Chronology of Events Relating to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon (source document)

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Title page of the document
Author: Roshani Shay Curtis, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Western Oregon University.
This is a 573 page typed document, scanned by Sw Prem Niren and OCR'd by the Wiki-team, published here with the kind permission of Roshani Shay. It is copyrighted material. All rights reserved by the author.


It was the Spring of 1982. My then husband and I were political scientists teaching at different universities in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. My husband’s friend had been hired by Ma Anand Sheela to represent The Ranch in its relations with Oregon’s governments and citizens. He had invited my husband to attend the fascinating federal mediation talks between sannyasins and nearby ranchers in Central Oregon. The tales he brought home of the meetings between the two groups were fascinating. We talked of the unique opportunity to study the culture clash and the creation of a new city from scratch, which led to our first visit to The Ranch.
I was immediately taken by every sannyasin I met. I also had the strong feeling of having found “my tribe.” It was such a joy to find other people on the planet who were attempting to live a spiritual life, while fully engaged in the practical, everyday world.
I forget when I first met Swami Prem Niren, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s/Osho’s attorney. But I do recall a dinner at which he expressed the wish for a simple chronology of developments, court cases, Ranch progress, the reactions of Oregon government and the like. He voiced his need for such a research document to help him prepare his cases. That was the moment that this Chronology was born.
I started on a typewriter, but soon purchased my very first computer. For the next many years of the decade, I gathered information from a news clipping service, from the courts, from city council minutes, from legislative actions and much, much more to create a comprehensive historical document about The Ranch, the City of Rajneeshpuram and City of Rajneesh/Antelope.
I have since shared this Chronology with several authors of books on the events surrounding Bhagwan Shree Ranjeesh’s/Osho’s time in the United States and beyond. I have deposited a copy in the Roshani Shay Collection on Rajneesh (archive) at the University of Oregon and with the Communal Studies Association collection at the University of Southern Indiana. It is also available as a source document in the US, Denmark and The Netherlands.
This chronology is only a compilation of factual material related to The Ranch. It in no way conveys the remarkable stories of the transformation of people’s lives which occurred. However, my hope is that it will at least help those who wish to write those stories to put them into context. If it is useful in that way, it will have been worth the many hours and years it took to create it.
Roshani Shay Curtis, July, 2020

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Toelkes Declaration

Philip Toelkes, Sw Prem Niren, as a companion to his book USA v. Osho, has compiled a huge website with an documental Archive and Key Documents about the history of Osho in the USA. One of these documents is his personal Declaration, where he talks about this, Roshani's, chronology:
41. I have known Cari Roshani Shay for 40 years. Shay was a political science professor in Oregon until her retirement. Shay has generated several articles which provide very useful, factual information relevant to the years in question. Perhaps most significantly historically, Shay created a detailed chronology of events relevant to the Communities experience in Oregon from 1981 through 1986. That chronology identifies the sources summarized. I have used and relied upon that chronology for many years and have found it to be careful and accurate.

Table of events

This is a verbatim account of Roshani's document, with some modifications to simplify searching of headings and newspapers.
Most items start with [Headings]. Hover your mouse over the link, or see Key to Headings and abbreviations. If you want to search for specific headings on this page, search for e.g. "[R]", with square brackets.
Newspaper-sources are noted at the end, sometimes in the middle of the item. For a key to the abbreviations, see Key to Newspapers.


date event
81.05.15 [PUR] [CRMC] Castle and grounds purchased by Chidvilas Rajneesh Meditation Center, Inc. (CRMC) in Montclair, New Jersey
81.06.01 Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh departs from 6 acre ashram in Poona, India and arrives in Montclair, New Jersey (BB 8-31)
81.06.01 [J] [PER] (Date unknown, between June 1 and June 22) Rajneeshees apply for permits for 20 three- bedroom mobile homes on a ranch in Central Oregon
81.06.22 [J] [PER] Mobile home permit application hearing; 20 requested permits granted
81.07.15 [R] [PUR] [CRMC] 64,229 acre Big Muddy Ranch (19,184 acres in W County and 44,342 acres in J County) purchased by CRMC from the North Plains Land and Investment Co., Inc. of Amarillo, Texas for $6 million ($1.5 million cash downpayment raised from contributions and at least $3.5 million in the form of a mortgage to the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company) (O 8-12)
81.07.15 [W] [PER] (Date unknown, between July 15 and August 10) Rajneeshees apply for permits for 34 mobile homes, a storage shed, garage, dining hall, ranch headquarters building, barn
81.07.15 [W] [PER] (Date unknown, between July 15 and August 10) Building permits hearing; permits granted for 13 mobile homes, dining hall, headquarters building, three miscellaneous buildings, with understanding that an additional 21 mobile homes will be allowed (MP 10-8)
81.07.15 [J] [PER] (Date unknown, between July 15 and August 10) Rajneeshees apply for permits for a 4,000 sq. ft. school building and an emergency medical facility
81.08.10 [A] [PUR] Rajneeshees purchase 2 lots, a mobile home and a 30 by 12 foot shop (from Puls) to be used as a communications center (BB 8-13; DC 3-2-82)
81.08.12 [R] [IMP] By this date, 700 acres tilled and planted in sunflowers (150 acres), apple trees, corn, squash and grapes; plans for 3,000 acres in winter wheat, an elementary school, a trauma ward (the nearest hospital is in Madras, 60 miles away); bi-monthly ads quoting Bhagwan appearing in Time Magazine; several feature articles have appeared on Shannon Jo Ryan, daughter of Congressman Leo Ryan killed in Jonestown, who has been a Rajneeshee since October 21, 1980 and is presently at the Montclair, New Jersey Center; 500 centers reported worldwide; 350 book titles in publication; 50 Ranch residents reported to be from the US, Britain, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Switzerland (MP 8-12)
81.08.12 [A] Some A residents reportedly upset over Time Magazine ads, as well as New York Times and Los Angeles Times coverage, saying they fear takeover (MP 8-12)
81.08.13 [A] [J] [W] [COMM] Joint meeting on the previous Wednesday of J and W County Courts/Commissicns, District Attorneys (DAs), Planners, Sheriffs and residents of A (approximately 35 people total) to discuss concerns about the impact of the Ranch purchase on permit applications, schools in A and Ashwood, property values and commercial activities in the area (BB 8-13)
81.08.17 [A] [PER] Rajneeshees apply for permits for two mobile buildings to house communications center and retail outlet for books and tapes
81.08.17 [W] [PER] W County Planning Office issues 13 mobile home permits for the Ranch
81.08.30 [A] [HILL] [RFI] Sunday Oregonian story states that 1981 roadmaps show A as a ghost town even though there are 40 residents; residents describe A as very conservative; Mayor Margaret Hill says most residents from Portland and retired, at 14 years she is a "longtimer"; Ma Anand Sheela, President of Rajneesh Foundation International (RFI), acknowledges having made offer on A store
81.08.30 [R] [IMP] Ranch named Ville de Rajneesh; overhead electricity; 20 mobile homes sited and linked with newly built roads and sewerage systems; airstrip; a two-story, 15,000 sq. ft. storage and office building; $300,000 worth of equipment purchased; 70,000 US Rajneeshees representing 41% of the total; plans for school with staff for up to 25 children and a library to house a 150,000 book collection; 2 Rolls Royces (SO)
81.08.31 [R] [IMP] [BLM] Bhagwan arrives; 58 residents; 12-pass- enger, twin-engine plane; 14,889 acres leased from the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM);centers in 22 nations; Rajneeshees average 35 years old and live in 40 countries, with most in the US, FRG, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Japan and India; 20 US centers, major ones in Essex, MA, Montclair, NJ, Boulder, CO, Seattle, WA, Laguna Beach, Lucerne Valley and Berkeley, CA (BB)
81.09.01 [E] [GER] Stern Magazine feature article on Bhagwan's departure from Poona
81.09.01 [W] [PER] [COMM] 26 total permits have been granted by the W County Court/Commission to date
81.09.01 [A] [PER] [CNCL] [CRMC] [BC] In a meeting televised by CBS, the A City Council grants permits to the Rajneeshee Balance Corporation (BC) for the sale of construction, consumer and engineering goods, and to CRMC for the sale of books and tapes; both permits are temporary, expire on December 31, and may be renewed in January if there are no objections to the businesses; 21 attend (BB 9-2; MP 9-10)
81.09.02 [J] [PER] [COMM] [SULL] County Court/Commission hearing; permits for smaller than requested school building and an emergency medical facility granted; permits for 20 three-bedroom mobile homes suspended due to information that they may have six bedrooms; J DA Michael Sullivan says the issue is sanitation (BB 9-3)
81.09.04 [R] First large media/press conference and tour of the Ranch; KATU-TV Ch. 2 and Ch. 2 in Bend cover event
81.09.04 [C] First showing of "Ashram in Poona" scheduled in San Francisco at the Lumiere Theater; film made by former sannyasin (Rajneeshee) Wolfgang Dobrowolny in 1978-79 and reported to depict sex and violence in an encounter group (BB 8-31)
81.09.14 [J] Bhagwan had received a ticket for driving 68 mph in a 55 mph zone and been involved in a minor accident by this date (BB)
81.09.15 CBS News 4 minute broadcast on R
81.09.16 [J] [PER] [COMM] [1000] J County Court/Commission reinstates 20 mobile home permits on condition that each is limited to three bedrooms and one meditation room with a functioning sink, stove and refrigerator (notwithstanding communal dining facilities); medical facility limited in size to 66 by 28 feet pending approval by county building inspector and sanitarian; school limited to one two-story building of 50 by 100 feet containing a 40 by 50 gymnasium; 1000 Friends of Oregon later takes credit for reduced size of these facilities (BB; O 10-8)
81.09.17 ABC News broadcast on R
81.09.17 [A] [HILL] [1000] A Mayor writes 1000 Friends to ask for advice and an investigation of possible land use law problems with development at Ranch
81.09.21 [R] [IMP] Purchase price included irrigation rights for 180 acres; plans for next 2 years include spending S10 million for school, cafeteria, medical facility, library, greenhouse, mobile homes and ranch expansion; 250,000 sannyasins worldwide (OJ; MHB)
81.09.24 [A] [HILL] [LCDC] Reported that in an interview with Life Magazine A Mayor berates the State Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) for allowing too many workers and building permits at Ranch and relates phone call from Patricia Maggier, a German TV station reporter, advising her to "'Get them out of there'"; article states, "A showdown seems to be immminent" (MP)
81.09.27 [A] [HILL] Bend Bulletin feature article on A Mayor and history of A
81.09.30 [A] [PUR] [CRMC] Reported that the previous week CRMC purchased 7 city lots, all zoned commercial, for $4,400, to be used for parking space and a storage building (DC says 4 lots and a mobile home from Hicks on the 21st); CRMC has also bought back timber rights from Diamond International Corporation on 3 1/2 sections of land to prevent harvest by October 1, paying a total of $32,000, half of it in the form of a mortgage due in 1983 (BB; DC 3-2-82)
81.10.05 [R] [RFI] [1000] President of RFI writes 1000 Friends about A Mayor's letter and requests advice on how Rajneeshees can continue their work at the Ranch
81.10.06 [J] [S] Rajneeshee speakers (Sheela, Jay, Isabel, Madhukar) at Madras-J County Kiwanis meeting; 80-85 attend; Sheela explains the 3 1/2 month search for a farm of more than 300,000 acres and a dry climate for Bhagwan, who suffers from allergies, a bad back and diabetes (BB; O 10-8)
81.10.06 [W] Rajneeshees inquire of county officials about the process for incorporating a city (O 10-9; DC 10-9; BB 10-14; O 2-25-82 says on the 7th)
81.10.06 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [DEQ] [DCOM] A City Council meeting approves Rajneeshee application for a temporary mobile office on their property; Rajneeshees apply for permit for printing plant/offices, action on which is delayed pending more information, state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) sanitation approval and state Department of Commerce . (DCOM) review (0 3-26-82)
81.10.08 [R] [IMP] 2200 acres cultivated or prepared for planting; greenhouse completed; construction of emergency medical facility begun; 150 to 170 residents; 12 wells, 1 at 600 gal. per minute; plans to irrigate 2000 acres; 52 dam sites selected; 17 mobile homes sited on 8 different sections of Ranch (MP 10-8; DC 10-9)
81.10.14 [W] [COMM] [BRWN] Petition and S500 to cover election costs filed with W County Court/Commission by 42 registered voters on the Ranch (of 64 total) seeking the incorporation of a new three area townsite linked by the county road on 2,135 acres (4.5 sq. mi.) of the Ranch consisting mainly of Class V and VII soils, much of it with a 20% or greater slope; W County Planner Dorothy Brown says the petitioners have addressed state land use goals (DC 10-15; O 2-25-82)
81.10.15 [R] [1000] Rajneeshees invite Director of 1000 Friends to visit Ranch; invitation declined
81.10.18 [A] [HILL] Memorandum signed by A Mayor circulated to many residents (not including Rajneeshees) asking property owners to help the City Council modify the Rajneeshee printing plant proposal
81.10.19 [J] [S] Rajneeshee speakers (Sheela, Jay, Puja) at Madras-J County Chamber of Commerce meeting; 140 attend; need for city services and intent to preserve farmland explained (MP 10-22)
81.10.22 [W] [COMM] W County Court/Commission hears Rajneeshee testimony that the incorporation is necessitated by the need for stores, fire service, water treatment plant, hospital; Court/Commission informs Rajneeshees that 150 signatures of registered voters who are residents of the area are needed on the petition and sets November 4 as the incorporation hearing date
81.10.23 [1000] A Rajneeshee spokesperson meets with 1000 Friends attorney and planner who state that a city is not needed for the farm and religious activities planned at the Ranch and if a city is desired an exception to land use goals may be required (1000 Friends report)
81.10.23 [INS] Bhagwan applies for an extension of stay in the US as a visitor until March 1, 1982, based on the need for medical treatment
81.10.26 [O] Oregon Journal article reports rampant rumors
81.10.27 [R] [IMP] Ranch residents represent 16 western nations and India, and include 4 doctors, 3 nurses, a dentist, dental- technician, 4 pilots, a retired Methodist minister, a barber and 12 children; oldest resident is 78; two additional greenhouses under construction (OJ)
81.10.27 [LCDC] Brent Lake, LCDC Field Representative says "there is no tie between land use statutes and incorporation statues in Oregon, that 'land use goals were set up for existing cities, not new ones.' However he said that ranch managers have been receptive to land use goals, have toned down the size of their city from 10 acres to 4 1/2, and have done a good job of siting structures." (OJ)
81.10.27 [S] Rajneeshee speaker (Sheela) at Greater Bend Rotarians meeting (BB 10-28)
81.10.28 [W] [1000] [COMM] [MCG] 1000 Friends sends letter to the W County Court/Commission entering opposition to incorporation in their own name and on behalf of a nearby ranch couple; the letter also objects to the 54 mobile home permits already granted by W and J because, they claim, the County Planning Commissions have not adequately determined how much housing is necessary to support farm use at the Ranch, but the period of appeal for those permits had lapsed by this date; also by this date, LCDC Field Representative Brent Lake had notified W and J that 54 housing units were the maximum necessary for agricultural needs at the Ranch, in his opinion (DC 10-29)
81.11.02 [1000] 3 Rajneeshees meet with 2 1000 Friends attorneys and a planner; Rajneeshees state their need for farm support services and desire for municipal authority; 1000 Friends repeats their objections
81.11.02 [R] [W] [J] [CRMC] [TAX] CRMC paying $2,259 in W County property taxes in 1981 (structures will not be added to the tax rolls until January 1, 1982) and $2,965 in J County property taxes (BB)
81.11.03 [A] [CNCL] [PER] A City Council passes a motion stating that no new business licenses and no new commercial building permits will be granted or issued until the city water supply is determined to be sufficient to assure adequate service
81.11.04 [W] [COMM] [LCDC] [1000] [DONS] [CANT] W County/Court Commission holds 3 1/2 hour public hearing on incorporation of Rajneeshpuram attended by over 200 people, about 26 of them Rajneeshees; Rajneeshees show videotape and they and about 10 others testify in favor; the LCDC Field Representative testifies that LCDC will remain neutral on the issue, will not become formally involved until after incorporation and that Ranch officials had been receptive to land use goals; 1000 Friends and about 10 others testify against on the grounds that need had not been demonstrated and that incorporation would violate statewide land use planning Goals 3 and 14; the County Court/Commission accepts the petition for an incorporation election and report addressing land use goals (35 pages of findings submitted by the Rajneeshees) by a vote of 2 to 1, fixes boundaries, and sets the incorporation election date for May 18 (General-Capital Press 11-13; OJ 11-5,11-15; BB 11-2,11-5; C 11-6) (Editorials-BB 11-3; DC 11-3,11-5) (Statements-Don Smith, DC 11-5; Rick Cantrell, DC 11-7; names and arguments of testifiers, DC 11-5)
81.11.04 [CRMC] The Dalles Chronicle features story on CRMC in Montclair, New Jersey; Center is selling house for $110,000 and castle for $2 million (originally purchased for $600,000, but extensively renovated)
81.11.06 [R] [IMP] Consultant completes research for a preliminary assessment of ground water conditions at the Ranch; approximate investments total $3 million to date (OJ 11-5)
81.11.06 [C] [CHRAJ] [NO.  : Rajneeshees win temporary control of S2-4 million church property in Laguna Beach, California, but the court bars them from selling it or disposing of $135,000 in assets until suit filed by the "old" members of the Church of Religious Science, whose former minister, Henry Gerhard, became a Rajneeshee in 1978, is settled (O 11-6)
81.11.10 [A] Taping of KATU-TV Ch. 2 "Town Hall" television program during which Rajneeshees, residents of A and nearby ranchers discuss issues, events and positions (M? 11-12)
81.11.11 [1000] Hood River News reports that 1000 Friends says it will attempt to block the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram as a misuse of agricultural land
81.11.11 [R] [A] [HILL] Rajneeshees send letter to A postmaster stating that letters have been tampered with and outgoing mail not received by addressees; letter also sent to A Mayor with an invitation to visit the Ranch; invitation declined
81.11.15 [O] Statewide broadcast of "Town Hall" television program
81.11.16 [W] [1000] [S] The Dalles Chronicle reports that 1000 Friends "says it may contest the land use decision (upon which the court based its decision to allow the incorporation to proceed), but has not announced a legal filing. It has 30 days from November 4 to do so."; by this date, Rajneeshee speakers (Sheela, Jay) had appeared at a meeting of The Dalles Chamber of Commerce with 140 attending (DC 11-17)
81.11.16 [RFI] [MCCC] [NO.  : By this date, RFI had filed suit in Multnomah County Circuit Court to stop the showing of the film "Ashram in Poona" which is scheduled to open soon in Ashland and Portland (DC 11-17; OJ 11-18)
81.11.16 [R] [IMP] 4500 acres tilled; 2500 acres sown with winter wheat; 150 acres of sunflowers harvested for sileage; construction of a dairy barn begun; 190 residents (DC 11-17)
81.11.17 [1000] [GOV] 1000 Friends writes letter to Governor Atiyeh (which is received by 11-9) asking that he direct LCDC to institute legal action by December 3 to invalidate the W County Court/Commission decision in favor of the Rajneeshpuram (R) incorporation election on the grounds that it violates goals intended to protect rural lands from urban development (BB 11-19; DC 11-19; O 11-20; OJ 11-21; MP 11-26)
81.11.18 [P] "Ashram in Poona" opens in Portland at the Fifth Avenue Cinema and in Ashland
81.11.20 [RFI] [MCCC] [NO.  : RFI withdraws the Multnomah County Circuit Court motion to halt the showing of "Ashram in Poona", saying that they merely wished the contract for release and profit-sharing to be abided by; the film said to be playing to packed houses in Portland (BB 11-22; RG 11-22 says suit rejected; RG 11-23)
81.11.22 Eugene Register-Guard feature article on R
81.11.22 [R] [A] [HILL] Rajneeshees send a second letter inviting A Mayor to visit the Ranch; invitation declined
81.11.22 [R] [IMP] By this date two airplanes had been acquired and 200 residents were reported on the Ranch (RG 11-22)
81.11.23 [R] [GOV] Rajneeshees invite Governor Atiyeh and staff to visit the Ranch as a response to the 1000 Friends letter and offer to show how the area designated for incorporation conforms to the 14 applicable statewide land use planning goals; invitation declined (BB 11-24; DC 11-24)
81.11.24 [GOV] [1000] Governor's aide reports that the 1000 Friends letter has been sent to LCDC for a staff report and recommendations (DC 11-24)
81.11.24 [INS] Bhagwan applies for permanent United States resident status as a religious leader and teacher
81.11.25 [R] Consultant report on ground water conditions at the Ranch completed
81.11.29 [R] [A] [HILL] Rajneeshee invitation to A Mayor to visit the Ranch reiterated; invitation declined
81.11.30 [1000] 1000 Friends planner Paul Gerhardt says he will be in The Dalles later in the week to organize a local chapter of 1000 Friends (DC 12-1)
81.12.01 [S] [HILL] Seven Rajneeshees (Sheela, Neehar, Isabel, Vadan, Puja, Patty, MC, Jay) and the Harveys (ranch manager) hold an information meeting for Wheeler County residents in Fossil; A Mayor attends
81.12.01 [R] [IMP] 10,000 sq. ft. cafeteria/dining hall/bakery completed; 10 additional mobile homes sited; 14 wells operating at an average of 40 to 75 gallons per minute with one producing 150 gallons per minute
81.12.01 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples (McGreer, Dickson, Perkins) file a notice of intent to appeal the W County Court Commission decision to allow incorporation on the grounds that it violates land use laws intended to preserve agricultural and rural areas, that a need for additional urban development in the area had not been shown and that A is available for urban needs (DC 12-1, 12-4; BB 12-1; O 12-2)
81.12.01 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [CANT] A City Council discusses October 18 memorandum to residents regarding Rajneeshee printing plant request and November 3 moratorium related to building permits and water supply; W County Judge/Commissioner appears to explain and answer questions related to the November 4 incorporation decision; Rajneeshee permit application for improvements to office site buildings approved
81.12.02 [GOV] [1000] [AG] Governor's aide writes 1000 Friends that an assistant AG is considering whether to take action on their November 17 request to institute legal proceedings against R incorporation
81.12.02 [R] [GOV] Rajneeshee invitation to Governor to visit the Ranch reiterated; invitation not mentioned in reply correspondence
81.12.02 [LCDC] Director Wes Kvarsten announces that LCDC will not file a legal challenge to the W County Court/ Commission's incorporation decision due to a lack of funds, budget priorities, and the involvement of constitutional issues (BB 12-3; DC 12-3; OJ 12-4; O 12-4)
81.12.03 [W] [1000] 1000 Friends holds a meeting in The Dalles to expand its membership and to raise funds in support of its new "grass roots" program
81.12.04 Ashram in Poona begins one week showing in Bend (BB 12-4)
81.12.06 [R] [1000] Ed Sullivan, land use lawyer for the Rajneeshees, first mentions that 1000 Friends is using the suit against R to build up their credibility and membership in Eastern Oregon and states that others are indulging in "nativism"; Rajneeshee spokesperson (MC) says R is adding to agricultural land since there were only 250 acres under cultivation on the Ranch before Rajneeshees arrived and 1500 acres are under cultivation now (O)
81.12.07 [W] [PLAN] Rajneeshees submit a request to the W County Planning Commission for a Comprehensive Land Use Plan Amendment to provide the Ranch with a Rural- Residential zone
81.12.08 [R] [IMP] Horse barn, warehouse, garage, school, medical facilities completed; 85 acres sown in winter barley; 1500 acres in winter wheat; plans for 4-6000 acres in wheat production next year; dam construction begun; 250 residents, most over 30, from middle/upper middle class backgrounds and well educated (WW Dec. 8-14)
81.12.10 [W] [PLAN] W County Planning Commission hearing to gather testimony on the revised County Comprehensive Land Use Plan and zoning ordinance; Rajneeshees testify on their request that the 2,135 acres falling within the proposed incorporation area be changed from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) designation to Rural-Residential in the comprehensive plan
81.12.10 [R] [A] [ETH] Rajneeshees send letter of complaint to Oregon Ethics Commission about the conduct of A city officials
81.12.11 [W] "Ashram" begins showing in The Dalles (DC 12-11)
81.12.16 [R] [W] Reported that the Rajneeshees invite 200-300 to a party in The Dalles to celebrate the birthday of Christ (0)
81.12.17 [J] Madras Pioneer feature story on a Rajneeshee doctor (Shunyo) who has set up practice in Madras and become a member of the staff of the Mountain View Hospital
81.12.18 [R] [A] [ETH] [AG] Rajneeshee complaint against A city officials sent from Ethics Comm. to AG's Office
81.12.19 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] [MCG] [CANT] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples amend their appeal of the November 4 W County Court/Commission incorporation decision by filing a motion calling for an evidentiary hearing which raises the question of bias on the part of the W County Judge/Commissioner who sold approximately 50 head of cattle to Rajneeshees for $17,540, or the market price of about 50 cents per pound; contended that sale verbally consummated on Oct. 25, cattle delivered on Nov. 9 and payment received on Nov. 15; Cantrell states that he was advised by both the Secretary of State's Office and by LCDC that his action had no bearing on the November 4 hearing (DC 12-19; OJ 12-25; O 12-25; BB 12-25; OJ 2-25-82)
81.12.20 [R] [W] Approximately 45 Rajneeshees host a Christmas party in The Dalles for about 150-200 guests from the area (BB 12-20, 12-22; DC 12-21)
81.12.21 [W] [PLAN] W County Planning Commission decides to send the County Comprehensive Plan to the W Court/Commission without including the Rural-Residential zone designation requested by the Rajneeshees; the rezoning request is removed for further study by the Southern Wasco County Area Planning Advisory Group; the Rajneeshees are told that the change can be handled as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan at a later date (DC 12-21, 12-22)
81.12.22 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17133: [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 2 nearby ranch couples (McGreer, Perkins) file a petition asking the W County Circuit Court to review the proceedings leading to the November 4 incorporation decision on the grounds that: the W Court/Commission had misconstrued state land use laws relating to agricultural lands and urbanization, the decision was therefore in violation of Goals 3 and 14, the W County Court/Commission Judge had a financial interest in the decision which he had failed to disclose at the hearing, they were therefore denied an impartial tribunal, and the request for incorporation was not supported by substantial evidence (DC 12-24; BB 12-29; O 12-30; MP 12-31)
81.12.24 [R] [A] [ETH] Ethics Commission reply to Rajneeshee complaint against A city officials states that it has no jurisdiction over such matters
81.12.25 [P] It is reported that the Archana Rajneesh Meditation Center in Portland moved this month from a house to larger quarters (DC 12-24)
81.12.27 [R] [A] [AG] Rajneeshees send a second letter of complaint against A city officials to the AG's Office
81.12.29 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17133: [1000] [MCG] Defendants W County file a motion to dismiss 1000 Friends and two ranch couples' Circuit Court request for a writ of review of the November 4 incorporation decision on the ground that the Circuit Court has no jurisdiction in the land use matter; Rajneeshee respondents file a motion for summary judgement in the same suit
81.12.30 [A] [PER] Rajneeshees file a new permit application for a printing plant (0 3-26-82)
81.12.31 Tigard Times features story on Ed Sullivan, the Rajneeshees' land use lawyer


date event
82.01.01 [R] Bend Bulletin lists Rajneeshpuram as No. 2 story of 1981
82.01.02 [A] [PUR] Rajneeshees purchase one piece of property
82.01.04 [W] [PLAN] Wasco County Planning Commission holds a hearing on and approves the construction of an airplane hangar and maintenance structure on the ranch (DC 1-5)
82.01.05 [A] [CNCL] [PER] Antelope City Council considers Rajneeshee printing plant permit application, asks for detailed exterior plans, states that a response to a Rajneeshee request for standards for the exterior will be ready in one month; Council places stop order on Rajneeshee rennovation of their historic house for offices; Council creates the new office of Zoning Code Enforcement Officer and appoints one of its members to the post
82.01.06 [W] [COMM] Rajneeshees submit an application to the W County Court/Commission to form a Rural Fire Protection District on the ranch
82.01.07 [R] [A] [AG] Attorney General's Office reply to Rajneeshee letter of complaint against A city officials states that it has no jurisdiction over City Council meeting procedures and actions
82.01.07 [LUBA] [1000] [CANT] [NO. 81-132: 1000 Friends' request for an evidentiary hearing on the impartiality of the W Court/Commission in the November 4 incorporation decision is denied due to its lack of particulars (DC 1-14)
82.01.08 [LUBA] [1000] [CANT] [NO. 81-132: [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples (McGreers, Perkins, Dicksons) file a petition asking that LUBA review the November 4 incorporation decision, alleging "six assignments of error", that: no need for urban development had been shown; a city is not necessary to support agricultural uses; incorporation would violate state land use Goals 2,3,14; incorporation would violate urbanization policies contained in the W County Comprehensive Plan; their 14th Amendment rights to an impartial tribunal in the land use matter had been violated; the request for incorporation had not been supported by substantial evidence; they also file evidentiary information about the Cantrell cattle sale (BB; OJ 1-11, 1-14; MP 1-14; DC 1-14)
82.01.10 [R] [A] Sunday Oregonian features articles on "worried" A residents, incorporation and Ma Mary Catherine
82.01.11 [R] [A] [MCG] Oregonian series continues, interviews with Neehar, McGreers, Dicksons
82.01.11 [WCCC] [1000] [NO. 17133: [MCG] W County Circuit Court hearing on defendant/respondent motions on the petition for review of the November 4 incorporation decision requested by 1000 Friends and 2 nearby ranch couples; petition for review dismissed in an oral order stating that LUBA is the proper forum in which to seek review of local land use decisions; Judge states that he will not sign a formal order to dismiss until LUBA has reviewed (DC 1-12; BB 1-12; O 1-13)
82.01.13 [S] Rajneeshee speaker (Sheela) at Central Oregon Community College (CO 1-12)
82.01.13 [A] [W] [PER] [PLAN] Southern Wasco County Citizens Area Advisory Group/Committee hearing in A on Rajneeshee application to W County Planning Commission for change of 2,135 acres from EFU to Rural-Residential zoning in the County Comprehensive Plan; 150 to 175 in attendance; hearing ends abruptly after 75 minutes, leaving eight testifiers and question and answer period unfinished; Advisory Group declines to make a recommendation to the Planning Commission and decides instead to submit a report on the pros and cons aired during the completed portion of the testimony (BB 1-14, 1-25; O 1-15; DC 1-15)
82.01.15 [W] [PLAN] Rajneeshees send several letters of complaint to the W County Planning Director stating that they had been denied the right to testify before the Citizens Area Advisory Group/Committee on the requested zone designation change in the County Comprehensive Plan (BB 1-22)
82.01.15 [ETH] [CANT] [1000] 1000 Friends aids a nearby rancher (Coe) in filing a complaint with the Oregon Ethics Commission concerning the impartiality of W Judge/Commissioner Cantrell in the November 4 incorporation decision (O 1-17; BB 1-17; DC 1-18; OJ 1-18, 1-19)
82.01.15 [W] [COMM] [PER] Rajneeshees apply to W County Court/Commission conditional use permits for a 29,570 sq. ft. school (including two class rooom areas of 8,620 and 9,430 sq. ft., a food service area of 3,600 sq. ft., a library of 6,250 sq. ft., staff offices of 1,750 sq. ft., physical education area of 9,000 sq. ft.), a 22,732 sq. ft. church (with a sanctuary of 10,432 sq. ft.), and a 9,000 sq. ft. community center (including a stage, a cinema of 5,400 sq. ft. seating 300 and physical fitness center of 2,700 sq. ft. with saunas and exercise rooms, a day care center of 900 sq. ft.) (DC 2-26)
82.01.18 [S] Rajneeshee speakers at Eugene Emerald Rotary Club (RG)
82.01.18 [R] [IMP] 60 cattle; sale of books and tapes yielding $60,000-80,000 per month (RG)
82.01.19 20 [P] Willamette Week feature article focussing on therapy groups at the Poona Ashram; quotes a Lewis and Clark College Religion Professor, Kathleen McLaughlin, as saying "'It seems inevitable that wherever that group goes there will be conflict,'" in reference to the Rajneeshees
82.01.20 [S] Rajneeshee speakers (Sheela, Jay, Isabel) at Prineville Lions Club meeting; 253 attend (CO 1-14, 1-19, 1-21; BB 1-14; 1-22)
82.01.24 [W] [1000] [PLAN] [PER] Gathering in The Dalles of approximately 200 people opposing the zone designation change requested by the Rajneeshees, opposing incorporation and "supporting Antelope"; sponsored by area ranchers and A residents; petitions circulated, garnering 160 or more signatures; approximately S460 collected; Director and staff attorney of 1000 Friends attend, speak, solicit funds and state their intention to oppose the rezoning before the W Court/Commission January 27 Comprehensive Plan hearing (OJ 1-15; DC 1-15, 1-25; BB 1-15, 1-25; O 1-27)
82.01.27 [A] [PUR] [PER] Rajneeshees purchase four lots (from Hicks) and file application for a permit to rennovate one house (BB 3-8, 3-15; O 3-26)
82.01.27 [J] Reported that a Rajneeshee psychiatrist (Devam) opened practice this week in Madras (BB 1-27; MP 2-18)
82.01.27 [W] [COMM] [PLAN] [1000] Court/Commission hearing on the County Comprehensive Plan; 1000 Friends testifies against inclusion of the 2,135 acre zone change from EFU to Rural-Residential requested by the Rajneeshees; Court/Commission approves the Comprehensive Plan, excluding the zone change; Rajneeshees are informed that any further zone change request must involve a quasi-judicial hearing before the W Planning Commission and the W Court/Commission (BB 1-28; O 1-29)
82.02.02 [WCCC] [NO. 17133: [1000] [MCG] Circuit Court Judge signs formal order to dismiss the petition for review of the November 4 incorporation decision requested by 1000 Friends and 2 nearby ranch couples on the grounds that: the matter was neither judicial nor quasi-judicial; LUBA has exclusive jurisdiction to review land use decisions; a petition for review is pending before LUBA at this time
82.02.02 [A] [CNCL] [PER] City Council discusses Rajneeshee permit application for rennovation of historic house; Council standards for exterior of printing plant not yet available; Council asks for more information on both permit applications; Rajneeshees raise questions about whether such information can be requested by the Council or whether it should go to the DEQ and Department of Commerce after the Council has given their preliminary approval to the permit applications
82.02.03 [A] [PUR] Rajneeshees purchase seven lots, a shop, barn, metal building and mobile home and negotiate for two more lots, including the A store and cafe (DC 3-2; BB 3-8)
82.02.06 [R] [RFI] [PER] [DEQ] DEQ solicits comments on an application by RFI to operate a rock crusher (DC 2-6)
82.02.07 [W] [PLAN] [PER] By this date, the Rajneeshees had submitted a proposal to the W County Planning Commission requesting zoning from EFU to Agricultural-Recreational for 485 acres of the proposed incorporation area in order to create a rural service center; hearings on this proposal and applications for conditional use permits to allow construction of a church, school and community center to be held on March 1 and February 22 (O 2-7; BB 2-8; DC 2-26)
82.02.08 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] [MCG] Hearing on 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' petition for review of the November 4 incorporation decision; arguments relate to land use, religious and other freedoms guaranteed by the US and Oregon Constitutions, and to the impartiality of the W Court/Commission (BB 1-25, 2-3, 2-9; MP 1-28; RG 2-9; O 2-9; DC 2-9)
82.02.15 [A] [PUR] On this date it is confirmed that the Rajneeshees have purchased the A store and cafe (BB 2-15, 2-16; DC 2-16; OJ 2-17; MP 2-18)
82.02.16 [A] [RFI] [RIC] RFI transfers two lots, a building and a mobile home which it owns in A to the Rajneesh Investment Corporation (RIC)
82.02.17 [ETH] [CANT] Ethics Commission considers charges against W Judge/Commissioner Rick Cantrell relating to a cattle sale and his impartiality in the November 4 incorporation decision
82.02.17 [S] Rajneeshee speakers (Sheela, Jay) at Redmond Kiwanis Club (RS 2-24)
82.02.18 [A] [CNCL] [PER] Rajneeshees submit full details on two building permit applications, in response to the requests of the A City Council
82.02.19 [S] [P] Rajneeshee speaker (MC) at Portland City Club meeting (OJ 2-21, 2-22)
82.02.21 [ETH] [CANT] Ethics Commission official determines that the W Judge/Commissioner should have announced his potential conflict of interest before the November 4 incorporation hearing, but states there is insufficient evidence that he used his office for personal gain (BB)
82.02.22 [W] [PLAN] [PER] Planning Commission hearings on Rajneeshee conditional use permit applications for school and community center; hearings continued
82.02.22 [A] [SCHL] [ELECT] Rajneeshee applies to run for A School Board position (DC 2-24)
82.02.24 [A] [SCHL] [ELECT] It is determined that the Rajneeshee petitioner does not meet the 12 month residency requirement to run for a position on the A School Board (DC 2-24)
82.02.24 [ETH] [CANT] [1000] Ethics Commission votes 5 to 2 to hold hearings on two charges filed against W Judge/Commissioner in relation to the November 4 incorporation decision: whether his potential conflict of interest should have been announced; whether he used confidential information available through his office for personal gain and rejected probable cause on a third charge that Cantrell used his office to achieve personal gain; Cantrell says that the cattle inspectors were pressured by 1000 Friends for a statement that the cattle were overpriced at 50 cents per pound and $625 for each of 6 pairs of cow with calf; one issue is whether the sale price was $5000 more than the cattle were worth (DC 2-23; O 2-25; OJ 2-25; BB 2-25; DWR 2-26)
82.02.25 [A] [PER] Rajneeshees apply for permits to build two houses on lots which they own and request zoning clearance for printing plant and historic house rennovation (O 3-26)
82.02.28 [W] [1000] Letter written by 1000 Friends Public Education Coordinator published in local newspaper asserts that the religious freedom argument is intended to divert attention from land use issues and "muddy the waters" in litigation and hearings (DC ?)
