Chronology of Events Relating to Rajneeshpuram 1985 - 1990 (source document)

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This is a continuation of main document Chronology of Events Relating to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon (source document).

Author: Roshani Shay Curtis, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Western Oregon University. It is copyrighted material. All rights reserved by the author.

For the other years, see 1981 , 1982 , 1983 and 1984.

Table of events

This is a verbatim account of Roshani's document, with some modifications to simplify searching of headings and newspapers.

Most items start with [Headings]. Hover your mouse over the link, or see Key to Headings and abbreviations. If you want to search for specific headings on this page, search for e.g. "[R]", with square brackets.

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date event
85.01.01 [W] [R] [SAHP] [PLAN] [IMP] [SS] [ELECT] Bend, OR The Bulletin writers and editors select R related matters No. 1 local news story of 1984; feature in Oregon's Multnomah Monthly on Ted Bryant, Portland's KOIN-TV news director, in which he accuses Rajneeshees of being "ruthless"; feature in the Student Lawyer focuses on land-use planning issues and asks "Are Oregon's strict land-use laws being used to persecute a religous group, or are they really protecting the state?"; former SS Paulus writes article on the W County election situation in the Oregon State Bar. Bulletin; Oregon Magazine "Rajneesh Watch" does unfavorable column on Kirk Braun and Oregon scholars studying R who counsel "'moderation'"; unfavorable features on a discourse video, on R on CR in Poona, India Poona Digest; 120 acres scheduled to be sprayed with grass seed by new hydroseeder machine, new rock walls being built to check erosion (RFI; RT-4)
85.01.01 [E] Bhagwan magazine article on European communes states: all except Medina in England are in the center of cities and occupy- groups of 50-100 flats housing 150-500 people; intense media attention; each commune is separate organizationally and legally but there is an exchange of supplies, people and skills; differing receptions by cities (after a positive 90 minute documentary done by a journalist in Amsterdam, a surge in positive interest occured; in conservative Catholic cities there is prejudice); court cases in Germany for libelous statements by state ministers and governors have been won; many nonsannyasins in therapy groups
85.01.01 [AUS] Rajneeshee centers in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane have closed since Aug., 1984 and many sannyasins have moved to two large communes, one in Perth and one in Sydney; new Disco opened in Sydney on Nov. 10, 1984 in addition to other businesses already run by local sannyasins: a restaurant, a cafe, a legal practice, real estate office, dress shop, a health food store, a toy factory nearby, another cafe, a farm, crystal shop, futon business, therapists, display work, computers, taxis, nurse, secretaries, electricians, accountants, social workers (RFI)
85.01.01 [CR] [CNCL] Mayor Ma Prem Kavido and three new councilmembers (Sw. Prem Siddha, Sw. Madyapa, Ma Prem Manohar) sworn in; President of Council appointed (Parmita); minutes of Dec. 4 and 16 meetings approved as corrected; Financial Report: $9,075.21 in Checking, $15,816.23 in Savings and $405.82 in Screen Fund; bills totalling $2,918.47 approved for payment; Council decides to apply to obtain water rights for the two existing city wells and approves $300 for the State Water Resource Dept. fee; Peace Force Report: now felt that City Hall should be located in Zorba Restaurant building; LEDS terminal should be installed for Peace Force in early March; councilmember offers her phone to city until city hall set up and council approves S110.00 for an answering machine; two street signs had been vandalized and will be replaced at $20 each; Fire Chief Report: OSP investigation of trailer fire complete with no evidence of arson; fire truck parts are on order; council approves S50 to paint CR logo on fire truck; ordinance and contract to borrow R fire truck for one month at S200 until CR truck repaired approved; sannyasin appointed to represent the Council on the board of the Medical Facility Authority; council authorizes 10 hours of City Attorney's time to research action against W County for not changing references to and information about CR in the County Comprehensive Plan; Mayor has brought highway signs saying "Antelope" instead of CR to the state and county highway departments' attention; council authorizes two hours of City Attorney time to investigate ways to speed the change of the post office name change from A to CR; special account authorized to be opened for cash deposits in lieu of bond for the Treasurer, the Recorder and the Marshal in which individuals will deposit $50 each to be held for the duration of their term of office; Council approves an ordinance authorizing the Treasurer or Recorder to sign checks, open accounts and expend funds as designated by the Council; a resolution authorizing the same is adopted; Concil approves $50 for Treasurer and Recorder to travel to Madras to open necessary city accounts; RIC well will be ready for the city soon, with rights and maintenance the responsibility of RIC; city water/sewer study not yet completed, so council extends completion date for the contract (BB-2; RG-6; RT-4)
85.01.02 [W] [J] [R] [NO.  : Revealed that a study of the attitudes of a sample of 150 residents each in W, J and Deschutes Counties done on Sept. 18 and 19 by Northwest Attitudes, a Portland based research firm, and paid for by RFI, RNSIC and R in seeking a change of venue from J county in the Harvey case, showed overwhelming bias against Rajneeshees: "About two-thirds of the respondents agreed with the statement, 'If called as a witness, a Rajneeshee would lie to protect Rajneeshee interests.' About 50 percent said they 'would not believe the sworn testimony of a Rajneeshee.' More than 70 percent disagreed, The (sic) 'Rajneeshees are not hurting anyone and should be left alone.' About 70 percent agreed that the 'Rajneeshees are using the legal system unfairly.'"; article includes specific percentage responses to three questions and incidents of harassment recounted by Rajneeshees (BB; RT-4; SJ-6; RG-6; O-6; DC-7; O-7)
85.01.02 [W] [COMM] [FEST] [PER] [CO] W County Court/Commission continues hearing on 1985 summer festival permit request by RNSIC; CO brings about 150 persons and several testify in opposition, R attorney objects that no decision is made; more testimony will be taken on Dec. 4 (BB-3; SJ-3; DC-3--this is best in terms of relating testimony; RG-3; RT-4)
85.01.02 [AFR] Brief article on Kenyan Rajneeshees' New Year's celebration in Nairobi's The Standard
85.01.02 [WCCC] [NO.  : Curtis Sliwa and 3 other Guardian Angels fail to appear to face disorderly conduct charges stemming from Dec. 7 road-blocking incident at R; 3 Angels appeared, two were granted court-appointed attorneys and their arraignment continued until Jan. 7 by Judge James Donnell; Judge also continues the arraignment for the four who do not appear instead of doing the "'normal thing' (which) is to issue a warrant when someone fails to appear for a court date; disorderly conduct is a Class B misdeameanor which has a maximum penalty of $1,000 and 6 months in jail; one of the Angels also faces a charge of reckless driving on the county road into R which was dated Nov. 28, is a Class A misdemeanor and carries a maximum fine of $25,000, one year in jail and mandatory supension of driving privileges (O-3; SJ-3; BB-3; DC-3; RG-3)
85.01.02 [WCCC] [NO.  : RLS files petition asking Judge to grant an order requiring W County to issue a festival permit as had been tentatively agreed to last week (RT-4)
85.01.02 ED[S] Eugene, OR Register-Guard humor column mentions R and Bhagwan several times; Estacada, OR News editorial cartoon on R
85.01.03 [W] [R] [ELECT] [SCHL] State Representative Bill Bellamy says he will assemble an informal committee to develop legislation "to control activities of guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his followers.", will support 20-day voter registration cutoff and seek legislation "giving the state superintendent of public instruction authority to cut basic school support to the school in Rajneesh (formerly Antelope)." (BB; RT-25)
85.01.03 [ENG] Medina Commune members near Herringswell say it. will revert to a boarding school, but this time for sannyasin children and only parents of children under 5 and teachers will remain, while other adults will move to communes on the continent; move said not to be related to the recent failure to gain planning permission for expanded accommodations (NMJ)
85.01.04 [W] [R] [COMM] [FEST] [PER] [IMP] [BLDG] [DCOM] [GOV] [ELECT] W county DA Bernie Smith says he is concerned about the stockpiling of "more than 35 submachine guns" at R, of which he has learned from federal agents, and asks the County Court/Commission to investigate the matter before issuing a summer festival permit; Rajneeshees invite reporters and DA to view a training session of R Security Force (separate from the Peace Force) cn the semi-automatic weapons to reassure that weapons are used by trained personnel "'for self-defense or for a situation of mortal danger only, to protect the commune.'"; DA declines to attend (BB; DC; C-5; RG-5; SJ-5; BB-6; TT-6; DWR-10; RT-11); more than 8,600 Rajneesh Currency debit cards have been issued and during the past year Rajneesh Financial Services Trust (RFST) has processed S7.5 million worth of sales; $10 million in sales are expected during 1985, at about 1,000 transactions per day and about 5,000 per day during summer festival; minimum transaction has been reduced from $2 to Sl (RT; RG-5; SJ-6); after three hours of heated testimony W County Court/- Commission votes unanimously (Virgil Ellett's last vote, he is to be replaced by Jim Comini on Jan. 7) to grant 1985 summer festival permit but to impose a list of conditions including: "Submission to the sheriff's office of a continually updated list of weapons and ammunition at Rancho Rajneesh commune, plus a list of who has access to the arms and under what conditions they are to be used. A guarantee that the Rajneeshpuram police chief or an assistant can be reached anytime from May 21 to Oct. 1, the time of the agreement. A list of all people to be employed as security personnel, including names, addresses, qualifications and other information. The credentials of the weapons training instructor at the commune and names and type of weapons. Fingerprints on file of all security personnel. Access past any roadblocks on the ranch within 35 minutes of notification by sheriff's office personnel."; Festival permit granted under these conditions and will be taken by R attorney under protest to RNSIC which must accept them by Jan. 31 or the permit will be invalid (SJ-5; BB-6; DC-6; DWR-10; RT-11--a lengthy account of all three hearings); meeting between Dept. of Commerce official and Governor to discuss whether to fine RNSIC and RIC $1.4 million ($2,100 per tent) for violating state electrical codes with 640 winterized tents; Dept. of Commerce prepares citations against RIC and RNSIC which mention violation of electrical code, not using an electrical contractor and not using a licensed electrician; after citations are received RIC and RNSIC may request a hearing before the State Electrical Board, which would decide on whether to impose fines and on the amount; if $1.4 million in fines were assessed it would be the largest fine ever imposed in Oregon history and it would be in addition to S3 million in penalties being sought in suit filed against tents in Dec. by AG (RG-5; SJ-6; BB-6; DC-6); notice of vote challenges on the basis of incorrect address made on Nov. 3 by Rajneeshees mailed to 748 voters in W County (DC-6); R Fire Protection District announces election for all five board positions on Mar. 26, with filing deadline of Feb. 14 (RT)
85.01.04 ED[S] Des Moines, Iowa Register comments on R anti-AIDs practices; The Rajneesh Times comments on Bhagwan as newsmaker of the year, accuses W County of "intrigue" in the festival permit situation
85.01.05 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] Feature on four successful Houstonians and 20 SAHP participants (remaining out of about 80 who came) from that city in the Houston, TX Chronicle; Bob Brogoitti, State Rep. for District 58, predicts that Legislature will consider changes in registration due to W County situation (LGO)
85.01.06 [R] [RMC] [IMP] RMC has filed a letter of intent to request a 27-bed hospital at R with the State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA), which must issue a certificate of need for the $4 million facility after a formal application is filed; the request is for 9 fewer beds than the previous RMC request for a skilled nursing home and ambulatory surgery hospital at a time when no rules existed for requests from areas which had never been served by a medical facility; those rules are now in place, and include some suggestions by RMC (RT-4; DC-6; BB-10); "God of the New Age", an anti-Rajneesh film, shown at First Baptist Church in Salem (SJ-5)
85.01.06 ED[S] Portland, OR The Oregonian editor lauds the paper's correspondents, such as the one who covers stories at R
85.01.07 [WCCC] [NO.  : Guardian Angel leader Curtis Sliwa fails to appear for arraignment on Dec. 7 charges of disorderly conduct and court says a warrant will be issued for his arrest; two others appear and enter not-guilty pleas, two others arraigned, and final two have court dates on Dec. 14 (DC; SJ-8; O-8; B3-8; RG-8; 3B-9)
85.01.07 [CA] [NO.  : Arguments heard on R request to overturn W County deletion of R from County Comprehensive Plan (on July 11, 1984); R attorneys argue the decision deprives R of its land-use planning authority, county has no authority to rescind an ordinance once adopted, county has responsibility to coordinate planning with R, asks at least for a delay in decision until the SC rules on the incoroporation case (BB-8; SJ-8)
85.01.07 [CR] Postal Service spokesperson says post office name changes take a long time and many letters have been received which oppose the change from "Antelope" to "CR"; the Western Regional Post Office in San Bruno, CA made no recommendation when it forwarded the CR request on Dec. 6; US Rep. Bob Smith has written opposing the change; the Board of Geographic Names has made no recommendation (O-8; 3B-8; DC-9)
85.01.08 [W] [R] [DCOM] [BLDG] [RFI] [RNSIC] [SS] [ELECT] State officials officially notify RFI and RNSIC of $1.4 million in fines to be levied for violations of state electrical codes with 640 winterized tents, fines are confirmed as largest ever levied; Building Codes Division notifies R Building Inspector that it is withdrawing his certification because of his failure to require permits or inspections; corporations have 20 days in which to appeal the penalties (DC-9; RG-9; O-9; BB-9; SJ-9; RT-11; TW-16); new SS Roberts says she will seek 3-day registration cutoff and 20 day proof of residency requirement to vote (SJ-7; GT-8)
85.01.08 [W] [COMM] County/Court/Commission Judge/Commissioner says DA Bernie Smith is drafting rules to control the decorum of the Commission's meetings due to heated exchanges on Jan. 4 (DC-9; RT-11)
85.01.08 [WCCC] [NO.  : Curtis Sliwa says in an telephone interview that he did not show up in court because he did not have money for the trip, that he will return, R is a "'farce'" and his arrest was illegal (DC; BB-9)
85.01.08 [S] [MCM] Garry McMurray predicts the demise of R at meeting of the Boones Ferry Commercial Club (LOR-10; WLT-23)
85.01.09 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] State Representative Peg Jolin, District 44, says she favors 20 day voter registration cutoff triggered by SAHP controversy (CGS)
85.01.09 [AUS] New Rajneeshee disco in Sydney hailed as AIDs- free; precautions discussed and 800 sannyasins in that city cited in the Sydney City Express; feature on same Zorba Disco in the Daily Telegraph, mention in Jan. 14 issue of the Melbourne Sun and Feb. 15 issue of RFI Newsletter
85.01.09 ED[S] [CR] [SS] [COMM] Albany, OR Democrat-Herald favors retaining name of Antelope Post Office; LaGrande, OR Observer says "Rajneeshees could do much to reduce the bigotry and gain support among Oregonians by being a little less inflammatory." in commenting on the recently released survey showing anti-Rajneeshee bias; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal lauds retiring SS Paulus, among other things for "her successful efforts to defuse the Wasco County election crisis last fall."; The Dalles, OR The Chronicle castigates Rajneeshees for outbursts during recent Court/Commission meetings, says they, not the Commissioners are responsible for lack of decorum
85.01.10 [W] [R] [RNSIC] [BLDG] RNSIC Treasurer says $1.4 million in fines is harassment; R Building Inspector says his the first case of withdrawal of certification in Oregon history and he will appeal the move in an administrative hearing set for mid-March; State Building Codes Administrator says the fines are "more than 20 times as large as any he could recall." (ADH-11; BB-11; O-11; RG-11; DC-11; SJ-12); results of another survey about anti-Rajneeshee bias filed in Grant County Circuit Court; Portland's The Attitudes Group surveyed 150 residents each in Baker, Grant, Klamath and Multnomah counties on Oct. 29 and 30; the results were approximately the same as those in the Sept. poll of W, J and Deschutes counties; head of the group says the survey revealed "'a magnitude of prejudice that I have not seen in my (11) years of research.'" (BB; DC-11; SJ-15; RG-15; TW-16; O-16; O-17)
85.01.10 [USDC] [NO.  : Insuror of car that hit a SAHP Trailways bus carrying 41 near Caldwell, ID asks court protection from "'multiple and vexacious claims'"; driver of car died, 34 bus passengers examined and 4 admitted to Caldwell Memorial Hospital, 5 others were treated at Mercy Medical Center in Nampa; insuror has turned over the $75,000 for which driver was covered to the court asking that anyone suing simply split that amount (DC; DA; O-12)
85.01.10 [MCCC] [NO.  : Lawyers reach agreement and Rajneeshees drop the S990,000 defamation suit filed in 1983 against Donna Quick Smith (BB; DC; O-11; SJ-11; RG-11)
85.01.10 ED[S] [DCOM] [BLDG] [W] [COMM] [PER] Bend, OR The Bulletin says the "inflated fines" for violation of electrical codes on 640 tents is "unnecessary" and "doesn't make the state look very good."; Portland, OR The Oregonian lauds W County Court/Commission for issuing mass gathering permit, even under pressure; The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder praises the Dept. of Commerce's $1.4 million in fines against the R tents and castigates the W County Court/Commission for allowing "foul-mouthed" Rajneeshee to testify and not delaying issuance of festival permit
85.01.11 [W] [R] [CR] [ELECT] [SAHP] [SS] [IMP] Feature article says both House and Senate committee chairs support 20 day voter registration cutoff in state law due to controversy over SAHP and recounts importance of R issues in SS campaign (O); reported that November liquor revenues were distributed to cities, counties and the state in December, with CR receiving S35.64 and R receiving $446.31 (DC); Guardian Angel spokesperson says they are backing off from R for awhile due to lack of equipment and funds; BCC spokesperson lauds the Angels (BB); unfavorable visitor's report on R from British anti-Rajneeshee Herringswell resident (BFP); new bus station in R, 84 buses, 20,200 riders per day average on routes where busses arrive every ten minutes between 5:30 am and midnight (RT); 40-year-old man from Miami, FLA arrested in R for trespass (DC-14)
85.01.11 ED[S] [BLDG] Eugene, OR Register-Guard says the "strong negative views" of Oregonians against Rajneeshees doesn't mean those views are "necessarily prejudiced, biased or bigoted."; The Rajneesh Times comments on the attempted decertification of the R Building Inspector and on weapons
85.01.12 [W] [R] [SAHP] Feature articles critical of SAHP and aftermath, on local anti-Rajneeshee sentiment, on daily life, Bhagwan's birthday celebration and on several sannyasins formerly from that city in Tucson, AZ Tucson Citizen
85.01.12 [ENG] Feature on Bhagwan, Poona Ashram, R and Medina in India's The Weekly Sun, which includes quotes from British sociologist, Dr. Bob Mullan of the Unviersity of East Anglia wno has written a book on Medina and R entitled Life as Laughter
85.01.13 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SCHL] Bend, OR The Bulletin says "Central Oregon legislators' are considering numerous measures to control the activities of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his disciples", including: 20 day voter registration cutoff and SPI authority to cutoff funds to CR school (see also SJ); unfavorable visitor's report on R in the Des Moines, WA Times-News
85.01.13 ED[S] [WCCC] [CR] The Dalles, OR The Chronicle suggests the WCCC dispense with the charges against Guardian Angel leader Sliwa to save time and money; Bend, OR The Bulletin gives the "Ma Anand Sheela Golden Throat Award" to the US Postal Service official who claims that mail easily delivered if has correct ZIP code and cites an example of error
85.01.14 [W] [J] [R] [RMC] [IMP] [PLAN] Announced that RMC's certificate of need application for a hospital at R will be discussed by the Central Oregon Health Planning Council on Jan. 21 in Redmond (BB; RS-16); 2:30 am fire at W County Planning office which damage records and a ransacking of the - office are being investigated as arson; W County Planner says most of the destroyed records have duplicates in the County Clerk's office or were "resource" files and that pending and current applications files appear to be salvagebale; one-third to one-half of files are destroyed; the office had no burglar or fire alarm system; damage said to be estimated at $5,000-$10,000 (DC; O-15; BB-15); night time television quiz show "Jeopardy" has a $60 religion question reading "The Rajneesh sect have taken over a community in what state?" (DWR-17); ex-Mayor of Portland speaks to J County Chamber of Commerce banquet suggesting "'benign neglect'" should be the way to treat R for awhile (MP); Maclean's magazine feature on R urges Oregonains to acquire some "perspective" on the situation; feature on R in the British paper Daily Express
85.01.14 [WCCC] [NO.  : A Guardian Angel phoned the WCCC from Utah and requested his appearance be rescheduled for Jan. 16; 5 others have been arraigned, entered not guilty pleas and are awaiting a trial date; warrant still out for Sliwa's arrest (DC-15; RG-15; TW-16)
85.01.15 [W] [R] [PLAN] [IMP] [ELECT] Investigators confirm arson the cause of the W County Planning Office fire and there was a break-in; investigation continues (DC; O-16; BB-16; SJ-16; DWR-17; RT-18); new "entertainment" store with video, audio and musical equipment opens in R; greenhouses delivered 17,200 flowers* around R in Nov. and many are still blooming; last of the beets, carrots, spinach, broccoli, winter lettuce and parsley still being harvested (RFI); bill filed in Legislature requiring 20 day voter registration deadline (HB2066) (DC-16)
85.01.15 [S] R speaker in three Eugene high schools (Ma Mary Catherine) via teleconference on "Religion and Politics in America: Testing Our Democracy" (RT-18)
85.01.15 ED[S] [SAHP] Editorial cartoon on SAHP in Houston, TX Post
85.01.16 [W] [R] Anne and Adrian Greek, founders of the Positive Action Center in Portland which is affiliated with the Citizens Freedom Foundation, "a national cult awareness network.", at a presentation to Gervais, OR high school student assembly, say "they consider the Rajneeshees among those on their list of destructive cult organizations."(WI); Gresham Chamber of Commerce announces that its Feb. 25 Leadership Program will focus on media coverage of R (GO; SP-17)
85.01.16 [WCCC] [NO.  : [NO.  : [NO.  : Reported that hearing has been set for Jan. 28 in three defamation and outrageous conduct suits against Sheela and R corporations (Hill for $125,000 compensatory damages and $25,000 general damages, Workman for the same amounts, and Wichelmann for $500,000 compensatory damages and $1,500 general damages; SJ-19 and BB-20 have different figures: Hill $200,000 in general damages and court costs, Workman $25,000-50,000 in compensatory damages and $275,000-450,000 in general damages, Wichelman $2 million in general damages and $5 million in punitive damages); R attorney has requested the suits be dismissed, stricken or contain a more definite statement of the allegations with regard to defendants Bhagwan, RNSIC and RIC; no motion made on behalf of Sheela and RFI; all three suits are over statements by Sheela at an Oct. 8, 1983 school board meeting; the suit was filed in Oct., 1984 and civil papers served in Dec. 1984 to all but Sheela, who was served recently by mail with court permission (DC; 0-19; SJ-19; BB-20)
85.01.16 [WCCC] [NO.  : Sixth of the Guardian Angels arrested on Dec. 7 at R appears in court, gains court appointed attorney and is due to enter a plea on Jan. 21 (DC-17)
85.01.16 ED[S] Grants Pass, OR Daily Courier says the Rajneesh- ees own actions are responsible for the prejudice against them; Norristown, PA Times Herald mentions R in covering zoning controversy over a shelter for the homeless in that city; Albany, OR Democrat-Herald lauds Legislature for taking up the 20 day voter registration deadline issue
85.01.17 [W] [R] [CR] [SAHP] Two Salvation Army officers formerly in The Dalles are honored by the Social Security Administration for their work with SAHP leavers; Salvation Army says it provided 571 bus tickets out of Portland and 87 from The Dalles at a cost of more than $75,000 and that donations are keeping pace with expenses (DC-16; BB; SJ); announced that the Mixed Pieces Theater in Eugene will perform a musical spoof of R on Jan. 25, 26 and Feb. 1, 2 (RG); cartoon strip in college paper focuses on R (WOSCL); Portland State University Center for Population Research and Census releases population data for July 1, 1984 ; these figures are used for distributing some state revenue; R was listed at 1,440 (up from 1,000 in 1983); CR was listed as 115 (up from 40 in 1978 and 95 in 1983) (DA-7; DC); feature article on brother and sister (Sw. Krishna Deva and Ma Prem Kavido) who are Mayors of R and CR (O; RG-20); announced that Rajneeshees and media representatives will join in a panel discussion of media coverage of R at University of Oregon on Jan. 30, sponsored by the OSU and UO chapters of Women in Communications, Inc. (DC; RG-19)
85.01.17 [CR] 60 residents of CR meet to discuss ways of speeding name change of post office so that mail is delivered faster, is not returned to sender or diverted to R (BB-18)
85.01.18 [R] [IMP] [ELECT] New "vegetable washing" building completed to wash 200-300 pounds of lettuce and sprouts daily; 5 1/2 acres of spinach and lettuce being grown in plastic tunnels during winter; R supplies 90% of the spinach it uses, 100% of sprouts, 80 % of parsley, 100% of kale and collards; sewing "temple" creates clothes, blankets, covers for airplane wings and many other items (RT); Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group says it is opposed to the 20 day voter registration deadline as it will "only hurt students" (ODE)
85.01.18 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on opening of Legislative Session; Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times says "Dislike (for Rajneeshees) isn't prejudice"
85.01.19 ED[S] Nairobi, Kenya The Standard mentions Bhagwan in 'humor' column about AIDS
85.01.20 [R] US[CA] Feature on 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals mentions R (O); unfavorable feature on R in New Delhi, India, The Hindustan Times
85.01.21 [W] [J] [R] [RMC] [IMP] Non-sannyasin R Peace Officer resigns from the J County posse because the Sheriff asked him not to lead the posse in parades as he had been doing for 5 years because J County residents had complained about his working in R; officer says he has received threats, complaints and someone wounded his horse in the shoulder 2 years ago, but some friends have stood by him (RT-18; BB; MP-31); RMC official testifes at meeting of Central Oregon Health Planning Council (COHPC) on request for hospital in R; she says non-sannyasins will also be served and that RMC has already spent "'more than $250,000 for charity (cases) and we'll continue to.'"; she also says an application for a certificate of need will be submitted on Feb. 2; technically the COHPC does not have jurisdiction over R, but they have said they want to be involved in the review process since the hospitals in Madras and Bend might be affected (BB-22; RT-25; DC-27); R mentioned briefly in humor piece in Western Advertising News column "Adweek"
85.01.22 [W] [R] [BLDG] R officials have refused delivery of letter from State Building Codes Division notifying them of $1.4 million fine; letter to R Building Inspector was delivered and hearing on withdrawal of his certification is set for Mar. 13 (DC)
85.01.23 [W] [R] [ELECT] Feature on election in District 2 recalls that R was a major issue (NT)
85.01.24 [W] [R] [WCCC] [FAW] [CR] R Peace Force has 20 members, 4 who are certified, and 6 who are reserve officers (DWR); State Rep. Fawbush says 7th Judicial District where WCCC located will probably be allocated an additional judge by this legislative session as the workload, especially given R cases, is much greater than other districts; WCCC's Judge Jelderks was assisted by pro tem judges in hearing 1,833 in 1983 (DWR); State Sen. Jernstedt says he is drafting a memorial to go from Oregon Legislature to Congress asking them to preserve the name of the Antelope Post Office (BB; DC-25; O-26); feature on Bhagwan's philosophy, on R, a visitor's tour and on local controversies, complete with comments of sociologist Laurence Keene in The Graphic, a publication of Seaver College, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA; West Germany's Stern magazine begins new series entitled "Rajneeshpuram--Red Camp of Happiness", which includes many photos, an interview with an ex-Stern writer now a sannyasin, largely unfavorable
85.01.24 [S] R speaker (Ma Prem Sunshine) and film on R at Willamette University in Salem, cosponsored by the Third World Student Organization and Associated Student Body; 300-500 attend one-hour presentation and many stay for "brown bag" lunch (SJ-22; SJ-25; WUC-25; RT-2/1); author of book on R, Kirk Braun, on KBOO radio (WW)
85.01.24 US[CA] [NO.  : [USDC] [NO.  : 9th USCA has agreed to hear AG's request that Church-State suit be heard in state court rather- than in federal court as Judge Frye of USDC in Portland has ruled; meanwhile pre-trial discovery continues in Portland USDC and motions will be presented to Frye on Feb. 4 (BB-25; O-25; SJ-26; DC-27; RG-27)
85.01.24 ED[S] The Dalles Weekly Reminder says that recent public opinion surveys on R are "Informed, not prejudice"; Condon, OR Times-Journal says "strong negative views about the Rajneeshees.... aren't necessarily prejudiced, biased or bigoted."
85.01.25 [R] [IMP] Nine acres of grapevines expected to produce 1000 bottles of wine in 1985 and 14,000 in 1986; prison requests are filled with 150 titles by Bhagwan donated free; an audiotape club for the blind formed; RIMU announces 16 courses beginning in February (RT)
85.01.25 [S] R speakers (Sw. Prem Siddha, Ma Anand Puja) at sometimes hostile Oregon Psychiatric Association annual meeting says SAHP was a success in helping people to transform their lives, about 800-900 remain; one of team of four OPA members who visited R on Dec. 15 to study mental health care said use of medication there was "'very responsible.'" (BB-27; RT-2/1)
85.01.25 ED[S] [SCHL] [PLAN] The Rajneesh Times comments on Reps. Bellamy and Fawbush and their legislative moves against CR's Lincoln School funding and the arson of the W County Planning Office
85.01.26 [E] The Economist, a British magazine runs a photo of Bhagwan along with a story about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
85.01.27 [W] [R] [RIMU] Rajneesh International Meditation University (RIMU) said to draw 30,000 students a year, has 10 departments and about 30 teacher/therapists; courses range from a few days to several months and cost from $90-$7,500, which covers meals and housing; subjects range from tarot, astrology and crystals to body alignment, massage and counseling (BB); feature by Bend, OR The Bulletin reporter who completed 5 meditations at R; Bhagwan's picture appears in ad for KGW-TV Channel 8 news (O); Sheela was to meet on this date with Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi for about an hour while visiting India, she has also visited European Rajneeshee communes in recent months; later Sheela says she will see Gandhi, but he was "busy" on this date (SJ; O; DC-29; RG-29; BB-29; O-29; O-30; SJ-31; GT-31); Mixed Pieces Theater musical farce about R gets poor review (RG)
85.01.27 ED[S] [J] [ELECT] Portland, OR, The Oregonian lauds nonsannyasin Peace Force member for trying to make peace between hostile camps and laments the recent incident leading to his resignation from the J County posse; The Dalles, OR The Chronicle opposes vote-by-- mail on the basis of problems with registration last fall
85.01.28 [W] [R] [PROFF] [RIC] The Dalles recognizes W County Clerk Proffit as business woman of the year for her work during recent elections (DC-29; DWR-31); BLM proposes a land exchange of 11,000 acres of public land lying within Rancho Rajneesh for about 10,000 acres of RIC land located on the outskirts of the ranch, including high value river frontage; a total of 16,000 acres of public land lie within the ranch in a checkerboard pattern; only 6,000 of these acres are accessible to the pubic without crossing private land; BLM has long desired the trade, especially prizing the recreational value of the river front land; at this point the trade is only a proposal, does not include subsurface mineral holdings and could take up to a year, including a 45 day period for public comment; there is no indication whether RIC is interested in the swap (DC-29; BB-29; O-29; RG-30; SJ-30; BB-30; MP-2/7)
85.01.28 [WCCC] [NO.  : [NO.  : [NO.  : Arguments heard that RNSIC, RIC should be dropped from Hill, Workman, Wichelman defamation suits as Sheela was not speaking as a representative of them; Judge Jelderks takes request under consideration (DC-16; DC)
85.01.29 [R] [INS] [USDC] [NO.  : In response to motion in USDC charging religious harassment, the INS withdraws its demand that 10 Rajneeshee couples attend second interviews in their application for permanent resident status; the interviews had been scheduled to run from Feb. 4 to 8 (RT-2/1)
85.01.29 ED[S] [PLAN] Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist explains states's land use planning process and mentions R
85.01.30 [S] R and media speakers generally agree on fairness of media converage in a "congenial two-hour discussion" panel at University of Oregon; reporters complain about being monitored by security; "60 Minutes", Oregon magazine and The Dalles Weekly Reminder are listed as not having been fair and Rajneeshees complain about the use of "buzz words" such as "cult", and the invasion of private lives (RG-31; OSB-31; ODE-31; RT-2/1; NR-2/6)
85.01.30 [CA] [NO.  : State Court of Appeals rules the W County Court/Commission "acted properly in finding that it did not need to coordinate its land-use plan with the comune of Rajneeshpuram." in an oral opinion, upholding LUBA and standing by its earlier ruling that R is not legally incorporated (DC-30; BB-30; O-31; SJ-31; RG-31)
85.01.30 ED[S] Tigard, OR This Week columnist lauds Rajneesh Hotel
85.01.31 [W] [J] [R] [PLAN] Reported that a Christian evangelist (Mario Murillo) has spoken to more than 1,000 people three nights in a row this week; he came partly, he said, because of the "Rajneesh situation."; he will speak at Madras High School on Feb. 8 (DWR; CO); West Germany's Stern magazine series continues, especially focussing on why there are so many German sannyasins, again largely unfavorable; Bunte magazine, West Germany feature on R focusses photos on weapons; W County Planner Assistant Planner, Deputy Sheriff visit R and confirm that all 640 winterized tents have been removed by this the deadline date (O-2/1; BB-2/1; DC-2/1; SJ-2/2; RG-2/2; O-2/2; SJ-2/4); R says it may consult with the Director of Tourism at the Dept. of Economic Development to discuss tourism in R, an official there says he will respond to R requests as he would to any other city (BB-2/5)
85.01.31 [SC] [NO.  : Arguments heard in KATU-TV and KOIN-TV bid to gain copying and broadcast rights to video of Bhagwan's testimony in R from Aug. 19 in Donna Quick Smith v RFI case; attorney for KATU argues public's right to access; attorney for Bhagwan argues transcript is available and so is press coverage, that broadcast of Bhagwan's testimony and not that of other witnesses is discriminatory and that it would inhibit future use of video for testimony; attorney for KOIN-TV is John Frohnmayer, brother of AG (DC-31; O-2/1; RT-2/1; RG-2/1; BB-2/4; RT-2/8)
85.01.31 [S] UO Psychologist Norm Sundberg speaking to Salem psychologists says 93% of R residents said they were extremely satisfied with their life and only 2% indicated extreme dissatisfaction, that R residents have significantly lower rates of depression and stress and much higher feelings of self-esteem and social support than members of outside comparison groups; R speaker (Sunshine) and other Rajneeshees in attendance also discuss life at R, AIDs precautions and other topics (O; O-2/1; RG-2/4; RT-2/8)
85.02.01 [W] [R] [PLAN] [BLDG] Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" segment focusses on land-use planning and building issues and charges "law-stretching"; Portland, OR Metro lengthy feature on R and interview with Sheela; Omni magazine article speculates that Rajneeshees may be the first religious group to colonize space; Penthouse magazine makes brief mention of the SAHP; Moody Monthly reviews documentary film called "Gods of the New Age", which contains footage of Dynamic Meditation, at least one interview with a Rajneeshee, juxtaposes picture of Bhagwan with that of Hitler; review calls Rajneeshism a "cultic group", says film exposes how "American culture is being seduced by Hinduism in guises"
85.02.01 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on INS actions
85.02.02 [W] [R] [ELECT] [FAW] Legislative measure for 20 day cutoff in voter registration introduced; Rep. Fawbush kidded in Legislature about representing R (SJ); The Economist magazine apologizes for running photo of Bhagwan along with article about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the previous week
85.02.05 [W] [R] [IMP] Announced that the first volume of The Rajneesh Bible, a 800 page paperback compilation of discourses which began in Oct. 1984, will be released on March 20 with 10,000 copies selling for S6.95 each (BB; RT-15; SJ-24)
85.02.06 [W] [R] [S] [ELECT] [SAHP] [PROFF] [RIMU] Announced that Christian evangelist Mario Murillo will speak at Madras High School on Feb. 8 to public on, in part, "the Rajneesh statement 'Rajneesh Says Jesus Failed.'" (BB); letter from State Rep. Peggy Jolin mentions 20 day voter registration cutoff in relation to SAHP (SPN); ex-Mayor of Portland, Frank Ivancie, reports on his recent suggestion that Oregonians should "Ignore the Rajneesh" made to the Annual Meeting and Construction Conference of the Associated General Contractors in Salishan, while participating on a panel with ex-SS Paulus and TV commentator Jack Faust (TW); W County Clerk Proffitt announces that she discontinued the special voter registration process instituted in Oct. as of Dec. 11, but chose not to announce it at that time; 10 residents of R had their voter registration cards accepted by the Clerk's Office this date (DC-7; BB-7; RT-8; SJ-10; RG-10); RIMU launches national tour called "To the Heart of America" and intended to give a "taste" of meditation at the Hyatt-Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, CA and in Laguna Beach Center, covered by Channel 4, KNBC-TV; other stops scheduled are in Houston, TX Feb. 15-17, in Nashville, TN Feb. 20-24 (RT-1; B3-8; RT-15)
85.02.06 [W] [COMM] [FEST] [PER] RNSIC resolution presented to W County Court/Commission calls summer festival permit conditions "'burdensome and more intrusive than needed'" and a "'blatant form of discrimination'" which infringe upon First Amendment rights, criticizes county maintenance of the county road, indicates the commune should not be held responsible for moving every road blockage; DA says it amounts to "qualified acceptance of the county's terms for the six-week festival." (O-- 7); Court/Commission rejects any changes in permit conditions, accepts RNSIC responses with one exception; it asks clarification that RNSIC be responsible for removing all roadblocks within 35 minutes, not just those of its own equipment (BB; O-7; DWR-7; SJ-7; RT-3); W County Court/Commission also approves excluding all references to R from County Comprehensive Plan and directs County Roadmaster "to determine whether county should impose weight limits on its unimproved roads." which, if done, would virtually prohibit supplies moving into R (BB-7; RT-8; SJ-10)
85.02.06 [CR] CR Peace Force may be on-line within two weeks, says Mayor; state has approved LEDS and NCIC computer terminal to be installed Feb. 14; unpaid Peace Force Chief, a sannyasin who is a certified law enforcement officer, has already been appointed (BB-5; O; USA)
85.02.06 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge Jelderks denies R and RNSIC request to move the W County Planning Dept. files into the safekeeping of the WCCC; the request evidently occured because that office is not responding well to records requests for items needed for the SC incorporation case arguments by RNSIC; County Counsel says R request for files is "too broad"; W County Planner tells Judge that planning records are "in Portland in a. secure location."; Judge says county should cooperate in providing materials (O-7; DC-7; BB-7; RT-8)
85.02.07 [W] [R] [SAHP] [FLOE] [E] [GER] [ENG] [BLM] [RIC] The Dalles Salvation Army thanks W County residents for their help with SAHP leavers (DWR-7); a German ex-sannyasin and anti-Rajneeshee since 1979 (Floether) predicts R demise and move to Nepal based on "'The hierarchy'" travelling to Europe and the children flying to Medina commune; he has recently appeared on a number of TV talk shows in Germany; Floether says 180 children in Medina school (DWR); feature on 89 Rajneeshee businesses in West Germany, their successes and failures in Stern; it is reported that the BLM is planning a swap of 11,000 acres of public land inside Ranco Rajneesh for 10,000 acres of RIC land, including valuable John Day river frontage (MP)
85.02.07 ED[S] The Dalles Weekly Reminder mentions Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant in Portland
85.02.08 [W] [R] [SCHL] [ELECT] [CR] [RMC] [S] [IMP] W County Clerk says no one has filed for "Antelope School District" position 4 and one sannyasin each has filed for 5 positions on the "Rajneesh (Antelope) Fire District" board (Sw. Anand Videh, Ma Dhiresha, Ma Deva Barkha, Ma Deva Tada, Ma Prem Debal) (DC-10; DWR-14; MP-21); State Rep. Fawbush says CR is too small to need LEDS access; smallest- city now hooked up to system is Canyonville, population 1260 (O); RMC says over 4,000 have taken advantage of their new program in cancer screening since Nov. (RT); The Rajneesh Times runs article charging INS harassment of Rajneeshees and story of parents' visit to R; RIMU speakers join debate with adherents of biblical Christianity at University of Oregon's Mars Hill Forum, before an audience of several hundred; opening of new "Junior Disco" in R, set up and operated by R children using skills from "School Without Walls" program (RT-15)
85.02.08 [CR] [CNCL] Minutes of Jan. 1 meeting approved as read; Financial Report: $2,257 received and $3,523 spent in Jan. and bills totaling $1,338.17; $26.50 approved for move from contingency line in Street Fund to lawn mowing line; $25 approved for move from comprehensive plan line to telephone line in General Fund; bills approved for payment; RMC discusses its application for a hospital; of 27 beds, 24 would be for acute care, one for surgery intensive care, one for coronary care and one for psychiatric holds; also proposed are out-patient services in acupuncture, chiropractic and physiotherapy; RMC may ask CR for funding assistance; Peace Force Report: Council decides Peace Force budget must be amended to allow CR to buy and lease equipment it will need, so Force will not start patrolling until after a special budget meeting on Feb. 25; LEDS terminal now expected on Mar. 4 but Rep. Fawbush said he may introduce legislation to prevent it; Force to have about 10 officers; cost this year with leased equipment not to exceed present $2,025 per month cost for 12 hour patrols by R Peace Force; Council approves ordinance to allow contract with R for lease of a patrol car at $315 per month, including maintenance and equipment, and after amendments dealing with continued use of car by R to transport prisoners to The Dalles; ordinance approved to contract with R for lease of hand held radio for $25 per month and lease of a radio center for dispatch and two pager units for $58 per month, including maintenance; a lease was expected to be approved with RNSIC and R Fire District to use already existing radio frequencies, as gaining a separate one would take at least 9 months; this involves no cost to CR; fire engine with new logo, brakes, wiring and rebuilt pump nearly ready; Fire Chief mentions property of Scot Workman, whose roof has fallen off; hearings set for Mar. 5 to determine whether the property is a danger; Budget Committee Report: committee met on Jan. 21 and approved a supplemental budget of $21, 500; Council will hold a hearing on Feb. 25 to consider this budget; appointments of sannyasin volunteers made to three vacancies on the Budget Committee; suspected water contamination turned out to be faulty test, but some pipes cleaned with chlorination just "in case"; landfill has been covered, although a series of holes are available for dumping refuse; legal firm of Phips, Dun and Mobley has agreed to return all city documents under threat of lawsuit (DWR-14; BB-14; DWR-21)
85.02.10 [W] [R] [RIC] [RNSIC] [DCOM] [BLDG] Announced that RIC and RNSIC will get a hearing on March 18, conducted by Warren J. Hearle, on the $1.4 million in fines for violation of state electrical code with 640 winterized tents (DC); "Heart of America" tour opens in Houston, TX at the Marriott Hotel (RT-15)
85.02.11 [W] [R] [CR] [FEST] [PER] [SCHL] [S] W County DA says he is writing a letter to state the county's position that RNSIC must be responsible for removing any roadblock during festival within 35 minutes; new W County Sheriff Art LaBrousse has stipulated that "festival security personnel wear identification badges and that a list of their names and physical descriptions be submitted to his office."; RNSIC attorney says those are not part of the festival permit conditions, may endanger security personnel and may not be complied with (DC); four anti-Rajneeshee bills introduced into the Legislature: Rep. Dave McTeague of Milwaukie proposes changing the state constitution to give the legislature the authority to repeal city charters, a second bill to repeal the charter of R and a third to repeal the charter of CR; Rep. Bill Bellamy, Culver, proposes bill giving SPI authority to withohold state funds from "'any school district which supports religious activities or attempts to influence religious beliefs.'"; CR school spokesperson says the school is "open to non-Rajneeshees, meets state standards and does not address religious issues" and SPI office spokesperson says school is "'standard'" but not "'typical'"; McTeague's bills have 12 co-sponsors; City Attorney calls bills bigotted at a press conference and says Rajneeshees will oppose them and moves by Rep. Fawbush to restrict LEDS access; Rep. Fawbush says it is unlikely the charter repeal bills will pass (BB; SJ-12; BB-12; DC-12; RT-15;'DWR-21; MP-21; B-28); a series of free seminars to begin Feb. 15 at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany will feature OSU Prof. Ron Clarke on March 8 on the "Teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh" (GT; AC-20); Portland, OR Business Journal columnist and professor of urban studies at PSU likens R to settlements of Mormons and other religious communities
85.02.12 [W] [R] [SAHP] The Oregonian feature on the homeless says 4,200 cook advantage of the SAHP and 800-900 remain at R, with many leavers remaining in Portland
85.02.13 [W] [R] R to launch campaign, complete with brochure to be sent to groups in the Northwest and California, to draw conventions; R Chamber of Commerce (RCOC) says over 100,000 visitors to R last year (RT-8; RG-14; SJ-14; USA-14; DC-15; GCS-28)
85.02.13 ED[S] The Dalles, OR The Chronicle supports the McTeague bills and says if they do not pass, it is likely that a "referendum" by the people to the same effect will
85.02.14 [W] [R] [SC] [PLAN] [SMITH] [GER] Article summarizing the incorporation case and saying decision expected soon by SC (DWR); US Rep. Bob Smith is speaker on South Africa and apartheid at annual Lincoln Day dinner of the W County Republican Central Committee, after which Rajneeshees in attendance liken their situation to apartheid and he does not agree (DC-15); negative feature on ex-snnyasins, Rajneeshee therapy and interview with Laxmi in Stern
85.02.14 [CR] Apparently the former law firm of the former A Attorney, Keith Mobley, has agreed to return A documents to CR; Mobley, now working for OSU, had held the documents "ransom" for $19,000 he said he was owed by the city for serivices, largely during disincorporation election period (DWR)
85.02.15 [W] [R] [ELECT] [SMITH] [INS] [AUS] [S] Only residents of Possum Trot, OR, population 2, boast that their publishing company deals "in Bhagwan spoofs." (CP); Oregon AFL-CIO lobbyist opposes all voter registration deadline cutoff bills and says "The additional pressure to change existing law has been generated by the attempts of the Rajneesh to use this system for their own game plan. But, it did not work." (Labor Press); US Rep. Bob Smith says he will introduce a bill to create an administrative court to speed INS cases, partly in response to delays in disputes involving Rajneeshees (BB-17); story and photos of new Disco in Sydney, Australia (RFI); The Rajneesh Times now on sale in the State Capitol building in Salem; R City Planner (Sw. Deva Wadud) speaks on R to 100 at Harvard School of Design, from where he graduated (RT-22)
85.02.15 ED[S] [PROFF] The Rajneesh Times comments on anti-R and anti-CR bills, Rep. McTeague, Clerk Proffitt's award, several court cases against R and R corporations (which are labelled harassment)
85.02.16 [W] [R] [SAHP] Portland Salvation Army says it will end "Operation Love", having paid for bus tickets for 585 SAHP leavers from Portland and 87 from The Dalles at a cost of $100,000; the $2,000 remaining from donations will go to the Portland mission program; only about 1 SAHP a month noted in 1989 and fewer than 100 SAHP leavers estimated still in Portland; Madras Trailways bus agent says 1,339 total SAHP leavers through that depot and none in last 2 weeks (O; DC-17; RG-17; BB-18; RG-20)
85.02.17 ED[S] Portland, OR The Oregonian calls the charter repeal bills "opportunist"
85.02.18 [W] [R] [RHT] R residents evidently "combing" W County files for records relating to R, its residents and R corporations (BB); State Senate Government Operations and Elections Committee Chair (Glenn Otto, Troutdale) announces they may visit R on their traditional fact-finding tour, which will take place for 2 or 3 days in March and will include public meetings in Redmond, Klamath Falls, Medford, North Bend and Astoria (BB; SJ; DC-19); 190 arrive at R from all over Europe for one-moth RHT program called "Buddahfield experience" (RT-22)
85.02.18 [CR] [CNCL] Mayor reports that while City Recorder out of town it is not possible to hold Municipal Court because the Charter appoints the Recorder as Judge, but allows for no replacement in his/her absence; charter amendment proposed to authorize Recorder to appoint a pro tem judge in his/her absence, to change the charter term "police judge" to "court judge" and to put the measure on the ballot at the next election on Mar. 26; Council appoints Treasurer to be Acting Recorder in Recorder's absence; Council member asks for volunteers to help review old charter and amendments and draft new amendments; another councilmember's request for a 6 month leave of absence from Jan.1-June 1 approved; Fire Chief ask for hearing to be set on Bob Gerfen property, which still has metal and debris from Dec. 9 fire; mentioned that Rep. Bellamy had insulted CR in the Legislature
85.02.18 ED[S] [ELECT] Astoria, OR Daily Astorian favors earlier voter registration cutoff dates
85.02.19 [W] [R] [E] [AUS] [SCHL] [SPI] Sheela says she met with Prime Minister of India, will leave for Australia, Europe and the Middle East soon and there are "new plans in the works"; her just competed trip with stops in India, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland and England was a month long (BB; O; DC; RG-20); Mayor of R vows at news conference to "fight efforts to chase them (Rajneeshees) from central Oregon even if it means 'some type of civil war.'"; the conference was called to oppose Legislation to cut off state aid to CR school with its children, saying the motivation for such legislation is "'political ambition'"; Rep. Bellamy says the bill now has about 20 cosponsors; Dept. of Education analyst says CR district allocated $18,070.76 in basic school support funds for 1985, but that will be routinely recalculated in April; current calculations are based on 3 children in kindergarten, 67 in grade and high school, with an expected increase of 20 this year (EO-20; RG-20; BB-20; O-20; RS-20; USA-20; RT-22); confrontation for over an hour between Rajneeshees and W County officials over access to files; four Sheriff's deputies threatened three Rajneeshees with arrest if they did not leave the W County Courthouse; after TV cameras arrived Rajneeshees were told they will will be allowed to inspect some county files on Feb. 26 between l-3pm with a county observer present; county officials say they have a request from RLS for copies of every county court order issued since 1854, which would take weeks and cost $21,000; records search has been going on for about two weeks (O-20; DC-20; BB-20; RT-22); State Sen. Steve Starkovich discusses charter repeal bills with constituents and says "'as soon as the leader died they dried up and blew away.'" in discussing the commune of Aurora (CH-20); SPI sends team from Dept. of Education on unannounced visit to R School District to determine whether "School Without Walls" program meets state standards (O-23; RT-22)
85.02.20 Heart of America tour from R opens in Nashville, TN; principals have appeared on many TV and radio shows (TTN-17; RT-22; see TTN-23 for interview with Sw. Anand Rajen and Ma Anand Sagun)
85.02.20 . ED[S] LaGrande, OR Observer opposes charter repeal bills on the grounds of violation of local control
85.02.22 [W] [R] [PLAN] [SCHL] [SPI] [AG] [RIMU] Rajneeshees say that they hope zoning disputes are settled soon so they can build two pyramid-shaped archives for the Academy of Rajneeshism, to house a library and documents valued at $13 million; they would measure 5500 feet square each and cost $1.2 million to build and be open to the public; the dispute centers around whether zoning authority is lost during incorporation case appeal; issue was set for hearing on Mar. 11, but date has been postponed; psychology professors from UO have written W County urging them to approve the Academy buildings (BB); college paper spoofs that professor may move to R any day (Ted Shay, WUC); SPI says Lincoln School in CR for K-3 students appears in order, but he has questions abourt "School Without Walls" program, which he will discuss with AG; the program places students in various enterprises on Rancho Rajneesh to learn by doing; questions relate to public access to "school program" on Ranch; SPI says the recent unusual visit was prompted by complaints from residents of Madras and The Dalles and does not relate to Rep. Bellamy's bill (O-23; SJ-23; DC-24; BB-24); State Rep. Peg Jolin tells constituents that she "was not pleased by the underhanded methods used by this religious cult." and favors the charter repeal and SPI authority bills (DE-28); RIMU announces therapists to offer a two week intensive "Primal" group to 100 in Munich soon (RT)
85.02.22 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Frye said this week to have denied an INS request for stay in deciding permanent residency status of several Rajneeshee couples pending their appeal to the 9th CA, but grants 24 days to Mar. 15 for the INS to request the federal CA to grant a stay until that court's decision is reached (RT-22; BB-24)
85.02.22 ED[S] [SPI] [SCHL] The Rajneesh Times comments on recent SPI team visit to school, W County records incident of Feb. 19, R Mayor's press conference on anti-R bill
85.02.24 [W] [R] Article foussing on land use issues in Dallas, TX Dallas Times Herald
85.02.24 [CR] CR mentioned in quiz about Oregon (RG)
85.02.24 US[CA] [NO.  : USCA gives INS until Mar. 15 to decide on permanent residence for 36 Rajneeshee spouses; decision had been due today but extended to allow INS more time to investigate "possible criminal fraud in the marriages" (BB)
85.02.25 [S] R speaker (Ma Prem Isabel) at Gresham Chamber of Commerce as part of a panel on press coverage of R (RT 3/1); two AG office attorneys check public records at R for 2 1/2 hours (RT-3/1)
85.02.25 [CR] [CNCL] Announcement of election on Mar. 26 in CR on measure to allow Recorder to appoint protem judge to act in his/her absence and change name from Police Judge to Municipal Court Judge (DC); Council holds public hearing on Peace Force revenue-sharing funds and dedicates the expected $25O-$3OO in federal monies to Peace Force budget; public hearing on supplemental budget: Treasurer passes out line items, indicates changes since the Budget Committee's meeting and recommendations of Jan. 21; accepts City Attorney's offer that she work for free and her legal fees go to Peace Force ($7,300) and new tires for the fire truck $1,200) and lower the overall budget proposed from $21, 600 to $18,375; the funds are moved to the appropriate line items and the supplemental budget approved; Council authorizes Mayor to enter into contract for maintenance of communications equipment at no more than $50 per month; contract with RNSIC approved for $31 per month communications equipment maintenance and lease of two desk sets and 1 counter for $30 per month; Council approves lease of fully equipped patrol car from R at a ceiling price of $425 per month to include maintenance; new city stationery is finished and displayed; $200 moved from comprehensive plan to supply line item and $150 authorized for expenditure on a new city seal (BB; DWR-3/14)
85.02.26 [W] [R] [RMC] [IMP] [SPI] [SCHL] [S] Hospitals in Bend and Madras said to have expressed concerns over proposed R hospital (RG); Rajneeshees inspect W County files as scheduled, trying to tape conversations, but turning off recorder upon demand of County Judge/Com- missioner Hulse; they found a new door had been installed saying "'Admittance by Permission'" and a new deputy commissioner (Pete Peterson) sworn in to monitor the Rajneeshee researchers (O-27; DC-27; RT-3/1); SPI notifies R School District that he will visit on Feb. 27 (C-28); R speakers (Sw. Satya Vedant, Ma Deva Patra) at Oriental religion class at Yakima Valley Community College (RT-3/1)
85.02.27 Heart of America tour from R opens in Charlotte, NC (CNCO-27; see CN-28 for interview with Rajen and Sagun)
85.02.27 [W] [R] [CR] [SCHL] [SPI] [AG] SPI personally inspects Lincoln School in R nd CR for 3 1/2 hours, along with two assistants and an attorney from the AG's office; 115 students; grades 4 though 11 attend classes in morning and study in professions in afternoons; SPI says he still has questions about that program and will decide within one week if it meets certification standards; sign had been newly erected saying "'Public Access to Rajneeshpuram School District 50J, Nirvana Road, Monday--Friday 7:30 a.m.--ll a.m. and 2:45 p.m.--7 p.m.'" (BB; DC; RG-23: BB-23; O-28; RT-3/1)
85.02.28 [W] [R] [WEAV] [S] US Rep. Jim Weaver, Eugene, gives speech on floor of Congress, "where congressmen are protected from being sued for libel", recounting events related to R and CR and calling for "'an intensive police investigation of the salmonella outbreak." in September which affected 715 people and 3 restaurants in The Dalles, implying that Rajneeshee sabotage was responsible; the speech takes up four pages in the Congressional Record and is entitled "'The Town That Was Poisoned.""; Weaver refuses to discuss the speech with reporters; Rajneeshees are upset (DWR-3/7--most complete quotations; ADH-3/9; SJ-3/10; BB-3/11); Professor Ron Clarke, OSU, speaks on Bhagwan at Corvallis-Benton County Library (SJ-26; AC-3/6)
85.02.28 ED[S] Yakima, WA Herald Republic takes issue with presentation by R speakers at Yakima Community College on the 26th
85.03.01 [W] [R] [PLAN] [IMP] [RNSIC] [RMC] [ELECT] Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" continues focus on land-use issues at R; feature on winter greenhouse gardening in R in What's Happening; RNSIC files second lowest of four bids ($19,757; the lowest was from a Mosier firm for $18,898) to repair the W County Planning Office (DC; SJ-3; DC-3; BB-4); American Physical Therapy Association publication Progress Report does feature on R, RMC and Rajneeshee physical therapist; Gun World Monthly runs recap of Nov. election situation; Wilson Library Bulletin mentions Bhagwan; question and answer feature with Sheela in India's Society magazine; feature on R book titles says 30 are translated into German, 20 into Dutch and many into Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Greek, Hebrew, Danish, Chinese and Hindi (RFI); feature on "Heart of America" tour (RFI; RT-8); ads appear for sale of winterized tents (RT); parents of brother and sister who are Mayors of R and CR visit as does a group of students from Chemeketa Community College (RT-8)
85.03.01 ED[S] [W] [SPI] [SAHP] Editorial cartoon in Counterpoint suggests legislators should consider R for a toxic waste dump; Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist mentions Rajneeshee- swimmer spotted in Hawaii; The Rajneesh Times comments on access to records in W County, SPI visit and that other officials should come to see R for themselves, the end of the Salvation Army's "Operation Love", and the establishment of R
85.03.02 ED[S] [W] [WEAV] Monmouth, OR Sun-Enterprise columnist takes Rep. McTeague to task over charter repeal bills and W County to task over possible road weight limitation into R; Albany, OR Democrat-Herald says US Rep. Weaver's charges about the salmonella poisonings in The Dalles in Sept. are "reckless" and "shabby" and "without proof, it's just demagoguery"
85.03.03 [W] [R] Article on Michigan minister who recently visited R says "there is much positive about the Central Oregon communty." but that Rajneeshism is a cult and "'The insane asylums are still full of the wreckage of his disciples.'" in India (SJ)
85.03.03 [GCCC] [NO.  : Announced that Judge will hear pretrial motions and jury selection will begin on Mar. 4 for Harvey and RFI, R, RNSIC cases against each other; the corporations seek $36,000 in overpaid wages from late 1981 and "claim Harvey kept equipment he was given as manager, accepted an undisclosed commission for vehicle purchases he made on behalf of the ranch and refused to leave the ranch when he was asked to go."; the corporations are seeking $19,000 in punitive damages (O-5 article says $38,000 for back wages and $100,000 in general and punitive damages; O-6 says $36,000 in wages and a total of $110,000 in damages); the Harveys seek $3.5 million, claiming defamation, use of personal property, and invasion of privacy (BB; DC-6)
85.03.04 [W] [R] [GER] W County Roadmaster Dennis Kramer says he will probably recommend the county road going into R for weight limits of 20 tons, which would bar semi-- trucks used to deliver supplies (BB); lengthy interview with Sheela in Der Spiegel
85.03.04 [GCCC] [NO.  : Grant County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Mosgrove again denies R attorney's motion for a change of venue (citing anti-Rajneeshee letters with local postmarks and saying he thought they were bogus) thus clearing the way for jury selection to begin tomorrow, with the unusual procedure of questioning and seating the jurors individually to ensure fairness (O-5; BB-5; BME-17)
85.03.04 ED[S] Portland, OR downtowner "humor" columnist says "'There is a local group of folks we've been studying. ..They seem to have lowered their stress levels, according to a recent study, by giving all their earnings and belongings to an old man who likes fancy cars. You mean prostitutes? No. Rajneeshees.'"
