1990-07-08 Guru Purnima

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This album was found as "Osho School of Music, Vol 1".

Sw Shailendra Saraswati has kindly provided information on this album :

I do not remember exactly the title, probably it was Guru Purnima 1990. "Osho School of Music" was the composer of the cassette.
There are few songs missing in this list, First one was GURU VANDANA - Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu sung by Ma Amrit Priya And Ma Amrit Sadhana.
Song 3, Osho, Tu Kitna Pyara Hai, was in fact recorded in Osho's presence in 1989 with western musicians, as described in the album Buddha Within.
Sw Anand Yashwant : song 1, 4 and 5
Song 2 and 6 are traditional keertan
Song 3 is an exception, it was recorded in 1989 with western musicians on the album Buddha Within
Osho School of Music
Ma Amrit Priya: vocals
Ma Amrit Sadhana: vocals
Sw Chaitanya Bharti: drums
Sw Yoga Amit: drums
Sw Anand Prabhu: drums
Sw Anand Nivedano: percussion
Sw Jagdish Bharti: chorus vocals
Sw Shailendra Saraswati: chorus vocals
Audience: chorus vocals
1990-07-08 (Date assuming it was on the full moon day.) Recorded in Buddha hall during First Guru Purnima Festival after Osho's Mahaparinirvana.

Tracks - full length

01 Aana Padega 20:00 - आना पड़ेगा - You have to come back again and again
02 Hari Om Namo Narayana 7:43 - हरि ओम् नमो नािायणा
03 Osho, Tu Kitna Pyara Hai 3:30 - ओशो, तू कितना प्यािा है!
04 Samay ke Baahar Osho 15:00 - समय िे बाहि ओशो - Osho is beyond time and space now
05 Osho Gaye Kahan Hain 17:00 - ओशो गए िहाां हैं? - Osho has not gone anywhere, he is everywhere
06 Radha Raman Hari 14:05 - िाधा िमण हरि



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Label (Distributor) :
OMA Catalog No : 003
Format : Audio tape MC and Video
Artwork :