Bhagwan (1978)

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This documentary was produced and directed by Robert Hillmann (USA). It was shot 1975 in Poona (Pune), India and premiered at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival.
Much of the documentary shows the events on Osho’s birthday, Dec 11, 1975. The discourse Osho gave on that day was the first chapter of Come Follow Me, Vol 3.
The only known copy of the 16mm film was transferred to VHS tape in 1980 and digitally remastered in 2000. The remastered copies of the film are overlaid with German subtitles.
Bhagwan 1978 poster1.jpg
director Robert Hillmann
advert in the 1979 Yoga Journal
English (also with German subtitles)
49 min


directed and photographed by
Robert Hillmann
written and edited by
music by
Hare Chaitanya Deuter
produced by
Robert Hillmann - producer
Alfred Hillmann - post production supervisor
location sound recording by
Larry Marks
narration recording
David Dobkin
Steven Hill
sound editing by
Alfred Hillmann
sound mixing by
Will Harvey (STUDIO C)
Charles Rudnick - opening title sequence
STOP FRAME - titles
assistant editor
John Fante
negative cutters
Michael Rudnick
Debra McDermott

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OIF claims to own the copyright of the film and has requested Youtube to take it down.