85.03.05 [W] [R] [RNSIC] [RIC] RNSIC and RIC threaten to sue W County for $1 million in actual and $3 million in punitive damages over lack of road maintenance (RT-8 says $19.5 million total damages) or if weight limit is imposed; W County Court/Commission will discuss the weight limit proposal on Mar. 13; RNSIC spokesperson says that in 1981 and 1982 the county spent $2000 per mile on the road, but in 1984 expenditures by the county were down to $200 per mile, while use had increased markedly (DC-6; BB-6; RT-8)
85.03.05 [CR] CR Peace Force of 6 members (2 women, all sannyasins, 4 trained at Police Academy, all part-time and without salary) begins regular 12 hour shifts of two officers each; LEDS computer terminal installed and training session held (BB; O-13; RG-15: SJ-16)
85.03.05 [CR] [CNCL] Peace Force Report: Peace Force committee recommends five applicants to be ratified and called "Peace Force Brothers/Sisters" (Sw. Deva Digant, Ma Prem Sono, Sw. Anand Rama, Ma Prem Gopura, Sw. Prem Rajyogi); Council accepts; new oath of office approved for Peace Force; rifle donated by a sannyasin until one can be purchased; schedule of goods and services for Peace Force reviewed, including change of $15 to $50 per month for lease of the motorola radio; final goods and services with approved contracts and prices includes: with RNSIC, a motorola at $50 per month and two beepers at $8 each per month; maintenance and repair of motorola at $10 per month and smaller unit at $5 per month; rental of office furniture for $30 per month; with R, rental of patrol vehicle at $340 per month to be renegotiated to include a motorola and a shotgun; rental of two revolvers for $50 per month each on a day-to-day basis until CR's own revolvers tested; ordinance and contract for cooperative dispatch services with R; ordinance to adopt current sections of the State Criminal Code and Controlled Substance Code and amendments to the State Traffic Code adopted; Fire Report: new tires for CR's 1947 fire truck have been purchased; R fire truck lease agreement amended to cost S100 per month after Jan. 31, 1985, instead of $200 per month; Public Hearing on Scott Workman property, he has started to remove this building, hearing closed, Council votes that Workman should abate the nuisance by April 2 in accordance with Ordinance 55; Ordinance Review Report: #20--prohibiting outdoor toilets, covered by DEQ and zoning, recommended for repeal; $47 prohibiting the discharge of weapons within the city, recommended to raise fine from $50 to $300; #36--regu- lating the unloading of petroleum fuels, covered by state law in a more detailed way, recommended for repeal; #24--regulating parking of trailer houses, recommended for repeal and replacement with simpler regulations which separate zoning, land use and business license issues; #32--referring to business licenses, recommended for repeal and repalcement with a simpler form and updated categories and prices; Medical Facility Authority Report: RMC will submit letter of intent on hospital to SHPDA in about one month; City recently notified that the State Tort Liability Fund wants all cities to sign an endorsement acknowledging that the insurance company would not represent the City in any state agency lawsuits; decided to research alternative insurance plans; $1500 moved from comprehensive plan and $500 from contingency to insurance line item in general fund; committee formed to work on a new insurance policy and authorized to spend up to $3000 (DWR-14)
85.03.05 [GCCC] [NO.  : Jury selection begins in Harvey cases; 4 jurors selected (O-5; BB-6)
85.03.06 [W] [R] [PLAN] [SS] [ELECT] [SAHP] Mosier firm with low bid awarded contract to repair W County Planning Office (DC); SS Barbara Roberts introduces her election reform package to the Legislature, urging a registration deadline on the Friday before each Tuesday election and a requirement of proof of residence during the last 12 days of registration, saying "the proposal resulted in part from fears raised last fall that Rajneeshees had brought homeless people to influence elections in Wasco County." but was primarily a response to Oregonians' lack of trust in the system (SJ-7; O-7; DC-7; RG-8)
85.03.06 [GCCC] [NO.  : Jury selection in Harvey cases continues, with 7 tentatively seated after very lengthy questioning (BB; O-7)
85.03.06 ED[S] Monmouth, OR Sun-Enterprise column on toxic waste alludes to R
85.03.07 [W] [R] [DCOM] [BLDG] Due to Rajneeshee requests for public records related to the $1.4 million in proposed winterized tent fines, the state Building Codes Division has instituted, for the first time, a 50 cent per page charge for copies and S6 per hour charge for employee time (UB-6; O-7)
85.03.08 [W] [R] [S] [RMC] [IMP] OSU religious studies professors Warren Hovland and Ron Clarke offer course on "Rajneesh and Gandhi" for second Spring Term; last year class enrolled 50; class will tour R (OSB); OSU Prof. Ron Clarke speaks at Linn-Benton Community College to audience of 65 about Bhagwan's teachings (AC); RMC speakers recently to 250 at meeting of CHIME, an organization for humanism in medicine, at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland; they say 20% of R residents have training in health care, 20 Oregon licensed physicians in R, 50 nurses and 30 emergency medical technicians (RT); new men's clothing store, expanded pizzeria and restaurant buffet meals (RT)
85.03.08 [GCCC] [NO.  : Jury selection in the Harvey cases moves into its fourth day; attorneys have questioned 29-32 potential jurors, 13 have been dismissed for bias and 4 by peremptory challenges (each attorney allowed 6); pretrial motions considered (O); Judge Mosgrove decides to allow change of venue to Multnomah County Circuit Court after all, saying "it increasingly appeared that, even if an unbiased jury were chosen, jurors would not be able to escape the taint of local feelings against Rajneeshees"; he cites anti-R letters and posters (saying Bhagwan "'Not wanted dead or alive. Known to drive Rolls Royces and have a large gang of hard working, no pay followers, with an appetite for Oregon soil. Not armed, but still considered dangerous.'") put up around Canyon City and John Day on the 6th-7th; Court had already added security around courtroom and local motels because of threats; Multnomah will be the fourth county in which the suits will tentatively be heard (filed originally in W County, moved at Harveys' request to J County and at R request to Grant County) (O-9; RG-9; DC-10; BB-10; BME-14; RT-15)
85.03.09 [W] [R] [WEAV] [RMC] R and RMC spokespersons at press conference deny Weaver intimation they were involved in salmonella poisoning in The Dalles in Sept., calling the charges "'despicable and outrageous'"; R Mayor says "15 Oregonians will die for every Rajneeshee who is killed in any attack on the sect."; Weaver's speech, made to a virtually empty House of Representatives in Washington DC on Feb. 23 and including charges that two W County Commissioners became ill after being given drunks of water at R while waiting for a slashed tire on their oar to be repaired, caused no stir until aired on Mar. 8 by KGW-TV Channel 8 in Portland; after an extensive investigation, federal and state health officials blamed the outbreak on poor food handling; Health Division spokesperson says investigators "'could find no evidence of sabotage'" and "there was a considerable amount of evidence against sabotage.'" (ADH; SJ-10; RT-15)
85.03.10 [W] [R] [CR] [SCHL] FAA has notified the Guardian Angels it will "fine them $2,000 for flying a Cessna aircraft too low and in a 'careless and reckless manner' over" R on Nov. 19 while dropping leaflets; Curtis Sliwa has 15 days to respond; Portland Guardian Angel phone has apparently been disconnected (BB); HJR25 (to amend constitution to allow Legislature to repeal city charters), HB2893 and SB600 (to repeal charter of R) , HB2892 and SB599 (to repeal charter of CR) formally introduced into Legislature by Sen. Walt Brown, Rep. Dave McTeague and others (BB); feature article on Lincoln School says there are 38 students in grades K-3, 75 in grades 4-12 (who are in the classroom from 1-3 hours per day and in one of 20 "learning centers" in the community the rest of the time; they write daily reports on their learning center projects, which may range from raising bonsai trees to electronics to computers to health care), 5 non-Rajneeshee students, 5 teachers and numerous aides, Basic School Support (BSS) money from state made up $18,000 of the $121,800 budget for 1984-85 (BB)
85.03.11 [W] [R] [WEAV] [SPI] [SCHL] [AG] US Rep. Weaver says he has no evidence but is convinced that the Sept. salmonella outbreak was "'deliberate sabotage'", that he has asked the FBI to investigate and if they or state agencies do not he may call a congressional hearing; about 715 were affected, about 50 hospitalized, about 117 with severe symptoms, no one died; Weaver says "nothing implicating the sect, explaining that his attorneys advised him that would be the 'prudent' course." and agreed that it would be difficult to prove his allegations "'unless we find a stool pigeon.'" (BB; DC; see SJ-12 for Health Division evidence against the likelihood of sabotage at the 10 restaurants; IS-12; RG-12; O-13; IS-18); SPI says Lincoln School is "'permeated with religious symbolism' and 'did not look, sound or feel like a public -school'" and that he has asked the AG to determine whether the school is unconstitutionally mixing religion with education because "Students preface their papers with 'Beloved,' go to learning centers that have Rajneesh's teachings on the walls and take a break each day when the guru drives by in his Rolls-Royce"; $1,152 BSS payment due on Mar. 15; SPI also says library facilitites are minimal, no general circulation magazines or newspapers are available and that he saw Bhagwan's image and the RFI logo on a computer at the computer learning center, that the students'- projects appear to benefit "the religious commune.", that no state adopted high school texts were in evidence; all questions relate to the grades 4-11 program and not K-3; one alternative is to declare the district non-standard, giving it a year to correct problems; Chair of R School Board says only change to be made since the state standardization team evaluation in March 1984 was to extend the "School Without Walls" program to 4th-8th graders; R Mayor says the move is politically motivated (BB; O-12; BB-12; SJ-12; DC-12; RG-12; O-12; RT-15; NWSA-4/1); feature on R and Rajneeshism in Madras, OR White Buffalo
85.03.11 [MCCC] [NO.  : MCCC spokesperson says it may take from 3-9 months for consolidated Harvey cases to reach trial (O-12; DC-13)
85.03.11 ED[S] Eugene, OR Register-Guard says White House deputy Michael Deaver likes BMWs so much he "will soon be known as the bhagwan of the Potomac." (see also TCH-18)
85.03.12 [W] [R] W County Roadmaster inspects county road leading to R and concludes it's "'due for some maintenance.'" (BB-13; RT-15)
85.03.12 ED[S] [WEAV] LaGrande, OR Observer says US Rep. Weaver is "grandstanding" and "out of bounds" raising accusa tions against the Rajneeshees; Astoria, OR Daily Astorian opposes the charter repeal measures as "irresponsible"; Coos Bay, OR World says Weaver should have been more guarded; Lewiston, ID Tribune castigates both Weaver and R Mayor for their recent remarks
85.03.13 [W] [R] Favorable report of last fall's visit to R of Cable 3 TV news team from Ontario, OR (HIA)
85.03.13 [W] [COMM] W County Roadmaster days he will not recommend weight limits for any of the county's gravel roads, including the one leading to R because it won't "'save us much money.'" (BB); W County Court/Commission adopts rules to govern future-court sessions: requests to place items on the agenda must be made 7 days in advance; public will be allowed 10 minutes per person or more by permission to discuss county business during a regular session; no person may discuss items not on the agenda without permission of the Court/Commission; no person will be allowed to contact the Judge/Commis- sioner when Court/Commission not in session without making an appointment indicating the subject (RT-8 says rules were adopted on Mar. 6, even though not on the agenda; DC; DWR-21; DWR-28; RT-15); Court/Commission adopts a resolution allowing it to search for weapons on anyone entering its meeting room or office "in light of a recent arson attack" and "'a couple bomb threats' "(RT-8; DWR-14; BB-14; DWR-21; DWR-28); Court/ Commission considers "secret witness" program to reward those who give information leading to criminal arrests (DC-14)
85.03.13 ED[S] [SCHL] Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times says "Taxpayers shouldn't support Rajneeshees' religious school"
85.03.14 [W] [R] W County apparently has adopted a new records policy requiring a written request specifying records, 24 hours to 30 days to complete search and payment before delivery; new rules said to be in response to R recent requests (DWR; RT-8); R has entered Oregon Tourism Division's marketing contest with an ad saying R is an "Unconventional City." (RT-8; BB); World Peace University in Mosier announces 1985 workshops, may face land-use litigation from W County and reiterates that it has no ties with Rajneeshees (DWR)
85.03.14 ED[S] [WEAV] [SPI] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says both US Rep. Weaver and R Mayor Krishna Deva should "cool it" in their remarks; Bend, OR The Bulletin editorial cartoon on Weaver allegations; Vancouver, WA The Columbian takes Weaver to task for "bashing Rajneeshees"; Walla Walla, WA Union Bulletin praises SPI and castigates Weaver for their handling of R related situations; editorial cartoon of Rolls Royce driving on water in West Germany's Stern magazine
85.03.15 [W] [R] [SPI] [SCHL] [AG] [RNSIC] [FEST] [IMP] Announced that Enlightenment Day festival at R will begin on Mar. 17 and end Mar. 21 (BB): announced that Rev. Mardo Jiminez, anti-R pastor from Madras, will speak at conference at First Baptist church in Albany (ADH); State Board of Education, on the advice of the AG, adopts a rule giving the SPI "authority to withhold state aid if he decides a school violates constitutionally required separation of church and state; SPI decides to withhold BSS funds from R School District, saying the "School Without Walls" program violates the state constitution's provisions requiring separation of church and state because half of the businesses in which the students learn by doing are owned by RNSIC, which he calls a religious corporation; BSS check due today had to have been mailed or withheld by midnight; decision made at 10:30pm after conferring for two hours with a delegation of two persons from the Dept. of Education and one from the AG's office who had gone to R earlier in the day for a "stormy, hourlong meeting" with R School Board; R School District can request a contested case hearing to appeal the decision (Edu-Gram--in another article in the same issue Lincoln School in R is cited as the high school with the highest percent of its students taking a foreign language, 100%, with second highest being a school in Portland with 67%; O-16; SJ-16; RG-16; BB-17; O-17; DC-17; Education Week-27); wood recycling project yields 100 truckloads of reusable wood pieces of various sizes (RT)
85.03.15 US[CA] [NO.  : Judges Thomas Tang and Cecil Poole of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals grant the INS a reprieve from Mar. 15 deadline for settling the residency status in 23 cases involving spouses of Rajneeshees; a stay in the deadline is granted pending further action by the court; "An INS memo obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle last August said officials believed 95 percent of the marriages between U.S. citizens and foreign Rajneeshees were 'phony.'"; Rajneeshees allege the normal processing time is 60 days, some of these couples have been waiting 4 years for a decison and that several INS officials, including Portland office director Robert Krueger, are biased against them; RLS files "motion for reconsideration" (RG-16; O-16; SFC-16; BB-17; RT-22)
85.03.15 ED[S] [WEAV] [SPI] [SCHL] Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times asks Weaver where his evidence is and Mayor of R to show restraint; The Rajneesh Times comments unfavorably on Weaver's speech and press conference, on SPI press conference about Lincoln School
85.03.16 [W] [R] [AUS] Favorable feature on Nov. 5 visit to R (GRP); Sheela performs wedding in Perth, Australia for 2 sannyasins before 200 guests (WM-17)
85.03.17 [W] [R] [AG] [RNSIC] [SPI] [SCHL] [AUS] RNSIC official (Ma Yoga Vidya) writes to AG asking that he review W County Court/Commission resolution allowing anyone entering courtroom or in contact with its members to be searched for weapons (DC); R School District Board (RSD) meeting at which members call for resignation of SPI, accusing him of singling out R program, even though it was modeled after similar programs in Oregon, and allocate $30,000 ($15,000 already line itemed for legal services, $12,000 moved from transportation line and $3,000 from contingency line) for investigation of a possible legal challenge to him and state; Board member notes that the allocation of money to RLS for legal services will not affect education as all of the District's teachers and aides are volunteers; SPI declines to comment (RG-18; BB-18; O-18; SJ-18; DC-18; O-19) Sen. Ed Fadeley, opponent of the proposed sales tax, asks Legislative Revenue Office to research whether Rajneeshees whould be exempt from such a tax (SJ-20); feature article on active 72 year old sannyasin in Houston, TX (HP); feature on Rajneeshee builders in Freemantle, Australia, who have twice, in 1983 and 1984, won the prestigious local award for building rennovation and their work on four Zorba Restaurant buildings; 350-400 sannyasins said to be in Western Australia, 54 living in a commune on Collie St.; article includes some coverage of R (WM)
85.03.17 ED[S] [WEAV] Bend, OR The Bulletin gives the Ma Anand Sheela Golden Throat Award to Sheela and to US Representative Jim Weaver
85.03.18 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] Eugene, OR Register-Guard backs 20 day voter registration cutoff and criticizes SS's "Friday before" proposal
85.03.19 [W] [R] [CR] [ELECT] [SPI] [SCHL] [WEAV] Voters reminded of candidates for special district elections on Mar. 26, including five sannyasins for five positions on the R Fire Protection District Board and ballot measure about Municipal Judge in CR; no one filed for opening on "Antelope" School District 50J Board (BB; DWR-21); RSD students announce at press conference they are ending the "School Without Walls" program and will return to study in conventional classrooms; RSD officials threaten to sue the state unless funding is restored by 5pm; phone conversation this afternoon failed to settle dispute between SPI and RSD; SPI phones, School Board Chair offers to "hold an emergency school board meeting to write a resolution that would formally end the district's 'schools (sic) without walls' program and agreeing the school would return to operating standards approved in Aguust, 1984."; SPI Duncan "'said he required action by the school board in writing before he considers releasing school funds'" and that it would have to be reviewed by the AG; RSD Board meets in evening and adopts a resolution discontinuing the disputed program until a court decision on the status of the district can be obtained; law suit is expected (BB; SJ-20; O-20; BB-20; RG-20; DC-20; SJ-21; RT-22--see also for recap of events to date and a chronology); two aides to US Rep. James Weaver tour R, ask for meeting with Mayor and ask questions about proposed BLM land swap and about RMC; several Rajneeshees vent hostility towards the aides and Weaver for his recent accusations (C-20; BB-20; RG-21; O-21; RT-22)
85.03.19 ED[S] [WEAV] [SCHL] Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News says US Rep. "Weaver should put up, or shut up about cult"; Bend, OR The Bulletin says the question about whether RSD is entitled to BSS monies belongs in the courts
85.03.20 [W] [R] [SPI] [SCHL] Copy of RSD Board's resolution of previous evening delivered to SPI; he says that the resolution, which says students are no longer participating in the program and that the district would postpone consideration of any requests by students to be in the program, is not enough; he wants official RSD action to terminate the program (BB; DC-21; O-21)
85.03.20 MA[CCC] [NO.  : RSD attorneys file petition for a writ of mandamus asking the court to order the release of school funds or a show cause hearing why not (BB; DC); suit claims the SPI's action is unjustified and denies the district due process of law; Mar. 27 hearing is set (SJ-21; DC-21; O-21; RG-21)
85.03.20 ED[S] [SPI] Lewiston, ID Tribune supports SPI action in withholding BSS monies from RSD
85.03.21 [W] [R] [CR] [FEST] SJM11 which memorializes the US Postal Service to retain the name of Antelope P.O. is formally introduced by Sen. Ken Jernstedt, Rep. Bernie Agrons and others (SJ); US Postal Service says the process is "in limbo" because they haven't received a certified copy of the city charter reflecting the new name; protesting the name change have been US Sen. Mark Hatfield, former Gov. Bob Straub (O; RG-23; SJ-23; BB-25); a WU Professor (Ted Shay) charges that Rajneeshees "have been the victims of a systematic pattern of unjust and abusive treatment by Oregon state agencies." in a 57 page privately published report which he circulates to legislators; Rep. McTeague issues a press release condemning "Shay's report as a 'highly biased, prejudiced account' that contains 'dangerously deceptive' statements and 'out-and-out falsehoods.'" (O-22; SJ-22); major celebration of Enlightenment Day at R (Bombay, India Bombay Daily; RT-22)
85.03.21 ED[S] [SPI] [PUR] Veneta, OR West Lane News says Sen. Fadeley's move to link sales tax with Rajneeshees' exemption is likely to make Oregonians "see 'red'"; The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder opposes funding of RSD and supports SPI 's cutoff of BSS; Portland, OR Willamette Week humor column dispels rumors that Baskins and Robbins ice cream stores are owned by the Rajneeshees
85.03.22 [W] [R] [CR] [PLAN] [SAHP] [SPI] [AUS] [E] Feature on Peace Force says members include Mayor of CR, who is also the Police Commissioner, the Chief, a former teacher and the only officer with certification, and four others, all volunteers and two of whom have completed OSP Academy training and are awaiting certification; patrols consist of 12 hour days and 12 hours on call; LEDS terminal costs $420 for installation and $302 per month charge for service; dispatch space leased from RNSIC at $125 per month; due to incorporation and church-state cases, LEDS and NCIC will not allow access in R and OSP Academy will no longer train or certify R Peace Force members (O); feature on Oregon's land-use planning law says it has been used by "Environmentalists" to challenge the creation of R (DC); Canyon County Idaho paramedics have asked prosecutor to go to court to collect $500 from insurers of car which crashed into a Trailways bus carrying SAHP participants on Sept. 25 for treatment rendered (BB); Walla Walla Community College has a trip to R among its spring offerings (UB); students and teachers at Lincoln School write protest letters to SPI (RT); Sheela meets with R residents to talk about her recent travels to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, to India, England and Italy (RT-29)
85.03.22 ED[S] [SPI] [AG] [SS] [CR] Eugene, OR Register-Guard backs SPI in withholding BSS from RSD; The Rajneesh Times comments that AG Frohnmayer and ex-SS Paulus have begun their campaigns for Governor, comments on a recent debate between a sannyasin (Ma Anand Bhagawati) and a German critic of Bhagwan, and runs column opposing R and CR charter repeal bills
85.03.23 [W] [R] [IMP] [AUS] [FLOE] Bhagwan begins to wear eyeglasses, due to eye deterioration from diabetes (BB-24; BB-26; LAT-26; CPT-26); Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer columnist says Volumes 2 and 3 of the Rajneesh Bible will be released in May and July; sannyasins living in Hopsheds Lodge near Pemberton, Australia (population 1000) hope to turn it into a school; Karri Valley Park property acros the road will see 15 new chalets built by sannyasin builders; local reporter predicts the property will become "an impregnable stronghold of the Rajneeshees."; a sannyasin owns controlling interest in the park due to recent stock purchase; local Christian ministers have joined forces to oppose the Rajneeshees; rumors have been fuelled by Sheela's two recent visits to the area and calls, letters from anti-cultists, including Eckhart Floether (WA, WM)
85.03.23 ED[S] [WEAV] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal chides Weaver aides for unsanitary practices in providing him with ice water before his news conference on the salmonella outbreak
85.03.24 [W] [R] [SPI] [SCHL] [SS] Features on "school without walls" program and RSD controversy (RG; SPI); in article speculating on whether she will run for Governor, ex-SS Paulus says "she believes she took the proper course of action to cool an election crisis in Wasco County last fall." (BB)
85.03.25 [W] [R] Favorable visitor's report by Portland, OR Downtowner columnist and also reporter from the Centralia, WA Chronicle, who participated in a Society of Professional Journalists/Sigma Delta Chi tour of thirty persons this last weekend (RT-4/5)
85.03.25 ED[S] [ELECT] [SCHL] Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times favors 20 day voter registration cutoff; Lewiston, ID Tribune asks if those favoring tuition tax credits for schools would approve of giving them to Rajneeshee operated schools
85.03.26 [W] [R] [CR] [BLDG] [ELECT] [IMP] Photo of recent visit of Richard Hahn to R; his family owned the Big Muddy Ranch from about 1885-1970 (ADH); Rajneeshee attorney request for public records relating to building codes cases and the ensuing three hour search cause Linn County to draft an ordinance to allow county to chargea fee to retrieve and copy records (ADH); State Senate votes 27-0, without debate, to pass SJM11 to memorialize the U.S. Postal Service to retain the name of Antelope Post Office (O-27; BB-27; SJ-27; DC-27; DWR-28; SJ-28); election said to be calm in W County as compared to last Nov.; five sannyasins running for uncontested positions on R Fire District Board are elected and write-in vote elects CR Recorder (Ma Anand Sagun) to RSD position (DC-27; BB-27; DC-29; RT-4/12); R truck farm certified by Tilth Organization as 100% organic and the "most impressive on the West Coast"; licensed RMC pharmacy moves to downtown mall area (RT-29)
85.03.27 [W] [R] [SPI] [SCHL] [ELECT] [PROFF] [SS] SPI says he will visit RSD on Mar. 29 and will release BSS monies "if he finds the controversial 'school wtihout walls' program has been permanently closed and there are no other constitutional violations"; announcement is made after a 2 hour meeting at Marion County Courthouse between SPI and RSD officials in an attempt to negotiate a settlement (BB; SJ-28; RG-28; O-28; BB-29; DC-29); W County Clerk Proffitt testifies before Legislature in favor of 20 day voter registration cutoff and SS in favor of 4 day cutoff (DC-28; BB-28); announced that an Oregon State Police trooper will speak to members of the Albany OR chapter of the Association of Retired Persons on April 1 about his experiences in dealing with Rajneeshees (ADH)
85.03.28 [W] [R] [FEST] [PER] [SPI] W County Sheriff Art Labrousse says RNSIC has not yet met the terms of the summer festival permit, to do so they must detail security plans; he will visit R on April 2 to discuss permit terms with R Peace Force Chief (Ma Deva Barkha); terms of permit must be met by May 22 or it will not be valid (DWR-28); SPI explains RSD situation to Malheur County school superintendents (DA-29)
85.03.29 [W] [R] [SPI] [SCHL] [AUS] [USDC] [PLAN] [E] SPI sends four assistants to view RSD, contrary to earlier reports he would go personally; team consists of Director of Standardization, a school administration specialist, a school finance consultant and Coordinator of School Finance for the Department of Education; they claim the reception at R is hostile; they report "'the school program now has no religious component'" to SPI by phone and give the check for $1,155 in withheld BSS money plus interest for two weeks is to RSD; RSD says it will continue to pursue the court suit asking that BSS be resumed for the "school without walls" program; saying that many other public schools allow work-study programs which are affiliated with religious institutions such as hospitals and day care centers; RSD said to have 104 students and 6 teachers (RT-29; BB-29; O-29; O-30; RG-30; SJ-31; BB-31; DC-31; RT-4/5); two spokespersons for sannyasins living in Karri Valley, Australia say they are being discriminated against in efforts to establish a school (WA-30); reported that Sheela has been granted the right to represent herself in AG's church-state suit in USDC (RT); cable on critical land-use related votes in Oregon's agencies and courts reprinted from "Rajneeshpuram and the Abuse of Power" by T.L. Shay as is article recapping UO psychologists' study showing chat Lincoln School children scored higher than the Oregon average on a standard scale for measuring 6 aspects of self-esteem (cognitive, social, athletic, physical appearance, conduct and self-worth); 9 consolidated European Rajneeshee communes with 4,000 people now; consolidation of communes complete in Australia and now occuring in Japan (RT)
85.03.29 ED[S] [CR] [FEST] [SPI] Portland, OR The Oregonian column on three and one half days of jury selection in which 32 people were questioned, 50 letters protesting the trial's siting (some of them almost certianly bogus) sent to the Judge, says several prospective jurors were worried about "takeovers" and the SAHP, says the jury selection was "a showcase for bias"; another columnist in the same paper says Mar. 30 will see the "destruction of the Zorba the Buddha sign" as the former Portland disco will become an Italian restaurant (O); Eugene, OR Register-Guard favors retaining the name of Antelope Post Office; The Rajneesh Times runs several April Fools "spoof" pages, runs editorials on the Enlightenment Day festival and calling SPI and Governor "provincial"
85.03.30 [W] [R] [AUS] Ad appears for showing of "Gods of the New Age" film and discussion of Rajneeshees with Christian Minister on April 9 at Portland's Civic Auditorium (O); rumors abound that Bhagwan is moving to Karri Valley, Australia as Sheela returns there for another visit (WM; Telegraph); ex-Moonie, speaking on last day of a three week program on cults at a Temple in Worcester, MA, says "Rajneesh" is one of many cults recruiting on high school and college campuses (WG-4/2)
85.03.31 [W] [R] [AUS] Feature on the woes of the Guardian Angels cites 25-30 members in Portland and recounts their involvement with R (BB-29; BB); state liquor revenues distributed to R in Feb. totaled $669.19 and to CR $53.45 (BB-31; DC-31); West Australian Shire Council lors have become the targets of anti-Rajneeshee mail and phone calls (PAT)
85.03.31 ED[S] [ELECT] The Dalles, OR The Chronicle supports the 20 day voter registration cutoff
85.04.01 [W] [R] [AG] [AUS] [E] Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" entitled "The Bhagwan's Eugenics" on birth control and abortion in Poona and R; Willamette University Collegian runs April Fools issue with five articles spoofing R or Prof. Ted Shay and his sannyasin wife; Legislature is considering HB2525 which would ban the sale of raw milk in restaurants and is said to be made more urgent by "the recent opening of a dairy at Rajneeshpuram, the first one in Oregon to produce raw milk in containers usable in restaurant milk dispensers" (SJ); while top Oregon officials are in Washington DC, the AG "bumps into" two Rajneeshees from R outside a popular restaurant; lengthy feature article on and interview with Ambalal Chaturbhai Patel, 74, Sheela's father and Bhagwan's adoptive father, in India's Society magazine; feature on Australian sannyasin who helped establish the Fremantle commune and on R, which quotes unfavorable Stern series (WA); Bhagwan magazine feature on Berlin and Hamburg communes; Hamburg has rennovated and reopened a disco and a restaurant and opened a second disco, opened a physiotherapy practice, a new landscaping team and a cleaning company, a garage and monthly meetings attended by 300 sannyasins; Berlin has a disco, bistro, therapy institute and dental practice; the disco- has seen 500,000 customers in its two years of existence
85.04.02 [CR] [CNCL] Sw. Madyapa, who had been on leave of absence is given oath of office; minutes of Mar. 5 meeting approved as corrected; Financial Report: bills due approved for payment totalling $3,752.85; Peace Force Report: S200 approved for Peace Force Commissioner and Chief to attend Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police conference Apr. 9-12; Chief's contract changed from part-time volunteer to full-time volunteer and approved; approval of ordinance and amended contract for CR and R to cooperatively provide each other with emergency dispatching services; approval of ordinance and contract with R for fire arms training for CR Peace Force; approval of amendment to the patrol vehicle contract with R providing for replacment when R is using it or it is being serviced (which will cost and additional $50 per month); RNSIC asking CR Peace Force for services during summer festival which may bring $3000 to $4000 income to CR, details still to be negotiated; amended contract for temporary rental of fire truck at lowered price from R approved; Budget Committee meeting and public hearings on uses of state and federal revenue sharing monies announced for Apr. 15; Workman property, which was to be cleared of boards, nails and the partially collapsed structure by today, has not been completely cleared so CR will hire someone to do it and bill him for the costs; two CR representatives reported on a 911 meeting in R which tentatively decided to use J County, Warm Springs and R as dispatch points; Ordinance actions: #20 relating to outside toilets repealed; #24 relating to recreational vehicles replaced by a simpler version dealing only with definitions and regulating parking and omitting zoning, business license and other provisions; #36 relating to the unloading of fuels repealed; #47 relating to discharge of weapons amended to increase maximun fine from $50 to $300, to bring it "into line with fines for other offenses, such as spitting or consuming alcohol in public, all of which are in the $200 to $300 range"; CR did sign the endorsement requested by the Tort Liability Fund about not being covered in suits by state agencies, but is looking for other quotes for better insurance; appointment of pro tem judge being researched; approval of ordinance and contract with the State General Services Department to purchase computer paper; approval of signing a minority business enterprise program with the Dept. of Transportation to inform women and minorities when federal funds are being used for contracting; no word yet on post office name change request; comments on proposed legislation in Salem and on possibility of returning to use of Lincoln School as a polling place (rather than using the County barn as has been required recently) (BB; RT-5; DWR-16)
85.04.02 [W] [R] [RSD] [SCHL] [BELL] State Representative Bill Bellamy (R-Culver) says he still believes Lincoln School is a private religious school and does not feel it should be supported by tax dollars (BB)
85.04.02 ED[S] [SCHL] [SPI] Astoria, OR Daily Astorian says "Much of the instruction at the Rajneeshee's school is designed to teach young persons the Rajneesh religion." and supports SPI for withholding BSS funds; The Oregonian supports election law change, saying that events at R "shook Oregonians' faith in their election system"
85.04.03 [W] [R] [J] [SAHP] [BLM] [RIC] Madras residents claiming inspiration by the SAHP are sponsoring a "'Run for Improvement'relay (and) hope to raise up to $200,000 to benefit low-income people in" Deschutes, Crook and J Counties through 13 social service agencies (BB; RS; CO-4); Linn County Commissioners approve a $12.50 an hour charge and a $5 minimun for records serarches, a move said prompted by a Rajneeshee request for "all public records from January 1975 to the present concerning complaints or actions against building officials or inspectors." (BB; DC-7); Washington State University rural sociology professor Donald Beck, sociology professor Lewis Carter and a graduate student who studied R last year, speak to University of Idaho Sociology Club about R, likening it to Sun Valley (I-4); OSU extension agents visit R (RT-5); Wheeler County Court/Commission discusses two letters it has received opposing the BLM-RIC land swap (CTJ-11)
85.04.03 [AUS] Reported that Manjimup Shire Council President says he sees a need to deal with the Rajneeshee building and school permit applications "on moral grounds" and fears the loss of the tourist resort at Karri Valley Park; Council will consider the permits at a special monthly meeting on Apr. 11; Rajneesheees had submitted the applications for permits at last week's monthly council meeting, stressing that the area was zoned for tourism, all requirements have been complied with, they are not a cult, the school will be open to non-Rajneeshee children; Education Department says school will be inspected, will start with 27 pupils and expects up to 70; two public meetings have been called in Manjimup (April 10) and Pemberton (April 11) by Christian churches to "discuss the Rajneesh question" (WBT)
85.04.04 [R] Corporation papers filed by two Rajneeshees living at R and one other person to form Hava Ltd. in Pennsylvania (O-13; RG-14)
85.04.04 [AUS] A sannyasin millionaire is "dumped" as chief executive and manager of Energy Research Group Australia Ltd and the new manager gives notice that he intends to rid the company of all "members of the Orange People cult."; the move followed a 38% slump in ERG's share price, which wiped out almost $10 million off the value of the sannyasin's personal holding, although he is still worth more than $15 million; a longstanding dispute between the sannyasin (Jay Harman) and the new director came to a head over moves related to the Karri Valley Lodge property; the meteoric rise of ERG had created a number of new millionaires in Perth, including Jay, who had marketed the company's technology, thus creating its boom; Harman said to own 8.8 million shares or 36.7% of ERG and Rajneeshee corporations to hold fewer than 500,000 shares (WM-5; WA-10; RT-5/3)
85.04.04 ED[S] [ELECT] Bend, OR The Bulletin supports SS Roberts' 4 day voter registration cutoff with proof of residency 12 days prior, rather than the 20 day cutoff; Baker, OR Record-Courier favors a 20 day voter registration cutoff; Madras, OR The Pioneer favors keeping the name of the "Antelope Post Office"
85.04.05 [W] [R] [SPI] [SCHL] [IMP] A story on foreign-owned farm land says R does not count because it is owned by a New Jersey non-profit corporation (CP); Prof. Shay, asked by the Statesman-Journal to respond on accuracy of Mar. 22 story on his study of government actions against R, is critical because it did not deal with the data in his report or the accuracy of Rep. McTeague's charges against it, and unnecessarily highlighted the fact that his wife is a sannyasin; SPI writes letter to RSD Board Chair demanding an apology for "discourtesies and 'insults' to his staff members... during a March 29 visit." (O; RG; SJ-6); R Water Resources Director recently testified about water reclamation projects at R before the Legislature; French TV crew from a show watched by 20 million visited R recently to film a segment; 10 students and a teacher from Lakeside alternative school in Seattle have visited as have several relatives of R residents from Europe; innovative plastic tunnels (12 acres of them) and massive greenhouse (producing about 3 million seedlings) extend growing season at R up to 3 months; feature on R organic recycling/composting process (RT)
85.04.05 ED[S] [SPI] The Rajneesh Times comments on SPI's "attacks" on RSD
85.04.06 [W] [R] [PLAN] Feature on the history of land-use planning and controversies in Oregon says "Environmentalists have also used the land-use law to challenge the creation of Rajneeshpuram," (CBW)
85.04.06 [R] [CNCL] Peace Force contract for security for summer festival and three subsequent festivals through March 1986 approved at a cost of $38,500, which is $12,500 less than 1984-85 because of the new CR Peace Force's responsibility; reported that W County Sheriff recently visited R to discuss festival security, but was not satisfied; he has until May 1 to approve security arrangements for the permit; several volunteer officers and a dispatcher have reportedly resigned to begin working with the CR Peace Force; approval of contract negotiations with RCOC for press relations services; one councilmember resigns; the position will be advertised for two weeks before selection of a replacement; City Attorney explains pending litigation and R's involvement in "winterized tent" case (because they had judged permits were not necessary and city should have sole jurisdiction); Council informed that city has been receiving bills from Dept. of Commerce for inspections, which should have been directed to other entities; Council adopts its Annual Report for 1984, which highlights city activities and summarizes 14 pending or active legal cases; city has recently leased a new fire truck and 4 channel radio; two report on recent attendance at the Oregon Municipal Finance Officers Assocaition annual meeting in Pendleton (RT-12)
85.04.06 ED[S] [ELECT] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal favors SS Roberts' four day voter registration cutoff plan
85.04.08 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] Albany attorney who served voter registration hearings process in W County tells Legislature that attempts were made to register dead people, people without their knowledge and with forged signatures and urges approval of a 20 day cutoff bill (SJ-9; RG-9; O-10); wrestler calling himself "Mega Maha Reeshee (figure out the name reference yourself)" loses match sponsored by The Dalles Booster Club (DC-9)
85.04.09 [W] [R] [WEAV] [PUR] In a news conference at the Capitol Building in Salem, US Rep. Weaver says "he has 'no evidence to implicate anyone'" in the salmonella outbreak in The Dalles in Sept. but is still convinced it "was the work of 'somebody out there who's extremely dangerous.'"; he also "fended off questions from Ma Mary Catherine, editor of the Rajneesh Times newspaper,"; Health Division officials have said there is little evidence for Weaver's theory (SJ-10; DC-10; BB- 10); Caldwell, ID businessman says he turned down a deal to provide food "for some 30,000 people at a gathering in Antelope, Oregon." but recommended a Portland friend, who made a profit of $500,000 (DA-10); Hava Ltd., with two partners being Rajneeshees living in R, purchases mining rights to a 2,140 acre tract of land near Pottsville, PA for $420,000; R spokespersons say this is an independent business deal having to do with individuals who are Rajneeshees and not with Rajneeshee corporations (PPR-12—most detailed on sale; O-13; RG-14; BB-14; DC-15; O-28--feature article including interviews with "concerned" Pennsylvanians)
85.04.10 [W] [J] [R] [CR] [BOW] [COMM] [SAHP] Hearing and informational meeting called by BLM about land swap with RIC in J County Courtroom; about 6 opponents (including the Bowermans) of the plan testify about Rajneeshee "harassment" and say they will appeal any agreement made; no Rajneeshees testify; about 15-20 attend; BLM says it intends to give public notice on May 20 that it will put its verbal agreement with RIC in writing, will consider another public hearing at that time but will receive written comments for 45 days, and will consider "public benefit and equal trade terms" in negotiating the exchange (BB-7; BB-11; DC-11; O-12; MP-18); W Court/Commission once again discusses adoption of rules of conduct at public hearings, including "allocation of seating for the press, for opposing parties, disallowing abusive and obscene language, and disallowing audience outbursts or comments of persons not recognized by the court." but sends draft back to W County DA for clarification and redrafting; discussion and adoption of declaration of a county-wide day of prayer on May 2 to coincide with National Prayer Day; Rajneeshee attorney says he believes the move is illegal based on constitutional requirements of separation of church and state (DC-9; BB-9; BB-11; DC-11; DC-12; DWR-16); members "of St. Albans Episcopal Church of Redmond are selling commemorative plates" for $25 each showing the Antelope church "to suport the Christian influence in the Antelope and southern Wasco County area." (RS); Jefferson Ministerial Association at news conference says it will no longer buy bus tickets for SAHP leavers, but will seek ways of providing more lasting benefits to the homeless; they have purchased 114 bus tickets and housed and fed 186 since Sept. 28, financed by $11,000 in donations (O-11; BB-11)
85.04.10 [AUS] Oldstyle prayer meeting attended by 400 in Manjimup hears warnings about Rajneeshees (ADN-11; WBT-17)
85.04.11 [W] [R] FAA says Guardian Angels have failed to respond to notice ordering them to pay a $2000 fine for flying an airplane too low over R on Nov. 19; case will be turned over to US Attorney's Office in Portland for prosecution (BB); in a meeting of the Oregon Electric Board an R resident calls for an investigation of inconsistencies in the way applications for electrical licenses are handled and an investigation of qualifications of the Chief Electrical Inspector (RT-19)
85.04.11 [AUS] [PLAN] [SCHL] Rajneeshees protest statements made at previous evening's prayer meeting in Manjimup, say they are peaceful, but have been victimized; another meeting at town hall in Pemberton with some of the same speakers as previous evening passes a resolution asking the government to purchase the land at Karri Valley Park and lease it to non-Rajneeshee groups; Manjimup Shire Council turns down Rajneeshee request to add 15 chalets and a school building to the Karri Valley resort, near Pemberton and 204-217 miles south of Perth, by a vote of 9 to 1; move evidently prompted by fear that followers will leave R and move to Australia; 6 Rajneeshees in attendance are refused permission to speak during debate on the issue and 3 are ejected from the meeting for trying to do so; Sheela says the refusal will be appealed and that the school, already in operation, will continue; the State Agriculture Minister at Perth earlier in the week called for an investigation of Rajneeshees and has asked the Australian Immigration Department to bar Bhagwan from entering the country (WA-10; WA-12; WA 13; O-13; RG-13; SJ-14; BB-14; AUT-14; WBT-17; BRW-19; RT-5/3)
85.04.11 ED[S] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder favors ban on Uzis and other semi-automatic assault weapons, mentioning R; Portland, OR Willamette Week columnist says she "holds no brief for any cult," but that people should not behave like "hysterical crackers who employ lynch-style politics" in opposing the Rajneeshees
85.04.12 [W] [R] [INS] [IMP] Feature article on R (PPR); after two years Indian sannyasin is issued immigrant visa to join his American wife; R resident to be admitted to the Oregon Bar Association on the 19th; over 1200 trees of ten varieties have arrived and are being planted at the rate of 15-20 per day; feature on different forms of irrigation used on 70 acre truck farm and feature on metal recycling (RT)
85.04.12 US[CA] [NO.  : Ninth Court of Appeals has recently granted a six-month stay to the INS in its decisions involving the residency status of spouses in 23 Rajneeshee couples; INS is required to file status reports on its investigation every month or have the stay lifted; if INS has not filed criminal charges by Nov., 1985 then all cases must be adjudicated within 30 days (RT)
85.04.12 ED[S] [IMP] [SCHL] [WEAV] Salem, OR Capital Press cartoon mentions R; Longview, WA News column on West German visit of Pres. Reagan says "There are a few Americans, just as there are a few Germans, who would enjoy running concentration camps for Jews, or Rajneeshees, or Asian refugees or blacks."; The Rajneesh Times comments on land reclamation projects at R and Governor's recent prayer breakfast in light of "separation of church and state" issues, runs a column on poverty and Rolls Royces, an interview with RSD teachers, as well as an exchange of letters between US Rep. Weaver and the Vice-President of RMC related to the salmonella charges
85.04.13 [AUS] Feature on Jay Harman and Freemantle Rajneeshee commune; Sheela says she will sue ERG for religious bigotry in the ouster of Harman as managing director or oust the present manager if possible; article on Rajneeshee's "corporate muscle"; Sheela shown in photo "giving the finger" (WM; RT-5/3); Prime Minister of Australia takes the Minister of Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs to task for suggesting religious bigotry may have played a role in the Manjimup Shire Council's decision (AUST-14; WA-15)
85.04.13 ED[S] [AUS] Australia, Western Mail editorial cartoon about "feeding orange people to the Christians" and column opposing "street fighting" in the ERG outster of Harman, but saying "There are shades of witch burning about the campaign being conducted by some churchmen against the so-called Orange people."
