Aath Pahar Youn Jhumte (आठ पहर यूं झूमते)

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This book has not been published as a book, nor is there audio. It exists only in e-book form, unknown when that appeared, but that must have been in or before 2014. Talks appear to have been given in Mumbai and Pune. See discussion for details, such as they are, a TOC and some mutterings.
Later published as ch.7-13 of Dukh Ke Paar (दुख के पार).
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
from 1965 to Mar 22, 1970 : timeline
number of discourses/chapters



Aath Pahar Youn Jhumte (आठ पहर यूं झूमते)

Year of publication : <1997
Publisher :
Edition no. :
Number of pages :
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook :
Edition notes : A list from Osho Diary 1997 (the image) mentiones this title as published earlier.