Beyond Enlightenment ~ 31

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event type discourse
date & time 3 Nov 1986 pm
location Sumila, Juhu, Bombay
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 11min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 2h 14min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle ENLIGH31
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Maneesha.
Question 1
Beloved Osho, I am afraid to jump from a three-meter tower into a swimming pool.
Will I still be able to jump into enlightenment?
Question 2
Beloved Osho, I feel your presence all around me, your love and your compassion, but I myself feel unworthy of it. Who am I that I should deserve you? Just because of this, I have closed a door in front of you. My heart is suffering, but I have forgotten where the door is.
Please comment.
Question 3
Beloved Osho, there is a Sufi saying that "No human being can avoid his fate. This is a world of limitations -- blessed are those who gain a taste of the limitless, despite this fact."
A famous astrologer and composer, Dane Rudhyar, who was a friend of George Gurdjieff, said, "The old idea of astrology -- that experience happens to human beings -- is not true. On the contrary, human beings happen to their experience."
My observation is that every astrologer who is courageous enough will find out that Gurdjieff is true when he says, "Man is a machine."
On the other hand, my experience with you, Christ, and Buddhist teachers has revealed the existence of the limitless in the midst of limitations. While religiousness opens the doors to the limitless, astrology studies the world of forms and limitations. And without the first, the second could have become intolerable to me. Now, slowly slowly, the formless and the form seem to meet and marry inside of me.
Would you please comment?


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