85.04.14 [W] [R] [IMP] Feature on agriculture and one of four coordinators of the 300 workers, truck farm, dairy, vineyard, greenhouses, beehives, landscaping department, pest control division, poultry farm, sprout house, herd of beef cattle and compost operation at R; return on crops expected to reach $1 million this year (BB); KGW-TV Channel 8 in Portland is one of 29 winners of the Peabody Awards given by the University of Georgia School of Journalism and Mass Communication for a series named '"Rajneesh Update" (GPDC-15; SJ-15; RT-26)
85.04.14 ED[S] [AUS] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist discusses Rajneeshism, religious exclusivity and political pluralism; Australia Sunday Times columnist decries hate generated by controversy in Karri Valley; Bend, OR The Bulletin gives US Representative Jim Weaver the Ma Anand Sheela Golden Throat Award for accusing sannyasins of salmonella poisoning in The Dalles
85.04.15 [W] [R] [RMC] [BLDG] [E] Announced that Raymond Cox will speak at Salem Foursquare Church in Salem on topic "Is the Real Rajneesh Dead?" (SJ); COHPC meeting has RMC hospital application on its agenda, even though application for a certificate of need has not yet been made (BB); Rajneeshees search Deschutes County records from building personnel and legal counsel offices in Bend; R Building Inspector's suspension appeal hearing is scheduled for May 24 in Salem (BB-18); first day of three day appearance at George Fox College of Walter Martin, author of Kingdom of the Cults and other books, who says R may become another Jonestown (G-24); RFI Newsletter reports on European communes: Stuttgart has just welcomed the 250,000th guest to its disco and is opening a bistro this month; Munich commune has a launderette, constuction business, clinic, beauty shop and therapy institute; they opened a downtown restaurant in Jan. which has served its 50,000th customer; the Amsterdam commune has moved into a rennovated convent and school, their disco recently celebrated its first year in business, much interest by the press; Hannover commune has a one-year old disco in a round glass building, a construction company, a restaurant
85.04.15 [CR] [CNCL] Peace Force Report: ordinance and contract approved with RNSIC for CR to provide Peace Force services from June 27-30 and from July 8-10 for $4500 in payment; Financial Report: $9379.24 in bills for March and April, mainly for Peace Force equipment, approved for payment; favorable report on the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police Conference attended by Peace Force Commissioner and Chief; Budget Committee holds public hearing on possible uses of federal revenue sharing monies for 1985-86 (DC-5); feature article on 24 modular buildings standing empty in CR; they were purchased in Sept. from Cyprus Thompson's Creek Mining Co. in Challis, ID, had been readied for occupancy of 500 people, office and storage space and a cafeteria (BB)
85.04.15 [AUS] Feature on Jay Harman (ADN)
85.04.15 ED[S] Bend, OR The Bulletin favors the BLM land swap with RIC
85.04.16 [W] [R] [ED] [BELL] [SPI] [SAHP] House Education Committee passes amended HB2473 6 to 0 to repeal law making loss of certification the automatic penalty for wearing "religious garb" in the classroom and to repeal law prohibiting the wearing of such garb, saying federal court rulings and school district regulations in this area are adequate; critics had called the law, which passed in 1923 at the request of the KKK to prevent nuns from teaching in public schools, "discriminatory, difficult to interpret and too severe."; the same committee received amendments to and passed HB2568 which would allow SPI to withhold BSS, writing into law the procedure recently followed with RSD; amendments introduced by the bill's sponsor, Rep. Bellamy (SJ-17; HN-17; BB-17; RT-19); feature on The Guardian Angels mentions SAHP (O)
85.04.17 [AUS] Feature on the Fremantle commune of about 300 (FG)
85.04.17 ED[S] Eugene, OR Register-Guard columnist indicates that virtually all West Germans know about Oregon is "'the bhagwan!'"; Tigard, OR This Week columnist says a check cashed at R was finally returned stamped by the National Bank of Greece in Chicago, IL
85.04.18 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [SS] SS discusses 4 day voter registration cutoff in speech to Redmond Rotary Club (RS-24); Asian Wall Street Journal columnist writes about a "corporate dropout" friend who is now a sannyasin at R
85.04.19 [W] [R] [IMP] Tent platforms for summer festival being laid out; feature on R's new fire truck (which will join the 1958 truck already owned by the district), the Chief and 17 volunteers, many of whom have had previous firefighting experience; photo and brief article an attendance of four from R and CR, including two Peace Force Chiefs, at the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police meeting Apr. 9-12; photo feature on Noah's Ark Rajneesh Boutique in R; brief feature on primal therapy and tantra group, soon to be taken tc Germany (RT)
85.04.19 ED[S] [AUS] [W] [COMM] [J] [SAHP] Salem, OR Statesman-- Journal indicates Oregonians would be glad to recommend Rajneeshees for a move to Australia; favorable column on visit to R in Vancouver, WA, The Columbian; The Rajneesh Times comments on W County's plan for a prayer day and Jefferson Ministerial Association's recent press conference
85.04.20 [AUS] Reported that Jay Harman has refused $55,000"pay-- off"and has complained officially to the Corporate Affairs Commission alleging attempted bribery and falsification of minutes of meetings (WM--see for detailed chronology of events in Harman's sacking)
85.04.21 [W] [R] [IMP] "Tongue-in-cheek" feature on R as a tourist and convention attraction (GT); features summarizing court cases, critics and R improvements; one says "sales of T-shirts emblazoned with the Bhagwan's picture and 'Not Wanted, Dead or Alive' have been brisk. Posters urge hunters to 'Get your GURU tags now, Let's Bhag Wan Today.'" (IS; EPST)
85.04.21 [AUS] [SCHL] Sheela appears on Australian TV's "60 Minutes", using expressions like "tough titties", causing about 60 phone calls of complaint (WA-22); West Australia's Minister for Education and Planning says if 9 pupils from Sydney are allowed to enroll in Karri Valley School today, he will close it, but also castigates behavior of Christian minister speaking at various anti-Rajneeshee prayer meetings as "'reprehensible and unhelpful'" (ATA-22; WA-22; WA-26)
85.04.22 [WCCC] [NO.  : Diane McDonald of Madras petitions WCCC judge to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse and neglect at R; she says her charges are based on her own belief, affidavits and an article in the May issue of Oregon magazine which quotes anonymous former disciples and SAHP participants as saying most of the 12-14 year old girls at R have sexual relationships and a 10 year old was molested on a bus, that children do not live with parents and have inadequate winter clothing; Judge William Jackson seals the case file; State Children's Services Division (CSD) meets with W County officials; R spokesperson says McDonald's charges have already prompted two CSD investigations which found no wrongdoing; Judge allows the petition to be filed, has agreed to sign a restraining order, but refuses to grant a request that all 150 children be taken into protective custody; preliminary hearing set for May 20 in Juvenile Court; Oregon magazine sends out advance copies of its May edition this date along with a press release; McDonald says she was approached by the authors of the magazine article and believed them (SJ-23; BB-23; DC-23; RG-23; MP-25)
85.04.23 [W] [R] [WCCC] [NO.  : [CHRAJ] [SS] W County Sheriff's deputies' begin serving papers on R parents and children ordering them to appear at May 20 hearing on child abuse and restraining any children from leaving W or J counties before then; 6 named and 150 unnamed children are alleged to be involved; R spokesperson says all named children are girls and some are no longer at R (SJ-24; DC-24; RG-24; BB-24; O-24; DWR-25; MP-25); R residents celebrate death of 75 year old California minister, formerly of the Church of Religious Science at Laguna Beach, CA, who, suffering from cancer, had just arrived after a 10 hour journey "'because he absolutely wanted to die at the feet of his spiritual master.'"; his death is the third since 1981 at the ranch, but the first to make use of the newly constructed crematorium; R spokesperson says that it is believed than anyone dying within 24 miles of Bhagwan automatically becomes "enlightned" (DC-24; SAR-25; BB-25; LAT-26; RT-26; O-27; RT-5/3; RFI-5/15); "roast" of ex-SS Paulus by the Albany Kiwanis hears many jokes about R (ADH-27)
85.04.23 [AUS] Sheela is "bleeped six times for swearing" on Channel 7's "State Affair" program (ADN-25)
85.04.24 [W] [R] [WCCC] [NO.  : [S] [ELECT] [SAHP] More supboenas served in alleged child abuse case, to 2 teenaged girls and the R Peace Force Chief; 37 are named in the summonses, but only 6 have been served (SJ-25; NR-25; BB-25; LGO-25; O-25; RG-25); R speaker (Ma Dhyan Rosalie) to over 100 at Eastern Oregon State College in LaGrande says she feels persecuted (LGO-25); State Representative Bruce Hugo writes column about election law reforem mentioning SAHP (S; SHC-25)
85.04.24 [AUS] KOIN-TV Channel 6 reporter in Portland tells Australian reporter Rajneeshees are unlikely to relocate from Oregon to Australia (ADN)
85.04.25 [W] [R] [SMITH] [BLM] [RIC] Ad asks citizens to testify against BLM-RIC land swap at May 1 public hearing at W County Court house (DWR); columnist says US Representative Bob Smith got "forged signatures of non-existent folks on [400] letters complaining about [his] words on the Rajneeshees." (A)
85.04.25 ED[S] Madras, OR Madras Pioneer columnist says BLM-RIC land swap is in the public's interest
85.04.26 [W] [R] [IMP] Linfield College and Good Samaritan Hospital nursing students tour R; one visitor remarked Rajneeshees were friendly, but "seemed worried (about being attacked)" (Linews-5/3); features on sheet metal shop in R, growing bird population, dehypnotherapy group, recent first use of the crematorium, recent presentation by RNSIC at the 5 day Globescope Assembly of 700 environmentalists in Portland on R land reclamation projects, European press coverage of Rajneeshees, water resource legislation affecting R and state; 20,000 tomato plants transplanted, crop has estimated net worth of $20,000; books and tapes at San Francisco Whole Life Expo for third year (RT)
85.04.26 [CR] Hearing in House State and Federal Affairs Committee of Legislature on SJM11 relating to retaining the name of the Antelope Post Office (SJ)
85.04.26 [USDC] [NO.  : R lawyers' request that six state officials, including the AG, be added as plaintiffs in church-state suit so that the court will have juridiction over those officials' potential administrative actions while the suit is pending; other officials named are the Director of the State Lottery, the Superintendent of the OSP; the Manager of LEDS; the State Fire Marshal; the Assistant Chief Counsel for Oregon; R Attorney contends that until the court renders its judgment "state officials cannot deny the city funds or services on the grounds that it is not a legal city." but R has in fact "been denied funding for a 911 emergency telephone service, lost its power to enforce the municipal fire code... been denied the right to send its peace officers to the police training academy..(and those) who already had attended have been denied certification" (DC-30; O-30; RG-5/1; RT-5/3)
85.04.26 [AUS] [ED] [PUR] Education Minister Tom Pearce says he is closing the Rajneeshee school at Karri Valley "'to reduce local tension'" after a visit there, where he was handed a 4000 signature petition opposing Rajneeshee presence in the district; the Rajneeshees had earlier rejected a request from the Minister to close the 31 pupil school voluntarily; school will remain closed for at least 6 weeks until a legal appeal has been heard; rumors of Rajneeshee purchases in Pemberton abound; a sannyasin, manager of Karri Valley Park, disassociates from Rajneeshees, apologizes to locals for Sheela's behavior; Indian woman launches a statewide publicity campaign to stop the Rajneeshees from moving into Pemberton; 1000 attend a protest rally against Rajneeshees in Manjimup (ADN-25; WA-26; ADN-26; WA-27; WM-27; DC-28; BB-28; WA-29); feature on ERG "takeover" in The Australian Financial Review
85.04.26 ED[S] [AUS] Perth, Australia Daily News editorial cartoon mentions Sheela; The Rajneesh Times comments on R environmental projects
85.04.27 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [FAW] [AUS] Feature on Sheela and husband Jayananda (WM; see also AUST-28, AI-28); Fremantle commune opens two-day fair for townspeople (WA-29); State Representative Fawbush in speech says SAHP caused a critical problem but existing law solved it (DC-28)
85.04.28 [W] [R] [CR] [SCHL] [IMP] [IND] Book review of Vol. One of The Rajneesh Bible (O-28); feature on R, controversies and improvements (WP); first day of 5-day exhibition of Bhagwan's books and tapes in Bangalore, India (The Hindu-26); India's Sunday speculates that Bhagwan may be returning to India, since his former secretary, Ma Yoga Laxmi has been negotiating for several properties; it is reportd that the RSD school budget of $90,240 would have its property tax levy reduced from $34,090 to $6,818 if the sales tax measure passes on Sept. 17
85.04.28 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge Jackson lifts temporary restraining order against Rajneeshees in alleged child abuse case and is considering holding a motion hearing this week where a Rajneeshee attorney will argue for dismissal of the petition and quashing of the 37 summonses issued for the May 20 hearing (SJ)
85.04.28 ED[S] [ELECT] [AUS] The Dalles, OR The Chronicle favors a 20 to 30 day voter registration cutoff date and urges people to write to Rep. Fawbush, who is leaning towards the 4 day cutoff; Perth, Australia, The Sunday Times editorial cartoon features "orange people"
85.04.29 [AUS] Sheela appears on "Willesee" interview program, Channel 7 (Canberra Times-5/7)
85.05.01 [W] [R] [CR] [E] [AUS] [IMP] Oregon magazine "Rajneesh Watch" article prints allegations of child abuse at R, but also says CSD and UO psychologists report no evidence of abuse or neglect (see also AI-5); informational meeting and public hearing on BLM-RIC land swap held in W County Courthouse; about 125-150 people attend; two more public hearings on the proposal will occur in W and J Counties on July 1 and 2; 12-15 testify and again oppose re-leasing the land or grazing rights back to the Rajneeshees after the swap (DC-2; DC-3; DWR-9; DC-17--see for map showing proposed parcels; BB-21; see also Shooting Sportsman, Eugene, OR magazine--6/l); brief article along with copy of Ordinance 62, passed on June 7, 1983 and allowing nudity in CR in Clothed With the Sun magazine; The Netherlands, The Gay Krant quotes Bhagwan on AIDS; feature on ERG affair in Melbourne, Astralia Age; West Australian Civil Liberties Council is investigaing abuse of Rajneeshee civil rights in recent moves by Majimup Council and Education Minister; Sheela is speaker at Western Australia Institute of Technology (City Focus; RT-6/7); Bhagwan magazine interview with a Dutch and German sannyasin who are natural scientists; 134 to be added to 190 acres of irrigated land (RFI)
85.05.01 ED[S] [SAHP] [SPI] Portland, OR Permanent Press does two page cartoon spoof of SAHP; Sheridan, OR Sun editorial cartoon on SPI and RSD
85.05.02 [W] [R] [CR] [AUS] [ED] State Rep. Dave McTeague releases ten page report entitled "Rajneesh's Religious Police State Exemplifies The Abuse of Governmental Powers In The Cities of Rajneesh (Antelope) and Rajneeshpuram." calling government in R and CR "abusive, despotic"; it is clearly an attempted rebuttal of Prof. Ted Shay's "Rajneeshpuram and the Abuse of Power" (MP); Town Manager of Pemberton says people don't want it taken over "as they did in what used to be Antelope, Ore."; Rajneeshee builders recently lost $30,000-- $100,000 contract for renovation of the Fremantle Hotel after "verbal attacks Sheela made during a television interview against the pope and Mother Teresa," and patrons threatened to quit drinking at the Hotel; Fremantle Rajneeshee building firm said to have an annual turnover in excess fo $1 million; Rajneeshees charge religious discrimination (Fremantle Gazette; O-2; SJ-4; HRN-8); Sheela recently said $2.27 million has been received from Eva Marie Mann, a "friend" in Berlin, to buy up 2 million shares of ERG in a takeover battle against the Board of Directors (DC-4/30; BB-4/30; O; SJ-4); Oregon House Education Committee of the Legislature reverses an earlier vote and kills HB2473, which would have repealed the law prohibiting "religious garb" for teachers and making revocation of certification the automatic penalty, after testimony by the ACLU that contrary to earlier information presented to the committee, there are no federal cases dealing with the religious-garb issue (SJ-3)
85.05.03 [W] [R] [CO] Concerned Oregonians anti-R group is collecting letters to forward to the BLM opposing the land swap if the land is leased back to the Rajneeshees (DC)
85.05.03 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on AIDs precautions at R and the "mixing of church and state" in Oregon
85.05.04 [W] [R] [ED] [SCHL] [AUS] Banquet and awards of the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, at which R-related pieces take second in the General TV News Reporting category (KGW, Pete Schulberg) and first in the TV Series and Minidocumentaries category (KGW, John Tuttle, et. al.) (O-7); history professor and students from Yakima Valley Community College vist R (HR-4/30); RSD Budget Committee holds public hearing on 1985-86 budget; Sheela and Jay Harman say they will leave Australia, tiring of the ERG fight and having seen the removal of the managing director (Brodie) (removed on a technicality, along with three to four other directors, including Harman); Sheela says she will start her own high-tech company to produce gallium arsenide alternative computer chips; meanwhile Brodie sues ABC-TV over remarks Sheela made about him on a May 2 broadcast and is attempting to sell Karri Valley Lodge in order to evict the 8 adults and 31 children there, most Rajneeshees (WM-4; see also AUST-5)
85.05.05 [WCCC] [NO.  : Feature article on woman petitioning WCCC in child abuse case (Diane McDonald) describes her as "one of the most active critics of the sect.", appearing on TV, writing letters, participating in anti-R organizations, running for W County Commission, loaning a trailer to the Guardian Angels; article says the affidavits on which she based her allegations are from ex-Ranch foreman Robert Harvey and from Harvey's teen-age daughter (BB)
85.05.05 ED[S] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Chronicle favors the BLM-RIC land swap, but opposes leasing the public lands along the John Day River back to the Rajneeshees
85.05.06 [W] [R] [ELECT] SS Roberts' 4 day voter registration cutoff bill stalls in committee and she charges "'game playing'" (SJ-7); Peace Officers and Firefighters from R participate in a seminar on emergency response to chemical and hazardous material spills held in The Dalles (DWR-9)
85.05.07 [CR] State House of Representatives passes SJM11 to retain name of Antelope Post Office by a vote of 58-0 (BB-8; DC-8)
85.05.07 [CR] [CNCL] Minutes of April 2 and 15 approved as read; Financial Report: April bills of $2,238.45 approved for payment; Peace Force Report: contract with RNSIC to provide security during R summer festival registration and departure completed; DEQ inspector pleased with new landfill system after a visit; two major leaks in city water system repaired this month; fire truck running well; Public Hearing to consider an amendment to conditional use permit 84-1 granted to RIC to allow a sewage treatment facility on new development site; later Council reconvenes and grants the application #85-1; Public Hearing to consider whether Dr. Gerfen's property (where fire occured in Dec.) is dangerous; Council reconvenes and decides to notify Gerfen that a plan for the abatement of the nuisance must be submitted within 10 days or debris will be cleared by the city at his expense; mentioned that W County Clerk sent many "vote by mail" ballots to resdients of CR using an Antelope address; announced that the application for a hospital by RMC is on hold; Council ratifies March 26 election results; noted that Al Kuhlman had responded to a request from CR to remove 3 travel trailers from his property which were in violation of Zoning Ordinance #29 and Business License Ordinance #32 (DC-4/28)
85.05.07 [AUS] Jay Harman askes Supreme Court for an order forcing the sale of stock by his partners in ERG as per an agreement which he alleges and they deny; he wins ruling barring them from selling their shares until court decision is reached; Harman holds 10% of ERG stock, Rajneeshee leaders hold an 8% share and if won, the suit would give them controlling interest; in a separate legal proceeding a company that holds a controlling interest in the Karri Valley Lodge asks the Supreme Court to force Harman to give them records (BB-8)
85.05.08 [W] [R] [SPI] [BLDG] Reported that SPI in Redmond previous week tells that city's Rotary Club that he "'will constantly watch'" the situation with RSD (RS); reported that previous week R sought records in Astoria and Cannon Beach relating to building inspection practices; records requests were denied until they can be studied by Astoria City Attorney, but Cannon Beach
85.05.08 [AUS] Australian Supreme Court now considering three separate actions related to ERG controversy: a writ by Harman seeking a court order to compel two cofounders of the company to sell him their shares (they own 10% each) due to his option agreement; request by Harman for court order confirming appointment of four of the five disputed directors recently ousted on a technicality (excluding Brodie); an action by Brodie to force Harman to hand over company records dealing with the Karri Valley property (WA); local government official calls on federal government to consult with West Germans and others for copies of successful "anti-cult legislation" to use against Rajneeshees (WBT; DC; O-9)
85.05.08 ED[S] [ELECT] Eugene, OR U of O Daily Emerald opposes 20 day voter registration cutoff because it would disenfranchise voters
85.05.09 [W] [R] [CR] [FAW] [FEST] [PER] [PLAN] State Rep. Wayne Fawbush holds news conference to discuss two bills he plans to introduce next week: HB3022 would prohibit the state from disbursing public funds to religious institutions, bring the R church-state suit into state court, empower the Governor to withhold funds and to void a city charter where a religious organization is dominating a government entity; HB 3021 would require the sponsors of any mass gathering of more than 4 days and more than 1000 people per day to get approval of the local land use agency and show that the use of the land conforms to state land use laws; Fawbush says 20 senators and 40 representatives have cosponsored the bills (DC; DWR); CR Recorder has sent a notice to all residents with the phone numbers of City Hall and the Peace Force (DWR); meeting is held in Harbor, OR to quell rumors that a large development is to be purchased by the Rajneeshees (CCP-15)
85.05.10 [R] [CR] [IMP] R City officials have announced a third "anniversary of the city" celebration complete with parade for May 25-26, includng a champagne buffet, free ranch tours, live music, carnival booths, 20% discount on lodging (RT-3; BB); photo feature on parents of sannyasins having visited R; kitchens gearing up for summer festival to prepare 2000 chicken brie burgers, 3200 crepes, 1200 cheese blintzes, 50 trays of lasagna, 3000 pizza doughs for restaurant sale; reported that this week R Peace Force Chief, R Peace Force Reserve Officer and CR Police Commissioner attended meeting of Education and Training Committee of the Police Academy; 350 fruit trees recently planted (RT)
85.05.10 ED[S] [AG] The Rajneesh Times comments on AG's political future and environmental innovations at R
85.05.11 [R] [CNCL] R Budget Committee hearing on use of state and federal revenue-sharing monies; R Rural Fire Protection District holds budget hearing oh 1985-86 budget proposed for $15,945 (1934-35 budget was $37,650)
85.05.13 ED[S] [ELECT] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says voter registration reform must pass the Legislature and favors SS's 4 day cutoff plan
85.05.14 [W] [R] [ELECT] [SAHP] [WILLIS] Lawyers for the Federal Election Commission have recently said they have found no probable cause indicating federal election laws were violated by SAHP in their investigation prompted by Willis request on Nov. 5; there will be a 15 day comment period on the report, after which it will go to the full FEC (NYT-9; SJ; DC; BB-16; RT-17; NYT-19)
85.05.14 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Frye rules that R City Attorney may present evidence of Oregon's bias against R in its defense in the church-state case; for example, R argues that "the state acted inappropriately in waiting to file the suit until after a land use injunction prevented land sale and diverse ownership of property in the city." and that the state allowed incorporation, investment of wealth and labor for 18 months before filing the suit (RT-17)
85.05.15 ED[S] Tigard, OR This Week columnist discusses child abuse charges against R parents and says suit will be heard in Portland; Medford, OR Mail-Tribune columnist says Portland Mayor Bud Clark and Bhagwan are the only two "characters" left in Oregon public life
85.05.16 [W] [R] [SCHL] [BELL] [SAHP] [S] House of Representatives passes HB2568 prohibiting distribution of BSS monies to any school district that "sponsors, financially supports or is actively involved with religious activities." by a vote of 51-0; the bill's sponsor, Rep. Bellamy, says it is aimed directly at RSD (BB-17; DAA-17; SJ-17; RG-17; O-17--see for best description of process the bill would require; O-18SJ-20); Salvation Army official praises The Dalles' efforts during the SAHP at an awards banquet (DC-17); Professor Ron Clarke of OSU speaks on Bhagwan's teachings at the Lincoln City Congregational Church (NG-15)
85.05.17 [W] [R] [IMP] Sheela recently welcomed back to R with songs and a cake showing her "giving the finger" and saying "tough titties" on Australian TV; the following have been ordered for the summer festival: 20,000 pounds of brown rice, 10,000 pounds of cheese, 30,000 pounds of tofu, 10,000 pounds of mayonnaise, 18,000 pounds of margarine, 1,000 gallons of soy sauce; many of the vegetables to be used will be grown on the Ranch: 55,000 avocados, 50,000 tomatoes, 33,000 potatoes, 16,000 carrots and 25,000 onions, 500,000 pieces of fruit; to be baked are: 50,000 chocolate chip cookies, 25,00 loaves of bread, 40,000 special pastries; 7,000 white and purple flowers planted previous week on face of dam to form bird logo; up to 20,000 cut flowers per dav will be available for summer festival (RT)
85.05.17 [E] [GER] Reported that a Rajneeshee-owned private company in Wiesbaden, RUSH GmbH, which ran a disco, building renovation business, stained glass company and storm window business, is tring to sell a disco as part of a bankruptcy case it filed in February; the disco is still running, with money going into a special fund to pay 50 creditors $500,000-700,000, of which about $133,000-200,000 may be recovered if the disco is sold (O); reported that the April 15 issue of the German magazine Petra has selected Sheela one of the five most powerful women in the world; reported that a "Munich court has lifted a ban by the upper Bavarian government on a Rajneesh teacher who was forbidden to wear red clothes"; announced that an Austrian' sannyasin has been selected to be part of a team of elite mountain climbers to attempt to scale Annapurna, 26,503 feet high (RT)
85.05.17 ED[S] [CR] The Rajneesh Times comments on land restoration at R and CR postal problems
85.05.18 [AUS] Repported that a teacher of 18 years, a sannyasin for 3 years, is facing suspension, demotion or a "caution" for his refusal to remove a picture of Bhagwan from near his desk; he says he is not violating a rule against "inculcation" and has the support of five parents of children in his class (WA; RT-6/7)
85.05.19 [W] [R] [SAHP] FAA says it will investigate leaflet dropping on Nov. 19 for about one month more before prosecuting Guardian Angels, who have not paid the $2000 fine and whose Portland phone has been disconnected (BB)
85.05.20 [W] [R] D[COMM] [BLDG] Administrative hearing begins on $1,407,400 in fines for building code violations relating to 640 winterized tents; RLS attorneys argue that not all of the structures were inspected; Building Codes Administrator and State Electrical Inspector testify that they only visited two to three of seven to ten areas where the tents wer located and looked inside only a few of them and that electrical wiring problems were surmised in only 252 tents; the hearing is expected to take 10 days (BB; BB-21; SJ-21; O-21; DC-21; RT-24)
85.05.20 [AUS] Australian issue of People magazine runs feature on CR called the "Orange Peril" suggesting Rajneeshees might try to take over Pemberton, and that takeover is now facing Herringswell, England, where 137 Rajneeshees and 150 "locals" live
85.05.20 [WCCC] [NO.  : RLS attorneys, representing 2 R children, file an affidavit of prejudice disqualifying Judge William Jackson of Baker from hearing the alleged child abuse case (he was the Judge who accepted the petition in the case on Apr. 22); Judge John Jelderks has already disqualified himself; Judge Stephen B. Herrell of Portland will take over the case and set a new hearing date (BB; SJ-21; DC-22)
85.05.21 [W] [R] [FEST] [FAW] [ELECT] State Rep. Fawbush testifies before the House Intergovernmental Affairs Committee that his HB3021 is needed to ensure that outdoor meetings don't violate land-use laws; letter from Sheela charges that R summer festival has been singled out by the bill (SJ-22; BB-22; O-22); W County budget fails to pass (yes--3,934, 43.3%; no—4,875, 53.7%); R votes 4 yes, 739 no; CR votes 32 yes, 77 no (DC-22)
85.05.21 [USDC] [NO.  : First arguments in jury trial (6 member jury before Judge Owen Panner) in which 65 year old former sannyasin (Helen C. Byron, Sante Fe, NM, disassociated June, 1982) suffering from multiple sclerosis is suing RFI for the return of $389,000 and $1.5 million in punitive damages; at issue is whether $309,000 was a loan or donation and which corporation should be sued for the $80,000 deposited in the Rajneesh Currency debit card system; Byron says she has donated $160,000-173,000 to RFI, which she is not trying to reclaim and she was angry that her money had been used to buy an armored Rolls Royce; RFI attorney says there are contribution receipts (Byron says they are not signed and she hadn't seen them until filing the lawsuit), the donations were not claimed on her tax return and had come from a Swiss bank where monies had been deposited to avoid paying taxes (BB-22; DC-22; O-22; SJ-23; O-23; RT-24)
85.05.21 ED[S] Pocatello, ID State Journal mentions "Baghwan" in editorial opposing $39 million jury award against the Church of Scientology handed down recently in Portland
85.05.22 [W] [R] [WEAV] Rally in Portland, one of a series, against the S39 million fraud judgement made by jury against the Church of Scientology in Portland; Rajneeshees had declined to participate since they felt the Scientologists already "had enough people on hand to protest without Rajneeshees' help." (RG-23; SJ-23); feature on US Representative Jim Weaver characterizes him as a negative doomsayer (BB)
85.05.22 ED[S] [GOV] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal mentions Governor doesn't meet with protest groups, including those opposing R, but only by appointment
85.05.23 [W] [R] [FEST] [PER] [FAW] [S] [GOV] HB 3021 placing additional restrictons on mass gatherings approved by a vote of 4-1 by House Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, with amendments putting it into effect 90 days after the Legislative session, which would prohibit it from applying to this year's R summer festival, but requiring any outdoor gathering of more than 2000 people and lasting more than 5 days to receive approval from local government; Rep. Fawbush testifies before another House Committee in favor of his HB 3022 which would deny R incorporated status, the exercise of governmental power and state funds if the state determines the area is "controlled by a religious institution"; Rajneeshees deliver packets of letters opposing HB 3022 (RG-22; O-22; DC-24; SJ-24; BB-24; for copies of 2 letters see RT-24); two R speakers (Sw. Anand Anshumali and Ma Anand Sophia) before 500 at Bellevue WA High School Human Rights Symposium (ST-24); feature on Governor's race quotes an observer of Norma Paulus, "'Standing up to Sheela was the last thing the public saw..,.It was the biggest thing she did in all of her eight years in office.'" (WW)
85.05.23 [AUS] Special meeting of ERG called because company was left with only three directors after a legal check found four to five others had been incorrectly appointed, including Brodie, who ousted Jay Harman, Harman himself and Harman's friend, a dentist who recently sold him 1.92 million shares for about $3 million because he thought it morally wrong to fire Harman whose business expertise had "made" the company (Age-1; WA-2)
85.05.23 [WCCC] [NO.  : 12 people have filed seven lawsuits seeking nearly $550,000 from three The Dalles restaurants in connection with September's salmonella outbreak (SJ)
85.05.23 [USDC] [NO.  : Ex-sannyasin (Mary Ann Forbes of Toronto, Canada, dissassociated in 1984) testifies that Sheela said she would "get back at" New Mexico woman and her relatives for filing suit for $1.8 million; jury is not present for Forbes' testimony; Sheela testifies (RG-24; O-24; SJ-24)
85.05.23 ED[S] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder comments on the decline in quality of The Rajneesh Times; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist claims State Rep. Mc- Teague, who recently released anti-R report, has been guilty of claiming a job he didn't actually hold in the "Voter's Pamphlet" and wonders why he hasn't been unseated as has been another Rep. who claimed a degree he didn't hold in the "Pamphlet"
85.05.24 [W] [R] [FEST] [LUBA] [NO.  : [PLAN] First day of a weekend festival to celebrate the third anniversary of the founding of R; celebration incudes special meals, an arcade, live music, free tours, and a parade; the celebration also includes a Parents' Weekend with about 200 parents of R residents attending (RT-3; BB; RT; O-26; SJ-27; RT-31); reported that R attorney arguing before LUBA previous week charged W County with violation of statewide land use planning goals when deleting R and all references to R from the County Comprehensive Plan because they did not provide for citizens of R to participate, or coordinate with "affected jurisdictions", made no "findings" to justify their decision, omitted key facts from plan; other R corporations represented by RLS and land-use attorney Ed Sullivan; LUBA decision expected by mid-June (RT)
85.05.24 [GER] West German weekly economics magazine, Wirtschaftswoche, runs positive feature on Rajneeshee business and management; sannyasins in Cologne open an undertaking parlor; among other West German businesses are cleaning-service for commercial kitchens, apartments and offices, a building firm, interior decoration, landscpaing service, travel bureau, translation services, publisher, computer software companies, physicians and psychologists practices; 300 in the Cologne commune; reported that Sheela appeared recently in Cologne trial of a newspaper faced with criminal charges for slandering the Rajneeshee Disco there, by charging "'dope traffic'" and "'screwing-orgies'"; no proof of the allegations produced; Judge dismisses case saying the newspaper is so small in "circulation that it did not have enough impact to penalize." (RT)
85.05.24 [WCCC] [NO.  : Reported that last week a member of the Portland Guardian Angels' pled guilty to blocking the W County Road into R in Dec.; Judge James Donnell put him on probation for 12 months and ordered him to do 12 hours of community service; another Guardian Angel is expected to plead guilty today and receive the same sentence (BB)
85.05.24 [USDC] [NO.  : RFI assets at the end of 1983 said to have been S30.8 million; after two hours of deliberation a six person jury awards Helen Byron $389,000 in actual and $1.25 in punitive damages against RFI; Sheela says RFI will appeal (O-25; RG-25; SJ-25; DC-26; BB-26--says $389,000 in actual, $1.8 million in punitive damages awarded; LAT-26; RT-31; DWR-30; DWR-6/27; Living Church Weekly-7/7)
85.05.24 ED[S] [LUBA] [FEST] Ashland, OR SOSC Siskiyou says it is suspicious of the term "deprogrammed" when used for some and "converted" for others, depending on whose beliefs are changing to what; The Rajneesh Times comments on LUBA hearing; Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times says the R festival is good for Oregon's economy
85.05.25 [AUS] Perth radio disc jockey has formed a group called "The Blue People" to combat the Orange people (sannaysins), has issued bumper stickers and had 600 people attend the first meeting; Melbourne and Perth DJs playing "Shut Up Sheela" and a local version (Truth)
85.05.26 [W] [R] [RFI] [IMP] RFI represetatives offer new books and tapes at the American Booksellers Association Convention in San Francisco (RT-10); feature on land and city improvements in R; 85 acre organic truck farm; 85 Rolls Royces (BB); R celebrates its Third Anniversary as a city; more than 200 parents of sannyasins attend (CH-22; RG-27; BB-27)
85.05.27 [W] [R] [ELECT] House State and Federal Affairs Committee again fails to muster a majority for any of the voter registration cutoff proposals (SJ-28; O-28)
85.05.27 [AUS] Australia's People magazine prints Part II of the "Orange Peril" focussing on a phone interview with Sheela
85.05.28 [W] [R] [S] Speaker (Siddha) at St. Helens Chamber of Commerce to hostile audience (DC-19; S-22; DC-26; S-6/5; RT-6/14)
85.05.28 AUS:, Rajneeshees appeal the closure of the Karri Valley school before the Town Planning Appeals Tribunal (WA-29); police raid the Karri Valley Lodge property to check out a 6 week old complaint that armed guards were there; the school was searched and 31 children frightened says a Rajneeshee adult (ADN-30)
85.05.28 ED[S] [ELECT] Pendleton, OR East Oregonian says legislative leaders should "pry " voter registration cutoff bill loose and favors 4-day plan; La Grande, OR Observer calls Byron suit award outrageous
85.05.29 [W] [R] [FEST] [S] HB3021 "The bill to further restrict the Rajneeshees' annual summer festivals" passes House by a vote of 36-10 (SJ-30; O-30; DC-30; BB-30--has the best description of what the bill would require; RG-30; O-6/2); Navy airplane "buzzes" R at 500 feet in violation of FAA rules and in spite of repeated protests to FAA, US Navy and National Guard about such flights (RT-6/7); R speaker at Oregon State University tells of health care practices and services in R (Siddha) (OSB-30)
85.05.30 [W] [R] [CR] [RMC] [DCOM] [BLDG] Accident occurs between "Antelope and Fossil" where a man and woman on a motorcycle hit a deer; they are transported to hospital in Madras by RMC, where they are in critical condition (DWR); attorneys close arguments in administrative hearing on $1.4 million in winterized tent fines; W County Planning Director and his deputy both deposed during the past week; hearings officer, former SC Chief Justice Arno Denecke, sets June 14 as deadline for final written briefs from both sides and hopes to hand down a decision by the end of June; RLS attorneys claim only about 50 tents had electrical wiring and those that did were wired "'as it has always been approved by the state.'" (DWR; RG-31; SJ-31; O-6/1)
85.05.31 [W] [R] Reported that a famous Indian physician and his wife recently visited R (Dr. H. V. Sardesai) (RT)
85.05.31 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on the more than $1.6 million judgement for Helen Byron in USDC No. in relation to the results of the Oct. 1984 opinion poll conducted in Multnomah County showing bias against Rajneeshees (see for % responses to three of the questions)
85.06.01 [W] [R] [AUS] [SCHL] [GOV] Penthouse magazine announces feature on R set for July (see O-6 ad); Unix Review runs article on the computer "UNIX-based 'currency card'" system, software shop and computer consultant at R; Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" focusses on 3 sannyasins charged with drug-smuggling in 1979, implying a "pattern"; Buddhist monk near Perth, Australia says a lot of people are afraid of alternative religions like the Rajneeshees (AUST); Bhagwan magazine runs five stories of 'sannyas taking" experiences; RSD files complaints with W, J and Marion counties alleging they have missing records of the school district, illegally removed by former school board members and the school clerk, which RSD wants returned (RT-7); Governor candidate Neil Goldschmidt is said to have "skirted questions about... the Rajneeshees" in an Albany appearance (SJ)
85.06.02 [W] [R] Feature on R, court cases and anti-R legislation (SPI); R suggested as one of 50 great summer tourist attractions in Oregon (0; RT-7); quiz on Oregon mentions R (GT; see also RG-11)
85.06.03 [W] [R] [ELECT] [SAHP] [INS] Legislators attach a voter registration cutoff amendment to the bill to extend vote-by-mail, some mention the SAHP, and the Oregon House passes the bill (SJ; RG; BB-4; DC-4; SJ-4; O-4; O-5); in a news conference Sheela says she has received information from the US Attorney's Office that she and Bhagwan would be arrested between June 11 and 27, discusses the lawsuit filed in USDC this date and mentions two memos as evidence in the case: "an INS official believed to be George Hunter writes, 'The Portland office wishes to track all activity by Sannyasins and ultimately to establish fraud for prosecutive purposes.' In another memo, an offical writes, 'Perhaps this is wishful thinking but there is speculation that possibly the pressure applied by the Service to the immigration situation of the organization may cause them to pick up stakes and leave the United States.'" (RT-7)
85.06.03 [USDC] [NO.  : RFI and 12 Rajneeshee individuals file what seeks to be a class-action suit against Edwin Meese III, US AG, State Department and Secretary of State, INS and several INS officials charging a "'religious-based discriminatory program of unlawful and intrusive monitoring' that violates the Rajneeshees' constitutional rights... The complaint charges that actions by immigration officials intrude on the Rajneeshees' freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, to vote and to travel, freedom from unequal treatment before the law and freedom from deprivation of liberty without due process of law... It further states that a Portland district immigration investigator assaulted a Rajneeshee (Sw. Prem Cliff), that other investigators trespassed on private property, monitored Rajneeshees boarding buses in Madras, examined Rajneeshee tax records and banking activities, and conducted aerial, photographic, radio, electronic and postal surveillance."; INS denies charges; the suit is "sponsored" by the American Religious Freedom Foundation (ARFF), founded in R (BB; O-4; DC-4; RG-4; Portland Business-4; SJ-7; for more on ARFF see RT -7/5)
85.06.03 ED[S] [WEAV] Albany, OR Democrat-Herald says that US Representative Jim Weaver's anger may account for his accusations against sannyasins; Eugene, OR Register-- Guard columnist suggests that Rajneeshees might be ripe for suing since the S39 million award against the Scientologists
85.06.04 [W] [R] Sannyasins say they have invested over $110 million in the ranch to date (BB)
85.06.04 [CR] [CNCL] Minuses of May 7 approved; Financial Report: May bills of $2,629.32 approved for payment; Peace Force Report: new volunteer dispatcher; much street sign vandalism in the past month; Landfill: an excavator dug the first trench this month, which is not noticeable from the road; Dr. Gerfen wrote CR that he has returned the property on which the Dec. fire occured and present nuisance is sited to a Mr. Burnham who has been notified to abate the nuisance; City Attorney authorized to research constitutionality of HB 3022 "religious cities" bill and report back; Mayor authorized to research the production of fund-raising T-shirts for CR; discussion of postal confusion; City Recorder says that if residents want voter material addressed to CR and not Antelope address, they need to re-register to vote
85.06.04 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist says SS Roberts has lost on two issues in the Oregon House, one being the 20 day voter registration cutoff which she opposed
85.06.05 [W] [R] [PROFF] [ELECT] [FAW] U of O communications researchers say techniques "used by cults... may trigger severe and lasting physical and mental traumas" after studying "almost 400 former members of 48 cults in 39 states and Canada"; former Rajneeshees were not included in the study (O; BB; RG; WWW-7/21); Sue Proffitt, W County Clerk and member of the Mid-Columbia Chapter of the Democratic Women's Club, reported to have attended that group's national convention May 22-25, will serve on its national budget committee, and said, in speaking about the experience to the Elks Club monthly meeting in The Dalles on the 4th, that she discussed the Rajneeshees with delegates from New Jersey; the MCDWC also recently sent a letter to Rep. Fawbush endorsing the 20 day voter registration cutoff (DC)
85.06.05 ED[S] [ELECT] Coos Bay, OR World says the Legislature has passed the 20 day voter registration cutoff "Out of fear, not reality"
85.06.06 [W] [R] [CR] [RNSIC] Another notice of hearing and map of the proposed BLM-RIC land swap (DWR); Sen Jernstedt says the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the US Postal Service has sent a letter to the Postmaster General saying that the Board recommends that Antelope Post Office keep its name; the Board decision came after they received a copy of SJM11, which Jernstedt sponsored (BB; DC-7; RG-8; SJ-9; SJ-10); at a meeting of the 1300 members of RNSIC three directors were unanimously re-elected to 3 year terms (Ma Dolma, Ma Prem Padma, Ma Yoga Vidya), Treasurer reported that in 1984 RNSIC for the first time generated a taxable income (RT-14)
85.06.06 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge Kristena A. LaMar of Multnomah County, the fourth Judge appointed, sets hearing date in alleged child abuse case against R residents for June 26; Judge Herell, the third Judge considered and also from Multnomah County, was removed after RLS filed a pleading against him; the case record is sealed because it involves juveniles (O)
85.06.06 ED[S] [INS] Hillsboro, OR Argus columnist says sometimes Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" is hard to believe; Albany, OR Democrat-Herald says Rajneeshee charge of discrimination against the INS in recent lawsuit is "absurd"
85.06.07 [W] [R] [IMP] The Third Annual Conference of the Oregon Downtown Development Association opens in The Dalles and many delegates take a tour of R; 450 head of cattle being grazed at the ranch; R hotel and festival prices quoted; 47 of 55 students enrolled in OSU course on "Rajneesh and Gandhi" recently at ranch for seminar and interviews with sannyasins who have known both figures (RT)
85.06.07 [AUS] Minister heading Concerned Christians Growth Ministries gives anti-cult speech but calls for halt to violence "and vandalism against the Rajneesh community'" in Perth (Weekend News-1; WA; RT-8/2); police search for man who defaced a picture of Bhagwan at a Zorba Restaurant in Perth on the 6th (WA)
85.06.07 [GER] Reported that three Rajneeshees have been acquitted of charges of illegaly demonstrating in a bank in Friesing when they presented flowers and champagne to bank officials who had closed their business account with no explanation (RT-7)
85.06.07 ED[S] [ELECT] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says 20 day voter registration cutoff bill approved earlier in the week by a "bill stuffing" tactic inthe House deserves "more careful scrutiny on its trip through the Senate.'"; The Rajneesh Times comments on government harassment of Rajneeshees, the Byron case monetary award, nonviolent child-rearing at R
85.06.09 [W] [J] [R] [SAHP] [PUR] Madras minister says SAHP has inspired him to fast for 90 days to illustrate the plight of the homeless and raise money; his recent effort to raise $200,000 for the homeless with a relay race in Eastern Oregon yielded only $15,000 in donations $15,000 (BB-5; RG; SJ); Pottsville, PA said to be relieved that Rajneeshee commune is not to locate there or run a mining business, but that some Rajneeshees had merely stepped in to help out a friend with a business project by investing some money for a short period of time (NJSL; see also PPR-23); cast of "Up With People", 100 international young people, visits R (MP-13)
85.06.09 ED[S] [ELECT] Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times describes recent tour to R as "impressive, eerie"; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist says "Stuffing a minority report calling for a 20-day voter registration cutoff into a bill that originally dealt solely with continuation of the state's experiment with vote-by-mail was accomplished primarily because "strong anti-Rajneeshee feelings have swept the state" according to lobbyists (the bill passed the House by 51-8 last week)
85.06.10 [W] [R] In a preview of a new CBS news show called "West 57th", Newsweek magazine calls the Rajneeshees, to be featured in one segment, "an Oregon youth cult" (see also O-5/26; SPI-13)
85.06.10 ED[S] [ELECT] [SAHP] Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist opposes 20 day voter registration cutoff, saying it will disenfranchise people and is a reaction to SAHP
85.06.11 [W] [R] [FAW] [BLDG] Sheela and Rep. Fawbush are given first place and second runner-up for the Doublespeak Award by the Oregon Council of Teachers of English; Sheela says the award won't change her style (DC; BB-12; O-12; MH-13); winterized tents being sold for from $1,800 to $3,000 in hopes of raising $1.9 million; if they all sell, more than enough would be raised to cover building code fines, if they are levied (BB; SJ-17; RG-17; O-18)
85.06.11 ED[S] [ELECT] [SS] Vancouver, WA The Columbian previews Penthouse magazine feature on R, entitled "Rancho Rajneesh: America's Richest, Sexiest and Strangest Cult", saying it breaks no new ground; Medford, OR Mail Tribune favors SS's 4 day voter registration cutoff deadline
85.06.13 [W] [R] [FEST] [PER] [FAW] [DCOM] [BLDG] Rep. Fawbush says he expects HB 3021 regulating mass gatherings to go to the Seante floor this week and HB3022 on "religious cities" to go to the House floor tomorrow; Hearings Officer Denecke expected to decide on $1.4 million winterized tent fines later this month; depositions now being taken on the revocation of certification of R Building Inspector, which will be considered after decision on fine (DWR)
85.06.14 [W] [R] Reported that this week the three legislators who represent R and CR refused to respond to public records requests from RLS (RT)
85.06.14 [USDC] [NO.  : Reported that an injunction has been filed asking the court to require officials to treat R as a valid citiy until the court rules otherwise (RT)
85.06.14 [LUBA] [NO.  : LUBA rules that W County cannot delete all references to R from its Comprehensive Plan in the way that it has; one problem was failure to notify R Rural Fire District, an "affected jurisdiction"; another problem was that no justification for the action was offered; W County Planner and Attorney say county will consider removal of all city plans from the county plan next year "to get around the problem." (BB-18; DC-19; O-19; RT-21)
85.06.14 [AUS] Feature on the ERG controversies in the Australian National Times
85.06.14 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on "upbeat" feature in July issue of Penthouse magazine, recent English Teacher award to Sheela (see also RT-21)
85.06.15 [W] [R] [FEST] [PER] [IMP] Senate approves HB 3021 restricting R summer festivals (BB-16); 8 "juice bar" tents erected for festival; "wash-house" expected to clean 500 pounds of basil, 3000 pounds of beans, 2500 pounds of broccoli, 15,000 pounds of lettuce and 4,000 pounds of peas for festival; usual wash-house quantities are 3000 pounds of spinach per week, 60 pounds of parsley, 300 pounds of lettuce and 350 pounds of sprouts each day (RFI)
85.06.15 ED[S] The Oregonian runs editorial cartoon of "guru" leading moment of meditation in a school
85.06.16 [W] [R] [IMP] [SAHP] R Festival goers already beginning to arrive; official festival dates are June 1-July 15; guests paying $500 for one week tent accomodations including meals; china dishes used in outdoor catefteria to serve 5000; new dishwashers capable of scrubbing over 6000 dishes an hour; new Burger and Fry Restaurant and juice stands, as well as an "esoteric" arcade; last year's festival said to have made $5 million in profit (BB); it is reported tha Michael Stoops, homeless activist in Portland who spoke against the SAHP, has been awarded an honorary doctorate of public studies by Lewis and Clark College (O)
85.06.16 ED[S] Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times columnist says "Rajneeshees themselves are mostly to blame for the public's hostility."
