Ashram in Poona: Bhagwans Experiment (1979)

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Bhagwan's Experiment
The Gateless Gate
In 1978 the German film maker Wolfgang Dobrowolny (Sw Veet Artho) visited the Ashram in Poona and created a unique documentary about Osho, his Sannyasins and the ashram.
He was the first and only film maker ever permitted to film inside the legendary encounter groups.
These pictures shocked the west.
Scenes like these had never been seen before: screaming naked men and women, rolling all over each other in a small room full of mattresses.
English, German
1979 (USA: 1981)
1 h 28 min


Wolfgang Dobrowolny
written by
Wolfgang Dobrowolny
Wilhelm Schulz
Peter Clausen
Freidemann Kliesch
Kirsten Liesenborghs
produced by
Helmut Dobrowolny
Wolfgang Dobrowolny
Michael Fengler
music by
Jacky Carter
Georg Deuter
Klaus Schulze
cinematography by
Peter Claussen
Wolfgang Dobrowolny

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