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This table shows major events in Osho's work and in the community around him.

Complete Timelines

It is a short version of the timelines, click here to see all events of that year:

year unknown 1963 and earlier 1964 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 1990

Chronology of major events

date event
11 December 1931 Osho's birth, Kuchwada (Bhopal State, now District Raisen, MP)
1951 - 1955 Jabalpur: studies at Hitkarini College, then D. N. Jain College (BA in philosophy). Also worked as an assistant editor at "Nav-Bharat", a local newspaper during studing.
21 March 1953 Osho's enlightenment, Bhanvartal garden in Jabalpur, under a Maulshree Tree
1955 - 1957 Sagar (MP) : studies in the University of Sagar (MA in philosophy)
from 21 Sep 1957
to June 1958(?)
teaches sanskrit at Sanskrit College, at Raipur (MP)
1958 - Aug 1966 teaches philosophy at Robertson College of Jabalpur University, Jabalpur
somewhere 1962 Osho's first meditation-camp experiment, with a focus on meditation rather than listening to words. Place: Jabalpur, Khandari Water Works.
See Meditation Camps for a list of all camps, including a description of the meditation-camps during Poona-One.
2 or 3 Aug 1966 Osho resigns as a professor from Jabalpur University **
29 Jun 1970 Osho leaves Jabalpur for Bombay
26 Oct 1970 --
5 Oct 1970
Osho gives sannyas for the first time.
8 Dec 1970 Osho has shifted to a new residence: A-1, Woodland Apartments, Peddar Road, Bombay-26
21 Mar 1974 Moving from Bombay (Mumbai) to Poona (Pune) on the anniversary of Osho's enlightenment **.
Apparently an Enlightenment Day celebration was held in each city **.
Then, before the first discourses in Poona, there was an eight-day silent period **.
30 Mar 1974 pm first discourse in Poona, at Lao Tzu balcony: Geeta-Darshan Adhyaya 16 ~ 01 ( गीता-दर्शन, अध्याय १६ )
10 May 1974 first English discourses given at Lao Tzu balcony: My Way The Way of White Clouds ~ 01 etc.
1 Dec 1974 am first discourse held at Chuang Tzu Auditorium: Ek Omkar Satnam ~ 11 ( एक ओंकार सतनाम / The True Name, Vol 2 )
10 Dec 1975 pm first, held at Lao Tzu porch: Hammer on the Rock ~ 01
11 Apr 1977 am first discourse held at Buddha Hall: The First Principle ~ 01
8 Sep 1979 om Osho's father, Sw Devateerth Bharti, dies enlightened. Osho visited him in the afternoon.
10 Jan 1981 Sw Anand Vimalkirti dies.
23 Mar 1981 pm last of the darshans: The Sound of One Hand Clapping ~ 23
21 Apr 1981 The beginning of the (mostly) Silent Period is announced **
1 May 1981 am
31 May 1981 am
A month with satsangs after 5 weeks of seclusion: Satsang May 1981 ~ 01 etc.
1 Jun 1981 Osho drives from Poona to Bombay, to take a flight to New York, USA. Then is driven to Chidvilas, (Kip's Castle), New Jersey.
29 Aug 1981 Osho moves to Oregon: driven to NY airport, charter flight to Redmond OR, then driven to Rancho Rajneesh
3 Jul 1982 am
7 Jul 1982 am
First Annual World Celebration ~ 01 etc, Buddha Hall, Rajneeshpuram
2 Jul 1983 am
8 Jul 1983 am
Second Annual World Celebration ~ 01 etc, Buddha Hall, Rajneeshpuram
30 Jun 1984 am
6 Jul 1984 pm
Third Annual World Celebration ~ 01 etc, Buddha Hall, Rajneeshpuram
30 Oct 1984 pm End of the silent period. Osho starts speaking for a small audience ("The chosen few"): From Unconsciousness to Consciousness ~ 01 etc, at Lao Tzu Grove, Rajneeshpuram
30 Jun 1985
6 Jul 1985
a week of festivities at Rajneeshpuram (Fourth Annual World Celebration)
30 Jun 1985 8:30 Osho gives discourse in public again, at "Rajneesh Mandir": From the False to the Truth ~ 03 etc.
17 Jul 1985 om ** Osho starts giving interviews to the world press, at Jesus Grove: The Last Testament Vol 1 ~ 02 etc. and The Last Testament (Vol 1) ~ 01 etc.
14 Sep 1985 Ma Anand Sheela leaves Rajneeshpuram