85.06.17 [USDC] [NO.  : RLS attorneys call for new trial in award of nearly $1.7 million in damages to Helen Byron, claiming Judge Panner erred in some of his rulings and instructions to the jury and that the award was "'grossly excessive and unreasonable under the evidence.'" (BB-18)
85.06.18 [W] [J] [R] [FEST] [PER] [1000] Information meeting regarding proposed BLM-RIC land swap in the Wheeler County courthouse in Fossil (CTJ-13); another announcement of July 1 and 2 hearings on proposed BLM-RIC land swap in W and J Counties, along with map (DC); by a vote of 28-2 the Senate passes HB 3021 restricting mass gatherings; it must now return to the House for action on amendments; the House gives preliminary approval to HB 3022 on "religious cities" (BB-19; DC-19; O-19); 1000 Friends of Oregon name now belongs to a land developer according to the Corporation Division; the group operating under that "assumed business name" had not renewed its registration, which was cancelled on Feb. 1; Henry Richmond, Director of former 1000 Friends says the group will "take whatever steps are necessary to retain rights to the name." (SJ-20; SJ-22)
85.06.19 [W] [R] [FEST] [PER] House passes "religious cities" bill, HB 3022, by a vote of 42-13; a move for reconsideration failed by 30-29; it now goes to the Senate (it eventually dies there); HB 3021 was sent to Gov. Atiyeh on a 31-22 vote (now affecting any gathering of more than 3,000 persons and lasting more than 5 days) (SJ-20; O-20; RG-20; DC-20; BB-20; O-21; O-23)
85.06.19 [AUS] Six children, ages 6-9, said to be running away from Karri Valley Lodge or taking a walk, depending on who is talking (WBT); Karri Valley School argues its case before the Town Planning Appeals Tribunal; 47 children said currently at the Lodge, 35 of school age; if school is approved it would house 30 students, 6 teachers and 11 support staff and would admit non-Rajneeshee children, four of whom have already applied; minister who has been staging anti-cult prayer meetings and speaking against Rajneeshees confers with the Manjimup Shire's attorney and will be one of their key witnesses against this appeal (WA-20)
85.06.19 ED[S] The Dalles, OR The Chronicle, says W County image has been"bruised by the controversies over the Rajneesh,"
85.06.20 [W] [R] [FEST] Festival arrivals increase; guests from the US, Germany, Japan, Australia, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy, will pay $509-3,379 per person for room, board and program; festival is expected to cost $2 million and generate a profit of more tn $4 million; Bhagwan will give morning discourses from June 30-July 5 (BB; O; SJ; IW-21)
85.06.20 ED[S] In an editorial on the city budget, The Dalles Weekly Reminder lauds senior citizens for being "very militant in Wasco County when it comes to... Rajneesh ...and several other pet projects."
85.06.21 [W] [R] [CR] [ELECT] [FEST] [IMP] [GER] Oregon Legislature adjourns, passing a 1 day voter registration cutoff bill at the last minute; Senate Rules Committee action kills HB 3022 "religious cities" bill at last minute; two state representatives (McTeague and Fawbush) file an initiative petition asking voters to repeal "'the Antelope (Rajneesh) City Charter'" for "'the unconstitutional mingling of church and state,'" says a news release distributed by John Silvertooth— Stewart, former A Councilperson (O-22; DC-23; BB-23; DAA-24; DWR-7/4); harvest of 1000 pounds of tomatoes, 1200 pounds of green peppers, 1500 pounds of zucchini 5 weeks earlier than usual due to innovative farming with the use of plastic tunnels; new outdoor kitchen and cafeteria in operation for festival, with 50 stoves, 40 ten-gallon broilers, three 60 gallon steam kettles and four 40 gallon kettles and a walk-in cooler for the 100,000 pounds of food to be eaten every day during the festival; positive lectures on R as a communal experiment by German social and political philosopher Rudolph Bahro and German sociologist Ekkehard Klausa, both of whom have visited; another recent visitor making positive remarks was Kozo Nakamura, an official of the Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Japan and a representative of the Japanese Organic Farming Association (RT)
85.06.21 [USDC] [NO.  : 11 individual Rajneeshees, R, RFI, RIC, and RNSIC file suit "claiming state and Wasco County officials have conspired to drive the sect out of Central Oregon"; the suit names 22-24 officials including the Governor, AG and W County Commissioners SPI, heads of Department of Commerce, LCDC and 1000 Friends of Oregon, W County Clerk and Planner as having conspired to "'harass,' 'intimidate' and 'systematically violate' the rights of Rajneeshees by passing selective rules and laws aimed at restricting the sect's community."; suit asks court to call a halt to such action and award "'reasonable attorney fees and costs'"; specific charges include refusing to recognize the existence of R, withholding government funds and assistance from R and RSD, inferfering with Rajneeshees' right to vote, exceeding legal authority in "preparing and enforcing" land-use regulations, discriminatorily enforcing state building and electrical codes, destroying public records, holding secret meetings (BB; RT; SJ-22; O-22; RG-22; DC-23; DWR-27)
85.06.21 WCCC [NO.  : Reported that WCCC recently upheld R City Judge and granted her a summary judgement in a lawsuit against her decision to continue the traffic case of Ronald Herrington until federal court resolves the issue of whether R is legally a city, since Herrington's defense rests on the contention that it is not; Herrington filed a lawsuit in July of 1984 to compel the R Judge (Ma Prem Homa) to decide the case and in Jan. of 1985 Herrington's attorney filed for summary judgement claiming violation of right to a speedy trial and Judge Homa filed a motion also for summary judgement (RT)
85.06.21 ED[S] [FEST] [PER] [LUBA] Bend, OR The Bulletin pities ACLU, which it says will probably have to go to court for Rajneeshees against the new mass gathering law; The Rajneesh Times comments on recent LUBA decision, R being crime-free, R as an experimental community, the end of the Legislative Session
85.06.22 [W] [R] [CR] [SCHL] Public hearing on amended budget for RSD in fiscal yaear 1985-86, to provide lease of a school bus, purchase of books and another computer; budget totals $111,000 and would require a tax levy of $13,200 (1984-85 budget totalled $121,800 and required a tax levy of $30,000) (RT-7--see for budget breakdown); public hearing on R 1985-86 budget (RT-14; for budget breakdown see RT-5/31)
85.06.23 [W] [R] Review of author and book entitled Gods of the New Age by Caryl Matrisciana (Harvest House Publishers, Eugene. 200 pp.), based on the movie, says little documentaiton for charges (RG); full page ad in The Oregonian for its series on Rajneeshees called "For Love and Honey", to start on June 30 (see also O-24, O-25, O-26, O-28, O-29)
85.06.24 [W] [R] [DCOM] [BLDG] [FEST] Feature on State Rep. Mike Burton from Portland who removed his sponsorship of HB 3022 "religious cities" bill and voted against it because "the broad power the bill would have given to the state 'was scary'" (O); Dept. of Commerce decides not to pursue decertification of R Building Inspector, saying the projected costs of proceeding were $20,000 and would strain their budget and that even if decertified, he would be able to reapply and get a new certificate (O-25; DC-25; BB-25); R City Attorney says the proceedings were dropped because there was no basis for the decertification and her investigation "had revealed past practices by building inspectors in Oregon that would have embarassed the department if made public." (RT-28); W County officials inspect festival preparations and find all in order (DWR)
85.06.25 [W] [R] [ELECT] [AUS] [S] Operating budget for W County on the ballot; the budget carries in all areas except Wamic, Tygh Valley, "Antelope" (14 yes, 65 no) and R (3 yes, 684 no) (DC-24; DC-26; O-26); the Civil Liberties Council of Australia "called for an end to 'discrimination' against the Orange People by the Anglican church" and said they "had been distressed and appalled by the recent big anti-Rajneesh rally staged at St. Georges Cathedral" in Perth; Bill Bowerman, speaking to the Rotary Club of Greater Bend, urges opposition to the proposed BLM-RIC land swap, saying "The Rajneehsees are seeking the exchange to consolidate their 'city-state' empire and to gain title to some lands rich in mercury and other minerals,"; BLM says that it is they, not RIC, who are seeking the trade (BB-26); KGW-TV wins a UPI 1985 Pacific Regional Broadcast award for its "Rajneesh Update" segment (CGS-26)
85.06.25 [CR] [CNCL] Meeting to consider the 1985-86 fiscal year budget as approved by the Budget Committee and published in the DC June 10 (DC-17); Public Hearing on possible uses of state and federal revenue sharing funds (DC-14); public hearings, discussion and Council action to use 1985-86 federal revenue sharing monies of $300 and state revenue sharing monies of $400 for the Peace Force; passage of ordinance authorizing the city to receive state revenue sharing money; public hearing on proposed 1985-86 CR budget: General Fund Income of $27,500 from taxes, $34,500 from other funds for a total of $62,000; General Fund Expenditures of $27,925 for General Services, $2,500 for Water Department, $6,050 for Fire Department, $4,372 for Land Fill Department, $21,150 for Peace Force Department for a total of $62,000; Street Fund resources and expenditures of $4,200; discussion noted a decrease in budget of about $2,000 from previous year; adoption of a resolution which adopts the budget, makes appropriation and approves an operating tax levy; public hearing and Council discussion and approval of a conditional use permit for RNSIC to erect 3 temporary signs on city streets to facilitate traffic flow for R summer festival registration; discussion and approval of an ordinance authorizing CR to enter into and of a contract with RNSIC for the production of T-shirts with the city logo, with design approval by the City Attorney, to be sold with $1.00 royalty going to CR; discussion and approval of amendment to Section B of Ordinance #50 regulating outdoor watering in case of an emergency, allowing for an appeal process; appointment of Mayor as "water master"; outdoor watering schedule is set for Tues., Thurs. and Sat. for any 2 hours between 6am and 10am; discussion and approval of Ordinance authorizing CR to enter into a contract with the lowest bidder to remove fire debris from Gerfen property and take it to J County Landfill; CR will again request that W County Court/Commission update information on CR in its comprehensive plan; approval for Treasurer to pay $1,948.25 in bills before end of the fiscal year; announcement that HB 3022 has failed and that former Councilmember Stewart has initiated a petition to revoke CR's city charter (DC-- 10)
85.06.25 ED[S] [1000] Salem OR Statesman-Journal laments 1000 Friends' loss of its name to a critic and developer, urging negotiation to return the name
85.06.26 [W] [R] [CR] [FEST] [P] Announced that public tours of the Ranch will be suspended from June 29 through July 7 because of the festival (SJ; MP-27); Sen Jernstedt says he "was proud of his role in preserving the name of the Antelope Post Office" (BB); suspect in the July 29, 1983 bombing of Hotel Rajneesh in Portland in 1983 arrested while driving though Denver on "federal warrants charging him with unlawful flight, use and possession of a bomb and arson... He is believed to be a member of an Islamic radical organization."; Stephen Paul Paster, 36, jumped bail shortly after his arrest for the bombing and resulting two-alarm fire which caused an estimated $180,000 dajage to the Hotel; weapons were found in Paster's car and rented nome near Denver, where about ten people were living with him; he is also wanted in connection with Seattle area bombings (BB-27; DP-28; O-28; SJ-28; RG-28; DC-28; RMN-28)
85.06.26 [WCCC] [NO.  : The child abuse complaint against R residents brought by Diane McDonald is "thrown out... by a judge who said an extensive investigation found no evidence that any abuse occurred."; Judge Kristena A. LaMar says the petition will be dismissed in 30 days unless attorney for the petitioner "presents substantial evidence 'heavier than has been alleged to date.'"; she said her ruling was made "in light of the results of the investigations made, the fact information in the petition was old, that part of the allegations were based on hearsay and there was no evidence to back up the abuse charges and that the alleged victims had denied any abuse."; W County DA says the state Children's Services Division spent 350 hours investigating and the county sheriff's office put in 200 hours and "said the abuse charges were unsubstantiated."; Judge denies "defendants' motion to assess court costs against McDonald, who failed to appear at an earlier deposition hearing."; McDonald's attorney, Charles Porter of Eugene, does not appear at the hearing; R spokesperson says the accused parents will study the possiblity of charging McDonald and Porter with "malicious prosecution." (BB-6; DC-6; BB; DWR; SJ-27; O-27; RG-27; RT-28; DWR-7/4)
85.06.26 ED[S] [ELECT] Eugene, OR Register-Guard comments on election law changes, opposing the one-day voter registration cutoff that passed; Creswell, OR Chronicle runs editorial cartoon with "ode" saying Rajneeshees "worship free sex & pricey junk"; Albany, OR Democrat-- Herald says that the ACLU will have to come to the aid of the Rajneeshees, since the festival permit bill only applies to them and seems to violate several constitutional provisions
85.06.27 [W] [J] [R] [CR] [GER] Announcement of BLM-RIC land swap hearing in J County on July 2; ad, paid for by the Antelope Defense Fund, Diane McDonald Secretary, urging people to voice their "concerns and opinions" on the BLM-RIC land swap at the J County hearing; ad placed by author Art Campbell, Medford High teacher, looking for Antelope residents to gain information and photos for a possible publication (MP); notice appears that CR is accepting bids for removal of refuse and debris from a fire site and that bids will be opened on July 10 (DC); it is announced that the "ANTELOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH will hold its third annual 'God Bless American Independence Day Revival' on July 4", wtih the program under the direction of "evangelist Mardo Jiminez" (DWR; CTJ; BB-28); article describing the "death ceremony" of a German sannyasin in Gmunder Tagespost
85.06.27 [USDC] [NO.  : Paster arraigned in Denver, appointed a federal public defender and detention hearing set to consider bail on July 1; Multnomah County DA says he will ask for voluntary return or extradtition to Oregon, which could take up to 45 days; bombing of Hotel Rajneesh "believed motivated by political differences between factions of East Indians, said Jack Ballas, assistant special-agent-in-charge of the Seattle office of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms." (O-28; BB-28)
85.06.27 ED[S] [GER] Munich, Germany Suddeutsche Zeitung columnist does satrical piece on court's difficulty in deciding which colors of clothes to ban for sannyasin teacher from Hamburg; editorial praising recently departed editor of The Dalles Weekly Reminder lauds him for leading "the way state-wide in reporting the Rajneesh story."
85.06.28 [W] [R] [FEST] [GER] Brief feature on R festival says some of R's neighbors are "mellowing" (USA); another feature on festival arrivals (RT; SJ); reported that a German Judge recently castigated the Mayor of Tennenbronn, West Germany for banning "from city premises an employee because the man wore red clothes.", saying the ban is unconstitutional; the banned man was not a sannyasin but "'admitted he sympathized with Rajneeshism.'" (RT)
85.06.28 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge John Jelderks dismisses two charges of defamation in three lawsuits against Sheela and R corporations, citing a one-year statute of limitations; the Wichelman and Hill suits are therefore limited to contentions of outrageous conduct; Roger Hill Workman's suit, however, includes both outrageous conduct and defamation allegations; all three lawsuits were filed on Oct. 9, 1984, one day after the statute of limitations expired for comments made at an Oct. 8, 1983 school board meeting; Judge also rules that only Sheela will be a defendant in a consolidated jury trial (omitting the corporations named in the suit), saying the jury's verdict will determine whether the other defendants will be involved in a secondary trial; case has been set for an Oct. 15 trial; "Hill's suit seeks $250,000 in damages on either of the counts; Wichelman's suit seeks $3 million general damages and $25,000 special damages. Workman is asking $25,000 general and $175,000 compensatory damages." (O-29; RG-29; SJ-30; DWR-7/4; RT-8/2)
85.06.28 [USDC] [NO.  : AG asks Judge Frye for summary judgment in state's favor in church-state case, and asks her to "lift portions of a protective order that has sealed some of the documents filed in the case."; in October, Frye rejected a motion by R seeking dismissal of the state's case, saying that "based on the state's allegations, she could conclude that recognition of the city by the state and Wasco County would, in effect, advance the Rajneeshees' religion." (SJ-29; O-29)
85.06.28 ED[S] [FEST] [1000] The Rajneesh Times comments on the festival, 1000 Friends' name "loss" , the upcoming series on R in The Oregonian
85.06.29 [W] [R] [FEST] Feature on R festival (O-29; O-30); announcement about The Oregonian feature to begin June 30 and run daily through July 19, based on a year's work, travel to India and Europe and the accumulation of 24,000 pages of documents (O-29)
85.06.30 30 [W] [R] [IMP] [PLAN] [CO] [RFI] [GER] [ENG] [FEST] Review of pilot of "West 57th" news show, whose longest segment is on R (RTD); over 90 Rolls Royces, a Tacoma car dealer has sold 16 Rolls Royces in 1 1/2 yuears, 9 of them to Rajneesh Modern Car Collection Trust (RMCCT) (RG; SJ); Richard Schneider, founder of World Peace University, who had said he would operate on 1200 acres in Mosier announces he will move near Seaside, saying "he recognized that because of the concern over the Rajneesh here that he would always ' in a fight over land use' rules" (DC; DWR-11); CO ad urges // citizens to write to US Rep. Bob Smith or testify at the W County hearing on July 1 about the proposed BLM-RIC land swap (DC); notice that the W County Planning Commission meeting scheduled for July 1 will move to a different location to make room for the public hearing in the courthouse on the proposed BLM-RIC land swap (DC); The Oregonian series Part 1, entitled "Rajneeshees falter in face of opposition" claims Rajneeshee membership "and operations have shrunk...boom days enterprises may be over...Rajneesh's health was never as frail as his followers claimed when they used it as a pretext to bring him into the United States...federal officials ...have criminal and civil investigations in progress ...Top Rajneeshee executives arranged marriages between American and foreign disciples...meditation centers and ashrams around the world are tightly controlled from Rancho Rajneesh...the sect has amassed an armory of...weapons..also have tried to buy submachine guns and other fully automatic weapons...$7 million fleet of Rolls-Royces...actually owned by a trust not registered to do business in Oregon, has been a money-maker for the group. Disciples have taken high-priced leases and the winners (of raffles) never take title to their prizes... The movement 'still owes more than $4 million in delinquent income, wealth, sales, property and export taxes from its formative years in India, and its federal taxes are now under scrutiny in the United States.'" (BB); the article opens saying that officials of RFI and R refused to answer a list of 21 questions sent to them; three of the questions are characterized by The Rajneesh Times of June 28 as of the "do you beat your wife?" variety (of the Mayor "'Ma Anand Sheela personally selected you to become the mayor of Rajneeshpuram. That selection was subsequently ratified by Rajneeshpuram voters. Did you ask Sheela for the job? If so, why? What was her authority to select you?'"; of RFI "'...the church exercises direct control over each meditation center (parish?). Besides spiritual advice, what is the authority for such control?'"; of Sheela "'You are briefed on all articles that will appear in The Rajneesh Times. What is your authority for such review? How often do you exercise any veto or editing authority over Rajneesh Times articles?'"; article uses terms such as "Their incorporation of a theocratic city called Rajneeshpuram", "Their vigilance tinged with paranoia", "An armed camp"; says 575 meditation centers in 32 countries have consolidated to 19 centers in 10 countries (7 in West Germany), 77 centers in 29 states in US in 1982 consolidated into 2, 28 centers in England 1982 consolidated into 1; says Portland's Zorba Restaurant // peaked its income in Jan., 1984 at $28,590 and earned only $7,330 in Sept., 1984 when it was closed and was sold recently for $45,000 or 30% of the $150,000 purchase price; it says "The movement has had at least 28 bank accounts in five foreign countries, including 12 accounts in Switzerland."; article includes a world map listing Rajneeshee corporations, their dates of creation and geographical location as well as profiles of 12 sannyasin women, called the "Dowager Duchesses" said to control the Rajneeshee organizations, summarizes court cases and investigations, contains allegations that Sheela lied about the purpose of the commune and includes quotes from ex-sannyasins (O; see also USA-7/1; Seattle, WA Gazette-7/3); Sheela and Ma Prem Isabel say membership is not dwindling and deny "that the sect is experienc ing financial problems." (SJ-7/1); 14,600 have arrived and Bhagwan gives a discourse to all attending on this, the festival's first day (SJ-7/1; O-7/1; O-7/2; BB-7/1; BNA-7/1; DWR-7/4)
85.07.01 [W] [R] [RMC] [IMP] [RIC] [CO] [INS] Brief feature on medical care at R in Salem, OR Health Highlights; Penthouse magazine feature on R says "Bhagwan's controversial cult worships the power of money, sex and Uzi submachine guns.", but major focus is on facts, interview with Sheela, background on Bhagwan; 25 wells dug; Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" on ex-sannyasin arrested for carrying drugs in 1979 and her descriptions of various "group" experiences at Poona ashram; in discourse, Bhagwan says "disciples have been beaten, strip-searched and harassed by federal agents." in incidents in New York, Chicago, LA and San Francisco (SJ-2; DC-2; RG-2; O-2; BB-2; see RT-5 for interview with details); W County hearing on BLM-RIC land swap; 10 testify; W County Judge/Commiss- ioner expresses '"reservations'"; many testify against "lease-back"; Attorney for CO (M. D. VanValkenburgh) says INS has "'botched' its job and mishandled the Rajneesh situation" (O-2; BB-2; DC-2; DWR-4--best on testimony); US Sen. Mark Hatfield urges "'patience'" about Rajneeshees (SOS-4); ex-A officials announce formation of the Antelope Defense Fund at press conference; group to "raise money to pursue legal cases against the sect and repay outstanding litigation costs." (O-6; MP-25);. The Oregonian, Part 2, "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh—Small-town boy makes guru" focusses on biography up to move to Rancho Rajneesh, early sannyasins, quotes ex-sannyasins Milne, Barnett, Gibbs and Forbes (who say Bhagwan made the decisions at the Ranch), and says "Pampered and isolated from the outside world, Rajneesh became more and more convinced of his religious supremacy"
85.07.02 [W] [J] [R] [CR] [RIC] Hearing at J County courthouse on BLM-RIC land swap; 11 testify; 37 attend; testimony against includes allegations of harassment of hunters and rafters by Rajneeshees and opposition of Jon and Bill Bowerman, Barbara Hill Diane McDonald and J County Commissioners Gordon Shown and Helmer Wallan (BB-1; BB-3; O-3; DC-3; RG-3; DWR-4; MP-4—best on testimony; O-4); initiative petition to repeal CR charter is given a certified ballot title ("'shall city of Rajneesh (Antelope) charter be repealed, city cease to exist, and Wasco County assume city's assets and liabilities?'") and suporters have until July, 1986 to collect 83,361 signatures to have the issue placed on Nov. 1986 ballot; the Save Antelope Committee (SAC) calls for donations (SJ-3; DC-3; RG-3; BB-3); The Oregonian, Part 3, "Crowding, hostility prompted passage from India" focusses on early years in India (formation of the Jeevan Jagruti Kendra in 1965, move to Bombay in 1969, move to Poona in March 1974, therapy groups begun in 1975, the search for more room in a "new Commune" in 1976-77, dedication of Saswad commune on Dec. 11, 1979, move to New Jersey May 31, 1981), says Rajneesh Foundation had $1.2 million in 4 banks and $116,246 in cash at the ashram in 1980, again quotes Milne, Gibb and adds quotes from ex-sannyasins Mori and Byron
85.07.02 ED[S] Astoria, OR Daily Astorian says "Fortunately, the state Senate didn't rubber stamp legislation designed and approved in the House to run the followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh out of the state of Oregon... Anti-Rajneshee sentiment was running strong through the Legislature. A current of religious intolerance was evident."
85.07.03 [W] [R] Japanese sannyasin drowns while attending festival (SJ-4; O-4; BB-4; DWR-11); The Oregonian, Part 4, "Rajneeshees leave legacy of unpaid taxes in India" focusses on dispute over Rajneesh Foundations's tax-free status as a charitable and educational institution, claims it owes somewhere between $3,623,6- 54 and $6,243,866 in back income and wealth taxes (depending on exchange ratesand other factors), $323,100 in back property taxes, $3,357 in back sales taxes and $96,930 in export taxes for shipping books to US and England, also discusses charges relating to "morals" and drug trafficking by sannyasins and relating to violence against them
85.07.04 [W] [R] [CR] Cremation and celebration for Japanese sannyasin who drowned previous day (BB-5; O-5; RG-6; O-6; RG-7); Third Annual God Bless America Fourth of July Picnic in CR attended by 100-200 (BB-5; O-5; RG-6; O-6; MP-6; CTJ-18); ex-A residents and former employees of the Big Muddy Ranch are invited to no-host dinner in Bend on 11th to meet with Medford historian collecting information for Oregon Historical Society publication (BB); The Oregonian, Part 5, "India seeks disciples in currency-smuggling investigation" focusses on "tales of smuggling -- gold, money and drugs — that have dogged the Rajneesh movement since the late 1970s" (see also USA-5)
85.07.04 ED[S] The Dalles, OR The Dalles Weekly Reminder new editor says he doesn't really understand the R situation yet; Bremerton, WA Sun comments on the freedom of the likes of Sheela to speak out in America
85.07.05 [W] [R] The Oregonian runs an ad for its series on R; Part 6, "Guru's departures from death's door, India coincide" focusses on Bhagwan's health, history of medical care and application for residency status in the US in November, 1981 quotes ex-sannyasin Mori; report on 3 day health conference on AIDS held in R (RT)
85.07.05 ED[S] [CR] [FEST] Brooklyn, NY Jewish Press urges people to oppose the likes of "Bagwhan Rajneesh" who may be seeking to establish "cult" "Kibbutzes" on publically owned land in Israel; Bend OR The Bulletin opposes petition drive against CR saying "The mere fact that the city's new residents do make waves is no reason to remove its status as a city."; The Rajneesh Times comments on Fourth Annual World Celebration, legislators
85.07.06 [W] [R] The Oregonian, Part 7, "Sheela's brother figures in acquisition of ranch" focusses on hunt for and purchase of Ranch (contract signed June 13, 1981 requiring payment of $250,000 by June 16, of $500,000 more by June 19, of $750,000 more at closing, the assumption of a $3.5 million mortgage payable to Connecticut General Life Insurance Co. and to issue a second mortgage of $2 million to North Plains Investment Co., the current owner; contract later reduced to $6 million through work of a lawyer; closing date was July 10, 1981 and price may have been lowered to $5.75 million plus $250,000 to $400,000 more in commissions), Bipin Patel's business dealings, and legal disputes over commissions on the sale
85.07.07 [W] [R] Positive feature on life at Rajneeshdham Ashram in Poona with 100-150 sannyasins in India's Daily Sunday; final day of R summer festival (RG; O; BB; RG-8; EO-8); feature on US Rep. Jim Weaver as one who operates "on the fringe of conventional politics" and crosses "boundaries that most congressmen are careful to avoid." (RG; IFPR); The Oregonian, Part 8, "Sheela wields saber, sledgehammer for guru' focusses on a profile and biography of Sheela, "the tigress...(who) comes on like a flamethrower", quotes her and parents and ex-sannyasins
85.07.07 ED[S] [RIC] The Dalles, Or The Chronicle favors the BLM-RIC land swap but opposes lease-back of river front land to RIC
85.07.08 [W] [R] [AG] [RNSIC] [RFI] Announced that Bhagwan's afternoon "drive-bys" will be discontinued in favor of discourses every morning (BB-11; O-13); University of Alberta, Canada The Grind implies that a professor "attempted to recruit a female student into the Rajneesh cult." and that same professor is linked to a retreat on June 22-23 during which a student committed suicide; The Oregonian, Part 9, "Guru's city opens door to development" focusses on incorporation, business development at R, sides with AG's charges about the "Theocratic nature of city" citing the religious titles and corporation involvement of city officials as well as the financial arrangements between city, RNSIC and RFI, briefly profiles R city officials, contains brief incorporation chronology, brief corporation "glossary"
85.07.08 ED[S] Lewiston, ID Tribune takes Sheela to task for calling Oregonians "'stupid'"
85.07.09 [W] [R] [CR] [FLOE] The Oregonian, Part 10, "Rajneeshees establish security forces, extensive armory" focusses on R's 15 member Peace Force, 150(?) member Rajneesh Security Force, weapons purchased, arrest of Jim Opray in CR, citations issued to Eckhart Floether and Will Driver in R
85.07.09 [SC] [NO.  : In a 49 page opinion written by Chief Justice Edwin Peterson, Oregon Supreme Court rules unanimously that W County acted properly in allowing an incorporation election for R with regard to the question of whether land-use laws automatically prevent the formation of new cities on land previously zoned agricultural, that W County's "findings and conclusions regarding a state land-use goal governing urbanization of agricultural areas were sufficient" and no exceptions process relative to Goal 14 is needed, but sent the case back to LUBA for resolution of two issues: W County's consideration of Goal 3 ("to consider whether the land on which the 2,100-acre city is located is suitable for farm use." The question is whether the county adequately considered "factors 'beyond the mere identification of soil classifications.'" such as "climatic conditions, availability of water, soil fertility and accepted farming practices."); and to "consider allegations by the land-use watchdog group 1000 Friends of Oregon that former Wasco County Commissioner Rick Cantrell acted improperly", saying the issue of his alleged conflict of interest due to a cattle sale is not moot and must be considered by LUBA; SC in effect nullifies the LCDC "Retroactive Rule"; SC decision clearly says that incorporation is a land-use decision, not just a political one, and that all 19 land-use goals must be considered by the county during the incorporation process but that they "need not demand a detailed..or even tentative comprehensive plan" before the incorporation election; SC says that it is a city's UGB, approved by LCDC, that makes land available for urbanization, not just incorporation; Bhagwan thanks the court; 1000 Friends says it will continue to fight against R; a LUBA ruling against R on either the "farm land suitability issue or on the conduct of Cantrell" could mean the incorporation must be reconsidered by the W County Court/Commission; decision becomes final in 21 days if neither party asks for reconsideration (BB; DC; SJ-10; BB-10; O-10—best on decision content; RG-10; DC-10; DWR-11; BB-12; RT-12; INEP-16; MP-18; for Bhagwan's comments on the decision see July issue of Bhagwan magazine and RFI-15)
85.07.10 [W] [R] [A] The Oregonian, Part 11, "Threads of paranoia infiltrate ranch as Rajneeshees cast security net" focusses on history of security precautions at Ranch before and after Portland Rajneesh Hotel bombing, tensions over Antelope disincorporation, Harvey departure controversy, quotes Forbes, Gibb, Milne saying Sheela controls content of the Rajneesh Times, regularly uses document shredders, hides "foreigners from official detection", using machinery in the road to block official inspections
85.07.10 ED[S] The Dalles, OR The Chronicle comments on recent SC decision on R
85.07.11 [W] [R] RL[S] "a poll sponsored by Rep. Ron McCarty (D-Portland), showed 71 percent of people responding in his Northeast Portland district favored disincorporation of Rajneeshpuram." (DC; DWR-18); The Oregonian, Part 12, "Rajneeshee legal antics raise eyebrows" focusses on RLS, its "tactics" during depositions, says Rajneeshees poke fun at the legal system, "make the law work for the sect.", "have flooded their adversaries with paper work.", briefly discusses McGreer, Quick and Harvey cases
85.07.11 ED[S] [RIC] The Dalles Weekly Reminder suggests a probe of how RIC is currently using land leased from BLM before concluding land swap; Madras, OR Madras Pioneer columnist strongly favors BLM-RIC land swap
85.07.12 [W] [R] WCCC Judge Jelderks says that SC decision on land use does not lift his injunction against building in R (BB); The Oregonian, Part 13, "Loving followers amass fleet of 74 Rolls-Royces for master Rajneesh" focusses on use of cars to raise money through leasing or selling to sannyasins, through using as collateral on purchase of property or services, through raffles, citing the purchase prices, modifications to the cars, Bhagwan's driving habits; feature on group therapies (RT)
85.07.12 ED[S] [FEST] The Rajneesh Times comments on the summer festival
85.07.13 [W] [R] The Oregonian, Part 14, "Rajneeshee financial arm stays in touch with ranch" focusses on Rajneesh Services International Ltd., its bond sales from 1982-84, RFST and its currency card system, Rajneesh Travel, various sannyasins associated with the corporations, the relationships of various corporations and a profile of Ma Prem Savita who, it says, "controls the purse strings" of the movement
85.07.14 [W] [R] [RFI] [RIC] [RNSIC] [RIMU] The Oregonian, Part 15, "Moneymaking grows in importance for sect" focusses on assets and liabilities of RFI, RIC and RNSIC, says "Transplanted into the fertile soil of the United States, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's money-making racket has sprouted a corporate infrastructure like something out of the Rube Goldberg school of economics, minus only the bicycle chains and squirrel cages... It is a complicated system with a simple goal--financing Rolls-Royces and other trappings of wealth that have become symbols of power and success for the guru and the elite among his sannyasins, or disciples."; says 1983 total combined net worth of RFI, RIC and RNSIC was $37.3 million ($12.9 million of discourse recordings, $1.4 million of Hotel Rajneesh in Portland); says only 3-5% of money invested (claimed by Rajneeshees to be $120 million) has gone to farming, the rest primarily being spent on publishing and businesses; very detailed information on income (festivals, RIMU courses etc.), financial relationshps between the corporations; information on finances of Poona ashram and Chidvilas in New Jersey, glossary of "Rajneeshee Institutitons"
85.07.14 ED[S] Bend, OR The Bulletin awards the Reagan administration the "Ma Anand Sheela Golden Throat Award"
85.07.15 [W] [R] [CR] [SAHP] [1000] [CR] [GOV] [FEST] [SCHL] [PLAN] [COMM] Antelope Defense Fund holds press conference in Portland; ADF incorporated on Dec. 20, 1984 to "provide moral support and help pay legal costs for people who are 'held hostage in courtrooms' by a 'kind of legalistic terrorism' wielded by Rajneeshees"; President-Roger Workman, Vice-President Margaret Hill, Secretary Diane McDonald; Board of Directors includes Don Smith, the McGreers, Bill and Jon Bowerman (DC-11; DC; BB; O-16; RG-16; DWR-18; MP-18; CTJ-18); Diane McDonald says she is continuing "her fight to prove" R residents "abused their children" and is trying to gather evidence before July 25 suit dismissal date (BB); article on Michael Stoops, active in "assisting the departing homeless people from Rajneeshpuram last fall." (DC); feature on R, controversies and The Oregonian series (ND); negative article on "The Rajneesh Religion"in University of Alberta, Canada The Grind; The Oregonian, Part 16, "Troubles cloud Rajneesh's vision of global network" focusses on overseas centers, says they "were a carefully controlled and monitored system of satellites revolving at the will of the guru's top disciples in Oregon", many quotes from ex-sannyasins, stories relate primarily to Sangam commune in France and Poona ashram after Bhagwan's departure; approximate date of 1000 Friends' mailing on SC decision on R, which says "If you're tired of seeing others make a mockery of Oregon's laws, answer this appeal by sending whatever you can afford.", accusing the Rajneeshees of an "obvious deception", a "strategy of harassment" of 1000 Friends, including a chronology of Cantrell cattle sale to Rajneeshees; first in a series of "insider" articles on R by a sannyasin for The Kauai Times; fire on 120 acres near CR fought by ranchers, 10 residents of CR and 30 residents of R, R grader, water truck and other equipment; hostility between ranchers and Rajneeshees occurs during the incident (BB-16; DC-17; SJ-18; RG-18; RT-19); Governor signs into law bill adding permit requirements for R summer festival and another prohibiting the use of BSS money for school districts "engaged in religious activities." (DC-16; RG-16; BB-16); second article in The Kauai Times series on R; R Planner asks W County Court/Commission to act on approval of R's UGB at its July 24 meeting; W Planner syas it is too early to consider the issue and the request is of the wrong body (O-19)
85.07.15 ED[S] Albany, OR Democrat-Herald says that land-use "law misused in Rajneeshee dispute" in commenting on SC decision; Eugene, OR Register-Guard says SC decision didn't clarify anything, they are sympathetic to R on the validity of incorporation, but feel that "the city violates the constitution by granting civil authority to a religious body."
85.07.16 [W] [R] [RFI] [RNSIC] [S] The Oregonian, Part 17, "Rajneesh's followers pour millions into coffers of movement" says "members of the Rajneeshee elite have used a variety of methods to separate wealthy sannyasins from their money, property and jewelry.", quotes Milne, Byron, Gibb, Mori, Olson, profiles Ma Yoga Sushila "top fund-raiser for movement", says RFI donations equalled $5.1 million in 1981, $4.4 million in 1982, $1.3 million in 1983 and RNSIC donations were $2.8 million in 1981, $4.7 million in 1982, $1.8 million in 1983; R speaker (Isabel) at Astoria Kiwanis Club (DAA-17; WCP-19); Judge declares a mistrial in case of $39 million award against the Church of Scientology and says lawyer Garry McMurry, also active in anti-R groups, made "improper and prejudicial arguments" and used "'abusive language'"
85.07.17 [W] [R] The Oregonian, Part 18, "Rajneeshism one of 2,500 cults" focusses on the characteristics of cults, a comparison of R and Jonestown, calls R a "designer cult", says it has "the two primary ingredients of that (thought-reform) state—isolation and the destruction of privacy", says sannyasins are unable or afraid to leave the movement; third in The Kauai Times series on R
85.07.17 ED[S] Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times says "to revoke the city's incorporation at this point would smack of harassment.", but that it views the land-use dispute over R as "a sideshow that obscures the more important question of church-state separation."; Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News reprints Bend, OR The Bulletin editorial saying that R should not lose its status as a city
85.07.18 [W] [J] [R] [CR] [INS] [SAHP] The Oregonian, Part 19, "Immigration problems plague Rajneesh, disciples" focusses on alleged fraud in visa applications, extensions and "marriages of convenience to be able to remain first in India and later in the United States.", quotes several government officials and their letters/- memos, details relating to two marriages, Bhagwan's and his mother's applications; Bhagwan appears on "Good Morning America", Ch. 2, Portland saying he is "'the rich man's guru'", "'God is the biggest lie ever invented by man'", "'Sex is everybody's birthright'", he would like his disciples to "'take the whole world'" (BB-17; DC; BB; MMT; LGO; RT-19; AR-19; LAHE-19; ND-19; GT-19; RG-19; SFC-19; ADT-19; IPT-19; NJSL-19; SJMN-19; LAT-19; O-19; SJ-19; Dusseldorf's Rheinische Post-20; Munich's Suddeutsche Zeitung-20; AD-20; LGO-20; SPI-23); a political action committee called the Save Antelope Committee announces the formation of a 20 person advisory committee to support the petition repealing CR's charter (DC—see for list of committee members; DWR-25; MP-25); lengthy account of visit to R (CO); fourth in The Kauai Times series on R includes questions and answers with the author; J County Communications Committee meets to consider 9-1-1 answering location plans, one including a site at R, their recommendation to be announced July 29 (MP-25); article on the homeless mentions SAHP (MP)
85.07.18 [USDC] [NO.  : 1000 Friends files for injunction to prevent developer from using 1000 Friends' name and seeking at least $29,000 in damages; developer says they have "'made threats and demands but they've never come and talked to me as a human being... to work out a solution.'"(SJ-20)
85.07.18 ED[S] [CR] The Dalles Weekly Reminder opposes petition to de-charter CR but supports ADF in legal actions
85.07.19 [W] [R] [INS] [RNSIC] [GOV] The Oregonian, Part 20, "Influx of Rajneeshees catches Immigration Service napping" focusses on criticisms of INS activities in relation to sannyasins, quotes many officials; Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association announces The Dalles Chronicle wins a third place award for continuing coverage of a single event for a series of articles on R and SAHP (DC); reported that R Development Director has asked W County Court/Commission action on the city's UGB given the SC decision and W County Planner replied that request is too early and to the wrong agency (BB; O-20); feature on "satirical board game based on the takeover of Antelope by disciples" of Bhagwan called "Total Control" (BB); RNSIC spokesperson says they will sue Governor Atiyeh and others in USDC for violating civil rights of Rajneeshees (IW-26); announced that a second Parents Weekend is planned for R from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 and that 100 European family members have already booked for the event (RT)
85.07.19 [USDC] [NO.  : [NO.  : Judge Panner refuses to grant new trial in Byron case, rejecting RLS claims that he "had erred in certain of his rulings and in his instructions to the jury." and the claim that the award (of $1.7 million) was excessive; Judge delays for 10 days a ruling on RLS motion for a new trial on the grounds that a change of venue should have been granted; in a different case, Judge Panner denies a request for class status in suit filed against R and corporations on behalf of ex-SAHP participants (RG-20; SJ-20; BB-21--most complete; DWR-25)
85.07.19 ED[S] [CR] [GOV] Salem, OR Capital Press focusses on how different Rajneeshees are from central Oregonians; Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times gives Bhagwan the "Outrageous Statement Award" for comments made on "Good Morning America"; The Rajneesh Times comments on the "God Bless America" picnic in CR community church on July 4, and on the Governor
85.07.20 [W] [R] Bhagwan meets with world press (reporters from Europe, Africa, Australia, US) and sannyasins for 2 1/2 hours, in answering questions calls for world government, says peaceful co-existence between Rajneeshees and Oregonians can never happen, calls himself "'the best showman in the whole history of man'", says R can never be Jonestown, spread the rumor that he is going to Australia, defends Sheela's behavior, invites assassin reported to be present to come forward and shoot him, blames poverty on lack of birth control, speaks against Catholic Church and marriage (DC-16; BB-16; O-16; NR-21; BB-21; MMT-21; The Sun-Herald-21; O-21; PAPT-21; GT-21; RG-21; SJ-21; DC-21; AR-21; I-22; NO-22; LGO-22; ADH-22; DAA-22; BDH-22; IP-22; O-22; ADT-22; DA-22; IPT-22; LAHE-22; RMN-22; ACP-22; GPDC-22; ND-22; KN-22; SFC-22; SJ-23; ATA-23; PI-23; Corriere della Sera-24; Stadtanzeiger-25; ADN-25; ADM-25; DWR-25; AUT-25; AUT-26; DT-26; IW-26; RT-26--- see for most complete text; ADM-26; WA-26; W-27; WH-27)
85.07.20 ED[S] Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer comments negatively on Bhagwan's "Good Morning America" remarks
85.07.21 ED[S] Bend, OR The Bulletin calls Bhagwan's "Good Morning America" remarks boring
85.07.22 [W] [R] [IMP] Feature on R and improvements (BB)
85.07.22 [1000] [USDC] [NO.  : Portland developer William Cox says he will give up "1000 Friends of Oregon" name, but the watchdog group vows to continue its suit against him for "'outrageous conduct'", asking $25,000 in damages (SJ-23; see also O-25 for Cox statement)
85.07.22 [USDC] [NO.  : Hearing scheduled for this date in the "church and state" lawsuit is postponed until Sept. 30 in response to an R request (DWR-25)
85.07.23 [W] [J] [CR] [SAHP] Alternative Ways to Eliminate Poverty (AWTEP), a group said to be inspired by SAHP-related problems, plans to expand from Madras to Portland, Eugene and Salem (BB); it is reported that the Oregon State Homeowners Association has endorsed the petition to repeal CR's charter (DC)
85.07.23 [MCCC] [NO.  : Pre-trial conference for Stephen Paul Paster, accused of Hotel Rajneesh bombing, is set for Aug. 7; he has been in Multnomah County Justice Center without bail since July 12; trial set for Sept. 5 (O)
85.07.24 [W] [R] [BLDG] [RNSIC] Report of visit to R (VH); Hearings Officer for State Building Codes Division, former SC Chief Justice Arno Denecke, recommends fines of $101,500 against RNSIC only (not R or RIC) for "violations of state and national electrical codes in huts erected"; that is only 8% of the original $1.4 million in fines suggested; Denecke rejects fines on all "tents" because not all were inspected and rejects $640,000 in penalties for failing to obtain permits since none had been required before; he cited 51 violations of state law "prohibiting anyone from engaging in the business of making electrical installations without a license and said" there were violations of 9 sections of the national electrical code in assessing $51,000 in penalties "for failing to meet the electrical safety standards; $50,250 for making installations without holding electrical licenses; and $250 for making installations without holding an electrical contractor's license."; the Electrical Board is expected to consider the recommendations at its Sept. 12 meeting; Ma Yoga Vidya, head of RNSIC, says fines are still "absurd" (O-25; RG-25; SJ-25; DC-25; BB-25; O-26; DWR-8/1; RT-8/2)
85.07.24 [WCCC] [NO.  : R files motion asking that 1983 injunction against new construction be lifted given the July 9 SC decision; new projects sought are expansion of cafeterias, medical facilities and new Academy of Rajneeshism buildings for archives; 1000 Friends says it will oppose the motion; letters by three U of O professors endorse the Academy; no hearing date yet set (DC-25; BB-25; O-25; O-26; DWR-8/1; RT-8/2)
85.07.25 [W] [R] [CR] Feature on R in La Republica; Oregon State Homeowners Association endorses initiative to repaeal CR city charter (DWR; MP); Redmond City Councilman Bob Chandler begins campaign for US Rep. Bob Smith's seat in Congress, saying he is critical of some Rajneeshee actions but will not make that a major campaign issue (DWR); Antelope Defense Fund reportedly has raised $3000 to date (BB)
85.07.25 ED[S] The Dalles Weekly Reminder says it will continue to cover R story even though it was not invited to Bhagwan's recent "world" press conference
85.07.26 [W] [R] Feature on Christian who has visited R 6 times this year to "witness" (GPDC)
85.07.26 ED[S] [AUS] Cartoon about Bhagwan going to Australia in the Western Australian; The Rajneesh Times comments on the recent World Press Conference at R
85.07.27 [PUR] [RIC] Rumor that Rajneeshees are about to buy land near Mount Rainier in Washington is denied by owner and RIC(TNT)
85.07.28 [W] [R] Feature on sannyasin family in Nemo, South Dakota and on R (RCJ); feature on R (AUT)
85.07.28 ED[S] [BLDG] [RNSIC] Bend, OR The Bulletin supports lower building code fines against RNSIC recommended by Hearings Officer Denecke and runs column by staffer airing gripes about covering R
85.07.29 [W] [J] [R] [P] [CR] [ELECT] [SAHP] [RIC] [RHT] [RFI] [RNSIC] [RMC] Initiative drive to repeal CR city Charter officially launched at Portland press conference sponsored by Save Antelope Committee (DC; RG-30; O-30; BB-30; MP-8/1; DWR-8/1); J County has recommended three 9-1-1 answering sites, one being R; various city and tribal councils must accept the alternative before it is presented to the state for funding (MP-8/1); FEC releases summary file on its June 25 decision by a vote of 5-0 that there is no evidence RIC violated federal election laws with the SAHP and to reject the complaint filed by Willis (DWR-8/8); FEC documents say RHT spent $1.49 million on SAHP, with contributions including $300,000 from RFI, $318,000 from RNSIC and $265,00 from RMC (SJ-8/2; O-8/2; SFC-8/2; NYT-8/2; LAT-8/2; LT-8/2; BB-8/2; DC-8/2; RG-8/2; DWR-8/8; RT-8/9)
85.07.29 [MCCC] [NO.  : Diane McDonald, having asked for a 30 day extension on her time to produce more evidence of child-abuse at R, and RLS not having filed any objections to the request, is granted that time by MCCC Judge Kristena A. La Mar
85.07.30 US[CA] [NO.  : Deputy AG argues for removal of "church-state" suit to state court; R attorney argues that federal constitutional rights are involved and case belongs in federal court (DC-8/4)
85.07.30 ED[S] Fort Worth, TX Star Telegram columnist criticizes Bhagwan for his statements at the World Press Conference
85.07.31 [W] [R] Second part of report on a visit to R (VH)
85.07.31 [AUS] [SCHL] Rajneeshee case against Manjimup Shire Council, appealing their decision not to allow operation of a school at Karri Valley Lodge, is dismissed by the Town Planning Appeals Tribunal in a 78 page decision at a hearing attended by about 50 Rajneeshees who say they will appeal to the Equal Opportunities Board; Minister for Education says children must now attend regular school instead of taking correspondence courses as they have been doing since the school was closed (O-8/1; WA-8/1; O-8/2; BB-8/2)
85.07.31 [USDC] [NO.  : Richard Vernon Alexander, accused of extortion and arrested at R on Aug. 6 1983, files a $1.5 million lawsuit against R and R Peace force around this date in federal court in Eugene, claiming a violation of civil rights (O-8/1; O-8/2; DWR-8/8)
85.07.31 ED[S] Seattle, WA Capital Hill Times columnist criticizes Rajneeshees and Bhagwan's press conference statements; Caldwell, ID Idaho Press Tribune says Bhagwan "should have kept his big mouth shut."
85.08.01 [W] [R] Approximate date of article in Ukranian newspaper, The Young Guardians, (Kiev) about Soviet sannyasins and Bhagwan, who it is claimed is being aided by the CIA and US State Department to infiltrate the USSR; Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" focusses on "personal power" of sannyasins; features on R and Bhagwan in Toronto, Canada Globe and Mail, Gallery magazine (covers anti-R sentiment), and on Sheela in Yoga Journal
85.08.01 [AUS] Announced that Sheela will arrive in Perth next week; the government says it plans to tighten "controls stop the entry of controversial figures" (WA; WBT-7)
85.08.01 [USDC] [NO.  : Abraham Capers Jr., 30, of Riverside, CA files suit (in Portland) asking for $2.6 million in damages from R, R Peace Force and Sheela, plus $2 million in punitive damages from the Peace Froce and Sheela, for his arrest for alleged extortion on Aug. 6, 1983; the W County grand jury refused to indict Capers and his companion, Vernon Alexander, 45, of Alameda, CA, (who previously filed suit in USDC in Eugene) and they were released from the county jail on Aug. 18, 1983; they both have filed suits claiming that they "suffered emotional distress and humiliation from the incident and the resultant publicity" (D[C] O-2; BB-2; DWR-8)
85.08.01 ED[S] [CR] Medford, OR Mail Tribune favors passage of initiative to repeal CR charter, saying "Guru blew it in Rajneesh"; cartoon in Portland, OR Permanent Press; Madras, OR The Pioneer columnist mentions R
85.08.02 [W] [R] The Rajneesh Times prints quotes from several recent media interviews with Bhagwan
85.08.02 ED[S] [CR] Roseburg, OR News-Review says abolishing CR charter would set a dangerous precedent
85.08.03 ED[S] Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer columnist comments on KOMO-TV reporter's impressions of R during recent press conference
85.08.04 [W] [R] Reported that Bhagwan unexpectedly stops by to visit the R disco for a few minutes (RT-9)
85.08.05 [W] [R] The Oregonian runs ads for reprints of its 20 part series on R
85.08.05 [USDC] [NO.  : and [NO.  : R lawyers file complaint against US Secretary of State and US State Department in an attempt to gain release of government documents under FOIA, which had been requested on Feb. 27, 1983, delayed for 1 1/2 years and recently denied (DC-6; BB-6; O-6; SJ-8; DWR-22); in another case, R attorneys move "to compel the production of information by the state in the state's case challenging the constitutionality of" R, claiming Oregon is "withholding information to delay the case." (O-6; RT-16)
85.08.05 [AUS] [SCHL] Australian State Planning Minister says hearing on Karri Valley school must be reconvened after discovering that the terms of 2 members of the Planning Appeals Tribunal expired during last week of the previous hearing; the Minister re-endorsed the appointments of the same two to new terms, but said the hearing could not be considered legal unless repeated; Manjimup Shire Council has reportedly spent about $20,000 so far defending its April 11 decision not to allow the Rajneeshee school (O-6; RG-6; WBT-7; RT-9)
85.08.05 ED[S] Detroit, MI Detroit Free Press columnist quotes Bhagwan in commenting on marriage and divorce
85.08.06 [CR] [CNCL] Minutes of June 4 and June 25 approved as corrected; Financial Report: General Fund-$14,380.90, July bills of $2,700.87, August bills expected to be $5,383.75 from General Fund and $1,730 from Street Fund; bills authorized for payment; $48 so far made on T-shirt production; Peace Force Report: Mayor had attended recent luncheon presentation by the new Director of the Board of Police Standards and Training; Fire Report: report on and discussion of July 15 fire, which burned 94 acres on outskirts of CR and area around the CR resrvoir; CR Fire Dept., BLM, neighbors and 20 people from R Rural Fire Protection District responded; no evidence of arson was found by state investigator; Council decides to "send a letter to local ranchers urging them to drop their hostilities and work with Rajneeshees when emergencies surface" (BB-7); 9-1-1 progress report; RNSIC was only bidder to abate the nuisance on the Gerfen property for $855, the work has been completed; Water Resources Dept. recently granted the city water rights from its two wells; Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh restaurant and package store liquor licenses renewed; Council decides to publicize the cost of replacing vandalized street and highway signs as a deterrent and to write letter asking that remaining Antelope signs be changed to read City of Rajneesh; Council approves the $535 charge requested by the US Postal Service for fulfilling an FOIA request for documents showing that discrimination is the reason no decision has been reached concerning the CR postal name change request; 14 CPAs were requested to submit proposals to do CR's 1984-85 audit, two have been received and will be considered in Sept.
