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What cars did Osho use? And when? This is just a page to make some notes about that.
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Osho used to arrive at the auditoriums (Poona 1, Rajneeshpuram and Poona 2) by car.
About that white Rolls, Krishna Prem says: "The only time there was a Rolls-Royce on that property was at the very end of our first stay in Pune when, following an assassination attempt by a Hindu fundamentalist (editor: that was on 22 May 1980), we imported a metal detector and an ancient bullet-proof Rolls." (source)
(Editor: there is a discrepancy between Levin's observation of the white Rolls in the beginning of April 1980 and the explanation of KP.)

The First Car

Krishna Prem, in Osho, India and Me, writes, page.200 ff. :

The First Car
Almost overnight, it seems, the press office doubles. There’d been a spate of Indian journalists all at once, including a delightful Parsi lady, Bachi Karkaria, from the country’s biggest English-language rotogravure, The Illustrated Weekly of India - all rushing to have a look at the Mercedes Laxmi had bought for ten-lakh rupees to ferry Osho the few hundred yards from Lao Tzu House to Buddha Hall and back once a day.
It had been his solution to a problem Laxmi couldn’t resolve. Money was low - she confessed to me one evening there was just enough left in the kitty to feed him for a week — and she had been turned down by every bank she approached. Despite the obvious profit potential, no one was interested in financing the operation and its expansion.
When she explained the situation to Osho, she told me, he said to go to New Delhi and buy the most expensive car in India. As usual, she took his advice without question. She travelled to Delhi, toured the imported car dealers and, with the help of a wealthy local sannyasin, returned to Poona with a Mercedes the colour of Dijon mustard. I lie very next morning we were on the front page of The Times of India and every other major daily in the country. And three bankers dropped by with offers of assistance that very afternoon.
But whether it was the car or curiosity that was drawing the journalists here, I didn’t miss a chance to give the grand tour, the grand rap. “Blabber!” is Laxmis only guideline. Well, I figure, if hot air will help turn the wheel of dhamma, Osho’s certainly picked the right guy.
Sparked by news about the luxury car, requests start pouring in from magazines, mostly Indian, for excerpts from discourses, for photos and articles on the commune and our activities. Mangala has just about all she can handle already, editing, coordinating — and we need a writer. Madhura packs in her knitting needles and says she’ll give it a try, but her promise outweighs her performance and, with a graceful English upper lip, she abandons the Muse for typing and the files. (...)

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