Beyond Enlightenment ~ 20

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event type discourse
date & time 22 Oct 1986 pm
location Sumila, Juhu, Bombay
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 54min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 1h 58min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle ENLIGH20
Reader of the questions (Q2-Q6): Ma Prem Maneesha.
Question 1
Editor: Osho starts to speak at once without reading a question at the start, then says: "The questioner said that within his personality, the buddha and the zorba are in constant conflict." This is a reference to Q5 of Beyond Enlightenment ~ 19, i.e. asked on the previous night :
Beloved Osho, the Buddha in me condemns the Zorba, and the Zorba envies the Buddha. How can these two beloveds within me become friends?
Question 2 from Sw Suraj Prakash
Beloved Osho, before meeting you and taking sannyas in 1980, I used to achieve whatsoever targets and goals I made. But since then I have been relaxing at the platform, waiting for the whistle of the incoming train. Relaxing and waiting has increased to such an extent that sometimes during your discourses the sound of my own snoring makes me get up, feeling as if the train has arrived -- but the train never arrives.
Beloved Master, what next?
Question 3 from Surabhi
Beloved Osho, why do I feel that I have failed? Is it because I still hanker to be perfect, superhuman, special? Osho, please don't spare me anything!
Question 4
Edited excerpt: 6min 43sec, question 3 (except a last sentence) **
Beloved Osho, why is the mind running like crazy when the heart wants to say something?
Question 5
Beloved Osho, always when I walk across to your house I would like to dance and sing, but then tears come into my eyes and strong feelings overwhelm me and I would like to shout to everybody, "Wake up! Here is Osho. He is available for everybody!" I am so grateful for all I have got from you, and sometimes it is so difficult to keep all this to myself -- but I won't go on a missionary trip.
What can I do?
Question 6
Beloved Osho, your first silent message to me was: "Don't be so serious, enjoy, celebrate!"
After three years I finally got it! Why did it take me so long to wake up? Am I really waking up?


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