Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - The Man Who Was God (1989)

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A UK TV film, aired by broadcaster ITV, in the series Scandal.
Lots of old film-footage, including rarely seen footage.
The film's main narrator is Sw Shivamurti, who is using the opportunity to get square with Osho. The film's images are used to frame the master as a power- and sex-obsessed con man. The sannyasins are spineless hippies who, after being robbed of their money, have to work day and night, and at the end of the ranch "several would be in prison, be a fugitive, commit suicide or were taken into psychiatric wards".
For a description by Osho Film Festival, see discussion.
Aug 16, 1989 (aired in the UK on ITV at 10:30pm)
1 h 15 min (?)


Film researcher: Adrian Wood (according to IMDB)

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,095 (A copy apparently aired on Belgian TV: Dutch (Flemish) voice-over, English with Dutch subtitles)
Osho Film Festival

still gallery

(From a copy with Flemish voice-over and Dutch subtitles)