82.02.28 [R] [IMP] 270 residents reported (BB)
82.03.01 [CA] [NO. A23892: [WCCC] [NO. 17133: [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 2 nearby ranch couples file a notice of intent to appeal the W Circuit Court ruling on the November 4 incorporation decision
82.03.01 [W] [PLAN] [PER] Two hour W County Planning Commission hearing on Rajneeshee conditional use permit applications for school and community center; Rajneeshees request that hearings on the permit application for a church be delayed; hearings continued
82.03.02 [A] [CNCL] [PER] City Council meeting considers and grants Rajneeshee permit application request for improvements to A Store and Cafe, renamed Zorba the Buddha and intended to house a store, restaurant, boutique and gas station; Council sets aside formal consideration for one more month on the two applications for construction of 4 bedroom homes, the application for historic house rennovation and the application for a two-story, 90 by 100 ft. printing plant in a commercially zoned area, saying they need to study water supply and sewage treatment issues (DC 3-3; OJ 3-4; MCS 3-9)
82.03.03 [J] [COMM] [PER] [W] J Court/Commission receipt of and hearing on a Rajneeshee proposal for a 23,855 sq. ft. church and a 3,025 sq. ft. adjacent courtyard on the ranch; although the church is an outright use bn EFU land, the Court/Commission states that it wants to ensure compliance with Department of Commerce building codes before it grants preliminary approval, so delays the decision for one week; Rajneeshees agree to withdraw the application for a conditional use permit for a church from the W Court/Commission (BB 3-4)
82.03.05 [W] [J] [PLAN] Rajneeshees file comprehensive Farm Plan with both counties
82.03.05 [R] Estimated expenditures on the Ranch of $1 million per month to date (EC)
82.03.09 [W] [J] [COMM] [PER] Joint meeting of W and J Courts/ Commissions to discuss various Rajneeshee permit applications; they agree to exchange information, but retain the practice of separate decision-making (DC 3-10)
82.03.10 [J] [COMM] [PER] [1000] County Court/Commission approves a 19,141 sq. ft. church (smaller than requested) on the condition that another church or school will not be requested for two years; later, 1000 Friends claims that the reduced church size was due to its efforts (BB 3-11)
82.03.10 [A] [CNCL] [DIS] [ELECT] A special session of the City Council considers a petition signed by 24 registered voters of the town's 40 registered residents requesting disincorporation to "save" the town from the Rajneeshees; disincorporation election date set for April 15 (DC 3-9, 3-11; BB 3-10, 3-11; OJ 3-11, 3-12; SJ 3-11; RG 3-11; MP 3-18; SPI 3-10; NYT 3-12; NYP 3-11; TNT 3-11)
82.03.10 [W] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] Wasco County Court/Commission receipt of and hearing on Rajneeshee application for a festival permit for June 26-July 16 at the ranch; request includes a sewage lagoon with a 3000 person capacity and a 5000 person capacity water system (consisting of two 125,000 gallon storage tanks, three pumps with a 468,000 gallon per day capacity, six miles of 10 inch water line and 15 fire hydrants); the water system is requested also to serve irrigation and fire control needs; Rajneeshees also request a March 24 public hearing on health and sanitation permits required for the festival, but the hearing is tentatively set for April 7 instead (DC 3-11; O 3-12)
82.03.11 [J] [S] Governor speaks to Madras Kiwanis meeting addressing situations related to the Rajneeshees (MP 3-18)
82.03.11 [W] [PLAN] Southern Wasco County Citizens Area Advisory Group/Committee hearing on Rajneeshee request for zone designation change from EFU to Agricultural- Recreational on 485 acres of the proposed incorporation area
82.03.12 [J] Two Rajneeshees marry in Madras, one is a doctor practicing there (Shunyo and Samya) (MP 3-18)
82.03.12 [LUBA] [NO. 82-024: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Rajneeshees file for a writ of review in an appeal to invalidate the April 15 A disincorporation election on the ground that it would violate state land use laws
82.03.12 [FEST] Meeting between Rajneeshees and state officials on festival arrangements
82.03.12 [GOV] Governor Atiyeh states in a radio interview that his sympathies lie with the Oregon residents concerned about and intimidated by the Rajneeshees and that if the residents do not like them, the Rajneeshees should move out (RG 3-13; O 3-14; DC 3-15, 3-20; BB 3-15; OJ 3-16; SJ 3-17)
82.03.12 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] [MCG] By a unanimous vote, LUBA declares that it has no jurisdiction over 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' petition to review the W Court/Commission November 4 incorporation decision; petition dismissed with the finding that land use goals were not intended by the Legislature to apply to incorporation elections and the creation of new cities; findings hinge upon the interpretation of amendments to ORS 197.175(1) made during the 1981 session of the Legislature; 1000 Friends states that it will probably appeal to the Court of Appeals (DC 3-13; RG 3-13; O 3-14; BB 3-14; MCS 3-16; ST 3-22)
82.03.13 [R] [RFI] The President of RFI (Sheela) says that she is "'shocked and disappointed' by Atiyeh's statements", says that he lacks information about the ranch and says she will invite him there again (O 3-14)
82.03.13 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] Director of 1000 Friends states that the group will appeal the LUBA decision on incorporation to the Court of Appeals
82.03.13 [C] [CHRAJ] [NO.  : It is reported that Bhagwan and the Church of Rajneeshism are being sued for S13 million by the Church of Religious Science in Laguna Beach, California; Bhagwan is served with papers on Oregon highway 218 near Antelope while out for a daily drive; the suit requests $1 million in actual damages, $500,000 for the incarceration of one of the plaintiffs, $150,000 in general damages and S10 million in punitive damages (RG; DC; O 3-14; OJ 3-14; BB 3-14; ST 3-22)
82.03.14 [J] Reception in Madras private home for two Rajneeshees wed there on the 12th (MP 3-18)
82.03.14 [P] [A] [R] Oregonian feature article on Antelope and Rajneeshpuram controversies
82.03.15 [A] [PUR] [CNCL] Newspaper reports on Hicks, who sold 9 lots to the Rajneeshees in August and September and 4 lots in January, who says they have asked her to retract a damaging statement she made during the previous A City Council meeting that they intended to buy the town and control the taxes (OJ; DC)
82.03.16 [R] [IMP] 280 residents; $15 million invested to date (SJ 3-17)
82.03.16 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [CA] [NO. A24016: [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file notice of intent to appeal the LUBA decision on incorporation; they also request an expedited review; the Court of Appeals declines to expedite (0 3-25)
82.03.16 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [SS] It is reported that Secretary of State Norma Paulus and her chief elections officer will personally oversee the April 15 disincorporation election (OJ 3-16)
82.03.16 [S] Rajneeshees hold a press conference at the State Capitol (BB 3-16; OJ 3-16, 3-17; RG 3-17; SJ 3-17; DC 3-17, 3-20; O 3-17--calls Sheela a cultist)
82.03.17 [GOV] Reported that the Governor has no plans to meet with Rajneeshees or to visit R (O 3-17)
82.03.17 [W] [CCC] [BOW] [MCM] Citizens for Constitutional Cities (CCC) is formed to monitor the activities of the Rajneeshees; it states its opposition to the formation of cities by religious organizations; it is headed by Bill Bowerman, former UO track coach who owns property in the area; Vice-President is Roger Thompson/ a crane operator in The Dalles; Garry McMurry is the lawyer for the CCC (RG; OJ 3-18; BB 3-18; DC 3-18; O 3-18, 3-19)
82.03.17 [WCCC] [NO. 17225: [A] [PER] Rajneeshees file a Circuit Court complaint against A city officials seeking a writ of mandamus to force the A City Council to issue the four building permits for the construction of two houses, rennovation of historic house, and printing plant; hearing date set for March 31 (BB 3-21; OJ 3-22; DC 3-23; O 3-25; MP 4-1)
82.03.19 [J] [W] Rajneeshee psychiatrist (Devam) opens practice in The Dalles; he is on the medical staff of Mountain View hospital in Madras (DC)
82.03.19 [LUBA] [NO. 82-024: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Antelope City Attorney files a motion to dismiss the Rajneeshee disincorporation appeal on the ground that neither incorporation nor disincorporation are land use matters
82.03.19 [CA] [NO. A24016: [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a petition contending that incorporations are land use decisions, that LUBA does have jurisdiction to review the November 4 incorporation decision; they ask that the matter be returned to LUBA for a decision on the merits (O 3-25)
82.03.19 [PUR] Ranch manager, Bob Harvey, bids for the Rajneeshees at a state auction, purchasing four cars and office supplies costing $23,500; Harvey says they have attended such auctions before, but no one noticed (O 3-22; RG 3-22; BB 3-22; DC 3-22; DWR 3-26)
82.03.19 [FLOE] Third in a three part series in the Oregon City Enterprise Courier on Rajneeshee theology includes an interview with Eckart Floether, former Rajneeshee, now anti-Rajneeshee Christian minister (EC 3-7, 3-12, 3-19)
82.03.21 [R] Bhagwan participates in religious celebration in new cafeteria building on the ranch (BB 3-31, 4-2)
82.03.21 [J] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] Rajneeshees file permit application for festival on J County portion of the ranch
82.03.21 [R] Feature story on Lear heiress who gave up being a Rajneeshee in February (O 3-21; WP 3-21)
82.03.22 [W] [COMM] [GOV] Two representatives from the Governor's Office (Bob Oliver and Bob Montgomery) meet with W County Court/Commission and 20 to 40 people to discuss Rajneeshee-related issues; by this date, the Governor had continued to decline invitations to visit the ranch and stated that his radio interview remarks stood and expressed his personal opinion (DC 3-20, 3-23; SJ 3-23; BB 3-23; RG 3-23--says violence feared; O 3-24; OJ 3-24; DWR 3-26; MP 4-1)
82.03.23 [P] Albany Democrat-Herald does feature story on Archana Rajneesh Meditation Center in Portland
82.03.24 [INS] US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) refuses to extend tourist visas for 72 adults and 7 children said to be in residence at the ranch and working in violation of their visas; most are Europeans, they - do not include Bhagwan, and many are no longer at the ranch; INS states that they must leave the country within 10 days of notice (March 31 to April 5 for most) (BB 3-24, 3-26, 4-22; OJ 3-24, 3-25, 3-26; RG 3-24; MMT 3-24; ADT 3-24; SJ 3-25; O 3-25; MP 4-1; RNS 3-31)
82.03.24 [A] [CNCL] [DIS] [ELECT] Special Executive Session of the City Council addresses Rajneeshee-related matters; "quit premises" notices are posted on Rajneeshee property immediately after the meeting on the ground that commercial property was being illegally used for residential purposes; Rajneeshees reply that two of the properties had historically been used for residential purposes and that the other had never been used by them as a residence; Council authorizes defense against Rajneeshee application for a writ of mandamus in the matter of the four outstanding building permits and against the Rajneeshee appeal of the disincorporation election; it is reported that 17 Rajneeshees have registered to vote in A (OJ 3-24; BB 3-24; DC 3-24, 3-25; MP 4-1)
82.03.25 [R] [IMP] 2000 strawberry plants; more than 325 chickens; more than 300 fruit trees of a planned 6000 to be planted on 20 acres and drip-irrigated; rock crushing operation in place to produce gravel for roads; a total of 45 mobile homes sited; 22 head dairy barn; 60 to 70 head of beef cattle; 6 greenhouses; a score of horses; 273 residents; recent visitors include the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) (BB 3-25)
82.03.25 [A] Rajneeshees serve notice that they will appeal the "quit premises" notices posted by the City Council
82.03.26 [WCCC] [NO. 17225: [A] [PER] [HILL] [RFI] It is reported that A Mayor Hill and other city officials are served with a writ of mandamus demanding that they issue four outstanding building permits to RFI; a show cause hearing is set for March 31 (O)
82.03.26 [A] [PUR] Rajneeshees purchase sixth house (from Viola Wilson) (BB 3-30)
82.03.26 [A] [DSMITH] [DQSMITH] [HILL] Donna Quick Smith accuses Sheela of lying; Mayor Margaret Hill keeps a file on Rajneeshism; lengthy interviews with and quotes from A residents, including Don Smith (BB)
82.03.26 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [DQSMITH] [HILL] It is reported that CBS "60 Minutes" has contacted A Mayor Margaret Hill and is considering a segment on the April 15 disincorporation election; Donna Smith had written to Dan Rather to tell him that the people of A were being "harassed by activities of the Rajneesh." (OJ; DC; RG; MCS; DWR 4-2)
82.03.26 [R] In an interview, Sheela and Jay say that some of the residents of A "have 'fanned the flames of bigotry'" against the Rajneeshees (BB)
82.03.26 [CA] [NO. A23892: [WCCC] [NO. 17133: [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 2 nearby ranch couples file a petition for review of the W Circuit Court incorporation ruling, claiming that the Court does have jurisdiction and requesting that the case be returned to them for a decision on the merits (O 3-25)
82.03.26 [WCCC] [NO. 17286: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [RIC] Five Rajneeshees and RIC file in W County Circuit Court for a writ of review in an appeal to invalidate the April 15 A disincorporation election on the grounds that it violates land use planning goals and that no need for a special emergency election date had been shown (O 3-27, 3-28; DC 3-27; BB 3-28; MP 4-1)
82.03.26 [W] [GOV] Governor, while at the Wasco Electric Cooperative offices again says he has no plans to visit the ranch; he also says there is no reason the residents of A should not hold a disincorporation election if they see it as appropriate (OJ 3-27, 3-29; BB 3-28; O 3-27, 3-28; DWR 4-2)
82.03.26 [INS] It is reported that the INS is reviewing Rajneeshee marriages to see if any are made for the purpose of avoiding deportation (DC; BB)
82.03.27 [A] Shots fired by a Prineville man in a dispute between himself, three friends and a Rajneeshee (BB 3-28; RG 3-28; DC 3-29; OJ 3-29; MP 4-1; DWR 4-2)
82.03.28 [A] Klamath Falls Herald and News runs feature on A controversy
82.03.30 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [SCHL] A total of 27 Rajneeshees and 32 non-Rajneeshees are registered to vote in the April 15 disincorporation election; anti-Rajneeshee A city resident (Frances Dickson) wins school board election against Glenda Harvey, the non-Rajneeshee wife of the ranch manager, by a vote of 55 to 45; 157 Rajneeshees were eligible to vote in this election (OJ 3-31, 4-1; DC 3-31; BB 3-30, 3-31; RG 3-30; O 4-1; CTJ 4-1; DWR 4-2)
82.03.30 [W] [A] Arrest warrant charging harassment (a Class B misdemeanor) issued for Prineville man involved in A shooting incident (CO; DC; OJ 3-31; RG 3-31)
82.03.31 [W] [A] Prineville man involved in A shooting incident turns himself in (BB)
82.03.31 [A] [R] Register-Guard editorial calls for "cease fire" between A and R
82.03.31 [R] [IMP] two buses; weather-recording devices; approximately 35 children; 30 to 50 visitors per day (BB)
82.03.31 [W] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] W County Court/Commission hearing on Rajneeshee festival permit application
82.03.31 [WCCC] [NO. 17225: [A] [PER] W County Circuit Court hearing on Rajneeshee request for a writ of mandamus to order A officials to grant building permits; A Council asked to show cause why they had not issued the permits and why enforcement and administrative functions of the town should not be turned over to the state; Court denies A petition for an evidentiary hearing in the matter (DC 3-31; SJ 4-1; OJ 4-1; BB 4-1; O 4-2)
82.04.01 [R] Approximate date of cover story in Cornerstone magazine
82.04.01 [A] [PER] Rajneeshees file permit application to extend the restaurant area at Zorba the Buddha
82.04.01 [W] [R] News stories on Wamic country music man Lee Anderson and his recording of "Guru", a song written by the truckdriver and based on activities at the ranch (DC; DWR 4-2)
82.04.01 [J] [A] Editorial in Madras Pioneer on violence in A by Prineville man
82.04.02 [R] [DEQ] [FEST] DEQ gives tentative approval to sewage treatment plant at the Ranch to serve up to 580 people (O 4-3, 4-4; OJ 4-5)
82.04.03 [A] Members of the City Council say they will accept donations for legal costs (OJ; BB 4-4; RG 4-4)
82.04.03 [INS] KRU[E] INS Portland Office Director Krueger says that two-thirds of the foreign Rajneeshees whose visas have expired may still be living at the ranch (RG; O 4-3, 4-4; BB 4-4; OJ 4-5)
82.04.04 [R] [IMP] It is reported that S15-20 million has been spent by Rajneeshees on developing the ranch to date (BB)
82.04.05 [R] News stories on Bob Davis, top lobbyist in the state, who has been hired by the Rajneeshees (RG--quote praising the goal to create an oasis in the desert; OJ 4-5, 4-6; BB 4-5)
82.04.05 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17225: [A] [PER] [DEQ] Wasco County Circuit Court issues a writ of mandamus ordering A City Council to issue four outstanding building permits to Rajneeshees by April 12, saying that the water and sewage issues should be handled by the DEQ and others at the state level after the permits have been issued (DC 4-6; OJ 4-7; RG 4-7; MP 4-8)
82.04.05 Ashram movie begins four day showing in Condon (CTJ 4-1)
82.04.06 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [WCCC] [NO. 17225: City Council considers Circuit Court ruling on building permits, delays action on issuing them and hires an engineering firm to study proposals by the Rajneeshees to build their own water system to serve the proposed buildings; after a discussion of Rajneeshee appeals against the "quit premises" notices, the City Attorney is authorized to take whatever action is necessary; six month temporary extension permit for Rajneeshee mobile office building is granted; no action is taken on application for extension of the restaurant area; Council states that it may appeal the Circuit Court order to issue outstanding building permits (DC 4-7; BB 4-7)
82.04.06 [W] [PLAN] [PER] Wasco County Planning Commission grants conditional use permits for a 29,570 sq. ft. school and 9000 sq. ft. community center on the 485 acre size for which rezoning from EFU to Agricultural-Recreational is being requested; testimony taken on the rezoning request; Perkins and McGreer testify against; the rezoning matter continued to the May meeting (DC; BB; O 4-7; MP 4-8)
82.04.07 [A] [PER] Rajneeshees offer to put a "western" facade on the printing plant, dig wells and install a filtration and recirculation system in order to meet A City Council's concerns in delaying issuance of building permits
82.04.07 [R] [FEST] [PER] [HD] State Health Division holds hearings on the degree to which Rajneeshee festival permit plans comply with state health and safety rules
82.04.07 [W] [COMM] [FEST] [PER] [1000] Wasco County Court/Commission hears staff reports on the Rajneeshee festival permit application (June 22-July 16, with the main festivities to occur between July 2-7 and to involve somewhere between 3000 and 9000 people); public hearing on festival; 1000 Friends testifies against; hearing continued to April 14 (O 4-8, 4-9; SJ 4-8, 4-15; RG 4-8, 4-14; DC 4-7, 4-8; OJ 4-8, 4-9)
82.04.07 Redmond Spokesman runs column by Kirk Braun accusing Oregon of bigotry against the Rajneeshees
82.04.08 [S] [DQSMITH] Donna Quick Smith speaks to Redmond Rotary Club, quotes (BB 4-9; RS 4-14)
82.04.08 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] [ELECT] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a motion for a stay of enforcement of LUBA's order to dismiss review of the November 4 incorporation decision; they ask LUBA to direct Wasco County not to conduct an incorporation election until the judicial review of the LUBA order is complete or LUBA issues a final order in the land use matter, whichever comes last
82.04.09 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] It is reported that ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, Canadian Network, AP and UPI will all come to Antelope to cover the disincorporation election; The Dalles Weekly Reminder runs an editorial questioning whether last day registration laws will be abused (DWR)
82.04.09 [A] [R] [DIS] It is reported that lawyers have suggested a compromise for settling outstanding disputes between the Rajneeshees and A city officials, which includes: the approval of a 485 acre Rural Service Center for the ranch; the cancellation of the Rajneeshpuram incorporation election and the Antelope disincorporation election; the vacating of all A city property by the Rajneeshees; the compromise suggestion comes to naught (BB 4-9; DWR 4-9; OJ 4-10; RG 4-10)
82.04.10 [A] [R] Both Antelope and Rajneeshee spokespersons deny that any compromise is near; it is indicated that the Rajneeshees may file a civil rights suit against A city officials (O 4-10; DC 4-10)
82.04.12 [P] Oregon Journal runs a story on religious communities in Oregon and an editorial saying that the Rajneeshees are different from these other communities
82.04.12 [J] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] Jefferson County Court/Commission holds two and one-half hour hearing on sanitation details related to the Rajneeshee festival permit application; hearings are continued to April 26 (BB 4-13, 4-25)
82.04.12 [W] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples enter objections to the Rajneeshee festival permit application with the Wasco County Court/Commission on the ground that it is not a permitted use on EFU land and request that utilities to serve the festival, if allowed, be ordered to be removed immediately upon the conclusion of the festival
82.04.12 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17286: [DIS] [NO. 17225: [PER] Wasco County Circuit Court hearing on Rajneeshee request that the A disincorporation election be held on the next regular election date (May 18) rather than on the special election date of April 15; Judge rules that the election may proceed on April 15; Antelope City Council requests a stay of enforcement on the ruling ordering the issuance of outstanding building permits to the Rajneeshees; Judge does not grant stay of enforcement (ADH 4-13; OJ 4-12, 4-13, 4-14; MP 4-15; BB 4-11, 4-13; DC 4-12, 4-13; MCS 4-13; RG 4-13; SJ 4-13; O 4-14)
82.04.12 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [WCCC] [NO. 17225: Special meeting of the A City Council conditionally issues four outstanding building permits in compliance with the Wasco County Circuit Court order and then immediately passes a resolution declaring a moratorium on further building in the city until October 1, due to concerns about the water supply and rapid population growth in relation to available ser- vices/facilities; the City Attorney advises the Council that "If the moratorium is adopted by the Council, it certainly will have some impact on what will follow in regard to the building permits that are demanded by the Court to be endorsed."; he is reported to have also said that the applications were "subject to whatever legal effect would be accorded the moratorium adopted by the Council this evening."; the moratorium, in effect, renders the building permits inoperative, even though issued (BB 4-13; OJ 4-14)
82.04.13 [A] Antelope resident Al Kuhlman's "Better dead than red" bumper stickers are pictured in the Bend Bulletin
82.04.14 [J] [S] [CCC] [MCM] CCC Attorney Garry McMurry speaks on "Religious Cities in Oregon" in the Madras Junior High School cafeteria; approximately 400 attend; he accepts donations to cover fees of A City Attorney (MP 4-8, 4-22; BB 4-13, 4-15)
82.04.14 [A] [W] [ELECT] [DIS] [A] Newspeople flock to A to cover the disincorporation election; it is announced that Wasco County election officials will challenge all Antelope voters who have registered within the last 30 days of the A disincorporation election; to date there are 48 Rajneeshees and 39 non-Rajneeshees registered (DC; RG; SJ; BB 4-14-- says 44 Rajneeshees and 38 non-Rajneeshees, 4-15; SPT --says 35 Rajneeshees and 39 non-Rajneeshees; OJ —says 38 Rajneeshees and 38 non-Rajneeshees; O --says 43 Rajneeshees and 38 non-Rajneeshees)
82.04.14 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17317: [1000] [RFI] [RIC] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a request for a declaratory judgement and injunction against Wasco County, the Wasco County Elections Officer, RFI and RIC in Wasco County Circuit Court; they allege that the May 18 Rajneeshpuram incorporation election has no basis in law and will irreparably injure them
82.04.14 [W] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] [1000] [COMI] Wasco County Court/Commission hearing on Rajneeshee festival permit application continues; 1000 Friends testifies in opposition, stating that a festival is not a permitted use on EFU land, that utility facilities for the event would be more than those allowed for rural use, implying that they would become the permanent "service backbone of a new city"; Wasco County District Attorney (DA) testifies that the Court/Commission must approve the permit application if the request meets state law, health and sanitation requirements, which he says it does; Court/Commission votes 2 to 1 to grant the festival permit, changing the requested dates for arrival to June 30 and departure to July 10 (allowing 3000 people between June 18-July 1, 5000 between July 3-7, and 3000 between July 10-16); Rajneeshees are told that festival structures must be erected by June 16, be approved by county officials and be removed by July 20; Rajneeshees are also told that they must comply with State Health Division rules, submit daily reports on festival arrivals, improve the roads, post a $25,000 bond and provide for adequate security; the dissenting Commissioner, Jim Comini, resigns following the vote, claiming that the decision violates land use laws; the Court/Commission, by a vote of 2 to 0 also approves the formation of a Rural Fire Protection District on the ranch (OJ 4-15--highlights of 1000 Friends testimony, 4-29; BB 4-14, 4-15; SJ 4-15; RG 4-15; DC 4-15)
82.04.15 [R] Watertown Daily Times, New York, features story on a former Lowville dentist who is now a Rajneeshee living on the ranch
82.04.15 [LUBA] [NO. 82-024: [DIS] By this date, LUBA has ruled that it has no jurisdiction to review the Antelope disincorporation decision; disincorporation is held mandated regardless of land use goal conformance or potential land use implications; the disincorporation election is held allowable
82.04.15 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [CCC] Antelope disincorporation election; Secretary of State present to personally oversee the proceedings; over 100 media representatives present, including 11 TV crews; non-Rajneeshee women hold a bakesale to raise money for legal fees; one group in Madras brings $379.29 to contribute to A City Council for legal fees; Walter Huss, former state Republican Party Chairman, posts semi-legal documents around A declaring that the Rajneeshees are unconstitutional, but the documents have not been properly filed with any court; 97 votes, including two absentee ballots, are tabulated; Wasco County Clerk automatically challenges 70 of the 97 voters who had registered fewer than 30 days prior to the election; it is reported that only 31 voters' had cast ballots in the most previous election; disincorporation fails by a vote of 55 to 42; the CCC promises to contest ballots (O 4-15, 4-16, 4-17, 4-21; BB 4-15, 4-16, 4-18; SJ 4-15, 4-16; RG 4-15, 4-16; OJ 4-16--says 52 Rajneeshees and 49 non-Rajneeshees registered, 4-17; DC 4-16, 4-17; ADH 4-16; C 4-15, 4-30; MCS 4-21; MP 4-22; DWR 4-23; IA 4-2, 4-23, 4-30; CT 4-11--background and quotes, 4-16; WP 4-11--back- ground and quotes, 4-16; PI 4-12--background and quotes; SJMN 4-25--background and quotes; PJ 4-16; MN 4-16; LAT 4-15, 4-16; SDU 4-16; DVP 4-16; LAHE 4-17; ST 4-18; NYT 4-15)
82.04.15 [R] Oregon Farmer Stockman feature article on ranch
82.04.16 [R] Corvallis Gazette Times feature article on ranch
82.04.16 [1000] [W] [COMM] [PER] [HD] [FEST] 1000 Friends interoffice memo claims that the group helped to reduce the size of the school and community center conditional use permits granted by the Wasco County Court/Commission on April 6; 1000 Friends asks the Health Division to apply land use goals to the Rajneeshee festival water system applications, the first time such a request has ever been made
82.04.17 [A] [ELECT] It is reported that some Rajneeshees may run for 5 of 7 City Council seats up for election in November (O 4-17, 4-18; SJ)
82.04.18 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Editorials: Statesman-Journal says that the longer term A residents have been "outnumbered" and "outlawed" by the Rajneeshees; Register- Guard says the disincorporation election was "a victory for the overbearing"
82.04.18 [R] [IMP] 260 seat cafeteria with solar heating in operation; 41 miles of roads built or improved; S2.5 million worth of construction equipment purchased; work begun oh a two-story, 20,000 sq. ft. administration building; small water impoundment approved and negotiations begun with state Water Resources Department for the construction of a dam
82.04.19 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Editorials: The Oregonian; The Bend Bulletin says the "vote was an outrage to Oregon"
82.04.19 [A] [R] People magazine feature on A and ranch
82.04.19 [P] The Oregonian features an article on Portland Rajneeshees and the Archana Rajneesh Meditation Center there (see also BB 4-20)
82.04.20 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Editorial: Statesman-Journal suggests a look at the voter registration laws
82.04.20 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17286: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Wasco County Circuit Court issues final order allowing the conduct of the A disincorporation election
82.04.20 [A] [CNCL] [DIS] [ELECT] [DQSMITH] [FEST] [GOV] Special Executive Session of the City Council discusses litigation; Council unanimously decides to contest the disincorporation election; Donna Quick Smith says that the Governor should call out the National Guard during the festival to protect A residents (O 4-21, 4-22; BB 4-21, 4-22; RG 4-21; OJ 4-22)
82.04.20 [S] [CCC] [BOW] 100 Gilliam and Wheeler County residents gather at the United Methodist Church in Fossil for a meeting on cults; CCC President Bill Bowerman attends (CTJ 4-22)
82.04.21 [R] 40 members of the Columbia Board of Realtors tour the ranch (DC 4-23)
82.04.22 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Editorial: Madras Pioneer
82.04.22 [1000] [W] [FEST] [PER] 1000 Friends writes a letter to the Wasco County DA stating their opposition to the use of a sewage lagoon for the Rajneeshee festival
82.04.23 [1000] [DEQ] [FEST] [PER] 1000 Friends asks DEQ to apply land use goals to Rajneeshee water system applications and states their opposition to the use of a sewage lagoon for the Rajneeshee festival; it is reported that DEQ is soliciting citizen comments on the proposed Rajneeshee sewer collection and stabilization lagoon to serve 400 people; comments due by April 29 (DC 4-23)
82.04.23 [1000] [R] [W] [PLAN] 1000 Friends writes letter to Rajneeshee lawyers stating their opposition to the rezoning request for a 485 acre Rural Service Center and to the incorporation of a city
82.04.23 [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] [R] [ELECT] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' request for a stay of enforcement of the LUBA order in the incorporation election denied; LUBA states that it lacks authority to enjoin the election and that, in this case, a stay of enforcement would be equivalent to an injunction
82.04.23 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17317: [1000] [MCG] [R] [ELECT] Wasco County Circuit Court preliminary hearing on a motion to dismiss the Rajneeshpuram incorporation election, which was filed by 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples; the Court refuses to issue an injunction against the election (DC 4-23, 4-24; OJ 4-24)
82.04.23 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Editorial: Condon Times-Journal
82.04.23 [R] Christianity Today feature article on the ranch
82.04.26 [A] [BOW] [CCC] Deed transferring a 6 lot trailer park from Anna K. Meyers to Bill Bowerman signed, even though the Rajneeshees had negotiated for the property and deposited earnest money on April 21 and claim that the property was to be transferred to them on May 5 (RG 5-3; BB 5-3; OJ 5-4)
82.04.26 [J] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] [1000] Jefferson County Court/Commission holds hearing on Rajneeshee festival permit application; approximately 130-150 people attend; 1000 Friends testifies in opposition on the grounds that a festival is not a permitted use on EFU land, a festival would prevent the planting of agricultural land, it would interfere with adjacent ranch operations, festival facilities would become the service backbone of a new city, the festival is merely a move to gain a city in avoidance of land use laws, and the event would pose a fire hazard; 5 ranch residents testify in favor and 18 total testify in opposition (BB 4-25, 4-27; DC 4-28; OJ 4-28; O 4-29)
82.04.26 [CA] [NO. A23892: [WCCC] [NO. 17133: [1000] [R] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 2 nearby ranch couples file a brief in their request for a review of the Wasco County Circuit Court's incorporation decision, stating that the Circuit Court does have jurisdiction since the Wasco Court/Commission's action was not a final land use decision and that it was quasi-judicial in nature
82.04.26 [R] Oregon Journal feature article on Ma Amrita Pritam, daughter of Representative Leo Ryan who was slain at Jonestown
82.04.27 [J] [A] [R] [SULL] First in a series of mediation meetings between the Rajneeshees, residents of Antelope and nearby ranchers held in Madras; meetings intitiated by Jefferson County DA Mike Sullivan; 1000 Friends not present; talks termed constructive (DC 4-28)
82.04.27 [R] [IMP] Rip-rapping and stream bank stabilization project underway; plans for 16,000 trees to be planted for erosion control; work begun on a 50 acre truck farm and a 2.2 acre greenhouse; 24 cow Holstein dairy providing 125 gallons of milk per day; planting of 12,000 grape vines (4 wine and 1 table variety) begun on a 9 acre plot; 50 beehives; work on electric deer fencing begun (MP)
82.04.27 [R] [BUS] Albany mobile home company says that the Rajneeshees are good customers, have paid $1.5 million in cash for 53 mobile homes, that their orders have equalled five months of production at the plant, 7 more units have just been ordered; the Rajneeshee business has kept 40 of the plant's 80 employees on the job, a $375,000 payroll in the Albany area and prevented state unemployment insurance payments of $175,000 (O; RG)
82.04.28 [P] [R] It is reported that Walter Huss has filed a criminal complaint against the Rajneeshees with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Portland; he says he is in the process of gathering evidence of civil rights and criminal property violations (DWR 4-30)
82.04.28 [W] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] [HD] [1000] It is reported that the Wasco County Court/Commission decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival permit has been held in abeyance while the State Health Division considered questions raised by 1000 Friends about the water system in relation to land use goals; the Health Division approves the water system, deferring to Wasco Court/Commission determinations with regard to the applicability of land use goals (O 4-28, 4-30; OJ 4-30)
82.04.28 [J] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] [1000] After a hearing, the Jefferson County Court/Commission unanimously denies the Rajneeshee festival permit application, citing health and safety requirements and their determination that the festival is not a permitted use on EFU land; many reports highlight the importance of 1000 Friends' testimony in influencing this decision; the festival will still take place (OJ 4-29, 4-30; O 4-29, 4-30; BB 4-29; MP 4-29; DC 4-29; HN 4-29)
82.04.28 [A] [R] Second in a series of mediation meetings between Rajneeshees, nearby ranchers and A residents; federal mediators join discussions for the first time; 1000 Friends not present; subcommittee of the discussants sets another meeting for May 3 (OJ 4-27; BB 4-28, 4-29; O 4-29; DC 4-28, 4-29, 4-30; RG 4-28; DWR 4-30)
82.04.28 [A] [1000] [MCG] A residents, area ranchers and 1000 Friends meet to form a joint proposal for mediation discussions, including agreement to support single-family dwellings on the ranch, conditional use permits for a school, church and community center and a Rural Service Center but only to serve full-time agricultural workers and only if the Rajneeshees will withdraw proposals for a printing plant in Antelope, cancel the incorporation election and vacate/sell their properties in Antelope
82.04.28 [R] [DQSMITH] [FEST] [GOV] It is reported that the Rajneeshees are protesting Donna Quick Smith's request of the Governor that the National Guard be called out for the festival (OJ)
82.04.29 [A] [PER] Rajneeshees file permit applicatons for larger gas tanks and a boutique at Zorba the Buddha and for a trailer park business
82.04.29 May 4 [J] "Ashram" movie shows at the Chief Theatre in Madras
82.04.30 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17353: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [DONS] [DQSMITH] Five residents of A (Don Smith, Donna Quick Smith, Francis Dickson, Loren Reynolds, James Opray) file suit in Wasco County Circuit Court contesting the disincorporation election and the validity of the votes of 46 people on the basis of the town's 30 day residency requirement; hearing date set for May 25 (O 5-1; OJ 5-f; DC 5-1; BB 5-2)
82.04.30 [LUBA] [NO. 82-039: [W] [PER] [FEST] [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a notice of intent to appeal the Wasco Court/Commission decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival permit
82.05.01 [R] Approximate date of Swank magazine story on ranch; three Rajneeshees in boating accident on John Day River, one reported missing and believed drowned (BB 5-3, 5-5, 5-7, 5-10, 5-14; MP 5-6, 5-20; CTJ 5-6)
82.05.01 [A] Approximate date of Oregon Magazine cover story entitled "Antelope's last stand"
82.05.02 [A] [R] [1000] Second "Town Hall" KATU-TV Channel 2 television program during which the Rajneeshees, A residents, 1000 Friends and nearby ranchers discuss issues, events and positions
82.05.03 [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] [W] [COMM] DEQ approves the Rajneeshee festival water system and sewage lagoon, deferring to Wasco Court/Commission determinations with regard to the applicability of land use goals
82.05.03 [LUBA] [NO. 82-044: [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a notice of intent to appeal the DEQ granting of permits for the Rajneeshee festival water and sewage facilities
82.05.03 [W] [A] [R] Third in a series of mediation meetings between the Rajneeshees, A residents and nearby ranchers held in The Dalles
82.05.04 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [BOW] City Council hears Rajneeshees publicly offer to freeze their attempts to buy property or construct buildings in Antelope while the mediation sessions continue; discussion of Rajneeshee applications to expand gas tanks and boutique, to develop sewage and water system to serve their properties, and to install electrical outlets in Rajneeshee owned house; permits for electrical outlets and expanded gas tanks granted, subject to submission of more detailed plans; all other permit applications determined to be subject to the moratorium declared on April 12; controversy over ownership of mobile home park and related applications by Bill Bowerman and Rajneeshees arises (BB 5-5; DC 5-5; O 5-5, 5-6; RG 5-5; OJ 5-6)
82.05.05 [CANT] [ETH] [MACC] [NO. Rancher Buck Coe files suit in Marion County Circuit Court challenging the impartiality of the Wasco County Judge/Commissioner in the November 4 incorporation decision (CP 5-7)
82.05.05 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17317: [1000] [R] [ELECT] [CA] [NO. A24016: [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a motion asking the Wasco County Circuit Court to reconsider its decision not to issue an injunction against the Rajneeshpuram incorporation election on the grounds that they are reasonably likely to win the CA appeal of the LUBA incorporation decision and that if the election goes forward their interests will be irreparably harmed
82.05.05 [CA] [NO. A24016: [LUBA] [NO. 81-132: [1000] [MCG] [R] Hearing on 1000 Friends and 3 ranch couples' appeal of the LUBA incorporation decision; arguments involve questions of religious freedom and LUBA's jurisdiction (CW 5-8)
82.05.05 [1000] [GOV] [HD] [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] [LCDC] 1000 Friends asks the Governor to persuade the State Health Division and the DEQ to hold public hearings on the Rajneeshee festival water and sewage plans in relation to land use goals and requests that he ask the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) to determine whether a festival is a permitted use on EFU land
82.05.06 [A] [PER] [ELECT] Rajneeshees living in Antelope file for an initiative petition to refer the April 12 City Council moratorium on building permits to the electorate
82.05.06 [A] [ACC] [W] It is reported that the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon which is based in The Dalles has recently acquired the deed to the Antelope Community Church; no payment was reportedly involved (DC 5-6; O 5-8)
82.05.06 [R] Register-Guard features article on Ma Amrita Pritam, daughter of Congressman Leo Ryan slain at Jonestown
82.05.07 [J] [A] [R] [1000] [SULL] [DONS] [MCG] Fourth in a series of mediation talks, held in Madras, results in the formation of the Wasco County and Jefferson County Human Relations Committee with the following members: Wasco DA Bernie Smith, Jefferson DA Mike Sullivan, Wasco Sheriff Bob Brown, Jefferson Sheriff Ham Perkins, A City Attorney Keith Mobley, Rajneeshees' Attorney Bob Davis, A City Councilmember Don Smith, 2 Rajneeshees (Swami Prem Jayananda and Swami Krishna Deva) and 2 nearby ranchers (Buck Coe and Kelly McGreer), Sid Lezak, former US Attorney attends talks and agrees to aid two federal mediators in trying to resolve disputes; 2 representatives of 1000 Friends attend (Paul Gerhardt and young woman), but they decline to participate on the ground that they cannot consent to witholding information not included in press releases jointly agreed upon; 1000 Friends writes to former US Attorney to request a meeting on the press release issue; next meeting set for May 11 (DC 5-7; O 5-8)
82.05.07 [GOV] [1000] [HD] [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] Governor replies to 1000 Friends' May 5 request, stating that he supports Health Division and DEQ issuance of temporary water and sewer permits for the Rajneeshee festival because he believes those agencies have complied with state goals, statutes and administrative rules in granting the permits (RG 5-10; OJ 5-10)
82.05.07 May 7 - 9 [W] "Ashram" movie shows at the Granada Theatre in The Dalles
82.05.09 [A] The Oregonian prints an article on how the A city budget has always been augmented by bake sales, garage sales, benefit dinners and auctions; the annual city budget is about $12,000, there are no city taxes; the only employees are a part-time planner and part-time attorney; article says high legal fees are expected this year
82.05.10 [R] [FEST] It is reported that the Rajneeshee summer festival brochures outlining the basic fee of $350 and rules for the key five days have been mailed out; 5000 are expected to attend (DC 5-10; BB 5-10; OJ 5-11; DWR 5-14)
82.05.10 [A] [PER] [ELECT] Rajneeshees living in Antelope form the Committee for Political Fairness to support their initiative petition drive against the April 12 City Council moratorium on building permits
82.05.11 [A] [R] Fifth in a series of mediation talks between the Rajneeshees, nearby ranchers and A residents (DC 5-10)
82.05.11 [1000] [GOV] [HD] [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] 1000 Friends writes a letter of disappointment to the Governor regarding his support of the issuance of Rajneeshee festival permits by the Health Division and DEQ (OJ 5-13; O 5-14)
82.05.11 [P] [S] [DQSMITH] Anti-Rajneeshee rally and fund-raiser sponsored by A residents and Walter Huss held in Portland; approximately 35 people attend in response to the 10,000 leaflets which had been distributed; Donna Quick Smith speaks (O 5-11, 5-12; OJ 5-11, 5-13; DC 5-13; BB 5-13, 5-14)
82.05.11 [J] [DCCC] [NO. 8515: [COMM] [PER] [FEST] Rajneeshees file a notice of intent to appeal the Jefferson County Court/Commission decision to deny the festival permit in Deschutes County Circuit Court
82.05.12 [ETH] [CANT] State Ethics Commission dismisses all complaints against Wasco Judge/Commissioner Rick Cantrell relating to his impartiality in the November 4 incorporation decision for lack of evidence (DC 5-12; SJ 5-13; BB 5-13; DWR 5-14; CW 5-18)
82.05.12 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17353: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Rajneeshees file a motion for summary judgement in the A disincorporation election challenge
82.05.14 [W] [COMI] [COMM] [ELECT] Jim Comini, Wasco Commissioner who resigned after the November 4 incorporation decision announces that he will run for the Wasco Judge/Commissioner position as a write-in candidate in the Democrat primary in response to popular demand (DC 5-17)
82.05.14 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [FEST] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file for a writ of mandamus and injunction in Wasco Circuit Court against the Rajneeshee festival
82.05.15 [W] [COMM] [FEST] It is reported that the Wasco Court/Commission has appointed a seven member citizens committee to oversee the Rajneeshee festival and its compliance with county permits and state health and safety requirements (RG 5-15)
82.05.15 [W] [CCC] CCC meeting/rally in The Dalles; invitation letters were handed to those attending the recent showings of "Ashram" at the Granada Theatre (DWR 5-14)
82.05.17 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17353: [SS] [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Secretary of State Norma Paulus requests that the Wasco Circuit Court permit her to file an amicus curiae brief in the A disincorporation election challenge; she also requests that the Court interpret Antelope's 30 day residency requirement and its validity in relation to Oregon state election and registration laws, also see (DC 5-18; RG 5-18)
82.05.17 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17317: [1000] [MCG] [R] [ELECT] Wasco Circuit Court hearing on 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' request for reconsideration of an injunction against the Rajneeshpuram incorporation election; request denied on the ground that facts sufficient to constitute a claim of irreparable injury were not offered; Court grants Wasco County motion for a summary judgement in the case, but grants 1000 Friends and 3 ranch couples the right to file a second amended complaint for declaratory judgement and injunction, which they do on this same date
82.05.17 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [PER] [FEST] [HD] [DCOM] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a brief in their request for a Circuit Court writ of mandamus to rescind the Wasco Court/Commission festival permit granted to the Rajneeshees; the Health Division, the Building Codes Division of the Department of Commerce are named as defendants, along with the Rajneeshees and Wasco County; petitioners also request an injunction against the issuance of any further festival-related permits until land use hearings are held on the ground that the Wasco Court/Commission failed to apply state land use goals and county zoning ordinances when it issued the festival permit; in addition, they claim that the festival is a commercial activity which is not permitted on EFU land and it violates statewide land use planning goals #1 and #3 (DC 5-20)
82.05.18 [R] [ELECT] [A] Rajneeshpuram incorporation election held; by this date, 232 voters had registered on the ranch (184 Republicans, 2 Democrats and 46 Independents) and 54 Rajneeshee voters had registered in Antelope; incorporation passes by a vote of 154 to 0 (145 Republicans and 9 independents voting yes) (DWR 5-14, 5-21; WSJ 5-18, 5-20; BG 5-20; OJ 5-19, 5-20; DC 5-19; RG 5-19)
82.05.18 [W] [ELECT] [COMM] [CANT] [COMI] In the Republican primary for Wasco County Judge/Commissioner Rick Cantrell wins and in the Democrat primary for the same office Jim Comini wins as a write-in candidate (OJ 5-19; DC 5-19; DWR 5-21)
82.05.18 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [PER] [FEST] Wasco County DA files a motion for dismissal of the 1000 Friends and 3 ranch couples' writ of mandamus request in Circuit Court to rescind the Rajneeshee festival permit on the grounds that: it was not entered in the time period required by statute; there is a similar action already pending; the suit does not contain adequate detail (DC 5-20)
82.05.18 [J] [DCCC] NOS. 8515 and 8516: [PER] [FEST] Rajneeshees file for a writ of review and an appeal of decision action in the Deschutes County Circuit Court against the Jefferson Court/Commission's denial of the festival permit on the grounds that it is not a land use decision and that it denies First Amendment rights of freedom of religion and assembly (MP 5-20)
82.05.18 [J] [A] [R] [1000] Sixth in a series of mediation meetings between the Rajneeshees, A residents and nearby ranchers held in Madras; 1000 Friends representatives present (MP 5-20)
82.05.18 [INS] It is reported that Bhagwan's 79 year old mother, whose visa has expired and who has been refused 2 requests for extension (one to tour and the other for medical reasons), will be the first of 79 Rajneeshees to be called to a hearing; many of the others have left the country, intend to leave, have filed new visa extension applications or have married Americans (O 5-18; DC 5-18; OJ 5-18; SJ 5-19)
82.05.19 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17353: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Wasco Circuit Court hearing on motion for summary judgement in the contested A disincorporation election; continued to May 26
82.05.19 [P] [USDC] [NO. 82-647: [A] [PER] Rajneeshees file suit in U.S. District Court in Portland asking an injunction against A City Council actions; suit charges civil rights and constitutional violations of freedom of press, religion and association, citing stalling on granting of building permits, the declaration of a moratorium on building, discrimination in the application of zoning ordinances, discrimination on the basis of religious affiliation; suit seeks monetary damages (OJ 5-20, 5-21; O 5-20, 5-21; DC 5-20)
82.05.19 [INS] 90 day stay of deportation providing time for medical treatment is granted to Bhagwan's mother by a U.S. INS Judge from Seattle in a routine ten minute hearing; she arrived in the U.S. on December 10, 1981, is 69 years old, has a bad heart and her visa expired on April 26 (O 5-20, 5-21; OJ 5-20; SJ 5-20; DC 5-20; RG 5-20; CW 5-25)
82.05.19 [R] Body of Rajneeshee involved in boating accident on John Day River on May 1 found on small island
82.05.20 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [W] [PER] [FEST] Wasco County DA files motion for dismissal of 1000 Friends and 3 ranch couples' Circuit Court request for a writ of mandamus to rescind the Rajneeshee festival permit on the grounds that: there are insufficient facts to show injury; a mass gathering is not a land use decision; a festival is a protected First Amendment freedom of religion and assembly (DC 5-20; O 5-20)
82.05.20 [LCDC] [W] [PLAN] Review of Wasco County Comprehensive Plan; consideration continued until the county completes revisions of Goals 3, 4 and 5
82.05.21 [R] Rajneeshee whose body found in John Day River ruled drowned (OJ 5-22; DC 5-22; MP 5-27; CTJ 5-27)
82.05.21 [GOV] [A] State Senator Ted Hallock criticizes the Governor for supporting the anti-Rajneeshee residents of Antelope (OJ 5-21)
82.05.24 [W] [A] [R] Seventh in the series of mediation meetings between the Rajneeshees, A residents and nearby ranchers held in The Dalles; 1000 Friends not present; "tentative conceptual agreement" formulated
82.05.24 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [W] [PER] [FEST] After a 90 minute hearing, the Circuit Court grants Wasco County DA's motion to dismiss 1000 Friends and 3 ranch couples' request for a writ of mandamus and injunction against the Rajneeshee festival, stating that: the application had not been made within the required 30 days; another appeal (before LUBA) is pending; mass gathering permits are not subject to general zoning requirements; petitioners have failed to state sufficient facts to constitute an injunction claim (DC 5-24; OJ 5-25--quotes Robert Stacey for 1000 Friends; O 5-25; RG 5-25; CW 5-25)
82.05.24 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17381: [RIC] [A] [BOW] RIC files a suit against Anna K. Meyers for breaking a written agreement to sell a 6 lot trailer court in Antelope to them by accepting earnest money later from Bill Bowerman, President of CCC; Bowerman also named; purchase price cited as $47,500 and RIC earnest money paid as $1000 (O 6-10; OJ 6-10)
82.05.25 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [W] [PER] [FEST] Circuit Court Judge signs formal order granting Wasco DA's motion to dismiss 1000 Friends and 3 ranch couples' request for a writ of mandamus and injunction against the Rajneeshee festival
82.05.25 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17225: [A] [PER] Wasco Circuit Court rules that Antelope City Council was not in contempt of court with regard to its April 12 moratorium on building, but that the Circuit Court order to issue four outstanding building permits to the Rajneeshees nevertheless stands and must be complied with; the Court states that the moratorium does not apply to the four permits, since they were pending before April 12 and had been approved without reservation by the Circuit Court's peremptory writ of mandamus (DC 5-26)
82.05.26 [W] [COMM] [R] [ELECT] Wasco Court/Commission proclaims the incorporation of the city of Rajneeshpuram and issues an order calling for an election in the city on August 10 for the purpose of electing 5 city councilmembers (DC 5-27; DWR 5-28)
82.05.26 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17353: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Three and a half to four hour hearing in Wasco Circuit Court on Antelope disincorporation election challenge and Oregon state and local election laws and residency requirements; ruling date set for June 1 (DC 5-28--extensive quotes from arguments; O 5-25-- background, 5-26, 5-27; DC 5-25; OJ 5-28)
82.05.27 [R] [IMP] methane digester; 400 additional fruit trees planted for a total of 3400; 50 acres of alfalfa planted for sileage and soil nutrient; 15 additional beehives for a total of 65; tours for an average of 30 to 40 visitors per day ; Rajneeshee psychiatrist (Devam) certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (MP 5-27)
82.05.27 [A] [R] [1000] Eighth in the series of mediation meetings between the Rajneeshees, A residents and nearby ranchers; 1000 Friends present; discussion of tentative conceptual agreement comes to naught; only agreement is to try to prevent violence, intimidation and discrimination (RG 5-26; OJ 5-27, 5-29; DC 5-27, 5-28; O 5-29)
82.05.28 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [PER] [FEST] Circuit Court Judge signs formal order granting Rajneeshee motion to dismiss 1000 Friends and 3 ranch couples' request for a writ of mandamus and injunction against the festival
82.05.28 [P] [S] [CCC] [MCM] CCC Attorney Garry McMurry speaks to Portland City Club (O 5-29; OJ 5-29)
82.05.28 [J] [COMM] [1000] 1000 Friends writes a letter to the Jefferson Court/Commission opposing the Rajneeshee water system which is intended for fire protection use
82.05.28 [LUBA] [NO. 82-044: [1000] [MCG] [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a petition requesting a writ of review of the DEQ decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival-related permit for sanitary facilities
82.05.28 [DCCC] [NO. 8515 and 8516: [J] [PER] [FEST] [1000] After hearing final arguments, the Deschutes County Circuit Court in Bend rules that: the Jefferson Court/Commission reached an erroneous conclusion in denying the Rajneeshee festival permit, they were required by law to issue the permit if the Rajneeshees met Health Division standards, granting a festival permit is not a mattter to be considered in relation to zoning or land use laws, the right to hold a festival is assured by First Amendment protections; the Circuit Court overrules the Jefferson Court/Commission and orders them to grant the Rajneeshee festival permit; it is reported that the Jefferson DA's arguments in this case were prepared by 1000 Friends (O 5-20, 5-30; OJ 5-29; RG 5-29; DC 5-29; MP 6-3)
82.05.29 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Editorial: Register-Guard calls for voting law reform
82.05.30 [INS] By this date, Bhagwan's visitor visa had expired; the INS allows Him to remain in the country while they continue to review the application for permanent resident status
82.06.01 [R] Approximate date of Rain magazine feature on riparian recovery at the ranch; Central Oregonian, Prineville, reports a student project at Crook County High School attempting to measure prejudice against various religious groups including the Rajneeshees
82.06.01 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17353: [A] [DIS] [ELECT] Wasco Circuit Court hearing on the validity of 46 votes in the A disincorporation election, the Rajneeshee request for a summary judgement and for attorney's fees; Court rules that the Antelope 30 day residency requirement conflicts with the U.S. Constitution as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court in Dunn v. Blumenstein (Tennessee, 1972); the Court dismisses the challenges to the validity of the 46 votes, rules that the disincorporation election outcome stands and Antelope remains incorporated; the Court grants $19,149.04 to the Rajneeshee attorney to be paid by Antelope (O 5-27; DC 5-28, 6-1, 6-2; RG 6-2; OJ 6-2, 6-3; CW 6-8)
82.06.01 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [BOW] City Council unanimously grants a business license to Bill Bowerman, President of the CCC, for a trailer park, the sale of which is still in dispute due to a prior earnest money agreement between Anna K. Meyer and the Rajneeshees; Council delays or makes no decisions on Rajneeshee permit applications for improvements to four buildings and to serve beer and wine at Zorba the Buddha Cafe
82.06.01 [E] [ENG] It is reported that Medina Rajneesh Neo-Sannyas Commune in Herringswell, Suffolk, England consists of 14 acres of property on which stands a manor house built in 1907, housing 150 residents (including 28 children) and hosting 60 to 200 visitors per day; local powers in Thorenc, France are reportedly worried about 70 Rajneeshees who live in the village (O 6-1; RG 6-1)
82.06.02 [R] Rajneeshpuram Rural Fire District fights two arson fires; during this week, a CBS television crew films a segment at the ranch for the "60 Minutes" program; Redmond Spokesman feature story reports 4900 trees planted, 47 children and plans for the festival (DWR 6-11; RS 6-2)
82.06.02 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [PER] [FEST] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a motion for reconsideration of the dismissal of their request for a writ of mandamus and injunction against the Rajneeshee festival, arguing that they sought relief not from issuance of a mass gathering permit but from the structures and buildings which would be constructed as part of the gathering
82.06.03 [CA] A24016: [LUBA] 81-132: [1000] [R] [ELECT] Approximate date of brief hearing by three member panel of Oregon Court of Appeals where 1000 Friends present arguments in their appeal of LUBA's decision on Rajneeshpuram's incorporation (O 6-3; RG 6-3; MP 6-3; OJ 6-3, 6-4)
82.06.03 [A] [CCC] CCC presents S2500 to Antelope as a contribution for legal fees (MP 6-3)
82.06.03 [W] [R] [1000] [PER] [PLAN] 1000 Friends appeals to the Wasco County 'Board of Adjustments in opposition to the recent issuance of a permit by the Wasco County Planning Department to the Rajneeshees for a Farm Support/Administration Building on the ranch
82.06.04 [R] [IMP] The Dalles Weekly Reminder feature article on the ranch mentions 17.5 miles of deer fences and 140 acres of soybeans
82.06.04 [LCDC] [A] [PER] Rajneeshee residents of Antelope file a petition with LCDC protesting the April 12 A City Council moratorium on the issuance of building permits
82.06.05 [A] [1000] Anti-Rajneeshee residents hold a "Goodbye Antelope Party" and fund-raiser, sponsored by American Legion Post 60; City Attorney invites Director of 1000 Friends, who attends; approximately 1400 attend; yields a gross income of $8600 (DC 6-7; CW 6-8)
82.06.07 [R] [IMP] La Grande Observer publishes first of Kirk Braun's series on the ranch; truck farm producing 50 acres of soybeans and 59 other varieties of vegetables; radio communications network; 2000 raspberry and gooseberry bushes; martin and owl nests to control rodent predators; 1200 acres of maize, barley, oats and red wheat; 49 double wide mobile homes; solar heated pool; 1500 chickens laying 400 eggs per day; 100 ducks producing eggs; emus to guard against coyotes; machine shop; worm farm; 14 irrigation projects testing 6 different methods; S15 million spent in Oregon's economy; 2500 acres of new land cleared for grain planting; reservoir; 3 miles of rip-rapped creek bank; treatment and reseeding of 26 miles of gullies for erosion control; 300 residents (some non-permanent summer workers), including 37 children from ages 2 to 14; 20 geese; flock of peacocks; culvert bridges; road embankment protection; fire engine and fire protection water pipeline; Oregon Journal article on book sales (approximately $70,000-100,000 per month) and festival plans
82.06.07 [LCDC] [A] [PER] Rajneeshee residents of Antelope and the Oregon State Homebuilders Association file a joint petition with LCDC protesting the April 12 A City Council moratorium on the issuance of building permits
82.06.07 [J] [R] [PER] Approximate date of Rajneeshee application to the Jefferson County Planning Commission for a permit to construct a crematorium
82.06.08 [R] [IMP] La Grande Observer publishes second of Kirk Braun's series on the ranch; average age of residents is 35 years old; nearly 60% have BA's; approximately 20% have MA's or PhD's; they include 8 physicians, 1 veterinarian, 2 dentists, 8 attorneys, 8 social workers, 8 nurses, 3 architects and a total of 65 professionally qualified people; two-thirds of ranch residents are U.S. citizens and they represent 17 nations in all
82.06.08 [J] [PLAN] [PER] Jefferson Planning Commission decides that it has no jurisdiction over a Rajneeshee proposal to build a crematorium because of a lack of ordinance standards and due to the fact that the application is for religious purposes; the proposed structure is a 30 ft. diameter open air building with a 41 ft. venting stack surrounded by a 200 ft. radius amphitheater for viewers to celebrate cremation as a religious rite (DC 6-8; O 6-8; LGO 6-8; MP 6-10; DWR 6-11)
82.06.08 [J] [1000] [COMM] 1000 Friends writes second letter to Jefferson Court/Commission opposing the Rajneeshee water system which is intended for fire protection use
82.06.08 [A] [CNCL] [PER] Special Executive Session of City Council to discuss building moratorium and civil rights litigation
82.06.09 [A] [CNCL] [PER] Special City Council meeting which unanimously adopts a correction program on the building moratorium
82.06.09 [R] [IMP] La Grande Observer publishes third in Kirk Braun's series on the ranch which describes a commune meeting; 50 trees bought in Scappoose to be taken to the ranch by 17 Rajneeshees (S)
82.06.10 [R] [RFI] [RIC] [RNSIC] La Grande Observer publishes fourth in Kirk Braun's series on the ranch; Rajneeshee corporations have total assets of $33 million: Rajneesh Foundation International (RFI) has had bock and tape sales so far in 1982 totaling S6 million and assets of $20 million ($12 million of it in the Rajneesh archives); Rajneesh Investment Corporation (RIC) has assets of $7 million; Rajneesh Neo-Sannyas International Commune (RNSIC) has assets of S3 million
82.06.10 [W] [A] [R] The Wasco and Jefferson County Human Relations Committee, which was agreed to in a May 27 mediation meeting and intended to prevent violence, is formally organized and the membership and procedures announced
82.06.10 [W] [WCCC] [NO.  : [A] [PER] Approximate date that Rajneeshee residents of Antelope request a writ of mandamus against the A City Attorney to provide a ballot title for the referendum petition on the April 12 A City Council building permit moratorium
82.06.11 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [PER] [FEST] Rajneeshees file reply arguments in Wasco Circuit Court in case of 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' motion for reconsideration of the dismissal of their request for a writ of mandamus and injunction against the festival
82.06.11 [R] La Grande Observer publishes fifth and final in Kirk Braun's series on ranch featuring Bhagwan
82.06.14 [LUBA] [NO. 82-052: [1000] [MCG] [W] [R] [ELECT] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a petition for review of the Wasco Court/Commission May 26 proclamation of the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram on the grounds that it violates land use goals
82.06.15 [S] [HILL] Antelope Mayor Margaret Hill speaks in Hood River (HRN 6-9)
82.06.15 [R] [FEST] It is reported that some 280 Rajneeshees have been denied visas to attend the festival by U.S. State Department officials in London, Bonn, and India (O; DC)
82.06.15 [R] [CSD] State Childrens Services Division (CSD) investigator makes on-site visit to the ranch in response to a May 24 complaint by a nearby rancher of child abuse; CSD report determines that no licensing is required for child care facilities on the ranch and that there is no evidence whatsoever of either child abuse or neglect
82.06.15 [LUBA] [NO. 82-039: [1000] [MCG] [W] [PER] [FEST] 1000 Friends, 3 nearby ranch couples and one other person file a petition for review of the Wasco Court/Commission decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival permit on the grounds that it: violates land use goals Nos. 3 and 11; will threaten neighboring ranch operations and water supplies; and that the Wasco Court/Commission failed to apply county zoning and statewide planning goals in making its decision
82.06.16 [R] [IMP] Redmond Spokesman publishes first in Kirk Braun's series on the ranch; Rajneeshees repeat assertion first made in March that the water table in drainages outside the ranch will not be affected by their uses since they are mostly at higher elevations and the three creeks used are all wholly contained on ranch land and drain into the John Day River
82.06.16 [SS] [A] [DIS] [ELECT] The Secretary of State asks the House Legislative Task Force on Election Laws to change state voter registration laws using the A disincorporation election as an example of problems (OJ; DC; O)
82.06.16 [R] [W] [COMM] [PLAN] [PER] The Wasco Court/Commission is expected to take action on the 485 acre rezoned/ redesigned Rural-Residential Planned Unit Development proposal in July; the development would contain: 302 residences; a camping and recreational vehicle park; printshop; workshop; church; guest house; retail center with a barbershop, bookstore, education and art center; medical complex; administration center; fire station; 355 acres around buildings and 130 acres of open space where wildlife could pass through the development
82.06.17 [W] [S] Former Rajneeshee (John Ephland) and cult researcher Dean Halverson speak to 300-400 in The Dalles High School auditorium (DC 6-17, 6-18; DWR 6-18; MP 6-24)
82.06.17 [A] [CNCL] [PER] City Council meeting at which the City Attorney resigns; Rajneeshee liquor permit application tabled, expanded gas storage tank permit declared to fall under the building moratorium, store expansion permit granted since the application was made before adoption of the moratorium
82.06.18 [R] [FEST] [GOV] It is reported that 300 National Guardsmen have been placed on call for the Rajneeshee festival and also that letters from the Governor show he personally opposes the festival and wishes the Rajneeshees would leave the state (DC; O 6-18, 6-19)
82.06.18 [R] Millionaire Rajneeshee (John Walley) holds a party and puts a S2.5 million Hollywood mansion up for sale in order to move to the ranch (LAE; RG; O; DC; KTS 6-20; CW 6-23; LAW 7-23)
82.06.22 [A] [DONS] [DQSMITH] Oregon Journal reports that Don and Donna Quick Smith have separated and summarizes pending court cases
