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Arvind was born on Apr 5, 1938. He was Osho's cousin, his mother being Osho’s father’s sister. He and his sister Kranti lived in Jabalpur and took Osho in for a few years in the early 50s, including the time Osho became enlightened. Kranti became his caretaker in Jabalpur and Arvind his secretary. He would arrange his appointments, transcribe talks and publish Yukrand, one of Osho's first magazines. He stayed as Osho's secretary until Osho relocated to Mumbai in 1970. Following that, he remained in Jabalpur and became a professor at D.N. Jain college.

He left his body on Jan 11, 2018, not long after his wife, and a year after he published his memoir, Diary Ke Darpan Mein.

2016 : Osho: Diary Ke Darpan Mein (ओशो : डायरी के दर्पण में)
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