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All publications, paper and electronic, that represent themselves as being आत्मा पूजा उपनिषद् can be considered translations of part or all of Vol 1 or Vol 2 of The Ultimate Alchemy. But their purported titles and/or cover images have not had a firm grounding up till now in "reality". This page seeks to sort these things out.

Images and info received from Shailendra in June 2017 did not fit well into the scheme of the old APU pages, which were unclear, inconsistent and somewhat misdirected. Shailendra's cover and info / contents images supply book titles, pub dates and discourse / chapter titles that establish a much higher level of consistency and completeness than previous info, so they are now regarded as primary.

First, two clear and relatively consistent books which cover the whole range of UA:

Atma-Puja Upanishad, Bhag 1 (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद, भाग 1) (UA-1, 18 talks)
Atma-Puja Upanishad, Bhag 2 (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद, भाग 2) (UA-2, 18 talks)

Versions of both can be found as recent publications from Diamond, in 2014.

Next, three other previously (though only fragmentarily) known volumes. The wiki had pages for them for years but the info was so garbled that they have been completely reoriented, as:

Atma-Puja Upanishad, Bhag 1 (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद, भाग 1) (UA-1, 6 talks)
Atma-Puja Upanishad, Bhag 2 (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद, भाग 2) (UA-1, 6 talks)
Atma-Puja Upanishad, Bhag 3 (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद, भाग 3) (UA-1, 6 talks)

This group are translations of only Vol 1 of UA, divided into three small volumes of six discourses each. Bhag 1 of this lot was formerly the most confused**; now, with a decent grounding in Shailendra's newly supplied images, it is the clearest. And this has solidified the basis for presuming analogous publication of Bhag 2 and 3, besides the fact that all three appear as e-books in Osho World's e-book collection. More info on the resolution of their particular miasmas is found in their respective pages.

Then there's the mystery edition from Lokbharti Prakashan. This showed up early on in the search in a library in Venezia, but very little is yet known about its provenance:

Atma-Puja Upanishad (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद) (Lokbharti)