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Ya never know . . .

What does this Canadian political cartoon have to do with Osho? We shall see.

In early 1976, Osho is talking with a Canadian sannyasin from Montreal, trying to convince him to be with women. He says, "Your Montreal is almost all homosexual, the whole city ... A woman is needed. It is as if you are trying to be reborn from a man. I think sooner or later in Montreal people will try that -- to be finished with woman completely".

Meanwhile at that time in Montreal, the city was getting ready to put on a Summer Olympics. The mayor, Jean Drapeau, had sold the Olympics to the city as something that would pay for itself, stating famously that "The Olympics can no more have a deficit than a man can have a baby". When the Olympics, held later that year, did indeed run a whopping great deficit (that took thirty years to pay off), the cartoon came out: Drapeau preggers, and on the phone to Henry Morgentaler, Canada's well-known principled abortionist. (Because he was so public, he got arrested and tried many times but no jury would convict him.) And Osho foresaw this! Or was in the flow with a zeitgeist. Or your suggestion welcome (see discussion).