natural evolution taking place and that 'life of its' own' mentioned earlier continues to shine.

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42 Bilin Road
Myocum NSW 2482
(near Mullumbimby)

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