85.08.06 ED[S] [WILLIS] [ELECT] Medford, OR Mail Tribune columnist comments on Larryann Willis' FEC complaint against R, saying she needs the continuing publicity to further her political career
85.08.07 [W] [R] [CO] [CR] CO circulates anti CR petitions in The Dalles (DC); news article says pilot sometimes "talks about straffing the Bhagwan with his Cessna 150." (CCN)
85.08.07 [WCDC] [NO.  : Court is looking for 5 of 7 Guardian Angels who blocked road into R last fall, including Curtis Sliwa who failed to appear in court, the former leader of the Portland chapter who also failed to appear in court, and three Portlanders who have failed to perform their sentenced 8-12 hours of community service; one Angel has yet to plead and another has been sentenced to community service which can still be performed; Sliwa has also failed to respond to FAA notice of S2000 fine for low-flying aerial leaflet drop over R on Nov. 19, 1984 (BB; O-8; DC-8; DWR-15)
85.08.07 [MCCC] [NO.  : Bail is set by Judge Irving M. Steinbock at $1.25 million for Stephen Paster, awaiting trial for arson in the 1983 bombing of Hotel Rajneesh in Portland; he fled $20,000 bail in 1983; tentative trial date of Sept. 5 is set; Paster said to be a figure in a federal grand jury in Seattle considering a bombing and shooting there; Paster said he, his wife and children had been followed by Rajneeshees and feared for thier lives, so he fled; Paster said to belong to a group of fundamentalist Moslems (O-8; BB-8; DC-8; O-9)
85.08.07 [USDC] [NO.  : Reported that R lawyers have ordered Albany resident, Talbot "Robbie" Robinson, "an organizer of an aborted attempt to influence voting in Wasco County", to give a deposition on Aug. 14 in the church-state case; two hearings in the case are set for Sept., one on AG's request for summary judgment and another on R request for an injunction against state officials who are not treating R as a city until court decision is reached (RG; SJ-8)
85.08.07 [CA] [NO.  : "The appeals court agreed (today) with arguments by Rajneeshee attorneys that the retroactive LCDC rule exceeds the agency's statutory authority by requiring exceptions to four of the 19 state land-use goals before a county can authorize an incorporation election to create a city on undeveloped land outside an urban growth boundary."; this simply makes CA rulings consistent with the SC ruling of previous week; the case still must be considered by LUBA for rulings on the agricultural suitability of soil and the activities of former W County Commissioner Rick Cantrell (DC; BB; O-8; SJ-8; DWR-15; RT-16)
85.08.08 [W] [R] [SMITH] Larry Tuttle, who says he will be running for US Rep. Bob Smith's seat, says that law should be applied "'rigorously and vigorously to everyone'" and it's not "'very productive to engage in a lot of public bashing of anyone'", when questioned about his stand on R (DWR);'someone dressed as "Baghwan" wins "Krazey Daze merchant's costume contest" in Lakeview, OR (LCE)
85.08.08 [AUS] [A] Feature on Karri Valley controversay says it all began when a tourist from Oregon went to a local newspaper to tell about "the takeover of Antelope" (WSJ)
85.08.08 ED[S] [ELECT] [SAHP] The Dalles Weekly Reminder endorses a statewide petition drive for 20 day voter registration cutoff, citing SAHP; Sydney, Australia The Manly Daily columnist calls Bhagwan "the Bug" and says "This over-aged menace to society, fake, profiteer, promiscuous sex fiend and unscrupulous swindler is out to get you." and your children
85.08.09 [W] [R] [COMM] [RNSIC] [RMC] Largely negative feature on R in Italy's Epoca magazine; W County Court/Commission votes this week to allow RNSIC to continue using the outdoor cafeteria until Sept., but says use after that will be a permit violation (DC; BB); announced that RMC has been authorized by the State Insurance Commissioner as a State Health Care Service Contractor to offer prepaid medical insurance (for $100 per month) similar to that offered by HMOs (RT); The Rajneesh Times prints Sheela's recent interview on Cable News Network
85.08.09 ED[S] [CR] The Rajneesh Times opposes the CR charter repeal petition
85.08.10 [W] [R] Interview with Bhagwan and feature on R in Holland's Het Binnenhof; largely negative feature in Denmark's Extra-Bladet
85.08.10 ED[S] [CR] Eugene, OR Register-Guard takes a stand against the CR charter repeal petition; The Portland Press Herald columnist does a "negative humor" piece on R
85.08.11 [W] [R] [INS] [SMITH] US Rep. Bob Smith co-sponsors and introduces bill just before Congress' August recess; it would encourage prompter consideration of immigration cases (O; DWR-15); announced that new TV prime time news program "West 57th Street" will debut on the 13th, with a lead story "focussing on Shannon Ryan's view of the Rajneesh cult." (ST; CT; USA-12; Time-12; TV Guide-13; SPI-13; DTH-13; O-13; DWR-15); feature on Bhagwan in Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer
85.08.11 ED[S] [CR] Klamath Falls, Herald and News opposes CR charter repeal
85.08.12 [W] [R] [CR] [HULSE] First of a 5 part series on R in Davis, CA, The Davis Enterprise; reported that W County Judge, Commissioner Hulse has contributed $100 to the Save Antelope Committee, which is sponsoring the CR charter repeal initiative (BB; DWR-15; MP-22)
85.08.12 ED[S] The Oregonian columnist pokes fun at "West 57th" team for considering Win McCormack of Oregon magazine a "'cult speicalist'" and says their coverage of R is "highly sensationalized (with) ominous references to Jonestown."
85.08.13 [W] [R] Second of 5 part series on R in Davis, CA The Davis Enterprise focusses in interview with Bhagwan; "West 57th" TV show featuring segment on R airs (TV Guide)
85.08.13 ED[S] [CR] Coos Bay, OR World opposes CR charter repeal petition
85.08.14 [W] [R] Third in The Davis Enterprise series continues on interview with Bhagwan; visitor to R report continues (VH)
85.08.14 [AUS] The Manjimup Ratepayers' Association announces that it will call on the federal government to prevent Rajneeshees from migrating to the area (WBT)
85.08.14 ED[S] [CR] Albany, OR Democrat-Herald expresses hopes that Bhagwan might move to Australia and supports the CR charter repeal petition (see comment in DWR-22 editorial)
85.08.15 [W] [R] Fourth in The Davis Enterprise series on interview with Bhagwan; feature on sannyasin in Wood River Journal
85.08.15 [AUS] [BLDG] Reported that Freemantle Rajneeshee-owned building company is being brought before the West Australian Industrial Commission, because not paying wages might give them an unfair advantage over competitors; Rajneeshees say they charge more than the competition for higher quality work and do not keep time and wages records because all profits go the the commune, which looks after the material needs of the workers (TSM)
85.08.15 ED[S] New York, NY New York City Tribune columnist reiterates "rich man's guru" quote
85.08.16 [W] [R] Last of 5 part series in The Davis Enterprise on interview with Bhagwan; report of interview with Bhagwan in India Abroad; after considerable confusion and problem it is reported that 8 attorneys in R did finally receive Oregon State Bar Association ballots asking for recommendations for new judge in the area (RT)
85.08.16 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times criticizes "West 57th Street" segment on R
85.08.17 [W] [R] Article on R and Bhagwan by Der Spiegel reporter in Holland's Het Binnenhof
85.08.18 [W] [R] Birthday wish in Bend, OR The Bulletin spoofs Bhagwan
85.08.19 [W] [R] [PER] Negative article on R and Bhagwan in Zurich, Switzerland, Schweizer illustrierte magazine; Zarathustra outdoor cafeteria is dismantled and moved in 24 hours in accordance with W County permit requirements (RT-30)
85.08.20 [W] [R] Feature on R in The Kenya Times, Africa; feature on R, legal disputes, a California sannyasin in The Orange County Register
85.08.20 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge Jelderks dismisses two key parts of state action against RNSIC for "winterized tents" on motion of R, which intervened in the case saying that R, not the state, had the power to enforce building regulations within the city; the decision disallows the $640,000 in fines sought by the Dept. of Commerce, but the $101,000 still sought in electrical fines is pending in another proceeding (RT-23; DWR-29; RT-9/6)
85.08.20 ED[S] The Davis Enterprise columnist discusses response to his series on R and Bhagwan; columnist in Bad Axe, MI Huron Tribune comments on appearance of Shannon Jo Ryan on "East 57th Street" news program
85.08.21 [W] [R] [ESD] Vistor's report on R in New York edition of The Ledger; former A Mayor, Margaret Hill, and another woman visit Hermiston and Pendleton, OR to raise money for the Antelope Defense Fund (ADF); ADF has raised $7,000 so far; defamation suits have cost $15,000 and community church litigation $20,000 to date (EO); W County ESD considers letters to notify school districts, among them R District, that they can submit a nomination to the ESD budget committee since they are currently without representation; R School District says it is interested in being represented (DC; DC-22; DWR-29)
85.08.21 ED[S] [CR] Eugene, OR The Register-Guard prints guest editorial by former A Councilmember Stewart favoring CR charter repeal petition; Tigard, OR This Week columnist expresses humor that "West 57th" TV program considered Win McCormack a cult expert; McMinnville, OR News-Register favors the CR charter repeal petition; New York City Tribune comments on AIDs precautions at R saying "'the wages of sin is death'"; Ashland, OR Daily Tidings says that the initiative to repeal the CR charter deserves statewide support
85.08.22 [W] [R] [CR] The Dalles Weekly Reminder quotes Bhagwan warning of AIDs and saying the names of many towns in Oregon will be changed by Rajneeshees (Fossil, OR to Resurrection, Boring, OR to Laughter); OLCC report says CR received $57 in June liquor revenues and R $708; Diane McDonald says she probably will not be able to produce enough evidence by Aug. 26 court date to continue the charges of child abuse against R residents (BB)
85.08.22 ED[S] The Dalles Weekly Reminder says the report on R by "West 57th Street" was "shoddy" and a "hatchet job"
85.08.23 [W] [R] [IMP] A Michigan couple hoping to take sannyas is arrested for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, transported to the W County jail; they apparently drove their car at high speed on a private road and caused "'a ruckus'", attempting to "crash" Bhagwan's morning discourse; they say they had been refused attendance at the summer festival and refused accommodations every day since Aug. 12; a court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 9 (MP-29; DWR-29); new "Burger and Fries" vegetarian restaurant in R (RT)
85.08.23 [USDC] [NO.  : R lawyers ask Judge Owen Panner to disqualify himself from hearing the suit against several state and federal officials, since he is alleged to be a friend to some of them, has made allegedly inaccurate and sarcastic comments about R (BB; RT-23; DWR-29; O-30)
85.08.24 [W] [R] Couple arrested for criminal trespass at R are released from W County Jail
85.08.26 [W] [R] [SCHL] W County school administrators are told by the Oregon School Boards Association that the new law aimed to cut off funding to R School District could raise problems for other districts (DWR-29)
85.08.26 ED[S] Los Angeles, CA Daily Journal columnist comments on Part 12 of The Oregonian series featuring R lawyer, formerly with a famous California firm; Eugene, OR The Register-Guard says there is "Nothing boring about Boring" in response to Bhagwan's statement about renaming Oregon cities
85.08.27 [W] [R] Feature on R and interview with Bhagwan in New York's Newsday; feature on media interviews with Bhagwan in The Oregonian
85.08.27 [WCDC] [NO.  : A Guardian Angel who has not performed community service in his conviction for disorderly conduct for road-blocking in R on Dec. 7, 1984 has been arrested and returned to W County (DC; TW-28)
85.08.27 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge Jelderks dismisses the third defamation claim and one outrageous conduct claim in the Hill-Wichelman lawsuits; a second claim of outrageous conduct was withdrawn by one claimant so she could appeal the dismissal of her defamation charge; two other defamation charges had been dismissed erlier, leaving only one outrageous conduct charge (out of 6 original charges) (RT-30)
85.08.28 [W] [CR] [BLM] [RIC] [WEAV] The ADF reportedly has raised about $8,000 (BB); it is reported that the US Board of Geographic Names has formally approved the name of City of Rajneesh for use on maps in place of Antelope (RT-23; DWR); US Rep. James Weaver calls for BLM to cancel its land swap with RIC, saying the swap would not be equitable (RG-29; DC-29; O-30)
85.08.28 [CR] [CNCL] Councilmember Siddha has moved and notice of a vacancy has been posted asking for applications in writing by Sept. 2; Mayor Kavido asks for and receives a 3-4 months' leave of absence, during which the Pres. of the Council (Ma Deva Parmita) will act as Mayor; Council hears report on and authorizes receipt of a $25,000 street grant from the Oregon Transportation Department
85.08.29 [W] [R] RL[S] [BLM] [SMITH] Reported that RLS has widened its public records search to many W County and state agencies (O); US Rep. Bob Smith announces BLM decision to drop the land swap with RIC at a meeting in Lakeview, OR and praises the agency for responding to public sentiment, even though it still believes the swap would benefit the public and disagrees with Weaver's claims that it would not be equitable; BLM spokesman says 29% of public comments favored the exchange, 31% were in favor, but with some restrictions or qualifications and "a third" opposed the swap; he also says the issue became social and political and did not remain a resource management issue (BB-30; DC-30; O-31; SJ-9/1; DWR-9/5)
85.08.29 ED[S] [BLDG] The Madras Pioneeer, OR columnist comments on his interview with Bhagwan; The Dalles Weekly Reminder opposes recent decision that R has jurisdiction over enforcement of building codes within its boundaries
85.08.30 [W] [R] [IMP] Feature on R and interview with Bhagwan in Holland's Panorama magazine; new art gallery opens in Rajneesh Hotel; parents begin to arrive for Parents Weekend, 300 expected; about $34,000 worth of vegetables harvested from R truck farm so far this year and tons are frozen for winter months (RT; RT-9/6)
85.08.30 US[CA] [NO.  : Announced that a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit CA will sit in Portland in Sept. to hear arguments on whether the church-state case should be heard in state or federal court (RT)
85.08.30 [SC] [NO.  : Motions for reconsideration and replies have been filed in the R incorporation case (RT)
85.09.01 [W] [R] [SAHP] [ELECT] [PROFF] Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" focusses on SAHP; W County Clerk Proffitt, as head of the Oregon Association of County Clerks, asks for hearing on new proof of residency requirements for elections, 'feeling they will be too lenient (DC; BB)
85.09.01 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal mentions R debit card system
85.09.02 [W] [R] Feature on a Bhagwan discourse in Der Spiegel
85.09.03 [CR] [CNCL] Approval of minutes of Aug. 6 and Aug. 28; Sept. bills of $3811.48 approved for payment, and phone bill of $70 approved for payment from the street fund; Peace Force Report: $20 approved for membership fees for two in the Oregon Peace Officers Association and $25 for membership in National Association for Chiefs of Police; $349 approved for Peace Force electric typewriter and $120.15 for another set of leather for an officer; new Peace Force patches have arrived; CR residents receiving recycling information and land fill trench filling up; during June, July and August $20 a month had been charged for outdoor watering, as of Sept. 1 such watering will be free but restricted to two hours on each of four days per week; $50 approved for a water syswtem lock to turn off the water of people who refuse to pay their bills; $77.50 approved for bullhorn for the Fire Dept.; Touche Ross accountants hired to do city audit for $2500 even though they were not the lowest bid because of their reputation; this is allowable since the bid is within the amount budgetted for audit by the city; appropriate ordinance and contract approval follow; Ma Deva Kranto's application accepted and she is sworn in as new Councilmember; Councilmember Sw. Deva Madyapa resigns and applications called for by Sept. 25, to be considered at the Oct. 1 meeting; approval of change of bank from US Bank of Oregon to Oregon Bank because former refuses to address the city using the proper name; the name CR will be used on all federal maps in future and that determination by the US Board of Geographic Names will be sent to the Post Office authorities; bill for nuisance abatement of $874.15 approved as a lien on Dr. Gerfen's property; Mayor will research cost of renting a backhoe for problems that occur from time to time with the city's water system
85.09.03 US[CA] [NO.  : Oregon makes third attempt to move church-state case back to state court in 1 1/4 hour hearing before a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit CA meeting in Portland, claiming that the issue of violation of state constitution's ban on state support of religion should come first, application of the provision to discontinue revenue-sharing, state certification and training of law enforcement officers, access to LEDS and recognition of zoning and building regulations should come second, and only then should come the federal determination of whether the federal guarantee of religious freedom is violated; R attorney says the state is engaging in procedural manipulation and that federal constitutional rights are at issue; meanwhile discovery in the case continues in USDC in Portland and arguments on the state's June 29 request for summary judgment are scheduled for Oct. 15 (O-4; SJ-5; RG-5; RT-6; DWR-12)
85.09.04 [W] [R] R reportedly steps up precautions against AIDS, including cleaning hands with alcohol, use of bleach rinse on dishes and avoidance of "'all means of transfer and exchange of body fluids'"; two persons tested for AIDS at R found to have HTLV III antibodies and are placed in isolation; testing of all R residents began about one year ago; R has passed an ordinance banning discrimination against homosexuals (O; O-5; B3-5; LAT-6; SJ-6; RG-6; DWR-12; RT-13); visitor's // report says R "scary, eerie" (CVR)
85.09.04 [AUS] [SCHL] Rajneeshees have sold Karri Valley Park property and agreed to move by November; they are seeking another site for their school; many locals and government officials express pleasure (WBT)
85.09.04 CAN: Rajneesh meditation center in apartment in Montreal faces problems with a director of permits and inspections after 8 years without problem (MG)
85.09.04 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge Kristena A. LaMar dismisses the final motion in the child abuse case brought against R residents by Diane McDonald after hearing W County DA arguments in an attmpt to compel production of the alleged victims' names; main body of the case had been dismissed a week earlier and this dismissal ends all proceedings (RT-6; BB-6; O-6; DWR-12)
85.09.04 [W] [R] Madras, OR The Madras Pioneer runs edited text of their reporter's Aug. 23 interview with Bhagwan
85.09.05 [W] [R] Oregon state epidemiologist says R is overreacting to AIDS in its precautions and isolation of two persons in whom antibodies have been detected (O-7)
85.09.06 [AUS] [ED] Hostile public opinion poll to Rajneeshees in Esperance, West Australia; Education and Planning Minister 3ob Pearce pledges support for Esperance if Rajneeshees move there from Karri Valley, saying "'...they sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to conceal what they are doing... I would support any attempt by the local community to resist domination.'"; apparently, local woman running for office had called him earlier in the week for investigation of a possible Rajneeshee move into the area; the Rajneeshees deny any plans to move and say the woman was merely seeking publicity and votes (EE)
85.09.07 [W] [R] [CNCL] R Council decides to appeal W County decision to remove all cities from county comprehensive land use plan to LUBA (RT-13)
85.09.08 [W] [R] [FEST] [IMP] Mahaparinirvana Day celebration at R for all sannyasins who have left their bodies (RT-6); three new books released: Notes of a Madman, Glimpses of a Golden Childhood, Books I Have Loved (RT-13)
85.09.09 [W] [R] [SCHL] [COMM] [PLAN] R School District opens classes with 65-70 grade school students in CR for classes from 1:30-5:30 and 50 junior and senior high school students in R; the "school without walls" program is not reopened, but the district is considering whether to challenge SPI's decision to without BSS money because the program "was permeated with religious symbolism" (BB-8; RT-13); W County Court/Commission votes to delete the comprehensive plans of R and all other cities from the county land use plan; R officials testify against the action; County Attorney says W the only county in the state that adopted city plans as part of the county plan (BB-10; RT-13)
85.09.09 [WCCC] [NO.  : Couple arrested for disturbing the peace in R on Aug. 23 say they will plead innocent to all charges (criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment); part of their bail is returned to them, which they will use to hire an attorney; they are tentatively scheduled to enter pleas on Sept. 16 (DWR-12)
85.09.10 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Owen Panner refuses to disqualify himself in R suit against state and federal officials, but "because of the 'apparent sensitivity' of the group (said) he was ordering the case assigned to another judge." (O-12; RG-13; DC-16; DWR-26)
85.09.11 [W] [R] [BLDG] Oregon Building Codes Division recommends an increase in electrical fines against RNSIC by $10,000 to $111,500 for "winterized tents"; their recommendations and the hearings officer's report from July will be considered by the state Electrical Board on Oct. 10 (RG-12)
85.09.11 [MCCC] [NO.  : A motion to suppress evidence seized during the 1983 investigation of the bombing of Hotel Rajneesh in Portland is taken under advisement; defense attorneys claim evidence from the accused Paster's home and auto was illegally obtained because police learned of his identity from a wallet removed by hospital employees before his emergency surgery without a search warrant; prosecutor argues that police learned Paster's name from hospital records and did not need the wallet, that Rajneeshees from the Hotel searched his clothes for his identity; defense also tries to suppress statement Paster made after surgery "that there were no bombs planted at Rajneeshpuram in Central Oregon, which he also visited using an alias." because Paster had not been read his rights (O)
85.09.12 [W] [R] [J] Four other residents of R, 3 of them new arrivals, are found to have been exposed to the AIDS virus and join the other two already living in an isolated area of the ranch and having limited outside contact (DC; SJ; O; BB; RG; DWR-19); in response to recent The Madras Pioneer article quoting an interview with Bhagwan, Jon Bowerman has circulated and presented to the newspaper a copy of a petition signed by 27 "seeking support of local businesses and individuals opposing further articles 'promoting the thoughts and ideology of Bhagwam (sic) Shree Rajneesh and his followers.'"; Bowerman says the article was "'a slap in the face to the Antelope Community, to the Madras business community... and to the Chrisitain (sic) community,'" (MP); The Madras Pioneer prints Part 2 of interview with Bhagwan
85.09.12 ED[S] [BLM] Condon, OR, The Times-Journal says that BLM should have gone through with the R land swap; Madras, OR, The Madras Pioneer comments on "Threats of subscription cancellation, boycotts of businesses that advertise in The Pioneer and at least one cancellation of advertising" as responses to printing series on interview with Bhagwan
85.09.13 [W] [R] [RMC] [PLAN] [LCDC] Ma Anand Puja, head of RMC, criticizes health officials for "deliberately downplaying the incidence and spread of the deadly AIDS virus" (BB); Jon Bowerman, Chair of the W County Planning Commission, writes head of LCDC claiming that they are too tough on the county and too easy on R (EO); FAA abandons efforts to collect a $2000 fine from the Guardian Angesl for flying an airplane too low over R on Nov. 19, 1984, saying it does not have sufficient evidence to take the matter to federal court and the expense of further investigation "'is unwarranted'"; Guardian Angel recently arrested for failing to perform his sentence of 12 hours of community service spent one week in W County jail (BB; DWR-19); reported that after three refusals and a contested case hearing, the Electrical Board has finally accepted a sannyasin to sit for the supervising electrician's exam (RT-13)
85.09.13 ED[S] [COMM] [PLAN] Bend, OR The Bulletin takes Bowerman to task for his petition against The Madras Pioneer; The Rajneesh Times editorializes about comments made at the recent W County Commission meeting which considered deleting cities from the county plan
85.09.14 [W] [R] [RNSIC] [RIC] [RMC] [RFI] Feature on interview with Bhagwan (WA); negative feature on R (Bild Am Sonntag); 10 to 15 Rajneeshee leaders resign and leave R, some by plane for Europe, some by van or car (Ma Anand Sheela, Mayor Sw. Krishna Deva, 36; Chief Financial Advisor to Sheela, Ma Prem Savita, 36; Pres. of RNSIC Ma Yoga Vidya, 38; Pres. of RIC Ma Anand Su, 38; Sec.-Treas. of RMC Ma Anand Puja, 37; Treas. of RFI Ma Shanti Bhadra, 40; Municipal Judge Ma Prem Homa, 31; City Councilmembers Ma Deva Rikta, 37, Ma Prem Patipada, 37, and Ma Anand Durga, 38; Sheela's husband Sw. Prem Jayananda, 44, had left a week before; Sheela said to have recently divorced Jayananda in Nepal, so she could marry a Swiss sannyasin in Mexico, BB-17; see O-17 or SPI-17 for profile of each) after a "falling out" with Bhagwan, who apprently discovered that they "had not been keeping him fully informed of their activities."; it is said by a spokesperson that "The deserters will not be 'welcome in any Rajneeshee center anywhere in the world,'" and that "'power corrupts people'", but that "'They left wearing their malas. They left as members of the commune.'"; most are believed headed for Switzerland or Germany; Ma Prem Hasya, 48, an American and wealthy movie producer from Hollywood who has lived at the ranch for several years is appointed new Secretary to Bhagwan (see DC-17, SPI-18, USA-18, and DWR-19 for biographical information and quotes; RT-20—see for "Last Day at Jesus Grove" article and reactions of sannyasins and profiles of new corporation officers), Sw. Dhyan John, 42, is put in charge of finances as Pres. of RIC (BB-16; DC-16; ST-16; SFC-17; DWR-19)
85.09.14 [MCCC] [NO.  : Judge Kristena LaMar grants two defense motions for the suppression of evidence in the Rajneesh Hotel bombing case, while denying two others; she suppresses evidence obtained from Paster's wallet, but rules the search of home and car valid; she suppresses statements Paster made after surgery (O)
85.09.15 [W] [R] Feature on R (LT)
85.09.16 [W] [J] [R] [A] [PLAN] [SAHP] [RFI] [RNSIC] [RMC] [WEAV] [OSP] [AG] [FAW] [IMP] Bhagwan claims betrayal by Sheela, who left "amid allegation of attempted poisonings, money mismangagement and bugging of the guru's bedroom."; Bhagwan says "Sheela 'and her gang had turned my commune into a fascist concentration camp. The commune is S55 million short'... linked former leaders with a major outbreak of salmonella food poisoning at The Dalles last year; with a fire that badly damaged the Wasco County planning office; and with putting chemicals in law enforcement vehicles at The Dalles so they wouldn't run. He also accused the former leaders of attempting to poison his doctor, dentist and companion; the Jefferson County district attorney; and the water system in The Dalles...Rajneesh's allegations could not be confirmed, nor did he offer evidence to substantiate them."; Bhagwan says "'Because I was not in contact with my sannyasins...I was not aware of .what was being done to them.'", that he was able to stop Sheela's plan to "build a 500-bed housing complex for AIDS victims in Antelope." only at the last minute, and that the SAHP was a "waste of $3 million"; Bhagwan calls for better relations with Oregonians and offers to sell property in Antelope back to former owners; former A residents react with anger; books on terrorism and bugging devices said to have been found during investigation into Sheela's departure displayed; new Vice-Pres. of RFI is Ma Prem Arup; new Pres. of RNSIC Ma Prem Anuradha, new Pres. of RMC Sw. Shunyo, new Vice-Pres. of RMC Sw. Devaraj and Sec. of RMC Ma Deva Ghata, new Pres. of the Academy of Rajneeshism Sw. Anand Teertha; the only known criminal investigation up to this time is a federal grand jury investigating alleged visa fraud involving marriages; OSP Superintendent John C. Williams says his office will coordinate a criminal investigation into the charges, in which the R Peace Force was cooperating; US Rep. James Weaver asks FBI to investigate The Dalles salmonella poisonings; AG says the incidents will not affect his church-state lawsuit; State Rep. Fawbush says "the shake-up may signal the group's decline."; 90-93 Rolls Royces; 6000 residents in R (O-17; SJ-17; BB-17; SPI-17; TSV-17; ST-17; LT-17; NYP-17; DC-17; RG-17; O-18; NYDN-18; USA-18; SPI-18; DWR-19; RT-20; SJ-22); about 30 Rajneeshees, including Mayor Krishna Deva, said to have flown out of Portland airport (O-20)
85.09.17 [W] [J] [R] [CR] [A] [PLAN] [ELECT] [LCDC] [SAHP] R residents vote to amend the city charter allowing the mayor, with council approval, to appoint a pro tem municipal court judge to serve while the judge is absent; voter registration in R is 1011, in CR is 150 (DWR-12; DC-12; O-15); reported that a Milwaukie City Councilmember had protested the CR charter repeal initiative as "bad" and objected to Rep. McTeague, one of its sponsors, being identified as D-Milwaukie (EC); J County land use plan wins tentative approval from LCDC; Bhagwan says that a Rajneeshee pilot says he was told to crash a plane loaded with bombs into The Dalles, that SAHP overtranquilized the homeless, causing one death; law enforcement officials say that the hotel, several homes, rental cabins and phones in R were "bugged" and an extensive wiretapping operation used 36 "voice-activated tape recorders to record all incoming and outgoing calls at the ranch.", that a hidden tunnel and laboratory were found in Sheela's home (BB-18; SPI-18; SFE-18; DC-19; DWR-26); sannyasins living in Antelope are asked to vacate the town and move to R (MP-19)
85.09.17 [SC] [NO.  : Oregon SC rules against R annexations, saying they were illegal since the land was zoned for agricultural use and LCDC had not yet approved a UGB for R; the ruling comes in a case brought by 1000 Friends and covers the land on which Mandir meditation hall and the Rajneesh Hotel stand; the land was annexed in August of 1983, LUBA ruled the annexation invalid in Feb. of 1984 and the CA upheld, saying an exceptions process was required if no UGB had been approved; R had claimed that the rules requiring goal execptions were new and had never before been required (BB; SJ-18; O-18; SPI-18; RT-20; DWR-26)
85.09.18 [W] [J] [R] [CR] [A] [CO] [AG] [HULSE] [OSP] [WEAV] [GOV] [INS] Various anti-Rajneeshees express pleasure at recent R events and disbelief and suspicion about Bhagwan's gestures of friendship; for example, Laura Bentley of CO says "'Concerned Oregonians aren't buying this,'" (ADH; ST-20; BB-19; DC-18; DWR-19; RT-27); possible victims of poisonings are listed as J County DA Mike Sullivan (who asks the AG to appoint a special prosecutor in the investigation), W County Judge/Comm- issioner Bill Hulse, and Bhagwan's doctor, Sw. Devaraj, who 'said he believes he was poisoned four times, beginning in June of 1984"; most R residents express relief at Sheela's departure; 10 law enforcement officials (W County DA Smith, R Peace Force Chief Barkha, R Attorney Sangeet, W County Sheriff LaBrousse, OSP officers Noland, Theiss, Renfro, FBI agent McCann, The Dalles Police Chief Nagy, Dept. of Justice criminal investigator Keller) meet in The Dalles to sort through Bhagwan's accusations and later travel to R; an investigation coordinated by W County DA Smith will begin on 19th; R Peace Force says they have found "what they believe was a laboratory for the manufacture of poisons or explosives,...two concealed rooms and a 75 foot tunnel leading outside Sheela's house, and- suspect six Rajneeshees isolated for AIDS may not have had the disease, and were actually isolated so they would not talk"; US Rep. Weaver says FBI has agreed to investigate salmonella poisoning in The Dalles; Gov. Atiyeh expresses skepticism about Bhagwan; confirmed by INS that Sheela flew to Zurich on the 14th and a sannyasin in Amsterdam says she went oh to West Germany; reported that she and friends plan to open a gambling casino (BB; SPI; DC; SFC; ST; SJ; RG; BB-19; ST-19; USA-19; SJ-19; O-19; SPI-19; DC-19; RG-19; MP-19; O-20; DWR-26); Bhagwan invites residents of CR to change the name back to Antelope and invites Sheela and others to return to R and repent after saying he received a phone call from Mayor Krishna Deva and 12 others tearfully asking to return (SJ-19; SPI-19; O-20; SJ-20; BB-20; RG-20; SPI-20; DWR-26); R attorney says R will be glad to comply with the SC ruling and go through the more complicated annexation process now required (BB); an R resident (Sw. Anand Lazarus, 43, formerly of Dallas TX), suspected of having AIDS, dies of cancer; he was one of 11 at R who were suspected of having AIDS; no autopsy is performed and cremation/- celebration occurs at R; new test of two R residents isolated for AIDS now show no trace of antibodies and they are released from isolation; others will be retested (USA-19; O-19; SJ-19; SPI-19; RG-19; BB-19; DC-19; RT-20--see for interview with one of those released; DTH-20; RG-21; O-21; O-23; DWR-26)
85.09.18 ED[S] Vancouver, WA The Columbian says Bhagwan has purged R leaders (drawing parallels with Deng in China, as does the Eugene, OR Register-Guard) in an effort to make peace with Oregon, saying "Oregonians aren't quite ready to forgive and forget. Political and legal careers were founded on opposition to" R, including that of 1000 Friends; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist says R story has overshadowed reporting on the sales tax, expresses disbelief about Bhagwan's not being aware of Sheela's activities and speculates it might all just be another publicity stunt and editorial column calls R a failed utopia; San Francisco Chronicle runs cartoon about Bhagwan and Sheela; Woodburn, OR Independent columnist says "Right now, quite a few Oregonians would like to drop an A-bomb in the Bagwan's (sic) bedroom simply because he claims he is God." ; The Dalles Chronicle says Bhagwan must prove his allegations and asks "...what is the Bhagwan really up to?"; Grants Pass, OR Daily Courier says Bhagwan "has been caught by his own weapon", social disruption
85.09.19 [W] [R] [CR] [A] [PLAN] [RIC] Reported that R will appeal W County removal of all city comprehensive plans from county plan (DWR); The Dalles water system director says that in 1984 his department "'initiated increased monitoring and security and surveillance of our water supplies and terminal reservoirs,'" long before the salmonella outbreak and during that period no biological contaminants were found by sampling, but could have occurred and been diluted by natural or treatment processes (DC; DWR-26); parents of Homa and Rikta express concern at not having heard from them (BB; O); 20 former residents of A and their supporters meet at the Willowdale Cafe and decide to ask Rajneeshees to disincorporate the town; RIC, which owns all Rajneeshee property in CR (32 lots of 80), says it will not support such a move because it would reduce the value of RIC investments; he also says books are being audited to determine if $55 million is missing and that Rajneeshee owned corporations have assets worth about $200 million (BB-20; O-20; SJ-21; O-21; SPI-21; RG-21; DC-19); profile of Ma Prem Hasya, new President of RFI (O; see RG-20 for interview)
85.09.19 ED[S] The Dalles Weekly Reminder columnist expresses suspicion and an editoral expresses a "wait and see" attitude about Bhagwan's offer of friendship, as do the Condon, OR The Times-Journal and The Madras Pioneer; Portland, OR The Oregonina cartoon on Sheela
85.09.20 [W] [J] [R] [CR] [GOV] [AG] [SPI] [SCHL] [FEST] Holland's Nieuwe Revue magazine runs feature on Bhagwan and R; W County DA expreses suspicion of Bhagwan's allegations (USA); Gov. orders AG to investigate allegations of assassination attempts, especially of J County DA Sullivan, wiretapping and embezzlement at R, and salmonella poisonings; Bhagwan says Sheela used slow poison in his milk; reported that Ma Prem Patipada was not among those who had fled, but Ma Anand Sagun, CR Recorder had been (CBW-19; BB-20; SJ-21; O-21; ST- 21; SPI-21; RG-21; DC-22); Jewish Week-AmericanExaminer, New York says sannyasins have a center in Israel; Bhagwan tells Stern reporter he will stay in US until he gets permanent residency and then travel to Germany (SJ-24); two laws aimed specifically at Rajneeshees go into effect (one relating to investigations and withholding of funds by SPI when school district is accused of "sponsoring, financially supporting or actively involved with religious activity." and the other broadening the power of counties to regulate mass gatherings which would affect only the R summer festival; DWR-26); CR disincorporation petition drive to continue; Mayor KD said to have requested return to R and be welcome (DC)
85.09.20 ED[S] [BLM] Bend, OR The Bulletin laments fact that BLM trade 'nixed' by hositility towards Rajneeshees; McMinnvile, OR News-Register says salmonella allegations should be investigated, as does the Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News, which adds that recent events might mean 'the sect may be taking a turn for the better."; Seattle WA Post-Intelligencer recounts Bhagwan's allegations and says he is "hopping mad"; Longview, WA News says "Oregonians can be forgiven if they fail to turn handsprings in jubilation of the 'new and improved' Rancho Rajneesh. After four years of double talk, double-dealing and unbridled antagonism"; Tacoma, WA News Tribune doubts that Bhagwan is "an innocent dupe of the diabolical Sheela."; Bend, OR The Bulletin cartoon depicts Sheela as "Miss Piggy"; Seattle, WA Seattle Times columnist says Bhagwan has registered 95 Rolls Royces for a cheap $1900 in Oregon, scored 100 on the written and 90 on the driving test
85.09.21 [W] [R] Many R security measures remain in place (O; DC-22); feature explores whether recent events at R are a "big joke...really happened just as the bhagwan told it...(are) a political necessity and a public relations coup." (SPI); Bhagwan says that Sheela may have access to Swiss bank accounts with about $43 million in Rajneeshee money (BB-22; RT-27)
85.09.21 ED[S] Lewiston, ID Lewiston Tribune columnist says about R "Another religious cult begins to unravel"; Moscow, ID Idahoian says about R "another uptopian experiment is on the rocks."
85.09.22 [W] [R] Features on R, reforms in R (shorter workdays, dismantling of "mom" system of hierarchical power, new "leaders"), Bhagwan's allegations, the reactions of sannyasins, anti-Rajneeshees and various analysts; reported that Sheela married Sw. Dhyan Dipo/Urs Birnstiel, 34, in Mexico City last Dec. 14, that Sw. Rajan, Sheela's hairdresser had departed with her, that Sheela took tapes with her and the group had 28 pieces of baggage (NYT; Switzerland's Sonntagsblick, which focusses on Sheela's Swiss husband; BB; O--see particularly for biographical material on new corporation heads and a chronology of the departure events; O takes the position that all is merely the result of a power struggle and runs an ad for a three part series that started this day; SFE; SPI/ST; RG, which adopts the power struggle scenario; CT; CNCO); feature on the reactions of The Rajneesh Times and its reporters (O)
85.09.22 ED[S] Editor of The Rajneesh Times writes guest column for The Oregonian entitled "'Why didn't I understand what was happening?'" (fear, exile, ego, browbeating, logic, paranoia of R and Oregonians; see also DWR-26); editor of Oregon magazine writes guest column for The Oregonian entitled "With Rajneeshees, one thing certain: It's not the way it looks", saying Bhagwan is making Sheela a scapegoat, creating a smokescreen for his own departure, or he is purging the corrupt (see also DWR-26); Bend, OR The Bulletin gives Ma Anand Sheela Golden Throat Award to Bhagwan
85.09.23 [W] [R] [CR] [A] RST: [AG] [RMC] Features on recent events in R in Der Spiegel and Schweizer Illustrierte (which also runs article on Swiss sannyasins and their businesses); feature on Swiss bank accounts said to hold $43 million in money "siphoned" from European communes says no evidence of embezzlement at R has been found, that Sheela had maintained personal accounts in at least 2 banks and that RST had 7 accounts in Zurich, 6 in London, 3 in Cologne, 4 in Amsterdam and 3 in Sydney at least until the end of 1983; former sannyasins say Bhagwan knew of existence of Swiss accounts; AG says R had '"evidence of the most massive wiretapping and bugging episode ever in Oregon history and the most sophisticated equipment to do it.'"; evidently it had been installed by a British sannyasin, Sw. Anand Julian, who left the ranch at about the time Sheela did (O--two articles also repeat all allegations; BB; SJ; DC; USA-24); ex-Antelopians and Rep. McTeague hold press conference, say they continue to distrust Bhagwan and call for CR council to place disincorporation of the town on Nov. 2 ballot during its scheduled Oct. 1 meeting; CR Mayor Kavido said to be unavailable for comment for several days (ST; SJ-24; O-24; DC-24; RG-24; BB-24; BB-25; DWR-26); head of RMC says 9 at R have confirmed tests showing AIDS antibodies, but all previous AIDS precautions are being re-evaluated (O); CR residents receive letters limiting use of water for outdoor watering; letters are dated Sept. 2 and signed by Ma Anand Sagun, Recorder who left on or about the 14th (DWR-26)
85.09.23 ED[S] Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer columnist negatively recounts recent events at R; Portland, OR Business Journal says look to grassroots, including R, for answer to tax/budget dilemmas in face of recent overwhelming defeat of sales tax measure
85.09.24 [W] [R] [GER] [SMITH] [AG] [INS] Feature on new "leadership" at R asks questions about Bhagwan's responsibility (O); reported that a 25 page interview with Sheela is to be printed in Stern magazine in West Germany this week, that she says she still loves Bhagwan but that he is corrupt and she has no money; Stern bought exclusive rights to the story and has Sheela "stashed" somewhere in Germany; more than 25 people now on task force investigating allegations in R; 25-40 witnesses have been interviewed to date (O; BB; RG; O-25; RT-27); US Rep. Bob Smith says he has called on the US AG, Oregon AG, FBI, state police and INS to investigate the "horror stories" at R (DC-19; HN); Sheela gives NBC an interview "at her North Sea isalnd hideout.", saying the drug Ecstasy is stockpiled at R, Bhagwan uses it to "manipulate his followers.", that he is a liar, denies committing any of the crimes of which Bhagwan has accused her or knowing about the wiretapping or planning to use AIDS victims as a "'human wall' to keep outsiders away, tried to warn him that the commune was running out of money and her disenchantment with Bhagwan began 18 months ago "when he asked her to get him a $2.5 million diamond watch." or he would commit suicide; Bhagwan denies there are any drugs at R and at a 2 hour news conference says if Sheela is innocent "why didn't she return to Rajneeshpuram to face him."; Oregon Dept. of Motor Vehicles lists 76 Rolls Royces (not 93) registered at R; Bhagwan criticizes AG and investigation for "harassing innocent people.", cancelling interviews with him four times and not going after the guilty; he says former Mayor Krishna Deva is hiding in California trying to make a deal with the AG seeking immunity; up to 50 investigators now said to be working on the case (SPI-25; DC-25; USA-25; BB-25; O-25; DWR-26; O-26; RT-27); AG says Bhagwan has been making statements which show that R "'is a theocracy.'" as he contends in the church-state case (BB-25; DWR-26)
85.09.24 [R] [CNCL] R Mayor pro tem Sw. Prem Niren expresses concern to R City Council about role of AG's office in the task force because of the pending church-state issue; media covers council meeting; applications solicited for two vacancies on Council and Municipal Judge vacancy to be submitted by Oct. 4 and considered at the Oct. 5 meeting; 90 people attend and ask for more access to information; Council appoints an information officer to post daily updates; later council meets with R Attorney in executive session to discuss status of current litigation (BB-25; DWR-26; RT-27)
85.09.24 [SC] [NO.  : Oregon SC refuses motion to reconsider filed by 1000 Friends in R incorporation case, thus reaffirming their July 9 ruling that W County officials did not need to take a formal exception to Goal 14 and that LCDC's retroactive rule was unfair; the two issues of agricultural land classification and W County Commissioner Rick Cantrell's actions must still be considered by LUBA (SJ-25; RG-25; O-25)
85.09.25 [W] [R] [CR] [A] [GOV] CR Mayor Kavido says the Council is open to holding a vote on changing the name back to Antelope (BB; O-26); Bhagwan criticizes law enforcement agencies again; FBI says it cancelled interviews with him because it could not allow video cameras upon which Bhagwan insisted; Gov. says his "'patience has been worn as thin as it can get'" with R as he and Bhagwan "traded barbed comments for 24 hours over conduct of the investigation"; Gov. also says there are contingency plans to "protect" the people at R, declining to elaborate; harmony said to be restored this date (BB-26; O-26; SJ-26; ST-26; RT-27); German police say the Sheela in a resort hotel on the North Sea island of Juist is not Ma Anand Sheela, report is later contradicted (O-26; RG-27); cremation/celebration for Ma Deva Nartano, who died of cancer in hospital in Bend (RT-27)
85.09.25 ED[S] Editorial cartoons in Molalla, OR Pioneer and Cottage Grove, OR Sentinel; Portland, OR Business Journal says there's reason for hope out of Rajneeshees' trauma; Seattle, WA, Seattle Times columnist writes sarcastically about recent events at R; The Dalles Chronicle expresses skepticism about the "Cat fights between the Bhagwan and Sheela"; Longview, WA News columnist asks who to believe
85.09.26 [W] [R] [INS] RL[S] [OSP] [SAHP] [GOV] [RIC] European Rajneeshees quoted as shocked by Bhagwan's allegations (DWR); Stern prints interview with Sheela, entitled "To Hell with Bahgwan" in which she says 20 people left with her, she fears being killed and also prints an interview with Bhagwan (see also SJ; BB; USA; ST; RT-27--see for list of those at Sheela's interview; Newsweek-10/7) features on recent events at R in West Germany's Quick magazine (includes interview with Bhagwan), in West Germany's Bunte magazine; feature in Willamette Week speculates that Sheela's departure may be to distance Bhagwan from alleged INS violations and remove Sheela and cohorts from grand jury proceedings; reported that hunting will not be allowed at Rancho Rajneesh (O); Bhagwan says sannyasins need no longer wear the colors of the sunrise or the mala, that he will have The Book of Rajneeshism destroyed and they should no longer call themselves Rajneeshees in order to avoid the insitutionalization of his movement (BB; RT-27; SJ-27; RG-27; O-27; SPI-28; ST-29; DWR-10/3); article describing Bhagwan's nightly interviews (BB); third in series on interview with Bhagwan in The Madras Pioneer; a fund called the Rajneeshpuram Legal Assistance Fund reported to have been started at R for those willing to give evidence in allegations, since RLS may have a conflict of interest in representing them and R corporations at the same time (DWR; O-29; SJ-30; ST-30); teams of three said to be investigating various crimes, a private line telephone installed in R for police business, a motor home to lodge law enforcement personnel who spend the night in R and a crime laboratory; R said to be in - a state of shock, but cooperative; OSP says Rajneeshees very cooperative until SAHP and relations strained during last year, now again good (DWR); Mayor of R Sw. Prem Niren says he has called for state and federal observers of the investigations at R and that "there was alarm in the community when it was rumored that Gov. Vic Atiyeh might be planning to call up the National Guard." but that the Gov.'s office had said "no such action was imminent." although '"We are prepared for virtually any eventuality.'" (O-27); Sheela and friends apparently fly out of island of Juist (RG-27; O-27); Pres. of RIC says First Interstate Bank is closing all its accounts with Rajneeshee corporations and organizations (who have had those accounts for three or more years), thus Rajneeshee businesses can no longer accept bank credit cards; bank gives notice that all Rajneeshee business checking accounts will be terminated at the end of Oct.; letter from the bank said to refer to news articles which claim the businesses are "on a shaky financial footing."; RIC Pres. says there are no financial problems (DC-27; O-27; SJ-28; SPI-28; DWR-10/3)
85.09.26 [WCCC] [NO.  : In the first of moves suggested by Bhagwan, CR Mayor and Recorder ask their attorney to move to dismiss lawsuit filed on Aug. 31, 1984 against W County Clerk Sue Proffitt for deciding to conduct a 1984 election through mail ballots, her assignment of polling places and amended to bring a civil rights complaint (O-27; DC-27; DWR-10/3; RT-10/11)
85.09.26 ED[S] [CR] Editorial cartoon in Myrtle Creek, OR Umpqua Free Press; Prineville, OR Central Oregonian columnist asks "Whom do we believe?"; The Dalles Weekly Reminder says disincorporating CR may be the only way Rajneeshees can "get that second chance"; Waitsburg, WA Times columnist expresses pleasure at R's "troubles"
85.09.27 [W] [R] [PUR] [RIMU] Feature story on recent events at R in Italy's Epoca magazine; two articles in Swiss papers, one saying mother of Dipo hopeful that he has escaped "'the snares of the Bhagwan clan.'" (Blick Fuer Die Frau magazine) and another tracing Sheela's whereabouts after Zurich (Haeusern in the Black Forest for three days, then to Kassel; Aargauer Tagblatt); those who purchased 52 acres of land in Cannon Beach in 1982 say they did so to prevent Rajneeshees from doing so (RG); two Portland attorneys meet with R residents to inform them of their rights (O-29; BB-30; SJ-30); article describing Sheela's visit to Zurich Commune (RT); among allegations being investigated are the infection of the R dairy herd, a plan aborted at the last 'minute to poison everyone eating Mahaparinirvana boxed dinners, poisoning of 350-400 fish in Patanjali Lake; interview with Ma Anand Zeno who had been wrongly isolated as carrying the AIDS virus and with Sw. Devageet, new Chancellor of RIMU (RT)
85.09.27 ED[S] [A] [GOV] [AG] Bend, OR The Bulletin says Antelope should get back its name; The Rajneesh Times editorials on law enforcement officials procedures, the continuing hostility of Gov. and AG, the revolution at R
85.09.28 [W] [R] [RIC] [RNSIC] [RMC] [RHT] Sheela reported still to be in Juist and to fear a 'hit team" might "kill her" (SFE); FBI evaluates evidence from an alleged "clandestine laboratory or workshop that reputedly was used for 'germ warfare' experiments at Rancho Rajneesh."; the article also reports: investigators were told Sheela withdrew $87,000 from a Portland bank just before departure, but RIC Pres. knows nothing of it; RNSIC bought as much as $100,000 worth of electronic gear per month from Oct. 1984 on; over 200 separate eavesdropping devices have been found; Sw. Anand Julian allegedly daily changed tapes on secret recording device in Bhagwan's home; police have recovered 2500 to 3000 tapes from wiretaps and buggings; no evidence has been found to link Rajneeshees to salmonella outbreak in The Dalles although RMC "did buy two batches of an apparently different salmonella strain from a laboratory supply company." (O; RG; SJ); two sannyasins who went to R on RHT program said they were given "scholarships" and "encouraged" to register to vote (O)
85.09.29 [W] [R] Features on recent events in R and interviews with Bhagwan (BB; USA; Dayton, OH Dayton Daily News)
85.09.29 ED[S] [1000] Bend, OR The Bulletin continues to give the Ma Anand Sheela Golden Throat Award; Longview, WA News columnist mentions Bhagwan in writing about secular humanism in the schools; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal comments on the "unlikely alliance" between 1000 Friends and Eastern Oregon "local officials as both groups seek to curb Rajneesh activities."
