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(For one crazy man!)

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For a long time, this song's separate existence was not known and the wiki thought of it as just another, earlier version of Ah This, until a correspondent alerted us to its unique qualities. Its two known recordings appear similar -- long live recordings from late Ranch-era celebrations -- and may even be the same, according to our correspondent, with the longer one the original from the Mar celebration of 1985 and the shorter an edited version of that for a compilation album.
The song goes like this: For several minutes in each version, separate groups of men's and women's voices are singing just "Ah this", with chords / harmonic structure similar to the chorus part of Ah This, reproduced below. At some point, this morphs into "All this", a subtle difference not easy for everyone to discern.
Eventually, the men start singing very softly, "For one crazy man". According to our correspondent, the concept has its origin in a story from the Ranch: Osho was led around and shown all the the structures which had been built, and at some point in the tour he made the remark "All this - for one crazy man!" Almost everything Osho did in public was videoed, so likely this story is more widely known and the video may even turn up some day.

Lyrics and chord notation
(such as it is)
D             E            D            E
This, Ah/All this, Ah/All this, Ah/All this 

        D            E           F#m
Ah/All this, Ah/All this, Ah/All this 
Sheet music
Kindly provided by Sw Deva Nedko :
(MusicXML available)
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  • 1985-03-21 Enlightenment Day Darshan ~ Fire of the Heart

    Sw Prem Bhavito : violin
    Sw Prem Git : bass
    Sw Govinddas : guitar/sitar/mandolin...
    Sw Chaitanya Hari
    Sw Herren : clarinet
    Lalit : bass
    Ma Prem Maniko : singer
    Sw Anand Nivedano : drums and percussion
    Sw Rupesh : congas & tablas
    Sw Samir (buddhafield garage) : guitar and singer
    Sw Shabdanur : trumpet
    Shiven : percussion
    Ma Anand Suresha : singer
    Sw Santosh Toby : flute, saxophone
    Sw Anand Veeren : electric guitar
    Sw Veetdharm : keyboard, pianola
    Sw Vinit (Garimo/Arup´s boy friend): guitar

    Audio - full length

    06 9:00

    Mevlana Bhagwan: Compilation of Darshan Music 1983 - 1985

    Sw Anand Nivedano : percussion
    1983 - 1985

    Audio - full length

    11 5:32