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These are two songs that were sung before and after The Zen Manifesto ~ 10, Osho's one but last discourse.

Before-discourse singing is part of the video and the recording has been captured from that source: Tumhare Darshan Ki Bela.

After-discourse singing is part of the audio and video: Mere Hamdam.

Sw Shailendra Saraswati writes, on 2020-06-21 :

Almost every week, mostly on Saturday (not always) evening, Indian musicians used to play and sing during osho discourses.
Sw Yashwant Dev was the team leader of Indian musicians. He has prepared these 2 songs with the team which included Ma Amrit Priya, Ma Amrit Sadhana, Sw Rajendra Bharti, Sw Jagdish Bharti, Sw Manish Vyas and many other friends to accompany him.
It happened twice in past month of march that Osho did not come to the buddha hall on Saturday. Swami Yashwant also stopped coming, he used to live in Mumbai. It was not known on 9th April that Swami Yashwant is present in Pune.
When Osho decided in the evening that he will come for discourse, suddenly the message was given to Priya and Sadhana to prepare the music for this event. They did not have enough time to prepare new songs, therefore they sang already prepared songs.
When the discourse was over they came to know that Swami Yashwant Dev is also present in the audience. He had a strong desire to sing these particular songs in front of osho, but....!

#01: Sw Yashwant Dev: original author of the tune
#02: Ma Amrit Sadhana
Ma Amrit Priya, other artists unknown
1989, found on the video of this event

Tracks - full length

01 Tumhare Darshan Ki Bela 3:05
02 Mere Hamdam 4:44



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