82.06.22 [1000] [DCOM] [R] [PER] 1000 Friends writes letter to Oregon Department of Commerce regarding permits for temporary office trailers at the ranch
82.06.23 [R] [IMP] Redmond Spokesman publishes second in Kirk Braun's series of articles on the ranch; the Polk County Sun-Enterprise publishes a Braun article on bigotry towards the Rajneeshees
82.06.24 [CA] [NO. A25117: [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [FEST] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a petition for review of the Wasco Circuit Court dismissal of their request for a writ of mandamus and injunction against the Rajneeshee festival
82.06.24 [R] [IMP] Madras Pioneer article by reporter and wildlife biologist praises riparian recovery, energy conservation and recycling projects at the ranch
82.06.24 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [LCDC] [BOW] City Council holds public hearing on the building moratorium; LCDC hearings officer attends; Bill Bowerman, President of the CCC, applies for three additional business permits for ventures at the trailer park, which are determined to fall under the moratorium; reaffirmation that Rajneeshee application for permit to expand gas storage tank falls under moratorium
82.06.24 [R] Taping of Merv Griffin national televison program with discussion beween representatives of the Rajneeshees (Sheela) and nearby ranchers (Rosemary McGreer, also a member of 1000 Friends); immediately following the taping, Rajneeshees write McGreer protesting that her statements were libelous, inappropriate, inaccurate, clearly defamatory and actionable and demanding that a retraction be read at the time the program is aired
82.06.27 [R] Bend Bulletin article features interviews with three Rajneeshees and focusses on the religion
82.06.29 [R] Daily News, California, feature article on Sheela; it is reported that 2000 festival attendees have already arrived at the ranch; several newspapers describe festival preparations which are said to have cost approximately $1.9 million (RG; DC; OJ; LGO; DA; CA 6-30; R 6-30; H 6-30)
82.06.29 [W] [1000] [R] [FEST] 1000 Friends letter to Rajneeshees opposing the festival and reply letter from Swami Krishna Deva appear in The Dalles Chronicle
82.06.30 [R] Redmond Spokesman publishes third in Kirk Braun's series on the ranch; Sun-Enterprise publishes same article
82.07.02 [R] A carload of women shouting curses in the name of Jesus Christ block Bhagwan's afternoon drive until their car is removed by a security patrol (ADT 7-3; O 7-4; MMT 7-29)
82.07.03 [R] [FEST] [IMP] Festival formally begins; 5800-7000 attend; 1800 units in three tent areas erected; 50 school busses; 88,000 sq. ft. greenhouse completed and used for meditation sessions; water and sewage systems completed; it is reported that preparations for the festival cost $3.5 to $4 million; store sales average $75,000 per day; 275 residents (DC 7-2; GPDC 7-2; RG 7-2, 7-4; O 7-2, 7-3, 7-4--back- ground on A; ADH 7-2, 7-3; ADT 7-3; EO 7-3; BPH 7-3; AL 7-3; CBW 7-3; GRP 7-4; SJ 7-4; NR 7-4; HN 7-4; BB 7-6)
82.07.04 [A] [DONS] It is reported that the non-Rajneeshee population of Antelope has dropped from 40 to 25 or 30 and Don Smith claims that the city is broke and in need of money (O 7-3; OJ 7-5; CW 7-6)
82.07.06 [R] [FEST] Guru Purnima Day, highlight of the festival; Britten-Norman Islander plane drops 1/4 million rose petals on Bhagwan during drive-by where sannyasins line the road; news features dynamic meditation, stories of followers and details of festival (LGO 7-3; DA 7-4; SMR 7-4; HIT 7-4; BB 7-5, 7-6, 7-7; RG 7-5, 7-6, 7-7, 7-8; EO 7-5; NR 7-5; ADH 7-5; ADT 7-5; MMT 7-5; HN 7-5; EC 7-5; BDH 7-5, 7-6; CJ 7-5; OJ 7-5, 7-6, 7-7, 7-8; O 7-5, 7-6, 7-8, 7-18; LT 7-6; NYT 7-6, 7-7; GPDC 7-6--re- ports "No Sex, No Violence at Guruville", 7-7; BT 7-6; P 7-6; AG 7-6; SJ 7-6; DC 7-7; SR 7-7; TT 7-7; MTHR 7-8; IA 7-9, 8-6; GT 7-10; LNS 7-10; TCH 7-11; WW 7-13; HJ 7-14; WC 7-15; MB 7-18; SB 7-18; PTT June; NA September)
82.07.06 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17353: Central Oregonian runs a guest editorial (from the Hood River News) on the Antelope disincorporation election and the Wasco County Circuit Court ruling on residency saying that all was fair
82.07.06 [R] [1000] [BPA] A 1000 Friends attorney, representing a nearby ranch couple, writes a letter to the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) requesting an environmental impact study and statement for an 800 foot strip of land over which an augmented power line would be run by the Wasco County Electric Cooperative (WCEC) to serve the ranch; an existing WCEC line had been on the strip of land for 35 years
82.07.06 [R] A Jackson County woman, Trisha Ryckman, minister of the Light of Life Ministry, claims that she was mistreated, detained illegally and had her car forced off the road in the July 2 incident when she and her companions had blocked Bhagwan's afternoon drive (MMT 7-6, 7-7)
82.07.07 [R] [FEST] [IMP] [A] [HILL] Festival formally ends with no serious incidents reported, nearly 1000 reported to have taken sannyas, and Bhagwan having predicted that WW III will begin in 1993; approximately 90 reporters covered the event; Rajneeshees aid Heppner couple with fire in their trailer near Antelope; Hillsboro Argus prints third in Braun series on the ranch; Sun-Enterprise, News-Register, and Redmond Spokesman all print fourth in Braun series; Newburg Graphic prints feature on ranch (MMT 7-6; RDF 7-6; LGO 7-6; BT 7-6; OJ 7-6; CW 7-6--quotes Hill; DC 7-8; GPDC 7-8--quotes Hill; HN 7-8; EO 7-8; EC 7-8; UB 7-8, 7-9; GT 7-8; ER
82.07.07 [R] [1000] [BPA] BPA sends a memo to BLM stating that there is no adverse impact from the electric transmission line and substation to serve the ranch, therefore, there is no need for an environmental impact statement, as requested by 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couple
82.07.08 [A] [CNCL] [USDC] [NO. 82-647: [PER] [W] [PLAN] [1000] City Council meets to unanimously endorse and sign a formal agreement with the Rajneeshees, which concludes the mediation sessions and is part of an out-of-court-settlement of the federal civil rights suit; Antelope residents agree to the following: to approve all pending building permit applications; fairly consider future building permit applications within 30 days; repeal the moratorium; not impose any future moratorium on building permits; endorse personally and officially the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram; endorse the application before the Wasco Court/Commission for zoning changes, plan amendment and the 485 acre Planned Unit Development; do nothing to contradict or interfere with support for incorporation and the requested plan amendment; declare that all buildings in commercial zones now in residential use are lawful nonconforming uses; Rajneeshees agree to the following: not to apply for any additional permits for new buildings in Antelope for the remainder of 1982 (with the exception of permit applications made within 45 days for minor structural improvements); pay the costs of any capital improvements or public services/facilities occasioned by the development of their property (with the exception that Antelope will provide for the Rajneeshees to recover improvement costs from those who benefit from the improvements, providing no taxes or indebtedness automatically falls on A residents); not to develop further in A until public services/ facilities are in place, with the first priority being an expanded or improved water system; to bear any professional costs related to land use or zone changes; Both parties agree to: dismiss all pending litigation; avoid future litigation if possible; refer future disputes to arbitration or mediation without resort to the media if possible; to bear the responsibility for their own attorneys' fees and costs related to the disincorporation election challenge (including the $19,149.04 awarded to the Rajneeshees); enforce the agreement; 1000 Friends and nearby ranchers do not participate in the agreement and say they will continue to oppose the Rajneeshees (DC 7-9; O 7-9; BB 7-9; RG 7-9; OJ 7-9, 7-19--best; SJ 7-9; GPDC 7-9; HN 7-9; MMT 7-9; DA 7-9; GT 7-9; NR 7-9; ADT 7-9; DT 7-9; MP 7-15; CHT 9-3)
82.07.09 [S] [RFI] [MCG] Broadcast of Merv Griffin national television program discussion between President of RFI(Sheela) and Rosemary McGreer, nearby ranch couple spokesperson and 1000 Friends member; controversial statements by McGreer aired without a retraction having been signed or read (LN 7-8; IA July, 8-6; OJ 7-7; DWR 7-8)
82.07.12 [A] [CNCL] City Council hires a new City Attorney, Wilford K. Carey, to replace Keith Mobley who had resigned; Carey says he will work to write a new comprehensive zoning ordinance and to finalize the compromise agreeement between the Antelopians and the Rajneeshees; Carey is also City Attorney for Cascade Locks and Mosier and City Judge in Hood River (DC 7-16; CW 7-20; RG 7-27; HN 7-27; BB 7-27; CBW 8-3)
82.07.12 [A] [BOW] [CCC] [RIC] [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17381: Counterclaim filed in suit involving sale of A trailer park to Bill Bowerman, President of the CCC, on April 26, apparently after earnest money agreement with RIC had been signed
82.07.12 [W] [PLAN] [PER] [1000] Two hour Wasco County Planning Commission hearing on the 485 acre Rural Service Center/Planned Unit Development application to serve 1742 people (713 farm workers and the rest support personnel) at the ranch; 1000 Friends testifies orally for one hour and submits 100 pages of written testimony in opposition on the grounds that there is a lack of information on area water supply; 1000 Friends testimony is also critical of the recently submitted Rajneeshee Ranch/Farm Plan and related population projections, saying that only 86 farm workers are needed; Planning Commission delays its decision until its September 7 meeting, saying that the August Rajneeshpuram City Council and Charter elections may render the Rural Service Center issue moot and that county planners need time to review the materials submitted by 1000 Friends (DC 7-13; O 7-14, 7-15)
82.07.13 [W] [1000] [BPA] 1000 Friends attorney writes second letter to BPA demanding an environmental impact study and statement on the transmission line and substation to be built by WCEC to serve the ranch
82.07.13 [R] [CNCL] [ELECT] [IMP] By this date, 6 candidates have filed for the 5 member Rajneeshpuram City Council election and the proposed City Charter has been filed; the Redmond Spokesman prints the last in the Braun series on the ranch; Willamette Week for 13-19 prints feature on ranch (HN 7-14)
82.07.14 [W] [1000] [BPA] Special meeting of the Board of the WCEC to discuss 1000 Friends letter to BPA and alternative courses of action to gain easement for the transmission line and substation; nearby ranch couple represented by 1000 Friends writes letter agreeing to sign easement for augmented electric service to ranch
82.07.14 [W] [PLAN] [PER] Scheduled date for hearing before the Wasco County Board of Adjustments on 1000 Friends opposition to the issuance of a permit by the Wasco County Planning Department to the Rajneeshees for a Farm Support/Administration Building; Rajneeshees withdraw the permit application for the two-story,
82.07.28 000 sq. ft. building; Wasco County Board of Adjustments cancels the hearing (DC 6-24; RG 7-16; GT 7-16; ADH 7-17; O 7-17)
82.07.16 [USDC] [NO. 82-647: [A] [PER] Final stipulation and order signed in the federal civil rights suit brought against the Antelope City Council; consent decree/agreement of July 8 between Antelopeans and Rajneeshees acknowledged; case dismissed
82.07.17 [A] [W] [WCCC] [NO.  : File closed on case filed by Rajneeshees in opposition to the posting of "quit premises" notices by the Antelope City Council on March 24
82.07.18 [R] Statesman-Journal's Gloria Bledsoe writes negative column
82.07.19 The Columbian prints interview with local Rajneeshee, Swami Dhyan Achara
82.07.19 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [1000] [MCG] [COMM] [RIC] [R] [ELECT] [PLAN] [CA] [NO. A24016: 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a complaint for declaratory judgement and injunctive relief in Wasco County Circuit Court against Wasco County Court/ Commission, Wasco County Elections Officer, Rajneesh Investment Corporation, Rajneeshpuram and the 6 candidates for Rajneeshpuram City Council seats; the complaint seeks to halt the election for Rajneeshpuram City Council members, and/or the making of any land use decision by the Council, and/or the exercise of any planning or zoning responsibilities by the Council on three grounds: that any of the foregoing would be illegal if the CA were to overturn the LUBA decision on incorporation, saying instead that land use goals did apply to the W Court/Commission's November 4 decision to allow an incorporation election; that any unlawful construction or land use which might be completed before the CA decision might not be subsequently removed and would injure plaintiffs; that insufficient water exists to support the envisioned Rajneeshpuram population of 2000
82.07.19 [USDC] [NO. 82-647: [A] [PER] Stipulation and judgement in federal civil rights suit
82.07.20 [R] Hillsboro Argus prints last in Braun series along with editorial on the ranch
82.07.21 [USDC] [NO. 82-647: [A] [PER] Summary judgement and final judgement in civil rights suit accepting the Consent Decree agreed to by Antelopeans and Rajneeshees
82.07.22 [LUBA] [NO. 82-052: [W] [COMM] [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples object to the record in the May 26 Wasco Court/Commission proclamation of the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram; objection is denied
82.07.23 [R] Updated water supply report commissioned by the Rajneeshees is completed and shows an unlikely impact on the wells of others
82.07.23 [LASC] [NO.  : [RFI] [RNSIC] [MCG] A Rajneeshee (Sheela), RFI and RNSIC file suit seeking compensatory ($1 million) and punitive ($1 million) damages in Los Angeles Superior Court against Rosemary McGreer, ranch representative and 1000 Friends member who appeared on Merv Griffin television program, alleging willfully defamatory and malicious statements about Rajneeshee farming, business and lifestyle (BB 7-25; SR 7-25; LAHE 7-25; UB 7-25; HN 7-25; LGO 7-26; MMT 7-26; ADH 7-26; EO 7-26; GT 7-26; NR 7-26; DC 7-26; O 7-26; GPDC 7-27; IA 8-6)
82.07.24 [R] Register-Guard does feature story on Rajneeshee religion
82.07.24 [A] A 210 acre range fire one mile north of and threatening Antelope is brought under control by 200 firefighters, 50 of whom are Rajneeshees; 7 pieces of Rajneeshee firefighting equipment also is used to fight the blaze (MMT 7-24; EO 7-26; DC 7-26; ADH 7-26, 7-27; LGO 7-26; HN 7-26; DNT 7-26; LNS 7-26, 7-27; O 7-26; QFP 7-27; DWR 7-29)
82.07.26 [A] [1000] Oregon Journal editorial on the "Antelope treaty" and 1000 Friends
82.07.27 [R] Village Voice, NY feature article on the ranch
82.07.27 [LUBA] [NO. 82-039: [W] [COMM] [1000] [MCG] [FEST] [PER] [HD] Hearing on 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' appeal of Wasco Court/Commission decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival permit on the ground that it violated land use goals; Wasco County Attorney and Rajneeshees argue that the Wasco Court/Commission had no discretion in the matter, providing that the health and safety rules of the Oregon Health Division were complied with, that it was not a land use decision but a mass gathering permit decision properly appealed to the Wasco Circuit Court, and that the issue is now moot since the festival is over
82.07.28 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17317: [1000] [MCG] [R] [ELECT] Wasco Circuit Court issues order granting the Rajneeshees a summary judgement in 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' suit to prevent the Rajneeshpuram incorporation election (EC 8-4; ADT 8-4)
82.07.29 [R] Madras Pioneer feature article on school and education at the ranch
82.07.29 [W] [A] [FAW] Sandy Post says District 56 State Representative Wayne Fawbush "predicts personal political trouble representing Antelope's 'Guru City' if elected in new districting"
82.07.29 [W] [R] It is reported that the Wasco County investigator and District Attorney will soon determine if formal charges should be filed against Rajneeshees over the July 2 incident in which a Jackson County woman filed a complaint (Trisha Ryckman, Light of Life Ministry); she says she was detained illegally, threatened and that her car was forced off the road; she says that her opposi ion to Bhagwan is part of "'a war between God and Satan.'" (MMT)
82.08.01 [R] [IMP] [FLOE] Approximate date of July/August issue of Oregon Farm Bureau News feature entitled "What is going on at the Big Muddy", which reports 500 residents and contains several negative statements (see also EO 9-22); approximate date of The Daily Californian feature on ranch, Bhagwan and Deepta Rajneesh Meditation Center in Berkeley; approximate date of story in Oregon State Department of Forestry Magazine Forest Log on the Rajneeshpuram Rural Fire Protection District and the volunteer Rajneeshee staff to spot fires at Stevenson Lookout (unstaffed since 1979); Oregon Business magazine feature article on how much money the Rajneeshees are spending in Oregon's economy ($ 20 million to date), mostly benefitting The Dalles, Madras, Redmond, Bend, Eugene, Albany and Portland, and responsible for keeping several businesses in operation; approximate date of Springfield Connections feature on the ranch; former sannyasin and Christian minister, Eckart Floether, has his book on Bhagwan advertised in Christian Bookseller
82.08.02 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [R] [ELECT] [1000] [MCG] Wasco County Circuit Court rules against 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' request for an injunction against the Rajneeshpuram City Council and Charter election; Court, holds in abeyance the request to enjoin the new City Council from making land use decisions, requesting further information from 1000 Friends within one week (BS 8-3; TDE 8-3; APP 8-3; SJ 8-3; RG 8-3; DC 8-4; OJ 8-4; ADT 8-4; M 8-4)
82.08.03 [R] Willamette Week for 3-9 identifies Rajneeshism as a cult as does the Oregonian for August 4
82.08.03 [A] [CNCL] [PER] City Council receives applications from one Rajneeshee and one non-Rajneeshee resident of Antelope to fill vacancy on Council; Rajneeshees request renewal of liquor permit application, which is granted and apply for permit for a produce stand
82.08.04 [R] [IMP] Los Angeles Herald feature article on Bhagwan; Cascade Utilities, Estacada, which owns the Antelope telephone exchange, reports it has seen increased revenues of $10,000 per month since the Rajneeshees began their operations in the area; 350-450 residents
82.08.06 [S] [R] Rajneeshee speaker (Sheela) at Medford Rotary Club; India Abroad prints interview with Sheela (MMT 7-20, 8-8)
82.08.06 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [1000] [MCG] [R] [PLAN] 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couple file motion for a temporary restraining order to prevent Rajneeshpuram City Council from exercising zoning authority; the affadavit alleges "mind control" by RFI President (Sheela) and trespass by a lost Rajneeshee
82.08.08 [R] Youngstown, Ohio Vindicator feature story on ranch
82.08.09 [LUBA] [NO. 82-039: [W] [COMM] [FEST] [PER] [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' appeal of the Wasco Court/Commission decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival permit application is dismissed on the grounds that it is not a land use matter and the issue is moot since the festival is over
82.08.09 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17381: [A] [BOW] [CCC] [RIC] Rajneeshees reply to the counterclaim filed in the matter of the Antelope trailer park sale to the President of the CCC, asking that it be dismissed
82.08.10 [R] [ELECT] Rajneeshpuram City Council election held; 156 of 164 eligible voters registered; five member City Council elected: Swami Krishna Deva, 141; Swami Deva Sandesh, 122; Ma Prem Archan, 121; Ma Prem Patipada, 118; Ma Deva Jayamala, 117 (Ma Deva Rikta lost with 73 votes) (DWR 6-4, 8-5, 8-12; GPDC 8-9; O 8-10, 8-11, 8-12; ADH 8-10; RG 8-11; LAH 8-11; EC 8-11; LGO 8-11; DA 8-11; HN 8-11; BDH 8-11; BS 8-11; CBW 8-11; MMT 8-11; BB 8-11; PT 8-11, 8-13; SJ 8-12; OJ 8-12; DC 8-12; F 8-12)
82.08.10 [W] WC[C] [NO. 17487: [R] [PLAN] [1000] [MCG] Wasco Circuit Court denies 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couples' request for a temporary restraining order to prevent Rajneeshpuram City Council from taking office and exercising zoning authority
82.08.11 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [R] [PLAN] [1000] [MCG] Wasco Circuit Court rules against 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' request to enjoin the Rajneeshpuram City Council from making land use decisions; the ruling contains the following additional provisions: no permanent injunction will be granted; a temporary order is granted which states that the City Council does not have the right to administer Wasco County planning/zcning law within the city limits of Rajneeshpuram; zoning decisions must be delayed until the Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Land Use Plan has been adopted by the City Council; the Rajneeshpuram City Council must notify 1000 Friends twenty-four hours before any cf its meetings and provide them with an agenda; the Court gives both parties in the dispute one week to enter further evidence which might alter its decision (BS 8-11; PT 8-11; SJ 8-12)
82.08.11 [W] [COMM] [R] [ELECT] Rajneeshees apply for certification of the results of the City Council and Charter election, which would allow Rajneeshpuram to devise a Comprhensive Land Use Plan, issue building permits, and the like
82.08.12 [R] [CNCL] First meeting of the Rajneeshpuram City Council; Mayor Swami Krishna Deva elected for a two year term; selection of a City Council President who will act as Mayor when the Mayor is unavailable (Ordinance No. 82-01); appointment of City Recorder (Ord. No. 82-02), City Attorney, Community Development Director (Ord. No. 82-03) and City Budget Officer; appointment of Budget Committee; adoption of a Citizen Involvement Program for the Comprehensive Plan (Ord. No. 82-04); adoption of operative City Council rules (Resolution No. 82-01); discussion of City Council's planning and zoning authority; adoption of Res. No. 82-02 authorizing purchase of general liability insurance, Res. No. 82-03 authorizing purchase of a surety bond for city officials, Res. No. 82-04 approving and referring a City Charter to the voters on November 2; investments totalling $35 million to date are reported (CW 8-17; O 8-20)
82.08.14 [R] [1000] Progress Bulletin and Appeal-Democrat (CA) both feature story on Council election, Wasco Circuit Court rulings and allegations by 1000 Friends that Sheela exerts mind control; Evening Tribune feature on ranch
82.08.16 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] Second meeting of the Rajneeshpuram City Council appoints a fifteen person Citizen Involvement Committee (CCI) for the comprehensive planning process out of 22 applicants; discussion of an interim budget; vacancy on the Budget Committee filled; Budget Committee meeting set for August 27; first meeting of the CCI (BB 8-16; DC 8-16; CW 8-17; OJ 8-18; O 8-20)
82.08.20 [R] [INS] It is reported that Bhagwan's mother is still waiting for an answer on her application for a visa extension for medical reasons (HN; BB; OJ)
82.08.21 [R] Register and Daily Times Advocate (CA) print features on the ranch
82.08.21 [AUS] There are 2500 Rajneeshees in Australia who own $800,000 worth of real estate, 25% of whom hold PhDs, and who operate 2 vegetarian restaurants, a building rennovation company, a cleaning service and accounting, legal and engineering businesses
82.08.23 [CA] [NO. A25658: [LUBA] [NO. 82-039: [1000] [MCG] [W] [COMM] [FEST] [PER] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples request review of the LUBA decision to dismiss the appeal of the Wasco Court/Commission decision to grant a permit for the Rajneeshee festival
82.08.24 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] City Council meeting hears report that the process of putting Rajneeshpuram (R) on the official state map and posting road signs is underway; report on the Comprehensive Plan process; draft Plan already sent to 75 cities, agencies and persons; comments coming in and revisions underway to lower housing occupancy density in some areas, increase recreational zoning, decrease agricultural zoning inside Urban Growth Boundary (UGB); CCI members report on water, land, hazards, flora and fauna portions of draft Plan; Community Development Director (CDD) authorized to make arrangements for public hearings on the draft Plan; adoption of Res. No. 82-05 setting terms of office for Budget Committee and defining powers of Finance Officer; adoption of Res. No. 82-06 authorizing the opening of a bank account
82.08.26 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [PLAN] [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couple file another request for a temporary restraining order, this time to enjoin the R City Council from holding public hearings on and adopting a Comprehensive Plan
82.08.27 [A] Catholic Sentinel editorial sympathizes with "old-time" Antelopeans
82.08.27 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] Budget Committee meeting; City Council meeting authorizes CDD to hire a consultant to aid with revisions of the Comprehensive Plan; CCI members report on infrastructure, energy, transportation, population sections of the draft Plan; City Attorney reports on legal questions raised by 1000 Friends related to public hearings on the Plan; Budget Officer reports to Council
82.08.30 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [PLAN] [1000] [MCG] Wasco County Circuit Court denies 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couple's request for an injunction against R public hearings and adoption of Comprensive Plan; 1000 Friends states that after the Comprehensive Plan is adopted, they will seek an injunction against its implementation (RG 8-31; DC 8-31; BB 8-31)
82.08.30 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] [LCDC] [1000] City Council meeting and first public hearing on the R Comprehensive Plan; CCI and CDD report; LCDC Field Representative Brent Lake testifies, noting that: the Plan addresses all of the LCDC goals; the information it contains is very thorough; the R staff and CCI have been doing an excellent job; RNSIC representative comments favorably on the Plan; RFI and RIC representatives read supporting letters into the minutes; 1000 Friends requests the Mayor to step down from the hearings due to an alleged conflict of interest; Mayor does not step down; City Attorney reports on recent suit by 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples to prevent Comprehensive Plan hearings and court decision to allow hearings to proceed; adoption of Res. No. 82-07 allowing R to join the League of Oregon Cities (LOC); Budget Officer reports on progress and final approval budget hearing set for Sept. 20 (DC 8-30; BB 8-31)
82.08.30 [R] A forest fire, which began on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation on August 27 is brought under control with the aid of an eight member Rajneeshee pumper unit; Bureau of Indian Affairs spokesperson commends the Rajneeshees for aiding them, BLM and the Forest Service in combatting the blaze (OJ; SR; DC 8-31; BB 8-31)
82.08.31 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [PLAN] [1000] [MCG] 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couple file a motion for reconsideration of the denial of their requested temporary restraining order against the R City Council
82.08.31 [R] [IMP] By this date, construction of a dam on the ranch had begun; the dam is planned to create a 45 acre reservoir with a 330 million gallon storage capacity (450 ft. wide and 70 ft. deep) for irrigation, erosion control, flood prevention, and to supplement city water supplies; reported that a family business in Prineville is kept afloat by cleaning 7000 sleeping bags which were used for the Rajneeshee festival (BB; CO; O 10-4)
82.09.01 [R] Approximate date of feature article in Oregon Medical Association In Depth magazine on Swami Shunyo, MD, Bhagwan's physician who also practices in Madras, and on the ranch; quotes Bowerman and Devam
82.09.01 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] [1000] [BLM] City Council continues hearings on Comprehensive Plan; Mayor reports on recent visit of 1000 Friends attorney to review reports and 1000 Friends' request to allow their hired hydrogeologist to conduct studies at R; Council declines to request landowners in R to allow studies by the 1000 Friends hydrogeologist; discussion of ordinance to license businesses in R, no action taken; Wasco County Planning Director comments on Plan, especially UGB portion; CDD reads responses to draft Plan received by mail; discussion of further Plan revisions; BLM representative comments favorably on Plan and discusses hunting and fishing provisions; Prineville City Planner compliments Plan (O 10-5)
82.09.02 [LUBA] [NO. 82-052: [R] [W] [COMM] [1000] [MCG] Hearings on 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' appeal of the Wasco Court/Commission's May 26 proclamation of the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram
82.09.02 [R] Baker Democrat-Herald editorial with mixed attitudes
82.09.03 [R] [IMP] Distribtution of 1500 copies of the first issue of The Rajneesh Times weekly newspaper; total of 47 dairy cows; vegetables being harvested and marketed commercially in Portland; 900 acres of winter wheat being harvested and placed in newly constructed grain storage bin; spring red wheat, barley and oats harvested; 1500 additional acres ready for fall planting; two emus from Australia to protect the chickens, guinea fowl, geese, ducks and peacocks against predators (BB 9-2, 9-3, 9-19; DC 9-7; DAA 9-7; SFE 9-8; CBW 9-8; DWR 9-9; CW 9-14)
82.09.03 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] [1000] [DED] [LCDC] City Council meets to continue Comprehensive Plan hearings; 1000 Friends attorney testifies against Plan, asks that all members of the Commune (RNSIC) who serve on the Council step down due to alleged conflict of interest (the 3 of 5 Councilmembers referred to do not step down); asks that the record be held open after hearings for a 1000 Friends hydrological report, to which several reply that the Plan already contains hydrological data; water report presented; CDD reports on urban boundaries section of Plan; City Attorney reports on recent legal cases between 1000 Friends and R related to the Plan and reiterates that the Wasco County Circuit Court is allowing R to proceed with Plan hearings and revisions; R Rural Fire District Chief suggests Development Code changes relating to fire hydrants; State Department of Economic Development (DED) representative makes favorable comment on Plan and suggestions; LCDC Field Representative makes favorable comments on Plan and suggestions; Plan hearings closed and Council work session set for Sept. 7; adoption of Ord. No. 82-06 to license businesses in R
82.09.03 [A] [CNCL] Rajneeshee resident of A appointed to fill vacancy on A City Council until the November regular election (SJ 9-14--Hill quote; RG 9-14— Hill; O 9-14—Hill, 9-15; EO 9-14—Hill; TS 9-14; GCN 9-14)
82.09.06 [R] Bhagwan grants his first audience to a newsperson since coming to R to Kirk Braun (BDH 9-21, 9-28; A 9-28; LGO 9-28)
82.09.07 [A] [CNCL] [ELECT] [DONS] [PER] City Council meets to swear Rajneeshee resident into vacant Council seat; Rajneeshee liquor permit renewal application tabled and construction permit application denied; Rajneeshees accused of having a commercial venture in a residential zone, since all of their laundry is done in one house; three Rajneeshees file for election to the A City Council (Swami Geet Govind, Ma Prem Karuna, present Council appointee, Ma Prem Kavido); there are a total of 9 candidates for all 6 Council seats, which became open for re-election at the same time due to the discovery that the A City Charter provides for two-year Council terms, not the four-year terms which had been the practice for several decades; candidates for Mayor (Don Smith), City Recorder (Ramona Reynolds), Treasurer (Frances Dickson) and Marshal (Brian Willard) are non-Rajneeshee residents and unopposed to date (DWR 9-2; DC 9-3; RG 9-4; BB 9-5; CW 9-7; O 9-7--reports 54 Rajneeshee and 45 non-Rajneeshee registered voters in A; SJ 9-9, 10-5)
82.09.07 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] City Council work session and meeting on the Comprehensive Plan; water issues discussed; it is reported that 20 state agencies had responded to the draft Plan and their suggestions (all minor) had been considered and many adopted; CDD authorized to meet with Wasco County Planner to arrange for the required Growth Management Agreement (none required with Jefferson County, since none of the UGB of R lies within it); discussion and expansion of the Plan section on annexation; Council makes a determination that there is no conflict of interest between Commune membership and City work; final version of Comprehensive Plan presented by CDD; Council formally adopts Comprehensive Plan and Development Code for its implementation (Ord. No. 82-07 and No. 82-08); adoption of R Public Facilities Plan (Ord. No. 82-09); appointment of R Mayor as Hearings Officer for the process; adoption of Res. 82-08 describing fees for land use applications and reviews of final decisions; adoption of Res. 82-09 describing fees for specified businesses in R; the Plan allows for a population of 3719 by the year 2002, sets aside 436 acres for residential use, 116 for commercial facilities, 131 acres for industrial purposes, 81 acres for agriculture and recreation, 1037 acres for open space; with the adoption of the Plan, the R City Council replaces the Wasco Court/Commission as the ruling body on land use decisions for the 2135 incorporated acres; Land Division Ordinance hearing set for Sept. 10; Budget hearing set for Sept. 20 (BB 9-10; RG 9-22)
82.09.07 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [1000] [MCG] [R] [PLAN] Wasco Circuit Court denies request of 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couple for reconsideration of the denial of their motion for a temporary restraining order to prevent the R City Council from exercising zoning authority
82.09.10 [R] [CNCL] Land Division Ordinance hearing
82.09.10 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [1000] [MCG] [R] [PLAN] 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couple make a third request for a temporary restraining order to prevent the R City Council from exercising zoning authority
82.09.10 [W] [COMM] [PLAN] [RIC] RIC requests a one month postponement of hearings/action by the Wasco Court/Commission on their request for the redesignation/rezoning of 485 acres for a Rural Service Center/Planned Unit Development; Wasco Court/Commission cancels scheduled hearing on the proposal (O; BB)
82.09.11 [R] [BUS] It is reported that the Rajneeshees are considering opening a floating hotel-restaurant complex near Portland on the Columbia River (O; RG 9-12; CW 9-14; LN 9-15; JC 9-16; C 9-20, 9-23)
82.09.12 [R] [W] It is reported that the Wasco County DA will not press charges against Bhagwan in the July 2 incident involving Trisha Ryckman but may bring 3 or 4 charges against two security guards; Ryckman says she will file a civil suit against Bhagwan in the matter (MMT 9-12)
82.09.14 [A] It is reported that 30 longer term residents and 60 Rajneeshees now populate Antelope
82.09.14 [R] Date of completion of the third hydrological report commissioned by the Rajneeshees
82.09.16 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [1000] [MCG] [R] [PLAN] [CA] [NO. A24016: Wasco Circuit Court grants a summary judgement in favor of the Rajneeshees and Rajneeshpuram, dismissing 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' request for an injunction to prevent the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan and their request for a temporary restraining order to prevent the R City Council from exercising zoning authority; Court states that R is within the law in establishing a City Council, adopting a Comprehensive Plan, implementing the Plan, that the decision on incorporation is best left to the CA in the pending case; Court rejects 1000 Friends and ranch couples' arguments that they will be financially damaged because after adoption of the Plan, each permit issued by the R City Council will have to be challenged separately, saying that such expenses do not outweigh the right of R to proceed (0 9-17)
82.09.17 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17381: [A] [BOW] [CCC] [RIC] RIC and Bowerman report an agreement settling the Antelope trailer park sale and equity dispute; Bowerman agrees to: convey title to property to RIC; do nothing directly or indirectly to interfere with the use of Rajneeshee-owned property in A; to dismiss his counterclaim and third-party claim; RIC agrees to: pay Bowerman for his equity in the property; assume payments to the seller; allow the present tenant to reside on the property or provide him with other non-Rajneeshee-owned accommodations in A for up to one year; settle the lawsuit (GT 9-28; DC 9-28; RG 9-28; BB 9-28)
82.09.17 [R] [IMP] The Rajneesh Times reports the dispute settlement above, stating that in the spirit of the agreement, Bowerman, the President of the CCC would dissolve the organization and would also withdraw support from 1000 Friends in their opposition to Rajneeshpuram; the 50 acre truck farm has produced S30,000 worth of vegetables and supplies R residents with 80% of their needs; a boutique is opened in R's commercial sector
82.09.19 [R] Bhagwan grants his first real interview to a local reporter, Steve Graham (RG 11-26; SJ 11-26)
82.09.20 [R] [CNCL] City Council meeting and hearings on fiscal 1982-83 City Budget; adoption of Ord. No. 82-09 regarding Land Division; adoption of Res. No. 82-10 establishing Council meetings on the second Wednesday of each month; discussion of a possible police force; public hearing on minor revisions to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Code; hearings continued to Sept. 24; unanimous adoption of Res. No. 82-11 requiring jokes to be told, which reads, in part, "Whereas the City of Rajneeshpuram recognizes that... meetings of city councils... have been dull, boring and conducive to unconsciousness; that such seriousness leads to indigestion, ulcers, cardiac conditions, mental rigidity and exaggerated self-importance among senior city officials; that jokes afford an opportunity for men and women to see and laugh at their own stupidities...and social conditioning of all kinds...(the Council resolves that) least one member of the City Council shall be required to tell a joke immediately after the roll call...(and before adjournment and during public commentary)...any citizen who wishes to tell a joke may do so...(and further) jokes shall be told more than once."; adoption of Res. No. 82- 12 recognizing the need for a retail sales outlet for the sale of distilled spirits in R; it is reported that approximately 350 to 400 visitors tour the ranch each week (SJ 9-25; O 9-25; RG 9-28; 10 9-28; PR 9-28; HN 9-30; GO 10-2; LCL 10-6; EP 10-6; NT 10-6; J 10-7)
82.09.21 [R] [IMP] It is reported that a bid for the operation of a contract station post office in R will go out on Sept. 29; 1300 acres in current agricultural production, with a total of 3500 acres as the production goal (RG; DC; O 9-24)
82.09.23 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17381: [A] [BOW] [CCC] [RIC] The agreement between all parties involved in the Antelope trailer park sale and equity dispute is signed and enters into force
82.09.23 [LUBA] [NO. 82-044: [1000] [MCG] [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] Hearing on 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' petition for review of the DEQ decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival-related permit for sanitary facilities; Rajneeshees present arguments on their motion to dismiss for mootness, since the festival is long over
82.09.24 [R] Oregonian feature article on education at the ranch
82.09.24 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] City Council meeting and adoption of Res. No. 82-13 to establish a Public Safety Department; adoption of Res. No 82-14 establishing the city budget; Public Safety Commissioner appointed; Budget Officer reports; adoption of Ord. No. 82-10 allowing CDD to establish fees for certain businesses and of Res. No. 82-15 providing for land division fees; Mayor authorized to sign water use agreement between R, RNSIC, RIC and R Rural Fire Protection District; continued public hearings on Comprehensive Plan; adoption of Ord. No. 82-11 accepting revisions in Comprehensive Plan and Development Code
82.09.27 [R] Coyote News, Warm Springs Indian Reservation, prints favorable feature article on the ranch
82.09.28 [W] [WCCC] [NO. 17381: [A] [BOW] [CCC] [RIC] Wasco Circuit Court signs Final Stipulation and Order in Antelope trailer park dispute; case dismissed due to mutual agreement
82.09.28 [BOW] [CCC] It is reported that the President of the CCC, Bill Bowerman, will not withdraw his support for the organization or cause it to dissolve and that he has not withdrawn his support from 1000 Friends in their opposition to Rajneeshpuram (RG; BB; DC; GT; CW 10-5)
82.09.28 [1000] [PLAN] [LUBA] 1000 Friends writes letter to nearby ranchers suggesting the following, that: they not challenge individual land use decisions made by the R City Council; they appeal the R Comprehensive Plan and Development Code to LUBA, seeking a "stay" of decision; and the name of 1000 Friends be removed from the caption in the appeal
82.09.29 [R] [CNCL] Special City Council meeting which authorizes Mayor to hire a full time clerk/typist; Council approves the hiring of two Public Safety Officers at standard rates
82.09.30 [R] It is reported that hunting and fishing will not be allowed on the ranch
82.10.01 [R] [IMP] [J] [PLAN] [DCOM] [DED] [WCEC] [BLM] Contract for post office awarded to RNSIC, the only bidder, for S9,750 annually; two former Jefferson County Deputy Sheriffs have begun work as R's Public Safety Officers (they are Harry Hawkins and Marvin Pattenaude, who had patrolled the ranch during festival time and have been a team for over 4 years); construction of a 10 megawatt electrical substation to cost $1 million has begun and additional power lines have been strung; plans are revealed for installing 2 computers in the 2.2 acre greenhouse to control 4 temperature zones and a heat retention system, at a cost of $1 million; festival platforms are in the process of being recycled into A frame housing units; plans to begin construction of an 8000 sq. ft. school on the Jefferson County portion of the ranch which would have a 2000 sq. ft. gym, a soccer field, 2 stories of 3000 sq. ft. each for classrooms; by this date, the Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Land Use Plan had been submitted to agencies for comment; responses were as follows: Department of Commerce, Housing Division—"First, we would like to commend the City on its very thorough and innovative plan. The extensive inventories and site analyses are especially impressive, as are the City's plans for orderly, phased development. The overall quality demonstrates a considerable effort on the part of the City and its planning staff. The speed with which Oregon's newest city has prepared its comprehensive plan could serve as an example for other jurisdictions."; Water Resources Department --"Your recently established and proposed monitoring program is excellent."; Department of Human Resources, Health Division--"We found that the comprehensive report presented a reasonable and well-thought-out approach to the water supply problem and we feel that the concepts, goals and policies set forth in the report will form a sound basis for future planning."; Department of Economic Development--"Your proposed investment in Rajneeshpuram during the next five years will certainly have a very beneficial economic impact on the State of Oregon."; Wasco Electric Cooperative --"I note that care has been taken to enhance and protect the farm ground in the planning of your city."; US Department of Housing and Urban Development--"As a planner and environmental officer, I was impressed with your analyses of the results of the 'mining mentality' and your plans to restore the area and prevent desertification. Your awareness of the interrelationship between natural factors and human activities is reflected in your analyses and plans."; US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management--"...well written and thorough documents...We found these documents to be very informative and hope to utilize some of the data from the research and analysis portion in our future land use plans which will be completed by the end of 1984."; Department of Energy--"I was delighted to see that the entire Energy Section had been rewritten and our energy action recommendations were incorporated during the revision process. I commend your staff's abilities to utilize our recommendations so rapidly..."; US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation—"The reports appear to be thorough and complete."; US Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service--"These documents are well written and demonstrate a recognition of the needs of the area's fish and wildlife resources."; Department of Transportation, Highway Division--"I find the plan in good order and feel that your community has done a good job with preparation of this document." (BB 10-1, 10-3; O 10-4; DC 10-4; SJ 10-5; CW 10-5; DWR 10-7; WST 10-10)
82.10.01 [S] [R] [A] [ELECT] [DIS] R City Attorney participates in a panel presentation to the Oregon State Bar Association Convention in Eugene to discuss legal issues raised by the A disincorporation and the R incorporation elections
82.10.05 [LUBA] [NO. 82-085 and 82-086: [1000] [MCG] [R] [PLAN] 3 nearby ranch couples, with the aid of 1000 Friends, file a petition for review of the adoption of the Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan (No. 82- 085) and a petition for the review of the R City Ordinance No. 82-08 adopting a Development Code and declaring an emergency (No. 82-086); the two cases are consolidated
82.10.05 [A] [CNCL] [PER] [DONS] City Council, by a vote of 5 to 1, refuses to allow the Rajneeshees to hang a new banner on Zorba the Buddha Cafe to replace the one stolen, saying that they would have to hire police to protect it and that it is a religious banner; the City Council is advised that a court would overturn their decision; the Rajneeshees offer to loan their two non-Rajneeshee Public Safety Officers to A; offer rejected; liquor permit application by Rajneeshees denied; two Rajneeshee building improvement permit applications granted "under protest"; Rajneeshee trailer permit renewed for six months; Don Smith, candidate for Mayor, shows open hostiltiy towards the Rajneeshees (DC 10-29)
82.10.06 [R] [1000] R Mayor publicly charges that 1000 Friends are deliberately asking that their name be kept out of litigation from this point on, while they continue to provide legal advice and financial backing to those opposing Rajneeshpuram
82.10.06 [J] [S] Approximately 170 attend presentation at the Madras Kiwanis Club by Rajneeshees (Sheela and Jay) (O 10-8)
82.10.08 [R] [IMP] Forest reclamation and road project begun; concrete batch plant in operation; 450 twenty-year old trees being planted; trainee and junior Public Safety Officers sworn in
82.10.11 [R] [IMP] Post office opens with an ex-postal service worker with 10 years of experience in charge (Ma Prem Archan is also a City Councilmember); she is an employee of RNSIC, sole bidder for the post office operation (BB 10-1; EO 10-16; SJ 10-18; SW 10-23)
82.10.12 [R] A group of senior citizens from Lexington and Ione visit the ranch
82.10.13 [R] Redmond Spokesman runs first of two Braun articles on meeting with Bhagwan; first of three articles in the San Francisco Examiner, this one focussing on the religion of Rajneeshism and on sannyasins
82.10.13 [LUBA] [NO. 82-052: [1000] [MCG] [R] [W] [COMM] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' appeal of the Wasco Court/Commission proclamation of the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram on May 26 is dismissed
82.10.13 [R] [CNCL] [PLAN] [ELECT] [LCDC] [RNSIC] [UGB] [LOC] [PER] City Council meets to vote unanimous support for Land Use Planning Law and opposition to Ballot Measure 6 (which would abolish LCDC) in the November election; Resolution No. 82-16 reads as follows: "Whereas, the City Council of Rajneeshpuram recognizes that the 19 Statewide Planning Goals established by the Land Conservation and Development Commission have contributed to the preservation of Oregon's natural beauty, open spaces, scenic splendor, wildlife and agriculture; and Whereas, the City Council of Rajneeshpuram further recognizes that the original intention of those who drew up the land use program was honorable and well-meaning; and Whereas,...also recognizes that land use laws protect the State from people whose unloving attitudes towards nature and whose unawareness of man's dependence on an ecologically balanced environment would result in indisscriminate development; and Notwithstanding the fact that these land use laws have been corrupted and abused by narrow-minded special-interest groups such as the self-appointed watchdog organization which has been barking continuously at the City of Rajneeshpuram for the past year; and Notwithstanding the discouragement to jobs, industry, enterprise and investment that has been inflicted on Oregon by the rigid interpretations of land use laws; and Notwithstanding the intimidation to which local planners have been subjected by the 'litigation-happy' attitudes of a certain watchdog group; and Notwithstanding the widespread hardship to individuals in Oregon that has been caused by inflexible planning attitudes; and Notwithstanding the fact that the City of Rajneeshpuram, acting in a spirit of harmony with nature and a deep understanding of man's connection with existence, would in any case continue to develop in complete accordance with the LCDC's Goals, whether they existed or not; Be It Resolved by the City of Rajneeshpuram that: 'The City Council of Rajneeshpuram opposes Ballot Measure Six in the November 2, 1982 election and thereby demonstrates its support for land use planning.'"; the Mayor reports that three Public Safety Officers have been hired and sworn in; RNSIC request for 3 separate liquor licenses is approved; report on and approval of an Urban Growth Boundary Management Agreement with Wasco County; adoption of Res. No. 82-17 ratifying all actions taken at Special Meetings of the City Council; Council nominates Mayor to be on the LOC Executive Committee; CDD authorized to investigate the issue of municipal bonds for public utilities, to hire a bond consultant, to write the Wasco County Planner with regard to a conditional use permit for airplane hangar extensions; adoption of Res. No. 82-18 to apply for a Housing and Urban Development grant to surface County Road #305; discussion of a dog control ordinance (BB 10-18; DC 10-18; DWR 10-21)
82.10.14 [R] [DEQ] [PER] RNSIC applies for a state permit from the DEQ to construct and operate a permanent sewer system; DEQ announces that comments on the proposed project are due by November 10 (BB; RG; O 10-15)
82.10.14 [R] [1000] [CCC] Second in San Francisco Examiner three part series focusses on ranch life of 540 residents; reports that 1000 Friends has vowed to fight the Rajneeshpuram incorporation all the way to the US Supreme Court; quotes CCC members
82.10.14 [P] [INS] Bhagwan travels to Portland for a two and one-half hour interview by INS Chief Examiner George Hunter; Bhagwan is greeted by music, flowers, a red carpet and 30 to 40 sannyasins; the interview is to seek information related to an application for third preference status (members of professions and those highly skilled in science and the arts); this is a preliminary step to permanent residency status as a religious leader and teacher; INS decision to be made within 30 to 60 days; Bhagwan's visitor visa expired in June, but stay extended while INS decision is Bending (RG 10-14; BB 10-14, 10-15; O 10-14, 10-15; EO 10-15; SJ 10-15; DC 10-15)
82.10.15 [R] [IMP] [HD] [PER] [RIC] [RNSIC] [RFI] 43 senior citizens from Eastern Oregon who recently visited R report the following in the Pendleton Record, there are: 54 school busses in the R transit system; no drugs or firearms allowed on the ranch; 450 residents, whose ages range from 13 months to 73 years; an administration building under construction; 97 beehives; 2800 hens; a butter and cottage cheese-making operation; 2 ambulances, a helicopter and a gas station at the airport; it is reported that a new phone cable capable of carrying 600 simultaneous calls is being laid; 35 lines are expected to be available by January and a total of 565 lines in future; presently, the ranch has only 5 lines; work is being done by Trans-Cascades Telephone Company; it is reported that the Oregon Health Division of the Department of Human Resources has issued a permit for a community water system, so that the ranch may have a centralized system as opposed to using small individual wells, as at present; third in San Francisco Examiner series reports that the Rajneeshee corporate structure consists of the following: Rajneesh Investment Corporation (RIC, privately held, profit-making corporation which owns the ranch and other US real estate) with total assets of S25 million and income/donations for FY 1981-82 unknown; Rajneesh Neo-Sannyas International Commune (RNSIC, privately held, profit-making corporation which leases the ranch from RIC) with total assets of $5 million and income/donations in FY 1981-82 of $9 million; Rajneesh Foundation International (tax- exempt religious entity which markets books, tapes, meditation and therapy sessions) with total assets of $15 million and income/donations in FY 1981-82 of $16 million; 550 Rajneesh Meditation Centers worldwide (separately-owned, tax-exempt corporate entities which are free to donate funds to the other corporations); Rajneesh Services International, London (financial planning service which coordinates the activities of the above); $30 million invested in the ranch to date; the Examiner series by Don Lattin is reprinted in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on October 19, 20, 21
82.10.17 [A] [ELECT] [DONS] Rajneeshees sponsor candidates fair for all 13 candidates for office in Antelope, 3 of whom are Rajneeshees; non-Rajneeshee candidates for City Council posts are Philip T. Hill, Al Kuhlman, Vergil D. Steinmetz, John Silvertooth-Stewart; only two non-Rajneeshee candidates (Stewart and Don Smith) and no other non-Rajneeshee residents of A attend; forum ends abruptly when the approximately 28 Rajneeshees and 2 others rush to fight a fire in an abandoned stage coach depot in nearby Shaniko; Rajneeshees later say they are upset by the attitude of the only candidate for A Mayor and that they may run a write-in candidate for the office (DWR 10-7; SJ 10-17, 10-18; RG 10-17, 10-18; O 10-21--background material)
82.10.18 [R] [1000] It is reported that a recently compiled chronology of Rajneeshee dealings with 1000 Friends contains 74 items, many concerning litigation
82.10.19 [J] [S] Sheela speaks to the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce in Madras (MP 10-15)
82.10.20 [S] A panel of Rajneeshees (KD, Isabel, Niren, moderated by Bob Davis) speaks to a crowd of 300 at Western Oregon State College in Monmouth; one fact mentioned is that among the 275 adult permanent residents there are 315 academic degrees (LAM 10-14; S-E 10-20; SJ 10-20, 10-21; O 10-22; WUC 11-11)
82.10.21 [R] [IMP] [BUS] It is reported that the Rajneeshees have decided to open Zorba the Buddha bakeries in Portland, Bend and The Dalles and that they have invested $32 million total to date (RG; DWR; O 10-21; BB 10-24, 10-25)
82.10.21 [LASC] [NO.  : [RFI] [RNSIC] [MCG] It is reported that a Los Angeles, California Superior Court Judge (Bruce Geernaert) has dismissed the $2 million defamation suit filed on July 23 by Sheela, RFI and RNSIC against Rosemary McGreer for remarks she made on the June 24 Merv Griffin TV program, on the ground that the California Court is an inconvenient forum for the case, which would be more properly heard in Oregon (O 10-21; 10-22)
82.10.21 [A] [BOW] [CCC] [DQSMITH] [DONS] First of a two-day, two-part series, "The Selling of Antelope" in the University of Oregon's Oregon Daily Emerald; negative quotes by Bowerman, Donna Smith, Don Smith, and quotes KD
82.10.21 [W] [COMM] [ELECT] [CANT] The Dalles Weekly Reminder endorses Rick Cantrell for Wasco County Court/Com- mission
82.10.21 [W] [ESD] [R] [SCHL] It is reported that the Rajneeshees have requested a discussion between the Wasco County Educational Service District (ESD) and the Antelope School District in a letter dated October 20; the purpose of the discussion is to explore the establishment of a public school district at the ranch to serve Rajneeshee children and to take advantage of tax dollars currently contributed by the ranch to the Antelope school from which ranch children do not benefit (DC)
82.10.21 [LUBA] [NO. 82-044: [1000] [MCG] [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] Further hearings on 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' petition for review of the DEQ decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival related permit for sanitary facilities
82.10.22 [R] [IMP] 1000 acres planted with an experimental winter crop of legumes; 500 acres planted with barley; kiln being constructed to make pottery from clay found on the ranch
82.10.24 [P] [PLAN] [1000] "Town Hall" television program on Channel 2 deals with Land Use Planning and Ballot Measure Six; R Mayor attends, but does not speak; two representatives of 1000 Friends speak
82.10.27 [A] [ELECT] A special election supplement to The Dalles Chronicle and Columbia Week prints background on 3 Rajneeshee and one non-Rajneeshee candidates for A City Council who have responded to requests for in- formation; reports that the A City Recorder and Treasurer are not seeking re-election, but it is too late to remove their names from the ballot
82.10.27 [CA] [NO. A26245: [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [1000] [MCG] [R] [PLAN] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples file a petition for review of the Wasco Circuit Court decision to deny their requests for a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction and permanent injunction barring establishment and operation of Rajneeshpuram and its City Council
82.10.28 [R] [IMP] It is reported that Bhagwan has 21 Rolls Royce cars at a cost of over $150,000 each
82.10.29 [R] [BUS] [IMP] It is reported that the Air Rajneesh Travel Agency has opened; Zorba the Buddha Bakery and Cafe opens in Portland with a media tasting party; it is reported that the Rajneeshees are already marketing baked goods to a restaurant in The Dalles; it is reported that a Rajneeshee cable television program is a finalist for an award in the International Film and Television Festival in New York; 5 to 6 A frames per day are being built out of recycled festival tent platforms and will serve as 2 person housing units to accommodate temporary workers now living in tencs; 60 have been constructed and sited to date (EO 10-30; TCH 10-30; CTJ 11-4)
82.10.29 [A] [ELECT] [CNCL] [DONS] It is announced that the Rajneeshee currently serving on the A City Council (Karuna) will launch a write-in campaign for A Mayor instead of continuing to campaign for her Council seat; it is reported that the A City Recorder has deleted the name of a longer-term A resident (Brian Willard) as an uncontested candidate for Town Marshal, unbeknownst to him; it is reported that A currently has 120 residents (EO; RG; O; DC; BB--Don Smith quotes)
82.10.31 [A] [DIS] [ELECT] [R] CBS "60 Minutes" television news program airs segment on A and R filmed largely in April at the time of the A disincorporation election (DC 10-29; BB 10-29; LNP 10-28; RG 11-5)
82.10.31 [MCCC] [NO.  : [RFI] [RNSIC] [MCG] Rajneeshees file defamation suit in Multnomah County Circuit Court against Rosemary McGreer for statements -on June 24 Merv Griffin program; suit seeks $1 million in compensatory $1 million in punitive damages and has been altered only slightly from the LASC suit in order to conform to Oregon law (RG; O)
82.10.31 [R] [IMP] It is reported that the R Public Safety Officers have new burgundy uniforms; there is a three truck garbage operation at the ranch; a permanent population of 400 and 400 additional temporary population
82.11.01 [R] Approximate date of The Movement (CA) feature on the festival and Transformation Times, Portland, feature on the ranch
82.11.01 [A] Schenectady, NY, Gazette does feature article on hometown woman, Ma Prem Karuna, who is running for Mayor of Antelope
82.11.01 [CA] [NO. A26245: [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [NO. 17317: [1000] [MCG] [R] Rajneeshees file a cross-appeal in the matter of the Wasco Circuit Court's denial of injunctions against Rajneeshpuram and its City Council, alleging that the Circuit Court erred in failing to rule specifically in No. 17487 that 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' claims were barred by the final order allowing the incorporation election in No. 17317
82.11.02 [CA] [NO. 25117: [WCCC] [NO. 17372: [1000] [MCG] [FEST] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' petition for review of the Wasco Circuit Court dismissal of their request for a writ of mandamus and injunction against the Rajneeshee festival is dismissed on the ground that the appealed Circuit Court decision was not a "final order" in the matter
82.11.02 [R] [ELECT] [GOV] [CANT] [COMI] [DONS] [SMITH] [FAW] [HULSE] [LCDC] [PROFF] [WILLIS] Election Day; 184 registered Republicans, 132 registered Democrats, 19 registered Independents at the ranch; City Charter passes by 320 to 0; 333 to 2 to 0 against the incumbent Governor, Vic Atiyeh (R) and for his opponent, Ted Kulongoski (D) (this result was originally misreported); 335 to 1 for Bob Smith (R) for Congress, District 2, over Larryann Willis (D); 333 to 1 to 0 for the incumbent Labor Commissioner, Mary "Wendy" Roberts (D) and against Mike Wooten (R); 322 to 0 against the incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction, Verne Duncan, and for opponent, Bill Kendrick; 328 to 0 against District 56 State Representative Wayne Fawbush (D) from Hood River and for Rita Swyers (R); 331 to 2 to 0 for the Republican Wasco County Assessor; 330 to 1 for Bill Hulse, Republican for Wasco County Judge/Com- missioner and against Jim Comini (D); 336 to 0 for Rick Cantrell, Republican Wasco County Commissioner (currently Judge/Commissioner); 331 for unopposed Wasco County Clerk, Sue Proffit; 333 and 332 for unopposed Wasco County Surveyor and Treasurer; 327 to 9 against the self-service gasoline measure; 335 to 1 against the time extension for a governor to sign bills into law; 334 to 2 against the property tax limitation measure; 333 to 0 in favor of the nuclear freeze measure; 329 to 5 in favor of measure to abolish LCDC (BB 11-2—Don Smith quotes; 11-3, 11-8; DC 11-3, 11-10; TNT 11-3; DWR 11-4; LAT 11-5; O 11-9; HRN 11-10; ADH 11-10; RG 11-20)
82.11.02 [A] [ELECT] [DONS] [SCHL] Election Day; 105 registered voters in A; by this time, a Rajneeshee (Wendy Pushman) had launched a write-in campaign to fill the Council seat currently held by the Rajneeshee running as a write-in candidate for Mayor; the A Mayor votes in Council meetings only in case of a tie; Ma Prem Karuna becomes Mayor by a vote of 69 to 27 over Don Smith; 3 Rajneeshee write-in candidates elected to the six City Council seats with 70 votes (Swami Geet Govind), 69 votes (Wendy Pushman) and 72 votes (Ma Prem Kavido); Rajneeshee (David Weggenhorn, Swami Anand Rama) elected as write-in candidate for Town Marshal by 62 to 13; Rajneeshee (Diane Langhof, Ma Prem Sagun) write-in candidate for City Recorder elected by 68 to 25; Rajneeshee (Jan Wilson) elected as write-in candidate for City Treasurer by 68 to 25; 3 non-Rajneeshees elected to City Council by 96 votes (John Silvertooth-Stewart), 89 votes (Leo Butcher) and 69 votes (Vern Mobley), the two latter being write-in candidates and Mobley being the father of the former A City Attorney; Rajneeshees in R and in A vote overwhelmingly against the $80,000 levy for the Antelope School District (Wasco 50J), saying that it is not fair that the ranch property should provide 40% of the funds for a school district which does not serve its children (EO 11-3--"Guru followers take over town"; DC 11-3; RG 11-3, 11-4, 11-10; BB 11-4, 11-10; O 11-4; DWR 11-4)
82.11.03 [W] [COMM] [PLAN] [R] [UGB] Wasco County Court/Commission adopts the Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan, including an Urban Growth Boundary Management Agreement with the County
82.11.03 [A] [ELECT] Rajneeshees hold a post-election party
82.11.04 [A] [ELECT] Schenectady, NY, Gazette does feature on Karuna winning the mayoral race; Vern Mobley states surprise at being elected and that he will not serve, because at 70 he feels he is too old (BB; DC; O; RG)
82.11.05 [R] [IMP] [CCI] [PLAN] [BUS] A cable television program produced by the Rajneeshees wins a bronze award at the 25th Annual International Film and Television Festival in New York; Rajneeshpuram's Citizen Involvement Program for land use planning is presented to the State Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee; the Committee will recommend to LCDC that the program be accepted subject to two conditions: that the Citizen Involvement Committee of Rajneeshpuram continue to involve citizens from outside of R in land use issues and that the court battle over the status of the incorporation of R is resolved; it is reported that the Rajneeshees spent a total of $2,623,400 in the month of October, the highest monthly expenditure since their arrival in July, 1981; distribution of expenditures was as follows: 43% for construction; 21% for the purchase, leasing, maintenance of equipment; 18% for farming, living and food; 9% on vehicle operation; 9% on utilities and other; geographical location of expenditures was as follows: $838,500 in Portland; $162,400 in Madras; $156,900 in Bend; $110,500 in Redmond; $84,600 in The Dalles; S82,500 in Eugene; total of $1,677,500 in Oregon; $169,400 in Washington; $247,900 in California; $528,600 in other states; total expenditures to date S35 million; it is reported that the next phase of building at the ranch will include a hotel/recreation/convention center complex, an adult education center, a hospice to care for the terminally ill; the 100th A frame is completed, with production at 7 per day; they will be used to house visitors to the ranch who participate in meditation and inner growth programs as well as for permanent and temporary residents; A frames may eventually be sold commercially; it is reported that the population at the ranch is expected to reach 600 to 700 by the end of the year; heavy rains cause hard work to save the dam project, which when completed will have used 243,000 cubic feet of compacted earth; it is reported that R spends $3000 on postage per week; The Rajneesh Times replies to the "60 Minutes" television segment, calling it a "hatchet job", accusing it of omitting positive aspects of Rajneeshpuram and Rajneeshism, and of having a negative impact on public opinion of the Rajneeshees (WW 11-2 to 8; IA 11-5; DC 11-10; BB 11-17, 11-24; EO 11-16—reprint of The Rajneesh Times editorial, ll-19--defense of reprinting the editorial)
82.11.08 [R] [IMP] 550 residents; 100 visitors per day; dam to create 330,000,000 gallon reservoir expected to be completed by the end of the month (DC 11-9)
82.11.08 [S] Rajneeshee speakers (Sheela and Swami Anand Devalaya) at Forum in Beaverton state that there are 350,000 sannyasins worldwide, with 300 new ones added each day and 550 separate communal centers; 80% of the ranch residents are reported to be US citizens and 20% legal aliens (A 11-9)
82.11.08 [CA] [NO. A26245: [WCCC] [NO. 17487: [R] [1000] [MCG] [PLAN] City of Rajneeshpuram files a cross-appeal in the matter of the Wasco Circuit Court's denial of injunctions against the City and its City Council
82.11.08 [LOC] [DLCD] [LCDC] [PLAN] [R] Rajneeshpuram Mayor attends the LOC Annual Convention in Eugene, runs for a position on the Board of Directors of the LOC, which R joined in August, but is not elected; R Mayor presents the Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan to Jim Ross, the Director the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD, which serves as staff to LCDC); the three volume, 663 page Plan provides for the following: a university; hotels; a hospital; an economic base of tourism and education; 20% of the land to be devoted to residences; 10% to community services; 7% to recreation; 7% to commercial businesses; 6% to industry; the other 50% of the city's land is unbuildable; DLCD is expected to do a staff review of the Plan in December and LCDC to consider it in March (DC 11-6, 11-9, 11-10; RG 11-9; SJ 11-10, 11-15; O 11-10; AR 12-?)
