Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - The Man Who Was God (1989)

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A UK TV film, aired by broadcaster ITV, in the series Scandal.
Lots of old film-footage, including rarely seen footage.
The film's main narrator is Sw Shivamurti, who is using the opportunity to get square with Osho. The film's images are used to frame the master as a power- and sex-obsessed con man. The sannyasins are spineless hippies who, after being robbed of their money, have to work day and night, and at the end of the Ranch "several would be in prison, be a fugitive, commit suicide or were taken into psychiatric wards".
For a description by Osho Film Festival, see discussion.
Aug 16, 1989 (aired in the UK on ITV at 10:30pm)
1 h 15 min (?)


Film researcher: Adrian Wood (according to IMDB)

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,095
Osho Film Festival



  • still 00m 18s.

  • still 00m 30s.

  • still 51m 46s.

  • This media is available at IISG in box 147_3 on a DVD "Osho Documentatie-materiaal", file-name = 05.1.Panorama.BRT2.1990.avi.
    This is a copy aired in 1990 on Belgian TV, public broadcaster BRT2 in the series Panorama. It has a Dutch (Flemish) voice-over, or English with Dutch subtitles.
    Amerikaanse documentaire over Osho. BRT 2,'Panorama', met Nederlandse voice over. Poona 1978, energy darshan, beelden kantoren, poort ashram, snuffen, Osho in wit, Ma Prem Sunshine, Hugh Milne, energy delen, inkomsten uit boeken, schenkingen, pers, drugshandel, arrestaties overal ter wereld, veel donaties uit drugsgeld, verhalen over vechten, Ramesh Tapar, journalist, achterstallige belasting, in 1972 naar USA?, zou huisarrest in India krijgen, beelden New York, beelden villa New Jersey, Sheela Silverman, bracht hem in USA tot ze in gevangenis belandde, beelden en geschiedenis Sheela, sneeuwbeelden ranch, bush, Bob Harvey: Sheela was de supreme boss, Michael Sullivan, Officier van Justitie, stoorde zich niet aan bouwwetten Oregon.
    Gevolgd door Interview met Amrito in 'Rondje van het Huis'. NCRV dd. 6 januari 1993, 11 min. (Editor: this is not part of the video-footage.)

    still gallery

    (From a copy with Flemish voice-over and Dutch subtitles)

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