Amrit Vani (अमृत वाणी)

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Amrit Vani appears to be both a small book of six chapters and a compilation of these six chapters together with the seventeen short chapters of Main Kaun Hun? (मैं कौन हूं?) (writings) and nine chapters from Amrit Kan (अमृत कण). As a compilation, it has considerable overlap with Main Kahta Aankhan Dekhi (मैं कहता आंखन देखी). And as a six-chapter book, it is also a component of MKAD. See discussion for details on this.
First 5 (of 6) chapters also published as ch.18-22 of Kranti Sutra (क्रांति सूत्र) (compilation).
Chapter 33 (of 33) previously published as Preface for Jeevan-Kranti Ki Disha (जीवन-क्रांति की दिशा) (sannyas book) by Dr Seth Govinddas.
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
number of discourses/chapters
6 (TOC not available yet)
33 (2010 ed.)   (see table of contents)



Amrit Vani (अमृत वाणी)

Year of publication : ≤Jun 1974
Publisher :
Number of pages :
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook :
Edition notes : Booklet. Price: 1-50 Rs. 6 chapters. Sources: list of books from Tao Upanishad, Bhag 2 (ताओ उपनिषद, भाग दो) (1974.06 ed.), Boojhe Birla Koi (बूझे बिरला कोई) (1989 ed.). Main Kahta Aankhan Dekhi (मैं कहता आंखन देखी) (1979.07 ed.) lists it as source for compiling.


Amrit Vani (अमृत वाणी)

Year of publication : 2010
Publisher : New Sadhna Pocket Books
ISBN 9788183932462 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 164
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes : Ch 33 of this edition is a Bhumika (preface) written by Osho for Jeevan Kranti Ki Disha, a book by Seth Govind Das, a freedom fighter, distinguished parliamentarian and friend of Osho.**
edtiting: Sw Shanti Tyohar
published by New Sadhna Pocket Books, 70, Roshanara Plaza, Roshanara Road, Delhi-110007
phone: 23822006, 23820751
copyright: © 1963, 2010, Osho International Foundation,
all revisions © 1953-2010 Osho International Foundation, all rights reserved, etc
printed in India by Ajay Printers
ISBN 978-81-8393-246-2
price: Rs 95/-
edition 2010
chapter titles
writings & discourses
event location duration media
1 मैं कौन हूं? < 1967 Jabalpur unknown none
2 धर्म क्या है? < 1967 unknown unknown none
3 विज्ञान की अग्नि में धर्म और विश्वास < 1967 unknown unknown none
4 मनुष्य का विज्ञान < 1967 unknown unknown none
5 विचार के जन्म के लिए: विचारों से मुक्ति < 1967 Jabalpur unknown none
6 जीएं और जानें < 1967 unknown unknown none
7 शिक्षा का लक्ष्य < 1967 unknown unknown none
8 जीवन-संपदा का अधिकार < 1967 unknown unknown none
9 समाधि योग < 1967 unknown unknown none
10 जीवन की अदृश्य जड़ें < 1967 unknown unknown none
11 अहिंसा क्या है? < 1967 unknown unknown none
12 आनंद की दिशा < 1967 unknown unknown none
13 मांगो और मिलेगा < 1967 unknown unknown none
14 प्रेम ही प्रभु है < 1967 unknown unknown none
15 नीति, भय और प्रेम < 1967 unknown unknown none
16 अहिंसा का अर्थ < 1967 unknown unknown none
17 मैं मृत्यु सिखाता हूं < 1967 unknown unknown none
18 यह मन क्या है? 30 Sep 1971 pm
(part of event)
Mount Abu, meditation camp 1h 24min audio
19 जो बोएंगे बीज वही काटेंगे फसल 3 May 1971 pm
(part of event)
Ahmedabad 1h 24min audio
20 मृत्यु और परलोक 5 Feb 1971 am
(part of event)
Poona 1h 12min audio
21 भगवत् प्रेम 7 Feb 1971 pm
(part of event)
Poona 1h 24min audio
32 जागते-जागते compilation of parts from:
23 ब्रह्म के दो रूप 9 Apr 1971 am Koda House, Mount Abu, meditation camp 1h 14min audio
24 सत्य ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
25 अहिंसा ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
26 अहंकार ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
27 अपरिग्रह ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
28 अप्रमाद ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
29 अज्ञान ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
30 आत्मविश्वास ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
31 स्वतंत्रता ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
32 धर्म ≤1965 unknown n/a n/a
33 मेरा कुछ भी नहीं है ≤1966 unknown n/a n/a