82.11.09 [A] [CNCL] [HILL] City Council meeting is televised; an ordinance passes on first reading, including an emergency clause, which reads in part as follows: "...existing residents (of the town will not be charged for) capital improvements, public services or key facilities (added by the Rajneeshees)"; the Council states that the ordinance is designed to implement a portion of the mediated agreement between Antelopeans and Rajneeshees and that there is an urgency to pass it, as Wil Carey, the City Attorney, puts it, "before the Rajneesh take over the council"; a second reading of the ordinance is scheduled for an emergency Council meeting on November 24; the A City Treasurer reports an income of $648, expenditures of $763 and a bank balance of $704; the A Mayor and Council lodge several complaints against the Rajneeshees, that: they had left the town fire truck's ignition on and pump running after the Shaniko fire; they had failed to pay their water bill, which is $120 a month, payable in advance, and $240 in arrears; heavy trucks hauling equipment to the ranch had broken the water main for the fourth time; and an unauthorized water pipe is attached to a Rajneeshee trailer (it was later found in fact to be a telephone cable) (O 11-14)
82.11.09 [SS] [ELECT] [A] [DIS] As a result of events during the A disincorporation election, the Oregon Secretary of State says she asks and the Legislature's Interim Task Force on Election Law Revision agrees to introduce a bill in the 1983 Session which would cut off registration 20 days before each election (instead of allowing registration and voting up to the time that polls close, as is presently the case) (A 11-4; MMT 11-10)
82.11.09 The movie "Ashram" shows in Kansas City, MO (KCS)
82.11.10 [P] [MCDC] [NO.  : [RNSIC] It is reported that a Portland firm, City Liquidators, has filed a case in Multnomah County District Court (MCDC) against RNSIC for failure to pay bills totalling $1,246.50 for office furniture and supplies purchased between June 29 and Sept. 22 and 9% interest from Sept. 22 to date of payment; it is also reported that Parr Lumber Co. is owed $24,000 by RNSIC but they are not worried and have done $250,000 worth of business with the ranch during the last nine months; RNSIC spokesperson responds that they deal with 1000 different vendors, the bill may have been overlooked, they intend to pay, and the suit may be an attempt to discredit them (BB 11-10, 11-21; RG 11-10; DC 11-10; SJ 11-11; O 11-12)
82.11.10 [R] [CNCL] [LCDC] [UGB] [PLAN] [CCI] [1000] City Council meets to adopt Res. No. 82-19 on criminal justice, which reads in part as follows: "...commission of crime diminishes man and imprisonment diminishes him further...The herding of people into jails has created criminal universities where offenders learn to become more inhuman and how to commit more crime...(as an alternative to jail, the Council proposes) to create an environment in which compassionate and loving help is provided to alter the circumstances which nurture criminal activity ...The city will participate in the existing state and federal legal systems, recognizing that until people behave more intelligently and with more awareness, such systems will be maintained in our society...(The Council resolves) to educate its citizens through its institutions, its laws and resolutions and its own example so that each person feels a genuine responsibility for himself and for the council as a whole and understands that crime provokes a cycle of reaction--more laws, more police, more security measures, more fear--which diminishes the quality of life for everyone."; the R Budget Officer reports an income of $22,000, expenses of $14,400 and bank balance of $7,595.15; Ord. No. 82-12 adopted to grant a franchise to the TransCascade Telephone Company, which has promised to install 39 telephone lines by the end of December; Mayor reports explaining R citizens' frustrations with LCDC's connection with 1000 Friends; Mayor announces unanimous voter adoption of the City Charter; discussion of establishment of a City Building Department; CDD reports on Wasco County signing of the Urban Growth Boundary Management Agreement with R, the presentation of the R Commprehensive Plan to the Director of DLCD, the acceptance of the Citizens' Involvement Program for recommendation to LCDC by the State Citizens' Advisory Board, explains the LCDC acknowledgement review process; City Attorney reports on 1000 Friends litigation against R in LUBA and CA arenas; adoption of Res. No. 82-20 authorizing the purchase of federal surplus property (DC 11-11; BB 11-11; O 11-12, 11-14)
82.11.11 [A] [W] [PUR] [RFI] [RIC] [RNSIC] [WCEC] [CRMC] [BOW] It is reported to be only a rumor that the Rajneeshees have purchased the Commodore Hotel in The Dalles; the most recent transaction shown in Wasco County records is a land trade between RIC and Janet L. Stewart of approximately 7 and 1/2 lots for about 3 lots and $3200 in Antelope; Stewart also agreed on Sept. 25 to lease a house to RNSIC in A; RIC entered into an agreement with William Bowerman for the trailer court in A on Sept. 27, paying $49,891; other RIC transactions in A and on the ranch include: May 1982 through April 2081— lease a small portion of ground for a substation site from WCEC for $100; May 19--purchase of 3 lots from Kenneth B. McIntosh for $13,500; April 16—purchase of 3 lots and a mobile home from Robert L. Osborne for $25,000; April 9--purchase of 4 lots from Viola Wilson for s25,000; March 8--purchase of about 3 lots from Jessie D. Shay for S13,500; March 3--purchase of 7 lots from William Bennatt for $78,500; Jan. 27--purchase of 4 lots and a mobile home from Arthur L. Hicks for $41,000; Dec. 31, 1981--purchase 7 lots from RFI for $4,400; Dec. 31, 1981--purchase 2 lots, mobile home and accessory building from RFI for $24,054; Dec. 31, of real property of 64,229 acres and 27 mobile homes on the former Big Muddy Ranch for $8,411,390 subject to encumbrances, among which are the following: mortgage to Connecticut General Life Co., executed by North Plains Land and Investment Corp., Inc., securing payment of principle sum of $3.5 milion to be paid semi-annually beginning July 10, 1982; mortgage, executed by CRMC to the North Plains Land and Investment Corp., Inc., securing the sum of $1 million to be paid semi-annually, $85,000 each July and January through Jan. 10, 1987 at 16.25% interest; mortagage to Diamond International Corp., Delaware, for $16,000 (DWR)
82.11.12 [R] IMP 24 solar panels with a surface area of 1000 sq. ft. attached to dining hall to provide hot water; construction begun on hangar for airplanes; bumper crops of squash, potatoes, carrots and beets; 45 senior citizens from Woodburn area visit (WI 11-17, 11-24)
82.11.12 [CA] [NO. A26426: [LUBA] [NO. 82-052: [1000] [MCG] [W] [COMM] [R] [ELECT] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples appeal LUBA's dismissal of their challenge to the Wasco Court/Commission's proclamation of the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram on May 26
82.11.13 [A] Students from Portland Community College tour Antelope area and earn 1 credit in history (PCCB 11-4)
82.11.14 [R] Bhagwan has second meeting with local reporter, Tom Stimmel of the Oregonian, who also does features on A and R printed on this date
82.11.16 [R] [1000] [EFU] [DLCD] [LUBA] [CA] [MCG] Taping of the third in a series of "Town Hall", Channel 2, local television programs, this one at the ranch; Rajneeshees, ranchers, representative of 1000 Friends, but no longer term residents of Antelope, attend; 1000 Friends representative objects that a small farm community is becoming a large city and this will affect area water supplies, as well as stating that establishing a city in an Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) zone violates statewide land use laws; Director of DLCD reminds all that LUBA has ruled that land use laws do not apply to the incorporation of new cities and that the issue is still in the Oregon Court of Appeals; Rosemary McGreer speaks; issues covered include the separation of church and state, the harassment of a Madras Rajneeshee doctor's patients, accusations that visitors to the ranch suffer a "loss of critical thinking", the mediation agreement, elections and taxation in Antelope
82.11.17 [W] [ESD] [R] [SCHL] Wasco County Educational Service District Board meets and agrees to proceed with a study of the possibility of forming a new school district on the ranch (DWR 11-18)
82.11.17 [R] The first official census is conducted at the ranch by the Portland State University Center for Population Research and Census
82.11.18 [CA] [NO. A25658: [LUBA] [NO. 82-039: [1000] [MCG] [W] [COMM] [PER] [FEST] Rajneeshees file a motion to dismiss for mootness in the case of 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' request to review the LUBA decision to dismiss the appeal of the Wasco Court/Commmission decision to grant a permit for the Rajneeshee summer festival
82.11.19 [P] [MCDC] [NO.  : [RNSIC] It is reported that RNSIC had paid the bill of City Liquidators company during the first week in November and prior to their having filed a suit in Multnomah County District Court
82.11.19 [R] [IMP] 14 Rajneeshees begin an 8 month training course to qualify as Reserve Public Safety Officers for the Rajneeshpuram Public Safety Department; Bhagwan has been given the use of a total of 23 Rolls Royce cars by sannyasins as gifts; over 70% of the ranch's waste is being recycled, including glass, engine oil, metal, wood, cardboard, compost; the other 30% is being used in a sanitary landfill project; 700 residents (LOR 11-9; EO 11-10; O 11-20; SJ 11-20; SFC 11-20; BB 11-21, 11-22; RG 11-21; DO 11-27; BDH 12-3; HR 12-4; DAA 12-9; IW 12-10)
82.11.19 [LCDC] [R] [CCI] [PLAN] LCDC approves the citizen participation element of Rajneeshpuram's Comprehensive Plan, praising the city's efforts to involve residents of Wasco and Jefferson Counties in land use decisions (BDH 11-20)
82.11.23 [DEQ] [R] [PER] Director of the DEQ rcommends that the state Environmental Quality Commission allow the Rajneeshees to build their proposed crematorium and grant a permanent variance from air pollution (smoke and soot) rules, subject to revocation only if the crematorium causes a nuisance, which he says is unlikely due to its remote location and the infrequency of probable use (DC 11-24; BB 11-24; O 11-25)
82.11.23 [A] [CNCL] Emergency meeting of the A City Council to pass on second and third readings an Ordinance (No. 37) exempting residents of A as of July 8, 1982 (explicitly excluding Rajneeshees) from paying for any capital improvements made by Rajneeshees in Antelope
82.11.26 [R] [CNCL] [BLDG] [PLAN] City Council meets to approve Res. No. 82-21 empowering R to administer statewide plumbing, mechanical and structural codes; CDD authorized to appoint a city building official; adoption of Res. No. 82-22 authorizing application to state Water Resources Department for a loan for a community water system; CDD authorized to distribute and/or sell the R Comprehensive Plan; it is announced that R is now a member of the Oregon Municipal Finance Officers Association; public hearing on a subdivision plat for the city with 95 lots of 100 by 75 ft. each and on city's application for a federal grant to improve 15.3 miles of county road, including 6.8 miles inside of the city; both proposals approved; Bhagwan has meeting with third local reporter (DC 11-18)
82.11.26 [R] First reporter to meet with Bhagwan, Steve Graham, has article appear in the Escondido, CA Times Advocate on this date and later (11-30) in the San Francisco Examiner
82.11.26 [DEQ] [R] [PER] [1000] It is reported that 1000 Friends has objected to a proposal submitted by the Rajneeshees to the DEQ for a state permit to construct and operate a permanent sewer system, however, the deadline for objections was November 10 and has passed
82.11.26 [R] [IMP] [BUS] [RIC] rip-rap erosion control of creek banks continues; 4000 sq. ft. extension to dining hall completed; plans for a new commercial restaurant and bar in Rajneeshpuram are announced; it is reported that the Rolls Royce cars are owned by RIC and only loaned to Bhagwan for his use
82.11.28 [P] [R] [1000] [MCG] "Town Hall", Channel 2, television program taped at the ranch on November 16 is aired (O 11-27; WW Nov. 30-Dec. 6)
82.11.29 [R] Los Angeles Channel 4 television station begins a special week-long series of reports by Laurel Erickson on the ranch and Bhagwan
82.11.30 [R] [1000] R Mayor invites the Director of 1000 Friends to a debate at R on general issues surrounding the incorporation of the city, to take place on December 6, or any other convenient date before December 25 (DC; DWR 12-2)
82.11.30 [R] [CNCL] [BLDG] Special City Council meeting at which Mayor presents the results of the November 2 election for review and approval; annexation discussion tabled; announcement of appointment of city building official; adoption of Res. No. 82-24 amending Res. No. 82-13 by changing the name of the Public Safety Department to the Peace Force and its officers' titles to "Brother" and "Sister"
82.12.01 [R] Approximate date of feature on R in Fellowship in Prayer magazine; 8 page feature in Pacific Northwest magazine
82.12.02 [BUS] The Ipswich Chronicle reports a Rajneeshee commune which operates four businesses in therapy, cleaning and repair, photography and graphic design
82.12.02 [PUR] Rumors are reported to be rampant that Rajneeshees will purchase Colegio Caesar Chavez in Mt. Angel; 3 weeks before some Rajneeshees did go to the Soy Colony Dairy there to buy equipment at a going-out-of-business sale, but they report no interest in the Colegio property (AT; O 12-11; CS 12-17)
82.12.03 [DEQ] [RNSIC] [R] The Environmental Quality Commission reviews the RNSIC request for a permanent variance from air pollution rules for the proposed crematorium at the ranch; no one testifies against; variance granted with no time limit as long as the facility remains in a remote location and is used only for deceased residents of the ranch; this is one of the very few open-ended variances ever granted bv the Commission (BB 11-28; NR 12-1; DC 12-4)
82.12.03 [R] [IMP] Deprogramming course being offered for those wishing to free themselves from the adverse effects of cult membership, sponsored by the Rajneesh Institute for Therapy and the Rajneesh Institute for Meditation and Inner Growth, which began other programs in September; A frame housing construction project completed; "Quickframe" pre-fab housing construction project begun; chicken farm has begun exotic bird breeding program; plans for 1983 summer festival underway (DC 12-7; BB 12-7; O 12-8; DT 12-8; DWR 12-9; HP 12-12)
82.12.03 [A] [CNCL] Special City Council meeting to verify election results
82.12.06 [S] [R] [1000] [UGB] Rajneeshees hold press conference in Salem, accuse 1000 Friends of prejudice in the application of land use planning laws since they have challenged the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram and not of Keizer (near Salem, incorporated on November 2 by a vote of the residents); R Mayor argues that Keizer had not been required to conform to the planning goals, that the 1000 Friends may be prejudiced against R residents' religion or lifestyle or pursuing "a desire for your organization to get political mileage out of opposing a new and controversial community" and challenges 1000 Friends to prove their impartiality by contesting the incorporation of Keizer; Paul Gerhardt, spokesman for 1000 Friends, replies that Keizer is a different matter because it is not in a rural/ farm/ranch area, there is no danger of drawing down the water table, it already is located within an approved UGB, already designated as urban land and that Rajneeshpuram could become a precedent to subvert laws which were intended to protect agricultural land; Gerhardt calls R Mayor's "accusations of political discrimination and religious prejudice a smokescreen to divert the public's attention from the land-use issue (BB 12-6; RG 12-6, 12-16; O 12-7; SJ 12-7, 12-11,
82.12.12 12; ADH 12-8; KT 12-8)
82.12.06 [R] [1000] [BUS] The debate between the Mayor of R and Director of 1000 Friends does not take place, presumably because 1000 Friends declined or did not respond to R Mayor's invitation; it is reported that on this date the Rajneeshees leased space for a bakery outlet in Keizer (SJ 12-11; KT 12-15)
82.12.07 [W] [ESD] [R] [SCHL] [A] [TAX] [ED] [ELECT] Wasco County ESD Superintendent Fred Krauss announces that he is preparing a study and plan for the creation of a new school district on the ranch in response to a Rajneeshee request made in November; the plan will include boundary proposals and assess the impact of a new district on tax rates, taxable property and educational programs in R and A; A has 13 K through 6th grade students attending in A and 8 Junior and Senior High School students attending school in Madras; R has 40 students; the new district would have to meet state standards and be prohibited from teaching religion in order to qualify for Basic School Support (BSS) funds from the State General Fund, which would have amounted to $40,000 in 1982; a new district would mean that taxes from R would not go to support the school in A ($18,000 of the A budget of $112,000 in 1982); study is to be completed in February; if approved by the ESD and State Board of Education (ED), an election would be held in 1983 and the new district start operations for the 1984-85 school year; A School Board member Mobley says that the A Board favors the formation of a new district at the ranch but would oppose if any taxes from property in A would go to finance the R district (RG; O; BB; BDH 12-17; MP 12-30)
82.12.07 [R] [BUS] It is reported that: the Rajneeshees will open Zorba the Buddha Nightclub and Restaurant in Portland; a month-long celebration in honor of Bhagwan's 51st birthday is beginning; the Second Annual Festival will be held at R from July 2 to 8 (RG; SJ; O 12-8)
82.12.07 [MCCC] [NO.  : [MCG] [RFI] [RNSIC] Rosemary McGreer, ranch representative who appeared on June 24 Merv Griffin program and is being sued for defaming the Rajneeshees files a $15 million counterclaim ($5 million in general damages, $10 million in punitive damages) in Multnomah County Circuit Court; suit alleges defamation, outrageous conduct, abridgement of free expression, "repeatedly branding her as a habitual liar in public" and announces intent to donate any monetary award from the suit to the American Cancer Society (O; BB; RG 12-8)
82.12.08 [R] [CNCL] [BLDG] Meeting of the City Budget Committee to discuss a supplemental 1982-83 budget; City Council meeting ratifies all Special Council meeting actions; two new members appointed to the CCI; CDD reports that the State Water Resources Department loan requirements cannot be met; new Budget Committee member appointed; adoption of Res. No. 82-25 authorizing R to administer and enforce state codes on mobile home set-ups and utility hook-ups; adoption of Res. No. 82-26 establishing fees for building permits and plan reviews
82.12.08 [LUBA] [NO. 82-109: [R] [1000] By this date, the Rajneeshees had announced their intent to appeal the incorporation of Keizer to LUBA; they say they are not attacking Keizer, but the discriminatory application of land use laws by 1000 Friends (KT 12-8, 12-15; DC 12-14)
82.12.09 [BPA] [WCEC] [R] [COMM] [PLAN] A Wheeler County Soil Conservationist complains that the Bonneville Power Administration failed to send a copy of their environmental assessment of the consequences of new utility line placement at the ranch; the Wheeler County Court/Commission and Planning Office also state they did not receive copies; BPA replies that: the reports may have been sent to the wrong county; the "close of comment deadline" had passed; they would send copies and try to accommodate Wheeler County; "'there was already an existing distribution line going out to the ranch' and some of the existing poles had actually been removed at the request of the landowners. The net result... was probably fewer poles on cropland than before the new line was installed." (CTJ)
82.12.10 [R] [IMP] R has the fourth largest transit system in Oregon with 2500 rides per day, most residents riding four times a day to work and meals, and the R Comprehensive Plan cites the priority of public transit for fuel conservation and environmental protection; 45 Holsteins producing 200 gallons of milk per day, which is used fresh or for paneer, cottage cheese, cream cheese, butter, yogurt, and supplying all ranch needs; 40 calves have been born; 20 feet of dam embankment left to build, which, when complete, will form 330 million gallon Krishnamurti Lake; three new books and a glossy magazine launched in honor of Bhagwan's birthday; "check" dams on creeks completed; a range of stoneware pottery produced from ranch clay
82.12.10 [R] [BUS] [1000] [MCG] It is reported that the Rajneeshees are looking for property to lease in Eugene, The Dalles, Bend and for a house in Portland to accommodate the restaurant employees; the Rajneeshees criticize the "Town Hall" Channel 2 television program for not focussing on ranching and land use aspects of the commune as promised, but for instead providing a forum for complaints by 1000 Friends and nearby ranchers; the opening of a second retail bakery is announced in The Dalles; it is stated that the summer festival will take place inside Rajneeshpuram city limits (DC 12-13; DWR 12-16)
82.12.11 [R] Celebration of Bhagwan's 51st birthday; presents include four Rolls Royces, bringing the total to 27 (SJ 12-10; RG 12-10; DO 12-10; O 12-11, 12-12; FB 12-11; RG 12-12, 12-21; SGP 12-13; DWR 12-16; IW 12-17; LGO 12-18; SFC 12-20; ST 12-26; CTJ 12-30; TN 12-30)
82.12.13 [LUBA] [NO. 82-109: [R] [1000] Rajneeshees file a notice of intent to appeal the Marion County incorporation of Keizer, claiming that the action is not aimed against the city or county, but at 1000 Friends and intended to present "non-discrimatory across-the-board application of 1000 Friends' view of what the law requires" of those wishing to incorporate (RG 12-14; BB 12-14; SJ 12-15)
82.12.14 [A] [CNCL] [HILL] City Council meeting; two of the non-Rajneeshees (Mobley and Butcher) resign; City Planner Dan Meader and City Attorney Will Carey resign; Treasurer reports bills of $1200, assets of $277; Rajneeshees apply for business license for trailer park; farewell speeches made by Mayor Hill and City Recorder Reynolds (O 12-14, 12-15; BB 12-16, 12-19; MJ 12-19; LGO 12-27--HH1 quotes)
82.12.14 [R] It is reported that three of Bhagwan's Rolls Royces have been sold to non-ranch Rajneeshees (Ma Prem Hasya, Ma Prem Kaveesha, Swami Dhyan John) at a profit (RG 12-14; BB 12-14, 12-15; SPI 12-15; MMT 12-15; SFE 12-15; O 12-15; DC 12-15; ETS 12-17; NYT 12-19; HA 12-24; NW 12-24)
82.12.15 [LUBA] [NO. 82-044: [1000] [MCG] [DEQ] [PER] [FEST] 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples' challenge of the DEQ decision to grant the Rajneeshee festival-related permit for sanitary facilities in 1982 is dismissed on grounds of mootness and of DEQ's action to approve a second permit on November 18, which replaces the permit under review
82.12.16 [R] Mixed editorial in the Medford Mail Tribune; the Director of the Oregon State Penitentiary politely refuses a Rajneeshee offer to send meditation teachers to instruct the prisoners
82.12.17 [R] [A] The results of the recent census tabulation are announced: Rajneeshpuram--population 600; Antelope--population 70; ranch residents outside of Rajneeshpuram city limits--100
82.12.17 [W] [COMM] [PLAN] It is announced that the outgoing chair of the Southern Wasco County Citizens Advisory Committee has submitted a list of 15 candidates for the County Court/Commission to consider as new Committee members, 1 a Rajneeshee (Rajneeshees comprise 70% of the population in the area) and several known to be opposed to the Rajneeshees
82.12.17 [J] For the third day, the Hispanic pastor of the Madras Conservative Baptist Church (Mardo Jiminez) and followers stand on Highway 97 to protest Bhagwan's drive and turn around at a weigh station just outside of the town (BB 12-19)
82.12.17 [LUBA] NOS. 82-085/086: [NO. 82-112: [1000] [MCG] [R] [PLAN] [LCDC] [DEQ] [PER] It is reported that 1000 Friends and nearby ranch couples have filed a petition requesting a stay of the R Comprehensive Plan and Development Code until they have been considered by LCDC, claiming that they will suffer irreparable harm if R proceeds to authorize construction which could not be easily removed later if LCDC does not acknowledge the R Comprehensive Plan; the Rajneeshees file an opposition to the petitioners' request; also on this date, 3 nearby ranch couples, assisted by an attorney not on the staff of 1000 Friends, file a petition in a separate case for review of the DEQ DEQ decision to grant a permit for additional sewer facilities in the Jesus Grove area of Rajneeshpuram
82.12.18 [P] [BUS] Rajneeshees hold Christmas Party and public opening of Zorba the Buddha Nightclub and Restaurant in Portland; party attended by over 300 guests; 5000 sq. ft. facility seats 200 (BB 12-23; WW Dec. 28-Jan. 3)
82.12.20 [R] [CCI] [PLAN] [UGB] [LCDC] Rajneeshpuram CCI meets at the request of the CDD to review a proposed amendment to the R Comprehensive Plan that would expand the UGB to annex two tracts of land: 225 acre area proposed as a campground for religious festivals, which would have permanent power, sewer, water facilities to accommodate up to 16,000 people; airport and hangar area, which is now only partly inside city limits; discussion; subcommittees formed to gather information and citizen opinion; LCDC Field Representative attends meeting and promises feedback on whether an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan should be submitted before or after acknowledgement of the Plan by LCDC, which is scheduled for March 10-11 (CO 12-21)
82.12.20 [J] Madras Junior High School paper, Buff, does feature on Rajneeshee doctor practising in area (Shunyo)
82.12.20 [W] An Inn at The Dalles yields to local pressure by running an ad in The Dalles Chronicle stating that they are not buying any products from Rajneeshpuram
82.12.21 [INS] The INS denies Bhagwan's application for status as a permanent US resident "as a matter of discretion", claiming intent all along to seek permanent resident status, in spite of applying for a visitor's visa for medical reasons, and that medical information supplied to the Consul in India had been false and misleading; INS also denies Bhagwan's petition to Classify Preference Status of Alien on Basis of Profession or Occupation as a religious teacher, stating that "It could be argued that the beneficiary does not teach religion, rather the antipathy of religion, and thusly not the kind of religion intended by the regulation.", but chooses not to address this issue further; INS claims that Bhagwan is unable to be a religious teacher due to his poor health and a "self imposed period of silence"; the Rajneeshees say they will appeal the INS decision all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary; a small demonstration is staged at the INS office before the decision, one participant being the Madras Baptist pastor, Mardo Jiminez; INS announces that if no appeal of their decision is filed before January 21, deportation proceedings will begin; Carl Houseman quotes; on a KGW-TV talk show Sheela says that the decision is the result of "'religious prejudice and community pressure.'" (BB 12-22; RG 12-22; DC 12-22, 12-23; SFE 12-22, 12-23; EO 12-22, 12-23; PI 12-23; LN 12-23; DWR 12-23; MMT 12-23; O 12-23, 12-24; SJ 12-23, 12-26; C 12-23; ADH 12-24; CW 12-29--Sheela quote; LAT 12-29; MP 12-30; RNS 12-31; IW 12-31)
82.12.21 [R] [INS] The daughter of Congressman Ryan who died at Jonestown, now Ma Amrita Pritam, announces her impending marriage to a British follower at the ranch (Swami Anand Subhuti); it is reported that the INS is investigating marriages between sannyasins who are US citizens and those who are non-citizens (DC 12-21; BB 12-21; EO 12-22; SJ 12-22; SFC 12-22; RG 12-22; O 12-22)
82.12.22 [R] [INS] Bhagwan grants first interview to local television reporter, stating, among other things, that there was no surprise at the INS decision and it would be appealed (EO 12-23)
82.12.22 [W] [COMM] [PLAN] Wasco County Court/Commission decides that each city in the Southern Wasco County area will get one member on the Citizens Advisory Committee which helps to form land use policy; two Rajneeshees will be on the Committee (from R and A) which the Court/Commission says is to represent geographical areas, not population size; the appointments to the Advisory Committee will be made final on January 5 (DC 12-23; CW 12-29)
82.12.22 [J] Demonstrations at the Madras Highway 97 weigh station continue, with both Baptists and Rajneeshees present (MP)
82.12.23 [R] [INS] Rajneeshees announce that they will appeal the INS decison on Bhagwan to the Minneapolis Office within 15 days and that after the appeal is clarified, the 30 day departure notice will be taken to an immigration judge; the Rajneeshees claim a travesty of justice, violation of the Bill of Rights, and that the INS was looking for reasons to reject Bhagwan's applications; they also state that they will immediately protest to the US Attorney General for Oregon about the rudeness and hostility of INS officials at the December 22 press conference on the matter; it is reported that the INS is looking into a specific marriage of a British sannyasin and a Tacoma, WA sannyasin, both now living at the ranch (Swami Anand Teertha and "Roberta") (RG 12-23; SFE 12-23)
82.12.24 [R] [UGB] It is announced that a proposal to increase the size of Rajneeshpuram's UGB will be reviewed at a public hearing on January 18 (BB 12-24)
82.12.24 [J] Demonstrations at the Madras weigh station continue daily (BB 12-26)
82.12.27 [R] Ma Amrita Pritam is married amid much publicity, 100 guests and members of her family (SBH 12-25; DC 12-28; BB 12-28; O 12-28; RG 12-28; SJ 12-28; EO 12-28; NYT 12-29; IW 12-31)
82.12.27 [A] [ELECT] Dec. 27-Jan. 23 issue of People magazine prints story on A election
82.12.28 [R] Dec. 28-Jan. 3 issue of Willamette Week prints long feature article on Ma Mary Catherine, former Portland neighborhood association activist and professor at Reed College now living at the ranch
82.12.30 [A] A City Recorder resigns one day before her term of office expires
82.12.30 [J] It is reported that during the previous week the situation at the Madras weigh station "got out of hand" and that the Baptist pastor has decided to no longer attend the demonstrations (MP)
82.12.31 [R] [IMP] 29 new telephone lines installed; new 10 megawatt electricity substation nearly completed; 2 acre sewage treatment pond being added to the one constructed for the summer festival in order to recycle water for irrigation; 4000 sq. ft. welding and metal shop and motor vehicle maintenance building under construction; Radio Station KYXI rates Bhagwan "Newsmaker of the Year"; the Associated Press lists the "Rajneeshee" story as Number 3 in importance in Oregon for the year; it is reported that the Keizer newspaper and property owners having dealings with the Rajneeshees have received threatening phone calls; Bhagwan on Public Access Cable TV in Seattle (RG; SA)
82.12.31 [A] New A City Recorder sworn in by outgoing Rajneeshee member of the City Council (Karuna) so that swearing in of newly elected City Officials can occur
82.12.31 [W] [WCCC] [USDC] It is reported that a woman from The Dalles has tried to offer to adopt Bhagwan in order to provide him with resident status in the US; Trisha Ryckman, Director of the Light of Life Ministries of Central Point says she will file a civil complaint against Bhagwan and the City of Rajneeshpuram- in both Wasco County Circuit Court and US District Court over a July 2 incident; Wasco County did bring charges against two security guards, she says, but Sept. 19 and Oct. 15 court dates have passed with no action (MMT 12-30; HN 12-31; BB 12-31)
82.12.24 [R] Rajneeshee announce that they will appeal the INS decision to the Minneapolis Office within 15 days and that after the appeal is clarified, the 30 day departure notice will be taken to an immigration judge; the Rajneeshee claim a travesty of justice, violation of the Bill of Rights, and that the INS was looking for reasons to reject Bhagwan's applications; they also state that they will immediately protest to the US Attorney General for Oregon about the rudeness and hostility of INS officials at the December 22 press conference on the matter
82.12.27 [R] Rep. Leo Ryan's daughter is married amid much publicity, 100 guests and members of her family
82.12.30 It is reported that during the previous week the situation at the Madras weigh station "got out of hand" and that the Baptist pastor has decided to no longer attend the demonstrations
82.12.30 [A] City Recorder resigns one day before her term of office expires
82.12.31 Radio Station KYXI rates Bhagwan "Newsmaker of the Year"; the Associated Press lists the "Rajneeshee" story as Number 3 in importance in Oregon for the year
82.12.31 [R] Improvements to date: 29 new telephone lines installed; new 10 megawatt electricity substation nearly complete; 2 acre sewage treatment pond being added to the one constructed for the summer festival in order to recycle water for irrigation; 4000 square foot welding and metal shop and motor vehicle maintenance building under construction
82.12.31 It is reported that: a Dallas woman tried to offer to adopt Bhagwan to provide resident status; the Keizer newspaper and property owners having dealings with the Rajneeshee had received threatening phone calls
82.12.31 [A] New A City Recorder sworn in by outgoing Rajneeshee member of City Council so that swearing in of newly elected City Government can occur


date event
83.01.02 UPI mentions Rajneeshee story as one of the major e- vents of 1982; the Bend Bulletin staff and residents select the Rajneeshee story as second biggest of the year; it is reported that daytime jazzercise classes are being offered at Zorba the Buddha Disco in Portland; Willamette University in Salem announces a "minicourse" for the community on the Rajneeshee
83.01.02 [R] 700 residents are reported
83.01.02 [A] 70 Rajneeshee residents are reported
83.01.03 [A] After having declined to swear in the new city officials, ex-Mayor states that the Rajneeshee have taken control of the city and she finds it "a little scary that now we have a Rajneeshe Marshal"; Rajneeshee City Recorder swears in Rajneeshee Mayor, City Treasurer, City Marshal, three Council members and one non-Rajneeshee Council member; Council declares they are accepting applications for the two vacant Council seats and the position of Fire Chief; Council finds A approximately $400-500 in debt for lawyers' fees
83.01.03 The Jewish Federation Council Community Relations Committee, based in Los Angeles, passes a resolution urging the INS to deny Bhagwan's petition for permanent US residency, claiming he is the leader of "a cult with a history of anti-Semitism" and one who would "serve as a destructive element in American society"
83.01.04 [A] New Mayor states goals as the improvement of the city and a review of the Comprehensive Plan
83.01.05 ABC's "Good Morning America" television program; interviews with new officials of A; discussion of situation with winner and loser of A Mayor's race; topics include the previous denial of permits for legitimate Rajneeshee development projects, A support for deportation of Bhagwan, and religious discrimination by the former City Council
83.01.05 Rajneeshee file a formal appeal of INS rulings in the Minneapolis regional office, saying Bhagwan's departure would interfere with their religious practices and that the INS had failed to comply with regulations in their determinations and in suggesting the manner in which a religion should be pursued (vocally and not in silence); the appeal specifically lists five grounds: Bhagwan meets all requirements to do religious work; INS misinterpreted and misapplied relevant statutes; INS stepped outside legitimate boundaries in defining what a religious worker is; INS failed to provide Bhagwan's attorneys with various findings, so they were unable to respond; INS acted arbitrarily and out of prejudice, exceeded its authority and engaged in discrimination based on religion
83.01.06 It is reported that several businesses are suffering from "prejudice by association" with the Rajneeshee; for example, two restaurants in The Dalles stop ordering bakery goods from the R under pressure and another business considers a change of location
83.01.06 Rajneeshee spokesperson interviewed by CNN and CBS Eyewitness Newsmaker program
83.01.07 It is reported that: a "Jack Anderson Confidential" television program segment will be filmed at R; Rajneeshee in German hold demonstrations at US embassies to protest the denial of Bhagwan's applications for residency; over 50% of US Rajneeshee are Jewish; anonymous pamphlets encouraging citizens to oppose Bhagwan's petition for residency are being circulated in the state; INS officials are questioning the validity of Rajneeshee marriages;
83.01.07 [R] First non-Rajneeshee wedding performed
83.01.07 [R] Improvements to date: new 10 megawatt electrical power substation, the largest of its kind in W County and built jointly by W Electric Cooperative and Rajneeshee, complete and switched on; 2 women and 4 men sworn in as members of R Peace Force, fourteen residents are in a reserve officers' training program and 2 R Peace Officers are attending the State Police Academy; restaurant with 38 person capacity opens; Diogenes Computer System personnel begin developing software programs for maritime industry
83.01.07 [R] It is reported that the former Big Muddy Ranch foreman and employee of R has disappeared after agreeing to return $35,000 which was paid to him in error (S1000 per week, instead of $1000 per month)
83.01.09 [R] Sunday Oregonian Magazine article cites the following: $35 million invested in R; 270,000 disciples and 325 centers worldwide; 26 miles of creek bank seeded; 13 irrigation systems installed; several wells (one pumping 1300 gallons per minute); major dam containing 243,000 cubic yards of compacted earth, creating a 45 acre lake three-fourths of a mile long, and holding 330 million gallons of water completed; 600 loaf a day commercial bakery marketing baked goods in six cities; 3500 fruit and nut and 14,500 shade trees planted; 3000 acres under cultivation; plans for 150 cattle, 25 goats, 20 horses, 6 llamas, 25 acres of fruit trees, 10 acres of vineyards; investments have kept 35 to 40 mobile home employees working and saved $200,000 in unemployment benefits
83.01.10 [J] Daily demonstrations at Highway 97 weigh station near Madras continue
83.01.11 [A] City Council meeting; repeat of swearing in ceremonies; no applicants for two vacant Council seats; Rajneeshee hired as City Attorney; total city debt is $1,110.84, cash on hand is $445.89; committee formed to review and revise water and fire ordinances
83.01.11 [J] Baptist minister, 2 dozen protestors and 3 busloads of Rajneeshee at Hiway 97 weigh station; television crew present; minister says the demonstrations are a "patriotic response" to Bhagwan's daily drive-by and states his opposition to the Rajneesh religion
83.01.11 Bill introduced in State Legislature to require voter registration no later than 20 days before an election; said to be a result of the A disincorporation controversy
83.01.12 INS suspends order to Bhagwan to leave US by January 21 and says it will reconsider his applications for permanent residency; both religious and health applications opened for review due to a "procedural error" in the original proceeding (that Rajneeshee attorneys had not been supplied with visa application information so they could respond to the charges that it was false and misleading); Rajneeshee given 15 days to rebut INS evidence or present new evidence
83.01.12 Rajneeshee announce purchase of a four-story 127 room hotel in downtown Portland for $1.4 million; one- third of the rooms will house Rajneeshee working in the city and two-thirds open to the public
83.01.12 It is reported that 3000 Rajneeshee held a peaceful demonstration at the US Consulate in Munich, Germany, asking that Bhagwan be granted US residency status and that they be allowed to visit him there; similar demonstrations are held in London (4000 participants) and Bonn (8000)
83.01.14 [W] Rashneeshee file suit in W Circuit Court against former Ranch manager and his wife: alleging he had been overpaid $28,000 for his work since 1981; his wife was mistakenly paid $7,600; seeking punitive damages of $10,000 each and repayment of $35,600
83.01.14 [R] Non-Rajneeshee appointee as Building Inspector one day a week; plant shop opens; Rajneeshee reply to charges of anti—Semitism with quotes from Bhagwan and testimonies from Jewish disciples
83.01.14 Reports of Rajneeshee demonstration in Zurich; 20 Rajneeshee attend the funeral of ex-Governor Tom McCall
83.01.14 [J] It is reported that 10 days of demonstrations by Baptist minister and 40 others began on January 10; four busloads of Rajneeshee attend daily; State Troopers and members of the R Peace Force are present
83.01.15 [R] Proposed annexation of 250 additional acres to the incorporated city postponed; proposed public hearing scheduled for January 17 cancelled
83.01.15 Rajneeshee begin 3 days of participation in the Portland Gift and Variety Show displaying cards and jewelry
83.01.19 Rajneeshee meet with press in Newport to deny rumors that they are purchasing property in Lincoln County
83.01.19 [R] 750 residents reported
83.01.19 Rajneeshee panel attends Statesman-Journal Newsmakers' luncheon
83.01.20 1200 Rajneeshees demonstrate at US Consulate in Amsterdam
83.01.20 Newspapers begin to report extensive rumors of Rajneeshee purchase of businesses and property in several Oregon and Washington cities
83.01.20 [J] It is reported that Hiway 97 weigh station demonstrations have ended after meetings held with a conciliator from the Community Relations Service of the US Department of Justice, arranged by J District Attorney; Baptist minister says the demonstrations have been oc- curing because the Rajneeshee have an immoral lifestyle, have taken over A, will possibly take over Madras, and because they represent "a type of crude communism"
83.01.21 [R] Special edition of the Rajneesh Times devoted to charges that a US Senator from Oregon has interfered with Bhagwan's application for permanent residency; Presidential pressure and cooperation with a Senate committee investigating cults is claimed; two of the Senator's letters to consituents are reprinted, which seem to make opposite statements; one says that the Senator has been in close touch with A and INS officials about Bhagwan and his followers and that the INS denial of applications was "a relief but no surprise to me" and that he will do everything possible to "make certain...Bhagwan and the Rajneeshee...are scrutinized to the fullest extent of the law"
83.01.21 [R] Construction of bar and lounge begun; prototype of A frame housing cluster unit completed
83.01.21 Peaceful Rajneeshee demonstrations in support of Bhagwan's application for permanent US residency in The Hague, Tokyo and Sydney; it is reported that the European Parliament's Youth and Culture Committee (EEC) has launched an investigation into Rajneeshism and other new religious movements; Rajneeshee voice concerns that the Committee's Chair is prejudiced
83.01.22 Rajneeshee spokesperson appears on half hour news interview on Channel 6 in Portland
83.01.22 It is reported that the Rajneeshee's hired lobbyist will no longer work for them and that they will represent themselves at the State Capitol
83.01.23 Jack Anderson Confidential television segment on Rajneeshepuram aired
83.01.23 Rajneeshee spokesperson at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington; 250 in attendance
83.01.24 [LUBA] Rajneeshee given 20 days from this date to write their petition in the appeal of the incorporation of Keizer (No. 82-109)
83.01.24 [LCDC] 1000 Friends files 38 pages of objections to the Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan
83.01.25 [LUBA] Motion of 3 nearby ranchers and their 1000 Friends' attorney applying for a stay on construction at R denied; case deferred until 20 days after LCDC action on the R Comprehensive Plan (Nos. 82-085/086)
83.01.25 Rajneeshee speakers at Tigard High School 12th grade class studying comparative religions draws protest from some parents; presentation had been approved by principal and PTA notified
83.01.25 [R] Rajneeshee renew charges against Oregon Senator of "working against them while maintaining an artificial position of public neutrality"; letter to California man which refers to confidential documents related to Bhagwan's visa status cited in evidence
83.01.25 [J] R Director of Community Development objects to the adoption of the J County Comprehensive Plan at a public hearing because it contains no recognition of R or R development and because J County had refused to work out an urban growth management agreement with R; he also claims that J County had failed to give R notice of the hearing in violation of Land Use Planning Goal 2, which calls for co-ordination between local governments; R Rural Fire Protection District Chief also objects to adoption of J Plan because the District had not received prior notice of the hearing
83.01.26 [W] Rajneeshee request W County Court/Commission to grant mass gathering permit for the Second Annual World Celebration from July 2-8, expected to draw 15,000 followers; the first guests are expected to arrive at R on June 1, and the last to depart by July 15; W Court/Commission sets public hearing for February 23; Rajneeshee also request that the W Court/Commission allow them to assume jurisdiction of an 8 mile stretch of county owned Muddy Road, which goes through R; the turnover would not be unprecedented; the Court/Commission expresses concern that the road remain a public thoroughfare and agrees to schedule a public hearing on the request after the R City Council passes a resolution to formally request the transfer
83.01.26 [J] Rajneeshee request J County Court/Commission to grant a mass gathering permit for the Second Annual World Celebration from July 2-8
83.01.26 It is reported that a California Rajneeshee group is seeking to raise $50 million for the creation of an Academy of Rajneeshism at R, which, it is hoped, will be completed by 1988
83.01.27 [R] 125,000 gallon water tower erected to increase water pressure for firefighting
83.01.27 Former A City Councilmember speaks out against Rajneeshee in Beaverton and claims that the Consent Decree in the civil rights -suit was the result of duress
83.01.27 200 Rajneeshee demonstrate in Vienna
83.01.27 1000 Friends holds press conference on water-related objections to the Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan and to incorporation, asserting: the minimum annual water consumption at Rajneeshpuram would be 1,787 acre feet per year; R relies too much on groundwater; R cannot store water run-off for reserve supplies; in dry years there would not be enough ground or surface water to supply R; R use of water would affect the flow of the John Day River; R use of water is a threat to commercial farmers and ranchers in the area
83.01.27 INS turns over some evidence used in denying Bhagwan's residency petitions
83.01.28 1000 Friends releases a 32 page report detailing dozens of objections to the R Comprehensive Plan; they claim that the Rajneeshee use of water will damage nearby farming operations and the John Day River and result in a well-drilling race between the Rajneeshee and nearby farmers; they call for LCDC to rein in R growth plans; Rajneeshee claim the water arguments are emotional and the facts exaggerated and that 1000 Friends is presenting several technical arguments simply to prevent LCDC from reviewing the R Comprehensive Plan; 1000 friends claims that the R growth plan violates 6 Land Use Planning Goals
83.01.28 Further Rajneeshee demonstrations reported in Kobe, Japan, Stockholm, Hamburg (1500) and Milan (2500)
83.01.28 [R] Improvements to date: New experiment in dry-land farming to test 15 newly developed strains of legumes (lentils, peas, beans) after team of Rajneeshee researchers return from consultations with Idaho agronomists; the experiment is intended to find new rotation crops to resist disease, enrich the soil and bring a higher return on investment; work begun on a small dam to create a reservoir for storage of treated waste sewage water, dam to hold up to 16 million gallons of treated water to be used for irrigation and completion planned for March
83.01.31 By this date, 5 Rajneeshee had registered as Legislative lobbyists and spent approximately a week at the Capitol
83.01.31 Rajneeshee parade in Berlin (2000); representatives prevented from giving US Vice-President a petition supportive of Bhagwan's residency applications
83.01.31 INS announces decision to give Rajneeshee 30 days (to February 27) to respond to evidence and produce new evidence, rescinding earlier remarks that they would only have 15 days in which to reply in the case of Bhagwan's residency applications; INS official reportedly says to Rajneeshee that he does not regard her marriage as bona fide because of Bhagwan's outspoken statements on marriage
83.01.31 [A] Mail vehicle used for trips between The Dalles and A obstructs Bhagwan's car as he drives through A; Rajneeshee file complaints with The Dalles post office and W County sheriff
83.02.01 [W] W Circuit Court judge grants former R manager's request that the suit against him filed by the Rajneeshee be heard in J County
83.02.01 Another Rajneeshee demonstration in Berlin; petition supporting Bhagwan given to US Consul; Rajneeshee also speak with German Chancellor and Mayor of Berlin on the matter
83.02.01 A City Council meeting; Treasurer reports that January balance was actually $180.16 (not $330), the current balance is $352.46, with bills totalling $1,338.22; it is also reported that although there was no formal contract, a former A City Attorney has submitted a bill for $13,900 ($5000 to a consultant attorney), none of the bill was itemized; it is announced that although non-Rajneeshee residents of A had been encouraged to apply for the two vacant Council seats, none had; two of the three Rajneeshee who had applied for the seats were selected and sworn in; Rajneeshee business license renewed; due to threats, the Council considers contracting for the services of the R Peace Force; Council passes Resolution requiring humor to be an integral part of all Council meetings, which are to begin and end with the telling of a joke
83.02.02 [LUBA] Although the original due date for the Rajneeshee brief in the Keizer incorporation case was January 25, an extension for its submission is granted due to the fact that Marion County had only recently supplied them with a needed copy of the County Comprehensive Plan (No. 82-109)
83.02.02 [R] It is reported that, contrary to growing rumors, the Rajneeshee are not purchasing property in Tillamook County; similar rumors are reported in Clatsop, Columbia Lane and Linn counties
83.02.03 Rajneeshee demonstration at US embassy in New Delhi (1000)
83.02.04 It is reported that 1000 Friends is attempting to postpone LCDC review of the R Comprehensive Plan scheduled for March 11; Rajneeshee claim that 1000 Friends water- related objections are not based on good data, but have been raised because water is an emotional issue in the area and that the 1000 Friends had shown no interest in gathering water data in the area until September, 1982; Rajneesh Times prints a point by point reply to 1000 Friends press conference arguments presented on January 27: while R residential water use estimates by 1000 Friends predict an average consumption of 400 gallons per day per person, that is four times the national average and R estimated use for all commercial, industrial and residential operations is 128 gallons per day per person; that 1000 Friends' estimate of water table recharge is absurdly low, but it is still twice the amount needed to fulfill the projected R demand; that a reputable hydrogeologist's groundwater reserve tests show water well in excess of projected need; that the recently completed 330 million gallon reservoir is enough to supply the entire projected population for two years and more dams are planned; drought research shows that groundwater recharge is adequate over two year periods and that no two consecutive years had less than 75% of average precipitation; the entire Ranch represents only 1.5% of the total John Day River Basin and the only creek emptying into the river provides less than 1% of its annual mean flow; that agricultural demands of nearby farmers are much higher than those of urban R residents will be; that poor irrigation systems nearby are wasting more water than R will ever use; that experimental water projects (drip irrigation, creek restoration, slowing of runoff, building the water table, dams, minimizing usage, recycling waste water) may provide useful water information for all in the area
83.02.04 [R] Improvements to date: plans for a 20 x 75 solar greenhouse for seedling production underway; 300,000 seedlings to be planted by May (tomato, green pepper, egg plant, lettuce, brassica, fennel, endives); 20 new acres of truck garden planned to be in production; all improvements planned to increase vegetable output by 700% to self-sufficiency; construction of a root cellar and vegetable washing area begun; welding shop and motor vehicle maintenance shop nearing completion for servicing about 330 cars and trucks, and to be equipped with hydraulic lifts, running crane, steam cleaning system, machinists room, power-vented fans, piped pressure grease and oil lines, as well as wood panelled exteriors
83.02.09 [W] Joint meeting of W and J County Courts/Commissions to discuss mutual concerns, among which are the Rajneeshee applications for a mass gathering permit and a request from R to obtain jurisdiction over an 8 mile stretch of W County road running through the city; the Courts/Commissions state that public hearings on the mass gathering permit for the Second Annual World Celebration will be merely a formality, since they are required to grant the permit request if fire, police and sanitation standards are met; apparently 1000 Friends is not objecting to the permit application because the festival will take place almost entirely within R city limits and will use existing water and sewer systems; J Commission will consider an ordinance charging S500 every 72 hours during the festival as a way to offset County costs; the maintenance of the W County road thus far has been a joint venture between R (spending $250,000 on improvements) and W County (spending $20,000)
83.02.10 Rajneeshee demonstration (600) at Portland INS office to protest shoving and threats by agents, illegal searches, bias and harassment in the review of the immigration status of several Rajneeshee recently married to US citizens
83.02.10 [J] It is announced that a second Rajneeshee doctor will be available for consultations in Madras
83.02.11 Rajneeshee demonstrations: Geneva (1000); Rome outside the Vatican; New Delhi (5000 present petition to US Consul General); Bombay (February 4, 6000-7000); Madrid (February 2); Edinburgh (January 28); Dublin (first week in February); Sydney; many timed to coincide with US Vice- President's tour of Europe
83.02.11 It is reported that the Rajneeshee plan to spend $11- 12 million during the first half of 1983, $5 million of it on festival preparations; R food costs per month equal $80,000, diesel fuel costs equal $100,000 per month; income from visitors to R equals $500,000 per month
83.02.11 Rajneeshee take possession of and open Hotel in Portland
83.02.11 It is reported that an Oregon Congressman, speaking in Salem to a town hall meeting of 120 people, stated that if Bhagwan doesn't meet the INS definition of a spiritual leader, he should be deported
83.02.11 [R] Improvements to date: a Quickframe prefabricated wall unit, complete with window, insulation and electricity, and measuring 16 feet by 18 feet is being produced every 15 minutes; a cluster of six to seven buildings intended to house the Meditation and Growth Institute is nearing completion
83.02.12 [R] The State Representative from the area visits his constituents in R for the first time in over a year
83.02.12 A newspaper columnist speaks at Eastern Oregon State College in LaGrande, saying that R could be seen as a model society in adapting to the environment due to the following factors: solar energy generation; recycling of waste water; production of fuel by mixing alcohol and methane gas; construction of dams and holding ponds to reduce water run-off; the planting of fruit, nut and shade trees to transform wasteland; their intelligence, industriousness, determination, skills and attempt to"create a self-sufficient, integrative society"
83.02.15 First night of a four evening mini-course on the Rajneeshee at Willamette University in Salem; approximatley 325 attend
83.02.15 Former Rajneeshee claims during a series of radio interviews that he was pressured to give money, to change jobs, and was subjected to psychological domination