27 Oct 1985, 17:30 Osho leaves Rajneeshpuram
28 Oct 1985, 01:30 Charlotte, North Carolina : Osho lands in Charlotte and is arrested
28 Oct 1985 pm Osho is moved from the Marshal's lockup to Mecklenburg County Jail, then is moved from jail to jail. He is possibly poisoned with Thallium and/or exposed to radioactive material.
7 Nov 1985, 20:00 Osho finally lands in Portland and is taken to the Multnomah Justice Center, Portland, Oregon
8 Nov 1985 pm Osho is released on bail and returns to Rajneeshpuram
13 Nov 1985 pm Osho leaves Rajneeshpuram for the last time to return to Portland, Oregon
14 Nov 1985, 17:30 Osho is sentenced and leaves the USA via Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Start of The World Tour.
17 Nov 1985, 02:30 Osho lands in New Delhi, India, and at 7:00 am gives an interview: Press Conferences ~ 09
17 Nov 1985, 12:00 Osho lands in Manali (HP), stays in the Span Resort, 14 Mile, P.O. Katrain, Kullu Manali Highway, 175129, Himachal Pradesh.
19 Nov 1985, 09:30 Osho starts giving interviews: The Last Testament (Vol 4) ~ 07 etc.
2 - 3 Jan 1986 Osho visits New Delhi , India
3 Jan 1986 pm Returns to Oberoi Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal, gives discourses: The Last Testament (Vol 5) ~ 17 etc.
15 Feb 1986 am
16 Feb 1986, 07:00
Osho leaves Nepal, flies via Bangkok Thailand and Bahrain to Greece, stays in the villa of a friend in Agios Nikolaos, Crete.
19 Feb 1986 pm Osho starts giving discourses in the garden: Socrates Poisoned Again ~ 01 etc.
5 Mar 1986, early afternoon Police break into the house, arrest Osho. For film footage, see Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries (1988).
6 Mar 1986, 01:30
7 Mar 1986 am
Osho leaves Greece, flies via Geneva Switzerland, Stockholm Sweden, and London UK to Shannon, Ireland.
18 Mar 1986 pm
19 Mar 1986, 22:00
Osho leaves Ireland and flies to Montevideo, Uruguay
12 Apr 1986 pm Osho starts giving discourses: Beyond Psychology ~ 01 etc, at Punta Del Este, Montevideo, Uruguay
19 Jun 1986 am
21 Jun 1986
Osho leaves Uruguay and flies to Lisbon, Portugal
30 Jul 1986 am Osho leaves Sintra, Portugal
30 Jul 1986 pm Osho lands in Bombay, India after more than 20 countries had either denied him entry or deported him.
31 Jul 1986 am Osho stays in the house of a friend in Sumila, Juhu , Bombay
and starts giving interviews: The Last Testament (Vol 6) ~ 05 etc.
3 Jan 1987, 02:00 Osho returns to the Poona ashram.
The end of the World Tour.
8 Jan 1987 pm Osho starts giving discourses: The Messiah Vol 1 ~ 01 etc, at Chuang Tzu Auditorium
7 Jul 1987 am Starts giving discourses in the renovated "Gautam the Buddha Auditorium": Bodhidharma ~ 05 etc. (Later this year there are some changes back and forth to Chuang Tzu Auditorium. From 22 Dec 1987 pm discourse was only in Gautam the Buddha Auditorium.)
10 Apr 1989, 19:00 Osho's last discourse: The Zen Manifesto ~ 11. At the time, this was to be the start of a new series: The Awakening of the Buddha,
Akashics re Buddha Hall: Osho’s last discourse
23 May 1989 pm A silent satsang: Silence Meeting 1989 ~ 01 at Gautam the Buddha Auditorium
14 Jul 1989 pm Start of the series of silent satsangs: Meeting of the Osho White Swan Brotherhood ~ 001 etc, at Gautam the Buddha Auditorium
Akashics re Buddha Hall: Full Moon Celebration
1 Oct 1989, 19:00 The Osho White Swan Brotherhood is renamed to Meeting of the Osho White Robe Brotherhood ~ 020 etc.
15 Oct 1989, 19:00 Meeting of the Osho White Robe Brotherhood ~ 034 : message from Osho: “Yaa-Hoo!” out, “OSHO” in
19 Jan 1990 Osho leaves his body. See film I Leave You My Dream (1990).

