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(Ilango Nadar)


Everybody is seeking... success, fulfilment, wisdom, happiness, etc.

We all embark on our journey at one time or another. Sometimes fully aware of where we want to go, sometimes finding our purpose along the way.

I was hooked when I first read The Zen Manifesto and started practicing Osho meditations. The search for a living master brought me to Zen Buddhism. Zen Master AMA Samy accepted me as a formal disciple.

I started off my career as a software professional. After 17 years in the field of information technology, today I realise that it was a phase of my life that provided me the time and wherewithal to listen to my true calling.

In the midst of designing, coding and managing complex projects for the clients whom I worked for, I was constantly decoding the mysteries of life. Consistent enquiry and constant search for answers that were beyond the obvious took me through different paths.

Every pursuit brought in new understandings, new perspectives and new ways of looking at the world around me. Osho, Vipassana, Zen Buddhism, Sufi Whirling, Yoga and Ascension added new dimensions to my thinking. They also redirected my search. What I was seeking from people, teachers, and techniques outside of my self was turned inside. The journey within began.

Today as a trained coach and practitioner of different training modalities, I coach people to look for answers they are seeking from the core of their true self.

I believe that when the questions that trouble you are answered by you, yourself; when you no longer look outside for help but become self-reliant by harnessing the power of your source; when no matter how challenging the situation is, you have the strength to access the stillness within you, you hit the path of joy, happiness and fulfilment.

My training in Results Coaching Systems (RCS) based on Neuroscience, as an introduction leader from Landmark Education based on Ontology, training on Dr Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people with Franklin Covey Institute, certificate course in experiential education and a commitment to make a difference in the world I live in gives me the strength to touch the lives of people in different ways.

I contribute by conducting one on one coaching sessions for individuals and facilitating inbound and outbound experiential learning programs for groups.

It’s a journey that drives me and gives me the power to create highly driven individuals, who are well on their way to realizing their true potential.

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