83.02.16 [LUBA] It is reported that the Rajneeshee request LUBA to dismiss their challenge of the Keizer incorporation and that Mrion County and Keizer attorneys do not agree to dismissal (No. 82-109)
83.02.16 R mayor speaks at Clackamas Community College
83.02.16 Meeting of 60 parents and teachers over the controversy surrounding the Rajneeshee presentation at Tigard High School
83.02.16 Rajneeshee request that INS cease investigations of Rajneesh disciples and their marriages
83.02.17 INS denies Rajneeshee request to cease investigations of Rajneesh disciples and their marriages at a press conference; Rajneeshee reporters present at the conference
83.02.18 [W] It is reported that Rancho Rajneesh is on the property tax rolls for $3 million (as agricultural property) and that R paid $33,000 in County taxes in 1982 ($18,829 to the A School District, $7,184 to W County, $3,862 to the W Educational Service District, $2,125 to the Treaty Oak Educational Center); none of the Rajneeshee property has been declared tax exempt and no application for tax exempt status has been made; it is assumed that the amount of property taxes paid in 1983 will increase as the Rajneeshpuram portion of the land will be taxed at the higher non- agricultural rate
83.02.18 Two members of the R Peace Force graduate from the Oregon Police Academy at Western Oregon State College
83.02.18 [R] It is reported that the Rajneeshee have invested over $45 million since June, 1981; a total of 800 Rajneeshee residents at the Ranch and in Antelope
83.02.18 Rajneeshee demonstrations: London; (Rome on February 11, with 300 and 2 attending an audience with the Pope); Copenhagen (February 14, 600); Auckland (February 14); Wellington (February 15); Palermo (February 16); Brussels (February 18); Antwerp (February 18, 700)
83.02.18 It is reported that an Oregon Senator has refused to supply the Rajneeshee with information sent to California last May on "what local jurisdictions can do to slow down and possibly stop the financial enterprises" of groups such as theirs
83.02.18 [R] Improvements to date: two trucks constructed out of abandoned vehicles and recycled materials; use of a new seedling planting method which plants up to 20,000 per hour
83.02.20 Oregon Senator speaks in Santa Cruz, California; 200 Rajneeshee attend; he claims never to have discussed Bhagwan with the US President or the INS or any other political official
83.02.21 A State Representative publicly states concern over taxes in relation to Rajneeshee commune and businesses
83.02.22 R City Planner and Legislative Lobbyist, plus another Rajneeshee, speak at Rotary meeting in Albany; 250-300 attend; speaker says Rajneeshee have spent $3 million with Albany companies over two years ($1.75 million on mobile homes, $1 million on toilet and shower trailers) and that they plan to spend an additional $1 million on toilet and shower trailers this year; announcements of the speech had sparked rumors that the Rajneeshee were taking over an Albany real estate firm; 24 to 35 protestors picket the speech, saying they fear that it is a ruse to extend Rajneeshee influence to Albany; conservative Baptist minister from Madras attends protest and speaks, saying, "Bhagwan's way of life, which he termed 'crude communism' was a threat to Christians and Americans" and that "they have practices that are immoral" and finally that "They want to take over our cities and insti- tutions...Are you going to let them take over the world?"; some non-Rajneeshee demonstrate against the protestors
83.02.22 [J] Rajneeshee files for a position on Madras' Mountain View Hospital Board; she has been a registered nurse for 11 years and at the hospital for one year; she claims that patients are undertreated, over charged, and that there is religious prejudice
83.02.23 [W] County Court/Commission holds public hearing on Rajneeshee festival permit application; 60 to 80 people attend; permit approved after DEQ representative, County Sanitarian and County Sheriff testify that they see no problems with the plans to care for health and safety needs and the Court/Commission determined that its approval was non- discretionary under state law if those needs were met; one person testifies against granting the permit on the basis that the festival would bring flies, and raises questions about child care, solid waste treatment and the degree to which festival water needs would affect local wells; the Rajneeshee reply that they plan to use three wells with a combined capacity of 410 gallons per minute, which is well above the estimated 125 gallons per minute which would be required for festival use; the Court/ Commission grants a permit to be in effect from June 12 to July 15, requiring the Rajneeshee to post a $25,000 surety bond which will be released after pipeline, major and minor structures are removed by the August 15 deadline; Court/Commission instructs the County Planner, Sanitarian and Sheriff to visit the festival site before during and after the event to ensure compliance with health and safety needs
83.02.24 Last night of the four evening mini-course on the Rajneeshee at Willamette University; approximately 100 attend the last three sessions, for which tuition was charged
83.02.24 Keizer City Council decides by a 2 to 1 vote, with 2 abstentions, to defend against the Rajneeshee suit filed with LUBA (No. 82-109)
83.02.25 It is reported that Rajneeshee real estate buy up rumors which began in December with speculation that they would purchase Mt. Angel College, are spreading and include the following: Dalles and Keizer bakeries; lumbermills along the Willamette River; coastal property in Lincoln City; cafes in Tillamook, Elkland Village, Cannon Beach; half of Madras; a $1 million ranch near Scio; three cafes, a motel and a subdivision in Goldendale, Washington; the rumors are denied
83.02.25 [R] Rajneeshee schedule dozens of talks for the last half of February; recent talks included: Gresham Optimist Club; Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Willamette University; the Quest Matrix Group in Salem, Albany Rotary Club; Mount Hood Community College; future talks include: Sunset High School in Portland; United Methodist Church in Wilsonville; pilots in Corvallis
83.02.25 [LCDC] It is reported the DLCD staff have completed their recommendations on the R Comprehensive Plan; R Mayor states that they only raise three minor objections and one ob- jection with regard to the efficiency of provision of services, given the way the UGB is draw; the Mayor states that the UGB is drawn "to protect usable farmland" and that DLCD staff has rejected or refuted every objection to the Plan made by 1000 Friends
83.02.25 [R] Rajneeshee react to Bend newspaper editorial which reported that a J County Building Inspector has been telling his church congregation "of the dangers of this movement"; Rajneeshee say they will demand some other official take over building inspection responsibilities for the part of their property in J County and are considering filing a complaint with the Oregon Ethics Commission
83.02.26 [R] City Council meeting; Council decides to withdraw the resolution asking W County 'to turn over 8 miles of Muddy Road, which runs through the city, to the jurisdiction of Rajneeshpuram
83.02.27 It is reported that the Rajneeshee W County tax bills on property (19,000 acres assessed at S3 million plus lots in A) plus equipment equalled $33,00 in 1982; in J County, 44,000 acres was assessed at $202,740 plus three mobile homes for a property tax payment of $6,200; it is noted that both assessments would be higher in 1983
83.02.28 Two and one-half hour demonstration of 1200 Rajneeshee at Portland INS, with parade accompanied by music through the city; parade, during which roses were distributed, was reported to be well-received by onlookers; the purpose was to protest alleged INS withholding of State Department documents and other evidence/information needed by Rajneeshee lawyers to prepare rebuttal on Bhagwan's residency applications; INS denies withholding information
83.02.28 While Rajneeshee demonstrating in Portland, an INS investigator appears unnanounced at the Ranch
83.02.28 [LUBA] An order requested by 3 nearby ranch couples is issued to prevent further development of groundwater resources at Rajneeshpuram "in excess of current demand", to be in effect until LCDC rules on the R Comprehensive Plan; decision based on a hydrogeology report, commissioned in conjunction with 1000 Friends, which states concerns that "during drought periods the Rajneeshe will be mining groundwater" which might then "be gradually depleted"; it is speculated that the order could prevent the Rajneeshee from relying on groundwater for the summer festival; a letter stating that position was sent to the Wasco-Sherman County Health Department (No. 82-085/086)
83.03.01 [A] City Council meeting; decision not to pay $13,980 in legal bills of prior Council because only $650 budgetted for that purpose, no existing contract for the fees, no budget amendment or resolution authorizing the overspending had been passed; decision not to pay bill of prior Council for $662.50 in City Attorney's fees on the same grounds; decision not to pay bill of prior Council for $541.46 in engineering firms' fees on similar grounds; reported $1000 in the A treasury; decision to double A water rates (from $10 to $20 for residential and from $20 to $40 for commercial) and institute a $20 irrigation fee for June, July and August; decision to raise the fire rate from $1 to $4 per month per property; noted that in the absence of property taxes in A, the water and fire rates were the only means of balancing the budget; decision to contract for the services of the R Peace Force in A; discussion of the legality of action by the former Council to transfer the community church to the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon and interest expressed in regaining possession in order to create a community gathering and meditation center for A; A American Legion Post =60 requests street closure and permission for a June 6 barbecue for 1000 people, which is tabled for 10 days pending more information about health and safety precautions and study by a committee; 5 Rajneeshee appointed to the Budget Committee and A residents invited to apply for two remaining vacancies; approximately 30 attend
83.03.01 [CA] Decision reversing LUBA'S holding that it lacks jurisdiction to consider W County Court/Commission action which set the R incorporation election on the grounds that it was not a land use decision (No. 82-052); 1000 Friends' lawyers call the decision "a major setback" for the Rajneeshee, saying '"We are confident that LUBA will hold that the city exists illegally'"; it is reported that "the land-use group would continue its efforts to force the Rajneesh followers to remove the majority of members and their homes from the 64,000 acre Rancho Rajneesh" and that, in 1000 Friends' view, only 50 dwellings and about 200 Rajneeshee are legally entitled to stay at the Ranch; Director of LCDC states that he will recommend that the review of the R Comprehensive Plan be postponed until the legality of the city is firmly established; R mayor states that the city will consider appealing to the Oregon Supreme Court (No. A26426)
83.03.01 INS orders the Bhagwan's 69 year old mother deported on March 8, claiming she failed to keep a doctor's appointment and that her return to India would be no hardship even though an INS doctor, who examined her in September stated that she suffers from high blood pressure, clogged arteries, heart disease and chest pains, told INS that her health "could potentially be damaged by travel to India" and recommended "against extended travel or relocation in an area where the quality of medical care is sub-optimal"; the Rajneeshee accuse the INS of "conducting a vicious and inhumane campaign of discrimination against the Rajneesh community and its religion" and state that tey will appeal either by filing for a stay or going to US District Court; the Bhagwan's mother entered the US on a visitor's visa in December, 1981 and was allowed to extend her stay after the April 26, 1982 deadline in order to receive medical treatment
83.03.02 It is reported that a Portland Rolls-Royce dealer has sold 14 cars to the followers of the Bhagwan at an approximate cost of $120,000 each
83.03.03 Rajneeshee "buy up" rumors are reported in Springfield and Brownsville
83.03.03 It is reported that 1000 Friends has stated it will make an effort to postpone LCDC review of the R Comprehensive Plan and that they expect success
83.03.03 The Hotel Rajneesh in Portland holds official public opening party
83.03.04 It is reported that: a team of non-Rajneeshee auditors has been conducting a full audit of Rajneeshee coporations to be completed in mid-March; the first Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant outside of Oregon opened in Santa Cruz, California, two weeks previously; the R mayor recently became the first representative of the city to testify before the Oregon Legislature, speaking to the House Revenue Committee on the question of the taxation of agricultural lands rezoned for urban use
83.03.05 President Reagan visits Klamath Falls; many protest demonstrators on hand; 45 Rajneeshee, unlike others, present to welcome his motorcade with singing and an American flag; the President makes no public appearances, but visits a wood products manufacturer and talks with Oregon businessmen and the media, including reporters from the Rajneesh Times
83.03.06 Rajneeshee firefighters complete second trip to Redmond to learn techniques for dealing with structural fires
83.03.07 [R] City Council meeting; minor amendments made to R Comprehensive Plan to clarify points raised by DLCD; DLCD had reported compliance with 12 of the 14 Land Use Planning Goals, all but #10 (Public Facilities and Services) and #14 (Urban Growth Boundary), questioning whether the UGB had been drawn in such a way as to most efficiently provide public facilities and services; proposed UGB amendments discussed and referred to the Citizens Involvement Committee for further study; decision to insert jokes into each of the 3 volumes of the Comprehensive Plan; LCDC Field Representative attends and commends the Plan as being "excellent and comparable in quality and professionalism to those submitted by major cities such as Portland and Salem"
83.03.07 INS District Director grants a stay of deportation for Bhagwan's mother in order to allow an INS administrative judge in Seattle to review the case
83.03.07 [W] It is reported that the head of the W County Planning Department has questioned the renaming of 43 places on the Ranch in R Comprehensive Plan maps and has sent a list of new and present geographical names to the Oregon Geographic Names Board; the Board states that no formal proposals for name changes had been submitted to them, so the new names will not go on the US Geological Survey maps; the Rajneeshee state that they had no intention of formally changing the place names, but only wished to use the names which had become popular locally; LCDC states that the use of the new names in the Comprehensive Plan is no problem, and merely similar to the use of nicknames
83.03.08 The INS announces that an immigration judge in Portland will consider an appeal in the case of the deportation order against Bhagwan's mother
83.03.08 Former A City Councilmember and defeated mayoral candidate speaks to Hood River Lions Club on the A situation
83.03.08 Wife of former A City Councilmember and defeated mayoral didate demands and is given time to speak to Sunset High School class scheduled to hear a presentation by the Rajneeshee in one week; she claims: Rajneeshee harassment of A residents and disruption of City Council meetings; that the Rajneeshee had "forced all but 15" of the original A townspeople out of their homes and had used "legal blackmail", bribery and propaganda to get what they wanted; that LCDC had let the opponents of the Rajneeshee down, as did the Bureau of Labor when she reported the "forced labor" of five year olds on the Ranch; parental permission slips are being required for students to attend the Rajneeshee presentation in one week, due to the controversy over their appearance at Tigard High School
83.03.09 By this date, two of the five Rajneeshee lobbyists at the State Capitol had unregistered; the lobbyists state that they are at the Capitol merely to meet legislators, answer questions and observe how the process works
83.03.09 It is reported that a Rajneeshee petition requesting that the INS be ordered to reopen Bhagwan's mother's case, which was filed with the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals, S.F., March 8, will automatically delay her deportation while the court decides whether to review the case; a new deportation order is expected to be delayed for about 4 months
83.03.09 INS District Director agrees to delay a decision on Bhagwan's applications for permanent residency until March 31 and to reset a deadline for the filing of testimony opposed to deportation from March 10 to March 28; the action came during a hearing in US District Court on a Rajneeshee motion for a temporary injunction requiring the INS to record all evidence it considered regarding Bhagwan's request for permanent residency; the District Court judge states that he is very concerned about issuing an injunction before the INS has reached a decision in the matter and sets March 21 for a hearing on whether or not he has jurisdiction
83.03.09 It is reported that there has been an ongoing Press Room squabble at the State Capitol on whether reporters from the Rajneesh Times (circulation 2500) should be given legislative press credentials; some raised an objection to the credentialling on the grounds that some Rajneeshee had registered as lobbyists; a Capitol Press Corps meeting on this date settles the issue by agreeing to recommend that a press pass be granted, with only one dissenting vote
83.03.11 [R] R mayor announces that Rajneeshpuram will appeal the CA decision on whether incorporation is a land use decision, since "several significant constitutional questions" are left "unresolved" (No. A 26426); it is announced that the Oregon Legislature's House Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs will hold a public hearing in R on March 16, which will be the first such visit to R by a Legislative Committee, the purpose being to discuss local government issues unique to R and to answer citizen questions; new "Quit Smoking" course announced
83.03.11 It is announced that a design studio, bookstore, boutique and medical clinic are proposed activities at Portland's Hotel Rajneesh , as well as meditation, jazzercise and other classes
83.03.11 It is reported that, during the last two weeks, an elephant led a demonstration of 800 Rajneeshee in Stuttgart and that petitions in support of Bhagwan's applications for permanent US residency had been submitted to US embassies and consulates in Florence, Genoa, Trieste, Naples, Bordeaux, Lyons, Bremen, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Helsinki
83.03.11 [LCDC] Meeting on R Comprehensive Plan; DLCD staff recommend that LCDC review of the Plan be postponed pending the outcome of challenges to the legality of R incorporation before LUBA; 1000 Friends requests indefinite postponement of LCDC consideration of R Comprehensive Plan until a final court decision on the legality of incorporation is reached; Rajneeshee argue that their appeal of the CA decision to the Supreme Court could take up to one year, that a delay by LCDC for that long would disrupt people's lives, prevent development decisions and hold up review of the W County Comprehensive Plan; a representative from the Attorney General's office states in response to a LCDC question that Rajneeshpuram is, at this time, a legally incorporated city; LCDC rejects the recommendation to postpone consideration by a vote of 4 to 3 and decides to consider the R Comprehensive Plan at its June 2 meeting by a vote of 6 to 1
83.03.12 [A] Special City Council meeting; no one having responded to calls to serve on the Budget Committee, the Council decides that it should be constituted by its 5 present members plus the members of the Council; Council authorizes a letter to be sent to all of the members of last year's Budget Committee (all non-Rajneeshee) asking them to continue serving or resign; a request from the Rajneesh Neo- Sannyas International Commune to lease four city lots is granted, a five year lease at $25 per month per lot, with RNSIC assuming reponsibility for taxes, is issued; committee reports on American Legion #60's barbeque request for June 6 and responses to questions related to health and safety issues, Council agrees to grant the permit and close the streets if all health and safety recommendations are complied with
83.03.13 Rajneeshee "buy up" rumors reported in Salem; Rajneeshee claim that they receive at least 5 calls a day from the media to verify the accuracy of "buy up" rumors
83.03.14 It is announced that all Rajneeshee businesses will close on March 21 for the Enlightenment Day Celebration, one of four days of religious observance each year
83.03.15 An Oregon State Senator meeting with senior citizens in Bend is reported to have defended freedom of religion as members of the audience "condemned the Rajneeshees and their guru"
83.03.16 [R] Oregon State House of Representatives' eight-member Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs visits R as part of a multi-city fact-finding trip; legislators state- that the visit was a positive experience, they were amazed and impressed; topics raised during the R public meeting included land use issues, same-day voter registration, Rajneeshee presence in A; religious prejudice, R dealings with W and J counties
83.03.17 Rajneeshee speakers at Sunset High school class (also attended by Aloha High students) for which parental permission required; no ensuing public controversy
83.03.17 [LUBA] Rajneeshee drop their challenge to the incorporation of Keizer (No. 82-109), saying that the court case had served its purpose by heightening public awareness of the significant constitutional issues related to incorporation and land-use planning
83.03.18 [R] Two female peace officers and R firechief leave R to attend 7-week training course at the State Police Academy in Monmouth; 16 horse stable in operation;new 75-page water report published which shows: the existence of a 1900 alluvial aquifer under R, which contains 625 million gallons of water; that the aquifer contains over three. times estimated city needs in the year 2002 (170 million gallons) and is recharged well in excess of present city consumption; the shallow aquifer lies entirely on the Ranch and has no connection to regional aquifers and, therefore, can be used without affecting the water supply of neighboring ranchers; another area of the Ranch contains localized basins of underground water, with wells typically producing 15-50 gallons per minute
83.03.21 [R] Enlightenment Day Celebration
83.03.22 Hearing in US District Court on Rajneeshee request for a final decision by the court on Bhagwan's applications for permanent US residency and an injuction prohibiting Bhagwan's deportation without a court review of INS procedures, and requiring that INS officials make available all negative evidence they have compiled and seeking a declaration defining the appropriate scope of the INS District Director in determining what constitutes a religious worker-teacher; INS lawyer states that no INS decision on Bhagwan's applications is expected for two to three months and contends that sufficient court review of any decision INS may render is already available; Judge takes requests under advisement, expresses his concern that courts interfere too often with administrative processes, states that he will study the relevant case law carefully and render a decision well in advance of any INS decision; Judge also states that if he decides not to intervene, he will allow Rajneeshee lawyers two additional weeks to complete their rebuttal to adverse information developed by the INS, thus removing the March 28 deadline which he had set earlier
83.03.22 Oregon State Senate approves SB 360 which would specific ally require that the formation of new cities comply with state land use goals in an attempt to clear up what the CA in the Rajneeshpuram case stated was a poorly-worded existing law; State Senator from Portland says that the legislation will not affect the status of the Rajneeshpuram cases before LUBA and the Supreme Court
83.03.24 Rajneeshee spokesperson gives opening prayer at Oregon State Senate floor session; some phone calls of protest (29) received; a different religious person is traditionall invited to give the opening prayer each day of the Legislative Session
83.03.24 [J] Former Ranch foreman files suit against the Rajneeshee in County Circuit Court, claiming that: he was defamed in a January 7 article appearing in the Rajneesh Times; Rajneeshee took some of his personal property; they took some of his personal documents from a locked desk without his permisssion and failed to return them all; former foreman asks $3,520,000 in damages ($1 million in general damages over the newspaper article, which he claims was "false and malicious and damaged his personal and professional reputation"; $20,00 in general and $1 million in punitive damages relating to household and personal property charges; $500,000 in general and $1 million in punitive damages with regard to the alleged invasion of privacy by taking records)
83.03.25 [R] Improvements to date: Lounge offering snacks, beer, wine, videogames, disco music opens; high protein typhon crop used to feed dairy cows, serve as a break crop in rotation with grains and as a source of fertilizer; twelve sheep used to begin test of rest-rotation grazing methods for stimulating grass growth; three new Bhagwan books published; 800 residents on the Ranch
83.03.25 It is reported that the Rajneesh Bakery in Portland has expanded both hours and facilities in response to demand
83.03.25 It is reported that petitions have been presented by Rajneeshee to US consulates in Nairobi (March 4), Johannesburg (March 8), Mauritius (March 14), Strasbourg (March 11 Marseilles (March 14)
83.03.28 [A] Budget Committee meeting; consists of 11 Rajneeshee and 2 non-Rajneeshee; discussion of one year special levy of $11,242 to be placed on the May 17 election ballot; budget set at $26,751 (General Services-$10,420; Water-$4,650; Fire-$2,431; Street-$6,100; Landfill-$3,150)
83.03.29 [W] Special election on special levy for financing W County operations and one for financing road maintenance; R residents vote 328 to 0 in favor of first levy and 327 to 0 in favor of second, but both fail countywide
83.03.30 Legislator complains on the House floor that the Oregon House of Representatives has bowed to pressure in inviting a Rajneeshee to give the opening prayer on the 31st; other Representatives defend the Rajneeshee's right to be invited as representatives of a religious group
83.03.31 Rajneeshee delivers House of Representatives Floor Session prayer; some controversy in the media as up to six Representatives walk off the floor before the prayer
83.03.31 [J] Madras Pioneer prints an "open letter" from the area's State Representative which opposes the Rajneeshee
83.03.31 [A] It is reported that "longtime" residents of A have filed six referendum petitions challenging ordinances enacted by the new City Council since January; the referenda, signed by 11 A residents, will be placed on the May 17 ballot and challenge actions which raised water users' fees, fire rates, which established rules of procedure for the City Council, contracted with the R Peace Force for police protection if needed, contracted with a Rajneeshee to serve as A City Attorney, authorized the leasing of four city lots to RNSIC
83.03.31 Rajneeshee host one of the traditional monthly "Pay Day" parties for legislators and employees in Salem; one of several Rajneeshee bands provides music
83.04.01 [R] April Fool's Day issue of Rajneesh Times jokes about takeover of Madras, 200 Rolls Royces, INS, Oregon's US Senator, 1000 Friends, a news columnist and TV broadcaster, a huge R city hall building and festival attendance
83.04.01 It is reported that Rajneeshee challenges to 1000 Friends' claims that R will seriously lower the water table during drought years is supported by staff studies of the Oregon Water Policy Review Board; study shows that R " can meet the long range water needs with existing groundwater and surface water in the area--enough to provide for 16,000 in the commune", that "groundwater aquifers (geologic formations holding water) from which they are drawing water are too limited in extent to effect anyone elses' groundwater use" and "there could be some effect on the John Day River, but very minor."
83.04.01 It is reported that an Oregonian and ex-Rajneeshee has founded "Oregonians Against Rajneesh", to provide organization for those who feel that the presence of the Rajneeshee could be a threat to the quality of life
83.04.01 It is reported that a Rajneeshee family filed suit on March 15 in the Northern California District Court against the INS and seeks $1 milion in damages; the suit grew out of an incident in which the husband claims INS pressured him to withdraw a visa application and sign an affadavit against his wife and daughter by threats of prosecution on criminal charges for a fraudulent marriage; the wife and daughter were jailed in San Francisco for four days after INS arrest and their $11,000 cash bond initially refused
83.04.01 It is reported that: the Dalai Lama of Tibet praised the work of Bhagwan on February 3 in India; the first issue of the German Rajneesh Times has been circulated in Germany, Switzerland and Austria; the greatest number of Rajneeshee in Western Europe reside in Germany, where there are 40 meditation centers and 1400 businesses (including 13 Zorba the Buddha restaurants)
83.04.01 [R] Improvements to date: best week for book orders (3000); seedlings being transplanted (carrots, peas, beets, onions, chrysanthemums, nasturtiums, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, celery, parsley) with the aid of special transplanting machine; popular, cherry and plum trees being planted; industrial park, including six major projects nearing completion (gas station with 42,000 storage capacity, 9,000 sq. ft. vehicle maintenance depot, 4,000 sq. ft. garage workshop, 4,000 sq. ft. materials storage building, 2,500 sq. ft. carpentry workshop, 5 wing therapy building with a total of 2,200 sq. ft. and constructed with Quickframes)
83.04.04 [W] Invitation-only meeting held at The Dalles High School in opposition to the Rajneeshee attended by approximately 500; ex-Rajneeshee and other speakers "represent a group of 18 organizers with no single leader and no particular name, that encourages citizen support of the deportation of the Bhagwan and the demise of Rajneeshpuram"; audience encouraged to write to elected officials, to newspapers, use the radio and bumper stickers to oppose the Rajneeshee
83.04.05 [A] City Council meeting; current assets-$l,578.05; April expenditures of $279.35 approved; mayor recommends that monthly water rates be lowered if operating levy is adopted; Fundraising Committee formed to seek ways to generate extra monies; transfer of Community Church to the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon discussed: legality of transfer questioned since it did not appear on the May 4, 1982 meeting agenda, no public notice was given, due process not followed, nearby ranchers oppose return of church to city ownership, mayor suggests it be used for community meetings as well as church services, defeated A mayoral candidate charges a conflict of interest for the City Council to investigate the legality of the transfer, Council votes to investigate; contracting with R Peace Force for emergency service discussed, defeated mayoral candidate again claiming conflict of interest on part of Council; the same charge repeated with virtually every item discussed; Ordinance #37 (approved November 23, 1982 which established property owners of record as of July 8, 1981- excluding the Rajneeshee- and exempting them from capital improvement costs and taxes) repealed by Ordinance No. 45 (as being in violation of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution); the filing dates of referendum petitions challenging Ordinance Numbers 39-44 discussed; Ord. No. 46 specifying fire rates as $4 per month on residential property with a structure and $10 per month on commercial property with a structure passed (repealing Ord. No. 44); discussion of recent cases of the discharge of firearms within the city and Ord. No. 47, prohibiting such discharge and providing for a $50 fine, passed; Contracting with R for garbage and recycling service discussed, Council decides to obtain 3 competing bids (Ord. No. 48); Ord. No. 49, authorizing the city to administer the structural, mechanical and plumbing codes, mobile home utility codes and setups and to contract with Rajneeshee state certified building inspector passed; Ord. No. 50, repealing Nos. 17, 22, 25, 38, 41 providing for water and including provision for decreasing rates if operating levy passes, adopted; Ord. No. 51, authorizing lease of four residential zone lots to RNSIC passed; Ord. No. 52 contracting with R City Attorney for legal services until fate of Ord. No. 44 decided by referendum passed; Ord. No. 53 adopting emergency rules of procedure for the Council passed; Ord. No. 54 contracting with the R Peace Force for emergency service passed; Resolution 83-03 authorizing A to join the League of Oregon Cities passed; Res. 83-04 authorizing the purchase of federal surplus property passed; agreement to apply for a $250 LCDC grant to review the A Comprehensive Plan; report on the disarray and missing records of the prior City Council presented; letter from defeated A mayoral candidate and Commander of American Legion Post #60, saying that the request for the Annual Barbecue on June 6 was being withdrawn due to what he perceived as Council prejudice, read into the record; 50 to 75 in the audience; several heated statements, particularly with regard to the issue of the community church
83.04.05 US District Court Judge rules that court intervention into INS handling of Bhagwan's applications for permanent residency is premature in the absence of an INS administrative decision; INS states that no administrative decision on the applications is expected in the near future
83.04.05 It is reported that Rajneeshee in Los Angeles are attempting to raise $53 million for an Academy of Rajneeshism on the Ranch, five-eighths of which is planned to be underground
83.04.06 [J] County Court/Commission hearing on Rajneeshee application for summer festival permit to allow 4,104 of the expected 15,000 to camp on J County land between July 1-15; approximately 18 attend; 2 Rajneeshee testify in favor; 8 testify against, claiming potential fire and security danger and probable non-removal of temporary structures; Court/Commission reminds audience that a $25,000 bond is required by state law in order to ensure removal of temporary structures, states that it will receive written testimony for one week
83.04.06 Rajneeshee speaker at Southern Oregon State College
83.04.06 It is reported that the Rajneeshee have offered to fly state legislators and staff to R free of charge; State Senator requests Ethics Commission opinion on whether the offer violates a gift prohibition of more than $100; Commission Director states that free travel is permissible to an event "that bears a relationship to a public official's office" and if the public figure is "appearing in an official capacity"
83.04.07 Rajneeshee state that the trip to R is for legislative fact- finding purposes and to enable legislators to respond to constituent requests for information
83.04.07 Ethics Commission rules that free travel to R is permissible if the tour is related to official public business of the Legislature; expenses of the trip, however, must be reported by the two R registered lobbyists
83.04.08 One legislator, Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Environment and Energy, and seven legislative aides say they will tour R
83.04.08 It is reported that the Hotel Rajneesh in Portland will hold nightly meditation sessions and begin various programs to control smoking and weight, to learn voice and music techniques
83.04.08 [R] Improvements to date: 800 residents, ranging in age from 3 to 71 (71% between 23 and 42, average age 37); Oregon's only crime free city in 1982, according to the Annual Report of Oregon Law Enforcement Agencies three members of Redmond fire department complete an informal review of R fire safety procedures; 5 miles of road to be "blacktopped" before the festival; a 6 acre, state-licensed, 2000-bird poultry farm producing over 1000 eggs per day and plans for breeding; 80 acre truck garden; sanded recreation area near dam reservoir; 10 acres of grapes; 340 cars; 35 busses; beauty salon
83.04.10 [A] Budget Committee meeting; review of Ord. No. 50, which lowers water rates if special levy passes, rise in cost of electricity, street maintenance problems resulting in a budget increase; budget doubling since previous year defended by reference to inflation, improved public services, lower than expected 1982 income, added cost of referendum election, doubling of population; new budget adopted (Re- sources-$12,069, Expenses-$27,786 [General Services-$10,930, Water-$4,950, Fire-$2,521, Street-$6,235, Landfill-$3,150] Proposed Tax Levy-$15,717); defeated mayoral candidate asked to leave by W County Deputy Sheriff after refusing to refrain from smoking in a public meeting in violation of state law
83.04.10 [A] Special City Council meeting; discussion of whether pledge of allegiance to the flag should be said (never used by former Council); reporters present and photographing; Fundraising Committee report suggests a Western Fair and given go ahead to propose plan and budget; RNSIC request for a porch on their trailer approved as an outright use in a commercial zone; request for a Rajneeshee residential porch to be heard on May 3 as a conditional use; City Attorney reports that referendum petitions on Ord. Nos. 39 40, 41, 42 not received in time to be placed on the May 17 ballot; petitions on Ord. Nos. 43, 44 given titles and to be placed on the ballot; non-Rajneesh Councilperson asks that those speaking about taking action against him outside the law not act behind his back; 2 Rajneeshee appointed to fill Council seats until May 17 election; Council calls for other interested residents to file for these seats by April 13 so that their names may be placed on the ballot; A mayor reads letter of April 15, 1982 from Oregon US Senator which states that he had conferred with the exmayor of A, concurred in the disincorporation decision and stood ready to help slow or stop the establishment of such "cults
83.04.12 [A] 95 residents reported
83.04.13 Aumsville invites Legislature to visit, in response to the R tour invitation
83.04.13 [A] It is reported that: a special city tax levy of S17,699.12 will be placed on the May 17 ballot; 1982 A property assessments equalled $987,621 and that the Rajneeshee owned 12 properties assessed at $205,000 of the total; in 1982, A residents paid the following amounts per $1000 valuation-- Countyr-$2.40, A School District-$6.29, W County Educational Service District-$1.29, Treaty Oak Educational Center- 71c, for a total of $10.69 per $1000 valuation; passage of the proposed A city Levy would result in taxes totalling about $27 per $1000, or equal to that of The Dalles
83.04.13 [R] It is reported that: Rajneeshpuram has called for a $38,835 city tax levy on property valued at about $2 million; the assessed value of the Ranch had been $198,186 in 1980, $233,830 in 1981, $1,831,709 in 1982 and $6,277,563 in 1983; in 1984 Ranch property might be assessed at about $8 million of a total W County valuation of about $600 million
83.04.13 [J] County Court/Commission had received no written testimony on Rajneeshee summer festival permit application; permit granted for 919 platforms for campsites to accommodate 3,676 people, but permits for two of four campsites (107 platforms and overflow area for a total of 4,104 people in J County) refused due to inspection by J County Sanitarian claiming inadequate sanitary facilities
83.04.13 [CA] Agrees with W County DA that granting the 1982 festival permit was not a land use issue over which LUBA has jurisdiction and affirmed W Cty Court/Comm. decision to grant the 1982 permit; no opinion was written in the case, which had been filed on appeal by 1000 Friends and nearby ranchers (LUBA No. 82-039) (No. A 25658)
83.04.14 [W] The Dalles Weekly Reminder prints story on A City Council meeting, claiming that "long-time A residents" tired of waiting for legal protection, that the controversy close to the exploding point, that violence is coming and repeating threats of violence by A non-Rajneeshee residents and nearby ranchers; editorial claims Rajneeshee intimidation in A and urges readers to write to federal, state and local officials
83.04.15 By this date, Rajneeshee had appealed the CA ruling on incorporation as a land use matter to the Oregon Supreme Court; 1000 Friends and nearby ranchers given until May 1 to respond (No. A 26426 )
83.04.15 [A] Rajneeshee resident files harassment complaint with W County Sheriff's Office against defeated mayoral candidate for incident occuring after April 10 City Council meeting
83.04.15 [A] It is reported that the special tax levy would raise the A tax rate to a total of $28.62 per $1000, as compared to the following: Mosier-$27.20; Dufur-$24.66; The Dalles-$24.25; Maupin-$24.24
83.04.15 [R] Improvements to date: juniper being used in riparian recovery, rip-rapping of stream banks, small wildlife sanctuaries, walkways, soil recovery, shelter, shade, landscaping, table tops, carpentry projects; exercises staged to train Emergency Medical Technicians, it is hoped that 15 EMTs will be certified by May
83.04.15 [J] District Court Judge fines J County rancher $150 for careless driving in an incident occuring in February at the highway intersection near Madras and involving Bhagwan
83.04.16 It is reported that a Kansas woman filed a suit against Bhagwan and RFI in March claiming they had broken up her 19 year marriage and convinced her husband to donate $125,000; Rajneeshee attorney claims husband freely chose to get a . divorce, gave the woman a considerable settlement, had donated money to the commune by choice, that neither the Bhagwan or RFI had ever been in Kansas; attorney states he will file a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction
83.04.18 Two anti-Rajneeshee meetings in Albany; sponsored by Concerned Citizens for Cost of Living Rights which turned from concern with higher utility rates to concern about Rajneeshee after February Rotary Club controversy; speakers are defeated A mayoral candidate, ex- A councilperson, ex- Rajneeshee; 60 to 140 attend
83.04.18 It is speculated that the Rajneeshee are interested in buying a college campus in Mt. Angel
83.04.19 Rajneeshee speaker at World Affairs Council meeting in Portland
83.04.20 [W] County Boundary Board considers petitions submitted by nearby ranchers to remove property currently in A School District and transfer it to other school districts, thus leaving the Rajneeshee as the only significant population supporting A School District; petitions propose removal of 200 square miles from the district, leaving only the property in A and on the Ranch and a connecting strip 15 miles long by one foot wide to support the district beginning in July, 1984; petitions accepted; the R petition to form its own school district has not yet been acted upon
83.04.22 [R] It is reported that: R mayor had testified before House Environment and Energy Committee of the Legislature during the previous week on incorporation and land use issues; 17 Commanche Society aircraft pilots visit R; 3 members R Peace Force nearing completion of State Police Academy's seven week training course in Monmouth; 2500 bees have arrived at R; Rajneeshee computer service now offering statistical packages to international shippers and port authorities; 2 Rajneeshee have passed the multi-state bar exam and been admitted to the Oregon Bar Association; a Rajneeshee participated in the 6.2 mile Tom McCall run in Portland
83.04.22 [A] It is reported that the Archives Division of the Secretary of State's Office has recently completed an inventory of city records in order to determine which are missing or incomplete
83.04.22 Ex-Rajneeshee invited to Forum at Clark College, Vancouver, entitled "Coping with Cults" in response to the earlier appearance by a Rajneeshee speaker
83.04.23 It is reported that business has suffered at a Gresham restaurant because of rumored ownership by the Rajneeshee; business in not owned by the Rajneeshee
83.04.24 R summer festival (Second Annual World Celebration) included in Statesman-Journal's listing of summer activities in Oregon
83.04.25 R summer festival budget reported to be $9 million, $5 to $6 million of which is for capital improvements; first of festival's attendees said to have arrived; gross income of festival expected to be $10-12 million
83.04.25 An anti-Rajneeshee group in Albany offers transportation to The Dalles for special showings of "Ashram in Poona" on May 2, 3, 4
83.04.27 Unknown gunman shoots and wounds horse belonging to ex- J County Deputy Sheriff who is now the non-Rajneeshee head of the R Peace Force
83.04.27 It is reported that a research document is circulating in the Legislature which shows that 1000 Friends may not be representing the interest of Oregonians, may contribute to rather than alleviate the high cost of land use litigation, and criticizes the group for the amount of time and money it spends lobbying the Legislature and delays it has caused in the acknowledgement of local Comprehensive Plans by LCDC
83.04.28 [A] It is reported that the tax rate will be $28.62 per S1000 if the May 17 ballot passes and that none of the levy will be available for partial state funding by the Property Tax Relief Program, since it will be on a "B" ballot
83.04.28 It is reported that the film "Ashram in Poona" will return to The Dalles for showings on May 2,3,4
83.04.28 It is reported that Air Rajneesh Travel has received approval from the International Air Travel Association, but an application to the Air Travel Commission has been denied and is now on appeal to the agency commissioner; the reasons for the denial were stated to be that the agency is not open to the general public since it is down a winding dirt road and that it violates the "20% rule" (doing more than 20% of its air ticketing with itself or financially related companies); an appeal hearing has been set for May 2
83.04.28 [R] Bhagwan's personal secretary and husband have second marriage ceremony
83.04.29 [R] It is reported that: 75% of festival preparation money will be spent in Oregon ($ 1 million for food, $3-4 million on running costs, $2.5 million on new buildings, $3.4 million on toilet and shower trailers and heavy construction machinery, $400,000 on upgrading and sealing roads, $30,000 on tents, $300,000 on transportation); recent visitors to R have included a group of 40 senior citizens, 80 Portland Community College students, several parents of Rajneeshee adults, representatives of all the major airlines serving Portland and of the airport authority, 4 Evergreen State College students doing a week- long research project, an Oregon State University professor who has received a grant from the Oregon Committee on the Humanities to study Bhagwan's teachings, a State Representative from Multnomah County; recent Rajneeshee speaking engagements have included the Living Enrichment Center in Portland, the Oregon Buddhist Church, the Oregon State Penitentiary, Lane Community College, and an hour long talk show on radio station KOHI; future Rajneeshee speaking engagements will include a Channel 8 television talk show on May 1, R mayor at Lake Oswego Rotary Club on May 2; in recent weeks Rajneeshee displays have appeared at the Whole Lite Times Exposition Show in San Francisco, the Western Graphic and Stationery Show in San Francisco; future displays are planned for the Los Angeles Future World Exposition in May and the Annual Booksellers Association Convention in Dalls, Texas in June; the R Fire Chief recently received an award from the Central Oregon Firefighters Association as the R Firefighter of the Year
83.04.29 [R] Improvements to date: 7 miles of irrigation, water and sewer pipes laid for festival; work begun on a food pavillion covering 5 acres and seating 6,000 and 3 permanent shopping centers; a "robot" invention turning out 10 tent platforms every hour
83.04.29 By this date, R attorneys had appealed the decision by a Federal District Court Judge not to intervene in the INS decision on Bhagwan's residency status applications; appeal filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals claims that the judge erred when he said court decision must a- wait INS action because of the harm that could result and because he did not consider the bias, prejudgement and denial of due process already displayed by the INS in Bhagwan's case
83.04.29 Southern Oregon State College hears rebut to a previous Rajneeshee presentation by a Catholic pries and an ex-cult member (not an ex-Rajneeshee) entitled "Rajneesh , Gurus and Cults: Another Side to the Story"
83.04.29 By this date, 1000 Friends had published and mailed letters and flyers entitled "Rajneeshpuram Alert" to Central Oregon residents containing: a letter by a nearby ranch couple describing efforts to block development at the ranch, the key support of 1000 Friends' attorneys in these efforts, pleading for contributions to 1000 Friends; a flyer containing a picture of a Rajneeshee spokesperson and claiming the "only wrench in its (Rajneeshee) steamroller is 1000 Friends' claiming they have worked hundreds of hours to prevent urban development and declare Rajneeshpuram invalid, citing "victories" in the Court of Appeals decision and the LUBA stay on the development of groundwater systems, stating that "We still must get LUBA to rule that the city was unlawfully created", soliciting 1000 Friends' $25 memberships or onetime contributions of $25, $50 or whatever people can afford, stating "Your financial contributions are critical to the success of our efforts", and including a note that all contributions are tax-deductible
83.04.29 [A] Previous City Council, which has been out of office since January, meets to pass a "retroactive ordinance" attempting to legitimize a resolution passed by them in May 1982 transferring legal title of the community church to the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon
83.05.01 KGW TV talk show entitled "Between the Lines" features R mayor, ex-A councilperson and ex-Rajneeshee; R mayor serves papers on ex-A councilperson for a $990,000 defamation suit which had been filed in W County Circuit Court over several statements and a letter she wrote to the Beaverton Valley Times quoted an unnamed source as saying, "The only way to defeat these criminals is by dirty tactics, the same methods they use themselves. Don't entertain any scruples. If necessary, slaughter them because if not, they'll do the same to you when they achieve power."; several other acts or hints of violence discussed on the program
83.05.02 R mayor speaks to Lake Oswego Rotary Club
83.05.02 Ex-A councilperson denies charges in defamation suit, saying she was only quoting a letter sent to A in March of 1982 by a resident of Bombay, India
83.05.02 [J] County Educational Service District accepts 111 square miles of land valued at $2.4 million to be added to the J County 509-J School District in a transfer from W County School District 50-J which serves Antelope; 30 days were given as time for objections; the annexation date is set for May 31, 1984; while the Board approved the annexation, they question the legality of the one foot connecting strip of land which ties the remainder of A School District to property on the Ranch; one Board member questions why parents would want k through 6th graders to have such long bus rides to other school districts; residents say they fear they will be outvoted by the Rajneeshee in determinations of how the A school will be run; apparently the Rajneeshee do not object to the property transfer; the transfer would lower property taxes in Madras
83.05.03 [A] City Council meeting; location of meeting changed from A school basement to Rajneeshee owned house, which is protested by non-Rajneeshee residents; Mayor announces public speaking guidelines to curb disruptive behavior (A residents must sign up before the meeting to speak on agenda items; non- A residents and property owners must request the right to speak in writing 3 days prior to each meeting; a person causing a disruption may be escorted out); guidelines amended to allow a legal or professional representative of A resident to comment without 3 days' notice and to allow comments on new or previous subjects during the additional time set aside for public comment; Assets= $1946; April bills = $800; April 10 actions of the Budget Committee approved, expendi tures of $27,786 for 1983-84 authorized and notice given of operating levy election on May 17; Fund Raising Committee reports on progress in planning for August 20 A Street Fair, $200 approved for advertising and expenses; Landfill Committee reports on a letter from DEQ praising A interest in recycling and upgrading area , suggesting public notice of bidding in local paper, which will be done; announced that A has received a $250 grant from LCDC to review its Comprehensive Plan and a consultant to be sought; records of the former Council still being reviewed and items missing so far have been reported; $13.30 authorized for a plexiglass display box for public notices; Ord. #55 prohibiting dangerous buildings, allowing abatement, providing for a lien and declaring an emergency passed; Ord #56 repealing Ords. #21, 27, 31, prohibiting the growth or accumulation of materials which constitute a fire, health or safety hazard, providing for a lien, declaring an emergency and complying with state law passed; residents invited to look for properties violating Ords. #55 and 56; Ord. #57 forbidding disruption of a public meeting, defining disruption, providing for Peace Officer citation and setting fine not to exceed $300 passed; A attorney reports on terms of the conflict of interest law, states no conflict of interest exists for councilmembers who are Rajneeshee, however, a potential conflict could be declared if a relevant issue arises; A pictures and information in the Oregon Bluebook noted; Rajneeshee resident's request for a conditional use permit for a porch extension granted; A residents invited to submit designs for a new city seal before June meeting (to replace the missing city seal); defeated A mayoral candidate's application for building permit for new A post office approved; Arbor Day tree planting in city reported; it is reported that the only bid in response to public notice of the leasing of A property has come from RNSIC, lease granted to them for 4 city properties; the public comment period revolved around: the change in Council meeting place, opposition to the lease of property to RNSIC, opposition to the new rules of procedure, the absence of the American flag and the presence of a picture of Bhagwan, questioning about the credentials and powers of the Peace Force Officer, question of who is to be invited to the Street Fair; several people from Albany attend
83.05.03 [A] Executive Session of City Council to discuss the possible litigation of the A Community Church transfer issue
83.05.03 [R] It is reported that the city has offered water management consultant services and declined to attend a seminar on "Managing Low Water Year Emergencies"
83.05.04 It is reported that rumors of sales of property to the Rajneeshee persist and that many businesses are posting signs dissociating themselves from the Rajneeshee; rumored sales, which never occured, include: a marina in Garibaldi, cafes in Tillamook and Oceanside, a store in Redmond, a paper mill in Columbia City, a College in Mt. Angel, a medical center property in Bend, bakeries in The Dalles and Keizer, Elkland Village in Cannon Beach, a $1 million ranch in Scio, 3 cafes plus motel and subdivision in Goldendale, Washington and "half of Madras"
83.05.05 Professor of religion at Oregon State University awarded a research grant by the Oregon Committee for the Humanities to study the teachings of Bhagwan says he will offer some public presentations and a course in 1984 upon completion of his study
83.05.05 [R] Portland Park Bureau sponsors trip to the Ranch
83.05.06 [R] City joins the Council for Economic Development in Oregon; recent visitors include 41 members of the Marion County Historical Society, ex-Governor Tom McCall's sister and family; Portland Educators , a video team from Lewis and Clark College, the publisher of The Dalles Chronicle and family; several parents of adult Rajneeshee; transit system spends $6000 per month on gas, plans new garage and maintenance area, is scheduled to have approximately 75 busses for the festival, and retires its school busses by converting them into trucks, coffee break rooms, etc.
