Anant Ki Pukar ~ 10

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अनंत की पुकार ~ 10

event type discourse
date & time 18 Oct 1967 om **
location Matheran, meditation camp
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 0h 47min. Quality: not good, a constant noise (under revision).
online audio
video Not available
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See Talk:Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार). Talks to organizers.
(Translated as in Work Is Love Made Visible)
Question 1
Osho, the work is very big.
Question 2
Osho, is that why you have said that we workers should do the meditation experiments deeply?
Question 3
Osho, many people feel that you say something, and then after a while you say something different. Then they are unable to understand whether the first thing is true or the second. It seems doing your meditations brings transformation over a long period of time, but so much time is wasted in discussions. Now one example is that people have started wondering whether to keep your photograph or not. You may be thinking about this in a different way, so the programs turn into discussions from the very start.
Question 4
Osho, so if the talk is about something a long way in the future, then maybe it will never be understood, but if some idea is to be carried out, then at this time it should be given all our energy. Later on if it doesn’t seem to yield results, it can be given back to the person and they can be told it didn’t work. But if it is to be done, then at this moment it should be done with full intensity.
Question 5
Osho, okay, so all of this should be taken care of by some kind of a club?
Question 6
Osho, sometimes the workers get caught up in the idea of whether arrangements should be made for what people want or not.
Question 7
Osho, about the pictures: maybe people will misuse them. What if people start worshipping them?
Question 8
Osho, in fact, there is a fixed idea in the minds of the workers of how you should be.
Question 9
Osho, even after listening to you so much, we are still wondering why you are allowing your photographs to be taken for people. Why do you need photographs? Why are you fond of photographs?
Question 10
Osho, our concept is of how a sadhu, a religious man, should be.
Question 11
Osho, what if someone tears it up?
Question 12
Osho, what if someone worships it?
Question 13
Osho, so should the workers have a small meditation camp?
Question 14
Osho, yes. In this way, your message, your ideas, will move forward in the right way. Only if we absorb your ideas, can we bring it to others.
Question 15
Osho, what happens is that you say something and we take something else to people. This way we ourselves help create wrong ideas about you.

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