Alive to the Maximum!

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You are still the children searching for sea-shells on the beach. You are still the children collecting wild flowers. You are still the children trying to catch hold of a butterfly. That purity of childhood is still there; it has not been taken away from you -- it has only been superimposed by seriousness, ego, mind. It is there! The rock is blocking the fountain, but the fountain has not disappeared.
Remove the rock and the fountain flows again in all its splendor.
This audiobook is part of the The Art of Dying discourse series. (?)
This English title is only known as an audio book. It is referred to in several translations (compilations) though.**
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Alive to the maximum ; Cover.jpg

Alive to the Maximum!

Discovering Playfulness, and Dropping Guilt

Year of publication :
Publisher : Osho International, New York
ISBN 9780880500050 ?
Duration (min) : 74
Audio book / DVD : A
Edition notes :