83.05.07 [R] City Council imposes a 1c per gallon city gasoline tax for street maintenance projects and agrees to sell city T-shirts during the festival to raise money for projects
83.05.07 Anti-Rajneeshee speaker at Crabtree Community Hall
83.05.09 Ex-Rajneeshee speaks at Lake Oswego Rotary Club to rebut previous presentation by R mayor
83.05.09 [R] 6 businessmen from India tour as part of a 5 week Rotary sponsored tour of Oregon; they warn that the Rajneeshee could "take over the people and their minds" and "one day may be demanding a separate state", that they "will be a big threat to the United States of America" and that Americans are less sophisticated than Indians about mind control and therefore can be victimized by Indians
83.05.11 [J] County Court/Commission approves 107 additonal tent platforms for the festival after a site inspection by a building inspector and clearance for health and sanitary services (on April 12, 874 and 45 had been approved in other areas of J County); thus, the Rajneeshee original request to tent up to 4,104 people in the county during the festival has been granted
83.05.12 [A] It is reported that the May 17 ballot will ask approval of a one year operating levy of $17,699.32 to balance the budget and provide funding for city services
83.05.12 [R] It is reported that the May 17 ballot will ask approval of a one year operating levy of $38,835 to balance the budget and provide funding for city services
83.05.13 [R] It is reported that more than 7500 have been registered for the summer festival, a dining area for 6000 is taking shape as is a large boutique, centralized water and waste disposal systems are laid, docks are being built on the lake; Rajneeshee greeted Prince Charles and Princess Diana, to whom they are known, along the way of the Royal tour in Wellington, New Zealand;recent visitors include more than 100 members of the Up With People cast, 3 faculty from Whitman College, faculty and students from the University of Oregon Geography Department, the editor of the Redmond Spokesman and Redmond Rotarians, a videoteam from Mt. Hood Community College, four students from OSU studying organizational behavior, several parents of adult Rajneeshee and that several wedding ceremonies have taken place; 3 Rajneeshpuram Peace Force Officers graduate from the Oregon Police Academy, one winning the Lee M. Brown Memorial Award as top officer in the class
83.05.14 Celebration at Hotel Rajneesh for the remarriage of Bhagwan's personal secretary and her husband
83.05.16 [R] Mayor states that he will seek legislation to clear up the questions about whether R is legally incorporated in order to defuse increasing hostility and chance of violence in area; Rajneeshee offer, once the R UGB is secure, to move out of A, saying they are there reluctantly and would prefer to live in R; no specifics of legislation discussed; aide to the House Speaker says that such legislation is unlikely to be heard so late in the Session
83.05.17 Newspaper report contends that R has so far received $2194 from the state highway fund, $1142 from state liquor tax distributions and $284 from state cigarette tax revenues
83.05.17 [W] Rajneeshee resident of A files suit in W County Circuit Court against defeated mayoralty candidate of A for a "grabbing" incident which followed the April 10 A City Council meeting;$15,000 in damages asked
83.05.18 [R] City celebrates its first anniversary
83.05.18 Attorneys for Bhagwan file lengthy rebuttal with INS, consisting of 3 videotapes, 51 photographs, 48 pages of brief, and 628 pages of evidence; evidence is to challenge the INS contention that Bhagwan is not a religious leader- teacher; attorneys claim that Bhagwan should have been given a "grace period" from activity due to his poor health and that it is constitutionally impermissible for the INS to require that he talk in order to qualify as a religious teacher
83.05.19 [W] Election results published: R City levy passes 343 to 0; A levy passed 64 to 15 (raising property taxes from $10.69 per $1000 to $28.62 per $1000); A referendum to overturn the ordinance leasing real property to RNSIC defeated 64 to 15; A referendum to overturn the ordinance contracting with a Rajneeshee attorney defeated 66 to 12; R votes on other levies were as follows: W County Special Operating Levy yes 353 to 0; Columbia Basin Nursing Home Operating Levy yes 352 to 3, Sheriff's Department Special Levy yes 355 to 1, Libraries and Museum Special Levy yes 355 to 0 Recreation Pine Hollow Fairgrounds yes 357 to 0, Extension and Predatory Animal Control yes 350 to 4; Animal Control Special Levy yes 354 to 4; the rate of voting in R was 82% (359 of 434 registered); A votes on other levies were as follows: WCSOL yes 75 to 23, CBNHOL yes 81 to 18, SDSL yes 76 to 21, LAMSL yes 74 to 24, RPHF yes 71 to 27 EAPAC yes 68 to 32, ACSL yes 65 to 33; the rate of voting in A was 62% (100 of 159 registered)
83.05.19 [R] 750 permanent residents, including 55 children reported; 200 to 300 festival participants already arrived to participate in longer programs; 44 milk cows; 2200 birds; 1400 eggs per day; 12 sheep; 16 horses; 51 calves; 82 beef cattle; 1100 two week old chicks
83.05.19 It is announced that the Rajneeshee are seeking the adoption of an amendment to HB 2295 (a major land use bill which has passed the House and is before the Senate Energy and Environment Committee) which would exempt all cities incorporated since 1981 (Rajneeshpuram and Keizer) from land use law compliance in the sense that their incorporations regardless of the classification of the land would be considered legal; the general attitude is that the amendment's passage would be a "long shot"
83.05.19 It is reported that the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in Seattle is reviewing the A situation in relation to provisions of the 1982 mediation agreement
83.05.20 [R] Largest single book order received (for $26,000 from B. Dalton chain); writer doing an article for New Yorker magazine visits; pre-festival conference held to review safety precautions, attended by J and W County DAs, J and W County Sheriffs, representative of State Emergency Management Division, several state police officers; the list of Rajneeshee restaurants/night clubs/discos in the world include: 8 in the US, 2 in Australia, 2 in Denmark, 1 in France, 2 in Holland, 2 in India, 1 in Israel, 5 in Italy, 1 in Sweden 1 in Switzerland, and 15 in West Germany
83.05.21 OSU Professor studying Bhagwan's teachings, value orientations and meditation practices says of a recent visit to R that he was impressed by Rajneeshee hard work, environmental concern and international flavor
83.05.23 [W] 750 to 1000 "Concerned Oregonians" attend anti-Rajneeshee meeting in The Dalles by invitation only (press included); speakers include reporter for The Dalles Weekly Reminder, a Dalles evangelical minister, a Portland attorney defending ex-A councilperson in defamation case (he is also former Vice-President of the disbanded CCC of 1981-82), defeated A mayoral candidate; these solicit money, request the signing of peitions to the INS to deny Bhagwan permanent residency, urge the audience to write public officials
83.05.24 Rajneeshee speakers at Milwaukie Kiwanis Club
83.05.25 [W] County Court Commission meets to discuss Rajneeshee request that they write a letter in support of the proposed amendment to HB 2295; 30 attend morning meeting and urge Court/Commission to remain silent; in the afternoon on their way to inspect festival preparations at R, the Court/ Commission stops in A in response to a request by defeated A mayoral candidate to discuss the legislation with A residents; about 40 attend meeting, which includes only 3 Rajneeshee, does include media representatives; those in attendance urge the Court/Commission not to write in support of the legislation; Court/Commission unanimously votes not to write the requested letter; Court/Commission carries on to inspect R festival site; W County Sanitarian states that all legal guidelines and specifications for the festival are being met
83.05.26 [R] It is reported that another dam will be built this year and that plans for a school on the J County portion of the Ranch have been dropped due to many difficulties experienced
83.05.26 Preliminary initiative petition filed with the Secretary of State's Office by 2 Albany women and a Eugene man; "Request for an initiative petition which will: expel the Rajneesh cult from Oregon. Whereas, all power is inherent in the people--they have at all times a right to alter, reform or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper—Article I, Section 1. Therefore, a majority vote by the people approving this initiative petition identifies the Rajneeshees as an alien cult that has invaded Oregon and threatens our governments--and herewith commands our governor to expel immediately from Oregon all members and vestiges of said cult. Any attempt by a judge or any other public servant to obstruct enforcement of this directive will be a disobedience to the people, hence a violation of our Oregon Constitution and therefore be punished as treason"; the petition garnered 47 signatures in the first hour; it has been forwarded to the Attorney General's Office for a ballot title; if it is intended to become law it will need 62,521 signatures by July 1984; if intended as a constitutional amendment it will need 83,361 signatures
83.05.27 [J] J County residents of the Ranch announce that they will seek signatures on a petition for permission to hold an incorporation election for Rajneeshville; the new city would consist of 16,000 acres and sit on land now occupied by 20 trailers, a medical facility and 87 registered voters; 150 registered voters are needed in an area before it is eligible for incorporation; the move was evidently in response to the frustrations of dealing with the J Court/Commission which: a few weeks prior refused to allow the inclusion of the area in the Rajneeshpuram UGB; refused to reconsider the placement of the J and W County borderlines, refused to write a letter supporting the proposed amendment to HB 2295; chair of the Commission says the petition will be denied on land use grounds
83.05.27 [R] It is reported that: the Rajneeshee consider letters written by three former A council members to DLCD in opposition to the R Comprehensive Plan to be a breach of the May 1982 mediation agreement and they may reopen claims for the $19,000 in attorneys' fees waived as a part of the agreement; recent visitors include 25 Portland Community College students, 46 senior citizens from Salem, John Day senior citizens, 50 members of the Farm and Land Institute of the Bend Chapter of the National Association of Realtors, parents and festival arrivees; the transformation of a political extremist and accused bomber, for whom police have been looking for 5½ years, into a peaceful 2 year follower of the Bhagwan has caused a sensation in Japan as a result of his arrest; there are 9 Rajneeshee centers and 9000 followers in Japan; people have become upset in Molalla as a result of a Service Center employment counselor's revelation that she is a Rajneeshee, rumors of "take over" and telephone calls urging her firing resulted
83.05.28 Oregon's Congressman for the R/A area meets with citizens in The Dalles to answer questions, many of which involve the Rajneeshee
83.05.29 Willamette University professor's guest opinion describing the role of 3000 Friends in the A situation and encouraging passage of the amendment to HB 2295 appears in Salem Statesman-Journal
83.05.29 R mayor and Rajneeshee attorney appear on "Town Hall" television program along with many others to discuss religion and moneyraising as they relate to tax law
83.05.31 [A] Special City Council meeting to discuss the proposed amendment to HB 2295; 3 day advance sign-up for non-residents waived in the interests of full discussion; proposed amendment clarified (HB 2295 states that land use goals will apply to the incorporation of cities, the amendment suggests that the new law not be applied retroactively); some discussion of the W Court/Commission meeting in A on May 25, with complaints that it was an unannounced meeting and virtually no A residents were present; Council votes to support HB 2295 with the amendment, with the non-Rajneeshee councilmember abstaining; Council votes to postpone consideration and implementation of A 1983-84 budget and tax levy until HB 2295 settled or the end of the fiscal year; A mayor offers to resign if R survives challenges to its incorporation through adoption of the amendment; Council passes a resolution to call for a disincorporation vote if R incorporation settled by the amendment, with the non-Rajneeshee councilmember voting no; 100, several reporters, 2 TV teams attend
83.05.31 [W] A City Council files suit against the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon and 6 former A officials in W County Circuit Court; suit claims unlawful action in transferring ownership of the A Community Church on May 4, 1982 because no prior notice was given to the pblic that the item would be on the agenda, the transfer is not in the best interests of the city and was an illegal donation of government property to a religious body; the A Council had asked the Diocese to return the Church on May 10, the Diocese refused on May 24; the suit seeks return of the property plus damages of $5 per day for loss of use and $10,000 for loss of property and its rental value
83.05.31 The Board of Immigration Appeals dismisses a Rajneeshee request that an INS judge be ordered to reopen deportation hearings to determine if Bhagwan's mother should remain in the US at this time because of her serious medical condition
83.06.01 [R] Improvements to date: a total of over 3000 acres cleared and planted, 2730 of which are under dry-land cultivation including crops such as wheat, barley, oats and Austrian peas, 16 3 acres in fodder for the dairy herd, 80 acres in vegetables and green manure crops, 10 acres in vineyards, 10 acres of orchards, 2 acres of experimental farming and greenhouses; truck garden expected to grow produce worth $500,000 this year; 9000 sq. feet of greenhouses producing seedlings, sprouts, flowers and house plants; 52 milk-producing cows providing 300 gallons of milk per day which is consumed on the Ranch as milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese; 50 young stock dairy cows; 84 head beef cattle; over 3000 chickens producing 1500 eggs per day; ducks, geese, 2 emus; 20 riding horses, 2 draught horses, 12 sheep, 100 beehives producing wildflower honey; $1.5 million dam holding 350 million gallons of water in a 40 acre reservoir-recreation area; 15 miles of streambeds repaired, rip-rapped and seeded to prevent erosion; 150 check dams to catch silt and create holding ponds; several thousand willow trees planted along creek beds; only using 1.8 to 2.2 acre feet of its 5 acre feet per year water rights along the John Day River due to conservation efforts and irrigation methods; 23,000 sq. ft. in 5 connected quickframes housing the Rajneeshee International Meditation University; 2 story, 11,000 sq. ft. garage 27 vehicle bays and 8 hydraulic lifts; 3500 sq. ft. welding shop; 3000 sq. ft. carpentry shop producing furniture; 30,000 sq. ft. 2 story office and shopping mall; restaurants and lounges; 4800 sq. ft. boutique; 4000 sq. ft. bookstore; an additional 38 residential, airconditioned quadruplexes; jewelry shop; gas station; bicycle shop; computer services; 5 physicians, 2 medical technicians, a chiropractor and an RN; visits by non-Rajneeshee family members of R residents continue; 850 residents reported
83.06.01 [W] It is announced that the Antelope American Legion Post #90 will sponsor a fund rasing dance on June 4 in Tygh Valley in place of its A barbecue; the purpose is to raise $9000 to pay legal bills of former A City Council
83.06.01 [R] It is announced that 9000 have pre-registered for the Second Annual World Celebration festival; participants in longer therapy and meditation programs begin to arrive
83.06.01 The State Senate Environment and Energy Committee hears testimony on the Rajneeshee proposed amendment to HB2295; the proposal reportedly receives a cool reception, with only one committee member speaking in its favor; committee chair says the proposal will be considered along with others to amend HB2295
83.06.01 [J] Petition seeking to form Rajneeshville with 60 signatures filed and accepted by J County Court/Commission; to be discussed at June 14 hearing
83.06.01 [W] It is reported that Rajneeshee have sent letters of protest to the County Court/Commission over the unscheduled May 25 meeting in A; it is claimed that the meeting did not comply with state open meeting laws, since no notice was given; the power was turned off to prevent a Rajneeshee from taping the meeting; one Rajneeshee was not recognized to speak
83.06.01 [W] Rajneeshee file a $75,000 lawsuit ($50,00 in compensatory damages, $25,000 in punitive damages) against 4 ex-A City Councilmembers in W County Circuit Court; suit charges a breach of the July 8, 1982 mediation agreement when they wrote to the Director of the DLCD urging that he and staff oppose adoption of the R Comprehensive Plan; the relevant: portion of the mediation agreement reads: "The parties to this agreement agree in their individual and official capacities to support the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram and the comprehensive plan amendments and zone change, without qualification, and agree to say nothing and do nothing which might tend to contradict or interfere with the spirit or content of the resolution."
83.06.02 [J] It is reported that a Madras minister plans to lead a demonstration at the Portland office of the INS to urge that Bhagwan be deported.
83.06.02 Governor states in a press conference that the Rajneeshee offer to move from A if legislation legalizing R is passed is a "blatant offer of trade" which he resents, that the Legislature should not interfere in the dispute now before the State Supreme Court, and that he would oppose the adoption of the Rajneeshee proposed amendment to HB2295 by the Legislature
83.06.02 [LCDC] hearing and review of J County and R Comprehensive Plans; staff recommends approval of J County Plan, which is acknowledged over the objections of both Rajneeshee and 1000 Friends; J now one of 12 counties to have acknowledged plans; approximately 150 attend, including W and J County residents; 4 hours of testimony on R Comprehensive Plan; staff recommends that UGB be revised; LCDC takes four votes: rejects request by 1000 Friends for an enforcement order that would have nullified R incorporation by 4 to 3; rejects a proposal to deny the Comprehensive Plan because it does not contain an exception and justification for exception to two of the planning goals by 4 to 3; rejects a proposal to postpone action on the Plan because of litigation before the State Supreme Court by 4 to 3; approves the R Comprehensive Plan as being in compliance with 13 of the 14 planning goals but sends it back for 150 days to correct "flaws" in the portion dealing with the UGB by 4 to 3.
83.06.02 [W] Rajneeshee speaker explains festival arrangements to The Dalles Kiwanis Club; 113 busses reported to be in the transportation system; more than last year's 91 press people expected; 2.2 acre greenhouse said not to have worked out and will be turned into a meditation hall
83.06.03 R Mayor states in press conference that the City has asked their state representative to seek an opinion from the Attorney General's Office as to the constitutionality of R participation in the state's revenue sharing programs
83.06.04 American Legion fundaiser for A held in Tygh Valley; disappointing turnout reported, but two state legislators attend
83.06.04 [W] Announcement of a June 6 meeting of the W County Planning Commission on revisions of the R UGB in response to LCDC critique of the R Comprehensive Plan Goal 14 provisions that the boundary does not lend itself well to providing for public facilities and services; part of the boundary would be in J County, where officials have taken a position not to allow the expansion of the boundary; it is stated that the W County Planning Staff recommendation will be not to approve the boundary until it is complete (including the J County portion)
83.06.06 It is reported that a state representative from Albany has asked the AG and the DEQ and the W County Sheriff to "make inquiries" regarding activities of residents at R as a courtesy to a constituent who felt certain sanitation, safety and public access laws were being violated
83.06.06 [W] W County Planning Commission meeting; hearing on UGB revisions for R tabled; hearing reset for July 11 to give the South W County Planning Advisory Group time to meet and look at the effect the proposed city of Rajneeshville in J County would have on the boundary issue; the proposed revision of the R UGB would be reduced to 1800 acres, but would include more buildable land; the SWCPAG had already recommended that land outside the revised UGB be disincorporated as a condition of accepting the revised boundary; 50 people attend
83.06.07 [A] City Council meeting in A School basement; a reported $3289.43 in the General Fund with $730 in outstanding and expected bills; budget hearing to discuss the approved budget of $27,786 announced for June 29; advertizing reportedly begun to attract vendors to the August 20 A Street Fair; a landfill fire of May 30, which smoldered for 1 days was reported to the DEQ; announced that DEQ recycling information will soon be circulated; report on the city records: all deeds missing, all oaths of office before 1983 missing, former A City Attorney has A City Council minutes prior to 1976 and other records and intends to keep them as a lien against bills he feels the City still owes him; A City Attorney authorized to take legal steps to retrieve records; request of 2 non-Rajneeshees and 1 Rajneeshee yield offer by R City Planner to work on A Comprehensive Plan; contract for 20 hours of R City Planner time at $250 (to be paid by LCDC grant) for work on A Plan approved; sketches for A City Seal reviewed and one adopted; A City Attorney reports on lawsuit against the Episcopal Diocese and 4 ex-A City Councilmembers, papers to be served this week; letters authorized to be written to 2 non-Rajneeshee property owners in A to take care of public nuisances on their property before July 5 Council meeting; letter authorized to be written concerning weed abatement; ad in The Dalles Chronicle authorized to solicit bids for weed abatement on A City property; Ordinance #59 allowing A to enter into contract for toilet rental and use of land at A Street Fair passes;ccntract for toilet rental approved; Ordinance # 60 adopting state building codes and fees and declaring an emergency passes (R Community Development Department will administer the codes in A according to a previous ordinance); resolution establishing state fees for building permits passes; contract with R to perform duties of Building Officials to be presented next meeting; Ordinance #61 accepting a bid from RNSIC to recycle A city waste for $150 per month adopted after A Mayor declares a potential conflict of interest; RSNIC bid to respond to DEQ request to cover and move location of landfill by June 30 for $300 accepted; Mayor states wish that A City receive more bid competition on such jobs; Ordinance #62 adopted unanimously, reads as follows: "AN ORDINANCE SETTING ASIDE CITY PROPERTY FOR RELAXATION AND RECREATION WITHOUT WEARING CLOTHING. Many residents of Antelope wish to have a place where they may become more in tune with nature by relaxing and enjoying each other without wearing clothing. The people of Antelope believe that the human body is beautiful and that much benefit, including better health and vitality, can be gained by understanding it. The only way to truly understand and relate to the human body is to learn to accept it once again with the unaffected nonchalance of a new born babe. At birth there is no concept of nakedness. The body is completely natural and accepted without question. Later, people learn to hide behind their clothing. The people of Antelope wish to regain their innocence by getting in touch with themselves and nature and learning to accept themselves totally as they are. Therefore, THE CITY OF ANTELOPE does ordain as follows: The city property located at Blocks 5, Baird's Addition, Antelope, will be set aside as a place where citizens and visitors to Antelope may gather without wearing clothing, and relax with each other in true openness and honesty. This ordinance shall take effect after proper facilities, as determined by the Council, have been provided and the Council announces the park opening."; committee appointed to look into details of implementation; W County DA later says that W County has an ordinance prohibiting public nudity, but that it only applies outside of incorporated areas; discussion of events related to R proposed amendment to HB2295, including a RSNIC letter stating that if the amendment is adopted by the Legislature, they will put all their property in A up for sale and encourage all Rajneeshees to move to R; Treasurer authorized to spend up to $75 per month on things authorized by the Council; City Attorney authorized to increase work hours from 2 to 5 per week; material of gravel for post office parking lot approved; announcements; public comments; non-Rajneeshee appointed to committees for weed abatement and for public nudity; flag issue raised again
83.06.08 Guest opinion by Western Oregon State College professor appears in Albany Democrat-Herald and outlines how the proposed initiative petition to expel Rajneeshees would violate more than 40 provisions of the US and Oregon Constitutions
83.06.08 By this date, rumors had been reported that the Rajneeshee have purchased a ranch near Langlois and want to buy land near Mollala for an airport, school and recreation area; Rajneeshee deny the rumors
83.06.09 It is reported that R has been allocated a total of $6,326.14 in state revenue-sharing funds between December 1982 and April 1983; the AG has received at least 17 letters and is investigating the constitutionality of this; the Legislative Counsel's Office is also examining the issue at the request of the state senator from the area; revenue-sharing funds are allocated as based on a certified R population of 606, which is .0406% of the state's incorporated population of 1,492,753; $2,412.82 of the shared funds have come from liquor receipts, $394 from cigarette tax receipts, $3,519.32 from various highway related taxes
83.06.09 [W] The Dalles Weekly Reminder, which has been publishing a great deal of material unfavorable to the Rajneeshees, reports that the US State Department has been investigating Bhagwan and Rajneesh Foundation International since November 1981 on "allegations of extensive tax problems, sexual entrapment, and 'the possiblity of fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with the Rajneesh's application for a non-immigrant status'" (an alleged quote from a State Department document); the story further states that: "tax authorities did not recognize it as a religious organization"; "tax authorities revoked the ashram's tax exempt status" in 1977 and assessed back taxes to 1974; the ashram attempted "to place sympathetic individuals in sensitive" public offices; after entrapment, offers of silence with regard to charges of sexual molestation of Rajneeshee females were made in order to trade for things wanted by the ashram; "'It is possible that Rajneesh's claimed illness was not as severe as he protrayed....'"; all allegations stem from activities in India, prior to coming to the US or Oregon; the INS states that there will be no decision on Bhagwan's immigration status until after July
83.06.10 Oregon Attorney General's Office decides that the intitiative petition to expel Rajneeshees from the state must be rewritten, since it provides "no specifics on how to accomplish their goal"; AG's staff said to be certain that the proposal, if passed, "would violate the religious freedom provisions of the U.S. and state constitutions. But he said initiative petitions don't have to meet constitutional requirements to appear on the ballot. The constitutional issue would be determined by courts if the measure became law, he said."
83.06.10 [R] R City Planner accuses W County Planning Commission of being unethical at June 6 meeting by asking "'for information which we had no authority to give them, and which they had no right to ask for, and then [using] that as an excuse to delay hearing on [R] plan amendments."; he charges that the Commission yielded to the pressure of the crowd present at the meeting; it is reported that RFI is taking legal action to recoup $1010 from Andromeda Lighting, a former Medford firm, which failed to deliver special lighting ordered over a year ago; Rajneesh Times editorial castigates Governor for his remarks regarding the Rajneeshee proposed amendment to HB2295
83.06.10 [R] Improvements to date: beergarden for festival and cafeteria to serve 6000 persons per hour completed ; recent visitors to R include 5 aides to state legislators, 2 legislative employees, an author/anthropologist and the Assistant Director of the Educational Coordinating Commission
83.06.11 It is reported that the Rajneeshee have filed a petition for review in the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in an attempt to halt the deportation of Bhagwan's 70 year old mother; the INS has been given 20 days to reply; the INS states that July 1 is the deadline for rebuttal information on the separate case of Bhagwan's application for permanent residency
83.06.12 It is reported that the Mollalla Service Center job developer who recently revealed that she is a Rajneeshee will stay on the job in spite of having been the target of a letter writing and telephoning campaign calling for her to be fired
83.06.14 [R] City Council meeting; Council approves Ordinance establishing a permitting process for people wishing to use an area for public nudity in response to residents' requests; both permits and nudity would be required to enter the area set aside for this purpose; excerpts from the Ordinance and the discussion prior to passage are: "The residents of Rajneeshpuram wish to have a place where they can enjoy the sun, and their bodies, in the nude. The people of Rajneeshpuram believe that the human body is beautiful and that there is no need to hide it. In fact, it should be accepted and enjoyed openly." "Several members of the public stepped forward to air their views on the subject, including... M.D., Psychiatrist, who is the vice-chancellor of Rajneesh International Meditation University."; it is announced that public tours of the Ranch will be suspended between July 1 and 9 to those not registered for the festival
83.06.14 [J] County Court/Commission meets and agrees to research the issues related to Rajneeshville; no hearing date is set pending the study and location of a site large enough to hold the expected audience; it is reported that the County Judge/ Commissioner had said when hearing of the proposal that he would vote to deny the petition on land use criteria and "the proposed town would include some of the best farm land on the sect's ranch"; it is also reported that the previous month a Rajneeshee had demanded that the Judge/Commissioner disqualify himself from voting on Rajneeshville since he showed "personal animosity to the Rajneesh community."
83.06.14 30 people demonstrate at the Portland INS Office in favor of deporting Bhagwan
83.06.15 [A] Former A City Attorney publicly says he will keep A City records and official meeting minutes until the $4300 allegedly owed him by the City is paid
83.06.15 R Mayor, Rajneesh Times editor and RFI attorney travel to Washington, DC seeking help from Oregon's congressional delegation in dealing with the INS since they feel they are being treated unfairly and discriminatorily
83.06.17 It is reported that a 1000 Friends' letter to the Chair of the State Senate Energy and Environment Committee has asked for an amendment to HB2295 which would enable easier retroactive application of new rules governing the incorporation of cities to R; a probable committee hearing on the proposal is expected on June 20
83.06.17 [R] Harvard College library orders several of Bhagwan's books; the Austrian pea crop is reported to be doing so well that some will be sold rather than using all as green manure
83.06.20 State Senate Energy and Environment Committee hearing on 1000 Friends' proposed amendment to HB2295; Rajneeshee and League of Oregon Cities testify against; the amendment is tabled, along with the Rajneeshee proposed amendment; Rajneeshee, 1000 Friends representative and committee administrator to meet to try to reach a compromise on the issue
83.06.22 [R] Bhagwan's secretary welcomes early comers to the festival; announces the pending publication of a small book on the religion of Rajneeshism
83.06.22 [R] 1000 Friends staff attorney and planner visit R City Hall to check building permits; a demonstration of 75-150 Rajneeshee occurs; 1000 Friends staffers claim harassment
83.06.23 Governor agrees to visit R in statement made at Greater Portland Convention and Visitors Association breakfast, but sets no date; a number of the Governor's aides are reported to have recently visited R
83.06.23 AG's Office approves a ballot title for the initiative petition to expel Rajneeshees from Oregon
83.06.23 R Mayor states at a press conference that R should continue to participate in the state's revenue-sharing programs like any other city and calls for an AG's opinion in the matter
83.06.24 [LUBA] 1000 Friends files a motion for a stay on development at R on behalf of 3 nearby ranch couples, claiming that they will suffer irreparable harm from urban development and have an interest in retaining the rural character of the area: in the petition, 1000 Friends staffers claim that they were harassed, badgered and subjected to abusive remarks when checking R city records for building permits on June 22; structures approved and/or built and listed in the petition as evidence of urban development are: 125,000 gallon steel reservoir, a sewer system for 16,000 people, an additional central treatment plant, a 32,000 sq. ft. shopping mall, a restaurant, dormitory, barber shop, school, adult education office, 41 A frame quadruplexes, 21,900 sq. ft. counselling and meditation complex, 9000 sq. ft. repair garage and retail sales offices (No. 83- )
83.06.24 [W] It is reported that the Superintendent of the W County Educational Service District has told the R Committee for Citizen Involvement that votes against the A School District levy on June 28 would be bad public relations and had explained that in one year the A District would contain no one but Rajneeshees, since others had applied to pull their property and children out; it is reported that the Rajneeshee replies included the following: the A District is planning to pay $118,000 to educate 12 children when it would be about 60% of that cost to send them to Madras and most of that fee could be paid for by A District assets of $50,000; the former A Mayor and J County Judge/Commissioner had asked the Rajneeshees to sign a letter in 1981 saying they wouldn't send their children to the A school as a basis for issuing housing permits to the commune
83.06.24 [R] It is reported that a 126 year old guru visited the Medina Rajneesh Center in England and commented favorably; Improvements to date: R restaurant features the Rajneesh Room, the Oriental Room, Fondue Room, Crepe Room; Mexican Restaurant to open soon; 10 motorcoaches purchased for festival; Bear, an illegal-drug-sniffing dog, arrives to check festival visitor's luggage
83.06.24 State Senate Energy and Environment Committee adopts a compromise amendment to HB2295 which states that it is not the Legislature's intent to affect the legal battle over R now before the Supreme Court
83.06.24 Guest opinion by Willamette University professor appears in Oregonian outlining the outbreak of intolerance against Rajneeshees appearing in letters to the editors of Pacific Northwest newspapers over the past two years
83.06.25 [R] City Council meeting; $180,000 General Fund budget adopted; Council passes a gay rights ordinance, believed to be the first of its kind to survive in Oregon and prohibiting discrimination against any person because of sexual preference or orientation in public accommodations, employment, housing or education; it reads, in part: "AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF SEXUAL PREFERENCE OR ORIENTATION. Whereas, sexual preference or orientation, is the concern of each individual, and women may find joy in the company of other women, and men may find joy in the company of other men, just as men and women find joy in the company of each other.... And whereas, it is not the place of any government, organization or person to judge, or restrict the sexual practices of other individuals.... No person in the City of Rajneeshpuram, nor the City of Rajneeshpuram, shall discriminate against any person because of sexual preference or orientation."
83.06.25 [A] An ex-Rajneeshee and outspoken German critic of the group is cited for criminal trespass for driving on private Rajneeshpuram property and asked to appear in W County Court on July 10; another critic, freelance writer from The Dalles Weekly Reminder, is cited for taping a person without his consent and asked to appear in W County Circuit Court on July 11; W County Deputy Sheriff issues citations at the the request of R Peace Officers and in the presence of the W County Sheriff and an Oregon State Police Officer in A after the alleged violation
83.06.28 [W] Special election day; A School District request for $62,334. 4: outside the constitutional limit loses by 439 to 45 (R votes decisive); Rajneeshee defeats non-Rajneeshee candidate for A School Board four year term by 440 to 47 (R votes decisive) W County Extension Service Office Support Fund levy of $58,760 passes by 2166 to 1711 (R vote is 387 for to 2 against); W County Special Road levy of $169,500 loses by 2029 to 1822 (R votes are in favor); W County Sheriff's levy of $90,400 passes 2133 to 1766 (R vote is 393 to 0 in favor); W County Fair Maintenance levy of $6,328 loses by 1958 to 1894 (R votes are in favor); The Dalles and Dufur Recreation Support levy of $8,475 loses by 1939 to 1896 (R votes are in favor); the countywide voter turnout is 29%
83.06.28 Rajneeshee file suit in federal court on behalf of Bhagwan's mother seeking $125,000 in damages and an injunction preventing the INS from enforcing its February 28 deportation order until she is well enough to travel; the suit states that she suffers from arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease with angina, diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure
83.06.29 It is reported that a California Superior Court judge has lifted a ban and will allow a boy to visit his Rajneeshee mother at the Ranch for one month, after favorable testimony is given by an Oregon Children's Services official and a San Jose psychologist as to the positive environment there
83.06.29 [A] Special City Council meeting in A School basement; City seal to be completed in one month for $100 by a Portland firm, approval; contract implementing the ordinance authorizing R to administer and enforce A building codes passes; A School Board response to City Council request to move meetings from A School basement to gym discussed and maintenance problems related to move to be looked into; request that interested A residents write Mayor by July 5 to participate in Comprehensive Plan changes as a Committee for Citizen Involvement ; Treasurer reports that state revenues will decrease by $455.92 and suggests alterations in allocation of funds to several budget categories; resolution approving the operating levy of $17,699.32 and adopting the City budget of $27,330.08 and appropriating the funds all adopted; resolution autho rizing $100.65 for A Mayor to attend Mayors Association Convention on August 17 passes; meeting of committee on public nudity held after adjournment of Council
83.06.30 [A] School Board meeting; discussion of whether to hold another election in August; if that is decided and again fails, there will be four alternatives: send 12 elementary students to Madras, where 13 junior and senior high students are already sent, with the A School District paying an as yet to be determined amount; sell A District assets or assign them to another district; raise funds by a method other than taxation; disband the school and let parents fend for themselves
83.06.30 [J] It is reported that in a letter to the J County Court/Com- mission dated June 25, the Rajneeshee requested postponement of the August public hearing on Rajneeshville, pending LCDC decisions relating to what process petitioners to incorporate a new city should use in applying the statewide planning goals; Court/Commission to take action on the letter July 6
83.06.30 Oregon Supreme Court rejects Rajneeshee appeal, declines to review the CA decision that the R incorporation must satisfy land use goals; the decision is made without comment, affirms the CA reversal of the LUBA decision and sends the case back to LUBA for reconsideration on the merits; R Mayor says he feels R complies with the goals, but R may decide to appeal for a rehearing or go to the U.S. Supreme Court; at stake is the question of whether any incorporation on EFU land is prohibited by Oregon's land use laws (LUBA No.82-052, No. A26426)
83.07.01 [R] Improvements to date: 4½ miles of "red-topped" roads; those DC-3 and one Convair airplane; wharf, recreation platform at dammed lake; new post office building; four new books published; holistic health counselling and laughing meditation added to festival program; recent visiters include former State Senator, associate editor of The Oregonian, two legislative employees, the coordinator of Neighbors North Office in Portland and representative of the City Club of Portland
83.07.01 It is reported that a former State Senator and co-sponsor of SB 100 (Land Use Planning Law) stated recently that it was not intended to apply to the evolution of a city in a semi-desert area; creating farmland and a city for services in such an area was "fine by him" as it added to Oregon's agricultural resources; it is "'commensurate with the intent of cur legislation, and I fervently pray that you will be sustained in your efforts to establish this community here .... 1000 Friends has done a lot for Oregon but on this issue they're full of baloney.... Their interpretation of Senate Bill 100 and mine are two completely different things.... We never envisioned an experiment like this.... This city is in support of a wonderful agrarian experiment.'"
83.07.01 An INS official denies the request of Bhagwan's attorneys for more time (30 days after the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Fancisco rules on charges of INS bias) to present rebuttal material on the application for permanent residency; at the request of the US attorney representing the INS, however, a 15 day extension is granted to both him and Bhagwan's attorneys; due date for material is July 15
83.07.01 [J] County Judge/Commissioner states that no action is planned to change the August 24 hearing date on Rajneeshville
83.07.02 [R] First day of the highlighted week of the Second Annual World Celebration; 1000 residents reported, including 55 children from 18 months to 18 years; 29 Rolls Royces available for Bhagwan's use
83.07.03 [R] More than 15,000 followers reported present for festival, approximately one half of them from Europe, with all paying from $500 to $3050 for a one-week to three-month stay; plans to make the private school, which has 5 full-time and three part-time teachers, a public school as soon as the detailed curriculum is ready for state accreditation consideration are announced
83.07.03 [R] City Attorney reports receiving a letter from LUBA dated June 30 stating that the stay on the development of ground water resources issued in February at the request of 1000 Friends representing nearby ranchers has been lifted because R does comply with Land Use Planning Goal 5 (Water Resources) as determined by LCDC in June
83.07.04 [A] It is reported that 13 non-Rajneeshee residents remain
83.07.04 [R] It is announced that 38 quadruplexes will become the R Hotel complex after the festival
83.07.04 [W] It is announced that there will be no W County Planning Commission meeting in July due to lack of a quorum; hearings on the R Comprehensive Plan and UGB change is rescheduled for the August meeting
83.07.05 [A] City Council meeting in the A school basement; Treasurer reports $2,952.74 on hand; payment of $707.91 in bills is authorized; it is reported that 70 press releases soliciting venders and artists for the August 20 A Street Fair have been sent; a councilmember is authorized to select a site for the Fair; it is reported that the landfill was covered on June 15 and moved to a lower area; the committee for public nudity, which met on June 29, suggested the location be moved from Lot 5 to Lot 6 and an ordinance was passed to move the site; an advertisement soliciting donations for the nudity park fencing and landscaping was authorized; the Comprehensive Plan consultant suggests minor revisions in the plan and an update of historical information and recommends that a councilmember work with him and the Committee for Citizen Investment; 11 letters requesting CCI participation received and deadline extended to July 12; first CCI meeting set for July 15; update given on community church litigation; discussion of two public nuisances; discussion of a new bill for $4,550 received from former A City Attorney, discrepancies with old bills, lack of records of his being hired, missing city documents in his possession: present City Attorney authorized to spend three hours sorting cut the bill and the status of the former attorney's lien on Council papers; ordinance and contract passed with RNSIC to mow city lots for weed abatement at a cost of $400; public comments
83.07.06 [R] Guru Purnima Day (Master's Day) which is the highlight of the festival; state authorities report that everything has gone peacefully; 6 full-time R Peace Officers with State Police Academy training and 34 Reserve Officers on duty; R spokesperson appears on the "Today Show" and "Nightline" television programs
83.07.07 [R] W County Ccurt/Ccmmissicn and Sanitarian tour to inspect festival facilities and all found to be in order
83.07.07 [W] District Attorney announces that ex-Rajneeshee cited for trespass and free lance writer cited for "taping without consent" on June 25 will not have to appear in court on July 11; his office has not filed the charges; the information will be presented to the W County Grand Jury on July 28 instead; trespass is a Class C misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 30 days and $500; taping charge is a special felony with a maximum penalty of 3 years and $3000; it is rare but not unknown for misdemeanors to go to the Grand Jury
83.07.08 [R] Approximately 35 cars and pickups drive through R on the county road in a planned media event; no adverse incidents reported; last day of festival's highlight week; in departing speech festivalgoers are told that if they share all of their positive energy with the world, there is a possiblity that they can "reverse this trend toward nuclear catastrophe that we seem to be on."
83.07.11 [A] Special City Council meeting to discuss DLCD staff presentation to LCDC on July 13 which will propose temporary rules concerning how land use laws are to be applied to new cities; Council passes a resolution asking the LCDC to consider that small cities which already exist in rural areas may not want growth or the cost of added services and that those who want to incorporate a new city should be allowed to do sc if they meet population requirements outlined in the Constitution; discussion focusses on the potential effect of the temporary rules on A, its population size, taxes, and soil quality (which is better for agriculture than that of R)
83.07.12 [W] It is reported that the R request for a revised UGB includes 201 acres for a fairgrounds, which would eliminate the need for the application and issuance of an annual mass gathering permit for each festival; the R UGB request may be considered on August 1; the request would reduce the UGB size from 2135 acres to 1344 acres, but would include more buildable land, since it would eliminate cliffs but add 279 acres for the fairgrounds, transportation and public facility zones on level land; the R Comprehensive Plan projects a total population of 3700 by the year 2000 and includes prospects for hi technology industry and a hotel-resort operation; still at issue is whether the proposed population of Rajneeshville in J County should be subtracted from the 3700 total in the R Comprehensive Plan or be considered separately
83.07.12 [W] District Attorney reports that no complaints have been filed in his office in relation to the recent festival
83.07.12 Two additional proposed initiative measures aimed at forcing the Rajneeshee to leave Oregon are on file in the Secretary of State's Office; one "would require the governor to 'contain and repel' certain cults identified as 'Rajneesh or a similar type'"; the other "would require public servants to comply immediately with a 'majority vote of the voting on any subject'"; a previous similar petition gained an approved ballot title from the Attorney General's Office on June 23 and needs 62,251 valid voter signatures to be placed on the ballot as a preposed law; these two need 83,361 signatures as proposed constitutional amendments; the AG's Office approves ballot titles for these two on this date
83.07.14 Former A City Councilwoman, who is being sued for $990,000 by the Rajneeshee, arouses a countersuit for defamation charging that RFI President wrote a letter to The Rajneesh Times accusing her of being an "insolent racist and religious bigot, that we were spreading fear through outrageous lies and biased opinions"; the suit is also for approximately $1 million
83.07.14 [A] School Board meeting; operating request reduced from $62,334 (which failed to pass by 439 to 40 on June 28) to $39,640 and placed it on the August 9 ballot; meanwhile the precess initiated by nearby ranchers to remove their property from the A School District proceeds and it is believed that the new District boundary, which will contain only Rajneeshee property and A property, will be completed this year
83.07.14 It is announced that the 9th US Circuit Court in San Francisco has ruled that Bhagwan's attorneys are to be given an extension to present rebuttal evidence to INS until 14 days after the court has ruled on allegations of INS bias and a request for a preliminary injunction, thus overruling the INS denial of extension on July 1
83.07.14 [LCDC] By a 4 to 3 vote, LCDC approves an 8 page set of temporary rules, to go into effect immediately, which are to regulate the formation of new cities in Oregon; one provision states that when a county authorizes an incorporation election for land cutside of a UGB, it must file for an exception to the land use goals to allow urban uses on rural land and show a need for a new city; the provision applies retroactively to all incorporation decisions after August 21, 1981, which includes the W County Court/Commission decision on Rajneeshpuram; the rules create a retroactive standard by which to judge the validity of R incorporation; the DLCD Director says the rules are needed to guide LUBA in its review of the adequacy of the R incorporation procedure now that the case has been returned to LUBA by the Oregon Supreme Court; the R lawyer protests that the rules are unfair because they are retroactive and the County could not have known in 1981 that this would be the required procedure; a 1000 Friends' lawyer says the requirements are "nothing new"; a 1000 Friends' spokesperson says they expect R to be dissolved when the rules are applied by LUBA; the Mayor of R pretests that the final draft of the rules was completed only two days before the vote and no copy was available to R officials before the day of the vote and that was a violation of the spirit of Oregon's public meeting laws; a permanent version of the rules is expected to be approved in August, since LCDC has 180 days to make them permanent or let them lapse; Rajneeshee say they intend to ask the Oregon Supreme Court to rehear the incorporation case, and that if they refuse Rajneeshee will appeal to the US Supreme Court; a Task Force is created to consider the adoption of permanent rules in the matter
83.07.15 [J] It is reported that the petition for the incorporation of Rajneeshville has been withdrawn, since the petitioners wish to wait to file until the new LCDC rules on incorporation procedures are finalized
83.07.18 [LCDC] Task Force on permanent rules for incorporation procedures meets; representatives of Rajneeshpuram, the 1000 Friends, the League of Oregon Cities, the Association of Oregon Counties, Agriculture for Oregon, four areas hoping to incorporate soon, DLCD staff and an LCDC Commissioner attend; discussion revolves around whether the rules should become a land use goal or merely administrative rules
83.07.19 [J] County Court/Commission votes to accept the withdrawal of the Rajneeshville petition and cancel the August 24 public hearing
83.07.20 It is reported and confirmed that the Rajneeshee are locking at real estate in the Medford-Ashland area for light industry or a restaurant-resort; they are also considering lots of 50 to 150 acres in Banks (near Portland) and on the coast (Bandon, North Bend, Coos Bay); they are especially interested in land inside of UGBs, given their past land-use problems; the Mayor of Ashland says that he opposes Rajneeshee attempts to move there and thinks his citizens do too
83.07.21 Supporters of the anti-Rajneeshee initiative petition drive begin to collect signatures, since their proposed ballot measure has been certified by the Secretary of State's Office
83.07.21 US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denies a preliminary injunction request to postpone the deadline for submission Of rebuttal material to the INS in the matter of Bhagwan's application for permanent residency status (No. )
83.07.22 Former A City Councilwcman holds press conference on her $1 million countersuit against the Rajneeshee for defamation to be filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court (No.
