Bhaj Govindam ~ 03

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भजगोविन्दम् मूढ़मते ~ 03

event type discourse
date & time 13 Nov 1975 am
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Poona
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 21min. Quality: good (under revision).
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle GREATT03
(Translated as in The Great Transcendence on CD-ROM)
The sutra
Who is your wife? Who is your son? This world is very strange. Whose are you? Who are you? From where have you come? Do think over these essential questions.
From satsang comes aloneness, from aloneness comes nonattachment; because of nonattachment mind becomes stable and because of stable and unwavering mind liberation is attained.
What is sexual desire once the old age has set in? What is a pond once its water is dry? Who is the family once your wealth is finished? Where is the world after self-realization?
Do not be proud of wealth, people and youth, because death takes them all away within a moment. Dropping all these illusory matters, know the divine and enter into it.
Day and night, evening and morning, winter and spring come and go again and again. Thus the play of time goes on and one's life is over. And yet the breeze of hope does not leave one alone.
Oh, you madman! Why are you caught up in the worries about your wife and your wealth? Don't you know that even a moment's company with good people is the only boat there is to take you across the ocean of this mundane world?

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