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List of books in 1972 ed. of Mahaveer-Vani, Bhag 1 (महावीर-वाणी, भाग 1) lists Gujarati weekly magazine "Aum" (in Hindi ॐ). It is unknown his Gujarati title script. It also states other periodical that missing on wiki (that confirmed by Hindi Books in Print Lists#Jan 1973, and Yukrand, Varsh 5, issue 12b, 1973-Dec-11):

Yog-Deep (योग-दीप) : Marathi, fortnightly

Rajneesh Foundation Newsletter also published in Gujarati (exact title is unknown), fortnightly. Source: list of publications from Asato Ma Sadgamaya (असतो मा सद्गमय), 1979.05 ed.

Diagram was updated, some mag./news was not included as their publishing period not known.--DhyanAntar 03:51, 30 May 2021 (UTC)