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(aka Yogacharya Swami Kriyananda Saraswati)

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Chinmaya was already ordained as an old-style serious sannyasin (aka above) when he met Osho in 1966. He was among the first group to take sannyas from Osho in Manali in 1970 (image at right, click for larger plus details). For three years in Mumbai he was Osho's secretary, sharing that role with Ma Yoga Laxmi and was in charge of Osho's Hindi publications, editing many of his books.

In 1971, Osho asked Chinmaya to find him a new name to replace "Acharya," which he did, settling on "Bhagwan" after numerous names which didn't work. In Pune One he received many blessings, aka zen sticks, from Osho for his "serious" and "esoteric" questions. A multi-page interview given by him in The Buddha Disease can be read as page scans starting with the two pages on the right.

When Osho went to Oregon, Chinmaya set up an ashram in Nepal but rejoined Osho in Pune Two until he left in 1989 for Bageshwar in the Indian Himalayas just west of Nepal, where he has had an ashram for many years. His role as a spiritual teacher is said to be low-key and low-profile.

Word has it that he has moved to Goa now. (2018)

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wrote introductions to many Osho books
also edited many Osho books
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