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Master's Day Darshan 1982 (evening of the 4th Day, Jul 6) of the First Annual World Celebration (Jul 3-7, 1982), Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A. It was on the July Full Moon, just like the Guru Purnima celebrations which happened in Pune but began a shift to a different celebration modality. See discussion for more on that.

Announcement: "In the presence of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh."

This celebration is listed as event First Annual World Celebration ~ 05 in Osho Timeline 1982.

Sw Prem Anubhava
Ma Prem Maniko
Sw Anand Milarepa
Sw Jivan Diwano
Sw Prem Anubhava : guitar, voice
Sw Prem Geet (Git?) : bass
Ma Prem Maniko : guitar, voice
Sw Govinddas : guitar, sitar, mandolin, etc
Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion
Sw Anand Rupesh : congas and tablas
Toby : flutes

Tracks - full length

01 Announcement 00:25
02 Alive, Alive 11:13
03 Love Life Laughter 14:42
04 In a Wonderful Way 5:48
05 Soul Train 5:37
06 Silence of the Mountains 4:26
07 Gachchhamis 1 2:34
08 Humming 15:09
09 Gachchhamis 2 2:48
10 Bhagwan, I Surrender To You 6:15
11 I Love You 4:37
12 Wherever I Go 4:57
13 Yes Bhagwan Yes 10:06

Event report
from an unfinished novel by Amiyo, written in the never-finished present ...
It’s the last day of the festival. It’s the final evening blow-out celebration. This isn’t like morning satsang -- gentle and silent and meditative. It’s wild singing and dancing non-stop for over an hour, starting before Osho even arrives.
Amrita knows if you want to dance you have to stay at the edge of the open hall. That’s where she is. As soon as the music begins she sees dark purple clouds starting to mass at the head of the valley. Thunderheads are rising and roiling up into the sky, turning deep indigo underneath.
Amrita is facing the oncoming storm. The music is rising. She’s starting to dance. A blazing shaft of light shoots out of the sky. Thunder roars throughout the whole valley.
She turns and sees Osho’s car approaching the hall from the other direction. He and the storm are coming to meet each other. The clouds are pouring in from the west; Osho is driving in from the east.
Intense energies are streaming in from both sides.
For a moment Amrita is scared; she’s afraid she’ll disintegrate right here when these energies meet.
Instead she explodes.
A wild ecstasy is possessing her body; dancing is just happening to her.
As soon as Osho’s car comes to a halt the rain pours down. As he walks onto the podium lightning is dancing throughout the whole valley. Thunder is roaring so loud it’s hard to hear the musicians and singers. But as she dances ecstatically in the pouring rain Amrita can hear them, she knows the song, she’s singing it too:
It is love life laughter
Love life laughter
Love life laughter
As she spins and leaps and throws her head around, dizzy with joy, Amrita knows it’s true -- love, life and laughter are awakening in this valley; they’re awakening in her after years of misery; they’re awakening in thousands of people.
It takes a lightning strike to awaken them -- and lightning is striking right here.
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