83.07.22 [R] Plans for a destination resort at R are announced; it would include a health spa, 25 yard long pool, manmade lake, 100 unit hotel, saunas, sun decks; it is also announced that subdivision plots in the area will be sold to non-Rajneeshee; Chair of the R CCI writes to the Governor pretesting the new LCDC temporary rules and especially the striking of a clause which would have exempted areas with reservoirs from the exceptions precess as being aimed specifically at R; the estimated gross income from Ranch agricultural operations in 1983 is $870,000 as compared to a maximum estimate of $125,000 which could be expected from conventional ranching of the land; it is stated that the previous owner ran 600 head of cattle and couldn't make the Ranch pay, that it changed owners 6 times before that and the Rajneeshee are the first to successfully farm there in three decades; it is estimated that the 2135 acres of R if left in its original state could have generated $1650 in income and supported no more than 8 head of cattle, but that it now generates millions of dollars in income from visitors; an Italian director films at R as part of a 12 program series in which he is trying to capture the spirit of different countries by focussing on one small town; he sees R as an example of Americas spiritually-based communes, a capacity to absorb immigrants and allow for experiments; an estimated $60 million invested to date; Peace Force reaches 35 members
83.07.22 [A] Preparations for the August 20 Street Fair with venders , a continuous program of entertainment and 2000 predicted visitors continues
83.07.23 [W] It is announced that a new anti-Rajneeshee group called Americans Fer Constitutional Rights has been formed; its first meeting, organized by a minister from The Dalles, is said to have attracted 600 to 700 people; AFCR does not support the anti-Rajneeshee initiative petion drive; all officers of AFCR reside in The Dalles and membership overlaps with Concerned Oregonians; CO is reported to have held a recent meeting in Hood River and contacted all members to write the Gcvernor pretesting the fact that his last three appointees to LCDC all voted against the recently adopted temporary rules on incorporation procedures
83.07.23 [W] It is reported that the scheduled W County Planning Commission discussion of the R Comprehensive Plan and UGB revision request will be delayed from August 1 to September due to a feeling that more investigation is needed in light of the recently adopted LCDC temporary rules on incorporation procedures
83.07.25 [LCDC] Task Force meets on permanent rules; R Mayor says that such rules should apply statewide and not be used to focus on R alone
83.07.25 A newly formed anti-Rajneeshee group called Americans for Constitutional Rights (ACR) holds its first statewide meeting in Gresham; 200 in attendance urged to write INS urging Bhagwan's deportation
83.07.26 It is reported that last week the Rajneeshee filed a $12 million defamation suit against the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation and employees in Multnomah County Circuit Court over an article in the Oregon State Farm Bureau News of July/August 1982; the suit claims that the article attributed statements to Rajneeshee which were not made, compared the presence of photos of Bhagwan to displays of Marx, Lenin and the Ayatollah Khomeini in other countries, charged innacurately that farm buildings were not being used for farm purposes, implied the Rajneeshee lost their individuality, and said that the "Rajneeshees may constitute one of the largest ward-heeling, ballot-stuffing political dictatorships ever seen in Oregon." (No. )
83.07.27 [W] The Educational Service District approves a change in boundaries that puts 96 sq mi of A School District in Maupin Elementary School District; earlier W ESD had approved another petition putting another part of ASD in J County's school system; no children who attend public schools live in the area affected by the most recent change, but the non-Rajneeshee property will be removed from the ASD property tax base; changes to take effect in May 1984
83.07.27 [W] County Court/Commission meets with County Planning Director and Rajneeshee; recommends a delay in consideration of the proposed R UGB revisions and request for recreational site permit
83.07.28 Three anti-Rajneeshee groups are reported to be active: Citizens for Constitutional Cities (CCC), headed by unsuccessful A mayoral candidate; Concerned Oregonians (CO), based in Wasco County; Americans for Constituional Rights (ACR), based in The Dalles
83.07.29 [R] First grapes begin to appear on the 12,000 vines; plans for a fully automated solenoid controlled irrigation system linked by a central computer are discussed; other plans are: to market herbs such as dill, basil, sorel, oregano, celentro and parsley this fall; build root cellars to store winter crops; begin a chicken hatcher and breeding program; double the dairy herd; 50 calves have been born to the herd; a new pollen screen has been designed for the bee operation
83.07.29 [A] It is reported that an A city official has personally met with Oregon's US Senator said to be opposed to the Rajneeshee and invited him to attend the A Street Fair
83.07.29 Three bomb blasts (one at 1:22am and two at 2:57am) rip through the top floor of the Rajneesh Hotel in Portland, causing a two alarm fire which is controlled after 30 minutes; about 60 people in the hotel; only one man seriously injured; he had registered under an alias, is a non-Rajneeshee from California and is accused of three counts of first degree arson; it is reported that he may have been registered for a meditation program at the Ranch with two other men the day before; damage to the 4 story 127 room hotel is estimated variously between $89,213 and $1.25 million; Ranch security is tightened; Rajneeshees report that they have received a continuing series of threats over several months
83.07.29 [W] Grand jury declines to indict two men charged with trespass and taping in June 25 R incident
83.07.29 [R] Book and tapes sales reported to average between $120,000 and $160,000 per month; Asiaweek cover story features Rajneesh
83.07.30 Phoney bomb threat called in to Rajneesh Hotel
83.08.01 [W] County Planning Commission meeting; hearing and decision on proposed R UGB revision delayed until the Commission's new legal counsel, LCDC and the W County Ccurt/Ccmmission review the situation; R request for conditional use permit for recreational area near dammed lake approved
83.08.01 [A] Reported population is 95
83.08.01 Rajneeshee reported to be interested in the purchase of property in Illinois Valley, Southern Oregon
83.08.02 Reported that accused Rajneesh Hotel bomber a possible member of a Muslim sect; search for his two companions continues
83.08.02 [A] City Council Meeting; non-Rajneeshee Council Member absent; approval of OLCC package sale permit renewal and new beer an wine service application by Zorba the Buddha Restaurant; bru fire equipment in budget to be purchased; Street Fair plans discussed; cost of fencing for Public Nudity Park between $2600-6000 and only $5 in donations to date; Committee for Citizens Involvement (CCI) meeting on July 27 discussed proposed A Comprehensive Plan revisions; letter sent to non- Rajneeshee resident on public nuisance; weed abatement completed; Episcopal Diocese filed motion to strike and A filed amended complaint on community church; discussion of how to proceed in matter of ex-A City Attorney bill and witholding of city documents; suggestions and bids solicited for city stationery
83.08.03 [R] Three Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife employees visit to discuss various ongoing environmental projects
83.08.03 [W] Two members of the County Ccurt/Ccmmission meet with 20 people in The Dalles to answer questions about R
83.08.03 Rajneesh Hotel receives call from Seattle stating that someone has discussed hiring a person to kill Bhagwan
83.08.04 [W] County Ccurt/Ccmmission meets with DLCD staff to discuss R UGB revisions in relation to pending court cases
83.08.04 Anti-Rajneeshee meeting arranged by supporters of initiative petition held in Myrtle Creek; several 100 attend
83.08.04 Deadline for Rajneeshee to submit rebuttal material to INS; attorneys and 35 others deliver a two foot stack of documents consisting of over 1000 pages, including a petition signed by over 900 residents of R; material concentrates on three issues: that Bhagwan came to the US initially to have surgery which would have been more dangerous elsewhere; that there was no preconceived intent to stay in the US; and that Bhagwan's presence is of value to the world and the US
83.08.04 San Mateo County man files suit in Superior Court to have his son return early from visiting mother at R due to alleged threats to his safety
83.08.05 Oregon Farm Bureau states that it will fight the $12 million lawsuit filed against it by the Rajneeshee (No. )
83.08.05 Several Oregon religious leaders attending the 6th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Vancouver, B. C. issue a statement deploring the acts of violence and bigotry against the Rajneeshee
83.08.05 [LCDC] DLCD staff officially recommend a delay in the review of R Revised Comprehensive Plan until challenges to the city's incorporation are resolved on the grounds that once the plan is acknowledged the incorporation question could be rendered moot
83.08.05 [R] Improvements to Date: 550 lbs. of fresh sprouts harvested and consumed daily; harvest begins of 150 acres @ 35 bushels per acre of spring barley and 100 acres of spring wheat; Married couple announces a suit scon to be filed against 3 INS officials to claim damages for refusing to precess the husband's application for permanent residency for over 16 months on the basis of religious discrimination
83.08.06 [R] Two California men arrested on extortion and criminal conspiracy charges involving a year long series of threatening letters and taken to jail in The Dalles; R Peace Force's first felony arrests
83.08.08 San Mateo boy allowed to complete his visit with mother at R
83.08.08 [LCDC] Commission members ask R land use attorney and 1000 Friends' attorney to prepare a joint presentation on new standards for the creation of urban areas in Oregon
83.08.09 [R] San Diego State University Professor of Religious Studies administers questionnaire to residents
83.08.09 [A] School levy request of $39,640 defeated by a vote of 416 no to 42 yes
83.08.09 ACR holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Baker; 200-300 attend
83.08.10 [A] School Board meeting; decisions delayed until Aug. 15
83.08.10 [W] County Court/Commission votes 2 to 1 to direct the W County Planning Commission to conduct hearings on proposed R UGB revisions
83.08.11 30 to 40 members of anti-Rajneeshee groups convene in Salem for picnic on Capitol lawn and to meet with Governor's aide
83.08.11 R ambulance responds to car accident call 6 mi. east of A
83.08.11 CO begins voter registration drive in support of initiative petition
83.08.11 [W] 1000 Friends, a Ranch couple and 2 individuals file suit in W County Circuit Court against W County, LCDC and R seeking to invalidate W County Ccurt/Ccmmission order allowing the R incorporation election and to require LCDC to issue orders forcing R and W County to comply with land use goals and state land use law compliance procedures on the grounds that W County had failed to recognize that R residents would be primarily engaged in agriculture (No. )
83.08.12 [R] Improvements to Date: a firewatch tower built and staffed 24 hours a day from July-Oct to act as an early warning system for over 30 ranches and an area of 2000 sq. mi. is part of a statewide network coordinated by BLM and Oregon Depart- ment of Forestry; 50 adult and 50 baby peacocks; over 30 Rolls Royces; reported that neighboring ranches pump 5700 gals. of water per min. for irrigation and that R total expected use by the year 2000 will be only 375 gal. per min. 2 Directors of the Rajneesh Institute for Nature Living attend the national convention of the American Sunbathers Association; construction of warehouse begun; W County Court/ Commission member who recently resigned to pursue missionary work in Nigeria praised by R officials and states that the Court/Commission has made the many controversial decisions about R based on the law
83.08.14 CO anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Wamic attended by 140
83.08.14 R and CCC attorneys debate the issue of separation of church and state in relation to R on local TV program
83.08.15 [R] Two remaining members of the County Court/Commission and two candidates for vacant seat tour R to ensure all temporary festival structures* removed and state they are satisfied; R attorney writes letter to Banks garage owner demanding he stop selling "Nuke the Guru" T-shirts displaying pictures of Bhagwan
83.08.15 [A] School Board votes to close A school and send its 12 non- Rajneeshee elementary students to Madras 34 miles away; develops a new budget of $85,610; shows revenue of $62,952; sets a special levy election for $23,000 for Sept. 20
83.08.15 Portland Rajneesh bakery moves to Hotel Rajneesh; Hotel also announces opening of a medical clinic, new coffeeshco and Mexican restaurant
83.08.15 CCC holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Bend and begins fund- raising effort for a lawsuit asserting that R violates the US constitution's requirement of separation of church and state, which will be filed when enough funds are pledged; 150-200 attend
83.08.16 Anti-Rajneeshee meeting for fewer than 40 people in Hood Rive:
83.08.17 Anti-Rajneeshee meeting for 40 in Parkdale
83.08.17 R spokesperson makes presentation at public information meeting in Santa Cruz held to counteract misinformation, threats and violence; 300 attend
83.08.17 [SC] Oregon Supreme Court denies Rajneeshee request to reconsider its June 30 ruling that R must meet statewide land use goals; case remanded to LUBA for a decision on the merits (LUBA No. 82-052, No. A26426, )
83.08.18 [R] Rajneeshee announce they will appeal the Oregon Supreme Court ruling to the US Supreme Court on the grounds that the First Amendment rights of the residents of R have been violated (LUBA No. 82-052, No. A26426, )
83.08.18 [W] Grand jury votes not to press extortion and criminal conspiracy charges against two California men arrested at R on Aug. 6
83.08.18 California man pleads innocent to first degree arson charges in connection with the Rajneesh Hotel bombing in Multnomah County Circuit Court (No. )
83.08.18 [R] It is reported that at least 50 individuals and real estate agenices have offered property to Rajneeshee in Ashland- Medford area; 250 offers have been made statewide
83.08.18 San Francisco Rajneeshee announce opening of a once a week disco
83.08.19 Oregonian article by Willamette University professor cites 1000 Friends' responsibility for a portion of the climate of fear and intolerance directed against Rajneeshee in Oregon
83.08.19 [R] Improvements to Date: 1200 eggs a day produced; sagebrush being cleared for recreational area near dammed lake; 80 acres of Austrian peas ready for harvest; construction of museum planned; record July tape and book sales of $350,000 announced; bakery output at 400 loaves of bread and several hundred dozen pastries per day (during festival: 2000 loaves total of 100,000 cookies; 11,000 pieces of cake; 7000 pieces of pie; 12,000 shortcakes; 22,000 croissants; 11,000 brownies; 8000 pieces of torte; 15,000 cheesecakes and 5400 pieces of poppyseed cake); University of Oregon Department of Psychology launches in-depth, on-going study with demographic survey of R residents; Professor of University of East Anglia's School of Economics and Social Studies in England completes book on Rajneeshee and a BBC2 TV documentary, both to be released this fall; names of 4 Rajneeshee submitted to be considered for appointment to fill a vacancy on the W County Planning Commission
83.08.20 [A] Street Fair; booths, music, a wedding; hundreds of Rajneeshee attend; estimated profits between $400-500
83.08.20 Anti-Rajneeshee-meeting held by supporters of initiative petition; 100 attend; Rajneeshee spokesperson in Medford to respond to meeting
83.08.21 Oregon Mayers Association meeting attended by 59 of Oregon's 243 mayors, including R mayor and A City Recorder
83.08.22 ACR holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Gresham; 100 attend
83.08.22 [J] Madras School District 509J Board agrees to accept non-Rajneeshee A elementary school children on a tuition basis; 21 total A students, including high schoolers, will be charged $62,441; A School Board member says A school bus will be sold, revenue raised and a levy of $23,000 sent to voters on Sept. 20
83.08.23 ACR holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Beaverton
83.08.23 [W] County Planning Commission Special Meeting; for the third time tables discussion of preposed R UGB revision, which would constitute a not loss of 300 acres from the UGB, until courts determine the legality of R incorporation; 30 to 40 attend; R attorneys say they will appeal to the W County Court/Commission since the Oct /Nov deadline for submitting R Comprehensive Plan revisions to LCDC is nearing
83.08.23 [W] County Court/Commission members meet with citizens to answer questions about R
83.08.23 [LUBA] denies a request to stay implementation of the R Comprehensive Plan and Development Code filed by 1000 Friends on behalf of five ranch couples, saying the claimed "irreparable injury" which would result from their implementation had not been shown
83.08.24 [R] City Council holds public hearing on the annexation of 103 acres of land
83.08.24 [W] County Court Commission meeting; appointment of third member; hearing on 1984 Rajneeshee festival permit
83.08.24 [W] Petition seeking recall of W County Sheriff filed which cites as one of reasons the arrests of two for trespassing and taping in June 25 R incident; 1,708 signatures needed within 90 days to place petition on the ballot
83.08.25 ACR holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Oregon City
83.08.25 [R] Officials announce the start of a $3.5 million construction project to include a 72 unit hotel, a 62,000 sq. ft. furniture factory, a lounge, a 60,000 sq. ft. cafeteria with cutside seating for 15,000, airport additions, a security building, a tourist reception center, an 8000 sq. ft. recreation hall and a 25 acre parking lot; 1000 Friends charges that R is speeding up development to circumvent land use requirements
83.08.25 [LCDC] takes no action on 1000 Friends' request to block further building at R pending the LUBA decision on incorporation
83.08.25 R attorney files motions in Oregon Supreme Court and Oregon Court of Appeals claiming the state's land use planning rules are unconstitutionally vague and infringing on R residents' First Amendment rights and requesting a stay of the SC June 30 decision that R incorporation is a land use action to which planning goals apply (LUBA No. 82-052, No. A26426, )
83.08.25 Multnomah County judge rules that Bhagwan must be available for pre-trial deposition taking by attorneys representing ex-A City Councilwoman in her countersuit for defamation; R attorney states such questioning would endanger Bhagwan's health and that he will appeal to the Oregon Supreme Court
83.08.26 [R] Improvements to date: significant success of a fly and mosquito control program reported; leading German intellectual of the Green Party visiting and participating in meditation programs; Rajneesh Medical Corporation offers new health courses; personal delivery food service started cut of Rajneesh Hotel; excerpts from Bhagwan's Oct. 14, 1982 interviews with the INS printed
83.08.27 [LCDC] acknowledges W County Comprehensive Plan, but sets aside Rancho Rajneesh portion of the Plan pending the outcome of proposed R UGB revisions
83.08.28 [R] City Council hearing and approval of request to annex 119.2 acres, rezone them and thereby revise UGB.
83.08.29 [LCDC] Ad Hoc committee formed to decide how land use goals should be applied to new Oregon cities reports progress; LCDC rejects request by 1000 Friends to reconsider the R Comprehensive Plan
83.08.30 Ashram at Poona film reported to be shewing again arcund Oregon
83.09.01 S.F. Rajneeshee weekly disco opens
83.09.02 [R] Improvements to date: Rajneesh Times receives approval for second class mailing permit; Oregon Dept. of Revenue commends R efforts in putting together city budget; Portland police chief thanks R resident for aiding with arrest in his city; ex-US forest ranger familiar with former Big Muddy Ranch visits and praises environmental and water development efforts It is reported that Bhagwan has predicted the next 15 years will include nuclear war, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the destruction of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and Bombay; that R Mayor states the recent annexation of 119.2 acres is getting attention while the removal of 700 acres from R's UGB and its return to EFU has been getting little; that Komsomol Pravda Russian newspaper recently warned of the danger of US religious movements and cited the exploitation of R workers, the terror of A inhabitants and accused the Rajneeshee of being anti-Semitic, anti-African and anti-Asian
83.09.03 Anti-Rajneeshee meeting held by petition supporters in Medford; 50 attend; speakers compare R to a concentration camp
83.09.04 [R] Improvements to date: private school educates 60 children, has 5 teachers, a program strong on basic and practical skills, students attend school every day of the year, are grouped by ability and maturity level, 4th graders tested at 6th grade reading level; R school preparing for a public school district by 1984 and evaluated by the Superintendent of the W County Educational Service District (ESD) as having a sound program; 22% R residents hold Master's degrees; up to 200 people per day tour R; $64 million invested to date
83.09.05 [R] First day of Mahaparinirvana Celebration, one of four religious festivals
83.09.06 [A] City Council Meeting; non-Rajneeshee Council Member absent; 1982-83 fiscal year ended with balance of $2,051.09; Street Fair income of $1,095.11, expenses of $525.04, profit of $570.07; bills of $323.67 paid cut of ending August balance of $3,533; Street Fair praised; CCI meeting on Comprehensive Plan revisions set for Sept. 13; Recycling Center site established near fire hall, bids opened for construction and signs pamphlet to be written and distributed; another letter to non Rajneeshee resident on public nuisance; A has filed second amended complaint over community church and former City Council has been served; noted that ex-A City Attorney holding city documents is no longer practicing law; fire drill set for Sept. 14; designs for city stationery solicited; report on recent Mayors' Convention; $125 authorized for City Recorder to attend Oregon Planning Institute on Sept. 29-30 6 [W] Ad appears in The Dalles Chronicle soliciting money for 1000 Friends to continue their court fight against R; same ad soon to appear in other Eastern Oregon newspapers
83.09.06 [A] School Board meeting; acceptance of a proposal that the Board reverse its earlier decision to close the school and reopen Sept. 19 with 50-60 R children attending and volunteer teachers from R in return for R support for the Sept. 20 levy election for $25,200 needed to bring budget total to enough to cover tuition costs of non-R children being bussed to Madras at present; based on 60 pupils, the A school would be eligible for $60,000 in state Basic School Support funds; legal and teacher certification ramifications to be locked into and the Board to meet for further consideration on Sept. 15
83.09.07 [W] County Court/Commission meeting; LCDC Chair asked about proposed R UGB revisions and replies that LCDC staff recommends delaying hearings on R Comprehensive Plan until LUBA rules on the legality of R incorporation; decision to defer the Rajneeshee appeal of the W County Planning Commission decision to table proposed R UGB revisions until Sept. 14
83.09.07 Rajneeshee Disco in Berlin firebombed by arsonist at 8am, sustaining over $70,000 in damage; Rajneeshee spokesperson places responsibility on media for recent coverage of the gro
83.09.08 San Matec Superior Court receives request to bar mother from taking her son on visits to R one or two weekends per month and for part of school holidays and summer vacations
83.09.08 Rajneeshee spokeswoman in Austria criticizes conference on psychology and religion after first being invited to participate on panel and then being disallowed by reason of sex
83.09.09 [R] Improvements to date: four new books published on last day of Mahaparinirvana Celebration; drawing to be held on Dec. 11 in celebration of Bhagwan's birthday for ownership of a 1981 Rolls Royce valued at $117,000 with RSNIC paying up to $20,000 of delivery costs announced; couple visits to thank R physician for saving their son's life in auto accident- related surgery in Madras last April; plans to enclose an 88,000 sq. ft., former greenhouse turned auditorium announce more than 250 1300 lb. rounds of alfalfa hay baled; new range of herbal cosmetics made from materials gathered at Ranch go on sale
83.09.10 Approximate date when 38,000 mailings from 1000 Friends entitled "Rajneshpuram Alert" begin arriving in Central Oregon homes soliciting $15-$1000 memberships to "help stop the powerful Rajneesh Investment Corporation from obtaining special treatment under the law...."
83.09.11 CO holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Lincoln City; approximately 40 attend
83.09.12 It is reported that a Portland auto dealer has received orders for 14 more Rolls Royces to be given to Bhagwan
83.09.12 [W] The Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon begins to seek funds to fight a suit filed by the City of Antelope in W County Circuit Court aimed at returning ownership of A church to city; no court date has been set for the suit; recently A filed a second amended complaint in the case alleging that the previous A City Council failed to follow proper procedures in giving away the valuable property and seeking its return as well as damages and lost rental revenue since the May, 1982 deed transfer
83.09.13 [A] School Board meeting to discuss bussing R high school students to Madras and rehiring non-R teacher for grades K-6; 75 attend the 3 hour discussion, including officials from W County ESD; no decisions made; meeting continued until Sept. 15
83.09.13 Anti-Rajneeshee meeting held in Banks; 200-250 attend; one speaker reportedly claims that R has received $16,986 in revenue-sharing funds from the state to date
83.09.14 [LUBA] hearing of arguments on the legality of R incorporation; 1000 Friends' attorneys argue for 3 hours, again accusing ex-W County Ccurt/Ccmmission Judge of possibly being influenced by a cattle sale to Rajneeshee on Nov. 15 in making the Nov. 4 decision to allow an incorporation election; the State Ethics Commission dismissed those charges on May 12, 1982; 1000 Friends also charges that Rajneeshee are trying to mislead officials by misrepresenting facts and trying to prejudice the case by hinting at improprieties in 1000 Friends' behavior; R lawyers argue that it is inappropriate to reconsider the incorporation decision of 2 years ago since many land use conditions have changed since then; LUBA is expected to issue a final order in the matter by Oct. 8 (No. 82-052, No. A26426, )
83.09.14 1000 Friends' spokesman reportedly says "'The only way they (LUBA) can side with the Rajneesh is to give them special treatment.'" and that if LUBA rules in favor of 1000 Friends they will seek a stay on further development and "'also try to seek removal of some buildings.'"; 1000 Friends announces it is preparing new court actions which will address additional construction at R
83.09.14 [W] County Court/Commissicn executive session decision not to proceed with review of proposed R UGB revisions until LUBA decides on legality of R incorporation and until alleged R violations occurring in the Aug. 28 annexation decison are dealt with; the delay in reviewing R UGB revisions is a reversal of the Court/Commission's Aug. decision; Court/Comission public meeting/hearing; decision to "red flag" Raj neesh property and not consider any action on applications for land-use or building permits until R annexation and rezoning of 119.2 acres on Aug. 28 cleared with county on the grounds that those actions violated the R Comprehensive Plan and LCDC annexation rule and land-use goal #14 as well as W County's urban-growth management agreement, all of which state that a UG3 change should be a cooperative precess between the city and county; the "red flag" decision automatically tabled an R appeal of a recent W County Planning Commission decision to require that conditions be placed on the location of portable toilets in conjunction with the issuance of a conditional use permit for a recreational park near the dammed lake; Court/Commission postpones hearing on Rajneeshee application for 1984 summer festival permit until Oct 5 and holds hearing on preposed W County ordinance to regulate outdoor mass gatherings such as the festival; the proposed ordinance calls for the W County Health Dept. to conduct a minimum of 6 investigations to determine compliance with state Health Division regulations, for at least 2 inspections by the W County Sheriff's Dept. to determine compliance with state safety and mass gathering laws, and a minimum of 2 inspections by the W County Court/Commission to determine compliance with state laws and would allow the County to charge $20 per hour and 20¢ per mile for costs involved; W County Sanitarian says cost of enforcing 1983 festival health regulations was approximately $2000; the contitutionality of the proposed ordinance in light of a recent Eugene court case is questioned; 43 people attend meeting, many from anti-Rajneesh groups in the area
83.09.15 [R] Improvements to date: construction of 2 new greenhouses and a 4000 sq. ft. root and vegetable storage cellar with four temperature and humidity control rooms; shopping mall soon to include pizza parlor, delicatessen, jewelry store
83.09.15 [A] School Board meeting; Rajneeshee school board member states that he is only legal Board member because the petitions by area ranchers to shift their properties to Maupin or Madras school districts and the acceptance of those petitions, effective in May, 1984, disqualified them from voting in A School District elections and therefore from serving on the School Board; it is stated that the charge has been confirmed by the W County ESD and Secretary of State's offices, which said the petitioners' property had been removed from A School District tax rolls, that they were not eligible to vote in the Sept. 20 levy election and that Oregon law forbids them from serving on the A School Board; Rajneeshee Board member announces that A school will open Sept. 16 as a public school with a state certified Rajneeshee teacher, that the first project would be a school cleanup, that he would prepose 4 new Board members to the W County ESD and would not support a plan to bus R high school age children to Madras; he ratified the appoinment of Rajneeshee as School District Clerk and Legal Counsel, authorized an ad to seek volunteer teachers, stated that the A school is open to any resident of A School District and set the next meeting for Sept. 22; 100 attend meeting
83.09.16 Oregon Department of Education confirms the ineligibility of 4 non-Rajneeshee,A School Board members
83.09.16 [A] School opens; 53 Rajneeshee children attend; no non-Rajneeshee children attend
83.09.16 [W] Suit filed by 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples in W County Circuit Court seeking an order to stop further development on Rancho Rajneesh on grounds of violation of land use laws
83.09.16 [R] Improvements to date: program to loan Bhagwan audiotapes free to the blind and physically disabled announced; representatives of the state Dept. of Fish and Wildlife visit R to check progress of fish stock; R cleaning department reported to use 35 gal. of cleaning soap, 90 lbs of cleaning pcwder, 40 gals of window cleaner, 300 vacuum bags and 200 sponges per month; reported that R residents pay 10 times as much to state agencies as get back in revenue-sharing funds: R rece ived $7,298 in revenue-sharing during the first seven months of 1983, while having paid in $73,976 in taxes on cigarettes, liquor, gas and diesel fuel ($8,491 paid to OLCC in permits and liguor revenues, S2,420 returned; $50,000 paid to highway fund in gas taxes and licenses, $4,288 returned; $15,282 paid in cigarette taxes, $590 returned)
83.09.17 Rajneeshee Disco in Berlin reopens after firebombing cleanup
83.09.17 Wife of California man accused of Rajneesh Hotel bombing posts his bail and reportedly states that Bhagwan is secretly working with the communists; companions still being sought; tentative trial date set for Sept. 29
83.09.18 Last day of three day ESP and Psychic Fair in Portland where Rajneeshee have booth
83.09.20 CO holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Sweet Home; 100 attend
83.09.20 [A] School levy election requesting $25,200 rejected by a vote of 359 to 7 with a 60% voter turnout; Rajneeshee member of A School Board says new situation must be assessed before another levy election is scheduled; only 2 non-Rajneeshee children remain within A School District boundary; Madras School District says 20 non-Rajneeshee children of nearby ranchers will be kept in Madras schools even though there is not enough money in A District School budget to cover their tuition; A District has $42,00 in operating funds without approval of the levy; Rajneeshee students in A School said to be involved in an "applied arts workshop" to fix up the school
83.09.20 [W] County Court/Ccmmissicn executive session, lasting 2 hours and attended by County's Land Use Attorney and Planner; decision to file suit in W County Circuit Court to stop development on the 119.2 acres recently annexed to R; discuscussion of possibly joining suit recently filed by 1000 Friends and 3 nearby ranch couples for an injunction against all further development on Rancho Rajneesh but no decision to do so; "red flag" on R land use applications lifted; Court/Commission will deal with tabled appeal of W County Planning Commission requirement that conditions be placed on the location of portable toilets in conjunction with the issuance of a conditional use permit for recreation area near dammed lake; Ccut/Commission will also deal with requested permits for greenhouse and for building within R UGB
83.09.21 [W] County ESD names four Rajneeshee, the only applicants, to fill vacant seats on A School Board; it is reported that regular classes have not begun because there is only one certified teacher and applications for ether emergency certifications cannot be submitted until A has a full School Board to make a recommendation; 30 Rajneeshee attend meeting
83.09.22 [W] Recent anti-Rajneeshee meetings held by [CO] 168 attend in Wasco; 75 in Kent; 100 in Maupin
83.09.22 [A] School Board meeting; allocation of funds for school supplies adoption of S118,000 schccl budget; approval of applications for emergency certification of teachers to be sent to Teacher Standards and Practices Commission; former Chair of A School Board says no parents plan to send non-Rajneeshee children to A school because the teachers are Rajneeshee
83.09.23 It is reported that many California Rajneeshee are making plans to leave that state due to Bhagwan's predictions of disaster; L.A. Center has already closed; Santa Cruz, Berkeley Centers and SF Disco to close by Dec.; an estimated 1500 Rajneeshee in California
83.09.23 [R] Improvements to date: new workshops on past lives to be conducted at Rajneesh International Meditation University (RIMU); estimated truck farm produce, most of which consumed at Rancho Rajneesh, valued between $400,000-500,000; tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers harvested; potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips, onions, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, lettuce continue to grew; 125 tons of recycled scrap metal sold; 75,000 gals. of fuel used by R vehicles in August to drive an estimated 250,000 miles; 170 bicycles, 25 motorbikes, 6 coaches, among 109 buses; 45 tractors, graders and loaders; 226 cars, vans and pickups; 10,000 sq. ft. garage worth an estimated $300,000
83.09.25 [R] A School Board meets in R at invitation of RSNIC President, invites public response to proposed new names for the District; resolves to move its administrative offices to R, decides to terminate funding for the school bus to Madras
83.09.26 [LUBA] rules that the procedures used to incorporated R were flawed, but that does not necessarily mean that R is illegally formed; says the issue should be sent back to the W County Court/Commission for redetermination due to the retroactive rule adopted by LCDC on July 14 which states that all cities incorporated after August 21, 1981 have to apply for an exception to cal 14 requirements; LUBA states that W County must comply with that rule in the R incorporation case and it must be shown that the city should be in the area preposed, that it will not damage the environmnt or the economic, social and energy qualities, of the area or the state and that it is compatible with adjacent uses, including agriculture; the LUBA recommendation must be reviewed by LCDC before becoming final; final LUBA order expected by Oct. 8
83.09.26 [W] CO holds anti-Rajneeshee meeting in The Dalles; 800-900 attend; state representative from area, among the speakers, criticizes the Rajneeshee and states that he and others have asked the state Attorney General to rule on whether R can deny public access, can receive state revenue-sharing monies and whether A School can be considered a public school eligible for Basic School Support monies
83.09.26 [J] Madras School Board states that tuition must be paid for non-Rajneeshee children of ranchers near A; A School Board states that former A Board had no authority to enter the verbal tuition agreement, that A District has little money and that it is withdrawing from the agreement; beginning May 31, 1984 the students will be bona fide members of the Madras Schccl District and no tuition will be required for them to attend Madras schools
83.09.28 Director of 1000 Friends is reported to deny that the recent "Rajneeshpuram Alert" mailing/fundraising effort was directed exclusively to take advantage of anti-Rajneeshee sentiment; "'If we used the Rajneeshees to raise money, that would be improper,' he said. 'This is just one of many mailings we've done.' Mailings by the group are targeted to particular interests or local concerns" the Director said
83.09.28 Rajneeshee file another petition with the INS accompanied by a seven foot tall, 10,000 page stack of supporting documents requesting that Bhagwan be permitted to stay in the US under a visa category for "leaders of exceptional ability"; the new petition will be considered separately from those pending which ask for permanent residency status based on professional ability as a religious leader and teacher
83.09.28 35 parents and children from Central Oregon meet with State School Superintendent and Attorney General and their staffs to discuss A School District situation
83.09.29 [LCDC] votes by 5 to 2 to accept LUBA recommendation on R incorporation of Sept. 26 with minor changes; minority of Commission state the unfairness of applying LCDC's retroactive rule in the case; the matter is returned to LUBA for its formulation of a final order and then the matter will be returned to W County Court/Commission for reconsideration; 1000 Friends hails the decision as a victory and states they will seek an immediate court order halting any further construction in R
83.09.30 [LUBA] issues an crder incorporating LCDC suggestions which returns the question of the legality of R incorporation to W County Court/Commission for reconsideration
83.09.30 [W] County District Attorney files suit against former and presen A School Board members, current and fcrmer A School District employees and taxpayers requesting that the district's assets be placed in the care of W County until the status of the new A School Board is decided; there are $32,392 in cash assets
83.09.30 [W] 1000 Friends files request in W County Circuit Court to issue a temporary resigning order to stop all building in R ; Court issues temporary order blocking most building by disallowing R from approving subdivisions, land partitions, annexations, permits for permanent buildings and limiting construction to buildings that can be removed without permanent damage to the land; the temporary order is not expected to affect any current building plans ncr the $3.2 million project underway on the recently annexed 119.2 acres; Court sets hearing for Oct. 13 to determine whether temporary order should be made permanent
83.09.30 [R] It is reported that: a yoga group conference in Portland first invited, then excluded Rajneeshee representatives; a non-Rajneeshee running for Santa Cruz's Live Oak School District Board is doing sc on a platform of Rajneeshee educational ideas; the new A School Board has found legal documents relating to nearby ranchers' suits against Rajneeshee in school files; R Mayor has accused LCDC staff Director of changing his advice on what is required for the incorporation of new cities several times over the past two years; several Rajneeshee are featured in a new Portland-produced soap opera; RFI has begun a project to supply 150 volume sets of Bhagwan's works free to US prison libraries; the Rajneeshee are taking $40,000 worth of clothing to California for sale after a recently revised color code eliminated light pink, peach and bright orange from approved dress; Rajneeshee spokespersons say they will appeal LCDC approval of LUBA decision on incorporation to Court of Appeals
83.09.30 It is reported that a provision withdrawing state revenuesharing funds from any city whose incorporation is declared invalid by a state agency or court has been added to municipal bending bill HB 3028 by the State Senate Rules Committee during the Legislative Special Session; the bill passes the Senate 22 to 8; the House concurs by a vote of 47 to 11; the provision states that revenuesharing monies will go into escrow until questions of the legality of any such cities are settled; R is the cnly city affected; Legislature also discusses withdrawing Basic School Support (BSS) funds from A School District in response to the concerns of 35 parents and children who recently visited with the AG and the State Dept. of Education, no action taken on this matter; an AG's opinion is due soon on incorporation and school issues in response to questions posed by a State Representative from Albany and State Senator from Hood River
83.09.30 [W] Committee of Concerned Parents (CCP) supports Circuit Court injunction to block A School Board from removing the District's $32,392 property tax reserve held in A city treasury; A Board Member says most of the money is already committed to renovation project and books and bills are now due
83.10.01 [R] Improvements to date: Air Rajneesh includes 7 pilots, 5 flight attendants, 4 mechanics who operate 3 DC 3's, a Convair 240, a Mitsubishi Marquise and an Islander running a thrice weekly shuttle between R and Portland and an ondemand charter; 3000 lbs. of wildflower honey harvested from 100 beehives with three types of bees; 1200 residents; expected revenue-sharing check from Dept. of Transportation does not arrive
83.10.02 [R] A School Board meeting; CCP (parents of 22 non-Rajneeshee children in area) protests withdrawal from tuition and transportation funding to bus children to Madras; Circuit Court summonses served by W County Sheriff's Deputies on Board and CCP Members to appear and testify on the request to place the funds of A District in the care of W County; A school to open Oct. 24; Board votes to sell school bus to raise operating money for District; all area children invited to attend A School
83.10.02 Santa Cruz Rajneeshee Center holds sale to clear all goods in preparation for closing
83.10.04 Several Sonoma City California Rajneeshee reportedly plan to leave the state; Santa Rosa Center to close; many Laguna Beach Rajneeshee to stay in state
83.10.04 [CA] Rajneeshee file a motion requesting a stay in LCDC concurrence with LUBA that R was improperly incorporated pending the outcome of their appeal of the decision in CA(No.
83.10.04 Three week Special Legislative Session adjourns
83.10.04 State Attorney General (AG) interprets state law to say that "'no teacher in any public school shall wear any religious dress while engaged in the performance of his duties'"; AG opinion does not address BSS issue; AG meets with Chair of A School Board on A School District situation
83.10.04 [A] City Council meeting; non-Rajneeshee Council member absent; $5721.81 on hand, bills of $611.63; reported that fiscal 1982-83 financial report filed with Secretary of State this month showing $10, 697.01 received and $9297.02 spent; reported that Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI) met on Sept. 13 on proposed revisions in A Comprehensive Plan and recommendations to the Council; R Council Member notifies A that due to recent LUBA and LCDC decisions and pending injunction request in W County Circuit Court A might experience an influx of people and building permit applications ; Treasurer of RNSIC says Commune might turn to A for development projects if they are not possible at R; Ordinance =66 dealing with the adoption of A Comprehensive Plan revisions passes unanimously; LCDC grant of $500 to revise Comprehensive Plan received; two bids received for construction of A Recycling Center, bids reviewed, Ordinance #67 authorizing a contract with RNSIC for completion of the center by Nov. 15 on Fire Hall property unanimously adopted; letter sent to non-Rajneeshee property owner for removal of public nuisance; reported that A community church suit filed and Episcopal Diocese has filed a motion to dismiss; Rajneeshee Council Member letter of resignation read, applications to fill vacancy to be accepted until Oct. 25; bids to be let for road repair work; authorization for A representatives and expenditure of up to $230 in registration fees and expenses to attend Nov. 13-15 League of Oregon Cities (LOC) Convention
83.10.05 [W] County Court/Commission meeting; continued hearing on proposed ordinance to regulate mass gathering, adoption without proposed time limits on the number of days between application and final permit and permit and festival due to recent Eugene court case which stated that lead time can be as long as 2 years; hearing and approval of R 1984 Summer Festival permit application, a maximum of 15,014 people allowed to attend upon deposit of $1600 in fees and posting of $25,000 bond; 25 people attend; no one opposes festival permit application
83.10.05 [A] State Senator from area meets with Chair of A School Board and R Mayor for briefing on A School situation
83.10.05 Religion Professor from OSU files report on the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh with the Oregon Committee for the Humanities which gave him a $2000 grant for the study
83.10.05 Reported that Orange County Superior Court Judge rules RFI did not conspire to take over a Laguna Beach church from the Church of Religious Science (CRS), the ownership of which has been in dispute since Sept. 1981; CRS announces its intention to appeal the decision; 150 Rajneeshee connected with the Laguna Beach property said to be valued at $3 million (No. )
83.10.05 [A] Reported that a clerk and bus driver recently fired by A School Board claim they have not been paid for Sept. work, even though $12,674 was withdrawn from the school funds on Sept. 26; they claim they were fired on Sept. 15 and told the Board did not have funds enough to pay them; they are considering filing suit for their entire Sept. wages since they did not receive notice of dismissal in writing
83.10.05 [W] Reported that the W County District Attorney has filed a complaint in W County Circuit Court asking for a decision on the legality of the A School Board at the request of former and present Board Members and CCP
83.10.05 [CA] Rules in favor of R in case brought by 1000 Friends and nearby ranchers seeking injunctions against land use decisions by R; upholds W County Circuit Court which had earlier dismissed the action saying that 1000 Friends sought the injunctions while the LUBA decision was pending and issuing an injunction prior to a final ruling on the legality of R incorporation would be premature
83.10.06 Candidate for Second US Congressional District seat officially announces and says she is opposed to the actions of the Rajneeshee
83.10.06 [R] Improvements to date: using only 1.8 to 2.2 acre feet of water per acre per year due to unique irrigation measures; 12 tractors; 85 head of beef cattle being raised for sale; over 3000 chickens; 20 riding horses and 2 draught animals; 150 check dams
83.10.06 AG issues opinion in response to questions from Albany State Representative ; says R violates state and federal constitutional guarantees of separation of church and state, cannot provide any city services because of the "'pervasive and unavoidable'" intrusion of religion in city government due to the city's land being owned by a religious foundation and the assumed fact that only Rajneeshee can live within the city's boundaries; claims the separate statuses of R city government and Rajneeshee Corporation, Foundation and Commune are only technical and "'In a pervasively religous city, exclusively owned and exclusively inhabited by the religion and its members, every city action would directly affect the religion... This would clearly constitute the prohibited government entanglement with religion.'" the opinion is based on the as yet unproved assumptions that the religion owns all the land, restricts residence to members of its faith, controls or has the ability to control government affairs and is the direct, even the sole beneficiary of government actions; AG says his department and other state agencies will investigate the validity of those assumptions and if they are borne out the state will challenge R's legality in the courts; the opinion does not carry the force of law and must be tested in the courts; AG advises Governor to sign HB 3028 to place R revenuesharing funds in escrow until the question of R legality is determined by the courts; the 59 page opinion concludes that R should not receive state revenue-sharing funds because "'A city must behave* as a city; not as the secular arm of an organized religious group.'"; AG still working on an opinion for the State Dept. of Education on whether A School District is eligible for BSS ($27,000 in BSS due to A in '83-84 next payment scheduled for Oct. 15)
83.10.06 [R] R Mayor accuses AG of "'a political maneuver born out of bigotry'" and a "'misinterpretation of the doctrine of church and state to harm our community'"; he says R City Attorney will not challenge the opinion since it does not have the force of law and that residence in R is not restricted to Rajneeshee
83.10.07 Governor declares that he will sign HB 3028 into law, thus supporting the placement of state revenue-sharing funds in escrow until the legality of R is decided by the courts
83.10.07 Rajneeshee spokesperson says they may sue the AG
83.10.07 [A] CCP Memeber says in light of the AG's ruling she believes A School Board has no right to sell A school bus; it is reported that a non-Rajneeshee Portland woman is seeking to move to A so that her two children can attend A School
83.10.07 State Public Utilities Commissioner announces that R is seeking a state permit to operate a charter bus service to Portland; public hearing is set for Dec. 16 in R
83.10.07 [LUBA] R requests a stay on the Sept. 30 LUBA decision pending the outcome of its appeal to the CA (No. )
83.10.07 [SC] Rajneeshee attorneys file a petition seeking to overturn an order that Bhagwan appear for pretrial questioning in a defamation case in Multnomah County Circuit Court, saying that the Aug. 25 ruling violates the leader's practice of silence and Bhagwan has no relevant or necessary information to give
83.10.07 [R] UO Psychology Dept. researchers present a preliminary report on their demographic survey of R residents to the R CCI; 81% of the 700 surveyed found to come from professional and white collar backgrounds compared to 27% of Oregon residents as a whole
83.10.07 [R] Improvements to date: over 200,000 of 12 newly published books to appear in 1983; 43 additional books planned
83.10.08 [R] R spokesperson says that a 90 lot subdivision planned to be open to anyone wanting to live there now halted because of the temporary injunction on subdivisions won by 1000 Friends in W County Circuit Court
83.10.08 A School Board Chair meets with State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI), invites him to send an investigating team to A school; SPI agrees to send team; Dept. of Education official says there has been no high school program in A for 30 years and whether one is offered will be very important in determining BSS funds
83.10.08 [R] A School Board meeting; high school classes planned in American Government, English, French, Algebra and General Math; 56 children from ages 5 to 16 to attend K through 12 classes; a certified elementary teacher from Salem and a certified secondary teacher, both Rajneeshee, hired; 3 other Rajneeshee seeking emergency certification; all teachers hired on a voluntary, no-salary basis
83.10.09 Rajneeshee panel discussion in Talent
83.10.10 [J] Madras School Board meeting; recommends that A area students be allowed to attend Madras schools and that a bill for tuition be sent to parents if it is not paid in another way
83.10.10 [W] Suits filed by R City and Rajneesh Times in W County Circuit Court against W County, County Court/Commission and County Court/Commission Judge, claiming that County officials violated state open meeting law on Sept. 14 by holding Executive Session 2 hours earlier than scheduled and by failing to notify Times reporter while telling others; suits also claim that officials failed to reveal that part of the Executive Session discussion would be relevant to possible litigation against R, failed to list several matters on Sept. 14 open session agenda pertaining to R, failed to list consideration of R UGB revisions on July 27 meeting agenda and yet decided to recommend that the County Planning Commission postpone their consideration of the R UGB revisions; suits seek reasonable notice on any future meeting pertaining to R, reasonable attorney's fees, and to void the County's Sept. 14 decision to postpone the review of proposed R UGB revisions by the Court/Commission (No. )
83.10.11 Rajneeshee spokesperson on set of ABC's "Good Morning America" and Oregon AG in Portland studio discuss AG's recent opinion on legality of R on national TV broadcast
83.10.11 [R] Expected cigarette tax revenue-sharing check does not arrive 12 [R] Expected liquor tax revenue-sharing check does not arrive
83.10.12 Governor signs HB 3028, thus halting the distribution of state revenue-sharing funds to cities whose incorporation has been challenged; R is only city affected
83.10.12 . State Land Board reviews application by RNSIC to place 2400 cubic yards of fill and deflectors for bank protection along a 1000 foot section of the John Day River Scenic Waterway at Mile 116; hears report from state inspection team which had visited Ranch; approves 400 cubic yards of fill and 3 deflectors along a 75 foot section
83.10.13 [A] Visit of 5 member fact-finding team from the Dept. of Education headed by Deputy SPI postponed at the request of A School Board Chair who had asked for additional time to gather required documents; Dept. of Education announces it will withold A District's $2,202 in BSS funds for Oct. until it receives fact-finding team report; A District has already received 16% of BSS for 1983-84, or $4,404; enrollment in the District reported to be 77 students in grades K-12; A School Board Chair states that Dept. of Education has been very slow in resp ending to a letter from the current Board charging the former Board with 6 improprieties: keeping improper records, allowing release time for Bible study at the community church, allowing the clerk to keep school records at home, hiring a teacher with only two years of college and no degrees, controlling and using the community church, charging former clerk with misrepresenting a termination date to the State Employment Board; the Chair further says that there is no reason for the witholding of BSS funds and that the Dept. of Education should be helpful instead of "harassing" the new Board
83.10.13 Reported that a US Senator from Kansas is making inquiries about the Rajneeshee because of concerns expressed by his constituents
83.10.13 Governor formally requests AG to seek court rulings on the status of R
83.10.13 [W] County Circuit Court Judge extends temporary order prohibiting new subdivisions, annexations or permits for permanent buildings to be issued by R to Oct. 24, by which date he will have studied papers and will rule on the request by 1000 Friends and nearby ranchers for an injunction against further building at R on the grounds of "irreparable harm" and on the cross-claim by W County requesting land use decisions affecting R revert to them due to alleged violations in the R annexation of 119.2 acres; hearing of arguments by 1000 Friends, R, Rajneeshee, W County attorneys for four hours attended by more than 200 people; 1000 Friends claims that R does not exist as a city due to the LUBA Sept. decision to remand the matter of incorporation to the W County Court/Commission and that the LUBA order is a "final order" in the matter; 1000 Friends accuses R of accelerating building activities since the Sept.30 W County Circuit Court order was issued; R attorneys argue that incorporation decision of Nov. 4, 1981 is valid until completely overturned, W County Circuit Court has no jurisdiction until a final decision is made by the W Court/ Commission, only the state and not 1000 Friends has the right to challenge the city's status and that the 1 year time limit on challenges by even the state has already been passed
83.10.14 [R] Reported that RFI attorney has labelled the AG's opinion as "'a cheap political attack' which was 'unrestrained and unbalanced'"; Rajneeshee will attend the Nov. Portland Conference on Unity in Yoga after earlier having been invited, then excluded, then reinvited
83.10.14 Rajneeshee couple files suit against INS in Portland federal Circuit Court for taking more than 16 months to consider an application by one spouse for permanent US residency status on grounds of violation of First Amendment rights; suit requests that the application be expedited and asks for $50,000 in damages (No. )
83.10.14 [A] State Senator from area agrees to submit questions to AG pertaining to the legality of actions of the former A School Board which allowed release time for Bible study, resulted in only Christian-religious works being found in the school library, a chaotic filing system, the bussing of students on the basis of religion and without sufficient funds, approved the payment of all of the District's funds for the tuition of a minority of students in the District
83.10.14 Workshop on participatory democracy takes place as part of an in-service program for teachers in Salem sponsored by a private group named the Willamette Valley Council for Social Studies which had invited 2 Rajneeshee to take part; Salem School Superintendent had received a number of calls protesting the participation of the Rajneeshee earlier in the week, but no incidents occur during the workshop
83.10.15 [R] President of RFI sends letter to Governor saying that the foundation "'has never influenced any city action and no coercion has ever been alleged'"; R Maorand City Attorney make public the content of their letters to AG and Governor protesting attempts to outlaw R as an "'adventure in religious persecution and political opportunism'" and stating that the hypothetical facts and assumptions upon which the AG's opinion was based are untrue and that the AG's Office had never attempted to discuss them with R officials; President of RNSIC also writes Governor saying that the group is simply trying to build a community
83.10.15 Second US Congressional District candidate speaking in Umatilla County reportedly says that "acts of violence against the religious group may have been orchestrated by Rajneesh members to spark support for the group when public opinion reaches a low ebb" and repeats other charges
83.10.16 Religion Professor at OSU who recently studied writings of Bhagwan declines comment on AG's opinion but says Rajneeshee have been subjected to "anti-cult hysteria since coming to Oregon" and urges "'open, honest dialogue civility, respect and a genuine desire to understand.'"
83.10.17 1000 Friends Land Use Planner speaks in Beaverton at Washington County Public Affairs Forum and says R should be disincorporated, allowed to exist as a rural religious commune, forced to dismantle buildings incompatible with that designation, should not be permitted urban uses or growth; he reportedly expresses wonder that it has taken the AG 2 years to issue an opinion on the status of R
83.10.17 [R] BBC TV team films R as part of an 8 program series on different cultures and countries of the Pacific Rim area
83.10.18 [R] Candidate for State Treasurer visits: W County Legal Counsel visits and later claims he is not allowed to enter or photograph private property in R
83.10.19 OSU Religion Professor studying R speaks to a Corvallis Experimental College class planning to tour R on Oct. 22
83.10.19 [A] Department of Education Task Force visits A School to determine its ability to offer an adequate secondary program; regular classes scheduled to begin on Oct. 24 with 17 high school students and 41 elementary students
83.10.19 [R] Department of Education Task Force attends A School Board meeting lasting 2½ hours; Task Force and Dept. of Education accused of trying to thwart A District progress by bringing a list of very detailed questions about school, requesting answers to these and other questions on short notice, witholding BSS funds before a fact-finding investigation and without proof of violation of state standards and without the required 90 days notice; Task Force report expected within a few days; 4 TV teams accompany Task Force to A and R
83.10.19 [W] W County Educational Service District (ESD) votes unanimously to approve petitions transferring former A School District land of 100 sq. mi. to Maupin grade and high school districts; 5 parcels of land to the Madras school district (with the observation that the areas are not very contiguous); moves to become effective on May 31, 1984; names Chair of A School Board as an alternate on the W County ESD Budget Committee
83.10.19 Central Oregon District Hospital's Board of Directors and staff doctors discuss recent application of 6 physicians from R for hospital privileges since Rajneeshee are often hospitalized there; Board adopts the staff recommendation that "active physicians must live 'close enough' to provide adequate medical care"; it is decided that each application will be dealt with individually, but there is some discussion of the possibility that R doctors might not be close enough to the hospital to provide adequate care
83.10.20 Reported that Rajneeshee are looking at property in Fossil
83.10.20 Rajneeshee spokesperson at Seaside Rotary Club meeting
83.10.20 State Treasurer's Office notifies agencies of escrow account number for revenue-sharing funds witheld from R
83.10.21 Reported that the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon will support the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon in its legal battle with A over title to the community church; EMO asks its 12 member denominations to contribute money to the case at its state convention of 150-200 in Burns
83.10.21 [R] Reported that 843,000 paper plates and 525,000 paper bowls, 16,000 mattresses and 75,000 roses were purchased for the 1983 Summer Festival; Rajneeshee Body Center, restaurant and bar opened in London; new Rajneeshee disco planned in Cologne
83.10.21 [R] A School Board meeting; announcement that A Board has hired a retired non-Rajneeshee Gresham man as A District's third certified teacher and present the State Board of Education with a curriculum plan
83.10.21 State SPI releases $2,202 BSS check to A School District; Task Force had reported that A District still lacked curriculum, teachers, texts and laboratories to meet state standards for high school programs, but the SPI states that the District has made significant progress in addressing these problems; SPI says that issuance of Nov. BSS check will depend upon implementation of plans the District has submitted to the state and that a full standardization visit will occur in early 1984
83.10.22 [R] R Mayor reportedly accuses AG of secretly investigating the city, citing a 2 day visit by AG staff members the previous week; AG staff allegedly asked questions and requested to see city records without identifying their connection with the AG's Office; R Mayor says the city would have been glad to provide the information if asked by the AG's Office; AG's Office states the investigation was to furthher support the AG's opinion by verifying the assumptions upon which it had been based
83.10.22 23 Rajneeshee attend Portland conference on religion in the public schools sponsored by Oregon Council for the Humanities ACLU, Portland State University, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, American Jewish Committee, National Council of Jewish Women
83.10.23 [A] 13 non-Rajneeshee "original" residents reportedly remain
83.10.23 [R] 1202 reported residents
83.10.24 Oregon State Liquor Commission (OLCC) hearing on R request to serve liquor; OLCC Hearings Officer recommends approval; OLCC decides to send the application back to the Hearings Officer for further investigation after questions about accessibility of R to the public raised; R Mayor states that the public has unlimited access to proposed liquor service areas; next hearing set for Nov. 21-22
83.10.24 [W] County Circuit Court Judge orders a stop to further development inside R UGB stating that as long as the injunction is in effect R must apply for planning, zoning and building permits to W County; Judge denies 1000 Friends' and nearby ranchers' request for injunction due to an insufficient showing of harm but rules that W County has the authority to make land use decisions affecting R since LUBA's ruling renders R incorporation invalid for land use purposes until an exception to Land Use Goal 14 is taken; Judge issues the preliminary injunction to W County giving it the power to enjoin the following activities: issuance of building permits, mobile home permits, or other permits authorizing development, construction, or installation, or establishment of structures, facilities, and urban uses; authorization or approval of subdivisions or partitions; construction or expansion or other establishment of any urban development within the R city limits; annexation of any additional lands to R; City of R enjoined from decisions only on land use, only in the listed areas, and only within the R UGB; the ruling is a preliminary injunction and will become final depending upon appeals by R or upon the court's final order (No. )
83.10.24 [R] Reported that affidavits in the W County Circuit Court preliminary injunction case No. state that there have been 70,000 visitors to the Ranch since March 1982 and that 80,000 visitors are expected in 1984; R affidavits also claimed that they would lose average monthly receipts of $372,063 if their business operations were shut down (the Circuit Court decision did not halt such business activities); Ranch income for six months in 1981, 12 months in 1982 and 6 months in 1983 was reported to be: Donations--$2,785,075 and $5,169,562 and $943,140; Labor of Commune Members--$393,700 and $4,400,755, and $1,423,585; Surplus on Business Operations—zero and $2,121,044 and $1,519,163; Other Income—$25,566 and $205,916 and $511,242; the average monthly gross receipts listed for various businesses and the date they opened on the Ranch were: Restaurant, Dec. 1982, $29,772; Mexican restaurant, June 1983, $8,250; Ice cream and pizza shop, Sept. 1983, $12,664; Boutique, June 1982, $119,538; Hotel, July 1983, $30,750; Hairdressers' shop, Feb. 1983, $5,764; Newspaper, Sept. 1982, $10,247; Snack bar, June 1982, $36,837; Bookstore, June 1983, $72,567; Recreational activities, June 1982, $6,340; Lounge, Sept. 1982, $31,064; R affidavits say the Rajneesh Corporation has spent $20 million on construction alone at the Ranch
83.10.24 [W] County Treasurer's Office reports that the Rajneesh tax bill just mailed is for $95,607.66 and that last year it was $33,656.33
83.10.25 R Mayor, RFI President and two other Rajneeshee speak at Southern Oregon State College in Ashland; an estimated 300-500 attend
83.10.25 [W] R, RNSIC and Rajneesh Investment Corporation (RIC) attorneys file notice of claim, taking first step to sue W County, County Court/Commission Members and "other unknown defendants" for $80 million or more if the development of R is delayed or R incorporation is declared invalid ; the notice of claim states that "'The Commune may suffer out-of-pocket loss of over $20 million and lost profits conservatively to exceed $30 million over three years. Investment's damages may exceed $30 million" and that the bodies will seek to recover if W County Court/Commission was in error in its Nov. 4,1981 decision that land use goals had been complied with and approval of incorporation (No. )
83.10.26 [R] Two W County Planners visit R to inventory building activity so that W County can monitor compliance with the W County Circuit Court preliminary injunction of Oct. 24, the W County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance; they are allowed access to private property in R without the requested court order; they hold discussions with two officials from the State Building Codes Division and the R Building Inspector; 3 TV teams accompany them; they report that 287 building permits have been issued by R since Jan. 1, 1983
83.10.27 [LUBA] hears 3 hours of arguments on the R request for a stay of execution of the Sept. 30 LUBA order while the decision is being appealed to the CA; hearing contin ued to Nov. 21-23 due to scheduling conflicts
83.10.27 Fuel tanker on way to R overturns and catches fire 2 mi. from A; R fire truck and ambulance respond; no injuries
83.10.27 One of 2 men accused by Rajneeshee of extortion in August announces plans to have his attorney file a complaint against R alleging false arrest, false imprisonment and assault
83.10.27 AG's Office sends reply letter to 8 letters and telegrams from R and RNSIC protesting Rajneeshee public statements and asking 31 specific investigatory questions
83.10.28 [R] Reported that couple suing INS believes the agency admitted it was wrong in delaying approval of application for permanent residency status by one spouse when after 18 months it sent notice of approval of the application two days before depositions were scheduled to be taken; they will pursue the case despite the granting of approval; depositions in the case taken on Oct. 27 and 28; RFI is presented with award for excellence in design of letterhead in national competition; Rajneeshee attorney has applied for the post of US District Court Judge in Oregon
83.10.30 UO Dept. of Psychology researchers present data from demographic study of R to Oregon Psychological Assn. meeting in Salem; panel discussion includes OSU Religion Professor and 2 Rajneeshee; first demographic questionnaire in Aug. answered by 732 people (of about 800 total at R), 635 of these were analyzed (representing 80% of R population including 50 children); second survey conducted in Oct. was of a random sample of 250 of first questionnaire respondents; 100 interviews conducted; Results—average age of R residents about the same as that of Oregonians in general (34 years); 54% women at R (50.5% Ore.), 46% men (49.5% Ore); 35% R residents from cities of over half a million population; R residents highly educated compared to Oregon residemets (high school graduates 95%R and 76%O, university graduates 64%R and 17%O; 36% R residents have advanced degress, 12% hold doctorates and 22% degrees in psychology or psychiatry); 75% have been Rajneeshee for over 3 years; 60% came from Rajneeshee centers elsewhere; 74% married (61% married only once); of those married, 77% live with spouses at R, only 25% have children; in the 10 years prior to coming to R, 97% report they were generally successful in their work and 45% report having had four or more jobs during those years; average reported income before coming to R (approximately 5 years prior) was between $20,000 and $30,000; 98% are satisfied with their present work at R, most have had a change of jobs since coming to R and 16% have changed jobs 4 or more times at R; 91% are Caucasian and most US citizens; before age 18, their major religious affiliations were--Protestant (30%), Roman Catholic (27%), Jewish (20%), no affiliation (14%); 60% would not characterize themselves as religious before becoming sannyasins, but 61% said that religion was somewhat to very important to their family lifestyle (39% said it had not been important); 51% characterized themselves as liberal or very liberal prior to becoming sannyasins and 11% as formerly radical; 91% said they had been searching for a "more meaningful existence " prior to becoming sannyasins, 30% said they had first become interested through . friends and 30% through a book or tape; 72% said a personal characteristic or teachings of Bhagwan led them to take sannyas, 10% mentioned some sort of unusual experience; 82% reported being extremely satisfied with their present lives, 11% very satisfied and only 2% extremely dissatisfied; 8% reported being extremely or very satisfied with their life during the year before becoming sannyasins, 10% extremely disssatisfied, most being in the middle range; the 100 Rajneeshee interviewed scored low on measurements of perceived stress, higher than average on self-esteem and feelings of social support and lower on depression; the researchers plan more questionnaires and in-depth interviews in their continuing study.
