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Bhagwan, de sexgoeroe uit Poona (NCRV 1980) ; still 00m 03s.jpg
Bhagwan, de sexgoeroe uit Poona (NCRV 1980) ; still 01m 31s.jpg
TV documentary in the series "Niet Te Geloven" (Not To Be Believed), episode 1, by Dutch public broadcaster NCRV. Presenter: Sipke van der Land.
Some quotes, in translation:
... There are many more women than men, on average around 30 years old.. They walk around in orange, as that is the color of the the dawn.
Many of the followers are artists and intellectuals, who are searching for a solution for their depressions, their broken relationships, their sexual inhibitions, their loneliness and all kinds of other problems. Most of the day, they walk around aimlessly. ...
(After footage of Osho giving sannyas to Sw Amito:
The English pronunciation of the master is pathetic. But his discourses sound very profound. At first, you would think that he has a tremendous wisdom. Until you find out that he is just stringing together lots of book learning, from big thinkers of East and West, with some literary tricks, to keep up attention. But he is proclaiming nothing but vagueness, like "cosmic energy" and "the presence of the living universe", and other woolliness, completely impractical.
Sep 30, 1980
57 min


Niet Te Geloven
Vraagtekens bij sekten en kulten
Poona, Aflevering 1
Bhagwan, de sexgoeroe uit Poona
Samenstelling en regie: Sipke van der Land & Jaap van den Hurk
Interviewees (Dutch sannyasins/background): Poona Ashram: Erik Höchheimer (doctor), Bella Bruins (jounalist), May Kortenhorst (active in humanist psychology), Mw. Kortenhorst (active in humanist psychology, through her doughters), Gerard Hartkamp (actor), Zuster Truus, Bas de Jong (Clarinet-player in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra). In Amsterdam: Sw Anand Niketana.
Niet Te Geloven!
Narrator voice: Guus van der Steen
Samenstelling en regie: Sipke van der Land & Jaap van den Hurk
Een NCRV produktie ©1980

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,017

  • still 03m 44s.

  • still 07m 15s.

  • still 28m 26s: Sw Anand Niketana, in front of "de boot", the Amsterdam meditation centre in a house-boat.

  • still 33m 32s: sannyas of Sw Amito.