85.09.30 [W] [R] [AG] [RFI] [RIC] [RNSIC] 4000-6000 copies of The Book of Rajneeshism and Sheela's red robes burned at a ceremoney attended by 2000-2500 at the R crematorium; at a press conference afterwards Bhagwan denounces all religions but lauds "religiousness", says that the death of Rajneeshism negates the AG's church-state lawsuit and that Rajneeshees will drop all cases against the state if the church-state suit is dropped (SFE-29; BB-29; O; DC-10/1; BB-10/1; O-10/1; SJ-10/1; SPI-10/1; OCR-10/1; USA-10/1; SFE-10/2; The Guardian-- 10/2; DWR-10/3); RFI has retained Robert McCrea of Eugene, RIC Ronald Hoevet of Portland and RNSIC John Ransom of Portland to advise them and members of their legal rights (BB; SJ; DWR-10/3); articles on recent events in R in Time and Newsweek magazines; federal and state authorities begin serving 80 subpoenas to prospective witnesses on allegations, about 40 before a W County grand jury on Oct. 16-17 and about 30 for a federal grand jury Nov. 18-19 in Portland; more subpoenas said to be forthcoming (SJ-10/1; SPI-10/1; BB-10/1; O-10/l--see for list of some receiving subpoenas; SJ-10/2; O-10/2--says 78 persons are named in 85 subpoenas; DWR-10/3); Bhagwan and AG Frohnmayer appear on ABC-TV's "Nightline" (RG 10/2; DWR-10/3); Sociology Professor Robert Bellah of UC Berkeley says at UO keynote address that Rajneeshees may join as a rejection of "'radical autonomy'" in American values (O-10/1)
85.09.30 ED[S] Pendleton, OR East Oregonian quotes Bhagwan and chides him for accusing Sheela; Portland, OR The Oregonian editorial cartoon suggesting financial problems at R
85.10.01 [W] [R] [RMC] [E] [ENG] CBRA[J] [INS] Oregon magazine's "Rajneesh Watch" focusses on RMC and health care in R; feature article summarizes recent events in R (LAKE); Assistant US Attorney Barry Sheldahl says that the federal grand jury focus will be on wiretapping violations at R (DC); two features on Zurich commune and recent R events (Tages-Anzeiger); feature on Medina commune in England and recent events at R (EADT); feature on Church of Rajneeshism commune in Laguna Beach, CA (SAR); sannyasins interviewed at R call Sheela "'Emotional cripple.' 'She-bear.' 'corrupted by power.'" (DC); R Mayor Niren says he has reason to believe that Bhagwan and others will be arrested today or tomorrow; W County DA says arrests in the next two days are "'not anticipated'"; INS denies that arrests are imminent (BB; SJ-2; DC-2); Bhagwan gives interview to Stern reporter (see RT-11 for partial text); New Frontier magazine runs feature, "Bhagwan on sex"
85.10.01 [CR] [CNCL] CR Council votes to accept a petition by 30 residents (most, perhaps all, sannyasins) to put a measure on the Nov. 5 ballot to change name back to Antelope; ex-A Councilman Smith warns that disincorporation petition already has 10-20,000 (MP says 200,000) signatures and will continue to circulate; letter from The Committee to Save Antelope read which requests disincorporation; the matter will be researched and discussed at the November meeting; the tax rate in CR is reported to be: county $3.56, school $1.77, city $19.80, ESD $1.30, Treaty Oak $0.71, total $27.14; by comparison the combined rate in The Dalles is $23.62; next year's CR rate, however, will fall from $19.80 to $12.14 per $1000 of assessed valuation; "longtime" A residents express suspicion of sannyasin words and actions; Council urges CR Attorney to negotiate a settlement in the matter of the ownership of Antelope Community Church; "The council discussed a proposal in which the city would drop its fight for the church and four of six town lots that go with it in exchange for title to three lots. The city wants to retain three lots because its fire hall and recycling center are built on them." (BB; DC; DC-2; S-2; O-2; SJ-2; DWR-3; // MP-3; CTJ-10; BB-10)
85.10.01 [SC] [NO.  : Oregon SC rules that W County must coordinate its comprehensive plan with R; W County Planner says the county "'completed coordination responsibilities when the county court took final actions Sept. 4' to repeal all city plans from the county plan." (DC-2; USA-2; O-2; DWR-10)
85.10.01 [MCCC] [NO.  : Testimony begins in arson trial against Stephen P. Paster, accused of Hotel Rajneesh bombing in 1983; prosecutor says he will not offer a motive and defense attorney says the evidence is circumstantial; trial is expected to last two days; Judge is Clifford B. Olsen (O-2)
85.10.01 ED[S] Seattle, WA Post-Intelligencer runs editorial cartoon on sale of Rolls Royces
85.10.02 [W] [R] [AG] [OSP] [SMITH] [INS] [GOV] AG Frohnmayer says that statements by Bhagwan saying that Rajneeshism as a religion is dead are "like 'holding up an egg and calling it a sausage.'", that he will continue the church-state case, oral arguments are scheduled for mid-November (DC; BB RG; SFC-3); OSP Superintendent John Williams says he expects more subpoenas to be served on R residents this week and possibly search warrants (DC; BB); Rep. Bob Smith calls on Treasury Secretary James Baker and US AG Edwin Meese for an immediate review of the tax and immigration status of Bhagwan, sannyasins and their corporations in light of the declaration that Rajneeshism is dead as a religion, "saying any advantages he enjoyed as a religious leader should be withdrawn and deportation proceedings against him would be appropriate." and that past taxes should be recovered since religious exemptions were not warranted (DC; see 0 for INS comments; HN-3; see CTJ-3 and LCE-3 for column on topic written by Smith; MP-10); features on interview with Bhagwan, R, recent events, sannyasins' and experts' reactions (LDN); Bhagwan says in morning discourse that Sheela was never a meditator, urges her arrest, and says "authorities have plans to arrest him and 100 disciples and that the Oregon National Guard is on alert and massing troops in Madras."; R Mayor says that representatives of the INS, US AG and US Attorney's Office in Portland held a meeting last week in Washington DC, arrest warrants have been ordered, but that the US Justice Department was prepared to discuss the possiblity that those named could surrender; INS, US Attorney and AG's offices deny arrests are scheduled for this week and the Governor says he has not placed the National Guard on alert although "plans have been developed 'for every eventuality.'" (BB; RG; O; LAHE; SJ; SPI-3); High School music club in Salem invites Bhagwan to bring his Rolls Royces for a car wash fundraiser (DC; BB); 7 search warrants served by state investigators seeking medical and financial records and FBI looking for electronic eavesdropping related evidence; searches of buildings and a lake where fish have been dying (apparently looking for a metal box containing automatic weapons) begin (SJ-3; O-3--see also for feature on Julian, accused of installing the "bugs"; SPI-3; RG-3; ST-3; DC-7); Bhagwan gives interview to Newsweek reporter (see RT-11 for partial text)
85.10.02 [MCCC] [NO.  : Stephen Paster found guilty (after 1 1/2 days of testimony and one hour jury deliberation) of first degree arson in bombing of Hotel Rajneesh in Portland in 1983; sentencing set for Nov. 4 (RG-3; O-3)
85.10.02 ED[S] [A] [CR] [1000] Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times says Bhagwan has put Oregon "on the national news map" and that R will pay about $200,000 in property taxes this year; LaGrande, OR Observer columnist spoofs recent events in R; Baker, OR Democrat-Herald says name of Antelope should be returned; Portland, OR The Oregonian spoof about Rolls Royces and guest columnist takes the paper to task for accepting 1000 Friends' positions without question; The Dalles Chronicle supports disincorporation of CR and suspicion of Bhagwan
85.10.03 [W] [J] [R] [GER] [SAHP] [CR] Feature on Bhagwan's recent statements, reactions by German sannyasins and an exclusive interview with Sheela in West Germany's Stern magazine; Sheela claims use of "ecstasy" (MDMA) by Hasya and others, discounts Devaraj's story of being poisoned by Shanti Bhadra, says there are only about 30,000 sannyasins, and that: she did not embezzle any money; Bhagwan's companion, Vivek, is a nag and takes drugs and was once struck by Bhagwan; there are 21-27 "defectors" with her; Bhagwan's silence occured because it was "more favorable politically" and meant sannyasins would work longer hours; he decided to talk again when she opposed the purchase of a watch for over a million dollars; Bhagwan traded "enlightenment documents" for Rolls Royces; his food, clothing and body care costed $50,000 per month; he took Valium and laughing gas regularly; article has biographical material on Sheela, including her sex life; she claims her belligerent behavior was coached by Bhagwan and that SAHP and the AIDS complex in CR were his ideas (see also O; BB; SJ; RG; ST; DWR-10); last in series on August interview with Bhagwan (MP); feature on the sophisticated technology used in electronic eavesdropping devices in R (O—see also for list of some subpoenaed to testify before the federal grand jury that will begin investigating the matter on Nov. 19); Eastern Oregon poet said to be working on a collection of essays entitled "'Translations of Rural America for the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.'" (MP); the Society of Professional Journalists holds a panel discussion on media coverage of R at the Heathman Hotel in Portland (0-9/24); mixed reactions to a "man in the street" poll of Myrtle Creek, OR area residents on whether they would "like Rajneeshis (sic) as neighbors?" (UFP); 11,000 word affadavit filed in J County in support of search warrant "quotes a witness as saying that top Rajneeshees held meetings to plot murders, and that Krishna Deva, the former Rajneeshpuram mayor, attended several of them."; the witness is Ma Deva Samya, 34, Argentinian by birth and publisher of The Rajneesh Times, married to Sw. Shunyo, 40, a physician who apparently left R and dropped sannyas the previous week and also quoted in the 49 page document signed by OSP Lt. Dean L. Renfrow; the affadavit says Ma Anand Puja, 37, Philippines-born, was responsible for research labs and unorthodox medical practices at R; witnesses also testified that J County DA Michael Sullivan clearly had symptoms of poisoning two years previously, that SAHP participants' beer had been spiked with Haldol (O-4--see for names of others allegedly attending murder-plot meetings, details of various allegations and profile of Puja; see O-12 for correction on name Karuna mentioned with regard to affadavit; BB-4; SJ-5; BB-6; DC-7; MP-10; DWR-10)
85.10.03 US[CA] [NO.  : Deadline for INS to make determination of status of 23 Rajneeshee spouses; INS asks for delay; a federal grand jury has been hearing evidence on marriage fraud allegations; according to an April 1983 INS internal memo: "'The organization is responsible for from 300 to 500 suspect marriages according to former followers believed to be credible. 95% of the marriages between citizens and alien members of this organization are phony.'"; the INS is granted an indefinite extension of deadline to complete its criminal investigations (O-2; RG-2; SJ-2; DC-2; O-8; RG-9; DC-9; RT-11)
85.10.03 ED[S] [INS] Madras, OR The Pioneer askes why INS hasn't deported Bhagwan to India yet; Bend, OR The Bulletin says Bhagwan in hoping to save R by declaring Rajneeshism dead as a religion might hurry his own deportation; Prineville, OR Central Oregonian asks about past wages and taxes for sannyasin workers now that Rajneeshism is declared not to be a religion
85.10.04 [W] [R] [GER] [OSP] [CR] Article speculating on the number and types of search warrants issued to date (DC); West Germanys' Die Zeit prints speculation that Bhagwan will take over the island of Helgoland; OSP Superintendent says indictments and arrest warrants will be forthcoming; 20 new warrants served this date; it is reported that ex-R Mayor Krishna Deva and ex-CR Recorder Ma Anand Sagun returned to R the previous evening and are "believed to be seeking legal immunity in exchange for information."; 100 subpoenas have been served to date, including one on Bhagwan to appear on Oct. 9; discussions concerning immunity for two witnesses said to be held and two more such discussions likely, says AG (ST-5; SJ-5; BB-6; DC-7; O-8; SJ-8; DWR-10)
85.10.05 [W] [R] [GER] Calgary, Canada Herald prints R resident's positive report on life at R; Cologne, West Germany's Bild reports on 'Sheela and 20 followers' life in Haeusern in the Black Forest; feature on recent events in R in West Germany's Stuttgarter Nachrichten
85.10.05 [R] [CNCL] Council ratifies Sw. Prem Niren as Mayor, accepts Ma Jayamala resignation from Council and appoints Sw. Sharanananda to a different vacancy, selects Ma Deva Anando as Municipal Judge; Council decides to post minutes of meetings and dispense with formal reading: Oct. 20 set. as hearing date to begin taking testimony on repeat of annexation process; vacancy projected in office of City Recorder and Finance Officer; position of City Budyet Officer and Hearings Officer for appeals on land use matters are open; Pro Tem Judge postion to be filled as needed; announcement that R's insurance has been cancelled; City Attorney recommends R drop a lawsuit against W County for violations of the open meetings law and asks a Councilmember to attend a settlement hearing for part of the Harvey case; she announces that Judge Helen Frye is now sitting on the case against several Oregon officials, Judge Owen Panner having removed himself; Council invites applications for vacancies on Committee for Citizens Involvement (RT-11; SJ-13)
85.10.06 [W] [R] [GER] [AG] Interview with ex-movie star and disillusioned sannyasin in West Germany's Bild Am Sonntag; investigations at R said to be stalled while some disciples seek immunity (Sw. Krishna Deva, 36, and Ma Ava, 25; AG says R has never cooperated as much as they have asserted they would (O—see also for key dates in investigation; SJ); feature on recent events at R (SB); former R Mayor Krishna Deva leaves R once again (RT-11)
85.10.06 ED[S] Portland, OR The Oregonian mulls over what it feels to be the confusing behavior of sannyasins
85.10.07 [W] [R] [CR] [GER] [AG] Reported that Bhagwan has said work should no longer be called "worship" nor places of work be called "temples"; CR Mayor Kavido announces she will resign as of Oct. 15, saying she is tired of politics; reported that Bhagwan had been subpeonaed to testify tomorrow before a federal grand jury in Portland concerning wiretapping, but that the US Attorney's office today approved a delay in his appearance for at least 30 days; R Attorney says Home Insurance Co. of Seattle has cancelled R's auto and workers' compensation coverage as of this date (with notification on Aug. 6) giving no reason for the midterm cancellation; R has filed a complaint protesting the Oregon Insurance Commissioner's failure to prevent that move, is awaiting a hearing and has found minimal insurance coverage until then; American State Bank confirms reports that seven major Rajneesh corporation accounts have been opened with them (BB; O-3; SJ-8; DC-9; DWR-10; O-11; RT-11; DWR-17); feature on recent events at R in People magazine (see also LAHE); 5 Bend, OR evangelical Christians continue to travel to R to preach in the streets (O); features on Laguna Beach sannyasins and their reactions to recent events in R (DN; LAT); interview with R resident, formerly of Watertown, NY (DT)
85.10.07 ED[S] Las Vegas, Nevada Review-Journal says "A silly cult reveals squalid underside" in R; Eugene, OR Register-Guard columnist comments on use of Book of Rajneeshism in court swearing-in process
85.10.08 [W] [R] [GER] [E] Features on Sheela's stay in the Black Forest of West Germany and on Swiss sannyasins in Basle (Basler Zeitung); features on recent events in R in the Globe and in the Star; The Oregonian reporter says the recent weeks' "rumors of arrests and military intervention proved false... But that did not seem to reduce the siege atmosphere" at R; article on touring American soprano and sannyasin currently in South Africa in the Capetown Cape Times; article on increased business at Shaniko Sam's gas station and store as a result of events at R (DC)
85.10.08 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal runs editorial cartoon on sale of Rolls Royces; Eagle Point, OR Independent News columnist recounts degree to which R events are occupying officials at the state Capitol
85.10.09 [W] [R] [RNSIC] [INS] [CO] [CR] [FAW] Former R City Recorder and RNSIC Treasurer, Ma Sat Prabodhi, and psychiatrist and former Vice-Chancellor of RIMU, Sw. Prem Siddha, both of whom had resigned and left R in July reportedly located in Arizona (O; RT-11); reported that Sheela's sister had also left R; R bus station moved to keep bus system almost entirely on private roads; investigation continues (O) INS says it is taking a hard look at Bhagwan's application for permanent residency in light of his statements about religion; R spokesperson and OSU Religion Professor say the demise of "Rajneeshism" "does not mean Rajneesh is not a religious leader of a spritual movement and should not affect the foundation's tax-exempt status." (DC; BB; see also DWR-10); CO (also referred to as Concerned Oregonians of Wasco County Political Action Committee or COWC-PAC) announces a fundraiser at The Dalles High School on Oct. 17 to raise money and gather signatures for the CR disincorporation petition; Reps. Dave McTeague and Wayne Fawbush, chief sponsors of the petition drive, will speak (DC; DWR-10); FBI and R representatives hold long meeting at R and five more cartons of documents handed over to authorities (O-10)
85.10.09 ED[S] [SAHP] [AG] [SMITH] Portland, OR The Oregonian mentions change in voter registration laws as response to SAHP; Klamath Falls, OR Herald and News says "Either the teachings of Rajneesh are religious and Frohnmayer has a case, or they aren't and Smith has one." and tax exemptions and Bhagwan's visa should be withdrawn, says "Rajneesh, in his efforts to undo the past, may have boxed himself in. Whether that leads to his eventual exit from Oregon, however, will depend on what federal authorities do next."
85.10.10 [W] [R] [OSP] [CR] [A] [AG] [GOV] State Dept. of Justice and OSP notify the Emergency Board of the Legislature that they may seek up to $932,000 as early as December for the cost of criminal investigations at R; OSP say they have already spent $60,000 (BB; O-11; DC-11; RT-11; DWR-17; RT-18); Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon says the CR Council has offered an out-of-court settlement in the dispute over ownership the the A Community Church, apparently different from the one discussed by the Council at their meeting on Oct. 1; the case is before the CA, which has heard arguments, but not yet issued a decision (BB-10; O-11; DC-11; MP-17); W County DA says W County grand jury which convenes on Oct. 16 will hear regular cases first and R last, with AG Office staff preparing evidence and obtaining witnesses, not his office (DC; SJ-11); Governor says "there is a strong likelihood that former followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh will be indicted on criminal charges." by the W County grand jury (DC-11)
85.10.10 ED[S] [RSD] [AG] The Dalles Weekly Reminder columnist says that educators fear HB 2568, passed into law and aimed at the R School District, could create a legal morass because it doesn't define its terms, including "religious activity" and an editorial says AG still has a church-state case, even if "there is no longer a religion of Rajneeshism"
85.10.11 [W] [R] [RNSIC] [RIC] [RFI] CR/[A] [RHT] [PROFF] [ELECT] [RIMU] [RSD] New Pres. of RNSIC, Ma Prem Anuradha, 41, says she believes the commune will survive, that it grossed about $17 million the previous year from its businesses, that it has 1200-1300 members (O; see RT for interview with her); Pres. of RIC Dhyan John says in speech to Portland City Club that R businesses pump $2 million a month into Oregon's economy and assets "have a book value of $80 million"; he was joined on a panel by Pres. of RFI Hasya and Ma Prem Isabel, RNSIC press relations director; they answer questions from the crowd of 400 for over an hour; Hasya speaks of building bridges and says the criminal investigation has gone astray, targetting Bhagwan and innocents at R and not criminals who have left the commune (SJ-12; RG-12; O-12; BB-13); Pres. RIC* says he is willing to agree to purchase of corporation property in CR/A, which includes 11 houses, 2 trailers, 6 parcels of undeveloped land, the cafe/store and the "man-camp" housing project; RIC also supports the name change back to A (RT); RNSIC and RHT announce a joint program to plant 23,000 trees at R (RT); FBI agents and R attorneys continue to meet (O-12); Seattle sannyasins hold meeting of over 150 at area Scottish Rite Temple to discuss events at R and work out their feelings with therapists from R (ST-12); lawsuit against W County Clerk Proffitt originally brought by CR Mayor Kavido and CR Recorder Sagun for conducting a 1984 election by mail ballot and later amended to challenge her change of polling place to the county garage has been dropped (RT); Fossil resident Elsie Thompson, frequent visitor to R, says harmony now possible (RT); costume parties, more live entertainment, popcorn and improved ventilation are announced for Omar Khayyam Lounge in R (RT); RIMU therapists offer program called "Clarity Amidst Chaos" for 30 days of living at R at a cost of $900 (lower than the up to $2000 charged previously); RIMU offering counselling to R residents free of charge, has run several groups for community residents and is taking application for new therapists (RT); 2 vacancies on RSD board announced, as well as vacancies for 3 voluntary teachers (RT)
85.10.11 ED[S] Klamath Falls, OR, Herald and News columnist says he wanted to be a bhagwan at one time but it "no longer looks like fun."; The Rajneesh Times editorials comment on recent events in R
85.10.12 [W] [R] [AG] [USDC] [HRCC] [WCCC] [LUBA] [CANT] [MCCC] [RIC] [BLDG] CR/[A] [SAHP] Litigation update lists upcoming schedule: Nov. 18 USDC AG's summary judgement request in church-state case; Nov. 8 USDC arguments on motion to dismiss in R suit against several state officials; Hood River County Circuit Court trial Oct. 15 in defamation suit against Sheela by Marcia Wichelmann seeking $3 million, moved from W County on a change of venue motion; Oct. 22 WCCC hearing on R motion asking for the ban on construction in R to be lifted; Oct. 21 due date for LUBA briefs on Cantrell and agricultural land issues in incorporation case; Oct. 29 trial in MCCC in the suits and countersuits between former ranch manager Harvey and three R corporations; Nov. 14 in Salem the state Electrical Board will consider the request for $111,500 in fines against RIC for "winterized tents"; other issues which are pending are: W County and federal grand jury investigations into criminal charges against departed leaders; a state Department of Revenue hearing on whether Mandir should be tax-exempt as a religious building; city hearing on the annexation of over 100 acres to R; the CR/A Community Church dispute; suit brought by ex-SAHP participants; several other civil suits involving arrests by the R Peace Force, recovery of money and damages for defamation; immigration status of Bhagwan and several sannyasins (O; DC-13; BB-14); community meeting in R reaffirms AIDS precautions (RT-18)
85.10.14 [W] [R] CAN: [RFI] First of several part series on recent events in R, life at R and quotes from Bhagwan (SPI); features on recent events in R, reactions of R and nearby residents (LAT; US News and World Report; Canada's Maclean's; Newsweek); alleged drug smuggler arrested in Vancouver, BC (Robert Franklin Black, 44) said to have ties to R, be a sannyasin or have stayed at R; Black said to have used many aliases and to have been involved in international drug and currency smuggling since the late 1960s (BB-13; O; O-16); Board of RFI votes to change name from Rajneesh Foundation International to Rajneesh Friends International (RT-18)
85.10.14 ED[S] [BUS] Portland, OR Business Journal mentions that American State Bank, Portland's only minority-owned bank, faced disaster in December until R corporation money was deposited there, saying "Business is business, and religious discrimination has no business being involved."
85.10.15 [W] [R] [GOV] [AG] [OSP] [RIC] Second in series quotes Sheela and describes interviews with Bhagwan, describes recent events, cites attitudes about cleanliness and AIDS (SPI); W County grand jury (5 men and 2 women) begins hearing testimony from more than 100 sannyasins in what is expected to be a 4 to 6 month process; appearing are Sw. Devaraj, Bhagwan's doctor, said to have been poisoned by Ma Shanti Bhadra (for four hours), Ma Prem Hasya, his wife and Bhagwan's secretary, Ma Deva Barkha, Chief of R Peace Force; the special order of the Governor has given the AG authority to conduct the grand jury proceedings in place of the W County DA; State Board of Medical Examiners will investigate alleged violations of Oregon's Medical Practices Act at R at request of OSP (SJ; O; BB; BB-16; SJ-16; O-16; DC-16; DWR-17; RT-18); Hotel Rajneesh in Portland is put up for sale by RIC for S2.2 million (it was purchased in Jan. 1983 for $1.4 million); RIC representatives have arranged meetings with three commercial brokerages to hear marketing strategies and are said to be looking for an all-cash sale with quick closing (O; SJ-16; RT-18)
85.10.15 [HRCC] [NO.  : Jury selection begins in Wichelmann defamation suit against Sheela, RIC, RNSIC, RFI; Judge Jelderks says Sheela need not be present; defense attorneys "had agreed that Sheela's statement (about Wichelmann's husband who had died six weeks previous to the Oct. 1983 school board meeting at which the remarks were made] were made without any reason to believe they were true and that they constituted outrageous conduct as a matter of law.", jurors will be asked to decide whether Wichelmann suffered distress and if the damages of $2 million being asked should be awarded (O-16; SJ-17; DWR-17)
85.10.15 [MCCC] [NO.  : Judge Philip T. Abraham refuses to grant a third delay in trial date of Oct. 29 in the suits by RFI and RNSIC against the Harveys and their countersuits against the two organizations and R (O-16)
85.10.16 [W] [R] [AUS] [RIC] [IMP] [CR] [GER] [RHT] [RFI] [RMC] Feature on recent events in R, Rajneeshee corporation finances and the attempt to take over ERG in Australian Business magazine; three DC-3 airplanes at R sold to Texas woman for $175,000; their original cost was $300,000; R still has a 19 passenger twin engine Convair, a 10 passenger twin engine Britten Norman Islander, and a helocopter; several houses in CR are for sale for $17,000 to $75,000; the modular housing complex originally purchased in Idaho and brought to CR also put up for sale; RIC Pres. says he is divesting "'stupid' investments" and he hopes to buy a jet; assessors say Rancho Rajneesh and improvements are worth about $22 million (DC; O; SJ; DWR-17; RT-25); Sheela's offer to buy a first-class, 500 year old, 67 room, but bankrupt hotel in Hinterzarten, near Haeusern for $1.5 million is rejected by the town council after a "German expert on religious sects testified it was not certain that Sheela and the others definitely had split with Rajneesh,"; other reports say the owner of the hotel is asking $1.9 million, that Sheela looked at the property but no offers have been made and that the Mayor and local residents will fight the purchase (O; SJ-17; RG-17); Sheela denies allegations of missing money, but many say she took millions in donations that never reached the corporations (O); Ma Prem Arup, new Secretary-Treasurer of RHT and new Pres. Sw. Anand Rajen announce their new project to plant 15,000 trees at R; Rajneesh Foundation International to be renamed Rajneesh Friends International and the Academy of Rajneeshism to be renamed Rajneesh Academy in corporation reorganizations (BB); testifying before W County grand jury are Ma Prem Hasya, Sw. Shunyo, former RMC doctor, Ma Yoga Taru (RG-17; SJ-17)
85.10.17 [W] [R] [RIMU] [RIC] [GER] [BUS] [CO] [CR] W County grand jury takes testimony from Sw. Devageet, Bhagwan's dentist, and Ma Prem Maitri, a RIMU therapist, Sw. Anand Devalaya, Vice-President of RIC, Sw. Prem Vardo, Sw. Sharanananda, Director of the R Legal Assistance Fund (DC; RG); West Germany's Quick magazine says sannyasin businesses there are still thriving, with 2,000 visiting the Cologne disco every night (see also RG-19); rally in The Dalles High School Auditoriaum sponsored by CO to raise money for the CR disincorporation petition drive; 150-400 attend and are told that 20,000 signatures have been gathered, $1,700 raised and 15,000 petitions are on the streets; $850 in contributions and ticket sales; Wamic singer dresses as Bhagwan and sings several songs he has written about R (DWR; DC-18; BB-20)
85.10.18 [W] [R] [RMC] [AUS] Recap of grand jury related events (IA); feature on RMC and medical care at R in American Medical News; reported that 16 Navy divers have been asked by the FBI to begin diving in Pantanjali Lake at R on the 21st to look for illegal machine guns; on Oct. 2 two divers failed to find anything (BB); feature on reactions in Perth, Australia commune to recent events in R; new arts group formed at R (RT)
85.10.18 [HRCC] [NO.  : 5 woman, 7 man jury decides Sheela is liable for $625,000 in damages to Marcia Wichelmann, who sought $3 million for outrageous conduct; if damages are not recoverable from Sheela, a second trial will be held to determine corporate responsibility (O-19; BB-20; SJ-22; DWR-24; RT-25)
85.10.18 ED[S] [BUS] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal comments on sale of Hotel Rajneesh and Sheela's contemplation of German hotel purchase; The Rajneesh Times asks why the government is stalling and not arresting Sheela and other perpetrators of alleged crimes
85.10.19 [W] [R] Evangelist Luis Palau, who will conduct Nov. 20- 24 Christian camp meetings in Salem, OR says he is praying for Bhagwan to become a Christian (SJ)
85.10.20 [W] [R] Reported that 5 sannyasins or ex-sannyasins were placed under heavy sedation for several days, others were incorrectly diagnosed as having conjunctivitis or AIDS (2 of 11) and placed in isolation, or given suspect medication by Sheela and Puja as "punishment" (O; DC; RG; SJ); features on recent events in R (WP; BG)
85.10.20 [R] [CNCL] Hearing to redo annexation procedure which was declared flawed by SC (RT-11; DWR-17); Council decides to change name of Peace Force to R Police Department and to pay R City Attorney a salary for her full time work; research will be done to lease space to bring all city projects together in one place; announced that more than 20 prehearing depositions on the Cantrell portion of the LUBA hearing on incorporation have been set and that R intends to appeal the third attempt of W County to remove the R comprehensive plan from the county plan; pretrial settlement in the Harvey case failed and the city may be liable for a maximum of $5000 in damages in the trial which starts Oct. 29; announced that a hearing scheduled for Oct. 29 on the question of lifting the 1983 ban on construction in R by the W County Circuit Court has been postponed due to scheduling problems (RT-25)
85.10.20 ED[S] Bend, OR The Bulletin gives the Sheela Golden Throat Award to US AG Edwin Meese
85.10.21 [W] [R] [GER] TWo divers hired by FBI turn up no weapons in Pantanjali Lake; Sheela speaks by phone with KGW-TV reporter and says she will be glad to return to US to answer any allegations, that she has no money, but she is negotiating to buy a hotel (SJ-22; RG-22); Sheela's former husband, Sw. Prem Jayandanda returns to R; he is expected to appear next week in Portland as a witness in the Harvey suits (O-23)
85.10.21 [LUBA] [NO.  : Briefs due in incorporation case agricultural land and Cantrell issues
85.10.22 [W] [R] Sw. Dhyan Mansavi arrested at R and accused of second degree criminal trespass (DC); 3 divers hired by FBI turn up nothing in search of Patanjali Lake (O-23); feature on recent events in R (CT)
85.10.22 [WCCC] [NO.  : Hearing to determine whether to lift an induction against building construction at R had been set for this date, but was "moved off the docket Tuesday because of a conflict." (DWR-17; O-23)
85.10.23 [W] [R] [BUS] W County grand jury resumes hearing testimony, has heard from about 10 witnesses to date (O; O-24); 3 divers working for FBi move to larger Krishnamurti Lake (O-24; SJ-24; RT-25); man arrested for drug smuggling who may have been/be a sannyasin and is on US Marshal's list of 15 most wanted (Robert Franklin Black, 44) remanded into Canadian custody until Nov. 8 when date for an extradition hearing to be set; his wife has also been arrested (O-24); 150 business people from the Portland area are invited to Hotel Rajneesh to meet the new officers of R corporations (RT-25)
85.10.23 ED[S] Lebanon, OH Western Star columnist comments on recent events in R
85.10.24 [W] [R] CR/[A] Madras Pioneer begins series on interviews with former CR/A residents; story dubbed "invasion of the townsnatchers"; two teams of 3 Navy divers join search in Krishnamurti Lake and two more divers expected on 25th; Navy divers delayed because of federal law prohibiting use of the military to aid local law enforcement, a requirement waived by the Defense Department at the request of the Oregon Justice Department (RT-25; SJ-25; BB-25; O-25)
85.10.24 ED[S] Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist writes of a new parody song about Bhagwan
85.10.25 [W] [R] [GER] [SS] [ELECT] Sheela said to be enjoying village life along with 24 other former sannyasins; they are renting nine apartments at the Sonnhalde Hotel in Haeusern at a cost of S138 per day; the group is doing its own cooking and cleaning; Haeusern is about 40 miles from Zurich, Switzerland (RG); Hotel Rajnesh in R announces lower rates for 6 month period; the Rajneesh school in Medina England has been sold but will not close for one month; the commune will move to London and there are plans to open a new school in the Netherlands; interview with three of the new male coordinators of departments at R; articles on the reactions of sannyasins in Sydney , Australia; article on sannyasins in the Soviet Union; 200 at R recently attended an ecology seminar, first in series of educational seminars to be offered; announced that SS will take testimony on Nov. 8 in The Dalles on the types of identification felt to be appropriate for implementing the new voter registration law requiring such identificatiom within the last 12 days before an election (RT); two military jets buzz R during Bhagwan's discourse several times (RT-11/1)
85.10.25 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says "paranoid cohesiveness... binds the Rajneeshees together."; Somerset, PA Somerset Daily American prints negative editorial about Bhagwan and recent events in R
85.10.25 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Owen M. Panner upholds jury award of $1.25 million in punitive damages to Helen Byron, former sannyasin, while denying payment of $63,000 in interest on part of her judgment; in May, Byron won a $390,000 judgment for the return of money she said she had loaned; a tax attorney had testified at trial that RFI's assets in 1983 totalled $30.8 million; Panner also denies RLS attorneys' request for a new trial on the grounds that a change of venue to California should have been allowed (O-26; SJ-27)
85.10.26 [LUBA] [NO.  : [USDC] [NO.  : Reported that R incorporation will go before LUBA in a Nov. 5 hearing on the suitability- of the site for agricultural purposes and whether W County fully considered that factor and in a Nov. 18 hearing on whether W County Judge/Commissioner Cantrell should have declared a conflict of interest and declined to vote on the incorporation election; Dec. 6 is scheduled as a tentative date for a final order and opinion in the case; AG's church-state case will be argued on Nov. 18 in USDC in Portland (O--see for recap of land use issues; SJ-27)
85.10.27 [W] [R] National convention of the Society of the Scientific Study of Religion meeting in Savannah, GA hears presentation on R by a sannyasin therapist and Washington State Univ. Sociology Professor Lewis Carter on R (SNM/SEP-27); Bhagwan leaves R at 5:27 pm on a Gates Learjet with destination filed with FAA as Charlotte, NC; photoessay on this day at R (CT-29)
85.10.27 ED[S] The Dalles Chronicle prints guest editorial saying the concept of work as worship is not new and urging tolerance
85.10.28 28 [W] [R] RFST: [INS] RL[S] [USDC] [GER] [SMITH] [GOV] [AG] [FAW] [HULSE] [J] [CO] [1000] Bhagwan, four pilots and eight disciples (the six later charged are: Sw. Devaraj/ George Meredith, Ma Yoga Vivek/Christine Woolf, Ma Prem Nirupa/ Gillian Johnston, Ma Chetna/Sandra // Pengally Thomson, Hemlata DesRosiers, Sw. Prem Jayesh/- Michael O'Bryne--see O-30 for a profile which says he is a trustee of RFST are arrested at 1:50 am EST, said to be under federal indictment and trying to flee the country and taken in handcuffs by US Customs Service officials who surround their two planes at Charlotte— Douglass International Airport in North Carolina; Bhagwan is taken to US Courthouse holding cell pending arraignment on charges of conspiracy to make false statements to federal immigration officers and with harboring aliens illegally in the US; they were said to be going to change planes and charter another set to fly them to Bermuda this evening, says US Marshal Ray Abrams, even though the FAA says the flight plans filed were for Charlotte as a final destination with one Learjet landing in Pueblo, Colorado and the other stopping in Salt Lake City on the way; Portland INS official Houseman says Bhagwan was named in indictments handed down by a federal grand jury in Portland on the 23rd; Houseman also says that the US Customs Service and FAA tracked the plane across the country and that he was unsure whether Bhagwan knew about the indictments; he says "I've heard reports that people at the ranch knew about the indictments," (see SJ-29); INS official in Charlotte says arrest was reguested by the US Attorney of Oregon; 1000-3000 at R 9:00 pm meeting are told of events and that commune will continue; 4 lawyers, 2 RLS and 2 non-sannyasins, fly to Charlotte (CER; CT: SJ; BB; O--one edition lists names of five of seven sannyasins indicted along with Bhagwan on the immigration charges as Ma Prem Arup, Ma Prem Padma, Ma Prem Karuna, Ma Prem Mukta, Ma Navena and another edition omits the names; see O for feature article on the history of the INS investigations leading to the indictments); later reports add the following details: a pistol was recovered from the runway and said to have come from one of the Rajneeshee aircraft; a large amount of cash and a special chair were confiscated from the planes; at a hearing before US Magistrate Barbara DaLaney, Bhagwan and six disciples are ordered held until Oct. 31 for an extradition hearing, no bail is set and two sannyasins who had met the planes were released (Maxine Levine/ Ma Vedanta Hanya and Robert Jahn/Sw. Prem Prasad), as were four pilots; the requests that Bhagwan be ordered held in a hospital at his own expense due to severe asthma, allergies and back pain and that he be allowed to wear his own clothes were denied; Bhagwan is taken to Mecklenburg County Jail in chains (see O-29 for typical photo), clothed in army fatigues and placed in an eight person cell with five others very close to the nurse's station; the jail said it did make arrangements for // constant medical supervision, cotton clothing and vegetarian meals of 850 calories each, but later it is said no special food or clothing has been allowed (see CNCO-29 and O-30); the federal indictment was unsealed in Portland this day and contained 35 counts charging Bhagwan and seven disciples with "conspiring to defraud the United States, and with ordering others to make false statements to the Immigration and Naturalization Service in a coverup of sham marriages between U.S. and foreign disciples. Rajneesh also is charged with lying to the INS to conceal his intent to remain permanently in this county (sic)"; Sheela was also charged in the indictment as was Ma Yoga Vidya; four others indicted turn themselves in in Portland (Ma Prem Arup; Ma Prem Padma; Ma Prem Naveena; Ma Prem Mukta; see O-29 for profiles of all indicted) and appear before USDC Judge Edward Leavy, are released without bail on the condition they relinquish their passports and are ordered to appear at 9:00 am on Oct. 31 to enter their pleas); another named in the indictment (Ma Prem Karuna) is in England and has made arrangements to surrender to Scotland Yard; Bhagwan faces a maximum sentence of 175 years and a fine of $350,000 and the others face maximum sentences of 165 years and $330,000 in fines on the federal indictment charges; US Attorney Charles Turner said federal officials were negotiating with Peter Schey, Bhagwan's attorney, for his surrender and implied it was Schey who "tipped" Bhagwan off to the indictments on the 27th, but Schey says he did not know about the indictments until today, that the US Attorney's Office in Oregon has refused to comment on whether indictments had issued since June of 1985 and denies that Bhagwan was fleeing the country since he left in broad daylight, in a chartered plane paid for with a credit card and in the presence of two news reporters; federal complaints are filed accusing Bhagwan of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and a complaint against the six sannyasins arrested with him for harboring him; sannyasins at R seem calm but bewildered and concerned about Bhagwan's health; a few leave (SJ-29; O-29; USA-29; SPI-29; BB-29; CT-29; CT-30; RT-11/1—see also for article on the state of Bhagwan's health recently; TCS-11/2; Welt Am Sonntag-- 11/3; National Catholic Reporter-11/8); just hours after Bhagwan's arrest Sheela, Puja and Shanti Bhadra are taken into custody in West Germany on US immigration charges and an Oregon indictment (see DC-30 for text of the state indictment) handed down on Oct. 25 accusing them of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree assault in the attempt on Devaraj's life; conviction on each charge carries penalty of up to 20 years in prison and a fine of // $100,000; Paul Keller of Oregon's Criminal Justice Division and two Portland FBI agents aided with the arrests (Hadley McCann and Paul Hudson); Sheela and the others are held in the courthouse at Waldshut, a town on the German/Swiss border; German federal police and FBI agents search Sheela's living quarters (SJ-29; SPI-29; O-29; RT-11/1); US Rep. Bob Smith calls on the Governor, AG and US AG to find the "leak" that supposedly "tipped" Bhagwan "to the supposedly secret indictment, prompting him to attempt to flee the country."; AG says attempted flight did not surprise him; State Rep. Wayne Fawbush says Bhagwan's arrest could mark the demise of the commune and urges an INS crackdown; W County Commissioner Bill Hulse says he is "pleased"; J County DA says it would be "'inappropriate'" for him to comment; Laura Bentley, a leader of CO, says it's just a repeat of the filght from Poona; 1000 Friends Director says he doesn't think it will affect land use proceedings (SJ-29; O-29; BB-30--see also for reaction of Bend residents)
85.10.28 ED[S] Bend, OR The Bulletin accuses Bhagwan of trying to avoid arrest
85.10.29 29 [W] [R] RL[S] [RIC] [INS] [GER] [AG] Feature article accuses Bhagwan of building "his career on publicity stunts" (O); feature profiles Sheela and says she was "deposed" by the "'Hollywood gang'" (O); feature on interview with pilots flying the Learjets to Charlotte says a US Customs Service agent at R had seen the plane depart and that: he had been watching the airstrip for 2 weeks; US Attorney Turner had told the customs agent that Bhagwan's attorney, Peter Schey, had called the afternoon of the 27th and said he knew about the secret indictment and wanted to discuss bail; Turner received a call at 7pm on the 27th from the Portland lawyer for a ranch sannyasin (Ava) who had told him Bhagwan had left; one hour before landing in Charlotte the pilots were asked if they could take the group to Bermuda and the reply was no (see SJ); they were handcuffed and arrested at riflepoint; all were shocked and offered no resistance, were placed in three holding cells, one for women, one for men, one for Bhagwan (O; CNCO; BB; SJ; DC-30; RT-11/1); reported that an Allentown, PA jet company had been called early in the morning of the 28th with a request for 2 planes to fly from Charlotte to Bermuda (AMC); feature on coverage of yesterday's hearing in Charlotte courthouse (CNCO); background piece on R (CNCO); feature on one of Charlotte resident disciples who met Bhagwan's plane (Ma Vedanta Hanya) (CNCO; see also SMN/SEP-30 and CNCO-11/4); background feature on the various investigations of R and sannyasins (SJ); Bhagwan says in // interview on ABC-TV's "nightline" (see RT-11/1 for partial text) that: he did not know where he was being taken, except to a safe place for rest because death threats had been received; he had been treated well in the jail but that the US Marshals had arrested him without a warrant and treated him badly in the federal courthouse holding cell; commune members react with shock at seeing Bhagwan in chains and in jail, but some say this is just another lesson (see ST); later Bhagwan tells CBS-TV's "Nightwatch" interviewer that he wants to leave America when the case is finished and will take his commune with him to India; Bhagwan's secretary insists his health is in danger; RLS attorneys file a motion seeking to permit his examination by medical specialists, which has so far been refused; the jail has also refused to allow his special food and chair to be brought to him; she also said that when one of their attorneys called R on the 27th to say that the flight wouldn't look good, several on the ranch tried to get through to the plane and ask it to turn back; they tried for four hours, but no answers came from the plane; she says the plane contained Bhagwan's special chair, a few clothes, medical equipment and $56-58,000 in cash for the eight people intending to go on a few weeks vacation (O-30; SJ-30; RG-30; ST-30; BB-30; USA- 30; GE-30; CNCO-30; SL-30; CT-30; BTA-30; DC-31; GNR-- 31; RT-11/1; LKT-11/2); disciples around the US are concerned about Bhagwan's health (BDC); Pres. of RMCCT and RIC says the car trust is negotiating to buy six more Rolls Royces and the commune will continue; he says the commune's assets total $80 million and debts only $35 million (ST-30--see also for profile of Sw. Dhyan John, Pres. of RIC; SPI-30; DC-30); Rosemary McGreer says "'What we feel is somewhat vindicated,'" (SPI-30); Ma Prem Isabel, press relations, and Sw. Prem Niren, R Mayor, who are accused by INS of a "sham marriage" deny the charge (DC-30); Oregon officials said to be working "against the clock to produce legal documents that would authorize" the extradition of Sheela, Puja and Shanti B, since the initial paperwork must be filed within 40 days; the extradition could take 3 to 4 months as the paperwork must go through diplomatic channels, the AG says; Sheela gives telephone interview to a German newspaper; German police deny that FBI agents present did anything but observe the arrests and search; the three women appear before Waldshut District Justice Gerhard Wehmeier to be informed of the reason for their imprisonment; he orders them to be held until a higher court in Karlsruhe can determine whether the evidence is sufficient to continue holding them; no one is permitted to visit them except their attorneys (O-30; GE-30; DC-30; SJ-30; // Oct O-31; RG-31; RT-11/1); a group of teen-age students from Santa Cruz, CA keep their scheduled visit to R (SJMN-30)
85.10.29 [MCCC] [NO.  : Hearing set in Harvey suits and countersuits
85.10.29 A Katmandu, Nepal court dismisses a divorce plea by Sheela saying she failed to provide sufficient evidence of mental torture and abandonment; her American husband's, Jayananda's, attorney says Sheela married Swiss Dipo while still married to Jayananda, therefore her Swiss passport may not be valid and extradition to the US may be easier; Sheela is said to have falsified a petition to the court in which Jayananda allegedly agreed to the divorce and falsely claimed that he had beaten her (BB-11/7; O-11/8; SJ-11/9)
85.10.29 ED[S] [SS] [GOV] Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist congratulates KGW-TV for Sunday scoop on Bhagwan's departure from ranch and recounts how they tracked the plane across the country and knew that Bhagwan would probably be arrested in Charlotte; Salem, OR Statesman- Journal columnist says Bhagwan's departure upstaged ex-SS Paulus' announcement of her candidacy for Governor
85.10.30 [W] [R] [RNSIC] [GER] RL[S] Feature on R corporations' plans; 300 said to have newly applied for membership in RNSIC and 200 accepted so far (O); Redmond, OR store posts sign saying "VISIT HISTORIC ORE GHOST TOWNS SHANIKO AND RAJNEESHPURAM" (O); feature predicting all at R will be in need of counselling and reporting on the National Cult Awareness Network (DMN); sources say German authorities seized a number of documents and at least one syringe in Sheela's quarters and that her rent had been paid directly from a German bank account (O-31--see for list of those living with Sheela in Germany, a complete list of "suspects" and charges); RLS attorneys file motions to return money seized on plane and to compel production of evidence; government attorneys file motion opposing defense request that a physician be allowed to examine Bhagwan, claiming that "attempted poisonings... at the hands of certain followers have been planned. Apparently, there has also been some discussion among certain members of that group with regard to a suicide of the defendant'"; federal magistrate refuses to allow private doctors to see Bhagwan (O-31; SJ-31; CNCO-31; RG-31; SPI-31); divers resume search of Patanjali Lake (O-31); Hasya, Anuradha and John hold press conferences (see RT 11/1 for partial texts)
85.10.30 [CA] [NO.  : Court rules that LCDC has the authority to review R Comprehensive Plan even though the city's legal status is in dispute; CA orders LCDC to reconsider whether R complied with land use laws in adopting their UGB and to determine whether need exists for urban-level population densities and support services at R (and future new cities) in ruling against 1000 Friends challenge; case is remanded to LCDC for consideration of what development is appropriate (O-31)
85.10.30 [CA] [NO.  : Court rules that the state law requiring revocation of a teacher's certificate for wearing religious garb to class is unconstitutional because the penalty is too severe; the ruling leaves a question of whether wearing relgious garb is still illegal and if so how a violation should be punished (SJ-31)
85.10.30 ED[S] Chicago, IL Sun-Times says "God works his will in mysterious ways" and that "Arrogance. Deceit. Greed. Lust." are "ingredients of the cult" formed by Bhagwan in commenting on his arrest; Toledo, OH Blade runs cartoon on Bhagwan in jail
85.10.31 [W] [R] [USDC] [AG] [PLAN] [COMI] [GER] [INS] [RIC] Description of items confiscated from plane (now said to include S58,222 in cash--CN-ll/l) and profile of Sw. Jayesh, one of those accompanying Bhagwan (O-31); article saying Ma Prem Vidya has not been arrested by German authorities even though she is named in the federal indictment (O-31); article profiling the eight sannyasins arrested with Bhagwan (O-31); Oct/Nov issue of Utne Reader summarizes recent magazine articles on R and Bhagwan; 6 and 1/2 hour bail hearing for Bhagwan and six disciples in North Carolina USDC; prosecution continues to link Bhagwan with crimes allegedly committed by Sheela (including now a plot to kill US Attorney Turner and Oregon's AG, which she is said to have planned with Ma Shanti Bhadra, Ma Anand Puja and Ma Dhyan Yogini; see O-31; O-11/2; SJ-11/2 for further details, including R reactions, the names of 6 others alleged to be on Sheela's "'hit list'", but never written down--former Asst. AG Karen Green, W County Planning Director Dan Durow, W County Commissioner Jim Comini, former sannyasins Helen Byron and Barbara Byron, The Oregonian reporter Les Zaitz—and the details of how Turner was to have been killed) and calls him a danger to society; hearing recessed until Nov. 1; magistrate denies request that private plane and security guards be used to transport Bhagwan back to Oregon; 6 arrested with Bhagwan face aiding flight from prosecution and concealment charges, each of which is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5000 fine; about 1,500 sannyasins in West Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Bonn gather in silent peaceful demonstrations (RT-11/1; CN-11/1; CNCO-11/1; CSM-11/1; SFC-11/1; RG-11/1; SJ-11/1); parents of Charlotte resident whose marriage to a German is claimed to be one of 16 "shams" by the INS deny the allegation, saying the four year old marriage is very loving (CNCO-11/1); Charlotte resident outside of Bhagwan's court hearing wears a T-shirt saying "We Bhagged the Bhagwan"; shop sells "Charlotte Bagged the Big Bad Bhagwan" T-shirts; hundreds of telegrams arrive at Meckelenburg County Jail and florists in Charlotte deliver hundreds of dollars of flowers to Bhagwan (CNCO-11/1; TSL-11/2); R Police Chief says R is a "'psychological disaster scene.'", three of her seven officers have resigned, that someone in rhe US Dept. of Jusrice had told her "'the U.S. government has been waiting for its chance to humiliate this man.'" in speaking of the leg irons used with Bhagwan (SFC-11/1); Pres. of RIC, Sw. Dhyan John, says that if Bhagwan is allowed to leave the US and invites sannyasins to come, they will sell the commune and leave (SJ-11/1)
85.10.31 [USDC] [NO.  : Five (Padma, Navena, Karuna, Arup, Mukta) of seven sannyasins (the other two are Sheela and Vidya) indicted along with Bhagwan on federal immigration violation charges plead innocent; Judge Edward Leavy releases them without bail on condition that they stay in Oregon and report weekly to a probation officer; he rejects government motions that they be required to post $25,000 bail and that all five be required to stay in Portland; they all intend to stay at R and have surrendered their passports; no trial date is yet set (O-11/1; RG-11/1; SJ-11/1)
85.10.31 ED[S] Portland, OR The Oregonian columnist asks "is Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh an ambitious, power-grubbing megalomaniac with a weakness for fancy cars and diamond-studded jewelry? Or is he a hapless seeker for enlightenmnt who got swept up in the karmic careerist dreams of a group of ambitious 'devotees' who saw in him a lucrative ride on the spiritual bandwagon of the times?"; Western Oregon State College Lamron columnist comments on Bhagwan's arrest as does Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist, who adds comments on the cost of prosecuting the cases; Albany, OR Democrat-Herald says in speaking of recent government actions "if they're not careful, if they don't restrain themselves and their heavy-handed ways, they'll turn this man into a martyr."; Tulsa, OK Daily World says US should let Bhagwan leave the country; Trenton, NJ, The Trentonian columnist comments negatively on Bhagwan and his appearance on ABC's "Nightline"; Dallas, TX Morning News runs cartoon on Bhagwan's flight; Toronto, ON Canada Globe and Mail columnist comments on the loyalty of sannyasins at R; Milwaukee, WI Journal takes federal government to task for taking on the job of deciding whose marriage is a sham; Davis, CA Enterprise columnist says "I find it ironic that the very government that's been trying to run you out of the country for the last four years now detains you when you're tying (sic) to leave. They should have just let you continue on your merry way... I hate to say it, but if members of the Mafia wore beards, flowing robes, preached unconventional religious beliefs and lived on desert communes, they'd all be in jail by now." in an "open letter" to Bhagwan; Kokomo, IN Tribune comments on recent events in R
85.11.01 [W] [R] [GOV] [IND] [SS] [RIC] [RNSIC] [RSD] Oregon magazine prints article on Hasya, one on alleged RMC misdeeds/ and one quoting "anti-cult experts" extensively in commenting on recent events in R; about 250 sannyasins march silently around federal courthouse in Portland for about an hour to protest Bhagwan's imprisonment (O-2; RG-2; SJ-2; GNR-2; LALO-2; O-3; RT-8); Gov. Atiyeh says Bhagwan's arrest was part of a contingency plan developed by his office (O-2); about 500 sannyasins protest in Bombay and New Delhi, India demanding Bhagwan's release from jail (RG-2; SJ-2); former SS Paulus, now candidate for Governor, in speaking to Phoenix, OR high school students predicts the demise of the R commune (Q-2); RIC President tells commune meeting of about 2000 that Bhagwan is expected to be in Portland Nov. 5; American Religious Freedom Foundation (ARFF), formed at R about a year ago, begins campaign to contact influential persons who might aid in gaining Bhagwan's release (O-3); two of three DC-3 planes bought from RIC by a cargo firm arrive in El Paso, TX and the third is expected in a month; an employee of the firm said he was impressed by R and two of his crew on the planes spoke with Bhagwan for about half an hour (EPT-2); interviews with sannyasins about recent treatment of Bhagwan; interviews with new RNSIC Vice-President (Sw. David) and Treasurer (Ma Sujato); 20-50 National Guardsmen and 3 helicopters are stationed in Redmond, OR; sannyasin invents a new type of condom; RSD has sponsored 4 weekend learning trips in its "School on wheels" program (RT)
85.11.01 [USDC] [NO.  : Federal magistrate Barbara H. DeLaney orders Bhagwan held without bail pending his return to Oregon for trial on immigration charges, saying he had "'evidenced a predisposition for flight and the ability of flight both through financial resources and his devoted followers.'"; he "faces 34 felony counts of making or ordering others to make false statements to immigration officials and one felony count of conspiracy" (O-2—see also for explanation of DeLaney's reasoning for her decisions; also good explanation in CNCO-2); DeLaney dismissed a charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, saying it only applies to state, not federal, charges; DeLaney releases three (Chetna, Hemlata, Nirupa) of six sannyasins arrested with Bhagwan and finds probable cause to hold three others (Vivek, Devaraj, Jayesh) and sets bail at $25,000 for each of them; the three post bail and depart after DeLaney sets a court appearance for- them on Nov. 4 before Judge Edward Leavy in USDC in Portland; Hasya calls the decision to hold Bhagwan "'outrageous'" and says she doubts he had a fair hearing, given the conservative nature of the state, the presence of "'We bagged the Bhagwan'" T-shirts and such; Federal Marshal Ray Abrams refuses to say when Bhagwan will be returned to Oregon, saying it is practice not to announce such moves; US Attorney William Youngman says Bhagwan will probably be returned to Oregon "'by the middle of next week'"; R Mayor Niren says that US Attorney Turner stated at 4pm on Sunday, Oct. 27, that "any talk of Rajneesh's arrest was premature." (LJ; BCT; O-2; RG-2; SJ-2; GNR-2; CNCO-2; OCR-2; TGM-4; Welt Am Sonntaq-4); Bhagwan's attorneys pledge R commune property as security against his trying to leave the country in an attempt to free him from jail, but Magistrate DeLaney had apparently already made her decision; Joespeh Greene of INS in Portland testifies that legal research had begun to determine where Bhagwan could go without a visa as early as January of this year (Bermuda and the Bahamas can be entered from the US without visa) (GNR-2; O-3)
85.11.01 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal calls Bhagwan a "loser"; Greensboro, NC News Record invites Bhagwan to enjoy his stay in the Mecklenburg County Jail; Roanoke, VA Times and World News recounts "the Bhagwan blues" and prints cartoon of Sheela; Window Rock, AZ Navajo Times Today explains Bhagwan's situation; Statesville, NC Record and Landmark columnist says "BHAGWAN BAGGED — Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways,...After a long wait, it appears that justice may finally be served against this most obnoxious of religous cults."; Lexington, NC The Dispatch religion columnist says "The Long Arm Of The Law Bagged The Bhagwan" and implies he has used religion for his personal gain; The Rajneesh Times comments on Bhagwan's departure from R, arrest and shackling
85.11.02 [W] [R] [RFI] Devaraj, Vivek and Chetna return to R, and tell an R community meeting that Bhagwan is "'being well looked after'" (O-3; RT-8—see also for sannyasin reactions); RFI begins taking reservations for Dec. 7-- 11 festival (O-3); Isabel, Niren, Hasya, John, Jayesh return to R (O-4); sannyasin at New Bremen, NY Center voices worry that Bhagwan will be "'poisoned by his jailers, and then'" the government will blame it on disciples (DT-4)
85.11.02 ED[S] Greensboro, NC News Record comments on Bhagwan's baldness; Alton, IL Alton Telegraph columnist invites Bhagwan to come to his city (instead of leaving for India) because of the economomic benefits it could have for the depressed area
85.11.03 [W] [R] [HD] CR/[A] EU[R] The Oregonian prints a list of Bhagwan and 12 sannyasins along with the charges against them, reports that Sheela and three others "used false identification to buy guns in Texas as part of an alleged plot to kill nine people" (see also SJ; THP; O-2), reports that a sannyasin informant said that the Sept. "1984 salmonella food poisoning in The Dalles was a test for a larger plan to rig the Nov. 6 general election" by making "people too ill to go to the polls." "However, state Health Division officials said that despite rumors of intentional contamination at the time of the outbreak, their findings revealed nothing to confirm it." (O; SJ-4); CR/A and ex-CR/A non-sannyasin residents are said .to be "quietly savoring the guru's arrest... their comments were tinged with both bitterness and prejudice"; about 16 of the original 42 residents still live in CR/A (RG); feature on CR/A (TNT); feature articles on reactions of sannyasins at R says most remain upbeat (RG; PI--also contains background information on recent events); Oregon broadcast of "60 Minutes" TV show patching together previously taped interviews with Sheela in Germany and Bhagwan in R in which they speak disparagingly of each other (SJ-4; RG-5); feature article on recent R-related events (NYT); favorable reminiscences about sannyasin presence in Montclair, NJ (HNJR); demonstration of sannyasins in Florence, Italy where the US consulate refuses to accept a letter; demonstrations earlier in Amsterdam (RT-8)
85.11.03 ED[S] Evansville, IN, Courier-Press comments sarcastically on Bhagwan's discomfort in Charlotte; Little Rock, AR Arkansas Gazette comments on Bhagwan's dislike of grits; Yakima, WA Herald Republic columnist humorously speculates on the media coverage that follows Bhagwan's arrest
85.11.04 [W] [R] [GOV] [GER] [WEAV] Gov. Atiyeh says R is "'unraveling'... 'That has been the history of cults.'", he will be "'relieved'" if this situation results in the departure of sannyasins from R, he favors extradition of Bhagwan because "he does not want the state to get a reputation as a place where crimes can be committed with 'impunity'", and "he believes Rajneesh can get a fair trial in Oregon" (BB); US Marshal Max Wilson says he has received at least 10 to 15 direct threats of harm to himself or Bhagwan and that Bhagwan is "'real nice as far as being around.'" (ANCT); features on R, recent events, reactions of sannyasins in Der Spiegel and Sueddeutsche Zeitung (author of the latter says the goal of American authorities seems to be to crush the commune and she doubts that Bhagwan will be able to get a fair trial in Oregon); plane carrying Bhagwan and 66 other prisoners leaves Charlotte in the afternoon and arrives in Oklahoma City, OK about 7 pm; he is shackled, placed in a waiting automobile and thought to be taken to the Federal Correctional Institute in El Reno, 28 miles west of Oklahoma City, although officials there will not confirm; death threats against Bhagwan are acknowledged to have prevented the more normal bus transport from NC to Alabama before enplaning; authorities expect Bhagwan to arrive in Portland on Nov. 5 (RG-5; O-5; SJ-5; CNCO-5; BES-5; DTH-5); sannyasins propose a weekend of meditation and celebration in Charlotte as a way to thank the residents there, counter negative publicity and satisfy interest generated by recent events (O-6; DC-6; CNCO-7); US Rep. Jim Weaver introduces a bill in Congress to turn 5,000 acres of Rancho Rajneesh along the John Day River into a federal hunting and fishing management area through negotiated purchase or condemnation and to prevent its development; he also charges that "the Rajneeshees were culturing AIDS in their laboratories to 'kill off as many people in this country as they possibly could with the AIDS culture.'" (DC-5; O-6)
85.11.04 [USDC] [NO.  : Vivek, Devaraj and Jayesh appear in court in Portland without lawyers, are advised of their rights, ask for time to obtain counsel and are given a new appearance date of Nov. 12; they are ordered to maintain contact with the federal probation office (O-5; NCR-24)
85.11.04 ED[S] Milwaukee, WI Sentinel says "Rajneesh went too far in exploiting religion"; Chicago, IL Sun-Times columnist, in commenting on his recent interview with Bhagwan, laments his inability to understand what attracts educated American followers
85.11.05 [W] [R] CR/[A] [WEAV] [HD] [RNSIC] [SAHP] [RIMU] US Rep. James Weaver says "there is now 'no question' that Rajneeshees caused a massive salmonella outbreak in The Dalles last year, and he charges the sect with 'developing all kinds of poisons and toxic chemicals' on its Central Oregon ranch."; he says he is writing an article for Penthouse magazine on the subject; the state Health Division says "there is still no evidence that the September 1984 salmonella oubreak in The Dalles was an act of sabotage." (RG-6; SJ-7); Bhagwan spends second day in Oklahoma in an undisclosed location; marshals say the location is not the federal facility at El Reno and Bhagwan will probably be moved to Portland on Nov. 6 (RG-6; SJ-6; O-6; RT-8--Hasya later thanks press for helping to locate Bhagwan after prison officials at El Reno denied his presence or expecting him); about 1000 sannyasins stage parade, music, speeches in R celebration on behalf of Bhagwan, sponsored by ARFF; they are said to be upset at the delay in his return to Portland (O-6; SJMN-6; RT-8--see also for statement by ARFF); R Councilmember (Ma Prem Rajo) and City Recorder (Ma Prem Sujato) appointed (RT-15); residents of CR/A vote 34 to 0 (about 21 sannyasins and 13 others voting out of about 75 registered sannyasins and 25 registered non-sannyasins) to change the name from Rajneesh back to Antelope; ex-Mayor Hill says it is an empty gesture and she is still upset about property taxes and "'Hindu'" street names; another long-time resident (Opray) says residents will continue to fight for disincorporation (SJ-6; DC-6; RT-8); interview with RNSIC President about new reorganization; about 55 SAHP participants said to still be at R, 40 of whom recently attended a 3 day introductory workshop at RIMU and 14 of whom have gone into a month-long series of workshops (RT-8)
85.11.05 [LUBA] [NO.  : LUBA holds hearing on the suitability of R as a site for agriculture and whether that was adequately considered by the W County Court/Commission before granting an incorporation election; this is one of the two issues they have been ordered to consider by the SC; 1000 Friends attorney argues that the land was used for grazing in the past, that the Court/Commission did not consider any evidence that the land was unsuitable for agriculture and since the land is reclaimable it is suitable for agriculture; Eugene attorney Allen J. Johnson, representing individuals who petitioned to form R, argues that the Court/Commission did consider the agriculture issue insofar as stating that land use goals requiring the protection of agricultural land would have to be satisfied in the comprehensive planning process after incorporation; the LUBA chief referee says that the county found that Goal 3 (protection of agricultural land) did not apply to the incorporation decision itself, but only to the comprehensive planning process; R Attorney Sangeet says the city is required as an economic base in order to make land reclamation outside the city possible; LUBA is expected to hear the Cantrell issue on Nov. 18, the same day that the USDC will hear arguments in the church-state case (O-6)
85.11.05 ED[S] Editorial cartoons on Bhagwan in jail in the Salem, OR Statesman-Journal and the Eugene, OR Register-Guard; Carlsbad, NM Carlsbad Current-Argus comments that Bhagwan doesn't like the South, as does Grants, NM Grants Daily Beacon
85.11.06 [W] [R] [IND] Bhagwan spends one more day in an undisclosed location in federal custody in Oklahoma (SJ-7; DWR-7; BMS-7); sannyasins at K said to be sad and following VCR tapes of news broadcasts on Bhagwan every night, but more committed to the commune than ever (O-7; DWR-7); Chicago Tribune writer says R's "future doubtful without Rajneesh", citing its estimated $16-24 million annual gross product, which is likely to fall (also cites R's assets at $80 million and debts at $45 million; see also CT-7); Bhagwan's attorney holds press conference saying that a team of four attorneys (Myles Ambrose of Washington, DC, -Brian O'Neill and Peter Schey of Los Angeles, Jack Ransom of Portland) will defend Bhagwan, as federal charges of marriage fraud against the sannyasin lawyer prevent him from participating directly in the case (O-7; BB-7; TC-7); US Attorney says federal government has launched an internal investigation to determine whether their employees have been leaking information to the press and sannyasins (O-7); feature on Tacoma, WA attorney's representation of Ma Prem Karuna against charges of marriage fraud (TNT); sannyasin demonstrations to take place in India between today and Nov. 13 (in New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Indore, Bihar, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh) (RT-8)
85.11.06 ED[S] The Oregonian runs editorial cartoon on Bhagwan's imprisonment; Framlingham, MA Daily News columnist asks "Is Rajneesh a victim of an American bias against divinity?"; a Charlotte, NC Observer columnist jokes that Bhagwan and the rain left Charlotte on the same day; Gastonia, NC Gazette columnist says "He [Bhagwan) probably is just as glad to be out of Charlotte as Charlotte is glad to be out of him."; Green Valley, AZ Green Valley Sun says Bhagwan "has fallen on hard times... he tried to pull the old flying-carpet trick on the federal government."