83.10.30 Reported that San Diego Rajneeshee are selling property and preparing to move from the state in early Nov.
83.10.30 [R] A School Board meeting; unanimous vote to repeal existing School District policy (Section 5220) dealing with "physical discipline" guidelines and replacing it with policy entitled "No Physical Discipline"
83.10.30 A national cult awareness group called the Citizens Freedom Foundation holds annual conference near L.A.; includes a workshop on Rajneeshism in which speaker connects R with Jonestown
83.10.31 State SPI holds press conference on A School situation
83.10.31 [A] School reported to have 17 high school students, 35 elementary and junior high students, 1 non-Rajneeshee and 1 Rajneeshee certified secondary teacher, 1 Rajneeshee certified elementary teacher, 2 Rajneeshee working as teaching assistants pending certification; school furnished with sofas and conference tables instead of traditional desks; high school curriculum includes General Math, Algebra, American Government, English, Art and P.E.
83.11.01 Week Night TV show in Seattle quotes R area non-Rajneeshee rancher as saying "'If shooting starts around here, I think it will catch on pretty fast and there's a lot of people who want to get their licks in.'"
83.11.01 [A] City Council Meeting; non-Rajneeshee Council Member absent; monthly bills of $1000, income of $880, $890.62 in outstanding bills, $3435.14 in liquid assets; reported that CCIs of A and R met jointly in R on Oct. 22 and Oct. 29 to discuss tourism benefits to A; discussion of requests by out of town parents to send children to A school and impact on A housing; discussion of needed study of A sewage and water system for which $750 already budgetted; bids to be opened to study 2 wells, reservior capacity, fire protection, septic tank, drainfields, soil conditions; contract with RNSIC for recycling between Nov. 15, 1983 and June 30, 1984 approved; agreement to write a letter requesting that DEQ establish a new permit fee category for cities under 500 in population ; street repair discussion tabled; announcement that public nuisance on non-Rajneeshee property had been removed by owner; report that Episcopal Diocese motion to dismiss A church case had been denied; decision to file a complaint in W County Circuit Court against former A City Attorney who is claiming bill payment and witholding city documents; discussion of attendance at upoming LOC convention; A contract with R Peace Force amended to: include an April 4,1984 termination date, a provision for termination by either party upon 30 days' notice, raise fees from $7.50 to $15 per hour; discussion of petition submitted to W and J County ESD's by non-Rajneeshee residents of A to have their property (over 50% of that privately owned in A) removed from the A School District and annexed to the Madras School District, mention that although the removal has been approved by the W County ESD and Boundary Commission, there is a 30 day period for the A School Board to respond and the removal has not yet been considered by the J County ESD and Boundary Board, mention that most petitioners do not have children of school age and that removal would make it difficult for subsequent residents to send their children to A School after purchasing the property, approval of sending a strong letter to A School Board opposing withdrawal of the property from the District ; approval of two additional representatives and up to $150 in additional registration fees and expenses for the LOC convention Nov. 13-15 after City Attorney offers to pay hotel costs of all representatives; 3 applications from Rajneeshee to fill A City Council vacancy considered and one selected; reading of letter of resignation from non-Rajneeshee Concil Member due to his "extended absence" from A, announcement of another Council vacancy and acceptance of app lications until Nov. 25; announcement of Nov. 7 hearing on amendments to the A Comprehensive Plan; reported that RIC owns approximately 10-15% of the property in A
83.11.01 [R] Improvements to date: 2 warehouses of over 160 ft. long completed to store materials used during Summer Festivals; chicken refuges insulated and heated; 70% of trash being recycled; reported that R has received $10,484 in state revenue-sharing monies to date
83.11.01 US Second Congressional District candidate claims that the Rajneesh Times editorial of Oct. 28 is a "'vicious attack'" on her character
83.11.02 [W] County Court/Commission meeting; review of county planning staff inspection of building at R; planners still gathering information and will visit R again; County Attorney tells Court/Commission that some construction at R may violate W County Circuit Court order of Oct. 24, specifically citing a hotel and prefabrication plant being built on the 119.2 annexed acres; County Attorney states the County will take responsiblity for making R land use decisions in spite of the notice of claim filed by R and potential lawsuit for damages
83.11.02 Rajneeshee speaker at Springfield Rotary Club, 100 attend; Rajneeshee speakers at University of Portland
83.11.02 [W] City of R files motion in W County Circuit Court to have the injunction order against further building vacated (No. )
83.11.02 Reported that a Kansas County Judge has dismissed a suit filed by a woman claiming that the Rajneeshee pursuaded her husband to divorce her; Judge agrees with Rajneeshee attorney that Kansas courts have no jurisdiction in the suit since the Rajneeshee are located in Oregon; the woman's attorney states that she will appeal the decision
83.11.03 [R] W County planners make second visit to inventory land use and building in progress
83.11.03 AG takes under advisement a request by 1000 Friends that he instruct state agencies to stop considering R as an incorporated city; meeting between Director of 1000 Friends, AG and W County Officials in Dept. of Justice building in Salem; R officials neither invited to nor notified of the meeting; Director of 1000 Friends argues that the State Building Codes Administrator should issue a stop work order for construction, the DEQ should rescind earlier approval of the R sewer system, and LCDC should be forced to withdraw its approval of the R Comprehensive Plan and asks AG to determine whether R is violating the W County Circuit Court injunction against further building; AG agrees to last point; AG currently defending DEQ and LCDC in suits filed by 1000 Friends over the sewer system and comprehensive plan acknowledgement
83.11.04 [R] R Mayor describes the Nov. 3 meeting at the Justice Building as "'unethical, undemocratic and a conspiracy against the Rajneesh community.'"; three officials of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association visit R to examine eligibility of the Rajneesh Times application for membership; Rajneesh Times reprints AG' Office letter of Oct. 27 and criticizes contents; Rajneeshee booth recently at Whole Life Times Expo in L.A.
83.11.04 San Mateo Superior Court Judge rules that Rajneeshee mother cannot take her son to R or any Rajneesh ashram for more than 48 hours at a time, saying "'The lifestyle of the mother at the ranch is completely controlled by the Rajneesh group.'"
83.11.05 May 5-6: Two members of the A School Board attend the annual convention of the Oregon School Boards Association in Portland
83.11.06 [R] City Council meeting; agreement signed between city and RIC to lease property for a park; decision to provide a resurfaced parking lot, install parking meters and look into the feasibility of a public library
83.11.06 Reported that the Oregon Builders group founded by Rajneeshee in Freemantle, Australia won a City Council award from that city for its contributions to the environment
83.11.07 [A] City Council meeting; discussion of the creation of a Local Contract Review Board to facilitate standards for the implementation of contracts, public hearing to be held on Nov. 25; Committee formed to look into A security situation, es pecially in light of the possible disincorporation of R and the resulting lack of access to the R Peace Force and the 1 to 2 hour reaction time for the W County Sheriff's Office; public hearing on comprehensive plan revisions, City Recorder reports on meeting with the State Citizens Advisory Committee which needs to review A's CCI program and report on plan revisions requested by DLCD, the most major ones being a 40 day notice of public hearing for comprehensive plan changes, 10 days' notice in an emergency, and notice in the plan of A's role as the gateway to R; report on input from the State Parks Dept. on historic buildings and from the State Health Dept. on preparations for possible growth in population and the resulting impact on sewer and water systems, no public comment, hearing continued until Nov. 25; contracts with RNSIC for construction and operation of A Recycling Center declared void until after Nov. 25 public hearing on a conditional use permit to locate the Center on Fire Hall property
83.11.07 US Second Congressional District candidate, who is also a Democratic National Committeewoman and heads the party's Northwest Regional Finance unit, declares that the Democratic Party has decided to support her recommendation not to accept campaign funds or support from Rajneeshee and that she is looking into Bhagwan's applications to the INS for permanent residency status
83.11.09 OSU Religion Professor speaks on Rajneeshee to History Club sponsored program at OSU
83.11.09 [A] Reported that non-Rajneeshee teacher in A School is happy with his job, makes a monthly salary of $2000 and pays $300 for room and board in A property owned by Rajneeshee; two officials from the State Dept. of Education visit A School to advise, review progress and assist with the development of programs, making clear that they are not part of an ongoing investigation of the school or a standardization visit
83.11.09 [W] AG files a complaint for declaratory judgement and relief on behalf of the State of Oregon against R, RFI, RNSIC, RIC, and officials of all four in W County Circuit Court; complaint seeks a ruling declaring that R may no longer exercise governmental powers, is ineligible to receive public monies, and giving the State attorney's fees and other relief; complaint alleges that R violates the state and federal constitutions' provisions regarding separation of church and state; complaint does not deal with land use laws or issues; complaint charges that R is owned by a religious organization and that residence there is controlled by RNSIC or the President of RFI; R Mayor says "' It is a frivolous lawsuit that is politically motivated'"; R Mayor and RFI President state they will consider filing a countersuit (No. )
83.11.09 [CA] Rules that securities sold by RFI are subject to state registration requirements in a suit filed by RFI after State Corporations Commissioner refused to adopt a rule exempting them from registration; RFI contended the Commissioner is required to exempt securities sold by a non-profit religious or charitable organization; CA rules that Commissioner has discretion in granting such exemptions (No. )
83.11.09 Anti-Rajneeshee meeting at Judson Baptist College, 50 attend
83.11.10 [W] RIC files suit in W County Circuit Court seeking $3.5 million ($500,000 in actual, $3 million in punitive) damages and asking that a purchase contract be rescinded with Mitsubishi Aircraft International Corporation, Garrett Turbine Company, Garret Corporation and 100 John-Does; suit claims that a Mitsubishi purchased on June 23, 1982 for $1.4 million has defects making it unfit and unsafe for flight and that false claims about the plane were made at the time of purchase(No. )
83.11.10 [R] Group from anti-Rajneeshee meeting at Judson Baptist College tours R; 15 courses reported to be offered at Rajneesh International Meditation University (RIMU)
83.11.10 [W] Reported that Moro woman received a call from the office of a US Senator from Kansas requesting letters by area residents with impressions of and comments on Rajneeshee presence in the area
83.11.10 R Mayor, RFI President, RIC President, RNSIC President hold press conference on AG's W County Circuit Court suit expressing outrage, claiming political motives, saying his opinion was not based on facts and that the suit had already had an impact on R's capacity to receive loans and credits
83.11.11 [R] Improvements to date: 200 two year old beef cattle and almost as many calves recently purchased and added to existing herd of about 100; a total of 550 head projected eventually in a nine month per year grazing and beef sale program
83.11.13 15 Four A representatives attend League of Oregon Cities convention
83.11.13 Several Rajneeshee attend and one addresses conference on Unity in Yoga in Lake Oswego; Rajneeshee admittedly excluded from the invocation
83.11.13 [W] Reported that the CCP has sued in W County Circuit Court to prevent the sale of the A District School bus (No. )
83.11.13 [R] Improvements to date: 2,370 acres of grain and legumes; 80 acres and 60 varieties of vegetables; 10 acres each of grapes and fruit trees; 163 acres of forage crops; 70% of Commune's food needs supplied by the Ranch
83.11.14 CO attorney speaks at South Lane Public Issues Forum in Cottage Grove, claiming the Rajneeshee have purchased land in Jackson County and own at least 36 separate corporations
83.11.14 Anti-Rajneeshee speaker travels from Oregon to Park County Montana in his first out-of-state speaking engagement to residents concerned about the presence of a group known as the Church Universal and Triumphant
83.11.14 [R] R Mayor writes letter stating the city may take legal action to gain release of revenue sha ring monies from the State Executive Dept. since he feels HB 3028 approves the withholding of funds only in cases where the incorporation of a city is determined to be invalid and such a determination has not yet been made with regard to R
83.11.15 [R] Improvements to date: 5 fully operative weather stations
83.11.15 [SC] Refuses without comment to overturn an Aug. 25 Multnomah County Circuit Court order requiring Bhagwan to appear for pretrial deposition in a $1 million defamation suit and $12.5 million ($2.5 million in compensatory damages on each of 3 counts of alleged libel and $5 million in punitive damages on a charge of conspiracy to impair civil rights) countersuit; RFI had sought to overturn the court order and its attorneys say they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary on grounds of a religious right to silence (No. )
83.11.16 [R] Rajneeshee say they will file a motion to reconsider in SC and then seek a writ of certiorari in US Supreme Court in matter of pretrial deposition (No. )
83.11.17 Meeting of Rajneeshpuram Research Interest Group of Oregon scholars from UO, OSU, WOSC and Willamette U. at UO in Eugene
83.11.17 Reported that a Rajneeshee attorney has stated that US Second Congressional District candidate lied in recent announcement of Democratic National Committee refusal of funds or support from Rajneeshee; he and non-Rajneeshee attorney witness say she solicited Rajneeshee money for a Democratic Party Telethon and that Rajneeshee did not offer any to her or to Party in meeting of six months ago; Democratic National Committee spokesperson states they will refuse Rajneeshee money however, since that might create a conflict of interest related to the INS review of Bhagwan's application for permanent residency and because of controversy surrounding the group
83.11.17 [A] Non-Rajneeshee resident pickets against security patrols in A by Rajneeshee
83.11.17 [W] Letter from non-Rajneeshee recently resigned from A City Council appears in The Dalles Weekly Reminder saying that the edited version of his resignation letter was not accurate and gave a false impression of the reasons for his resignation; DWR prints entire resignation letter
83.11.17 [LCDC] Hearing; RFI President urges LCDC to reject a permanent retroactive rule that says any city formed after July 1, 1981 would be legally incorporated only if it had filed an ex ception to Goal 14; Oregon Farm Bureau Federation, Oregon Environmental Council, 1000 Friends testify in favor on the grounds of preserving farm and forest land; decision postponed until after another public hearing on Dec. 15
83.11.18 Ad appears in Bend Bulletin for group named C.O.V.E.R.T. (Central Oregon Vigilantes Eliminating Rajneesh Takeover) soliciting members and selling T-shirts
83.11.18 [R] Rajneesh Times alleges that revenue sharing funds going to R were stopped more than a week (Oct. 1) before Governor signed HB 3028 (which was introduced and passed in less than 7 hours on Sept. 30 during the Special Session of the Legislature) into law (Oct. 12) and before AG's opinion (Oct. 6) issued; state officials from DOT now asking AG's opinion on whether funds should continue to be witheld; AG's Office quoted as saying it would not and could not advise any state agency to cut off funds on the basis of the AG's opinion
83.11.18 [R] Rajneeshee representatives claim that they have been requesting copies of public records from the AG's Office since Nov. 7 and that very few were made available on Nov. 15; reported that Articles of Incorporation for the R Chamber of Commerce which will promote tourism and business in the area were approved last week; reported that medical staff from the Cental Oregon District Hospital in Redmond and Madras medical staff toured R the previous week; reported that the first issue of the Dutch Rajneesh Times printed Oct. 19
83.11.19 Reported that Oregon Dept. of Transportation has begun puttin revenue sharing gas and weight-mile tax monies in escrow account rather than sending it to R; R Mayor claims action is illegal because city has not been declared invalid; DOT memo dated Nov. 17 instructing the action is circulated by 1000 Friends which says the action is in response to its letter of Nov. 14 requesting it; 1000 Friends says it has also sent letters to the State Treasurer, the Revenue Dept. and the OLCC; R share of gas and weight-mile tax money is about $600-700 per month
83.11.20 Reported ACR anti-Rajneeshee meeting in Portland, 50 attend; ACR claims its newsletter sent to 1000 people but the group actually has fewer members
83.11.21 23 [LUBA] Hears arguments by 1000 Friends, R and W County Attorneys on a motion by R to stay the Sept. 30 order pending a decision on their appeal to the CA; R Mayor testifies that the decision has impaired police and medical services; RFI President testifies that the moratorium on building permits could interfere with religious freedom; RNSIC Treasurer testifies the order has had an ill effect on ability to gain credit and deal with businesses
83.11.21 OLCC approves conditional license to sell liquor in R; conditions involve unrestricted access to the Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant and Lounge (no search, registration or identification other than age can be required)
83.11.21 Western Oregon State College Student Senate approves honorarium of $1000 by a vote of 11 to 9 to fund the appearance of Bhagwan as the College's 1984 commencement speaker; Bhagwan's name and two others had been suggested by the Senate's Ad Hoc Commencement Committee and approved for referral to the administration by a Senate vote of 11 to 8; Committee Chair states Bhagwan meets the apparent criteria for commencement speakers (well-known, bring publicity, money provided for appearance, and silence might be more valuable than what past speakers had had to say); appropriation of $1000 had received prior approval of the Student Financial Board and the Student Senate Ways and Means Committee
83.11.21 Fossil City Council enacts an immediate moratorium on any construction requiring a building permit; Rajneeshee had requested time to speak , but did not appear
83.11.21 A&[R] Group of students from Metropolitan Learning Center school in Portland visit A school and tour R
83.11.22 [R] Three INS investigators make an unannounced visit to view Bhagwan's driveby
83.11.22 [W] County Ccurt/Commission Meeting; announcement that the effort to recall the W County Sheriff has failed since the petition with the requisite 1,708 signatures has not been filed by the deadline; approval of a request by RNSIC for a drainfield and toilet trailer in recreation area near dammed lake, thus overuling the requirement set by the County Planning Commission that chemical toilets be used
83.11.23 ASWOSC Student Executive Board meets in Special Session and votes to return $1000 appropriation to bring Bhagwan as 1984 commencement speaker to Senate for reconsideration
83.11.23 Reported R Mayor recently addressed tri-state meeting of editorial writers
83.11.23 Central Oregon District Hospital Board gives hospital administrator discretion in whether or not to grant request by R to share blueprints and specifications for their medical services building facilities
83.11.23 Bhagwan's physician speaks to Bend Rotary Club
83.11.23 [LUBA] Hearings on request by R to stay Sept. 30 order conclude; LUBA requests written arguments on problems with police, medical services, religious freedom be submitted by Dec. 7; DLCD Director testifies that LCDC may hold off on final approval of R Comprehensive Plan even if CA or LUBA rules in favor of R
83.11.23 [W] County Circuit Court Judge grants preliminary injunction barring A School District from selling its bus unless they can guarantee that money will be available to buy another if the courts invalidate the legality of the current A School Board; A School District Attorney had argued that the CCP had no standing in the matter, that only the previous A School Board could have challenged the current Board's legality but that the deadline for such a challenge has passe
83.11.02 4 [R] Reported that the President of RFI called the AG "a communist, a fascist, a jerk, and a thief in a letter to the editor purportedly sent to The Oregonian"
83.11.24 [A] Reported that Rajneeshee attorney sent a letter on Nov. 15 to the wife of A man picketting in protest against Rajneeshee security patrols on Nov. 15-16; letter charged that man "'has been acting in an increasingly hostile and irrational manner'" towards Rajneeshee and gave notice that if his actions continue "'we will file a civil action for intimidation... and seek criminal prosecution for harassment.'"
83.11.25 [A] 12 residents, some from Wamic, travel to A to show support for A man picketting in protest against Rajneeshee security patrols
83.11.25 Reported that R CCI has been calling citizens of Dufur, Fossil, Madras and Kent to determine the impact of a population influx on those towns in an attempt to gather information for Goal 14 exception documents should those be necessary; some area residents view the calls as a threat
83.11.25 [A] City Council meeting; public hearing, Council discussion and granting of a conditional use permit for A Recycling Center, draft recycling flyer circulated, Recycling Center contracts with RNSIC amended, updated and adopted; public hearing Council discussion on and decision to create a Local Contract Review Board with Council members serving as Review Board members, adoption of rules for contracts and purchases; continuation of public hearing on adoption of amendments to A Comprehensive Plan, report of CCI, reported approval of DLCD, mention that in 1984 A will have to do a thorough update of the Plan, mention of diversity of A residents added to the amendments, Council discussion and adoption of amendments to the A Comprehensive Plan and A Zoning Ordinance; discussion of A Security Committee report mentions placement of lights on signs near A School designed to slow trucks, the necessity of traffic control, that the refusal of OLCC to issue a beer and wine license to Zorba the Buddha Cafe was due to the objections of St. Mary's Catholic Church and A Community Church on the grounds that adequate law enforcement is not available, other incidents which illustrate the need for more law enforcement; Security Committee reports that it has written to W County, J County, Madras and R Peace Officers to determine what kinds of protection they could provide A on a contract basis, no response yet; member of A Council authorized to attend J County ESD and Boundary Commission meeting on the removal of A property to Madras School District; member of A Council authorized to send letters to the cities of San Francisco and Portland inviting them to join A in officially wecoming homosexuals and other minorities as part of their communities
83.11.25 [R] Reported that 2 telephone bomb threats were received at R, one on Nov. 15 and one on Nov. 18; reported that Rajneeshee communes and restaurants are flourishing in Europe, especially Zurich and Cologne; Rajneesh Times calls Governor to task for actions since Mar. 12, 1982 radio show and more recently on revenue sharing issue; birth of the first registered pure bred Holstein calf; second Jersey dairy cow purchased; 80- 90 tons of potatoes harvested ; reported that the Rajneesh Times recently sold by RNSIC for $15,000 to the newly formed Rajneesh Times Incorporated, a new editor chosen; weekly circulation has reached about 4000 in just over one year
83.11.28 Spokesman for Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon speaks to 61 in Miltion-Freewater about the A Community Church case
83.11.28 Federal Judge refuses to issue a temporary restraining order preventing attorneys in defamation countersuit from taking pretrial deposition from Bhagwan, but says that deposition taking planned for Dec. 1 cannot take place until Dec. 13; Rajneeshee attorneys say they will appeal to the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco
83.11.28 Seven part news series begins on KATU-TV, said to strongly stress a negative view of R and Rajneeshee
83.11.28 [J] Madras School Board meeting; non-Rajneeshee residents of A present reasons for requesting annexation of 5 parcels of A land to Madras School District; Board decides to recommend approval of the annexation by a vote of 3 to 2; final decision due on Dec. 5 after a hearing by the J County Boundary Commission; annexation already approved by the W County Boundary Commission; Madras School Board Chair votes against the annexation because it affects children who have recently moved to A and another Board member opposes it because it would "cut up" the town; the 5 parcels are valued at about $425,000
83.11.29 Special Session of ASWOSC Senate fails to occur due to boycott by six Senators; Senators say they do not actually want Bhagwan as commencement speaker but are trying to make a point about the selection of such speakers; no further action expected until schedule Jan. 9 Senate meeting.
83.11.30 State Ethics Commission decides at request of unsuccessful A mayoral candidate to investigate whether Rajneeshee actions in R and A are violations of state law against using public office for private gain and says it will investigate the relationships between R, A, RFI, RIC, and RNSIC; Director of Commission had recommended that the investigation be delayed because it would duplicate the efforts of the AG's Office, recommendation rejected by a vote of 5 to 1; unsuccessful A mayoral candidate alleges as many as 400 violations of ethics laws; R Mayor attends and claims no violations; several members of anti-Rajneeshee groups attend
83.11.30 Reported that the AG's Office has advised state administrators of revenue-sharing funds to refer all questions on R situation to them
83.11.30 Rajneeshee couples publicly protest the INS scheduling of interviews with 21 of them over just two days on Dec. 14- 15 although only two attorneys are representing all 42 people
83.12.01 Reported that INS agrees that due to scheduling conflicts it will add another day, Dec. 16, to interviews with 21 Rajneeshee couples where one spouse is seeking U.S. permanent residency; Rajneeshee attorney had called the original schedule "'an administrative bullying tactic they are using to harass us'"; INS advised Rajneeshee in a letter dated Nov. 30 that further rescheduling could occur if there were conflicts
83.12.01 Window broken by lead pellet fired into second story room of Hotel Rajneesh in Portland
83.12.01 Reported that Medina Rajneeshee Center in England offers several courses, has sauna and sensory isolation tank, two physicians, 100 residents, kitchens, stores, accounts department, computerised books and tapes section, carpentry workshop, plumbers' workshop and garage
83.12.01 [R] Improvements to date: two new restaurants specializing in pancakes and vegetarian hamburgers to open by Dec. 11; Commune doctors form Rajneesh Health Associates which plans a quarterly magazine entitled Rajneesh Health and first annual convention at R in July; 100 room quadrangle hotel with enclosed courtyards, saunas and hot tubs under construction
83.12.02 Rock thrown through window of Rajneesh Disco in Portland
83.12.02 [W] Reported that W County has filed a motion in W County Circuit Court asking for clarification of the Oct. 24 preliminary injunction against further building at R; County seeking to know whether it has authority over the issuance of all building permits and over ongoing construction under the state building code; matter to be heard on Dec. 12 (No.
83.12.02 [W] Reported that RNSIC has sent a series of letters to W County demanding that they repair a 15 mile stretch of County Road 305 leading to R; A School Board Chair also sent letter saying the road is dangerous for the busing of children from R to A School; County Court/Commission Judge reported to have replied that County has already spent more than $46,000 on the road during the last two fiscal years, but will do repairs when feasible
83.12.02 Director of the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD) says their recent mailing of 3000 labor force surveys which included an envelope sealed with a red sticker has caused some residents to be alarmed that the survey was connected with the Rajneeshee
83.12.02 [R] Reported that: RNSIC spokesperson issued a press release on Dec. 1 blaming KATU-TV series for escalating anti-Rajneeshee harassment and violence, claiming the station had deliberately employed people having a negative view of R to research the programs entitled "Rajneeshpuram Revealed"; Presidents of RNSIC and RFI send telegrams to KATU-TV protesting its series as being prejudiced and inflammatory; recently formed Citizens Committee to Save Rajneeshpuram says AG refuses to meet with them; 10,000 people worldwide have entered RNSIC raffle for Rolls Royce, drawing to be held Dec. 11; world famous opera soprano who recently became Rajneeshee taking courses at RIMU; 8 Rajneeshee discos in Germany and 2 more to open soon (Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Kiel, Hannover); 500 news articles, 10 TV shows, 50 radio programs on Rajneeshee in Germany since August; Australian Rajneeshee being asked to coordinate conferences and fund-rasing events due to their reputation for organization; Australian press recently featured Melbourne Rajneeshee Center as followup to comment by Australian PM that his government may consider communes as a way of providing alternative employment for the jobless
83.12.03 [R] A School Board Meeting; since District funds are still tied up in litigation, the Board authorizes acceptance of a loan offer from a parent; a bid of $4200 received on the school bus, but the District enjoined from selling it by the W County Circuit Court action of Nov. 23; another bid opening authorized; reported that the former school clerk and bus driver each have been paid one month's salary and dispute with them settled; authorization to dispose of unnecessary school supplies; a recently certified Rajneeshee elementary teacher hired; report on school building improvements; approval of Budget Committee recommendation to transfer funds from some categories to others; approval of The Dalles District resolution to provide counselling to emotionally handicapped students in W County; discussion of obtaining a computer
83.12.03 [R] City Council Meeting; actions of special meeting ratified; approval of amendments to Rules of Procedure for personal services contracts; authorization for up to $10,000 for legal consultants; litigation update; discussion of items for a supplemental budget; approval for rent of Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS) computer to aid Peace Force; financial report; sale of Peace Force dog to RNSIC for $4000 and approval of retainer agreement for R use of the dog when needed; presentation on R Rural Fire Protection District (RRFPD); hearing on R withdrawal from RRFPD and establishment of its own fire department set for Dec. 26; position of Peace Force Commissioner abolished and a letter of thanks to former position holder authorized; discussion of hardship posed by temporary injunction due to the need for permits for a medical center, housing for non-Rajneeshee Peace Force member, lavatories, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems in existing buildings .
83.12.03 -4 KOIN-TV begins showing previews of "Pillars of Portland", a 2 hour locally produced soap opera featuring Oregon figures and Rajneeshee as actors; station reports receiving a rush of phone calls
83.12.05 [J] J County Boundary Board votes 5 to 2 to approve annexation of five parcels of A land to Madras School District 509J (to which 100 sq. mi. of A District land has already been approved for annexation); A School Board has 30 days in which to file an objection with the State Board of Education; A School Board Chair says objection likely, petitioners motivated by prejudice, the change would create a complicated boundary and adversely affect A District's ability to provide educational programs;'petitioners testify that they believe A School will not provide adequate high school education and may not meet minimal state standards; if no A School Board objection, annexation to become effective May 31, 1984; currently 13 A area students are picked up by Madras school bus at Willowdale, about 20 miles from Madras
83.12.06 [R] First meeting of R Chamber of Commerce; development of a travel and tourist brochure discussed
83.12.06 [A] City Council Meeting; $7,408.62 in general fund, total of $3,288.44 in tax levy monies received so far, authorization to transfer $400 from street department to general administration fund, authorization to pay $625 in bills, announcement that due to one year special levy monies available, fire rates were discontinued on Nov. 1 and water rates have been reduced from $40 to $20 per month on commercial and from $20 to S12 on residential property; Recycling Center to be operational by Dec. 20; announced that the Episcopal Diocese has filed an answer and cross claim in A Community Church suit; report on hostility of representatives of local governments towards A representatives at Nov. 13-15 LOC convention; discussion of need for increased security due, among other things, to recent Seattle and KATU-TV programs; discussion of security proposal from J County at a cost of $4903 per month and from R Peace Force for $1500 per month, mention that A can only afford contract on monthly basis and J County could not agree to monthly contracts, that W County and Madras Police had responded they could not supply security service, decision to transfer $1000 from street fund to general administration to be spent on security, decision to hire R Peace Froce for 12 hours per day for 2 months beginning Dec. 7; discussion of two applications by Rajneeshee to fill Council vacancy and one, a lawyer, selected; A Trailer Park business license with RNSIC renewed; discussion of A renewal of membership in Mid-Columbia Council of Governments and fact that fee should be based on population of 95 rather than the 39 suggested by MCCOG; public comments on bags of leaves in city park, city firearm ordinance, snow removal, Dalles Weekly Reminder story on resignation of non-Rajneeshee A Council Member, and the problem of non-Rajneeshee not applying for Council vacancies when they occur
83.12.06 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge denies request in defamation suit counter suit that plaintiff and attorneys be allowed to enter homes of Bhagwan and others at R, but grants request that they be allowed to enter R to obtain license numbers of all Rolls Royces; Judge also orders plaintiff to submit to physical and psychiatric evaluations by Rajneeshee doctors, orders that results of exams be used only for this suit; also orders that financial information disclosed by Rajneeshee not be used for any other purpose than this suit (No. )
83.12.07 Eugene School Board votes 6 to 0 to suspend teacher who is an American Sikh for wearing her turban to class, saying that they are enforcing the AG's. recent opinion on Oregon law that no religious garb may be worn by teachers in public schools; teacher's attorney says she will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary; UO Law School authority says the Oregon law against religious garb in the classroom was passed during the 1920's KKK anti-Catholic campaign in the state
83.12.07 Presentation on R at Winston Assembly of God Church, sponsored by them, the Tenmile and Riddle Assembly of God churches and a Winston bakery
83.12.07 Reported that a Rajneeshee attorney has been told that the Governor's Executive Assistant would not speak to Rajneeshee due to pending litigation
83.12.08 [R] 1222 residents reported; RIC spokesperson states Rajneeshee have enquired about property for sale in Fossil, Madras, Kent, Dufur, Mitchell, Condon, Service Creek, Spray, Maupin, Tygh Valley and Grass Valley; member of R CCI has visited Fossil, Mitchell, Maupin, Dufur, Madras, Shaniko, Kent and Ashwood to survey properties available if R is disincorporated; Rajneeshee report no actual purchase of property outside of Portland and the Ranch
83.12.08 [R] Emergency City Council Meeting; discussion of pleadings to be filed on Dec. 9 in US District Court in case brought against the legality of R by AG (No. ) ; non-Rajneeshee attorney authorized to be hired to sign pleadings; report on on-going audit; discussion of CCI telephone survey of nearby towns to gather information for land use goal exception if needed; update on drafting of Exception Rule findings for LCDC, should they be needed
83.12.08 Rajneeshee speakers at Oregon State Penitentiary workshop
83.12.09 Bend Bulletin reports that W County Sheriff's Office has received request to call out the National Guard to remove R Peace Force Officers from A
83.12.09 Reported that New Rose Theatre in Portland will present the world premiere of a play entitled "Christmas at the Juniper Tavern" by area author from Jan. 6-Feb. 4 which may be based on A and R controversies
83.12.09 Chemeketa Community College Courier prints special section on R growing out of a 2 day visit and an editorial supporting the civil rights of Rajneeshee
83.12.09 [R] Improvements to date: 15 miles of streambeds repaired; water table has risen more than 150 feet; 53 milking cows yielding 7.5 gallons milk each per day
83.12.09 [W] R lawyers file petition in W County Circuit Court requesting that AG's suit against the city be transferred to federal court due to the U.S. constitutional issues involved; effect of the petition is to automatically remove the case to federal court (No. )
83.12.09 Director of 1000 Friends tells East Salem Rotary Club that the group will file suit on Dec. 12 in W County Circuit Court against a number of state agencies, including the DEQ and Building Codes Division, for not moving quickly enough to invalidate the incorporation of R; he also criticizes the AG and Governor for their lack of involvement in land use challenges to R
83.12.09 [R] Rajneesh Times article charges that while HB 3028 requires challengers to a ciy's incorporation to file a certified copy of an agency or court opinion declaring the incorporation invalid with agencies which distribute revenue-sharing funds within 30 days of its issuance in order for funds to that city to be witheld, 1000 Friends did not send a certified copy of the Sept. 30 LUBA decision to revenue- sharing distribution agencies until Nov. 16, 17 days after the deadline and up to 6 weeks after funds actually began to be witheld; 1000 Friends did send a memo and copy of HB 3028 to agencies on Nov. 14, but that should have had no legal effect and was also after the deadline; article also charges that funds were witheld up to 20 days before the State Treasurer's Office issued an escrow account number and that number issued 27 days before a certified copy of the LUBA decision was sent to agencies
83.12.09 [R] Rajneesh Times prints article by Vice-President of the Isaac Walton League and past member of the Advisory Council for the BLM and well-known local conservationist stating that Rajneeshee have actually created more than expected farm land and therefore R not in violation of Goal 3 (preservation of agricultural lands) but a model experiment; article alleges 1000 Friends has not looked at the facts with regard to R and questions the groups motives; author cites the fact that before the retroactive LCDC rule upon which the Sept. 30 LUBA decision to return R incorporation to W County was based, the R Comprehensive Plan had been passed upon by 12 federal agencies, 41 state agencies, and 17 county agencies and that the State of Oregon and W County both had recognized R as a city
83.12.11 [R] Bhagwan's 52nd birthday celebration with 2000 visitors, including a Buddhist nun from Japan; four new books published; 200 lb. birthday cake; Swiss Rajneeshee wins Rolls Royce drawing; street fair
83.12.12 [W] 1000 Friends files suit against several state agencies for not moving quickly enough to invalidate the incorporation of R (No. )
83.12.12 Reported that the U.S. Congressman from R area has been speaking in Southern Oregon for the past week and responded to various questions by saying: the federal government should only be involved with R to ensure that immigration and federal laws are not broken; that the rights of minorities must be protected; that the AG's suit to determine whether R violates constitutional doctrines of the separation of church and state is justified
83.12.12 [W] County Circuit Court hearing on legal name change of daughter of U.S. Congressman killed at Jonestown to her Rajneeshee name (No. )
83.12.12 Reported that 1000 Friends' Newsletter claims the "Rajneeshpuram Alert" mailing of 60,000 copies in Sept. generated nearly 400 new members in Central Oregon (Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook, Wheeler, Wasco, Klamath Counties) and nearly 350 contributions from people in the area who did not join; that 1000 Friends now has more than 8000 members; that R "'racing ahead with development'" that could deplete the area's ground water supply
83.12.12 [A] San Francisco Mayor replies to A Council Member's letter encouraging SF to follow A's lead in officially welcoming homosexuals and other minorities as part of the community by calling the idea interesting; no reply from Portland Mayor to date
83.12.12 Two judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rules in a one sentence decision that Bhagwan must appear for deposition in defamation suit and countersuit scheduled for Dec. 14 in Portland; Rajneeshee attorneys say they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary (No. )
83.12.12 [W] County Circuit Court hearing, arguments by R and W attorneys; Judge denies R motion to vacate the Oct. 24 preliminary injunction against further building at R and to dismiss 1000 Friends' lawsuit claiming land use violations, but clarifies that a ban on new building permits does not affect ongoing construction over which R Building Dept. still has jurisdiction; he orders State Building Codes Division to monitor R Building Code Officials to ensure compliance with state law; R attorneys say they will request the Court to allow R to issue some minor permits such as for partitions within existing structures; Judge requests R officials to compile a list of ministerial acts which require building permits but are not land use decisions in order to consider the request (No. )
83.12.13 Meeting of the Willamette Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists addressed by 2 Rajneeshee who say coverage of R generally fair except for the Willamette Week, The Dalles Weekly Reminder and a KATU-TV reporter
83.12.14 The Pillars of Portland 2 hour local soap opera screens on KOIN-TV featuring Oregon figures and Rajneeshee as actors
83.12.14 INS cancels series of interviews scheduled for Dec. 14,15, 16 with 21 Rajneeshee and their spouses who are seeking permanent residence status; no explanation offered for the cancellation, but INS says its investigations into the applications will continue
83.12.14 U.S. Supreme Court Justice denies without explanation a petition by Rajneeshee attorneys to prevent today's scheduled deposition taking from Bhagwan in defamation suit and countersuit; Bhagwan does not appear for deposition; plaintiff's attorneys refuse to reschedule; Rajneeshee attorneys say they will file a motion in Multnomah County Circuit Court to dismiss the countersuit by a summary judgment on the grounds that the alleged defamatory statements were only opinions while statements by the countersuit plaintiff accused the Rajneeshee of illegal activities; they state that this will be accompanied by a motion to delay the court order that Bhagwan appear for deposition until the request for summary judgment has been ruled upon; countersuit plaintiff's attorneys say they are considering their next move which could include a request for a civil contempt judgement and/or a possible default order against Bhagwan (No. )
83.12.14 Eugene Register-Guard editorial opposes Ethics Commission investigation into R and A officials' potential conflicts of interest urged by unsuccessful A mayoral candidate, saying it will duplicate AG's investigation and give the impression that Oregon is "ganging up" on the Rajneeshee
83.12.15 Seaside Signal takes 1000 Friends to task for bulk mailing of "Rajneeshpuram Alert" to that city
83.12.15 [R] Improvements to date: registered Arabian show horse; 8 spring foals expected
83.12.15 INS issues green card to one Rajneeshee spouse seeking permanent residence status after a two year wait
83.12.15 [R] Reported that R city officials issued 122 building permits between Aug. 1 and Oct. 24 W Circuit Court preliminary injunction against further issuance of new building permits, 84 of them in the 28 day period just prior to the Oct. 24 injunction; permits for both major and minor construction were issued as follows: Aug. 1--3 single story multiplex units; Aug. 7--16 multiplex units; Aug. 9--cold storage; Aug. 17—Sariputta; Aug. 23—convert Nagarjuna basement to cool storeroom, Alan Watts Hotel Reception; Aug. 24—2 warehouses, housing factory; Aug. 30—Zarathustra; Sept. 2— multiplex factory, Buddha Hall Music Trailer, RIMU; Sept. 7—Devateerth Mall; Sept. 15--Vimalkirti, Vimalkirti pilots and machine office trailer, Vimalkirti toilet trailer; Sept. 16—install 2 evaporative coolers in kitchen and laundry of Nagarjuna, Hassid Road Cafeteria; Sept. 17—single story wood frame structure in Jesus Grove; Sept. 26—25 permits including Sariputta Shed, 4 Zarathustra Dormitory units, Zarathustra housing laundry trailer, Zarathustra housing utility trailer, Vimalkirti office trailer, 7 single story townhouse units, 8 townhouse units, Hassid Road Cafeteria, bus shelter; Sept. 27—9 permits including 3 buildings for RIMU housing, 4 portions of Zen Road Hotel, Zarathustra factory, health spa; Sept. 29--11 permits including Buddha Hall Music Trailer water and sewer connections, Zarathustra factory shower, toilet, and 2 tool trailers, 3 Buddha Hall toilet trailers and 3 shower trailers; Oct. 3--health spa; Oct. 4--13 permits including Annex A and B of Welcome Center, Lao Tzu Garage, 2 permits for lobby and deck addition, 8 townhouse units ; Oct. 6--5 permits including cleaner's supply, sheet metal shop, Noah's Ark storage, Welcome Center, Jesus Grove House addition phase one; Oct. 7--Zen Road power station and airport reception; Oct. 10--domestic supply building, bus and transport office, Buddha Hall pump station and electrical plant; Oct. 20--tire and bus repair building; Oct. 21--cimema, Raidus office, Jesus Grove house addition phase two, Lao Tzu Garage, 14 townhouse units
83.12.15 Rajneeshee attorneys appeal to another U.S. Supreme Court Justice to delay or stop the Multnomah County Circuit Court ordered appearance of Bhagwan for deposition in the defamation countersuit; both the suit and countersuit are scheduled to go to trial on Mar. 19 (Nos. and )
83.12.15 [LUBA] hearing on a request by 1000 Friends that the Aug. annexation of 119.2 acres to R be nullified on the grounds that R not authorized to take such land use actions since the Sept. 30 LUBA decision; case taken under advisement; ruling on Rajneeshee request for a stay of enforcement of the Sept. 30 LUBA decision expected next week (No. )
83.12.15 [LCDC] hearing on permanent rule relating to the incorporation of cities since 1981; R Mayor suggests readoption of the temporary rule scheduled to be replaced by Jan. 1 until court cases have been decided and says R attorneys will appeal a permanent rule if it is adopted; Commission decides to delay vote on permanent retroactive rule which would require cities incorporated since 1981 to have gained an exception to Goal 14 in order to consider amendments which would allow such exceptions for reasons in addition to just economic activity relative to the development of a nearby natural resource
83.12.16 [LCDC] approves a permanent rule applying to incorporations within UGBs, adjacent to UGBs or in rural areas which require an exception to Goal 14 to have been granted and citing as justification for an exception only economic activity related to the development of a nearby natural resource; R attorneys appeal the adoption of the rule, retroactive to 1981, to the Court of Appeals (No. )
83.12.16 U.S. District Court Judge in Portland denies Rajneeshee attorneys' request for a two day stay in the Multnomah County Circuit Court order requiring Bhagwan to appear for deposition in the defamation countersuit; plaintiff's attorneys state that they will seek sanctions for Bhagwan's nonappearance on Dec. 14 in a Dec. 28-Multnomah County Circuit Court hearing (Nos. and )
83.12.16 U.S. Supreme Court clerk says one Justice has referred to the full court a request by Rajneeshee attorneys that Bhagwan not be required to appear for pretrial deposition in defamation countersuit; Court will consider the request in a closed conference on Jan. 6 and announce its decision on Jan. 9; Rajneeshee attorneys state they will file a motion to stay all proceedings on the deposition in Multnomah County Circuit Court until the Supreme Court announces its decision (Nos. and )
83.12.16 35 Rajneeshee couples file suit in U.S. District Court in Portland to force INS to speed its processing of permanent residence applications by foreign spouses without regard to religious beliefs and affiliation; suit also seeks ruling that several immigration officials are personally biased against Rajneeshee and therefore incapable of fairly processing their applications and petitions; suit claims delays are part of a "'pattern and practice of invidious classbased religious discrimination'", a conspiracy to deny legal and constitutional rights and "'chills their free exercise of religious freedom'" and alleges that while normally the process takes 60 days, some of the plaintiffs have been waiting up to 2 years for approval of their applications (No. )
83.12.16 Rajneeshee attorneys file an additional petition with INS asking that they consider another criteria in Bhagwan's request for permanent residence status, his role as a skilled worker under the sixth preference category
83.12.16 [R] Reported that a trainee Protestant minister in Germany who became a Rajneeshee was asked to resign from his church in Bremen; Christmas Party recently held at Hotel Rajneesh in Portland for business people, attorneys and media contacts
83.12.18 Vancouver Columbian runs lengthy feature story on R
83.12.18 Reported that "Rajneeshpuram Alert" has been mailed to 500,000 households by 1000 Friends since Sept.; first Chair of LCDC and State Senator who says he is no great supporter of Rajneeshee calls the mailings "'crass'"; R Mayor says mailing amount to an attempt to capitalize on prejudice and bigotry; Director of 1000 Friends says mailings have produced donations or memberships from 3250 households and reports about 8500 members total
83.12.18 [R] 200 students reported to be enrolled in RIMU courses
83.12.18 U.S. Second Congressional District candidate campaign committee runs full page ad in Bend Bulletin claiming the paper is biased in favor of the Rajneeshee and against her because its facilities are used to print The Rajneesh Times for an income of about $35,00 per year and which reprints an Oct. 14 anti-Rajneeshee speech which she made in The Dalles
83.12.19 [W] Scheduled County Circuit Court hearing on a suit filed by R charging the W County Court/Commission with violations of the Oregon open meeting law (No. )
83.12.20 [W] Four term area anti-Rajneeshee state representative files for re-election
83.12.20 Reported that PSU Center for Population Research and Census estimates R was the fastest growing Oregon city in 1983; overall state population estimated to have declined .8% to 2,635,000; A population estimated at 95; R population estimated at 1000, up 65% from 1982
83.12.21 Rajneeshee attorneys withdraw U.S. Supreme Court request to overturn Multnomah County Circuit Court order that Bhagwan appear for deposition in defamation countersuit, saying that the matter is now moot since the plaintiff's attorneys are no longer pursuing a deposition but instead seeking sanctions which include a default judgement; next hearing scheduled for Dec. 28 in Multnomah County Circuit Court (Nos. and )
83.12.22 [R] Emergency City Council Meeting; authorization for City Attorney (CA) to file a counterclaim against the AG in US District Court for injunctive relief after discussion of refusal of LEDS hookup; authorization of a suit against the State of Oregon for illegal withholding of funds from R; authorization of legal consultant fees of $1200 in AG's suit against (Nos. and )
83.12.22 Oregonian editorial takes 1000 Friends to task for "Rajneeshpuram Alert" mailing
83.12.23 [R] Reported that the AG's Office has instructed the manager of Oregon's Law Enforcement Data System(LEDS)to deny request by the R Peace Force Chief for access to the system on the basis of the AG's opinion of Oct. 6 and LUBA's Sept. 30 decision; reported that AG's Office has decided to defend 5 ex-A non-Rajneeshee City Council officials in a lawsuit filed by Rajneeshee corporations charging them with breaching the July 1982 "truce" agreement and that a deposition was taken from ex-A Mayor by AG officials on Dec. 20 (No. ); reported that a copy of a cable(#4705) to US State Dept. from the American Consul General in Bombay dated Jan. 6, 1982 has been released in a press conference called by the President of RFI, cable states the Consul's belief that no visa fraud was committed in Bhagwan's original application for a medical visa to the U.S., contradicting INS statement in 1983 that the reason they were denying Bhagwan's request for permanent residence status was that there was a "'preconceived intent to seek permanent residence'", the President of RFI states that there may be more evidence of INS misconduct in the case and calls for an investigation by senior INS officials in Wasington D.C.; reported that LCDC officials and 1000 Friends admitted to Rajneeshee on Nov. 22 that a 1000 Friends' attorney wrote LCDC's temporary rule dealing with the incorporation of cities and retroactive to 1981
83.12.24 By this date, an administrator of RIMU had appeared on one of Holland's most popular TV talk shows, "Sonja on Tuesday", to talk about R; much time was devoted to the subject of Rolls Royces; an estimated 30% of Holland's population viewed the show
83.12.24 [R] Special City Council Meeting; discussion of Peace Force Chief's job and salary; two Councilmembers empowered to authorize CA to enter into litigation without having to call emergency Council meetings, provided that a report and ratification occur at the next scheduled Council meeting; vote to place the proposed state sales tax measure on the ballot; ordinance to prohibit drinking in public tabled; Ord. No. 83-15 prohibiting littering in R parks, streets and bodies of water and providing for a fine of up to $100 for violation adopted; general nondiscrimination ordinance tabled; Ord. No. 83-16 regulating the possession of firearms adopted; CA asked to prepare an ordinance to regulate parades; discussion of solid waste disposal and recycling system; audit completed; insurance for R officials' errors and omissions purchased for $1200; Councilmember resigns; discussion of revenue-raising fair on May 18; later press reports focus on Ord. No. 83-16 which bans firearms, loaded or unloaded, and other dangerous weapons in public buildings and accommodations and requires that weapons carried on a public street, in public places and in vehicles within R must be unloaded; ordinance is modelled on a broadened interpretation of Oregon law and on a recent Portland ordinance; four exceptions are provided for Peace Officers, people summoned to assist Peace Officers, military personnnel on duty and persons licensed to carry concealed weapons; ordinance provides for a weapons "check-in" system, the posting of notices and a fine of up to $1000 for violation; R CA states that the Council felt the ordinance was called for in light of threatening gestures of people driving trucks through R with rifles in racks
83.12.26 [R] City Council meeting; public hearing to consider clarification of Ordinance 83-12 pertaining to rezoning action of Aug. 28; passage of Res. No. 83-10 stating that findings adopted on Aug. 28 were adopted in support of both Ord. No. 83-11 (annexation) and Ord. No. 83-12 (rezoning); preliminary decision and granting of permission for the RRFPD to withdraw R from the District and create an R city fire department, final decision in the matter due Jan. 7
83.12.28 Molalla Pioneer editorial takes Bhagwan to task for refusing to give deposition in defamation countersuit (No.
83.12.28 Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge rules that Bhagwan is liable for potential damages in entering a default judgement on the grounds of nonappearance for deposition in defamation countersuit ; order means that Bhagwan will not be allowed to contest personal liability for any damages which might later be proved and granted in the case and will not be allowed to testify at any future time in the case Judge asks plaintiff's attorney to submit details of legal costs involved in Bhagwan's nonappearance and attorney says those amount to $26,500 (Nos. and )
83.12.28 R attorney files suit in Marion County Circuit Court under the Oregon public records law to obtain any Oregon Dept. of Justice/AG Office records related to the Rajneeshee; Dept. claims records requested are exempt from disclosure (No. )
83.12.29 AG writes letter stating it is impossible for him to meet with the Citizens Committee to Save R (CCSR), saying such a meeting would be "'nothing more than an opportunity for you to engage in ad hominem attacks'"; letter cites Nov. situation in which he agreed to meet with small delegation, then tried to accommodate 31 people for Nov. 16 meeting, while on Nov. 15 CCSR cancelled; CCSR spokesperson says AG himself refused to attend Nov. 16 meeting and planned only to send staff and this caused cancellation; CCSR spokesperson states that while AG met in person with W County officials, 1000 Friends and A School District residents who oppose R, he has been unwilling to extend the same right to Rajneeshees.'"
83.12.29 La Grande Observer votes AG's opinion on R the No. 2 story of the year
83.12.30 [A] Reported that Rajneeshee teacher who was given Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) restricted teaching certificate in Nov. has completed required 3 courses at PSU making him eligible for an unrestricted teaching certificate
83.12.31 Grants Pass Courier votes story of Rajneeshee seeking property in Illinois Valley No. 7 of the "bottom ten" stories of the year
83.12.31 [R] First tour group of 12 non-Rajneeshee Oregonians spends the night in R


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