Incomplete items

Here are some NEW items mentioned by Punya to add, dates should be researched.
date event
Purchase of No 33 Koregaon Park
Osho names his residence, No 33, Lao Tzu House, and No 17, Krishna House
Chuang Tzu collapses
Last time Osho personally gave sannyas

To be checked for more

Here are some links with timelines that can be checked for more "major events".
It could be a good idea to keep the "complete timeline" and this "chronology of major events" in sync, so that everything here is also in the timelines.
Here are just some examples of material from this document that COULD be useful for our list. This ONLY pertains to 1974. 

April: a mass weekly shakti pat (the last one given) is the only activity given by Rajneesh this month. Meanwhile, Dynamic and Whirling meditations begin at Empress Botanical Gardens, 3 miles from the ashram.

April 30: It is announced that Bhagwan is feeling better and has decided to stay in Poona, so Secretary Laxmi completes negotiations to purchase a second house next door at 17 Koregaon Park, to be used as an administrative center known as Krishna House.

June 11: Krishna House is inaugurated, while the street entrance to Lao Tzu is now blocked. The first monthly, 10-day meditation camps--for Dynamic, Kirtan, and Whirling--are now held at the front of Krishna House, where Radha Hall will be. The Kirtan meditation is discontinued after a month, to be replaced by many others. For the first time the master does not lead the meditations; his empty chair is brought out instead.

June/July: Bhagwan has his assistant Mukta (who had helped purchase the ashram) begin to construct a new garden outside of Lao Tzu House, a heavily forested affair that will include a pond and small waterfall. Bhagwan’s specific instructions are for her to let it grow thick and tropical. It is also around this time that the master stops dying his hair black, revealing many silver streaks in his beard which dramatically alters his appearance.  The end of dying hair black, ca. 1974-06.jpg

July 4: the first Guru Poornima (“Master’s Day”) celebration at Poona is given.

Aug 11—Sep 10: (...) At this time discourses move from the porch to the terrace/veranda on the first floor of Lao Tzu House, while darshans move from the lawn to the car porch.

August: Ma Yoga Punya, who had taken sannyas at Woodlands in January, arrives in Poona and alternates between the ashram and a Bhagwan center in Italy for the next few years, before finally moving in for good in 1977. During this first stay, Rajneesh instructs her to practice a “shaking” meditation which eventually becomes Kundalini.

Fall: Some 20,000 books from Bhagwan’s collection at Woodlands, which had been sitting in boxes at Lao Tzu house, are transferred into glass bookcases lining the corridors; this essentially transforms the house into a giant library. Lalita is chosen to be the librarian and is told to arrange the books by size and color, giving a flowing, wave-like impression when seen stacked together. Each day, 5-10 books are chosen for reading by the master in his private bedroom, to be signed by him when finished. By 1981, the library had grown to an impressive 50,000 volumes.

September/October: Two new meditations, Shiva Netra (Sept) and Kundalini (first known as “Shaking,” in Oct) are introduced. While Shiva Netra is discontinued within a few months, Kundalini (which replaces Whirling) becomes one of Bhagwan’s most beloved meditations and is often referred to as the “sister” of Dynamic, to be done in the evening just as Dynamic is done in the morning. It is also at this time that Bhagwan assigns the German musician Deuter, now known as Swami Chaitanya, to compose and perform specific music to go with each meditation.

Sep 11-20: violent monsoon storms rock the ashram. A new marble auditorium for discourses jutting out from the Lao Tzu back porch and open to the garden, to be christened Chuang-Tzu, begins construction.
// End of the examples from "1974" //