85.11.07 [W] [R] [A] [GER] Feature in West Germany's Quick on recent R-related events which finds the charges against Bhagwan mild and states that of 80,000 German sannyasins, only 4800 are left; another negative feature in same magazine entitled "A God in Chains"; feature in West Germany's Stern (also includes some details of Sheela's arrest); Madras Pioneer runs third in a series on history of A covering October 1981-April 1982, entitled "Townsnatchers flood council meetings"; Bhagwan is flown to Portland (with a refueling stop in Arizona, several other stops and a 13 hour flight) after 3 days in Oklahoma; he arrives at 7:30pm, is taken to the Multnomah County Justice Center (MCJC) and said by Hasya to be tired and shaky; he is now said to have been in the El Reno facility after all, to have been pressured to sign a false name to conceal his presence there, to have refused and had prison officials sign the name "'David Washington'" for him and then put him into a cell with a man suffering from herpes; a hearing in USDC is scheduled for 10am on Nov. 8 (DC; 3B; TC; RG-8; O-8; SJ-8; SFC-8; SJ-9; JC-12); reported that the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon has made a counteroffer for an out-of-court settlement in the dispute over ownership of the A Community Church, asking for all six lots and the church (BB)
85.11.07 [USDC] [NO.  : 1000 Friends file motion in USDC to dismiss three of four parts of lawsuit "brought by three Rajneesh organizations, the city of Rajneeshpuram and four individuals against two dozen federal, state and county officials and 1000 Friends and its attorneys." (which was filed on June 3 and accuses them all of conducting a "'religious-based discriminatory program of unlawful and intrusive monitoring'") on the basis that Bhagwan has said Rajneeshism is no longer a religion; oral arguments on motions in the case are set for Dec. 2 (O-8)
85.11.07 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal refers to R in editorial entitled "Hey, buddy, want to buy a city?"; Oxnard, CA Press Courier says Bhagwan "has fallen on hard times" after trying "to pull the old flying-carpet trick on the federal government."; Greensboro, NC News and Record columnist does a "humor" piece on Bhagwan; Shamokin, PA News-Item says Bhagwan has fallen on hard times
85.11.08 [W] [R] [A] [RIMU] [ENG] CR sign (saying population 95) changed to A sign (population 115) (O; RG); The Oregonian prints map of Bhagwan's travels back to Oregon while in federal custody; US Navy divers complete their careful search of Patanjali and Krishnamurti Lakes in R, having apparently found none of the weapons or equipment they were seeking (O); Bhagwan is driven to R late in the evening after stopping briefly at the Hotel Rajneesh in Portland for a shower; a bomb threat is telephoned to the MCJC about 4pm, and is said to have delayed his release by one hour; a "'simulated bomb'" was found; 2-3000 sannyasins meet with Hasya and John to hear about Bhagwan's release; they celebrate Bhagwan's arrival in R about 10:30pm with music and by lining the road (BB; NYT; BGT; O-9; SJ-9; CNCO-9-see also for account of Bhagwan's stay in Charlotte; WEG-9; O-10; BB-10; AJ-10; RT-11); feature on "Say It With T-Shirts" includes one which says "'We Bhagged the Bhagwan'" (CNCO); estimated that about 70 non-sannyas- ins visited the RIMU hospitality room at a Charlotte, NC hotel event, but few non-sannyasins attend the introductory evening of meditation ($5) or the all day Saturday group activities ($100); this program is a forerunner of "The Buddhafield Express" which will travel to New York, Washington, DC, Boston, San Francisco, Honolulu, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boulder/Denver and Houston (RT; CNCO-11; RG-13); interview with Sandy Carter, nurse in charge of Bhagwan at Charlotte jail; interview with coordinator of the English commune at Medina (RT)
85.11.08 [USDC] [NO.  : Bhagwan pleads innocent to charges of federal immigration fraud; about 35 disciples attend; attorneys try to win his release from jail, citing poor health; federal authorities still contend he is a security risk; Bhagwan is released on $500,000 cash bail bond, paid for by a cashier's check 45 minutes after the judge's decision that he was not a flight risk and did not pose any danger to the community; Judge Leavy prohibits him from traveling in airplanes or leaving Oregon, says he must reside at R and report regularly to probation officers, and that no planes capable of overseas flights can be kept at R; judge strikes from the record INS Assistant Regional Director Joseph Greene's testimony in reference to salmonella poisoning and alleged murder plots, saying information about them had come to light at Bhagwan's urging; Bhagwan's attorney had said there is no way in which he could be tied to those offenses; judge also refuses to admit an illegal wiretap tape as evidence; Bhagwan says he is not guilty of federal immigration violations and will fight the charges; federal prosecutors say he should not have been released and if released on no less than $5 million bail; the judge had rejected US Attorney Weaver's suggestions that the sect be required to submit a financial statement and Bhagwan be required to sign a statement saying he could be prosecuted in absentia before setting bail (BB; O-9; SJ-9; CNCO-9; WEG-9; LDN-9; BE-9; BMS-9; AH-9; O-10; BB-10; AJ-10)
85.11.08 [MCCC] [NO.  : Stephen P. Paster is sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for setting off three bombs in the Rajneesh Hotel in Portland in 1983 and a sentence of one year and one day for failure to appear in court; the judge described his action as "'senseless, vicious, deadly and calculated.'"; Judge Clifford B. Olsen had heard testimony describing Paster as extremely intel- ligent, having no prior criminal history, belonging to a violent fundamentalist Moslem sect, that religion became a way for him to act out negative feelings for his stepfather, and that he had read some of Bhagwan's writings and was "repulsed by the thought of free sex in the name of religion."; Paster was the only one struck by the bomb blasts, sustaining injuries to eyes, ears and fingers (O-9; SJ-10; BB-10)
85.11.08 ED[S] [A] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal calls return to name of Antelope "Too little, too late... What the followers destroyed can never be revived."; The Oregonian says "Whether the Rajneeshee movement is dissolving, reforming or merely reposturing is still unanswerable." and that the legal system is working appropriately; an Oregonian columnist describes a game of "Oregon Trivia" which mentions R; McMinnville, OR News Register runs editorial cartoon on Bhagwan's US following; The Rajneesh Times comments on Bhagwan's jail stay, the case against him, the use of chains, recent media ocverage, Bhagwan's health, events surrounding Bhagwan's departure from R and arrest, his court appearance, the institutions of the grand jury and bail
85.11.09 [W] [R] Feature on recent events in R and Bhagwan's teachings (SJMN); Albany, NY Knickerbocker runs account by last person to interview Bhagwan at R before he left for NC; Bhagwan does not appear at commune meeting; spokesperson says he needs to recover from "bad jail food, cockroaches in his jail cell, cigarette smoke, constant television noise and lack of sleep.", poor medical treatment, exposure to herpes (O-10; SJ-10; BB-10; RT-11)
85.11.09 ED[S] Eugene, OR The Register-Guard runs editorial cartoon on Bhagwan's court appearance; Chicago, IL Metro News Weekly columnist casts Bhagwan as a con man; Washington, DC Post runs editorial cartoon implying Bhagwan has "lost it"
85.11.10 [W] [R] [AG] [GOV] [ENG] Feature articles summarizing recent events in the Atlanta, GA Atlanta Journal and Rapid City, ND The Rapid City Journal (the latter also runs article with impressions of reporter who interviewed Bhagwan in September); Denver, CO The Denver Post magazine runs photo-feature on R and the reaction of a family of sannyasins in North Dakota to recent events; it is reported that some of the 2500-3000 illegal wiretap tapes turned over to the federal/state task force investigation in R detail questionable financial dealings between Sheela and her brother, Bipin A. Patel, related to Rajneeshee corporation money; it appears that two commodities accounts were opened in Sheela's and Bipin's names and lost about $175,000; report says the tapes were turned over to the Oregon AG's office criminal investigators, "who summarized their contents in a Sept. 27 report." which says Bipin was worried about an IRS investigation into S58,000 run through his account (SJ-10; RG-10; O-10 most thorough in terms of possible financial misdealings of Bipin); article on Norma Paulus' campaign for Governor reminds of her "tangle with the Rajneeshees last year," (O-10); it is reported that sannyasins have sold Medina manor house near Herringswell, England to the International High School of Osaka, Japan for about $700,000; they had purchased it for about $725,000 (SJ-10); students who travelled to R and elsewhere with Santa Cruz, CA "traveling school" return home (SCS)
85.11.10 ED[S] [WEAV] Bend, OR The Bulletin says US Rep. Weaver is "a talker without much support from other House members." and runs an editorial cartoon on Bhagwan's coming to Central Oregon
85.11.11 [W] [J] [R] [A] Special "Welcome Home" edition of The Rajneesh Times runs feature on Bhagwan's "Odyssey" from Charlotte to court in Portland; eature on the US Marshal Service's new 727 airplane, used recently to transport Bhagwan and others (RG); feature on member of COWC who has so far filled 86 petitions with 1,720 signatures to repeal the charter of A; features on Bhagwan's arrest and incarceration in Newsweek and Time and a small quote from him in US News and World Report; article on J County DA Mike Sullivan's poisoning and the physician who attended him (DMR)
85.11.11 ED[S] Editorial carteeons on Bhagwan's incarceration in US News and World Report and Springfield, IL, State Journal-Register
85.11.12 [W] [R] [S] [OSP] R speakers (Rosalie and Wadud) at Corvallis Chamber of Commerce meeting of about 80 answer questions about what will happen to R if Bhagwan leaves and questions on taxation, discrimination, weapons and immigration (GT); OSP's cheif investigator Renfrow will return from Germany on Nov. 13 after interviewing Sheela and others (BB)
85.11.12 [A] [CNCL] A City Council votes to dissolve the police force as a gesture of goodwill; the action comes at the request of the city police chief, Dhiresha, who suggests a drive-through patrol once or twice a day and an on-call contract with R which could save A $21,000 per year of its $66,200 annual budget; A will also discontinue its link with LEDS, since R cooperates with J County for records checks; Council names a nonsannyasin, James Wilson, as Fire Chief and City Marshall; Council appoints Ma Deva Parmita as Mayor (replacing Kavido), new councilmember Sandip (replacing Sagun), Municipal Court Clerk Deva Prabha; Council, at suggestion of member Manohar, agrees to consider at their December meeting a proposal to change the names of some of the city streets back to their previous names (SJ-13; RG-13; O-13; RT-15)
85.11.12 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Edward Leavy sets a Feb. 18 trial date for Bhagwan and five disciples accused of immigration violations; attorneys say they will file motions for a change of venue; Bhagwan does not attend the proceedings; US Attorney Weaver says the government expects to call about 40 witnesses and present about 400 exhibits and expects the trial to last for 3-4 weeks; Judge Leavy orders Devaraj and Jayesh to stay in Oregon, not to apply for passports and to report regularly to the federal probation office; Vivek does not appear due to illness; the three have been free on $25,000 bail apiece; they will appear in court again on Nov. 18 on the charges against them for harboring a fugitive; there are no indictments against them by a grand jury (BB; SJ-13; O-13; RG-13; FWJG-13; FWST-13; ANMJ-13; PG-13)
85.11.12 [MCCC] [NO.  : Jury selection begins in the suit by RNSIC agains Robert Harvey and the Harvey counterclaims; Judge James R. Ellis presides; the case has been moved to Portland from two other counties (Jefferson and Grant) (O--see for details of allegations and damages sought, approximately $136,000 by RNSIC and approximately $3.5 million by the Harveys; BB; DC)
85.11.12 ED[S] The Oregonian columnist jibes Bhagwan for not eating grits while in Charlotte; Vancouver, WA The Columbian says the "public hunger for [Bhagwan's] debasement may be somewhat sated.... federal authorities really didn't produce much.... Bhagwan bashing has been a fine Oregon sport for nearly five years now, but politicians should have sense enough to see that playing the game any longer will cost more than it's worth."; Sanford, NC Herald says Bhagwan's visit was "fun 'n' games time"
85.11.13 ED[S] Lakeside, OR Tenmile Times says "Let's leave the Bhagwan and his followers alone." in recounting persecution of religous groups in America; Aurora, I1 Beacon News says Bhagwan "has fallen on hard times."; Baltimore, MD Sun columnist writes "snide" column on Bhagwan's arrest
85.11.14 [W] [R] [A] [DCOM] [BLDG] [RSD] [RNSIC] Using phrases like "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Nights of the Living Dread", the Madras, OR Pioneer runs the fourth in a series on early relationships between sannyasins and the residents of A; long-time residents of A "shrug off" the move to dismantle the police force there and say it is merely intended to head off the drive to disincorporate (RG); feature on why a person becomes a sannyasin (DWR); W County Assessor's report shows that: the RSD has by far the lowest tax rate of any school district in the county at 52 cents per $1000; the city of A, with a rate of $12.14 per $1000, has by far the highest rate for any city in the county (more than twice that of the second place city); that the city of R has the lowest rate at $1.72 per $1000; that the land in the RSD is valued at $31 million and taxed for just over $300,000, about l/3rd of that going to W County, and virtually all of it owned and paid for by Rajneeshee corporations (DWR); the State Electrical Board votes 10 to 1 to fine RNSIC $111,600 for violations of electrical codes in the "winterized tents"; this amount is lower than the original suggestion of the Building Codes Division ($1.4 million) and higher than the hearings officer recommendation ($101,500) (RG-15; SJ-15; DJC-18); R residents line road to see Bhagwan off on plane for court appearance in Portland; later Bhagwan leaves the country and R Mayor meets with R residents to discuss his departure for the Himalayas for rest (see below); there is no talk of exodus, but rather of continuing and discussion of increase in business activities at R, such as mining, to make up for the loss of tourist revenues to come (SJ-15; O-15; BB-15; C-15; RT-15--see for quotes from community meeting)
85.11.14 [USDC] [NO.  : Bhagwan changes his plea to an Alford plea (maintaining innocence, but pleading guilty for reasons other than culpability) to one count of "conspiring to arrange sham marriages of his disciples" and one count of lying to the INS about his intent to remain in the US permanently; 33 other charges against him are dropped; Judge Leavy accedes to the plea agreement calling for a suspended 10 year sentence, a fine of $400,000 (including $140,000 in prosecution costs), agreement to leave the US within 5 days and not to return for 5 years without the US Attorney General's written permission; Bhagwan says he never wants to return to the US; after leaving the court, Bhagwan is driven directly to the airport, boards a private plane at about 5:30pm (which flies him to Ireland and continues to Cyprus) along with about 12 disciples (including Hasya, Devaraj, Vivek, Chetna, Nirupa, Mukta, Hemlata DesRosiers and Bhagwan's mother), some of whom will return to the US, some of whom will go on with Bhagwan to the Himalayas; Devaraj, Vivek and Jayesh all were given permission to travel outside the country by Judge Leavy provided they continue their S25,000 bail each, notify their attorneys of any change of address and they waive their rights to certain provisions of the speedy trial act (see also BB-17); Bhagwan's attorney (O'Neill) says he maintains his innocence but changed his plea because of "'possible danger or possible harassment (of himself or followers) were he to remain' in the" US; US Attorney Turner says that as part of the agreement, Bhagwan will "order" the dismissal of four civil lawsuits (two against the INS, one against the State Department and one against US AG Meese and other officials) and withdraw all applications for permanent resident status in the US; he also claims 412 sham marriages occured (SJ-15; DC-15; BB-15; O-15; C-15; CT-15; LAT-15; NYT-15; SFC-15; SFE-15; PRIT-15; PG-15; AZ-15; ANMJ-15; RT-15; PDN-15; SAE-15; IIS-15; NYP-15; WT-15; DSE-15; PP-15; LKT-16; Time-25; Newsweek-25; see also Bhagwan quote in US News and World Report-25; Moody Monthly-12/1; Christian Life-12/ 1)
85.11.14 ED[S] The Dalles Weekly Reminder says that sannyasin behavior "takes place in a moral vacuum."
85.11.15 15 [W] [R] [AG] [GOV] [FAW] [SMITH] [INS] [MCG] [DUROW] [RIC] [AG] [OSP] [RIMU] Large feature article on recent events in R, Bhagwan's arrest and incarceration in Asiaweek; two chronologies of major events at R (O; DC); in reactions to Bhagwan's departure: State Rep. McTeague says "the guru 'thought it would be better to cop a deal and make a run for it.'"; Oregon's AG says it will have no affect on continuing efforts against Sheela or in the church-state case (see also SFE); US Attorney Turner says it is a "'vindication'" of the INS and federal investigations; Gov. Atiyeh says from Tokyo, "'the case against Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is closed, a minimum of Oregon tax dollars have been spent and no thoughtful Oregonian will deny the fairness of the outcome,'"; State Rep. Fawbush says "'I think it places in jeopardy the survival of the ranch as an economic unit.'" (see also DC); Rosemary McGreer says "she feels vindicated"; Diane McDonald says "she was glad to see Rajneesh go"; W County Planning Director Dan Durow says "The Rajneeshees // probably will not be so concerned about seeing the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram survive legal challenges or about removing a building ban in the city." (BB; SJ); Jean Opray says "'It's neat to have it happening."; Frances Dickson says "'I'm disappointed they didn't tell him he could never come back,'"; Jon Bowerman says it is a "'step in the right direction.'"; US Rep. Bob Smith says "I won't deny the fact that I'm happy to have the Bhagwan out of Oregon... Certainly, there are those who believe that federal prosecutors should have extracted 'an extra pound of flesh' in retribution for the arrogance, the threats, the abuse that we've all been forced to take from Bhagwan. On a purely human level, I admit I'm one of those people...- The first step in ending our ordeal is complete. Bhagwan is gone... The last aspect is the ultimate disposition of Rajneeshpuram itself and the fate of the Bhagwan's followers who remain there." (DC--see for full text of Smith statement; see also SJ, which says Henry Richmond of 1000 Friends asserts "his group will continue to challenge the legality of Rajneeshpuram on grounds that it violates state zoning laws."; see also O, which quotes Norma Paulus as saying "'I think it's a very very good disposition of that situation... I think that's wonderful—a very good resolution of a difficult problem.'", Frances Dickson as saying "'This is what we wanted to happen all along,'" and that followers will now leave); RIC President says the commune will stay in operation, look for ways to exploit the gold, silver, coal and geothermal deposits as an economic base and that the 93 Rolls Royces (worth about $8 million; DMV shows 78 registered to RMCCT and 3 to RIC) and some equipment will be sold (LAT; O-16; SJ-16; NYT-16; NYP-16; MIS-16; SGDT-16; AR-16; ANMJ-16; SFC-16; CST-17; TGM-20; RT-22--see for excerpts from RIC President's news conference); state officials say that criminal investigations at R will have cost about $824,000 by the time they are done (the bill up to Nov. 1 was $255,800), that this is the largest investigation in Oregon history, and they will ask the Legislative Emergency Board for more funds for the AG and OSP; the state initially put five prosecutors, 17 investigators and 5 support personnel on the case; AG spokesperson says that use of the RICO law to "confiscate real and personal property involved in racketeering." against R had not been ruled out (SJ-16; BB-17; O-17; DJC-19); interview with one of the sannyasins (Ma Dharma Chetana) arrested with Bhagwan, and others, about events surrounding the arrest and Charlotte jail stay; features on art in R and new video rental service, on RIMU groups in Latin America, recent media quotes relative to Bhagwan's treatment, the // "European exchange program" involving sannyasin communes (RT)
85.11.15 [MCCC] [NO.  : Jury selection continues for fourth day in the Harvey case and is scheduled to resume Monday; amounts involved said to be $176,000 requested by Rajneeshee corporationss and over S4 million asked by Harveys (O-16)
85.11.15 ED[S] [WEAV] [BLM] Albany, OR Democrat-Herald calls Bhagwan's plea agreement "a handy little bargain"; Livingston, MT Livingston Enterprise suggests Bhagwan got off easy, saying "Somehow, the Swami saved his biggest con for the curtain call."; The Rajneesh Times comments on inflexible government rules as they relate to Bhagwan's treatment, on Bhagwan's departure, The Oregonian and government collusion to link the arrests of Bhagwan and Sheela and thus attempt to link the charges against them in the public mind, US Congressman Jim Weaver's latest proposal regarding R and BLM land, Supreme Court decisions relating to the definition of religion
85.11.16 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal accuses Bhagwan of "Looking out for Number 1"; Eugene, OR The Reqister-- Guard runs cartoon of silly headlines, including "The Bhagwan Drives a Chevy."; Cleveland, OH Plain Dealer says "Farewell" to Bhagwan saying he "came as close to paradise as you can get in a society that has deified the auto."; Wilmington, NC Morning Star says Bhagwan "lived like a Borgia Pope or a Cabinet officer in the Reagan administration."
85.11.17 [W] [R] [IND] Life goes on as usual at R; an estimated 1500-3500 residents there; total investment in R said to have been $120 million; sannyasins say they will continue to fight the challenges to R's incorporation in the courts; it is said to take $2 million per month to operate the commune (SFC-16; BB; C; SR--see also for summary of improvements and demographics at R); Bhagwan arrives in New Delhi, India at 2:10 am (via Allentown, PA; Shannon, Ireland; a one night stay in Lanarca, Cyprus followed by Bahrain refueling) to hundreds (200-600) of followers throwing flower petals; he is said to be headed to a place near Manali named Kulu, 250 miles north of New Delhi in Himachal Pradesh state in the Himalayan foothills; he denounces America, saying "'It is just a wretched country.'" and "'a hypocrisy'" and says of India, "'This is my country,'"; in the news conference he says was mistreated in jail and will not have another commune, after which he leaves for Manali; the international headquarters of the movement will be in Poona, India but all communes will be independent (AK-16; DC; BB; SJ; O; SCCS; AR; ISW--twelve different local editions; CTS; DSE; SJ-18; RG-18; IIS-18; ANMJ-18; FWST-18; LIN-18; SFC-18; USA-18; RT-22); feature quoting the sister of Amrita Pritam, the anti-cultist daughter of Leo Ryan, saying she thought the commune had become "'sick'" when Sheela suggested putting Kool-Aid labels on bottles of champagne at Pritam's wedding (SFC; see also WP-18 report on her address to a Cult Awareness Network rally of 50 persons in Washington, DC where she tells of her fears chat Bhagwan's disciples "will themselves commit mass suicide." and USA-25)
85.11.17 ED[S] [FAW] [SMITH] [GOV] [AG] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist asks for the politicians "is there life after bhagwan?", calls State Rep. Wayne Fawbush the "Legislature's leading Rajneesh-baiter." and takes others to task for being "bhagwan-baiters" (US Rep. Bob Smith; State Seantors John Brenneman of Newport and Peter Brockman of Sisters; Gov. Vic Atiyeh, AG Dave Frohnmayer); The Oregonian runs editorial cartoon on Bhagwan's departure; Miles City, MT Miles City Star calls Bhagwan a "con man"; Lewistown, MT News-Argus asks what R will do with all those Rolls Royces
85.11.18 [W] [R] [IND] Bhagwan and 20 or so sannyasins book the 24 room, well-guarded Span Resorts Complex motel near Manali for 10 weeks; The Press Trust of India quotes a source as saying that some sannyasins had met with the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh state earlier this year proposing to buy land in Manali; local authorities are said concerned that Bhagwan's presence "might lead to drug trafficking and hippie communes." (DC-19; SJ-19; AHH-20; SHJ-20; RNO-20; AR-20; PI-20); Bhagwan is said to have suggested that 500-700 (of a total population of 1400-3500) foreign disciples leave R, fearing they might be harassed by authorities; commune residents discuss the suggestion in a meeting, but no decision is made; few sannyasins have left R recently, but the days of big festivals are said to be over (C-17; SJ-19; BB-19; DC-19; O-20); "Bloom County" cartoon strip mentions Bhagwan
85.11.18 [USDC] [NO.  : R attorneys ask for more time to prepare a legal memorandum and Judge Frye postpones hearing in church-state case until Dec. 2 (BB)
85.11.18 ED[S] Aurora, IL Beacon News likens Bhagwan's "work is worship" to the motto of the Benedictine Order, "'To labor is to pray.'"; Tulsa, OK Tribune says "There remains a question. Will another guru some day take over a rural American county as Rajneesh did? The enormous cash flow generated from the gullible enabled him to pack Washoe [sic] county, Ore., with his followers, then regiter and seize political power. It could happen again."; Binghamton, NY Press and Sun Bulletin says Bhagwan "got off easy" but "knowing the likes and dislikes of Attorney General Edwin Meese as we do, it's a sure thing that the Bhagwan... won't be back any time soon."; Sacramento, CA Bee prints a parody of the song "Bye, Bye Blackbird" for Bhagwan; New York, NY Daily News says "The Bhagwan has received fair treatment for flagrantly abusing the privileges he received."; Erie, PA Morning News says they agree with Bhagwan that he should never return
85.11.19 [W] [R] [AG] Federal grand jury in Portland begins hearing three days of testimony about wiretapping at R; 28 sannyasins have been subpoenaed and some are approaching the Federal Defender's Office in Portland for legal help; additional subpoenas have been issued for Dec. 18 (O; BB; RG; RT-22); speakers at the annual meeting of the Positive Action Center at Jantzen Beach, OR say to 300 anti-cultists there will be "'many tragic cases of [sannyasins] needing therapy and help.'" due to the closure of R (O); state special grand jury is in session in The Dalles, but the AG and Circuit Court will not disclose details (DC-19)
85.11.19 [MCCC] [NO. Opening statements in the Harvey case are heard, the attorney for RIC stating that Harvey had not told anyone of the accounting error that resulted in his being paid $1000 per week instead of $1000 per month for 18 months (DC-20; O-20; RT-22)
85.11.19 ED[S] Omaha, NE World-Herald says about Bhagwan that the US "benefits by getting rid of a nuisance;" and wishes India luck; Rock Island, IL Argus chides RMCCT for refusing to donate Rolls Royces to the World Food Bank and the Salvation Army; Charleston, SC Evening Post columnist says "Both Indiana-born Jones and Indian-born Bhagwan are mind-blowers. Their followers undergo a kind of self-induced lobotomy."; South Bend, IN Tribune calls Bhagwan a "colorful" character; Levittown, PA Bucks County Courier Times says in leaving for India Bhagwan "finally got the message" " folks out in Oregon have been trying to tell him... for years."; Port Huron, MI Times Herald says "Good riddance." to "imperial royalty." and that Bhagwan's case "improves image of plea bargaining"; Providence, RI Journal and Evening Bulletin "is grateful" that Bhagwan has vowed he will not leave India again
85.11.20 [W] [R] [A] [SS] [ELECT] [RIC] [OSP] [SAHP] [IND] Multnomah County's director of elections warns that a rule proposed by the Secretary of State establishing the types of identification to be used when proving residency if registering within 11 days of the election might disenfranchise the homeless and the elderly living in nursing homes (O); Indian newspapers reportedly say Bhagwan will not be allowed to buy land in Himachal Pradesh and that the Rajneesh Foundation owes $800,000 to S3 million in taxes from the pre-1981 period (TNT); R Mayor says R will survive but a change in attitude on the part of Oregonians and a major reduction in population at R will be needed; one busload of sannyasins leaves R; President of RIC estimates the commune owes $1.5 million to outside vendors and about $33.5 million in long and short-term debt to sannyasins and the Rolls Royces will sell for about $5 million; Rajneesh Jewelry Trust says that items will be sold; items in R stores are marked down drastically (75%); OSP says it will continue to keep 2 officers at R 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as long as is needed; 2 sannyasins have petitioned in W County to resume pre-sannyas legal names; 9 voters from A changed their registration to R between Sept. and Nov.; an estimated 20-100 SAHP participants remain and will be provided tickets if they wish to leave (O-21--see for interviews with SAHP participants; SJMN-21; IIS-22; WP-22; RT-22; AR-23; BDC-24)
85.11.20 ED[S] [INS] Redmond, OR Spokesman suggests that Oregon should acquire Rancho Rajneesh and use it as a state prison; Tigard, OR This Week columnist chides the INS for using chains on Bhagwan; Eugene, OR The Register-- Guard columnist quotes Bill Bowerman, 74, "in a rambling conversation" as saying "'I think it's [R] the most evil thing we've had in this state,'" (Bowerman was founder of the CCC and helped to finance several legal fights against sannyasins); Troy, NY Times Record says Bhagwan's negative comments about America are "sour grapes" and that "The fact that Rajneesh was able to remain in this country for four years, bilking the people and causing suffering among his victims, is an indictment of our" INS and is upset that Bhagwan called America "'hell'" and Americans "'subhumans'"; McKeesport, PA Daily News says they hope "we've heard the last of" Bhagwan, citing the "'hell'" and "'subhuman'" statements; Houston, TX Post also takes umbrage at the "'hell'" and "'subhuman'" statements and invites Bhagwan to try to set up a commune in the USSR; Fort Worth, TX Star-Telegram says Bhagwan "bilked" people but "one could argue that he performed a public service. He got some of the crazies off the streets and carried them to the boonies where they could not do much harm."
85.11.21 [W] [R] [RIC] Most students polled by the WOSC Lamron, Monmouth, OR predict the demise of R; 50 more sannyasins leave R, most Europeans; most at R are undecided about whether to stay or go; reported that a move has been made to transfer titles of 27 of the Rolls Royces from the RMCCT to 2 individuals, one the President of RIC (SJ-22; RG-22; O-22)
85.11.21 [MCCC] [NO.  : Robert and Glenda Harvey testify, saying they would have agreed to be paid $1000 per month, but that conversation was interrupted and they never again spoke salary with Sheela; they say they talked to the bookkeeper about whether their larger than expected check was correct and he said yes; the bookkeeper says he was mistaken; R attorneys claim that Harvey, entrusted with blank checks to negotiate for and purchase vehicles for the commune, filled in higher amounts than actually paid for the vehicles in at least two instances (O-22)
85.11.21 ED[S] Portland, OR The Oregonian says "American history contains shameful instances where intolerance ruled and non-conforming communes, sects and movements were harassed and persecuted. This is not one of them."; WOSC Lamron Monmouth, OR runs editorial cartoon on Bhagwan's departure; San Antonio, TX Express suggests Bhagwan try establishing a commune in the USSR; Wilkes-Barre, PA Times-Leader says "The Bhagwan has received fair treatment for flagrantly abusing the privileges he received."
85.11.22 [W] [J] [R] [A] RFST: RL[S] RT: [RIMU] [INS] [OSP] [AG] [WCCC] [USDC] Feature saying the sale price of the Rolls Royces is about $5 million for 86 of the 93 and that many inquiries have been made (RT; LAT); reported that it appears that 2 Rajneeshee corporations have missed a Nov. 15 deadline for paying the first one-- third of their 1985-86 real and personal property taxes; RFST has paid $484.54, RLS has paid $435.61, RT Corporation $43.67 and R Travel Corporation $1.80 and that there are 43-54 other R tax accounts; W County says that R organizations paid about $269,000 in taxes in 1984-85, over 1.6% of all the taxes levied by the county; J County records show $3200 paid on farm land and 20 mobile homes there in 1982 (O); Mayor of R tells meeting that the commune will be disbanded, that it is not economically viable, having been built on donations and loans, considering Bhagwan's departure and the enormous recent legal costs and the move of RIMU to Europe; RIMU's "Buddhafield Express" touring groups will continue with stops in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada, Laguna Beach, San Francisco, Honolulu, Boulder, Houston, Nashville, New York and Boston; R Mayor asks sannyasins to leave R at their convenience, but within the next three weeks; about 100 sannyasins will remain as caretakers; this news comes just hours after former Mayor Krishna Deva/David Berry Knapp agreed to turn state's evidence under a plea-bargain agreement in which he pleads guilty to a state charge of racketeering involving wiretapping and eavesdropping in WCCC and a federal charge of inmigration fraud involving sham marriages and records forgery in conspiracy with Sheela, Vidya and Karuna in USDC and agrees to provide information to prosecutors, the FBI, the INS, the OSP, the AG's Office, W County DA and the state and federal grand juries; he agrees to all this in return for immunity for any other non-violent crimes and admission to the federal witness protection program; racketeering carries a maximum 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine; immigration fraud carries a maximum of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine; the plea agreement limits any prison term to 5 years and any fine to $100,000; the AG calls the plea "'a major break in this complex criminal investigation.'"; soon after KD's pleas are received in the two courts, the AG files KD/Knapp's 22-page affidavit in USDC as supporting his contentions in the church-state case; specifically KD/Knapp apparently says that Bhagwan selected R's first city officials, was consulted on filling city office vacancies, told R lawyers that the AG's assertions about the lack of separation of church and state were true and selected the design used for R city stationery, that Sheela ordered a "rigged election" and "ruled over" the R police force and that phony city council minutes were written to make it appear that it was meeting more often than it did in the first six months; courtroom statements indicate that negotiations had been taking place between KD/Knapp and officials since at least Oct. 22; AG and US Attorney said to still be negotiating plea agreement with Ma Anand Sagun, former A City Recorder who left R with Knapp (SJ-23; O-23--see for quotes from affidavit, Knapp biography and his connections to Rajneeshee corporations; WEG-23; NYP-23; AR-24; WP-24; BGT-24; CST-24; BB-24; RG-24; DC-24; SJ-24; CSM-25; DMR-25; LMS-25; see also Advertising Age-25; CLH-26; RT-29); chronology of quotes and events related to R (RT)
85.11.22 ED[S] The Rajneesh Times comments on the case against Bhagwan, the history and meaning of the Alford plea
85.11.23 [W] [R] [RIMU] About 35 sannyasins leave R; the International DeHypnotherapy Club is formed in R to keep those who have done this RIMU training in touch with each other (RT-29)
85.11.23 ED[S] Sioux City, IA Journal columnist calls Bhagwan "The flim-flam man"; Columbus, OH Citizen Journal invites Bhagwan to try to establish a commune in the USSR
85.11.24 [W] [R] [A] Three buses with about 100 sannyasins leave R and many others are planning their departure (SJ-25; SPI-25; AHH-25); about 20 nonsannyasins remain in A (DC); features on "local" sannyasins and their loyalty to Bhagwan in the Detroit, MI News and Houston, TX Post
85.11.24 [SC] [NO.  : Eugene, OR School District says it will appeal CA decision to make the "religious garb" law for teachers unenforceable by declaring its penalties unconstitutionally harsh (SJ)
85.11.24 ED[S] [AG] [INS] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal publisher casts aspersions on AG's request of the Legislative Emergency Board for more money to handle the R-related cases, but says the money will probably be granted and a columnist says for "Twit of the Year" it is "a close choice between the bhagwan," the INS and AG Frohnmayer; Evansville, IN Courier says "the Bhagwan's controversy in this country is one more example of the self-destructive nature of so many cults"; Chicago, IL Southtown Economist reprints New York, NY Daily News editorial referring to the "'hell'" and "'subhuman'" statements of Bhagwan in reference to America; Quincy, IL Herald Whig runs editorial cartoon on Bhagwan and Rolls Royces
85.11.25 [W] [R] [CNCL] [SPI] [RSD] R City Council meets in emergency session to shift R bank account from The Oregon Bank, which closed it after signatures were changed, to American State Bank; R has about $150,000 in its account; R Council meeting scheduled for Nov. 30 will consider the Police Force, the incorporation case, its role in the sale of property, whether councilmembers should be paid a salary; an estimated 100 persons per day have been leaving R since Nov. 22; present plans call for only 50-100 sannyasins to remain at R as caretakers (O-26); three buses and several private vehicles depart R this date; Bob Roethlisberger, owner of European Auto Group of Carrollton, Texas arrives at R to negotiate for the 79 Rolls Royces (of 93) for sale, expecting to pay about $6 million and intending to conduct "an invitation-only auction for interested bidders"; RMCCT which owns 78 of the cars owes more than $4 million to disciples who loaned money to buy them; would-be buyers of all types of equipment and goods begin to arrive at R (SJ-26; O-26; RG-26; MP-28); R hotel and snack bars run out of food; R disco closed; a rash of petty thefts are reported in R; SPI is informed that junior and senior high school classes will end on Nov. 26 and elementary school in about one week; SPI has withheld the RSD November state school support payment ($4303 due on Nov. 15; $12,910 of a budgetted $41,000 for the school year has already been received) because of "the unsettled state of affairs."; SPI calls for the school board to arrange an immediate audit and inventory of RSD funds and property; RSD records show an enrolllment of 98 students as of October (down from last fall's enrollment of 123), 7 teachers and 5 aides; SPI asks RSD board to name Fred Krauss, W County ESD superintendent, as acting superintendent before all 5 school board members leave; Krauss says the district will probably be incorporated into 2 neighboring districts, the school building closed and property sold; R officials say they will continue to fight the legal land-use battles so that the property will retain its urban services possiblities and thus its value; suggested uses for R so far inculde "a medium-security prison, a farm school for homeless or delinquent children, a dude ranch, a state university research farm and a farming retreat for another religious organization." (RG-26; O-26; MP-28)
85.11.25 [MCCC] [NO.  : Robert Hrvey testifies that Sheela threatened critical sannyasins with removal from the ranch, banned sannyasins from visiting the Harvey's house at one point and that some of his personal property was not returned after he left the Ranch, including a $2995 TV sateliite dish (O-26)
85.11.26 [W] [R] [A] [RSD] [OSP] [COMM] Bob Roethlisberger agrees to pay $5-6 million cash for 82-84 Rolls Royces, the remaining 9-11 to be sold to individual sannyasins (SJ-27; O-27; CDSE-27; NYP-27; CST-27; USA-27; CST-28; IIN-30; CT-12/1; WP-12/1); RSD's three junior and senior high school teachers resign, giving their 19 students an early vacation; about 30 of the 79 students registered in September remain in the elementary school, but that is expected to drop to 15 by next week and school to close on Dec. 6 (O-27); OSP Superintendent John C. Willians announces he will retire on Dec. 31, now that the "threat of conflict" involving sannyasins has "'been taken care of'" (O-27; USA-27; SJ-28); feature on Les and Ellen Smallwood of A who engaged in a "quiet battle" with Rajneeshees, forming the Committee of Concerned Parents to deal with school-related issues and joining in creation of the ADF (RG-27); 3-4 sannyasins on A City Council resign (Govind, Kranto and Sandip) and Mayor Parmita and 2-3 others are expected to resign by Nov. 30; $10,00 left in the A General Fund and $2000 left in the Street Fund; W Court/Commission says it will wait to appoint new council persons until Mayor (who has appointment powers before they do) resigns (MP-28; BB-28); photo of Bhagwan and Vivek in the Himalayas (LMS)
85.11.26 [MCCC] [NO.  : Glenda Harvey says she received a letter from Sheela on Nov. 28, 1982 saying disciples would be barred from her home and that she suffered mental anguish over the "acrimonious departure from the ranch in January 1983."; she also says that she enrolled her two daughters in the ranch school, but found they had no text or homework so she eventually sent them to school in Madras (O-27; SJ-28)
85.11.26 [JCCC] [NO.  : Roy Masters sues ex-SS Paulus for allowing a 1984 "Voters' Pamphlet" statement by Larryann Willis with the phrase "'believe they have been exploited by Rajneesh and Masters cults.'" (DC-27)
85.11.26 [USDC] [NO.  : Helen Byron collects $975,000 of the $ 1.25 million judgment in her favor (SJ-29)
85.11.26 ED[S] Galesburg, IL the Galesburg Register-Mail says if Bhagwan were to go to the USSR he would probably end up being "the guru of the gulag"
85.11.27 [W] [R] [RSD] [GOV] Feature on recent events in R with comments by sannyasins who are leaving (NYT); RSD board meeting postpones a decision on disbanding since 7 children may remain for up to 6 months (RT-29; SJ-29); State Sen. Ed Fadeley, candidate for Governor, suggests Rancho Rajneesh should become a low cost minimum or medium security prison (SJ-28; RG-28); ranch equipment to be auctioned by Jack Healy of Moro in Dec. 17-19 sale (BB-28); Bhagwan invites his followers to go to the ashram in Poona (RT-29; SJ-29; WP-29; PP-29; SAL- 30; RTD-12/1); 2 W County sheriff's deputies show up in R with 6 delinquent tax warrants totalling about $78,000 due from R corporations; R spokesperson says the checks were mailed on Nov. 14, but apparently not received by W County (SJ-29)
85.11.27 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Owen Panner rules against R corporation attorney's request to block execution of the $1.25 million judgment in favor of Helen Byron and require her to return $975,00 collected the previous day in spite of "the sect's confused and uncertain financial situation" (SJ-29)
85.11.27 ED[S] Eugene, OR The Register-Guard says "A certain sadness accompanies the exodus from Rajneeshpuram. Dreams die hard.... Yet Rajneeshees have no one to blame but themselves.... To be sure, some bigotry was directed at the Rajneeshees.... The Biggest losers were the people of Antelope,..."; Pittsburgh, PA Post-Gazette columnist's Thanksgiving quiz mentions Bhagwan; columnist appearing in 10 independent weekly papers on Nov. 27 and 28 in Illinois quotes a resident as being thankful at Bhagwan's departure and says "it would appear that Oregon has inherited a white antelope, but has rid itself of a cancer."
85.11.28 [W] [R] [A] Feature saying Bhagwan has said that "At least 20 of his followers have been 'interrogated,' 'harassed' and 'tortured' in the Soviet Union (Odessa, Kiev, Moscow, Leningrad, Siberia, East Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland) (BB); Rajneeshee property in A being looked at by private potential buyers (BB)
85.11.28 ED[S] Madras, OR The Madras Pioneer says R is a "Dinosaur for sale", and one suggestion is "conversion to a brothel such as Mustang Ranch in Nevadea, to get the prostitutes off the streets in Portland."; New York Post columnist says "THE WHOLE US[A] Will be especially thankful it has seen the last of Bhagwan"
85.11.29 [W] [R] [INS] INS Commissioner says in an interview with The Oregonian that "the ouster of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh from this country should serve notice to other foreign sect leaders that 'they can't just set up shop' unfettered in the United States."; he denies reports of a "leak" from within his agency to Bhagwan and says "there was no pressure from members of Congress, the White House or Oregon officials to resolve the case against Rajneesh and his followers." (SJ); Bhagwan announced as one of 10 winners of the 1985 "Bozo Award" for "'the most Bozo-like deeds imaginable'" and being a "Funster" (DC; IS-30; CDSE-12/ 1; FWNS-12/2; DFP-12/2; SG-12/6); the last issue of The Rajneesh Times published at R includes a photo essay of Bhagwan's house there and lists 35 centers around the world with addresses and phone numbers
85.11.29 [MCCC] [NO.  : Sw. Prem Niren testifies that Robert Harvey "'acknowledged that he had been overpaid. There was no real dispute about it. The he said, "What can I do about it? I have already spent the money."'" in January of 1983; the Trial is expected to resume on Dec. 3 (BB-12/1)
85.11.29 ED[S] Salem, OR Capital Press columnist says he "suspected [R] would fade away sooner or later." and accuses Bhagwan of 'waywardness, extravagance, conceit and greed"; Baltimore, MD Sun and Kansas City, MO Kansas City Star columnists mention Bhagwan in passing; Watertown, NY Daily Times speaks of "Disposing of 'Raj-mobiles'"; The Rajneesh Times comments on the closure of the commune
85.11.30 [W] [R] [A] [AG] [OSP] Legislative Fiscal Office report suggests that AG and OSP's requests for $824,000 for the ongoing investigation at R be reduced to a present allocation of $114,000 ($68,562 to the Justice Department and $45,612 to OSP to cover expenses through Oct. 31) and that $399,000 be set aside for future costs; they say the OSP request may have been inflated to cover the cost of a 10% salary increase ordered by an arbitrator rather than just to cover R investigation costs (RG; SJ); Bob Roethlisberger loads Rolls Royces onto 12 trucks for the 3-4 day drive to Dallas, TX to start tomorrow; he says he will sell them at a lavish auction Feb. 8-9 in Dallas, has already had over 300 inquiries, insures them for $8 million and says there are now 85 in his collection (IIN; RG-12/1; SJ-12/2; USA-12/2; NYDN-12/2; NYP-12/2; ND-12/2; Time-12/9—see also for other recent events; Newsweek-12/9--see also for other recent events; National Review-12/13); the Committee to Save Antelope announces that it will stop gathering signatures for the statewide initiative petition to repeal the city charter, but William Gatchel, the executive director, says it still needs donations to offset costs already incurred (BB-12/1; DC-12/1; O-12/2; SJ-12/3); Ma Mary Catherine, editor of The Rajneesh Times says the newpaper's employees and their families may move to Boulder, CO "because of its cosmopolitan flavor and reputation for tolerance," (BDC-12/1)
85.11.30 [WCCC] [NO.  : and N[O] : Judge John V. Kelly issues temporary restraining orders to prevent the sale of Rancho Rajneesh and other assets (except the Rolls Royces and video equipment recently sold) pending a show-cause hearing for permanent injunctions to be held on Dec. 6; one order was sought by 3 restaurants in The Dalles involved in the salmonella poisoning incidents; that asked that all revenue from any sale be required to be deposited in interest-bearing accounts in Oregon banks under the court's supervision; the other request came from former A resident Marcia Wichelmann, who recently won a $625,000 judgement against Sheela and blocks the sale of two aircraft; the orders also block the sale of the ranch and require the posting of $100,000 cash bonds in three claims and require money from sales to be placed under the court's jurisdiction; in related actions two restaurant owners file a complaint "for tortuious [sic] interference with business, rackeetering [sic] ultrahazardous activities and stress against R corporations and individuals and ask damages totalling more than $40 million (SJ; RG; DC-12/1; DWR-12/5--most complete)
85.12.01 [W] [R] Approximate date of Winter, 1985 Newservice special report on Bhagwan and R; Spin Magazine profiles ten of the most prominent new-age music figures, two of them sannyasins (Kitaro and Deuter); special report on recent events in R, interview with Bhagwan in India and photos in India Today magazine; Oregon magazine recaps the year in R and names Bhagwan one of region's "Newsmakers of the Year"; The Rajneesh Times reportedly may move to Boulder, CO (SJ)
85.12.01 ED[S] [AG] New York Times columnist suggests headline of "'Let Bhagwans Be Bhagwans'"; Lansing, MI Pointer-Economist reprints New York Daily News editorial focussing on Bhagwan's "America is 'hell'" remarks; Salem, OR Statesman-Journal columnist says AG Frohnmayer's "attempt to secure his political future with a campaign of Rajneeshee-baiting may be disappearing faster than a speeding bhagwan."; an editorial in the same paper asks "Sheela prosecution: is it worth the cost?" and says the AG should drop the case
85.12.02 [W] [R] [A] [GER] EU[R] [IND] [CNCL] [COMM] It is reported that West Germany's 350 member sannyasin commune in Cologne is prospering with $8 million in annual sales; there are said to be 30,000 sannyasins in West Germany, second only to the number in the US; communes in Amsterdam and Zurich also said to be doing well and that the small Freiburg commune closed by Sheela is planning to reopen; Cologne sannyasin businesses include a weekly newspaper, travel agency, construction company, architectural bureau, catering company, several discos, small bars and a restaurant; the commune has its own laundry service, medical service, car pool, garage, shuttle buses; the commune pays full taxes on its business earnings (RG); R leavers said to be talking about setting up small communes in Italy (to publish books and named The Master's Press, for one) Spain, Hawaii, London, Greece, Australia, India and at several locations in the US (in 1981 there were 575 centers in 32 countries, but after Sheela's consolidation moves that was reduced by spring of 1985 to 19 centers in 10 countries) (BB); A Mayor Ma Deva Parmita, remaining two city council members (Sw. Prem Sukh and Ma Prem Manohar) and A City Recorder Ma Deva Prabha resign after turning city records over to W County Sheriff's Deputies for safekeeping and arranging to have the financial records delivered to the A Auditor in Portland; A still has about $7000 in the General Fund and $4000 in the Street Fund; the W County Court/Commission has scheduled the selection of at least a 4 member city council quorum replacement from the 21 remaining non-sannyasin residents in A at 11am on Dec. 4; A residents say they expect the new council to set a March election for disincorporation, to cut city taxes and to settle a lawsuit over ownership of the A Community Church (BB-3; DC-4; MP-5)
85.12.02 ED[S] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal says R is destined be "Oregon's most expensive ghost town"
85.12.03 [W] [R] [GER] [COMM] [HULSE] [PLAN] [GOV] [RIC] [RNSIC] It is reported that secret indictments were sent to Germany about a week ago charging Sheela and Puja with criminal conspiracy and first-degree assault in the alleged poisoning of W County Judge/Commissioner Bill Hulse last year, charging them with criminal conspiracy and second-degree assault in the alleged poisoning of w County Commissioner Ray Matthew at the same time (on a ranch tour while a flat tire on their car was being repaired; they, along with Commissioner Virgil Ellett who did not become ill, were offered drinks of water); Sheela is also charged with arson and burglary in the burning of the W County Planning Department Office on Jan. 14, 1985; conspiracy, first-degree arson and first-degree assault are Class A felonies with a maximum penalty each of 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine; second degree assault and burglary are Class C felonies with a maximum of five years in prison each and a $100,000 fine each; others are said to be charged in the indictments but their names are not released because they are not yet in custody (O; DC; SJ-4; RG-4); R Mayor says that several R organizations may file for bankruptcy to "preserve assets for creditors by halting litigation [and]...provide for orderly payment of debts." about 80% of which are owed to sannyasins (SJ; RG-4; BB-4); gubernatorial candidate Norma Paulus, at a luncheon in Wilsonville, says she favors idea that Oregon should consider turning R into a prison (BB-4; SJ-6); W County receives $17,357.18 for personal property tax on mobile homes and $476.11 to cover 3 small real property accounts from R organizations; these are payments toward the portion of 1985-86 taxes which was due on Nov. 15, but were postmarked after that date; W County will try to collect $200 in interest and fees for serving warrants on the property after the Nov. 15 deadline was missed; W County says about $250,000 is due in future partial payments from RIC and RNSIC on their property (O-5)
85.12.04 [W] [J] [R] [A] EU[R] [COMM] [CNCL] [RIC] It is reported in the General-Anzeiger Thurg that a plan by Dipo to purchase a castle and 125 acres near Erlen, Switzerland for a farming community has been rejected by area residents in favor of sale to a Bern company for a golf course, a plan they originally had objected to; about 40 mountain-street bicycles from R arrive at a . shop in Corvallis, OR and are selling for $185 each (SJ); W County Court/Commission appoints Virgil Steinmetz, Alice Hensley, Jean Opray and Phil Hill as a quorum to the A City Council; they will presumably appoint a fifth member and a Mayor (DC; O-5); J County receives a check for $5,024.54 to cover several small property tax accounts and some of the RIC tax account; J County says that $9,742.92 is still owed on the 1985-86 tax bill; most of the 500 head of cattle and 300 (?) peacocks are said to have been sold (O-5)
85.12.04 [MCCC] [NO.  : Jurors- in Harvey/R corporation consolidated cases over salary, property and defamation disputes hear closing arguments (O-6--best summary; SJ-6)
85.12.04 ED[S] Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Press columnist mentions Bhagwan; Eugene, OR The Register-Guard says "The Legislative Emergency Board should not scrimp in . appropriating enough money to cover the cost of past and ongoing state investigations of the Rajneeshees."
85.12.05 [W] [R] [GER] [RNSIC] Bob Roethlisberger and 85 Rolls Royces (several of them handpainted with special murals) arrive on 12 trucks in Dallas, TX after a 4 day trip; he says thousands of inquiries have been made and he has had four offers to buy all 85 as a package; he says he paid about $7 million for the cars (which sannyasins say will go to repay those who loaned the money to buy them) and figures he can net between $8 and $10 million on their sale (SJ-6; BB-6; CST-6); formal US extradition documents for Sheela arrive in Bonn, West Germany at the Justice Ministry; they will be sent to a state court in Karlsruhe to determine if there is enough evidence to support the US allegations (DC; RDC-6); it is reported that a Medford gun dealer has bought 250-300 weapons from R, including "semi— automatic versions of Israeli-made Galil assault rifles and Uzi submachine guns." (SJ; O); W County receives check for some $277 to pay interest and filing fees in delinquent Nov. 15 RNSIC property tax payment
85.12.05 [USBC] [NO.  : An ex-sannyasin who left R with Sheela, Eva-Maria Mann of Berlin, West Germany, files a petition to place RNSIC in involuntary bankruptcy to ensure that they pay her $800,000 which she alleges agents of the Rajneesh Services International Ltd. removed from her Swiss bank account without authority on Aug. 30 and disbursed to RNSIC; "she said the same day the agents deposited $700,000 that did not belong to her into her account and withdrew it, disbursing to the commune."; on July 19 she had given Dipo power of attorney to invest funds in her account "'provided I approved such investments in advance.'"; Sw. Prem Dipo (Urs Birnstiel) had married Sheela several months earlier; also listed as petitioners for the bankruptcy were W County, which says it is owed $277.50 for interest on delinquent property taxes and filing fees and Anna K. Meyers of Madras who says she is owed $20,600 for a trailer park in A; RNSIC attorney says that a check for money owing to W County has been sent, that he finds it ironic that the action has been filed by a woman who left the ranch with Sheela and is based on actions by Sheela's husband Dipo, questioning whether it has been filed in "'good faith'"; Anna Meyers says all of the S400 monthly payments on the trailer park are up to date; Judge Elizabeth Perris issues a temporary restraining order halting all payments to creditors and the disbursement of any funds to R residents to move, blocking any cash payments by RNSIC and limiting the use of sannyasins' debit cards to purchases of food and clothing; she refuses to halt the sales of RNSIC property and requires the parties bringing the suit to post a $50,000 bond until another hearing on Dec. 9 (O-6; BB-6; SJ-7)
85.12.05 [WCCC] [NO.  : AG files a civil racketeering lawsuit against 26 R organizations asking that the ranch, Hotel Rajneesh in Portland, all property in A, 835 vehicles and other corporate assets valued $6.5 million be forfeited under the Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations law (RICO) for participating "'in a pattern of racketeering activity' that ranged from conspiracy, attempted murder, arson, reckless endangering and [sic] assault."; the suit also "seeks $250,000 in penalties against each of the 26 organizations and a court order forbidding them from conducting any business in Oregon." (O-6; SJ-6)
85.12.05 [MCCC] [NO.  : Jurors award the Harveys $142,760 (they had sought $4 million) and sannyasins $600 (for grazing fees collected by Harvey but not turned over to sannyasins) in the combined salary and defamation lawsuit decision after hearing the judge's instructions and deliberating for about 9 1/2 hours (SJ-6; BB-6)
85.12.05 ED[S] condon, OR Times-Journal says it is "complacency that made it so easy for the Rajneesh to move in and begin flogging our system."
85.12.06 [W] [R] [GER] [AG] [OSP] [RIMU] [RHT] Extradition hearing expected to be held for Sheela in Germany does not occur, but affadavits by investigators in Oregon are submitted to West German prosecutors who send them to the Karlsruhe court; US Attorney Turner, Assistant US Attorney Baron C. Sheldahl and Stephen Peifer of the Oregon AG's Office are all in Germany, have been viewing the physical evidence seized during the Oct. 28 arrest and say they expect a decision on extradition by the end of the month (SJ-5; BB-5; O-5; DC-5; O-7); the Legislative Emergency Board approves funding of $125,000 (more than the $114,612 recommended by their staff) to the OSP and AG for costs already incurred (as of Oct. 31) in the R investigation, sets aside $399,000 for possible future costs; this is less than the $824,147 the AG and OSP requested; in testifying before a subcommittee of the Board on Dec. 5, W County DA Smith said that he absolutely did not request that the AG make an investigation, did not need it or want it (O; SJ; BB; SJ-7; RG-7); Medford gun dealer reports brisk sales of weapons he purchased at R, mostly to collectors (BB-8); RIMU holds its last classes on the ranch; RHT programs end their three month sessions (BB-9)
85.12.06 [WCCC] [NO.  : A restaurant employee testifes that she saw ex-Mayor of R, Krishna Deva, and a woman sannyasin near the salad bar of the Portage Inn in The Dalles on Sept. 12, the day before the 1984 salmonella outbreak; Judge John. V. Kelly continues a temporary restraining order on behalf of four restaurants until Dec. 12 when the hearing is to be completed and orders that any sales of property for more than $2000 in a day be reported to the restaurants' attorneys; the restaurants have filed civil suits against sannyasins and more than 6 R organizations totaling more than $10 million in damages; the restraining order does not affect RNSIC (O-7; RG-8)
85.12.06 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge John Jelderks denies a motion for a new trial in the wichelmann suit and hears arguments, motions and requests related to the second trial, which will determine whether sannyasin corporations can be held liable for the $625,000 defamation judgement against Sheela (O-7)
85.12.06 ED[S] Eugene, OR The Register-Guard says "Prison idea [for R] not so far-fetched"
85.12.07 [IND] Excerpts from an interview with Bhagwan in the Hindustan Times
85.12.08 [W] [A] [CO] [HULSE] Concerned Oregonians of Wasco County announces that on Dec. 13, when the new A Council appointees are sworn in, a quiet celebration is planned and that CO will conduct a statewide fund drive "to finance a monument honoring Antelope's original residents who fought the battles which resulted in their regaining control of their town."; Laura Bentley later says the monument will be a life-sized Antelope and will cost $7,000-8,000; residents of The Dalles are urged to reserve seats on a chartered bus for the affair; W County Judge/Commissioner Hulse will attend and the W County Treasurer will bring a check for the $10,282 remaining in A coffers (DC-9; BB-11; DWR-19)
85.12.08 ED[S] Congregationalist minister writes favorable column about Bhagwan in Vancouver, WA The Columbian
85.12.09 [W] [R] [GER] [IND] [RNSIC] Interview with Bhagwan appears in Der Spiegel in which he indicates that he may be looking for a new location for a commune (see also BB-8; SJ-9; RG-9); it is reported that a group of lawyers and accountants spent the weekend going through RNSIC books and records as a part of the bankruptcy suit filed by Mann and Meyers (BB-9)
85.12.09 [USBC] [NO.  : Bankruptcy hearing continues; attorney for Mann asks that a trustee be appointed to oversee the liquidation of RNSIC assets; his candidate for that job, Herbert O. Koenig testifies; attorney also says that some money is being shifted from RNSIC to RFST and given to commune members, "whose claims for payment should come after those of creditors." (O-10; O-11)
85.12.10 [W] [R] Article on R "decline" and feature on dispersal of R residents (O)
85.12.10 [USDC] [NO.  : Federal Judge Helen Frye hands down summary judgement saying that the commune-city of R is an unconstitutional merging of church and state and thus violates the First Amendment; "'At the time of incorporation all real property (in the city) was owned and controlled by organizations whose purpose was to promote the religion of Rajneeshism.... The material facts are undisputed,... The incorporation of the city is null and void.'" she said; Frye says the state of Oregon may keep the $91,000 in revenue-sharing monies that have been held in escrow; R attorneys say they will appeal and ask for a 90 day stay of the ruling; the Judge gives both sides 7 days to prepare arguments on the stay; the AG says he is happy that "Frye had saved taxpayers the expense of 'a full-blown trial' in the case."; W County DA Smith predicts great celebrations over the decision; W County Judge/Commissioner Hulse says he expects the land to revert to EFU designation; 1000 Friends' Director Henry Richmond says they will continue to press the land-use lawsuits (O-11--best summary of arguments; SJ-11; USA-11; BB-11; O-12)
85.12.10 [USBC] [NO.  : Federal Judge Elizabeth Perris approves a plan for Herbert Koenig and John Mitchell of Portland to oversee the liquidation of RNSIC assets; the Harveys join in the Mann bankruptcy suit on this date in an effort to claim their $142,060 judgment against RNSIC; under terms of the trusteeship RNSIC will be allowed to spend up to $50,000 to pay for disciples' travel in leaving- the commune, as it is expected to reduce its population to 100 within two weeks; RNSIC may also pay for necessities and can continue to sell assets, but all payments and sales must be approved by the trustees; the order also prohibits RNSIC from making any payments to other R corporations for at least 30 days, including rent to RIC and $22,000 monthly retainers to RLS; RNSIC also agrees to end the use of debit cards issued by RFST on or before Dec. 15; Judge Perris schedules a trial in Portland on the Mann claim for Jan. 2 (SJ-11; O-11; // BB-11)
85.12.10 [USDC] [NO.  : Federal prosecutors in Portland have summoned two of Bhagwan's lawyers (Niren and Peter Schey) to appear before a grand jury investigating his Oct. 28 flight to Charlotte; defense attorneys argue that they should not be called to testify when their client could potentially be indicted by the grand jury; US Assistant Attorney Weaver says they need to be asked about who "'leaked'" them information about the secret indictment; prosecutors tell Judge Leavy that they will not seek an indictment against Bhagwan nor would he be named "as an unindicted co-conspirator." for the flight (O-11)
85.12.10 [WCCC] [NO.  : The State of Oregon files suit "to collect $111,600 in civil penalties for violations of state electrical safety laws." in the "winterized tents" case (O-11)
85.12.10 [WCCC] [NO.  : Alma James files suit against Sheela, RIC and several others asking for $1 million in general damages, $5000 in special damages and $10 million in punitive damages for her alleged salmonella poisoning in Septemeber 1984 (O-11)
85.12.11 [W] [R] [GER] [IND] [FEST] Interview with Bhagwan and photos in West Germany's Quick magazine; sannyasins at R celebrate Bhagwan's 54th birthday with a "morning music and meditation service.", evening dancing and a special dinner; a giant auction scheduled at R for Dec. 17-19 has been postponed by bankruptcy trustee Herbert Koenig because he says it is the wrong time of year; some of the remaining 400 residents at R are not allowed to use their debit cards to purchase airline tickets this date because of cash-flow problems (O; SJ-12; BB-12; O-12; DWR-19)
85.12.11 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Edward Leavy rejects a motion to quash the subpoenas issued to Niren and Peter Schey; Niren testifies before the grand jury, refusing to reveal his source of information on the secret indictment of Oct. 23; federal prosecutors seek a court order requiring that he reveal the source, who apparently is a lawyer who represented one of the co-defendants named in the indictment; Niren's attorney (Brian O'Neill from Santa Monica, CA) argues that Niren's source is protected by confidentiality requirments; Judge Leavy takes the matter under advisement, saying he needs more information before making a decision; the grand jury also sought to know what information Niren gave in December 1983 to Sheela, but Judge Leavy refuses to order Niren to divulge that conversation because of the protected attorney-client relationship; the grand jury will not convene again to consider the Oct. 27-28 flight of Bhagwan until Jan. 15, 1986; Schey will not be required to testify until later (BB-12; SJ-12; O-12; RG-13)
85.12.12 [W] [R] [A] [GOV] Feature story on R in San Jose, Ca Metro; residents of A say they oppose putting a prison at R, will fight any such move and that they want the land to revert to EFU designation; gubernatorial candidate Fadeley reiterates his support for the prison idea, saying it would save taxpayers a lot of money while candidate Paulus, addressing a banquet of the W County Wheat Growers and Livestock Association in The Dalles, says area ranchers should help decide how to use R (DC; DC-13)
85.12.12 [WCCC] [NO.  : A two-day show-cause hearing which began on Dec. 6 regarding the liability of R corporations toward four The Dalles' restaurants in the salmonella incident concludes; Judge John Kelly will decide whether to continue a restraining order obtained by the restaurants that blocks the disposal of assets until a $10 million lawsuit is settled; Niren argues that the corporations cannot be held responsible for the acts of Krishna Deva or other individuals; former restaurant owner testifies, as does the head of Rajneesh Publications, which is seeking to move to Colorado but is blocked from doing so by the suit (BB-13; DC-13--the best account of arguments and testimony; DC-15)
85.12.12 ED[S] [AG] Salem, OR Statesman-Journal gives "Cheers for Frohnmayer" in "Church-state ruling"; Eugene, OR The Register-Guard calls Judge Frye's church-state ruling "meet, right and just."
85.12.13 [W] [R] [A] [OSP] [RNSIC] [CNCL] [HULSE] [PROFF] Two incidents of deer poaching at R have been uncovered and OSP game officers will step up patrols on the ranch; hunting has been banned there since it was purchased in 1981; 2 OSP officers are still living at R full-time (O); sales of RNSIC assets continue under the approval of trustees, who say that assets could be liquidated by May 1; RNSIC will attempt to purchase all of the travel tickets for departing members before tomorrow when prices go up (O-14; RG-14; BB-15; DC-15); New Mayor of A, Jean Opray, and City Councilmembers (Virgil Steinmetz, Randy Warnock, Alice Hensley, Phil Hill, Liz Stockton, Betty Anderson) are sworn in; sign at the ceremony reads "'Antelope hostages... free at last.'"; final acts of the sannyasin Council included revoking a number of contracts with R and R corporations and changing names of A city streets back to their originals; 70-130 attend (only one a sannyasin), including W County Judge/Commissioner Hulse, County Recorder Sue Proffitt, County Treasurer, County Sheriff Art Labrousse; A has about 20 residents; W County turns over the $10,282.49 in tax money remaining in city coffers: A Mayor says disincorporation of the city will be one of the first issues considered by the Council; after the bussed in visitors and most of the media leave, the A church bells are rung (O-14; BB-15; SJ-15; DC-15; MP-19; DWR-19)
85.12.13 [USDC] [NO.  : The US Attorney's Office announces that Ma Prem Karuna (Wendy Wyatt, American) has agreed to plead guilty to a felony charge of "inducing another Rajneeshee woman to lie to immigration officials to conceal the fact that the woman had entered into a sham marriage." and Ma Prem Arup (Maria Gemma Kortenhorst, Dutch), Ma Prem Padma (Suzanne Pelletier, American), Ma Prem Navena (Emily Jane Goldman, American), Ma Prem Mukta (Mary Agnes Evans/Breslin, Irish) have agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of "conspiring to violate U.S. immigration laws." in the 35 count secret indictment of Oct. 23 charging the arranging or cover-up of "sham" marriages (Sheela and Vidya have also been charged but have not appeared as yet); Padma also pleads guilty to a federal felony wiretapping charge and is released on her own recognizance until sentencing, set for Feb. 3; the maximum sentence on the wiretapping charge is 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine; all five women are placed oh probation for 5 years on the immigration charges; Mukta and Arup are ordered to leave the country within 30 days; maximum penalties for the misdemeanors would have been up to 6 months in jail and up to a $500 fine; all other charges against the five are dropped and they agree in return to drop two lawsuits against the INS, "one seeking a court order for the INS to complete its consideration of citizenship applications filed by Rajneeshees. The other claimed the government had violated disciples' rights in its investigation of the commune."; the women say it would have been impossible for them to get a fair trial in Oregon (BB; O-14; SJ-14; BB-15; DC-15--most thorough for quotes and details; DWR-19)
85.12.13 [USDC] [NO.  : Eva-Maria Mann (Ma Dhyan Sushila), an ex-sannyasin from Berlin, files suit seeking $1 million in punitive damages from 2 R corporations and 6 persons "she claims have refused to repay money she loaned to the" RMCCT in 1983 and 1984 in the amount of about S120,000; the suit alleges that she was assured of repayment upon sale of the Rolls-Royces on Nov. 27 and that the sale money has subsequently been transferred out of the US and she has not been repaid (O-14; SJ-15)
85.12.13 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge John Kelly files an order permanently "encumbering Rajneesh assets pending settlement of suits" filed by four The Dalles restaurants seeking damages related to the salmonella outbreak in September, 1984; the USDC-appointed bankruptcy trustees are also appointed to oversee the sale of assets in this case; the extensive order (outlined best in DC-16) also blocks the move of Rajneesh Publications to Colorado; parties are notified by letter; public announcement of decision occurs on Dec. 16 (DC-16)
85.12.14 [W] [R] [RIMU] EU[R] RIMU reportedly moving to Italy; the Oregon Mint, an Umpqua County company, is offering 2,5000 one-ounce silver coins featuring a picture of Bhagwan in chains and the caption "'We Bagged the Bhagwan — October 28, 1985'" for $14.95 each (SJ; RG-15)
85.12.15 [W] [R] The Klamath Falls Fire Department and that city's Red Cross buy medical equipment from R at 1/4 to 1/3 of "regular" price (BB)
85.12.16 [W] [R] [RNSIC] About 200-300 residents reported at R; RNSIC begins official sale of its assets, which range from about 170 cars/vans/trucks to farm equipment, sleeping bags, chemical toilets and tents, buses, all sorts of household goods and construction material, fire department equipment, ambulance and medical equipment; a staff of about 18 sannyasins is handling sales; two restaurants in R are open with reduced staff, shorter hours and limited menus; cafeteria for residents is operating on a reduced scale; among 100 or so buyers per day are officials from the city of Bend and Central Oregon Community- College; Herbert O. Koenig, a court-appointed trustee in charge of overseeing finances signs most of the bills of sale (O-17; BB-18; MP-19)
85.12.17 [W] [R] [IND] [RNSIC] It is reported that all property of the Rajneesh Foundation in India has been seized by that government for $3 million in back taxes (O-18; IW-27); feature on Bhagwan in India (O; BB); RNSIC sales to 12 to 15 individuals and companies said to total about $40,000 at the moment (O-18)
85.12.18 [W] [R] Thirteen sannyasins from R travelling in a school bus reportedly looking to settle in Sonoma County, CA (SPD-19)
85.12.18 [WCCC] [NO.  : Judge John Kelly has issued a preliminary injunction by letter to require R organizations to "place money over the amount required for regular expenses in a separate account in case they lose a suit filed against them by four restaurants."; the suit claims that then-Mayor Krishna Deva and a woman poisoned food in ten restaurants in The Dalles causing a salmonella outbreak in 1984 which affected more than 750 people; no criminal charges have been filed relating to the alleged salmonella incident; in his opinion, Judge Kelly "ruled that there is probable cause to indicate the Rajneeshees 'through a pattern of racketeering activity, endeavored to acquire control of the Wasco County'" Court/Commission; the restaurants' suits have been filed under the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute; "Kelly said he hadn't been convinced that the plaintiffs are correct in their allegations, only that they showed sufficient evidence to warrant an injunction." (BB; O; DWR-26)
85.12.18 [LUBA] [NO.  : On the first day of a scheduled three-day hearing, Former W County Judge/Commissioner Rick Cantrell testifies for nearly four hours before LUBA in the consideration of his sale of 48 head of cattle to sannyasins; he says he heard about their interest in cattle in August, 1981, told his fellow commissioners about Oct. 7 that he was considering selling the cattle to the sannyasins ("'They said it would not bother them in any way.'"), wrote a letter Oct. 13 to offer the cattle for sale, sold them on Oct. 25, received a check for $17,540 on Nov. 17 (the amount having been determined by hinm as that needed to pay off a bank loan and interest which he had coming due in December, 1981) and that the sale had not at all affected his vote on incorporation on Nov. 7 ("He said he voted Nov. 7, 1981, to -permit the incorporaiton election on the basis of advice from District Attorney Bernard L. Smith that the issue was a political one in which the commissioners were required to allow the vote if petitions were properly submitted."); testimony will resume on Dec. 20 (DC-17; O-19; RG-19; BB-19)
85.12.19 [W] [R] [OSP] A sannyasin and former resident of R tells her story in the gay publication Sentinel USA; it is reported that an OSP detective who worked on the R investigative task force purchased 60 canoes from the commune on Nov. 27 and was removed from the task force soon after to avoid the appearance of wrongdoing; he has sold all but one of the canoes for a $2700 profit with the permission of the OSP Superintendent; the detective says he concluded the sale as a private citizen on his own time; his superior and the OSP Superintendent approved the sale after the fact (SJ-20; BB-20; DC-20; RG-20); The Dalles school district may buy busses from R (DWR)
85.12.19 [LUBA] [NO.  : Ex-Mayor of R Krishna Deva's statement that "he believed the purchase of cattle from a Wasco County judge in 1981 'wouldn't be something harmful to the commune.'" is entered into the record, but he also said that he never attempted "'to buy Judge Cantrell's vote,'" (BB-20; O-20; DC-20)
85.12.19 [USDC] [NO.  : Ma Anand Kamala and Ma Prem Kavido (Krishna Deva's sister) plead guilty to conspiring with others to illegally monitor phone conversations in R; Judge Leavy sets sentencing on Feb. 3 for Kamal and Feb. 10 for Kavido (DC-20)
85.12.19 ED[S] Sentinel USA suggests that people should learn from "wise ones" like Bhagwan without following them
85.12.20 [W] [R] [OSP] Federal grand jury indicts 21 sannyasins on five counts of conspiracy, accusing them of illegal- ly tapping telephone lines and planting microphones in // rooms at R beginning in January of 1984 (Mas Anand Sheela [Sheela Patel Silverman, Indian); Anand Puja [Diane Ivonne Onang, Filipino]; Anand Su [Susan // Lissanevitch, British], Anand Jagruti [Bonnie May Barlow or Bonnie M. Hasdell, American—who surrenders this date and is arraigned before Judge Leavy, pleads innocent to one count and is released on her own recognizance after surrenderomg er passport), Yoga Vidya [Ann Phyllis McCarthy, South African), Prem Savita [Sally Anne Croft, British), Dhyan Yogini [Alma Angelina Potter, American], Deva Kranto [Gail Ellen Murphy, American], Deva Rikta [Phyllis Caldwell, American), Jivan Kavia [Evag Norback Wells], Prem Patipada [Mary Ann Young, American], Prem Samadhi [Carol Matthews, Carol. A. Longo/Samadhi Selecki, American], Swamis Anand Julian [Julian James, British], Anand Michael [Michael Bisson], Prem Dipo [Urs Birnstiel, Swiss], Anugiten [Richard Kevin Langford], Veet Sandeha [James Grant Henningham], Prem Rajan [Gerald James Dunsford, British], Anubavo [Jorg Dauscher, German], Deva Kuteer [Carlo Zansi, Italian]); the OSP has thousands of cassette recordings of intercepted communications; each count in the indictment carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine; four sannyasins not named in the indictment have already pleaded guilt to felony wiretap charges (including Sw. Prem Rajesh, Thomas Alan Gay, this date and Sw. Krishna Deva [David Knapp, American] earlier) (BB; SJ-21; O-21; RG-21; BB-22; DC-22; DWR-26; IW-27); // Bob Roethlisberger has sold a collection of Bhagwan's jewelry including diamond stick pins, 88 gold key chains studded with diamonds, and 25 watches, many of them gold or platinum, at a display at Jewels by Batky, an exclusive Dallas shop; the jewelry was insured for $1 million (BB-19; RG-22; IW-27)
85.12.20 [LUBA] [NO.  : In the last day of hearings, ex-ranch foreman Robert Harvey testifies that he lied to the Ethics Commission in 1982 when he said the price paid for Cantrell's cattle "'was good' and that Jayananda had 'negotiated' a price.", that Jayananda had said to him "'we're going to buy these cows from the judge so he'll like us.'", but that "he had never overheard any conversation between representatives of Rancho Rajneesh and Cantrell indicating the Rajneeshees were overpaying him or linking the sale to his Nov. 4 vote."; other testimony related to several witnesses' estimations of the value of the cattle (O-21; SJ-21; BB-22; DWR-26)
85.12.20 ED[S] Sebastopol, CA The Press Democrat comments on sannyasins settling in their area
85.12.22 [W] [R] Hundreds reportedly still flocking to R to buy things (BB)
85.12.23 [W] [R] [GER] People magazine prints photo of Bhagwan and small story on sale of the ranch; West German appeals court takes first formal step towards extradition of Sheela, Puja and Shanti Bhadra by issuing a formal arrest warrant on the charge of attempted murder against Devaraj; the court will rule in January on a second charge of immigration fraud against Sheela; after that the court will have to formally rule on the extradition request and the decision must be upheld by the West German Justice Ministry (SJ-24; O-24; RG-24); 100-150 sannyasins said to remain at R (RG-24)
85.12.23 [USBC] [NO.  : US Bankrputcy Judge Elizabeth Perris holds hearing on R commune finances, gives creditors until Jan. 6 to object to a settlement negotiated this date for RNSIC to pay Eva Marie Mann of Berlin, an ex-sannyasin, in full for her claim for $800,000, which she filed in USDC earlier this month, saying that RNSIC officers had removed money from her Swiss bank acocunt without her consent; a part of the settlement would set aside $600,000 to be received immediately by Mann upon court approval, with the remaining $200,000 to be paid within 30 days; it also includes a promise by sannyasins to pay all creditors in full; many of them have been paid and $350,000 said to be outstanding to "'trade creditors'"; it also includes a provision that ownership of improvements valued at $4 million made by RNSIC to the ranch will be turned over to RIC and assets valued at $5.2 million will go from RIC and RFI to RFST (the "bank") which once held the assets of many sannyasins; provisions are also made to pay the settlement to the Harveys (about $142,000) if it should be upheld on appeal; no provision is made to pay in the Wichelmann settlement ($625,00) as it has not yet been determined that the corporations are liable for the judgement against Sheela; another hearing is scheduled for Jan. 7 (BB; BB-24; DC-24; RG-24; SJ-24; O-24)
85.12.23 [WCCC] [NO.  : Niren withdraws as attorney for R corporations in the damage suit filed by four The Dalles restaurants related to the alleged salmonella poisoning in September 1984 and is replaced by Ronald H. Hoevet and Les Wellman, of Portland (DC-24)
85.12.24 [USDC] [NO.  : Judge Edward Leavy orders Niren to "reveal to a federal grand jury who told him a secret indictment had been issued against the Indian guru." and that the information is not protected by the attorney-client privilege; the grand jury will meet again on Jan. 15 (BB-25; DC-26; RG-26; DC-27; DWR-1/2/ 86)
85.12.24 [SC] [NO.  : KOIN-TV and KATU-TV lose their request to copy the videotape of Bhagwan's testimony that he knew nothing related to the MCCC defamation suit filed by Donna Quick Smith in which it was found that Sheela had not defamed Smith by calling her a "'bigot and a "'thug'"; essentially the ruling upheld Judge Clifford B. Olsen's decision not to release the tape to the TV stations on the basis that it "should not have been offered as an exhibit and that the parties had agreed in advance that the tape would not be distributed outside the courtroom." (O-25; RG-25; DWR-1/2/86)
85.12.24 ED[S] UPI subscribers select Bhagwan as the No. 1 news story in Oregon in 1985 (DC); The Oregonian columnist mentions Sheela
85.12.25 [W] [R] [A] [SCHL] [RSD] [SPI] [IND] It is reported that the RSD will remain open with about 10 students attending school in R and it has $40,000 in the bank; the SPI, however, has stopped payments from BSS Fund; the RSD consists of 19,000 acres of Rancho Rajneesh, the Lincoln School building in Antelope and a foot-wide strip connecting the two (BB; DWR-26; DWR-1/9/86); it is reported that all 10 non-Indian aides to Bhagwan (including a Canadian cook, British maid, Italian carpenter, German engineer) have been ordered out of India and that 9 had left as of Dec. 16 when their three-week tourist visas expired and were not extended; Ma Prem Hasya, Bhagwan's secretary, is refused a visa extension as of today and said to be forced from India tomorrow (to Katmandu, Nepal?) (O-26; BB-26; DWR-1/2/ 86)
85.12.26 [USDC] [NO.  : Niren says he has not decided how to respond to Judge Leavy's order to reveal the source of his Oct. 26 information about the secret Oct. 23 indictment (O-27; BB-29)
85.12.26 ED[S] The Dalles Weekly Reminder lists "Bhagwan's commune shuts down" as the No. 3 story of the year
85.12.27 [W] [R] [IND] [FAW] It is reported that Bhagwan plans to settle within the next 2 weeks on an island (one of three near Fiji) in the South Pacific, which would be privately owned, not under the control of any government and that he would "make his 'last effort' to build a commune." there or in one of two countries in South America; Bhagwan reportedly criticizes India; "the Indian government reportedly had ordered all its embassies not to give visas to sannyasins." (BB-26; DC-27; O-27; SJ-28; BB-27; O-28; DWR-1/2/86); it is reported that Wayne Fawbush has announced he will seek a new term as state representative and not challenge US Representative Bob Smith for a seat in Congress (O); feature article on new religions who seek to recruit Oregonians summarizes "Rajneeshism" and others (O); Halsey Gold and Silver company in eastern Oregon has minted 2,500 gold coins with Bhagwan's picture in chains and the words "We bagged the Bhagwan -- October 28, 1985" and is selling them for from $11-20 each (BB)
85.12.27 ED[S] Worcester, MA Worcester Telegram names Bhagwan as one of the newsmakers of the year
85.12.28 [W] [R] [IND] The members of the Religion Newswriters Association select Bhagwan and the closure of R as the No. 9 news story in the nation in 1985 (SJ); the Center for Population Research and Census at Portland State University estimates a W County net population loss recently of 500 persons (O); Bhagwan says India has bowed to US pressure (from the Senate) in preventing him from forming a commune there (RG-29; BB-29; SJ-29)
85.12.29 [W] [R] The Associated Press poll names "Rajneeshees" the No. 1 story in Oregon in 1985 (RG; SJ-30; O-31); The Oregonian sums the 1985 R story and runs an ad for its 10 page special section which will run on Dec. 30 on R; Fiji says Bhagwan has not applied for a residency permit there, but about 60 of its islands are privately owned and about 10 of those are big enough for a commune (O-30; RG-30)
85.12.30 [W] [R] [A] [CNCL] Ad for sale of the ranch in Dec. 27 Wall Street Journal is said to have triggered a lot of calls; the asking price is $40 million (BB; SJ-31; DC-31; O-31); the new A Secretary-Ttreasurer is appointed; the A Council hires an attorney to tell them the advantages and disadvantages of disincorporation and officials sign the Antelope Episcopal Church and 6 lots back into ownership of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon; in return, the Diocese donates the lot that the fire hall sits on to A; the Diocese says the court battle for the church has cost them $12,000- 15,000; the W County Sheriff will see to the sale of weapons belonging to A (DC-17; DC-31; BB-31); The Oregonian 10-page special section on R, entitled "On the road again": lists names, ages, charges, custody dates, status of cases and penalties for Bhagwan and 34 sannyasins; prints chronology of major events at R; sums developments in 1985; sums Sheela's "dirty tricks"; profiles Niren; details developments since September
85.12.30 [LUBA] [NO.  : Due to more depositions and tesitmony LUBA delays its ruling on the Cantrell issue and R incorporation until Feb. 17; following all testimony 1000 Friends, W County and Cantrell will submit post-hearing briefs in response to LUBA questions; R attorneys file a new appeal challenging the deletion of R from the W County Comprehensive Plan (DC)
85.12.31 [W] [R] It is reported that sales at R ceased on Dec. 29 to take inventory and give staff a break and will resume again on Jan. 2 (O; SJ)
85.12.31 ED[S] The Oregonian columnist mentions Sheela

1986 - 1990

date event
86.01.03 Rajneesh flies from India to Nepal
86.01.19 Brochure asking $40 million sale price for Ranch is circulated
86.01.24 Antelope sets June 24 disincorporation election
86.01.31 German legal process to extradite Sheela, Puja, Shanti Bhadra to US is completed
86.02.06 Sheela, Puja, Shanti Bhadra arrive in Portland
86.02.07 The three appear in federal court to plead on immigration violation charges and in W County Court to plead on charges of attempted poisoning of Rajneesh's doctor
86.02.16 Rajneesh flies from Nepal to Crete
86.03.05 Rajneesh deported from Greece
86.03.06 Rajneesh's plane refused permission to land and/or stay in the following countries: France, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, England
86.03.07 Rajneesh arrives in Ireland, is rumored to have flown on to Antigua or Bermuda but does not, neverthe- less governments say he is not welcome in either country
86.03.14 LUBA sends Rajneeshpuram land use case back to W County for redetermination on whether land useful for farming but rejects invalidation of city on grounds of Wasco County Commissioner's failure to declare potential conflict of interest
86.03.19 Rajneesh flies from Ireland via Senegal to Uruguay
86.03.19 Sheela indicted for The Dalles salmonella poisoning
86.04.17 Rajneesh granted one year temporary residency visa in Uruguay
86.05.15 Multnomah County Commissioners vote to buy Hotel Rajneesh in Portland as a work-release center for $1.6 million
86.06.05 Uruguayan government refuses to grant Rajneesh a permanent residency visa and orders him to leave by the end of the month
86.06.09 State Senator LB Day of Salem suggests that Rancho Rajneesh be purchased and converted into minimum security prison
86.06.19 Rajneesh flies from Uruguay to Brazil to Jamaica
86.06.21 Jamaica tells Rajneesh he is not welcome and he flies to Portugal
86.06.24 Antelope votes to stay incorporated by 18 to 10
86.07.13 Wasco County residents have celebration to dedicate $12,000 memorial statue of Antelope on courthouse lawn
86.07.22 Sheela, Puja and Shanti Bhadra agree to plea bargaining arrangement: Sheela pleads guilty to wiretapping, immigration fraud, salmonella poisoning, attempted murder of Rajneesh's physician, first-degree assault on County Judge Hulse and second-degree assault on Commissioner Matthew, first-degree arson on Wasco Planning Office, and is sentenced to 4 1/2 to 20 years in federal prison, fined and charged restitution of $469,353.31, $200,000 of which is payable immediately, and given five years of probation to be served abroad (deportation upon release from prison); Puja pleads guilty to wiretapping, salmonella, attempted murder of Rajneesh's physician, first-degree assault on Hulse and second-degree assault on Matthew, is sentenced to 4 1/2 to 15 years and three years probation during which time she could leave the US; Shanti Bhadra pleads guilty to attempted murder of Rajneesh's physician and is sentenced to 1 1/2 to 10 years (see The Dalles Chronicle, July 22 for details); US Attorney, when "Asked if the big fish hadn't gotten away, Turner said the government did not have sufficient evidence to convict Rajneesh of other charges.... 'We felt if he left the country, the movement would disband,' (Statesman-Journal, July 23)
86.07.24 Price of Ranch goes down to $28.5 million
86.07.29 Rajneesh flies to Bombay, India
86.08.06 Court of Appeals rules Rajneeshpuram incorporation invalid because of Wasco County Commissioner's undeclared potential conflict of interest, but not invalid on land use questions
86.08.15 Attorney General settles racketeering lawsuit with Rajneesh corporations' agreements to pay up to $5.5 million to fund for victims of salmonella poisoning
86.10.19 Laguna Beach Center sold for $900,000
86.11.24 Ex-Mayor of Rajneeshpuram, Krishna Deva, sentenced to 2 years in federal prison starting no later than Jan. 12 and fined $5000, in spite of US Attorney's and Oregon Attorney General's appeals that he be given probation for acting as a government witness
87.01.05 Rajneesh settles at Poona ashram, Rajneeshdham
87.04.01 (1987 April: date unknown) Sheela and Puja denied parole
87.06.18 Shanti Bhadra paroled, returns to Australia
87.09.09 Oregon Supreme Court decides that Wasco County Commissioner's failure to declare a potential conflict of interest does not invalidate the incorporation of Rajneeshpuram
87.12.11 Rajneesh too ill to appear for 56th birthday celebration, 6000 disciples attend from 15 countries; charges that he was poisoned by US authorities in Oklahoma jail follow
88.01.11 Connecticut General Life Insurance Co., holder of the principal mortgage on Rancho Rajneesh files a foreclosure action in Wasco County Circuit Court
88.02.18 Convicted killer says he considered a request from Oregon ranchers to bomb buildings and roads at Rancho Rajneesh
88.03.14 Sheela is returned to Wasco County for a debtors exam since she has only paid $200,000 in fines; 1000 Friends of Oregon appeals the Rajneeshpuram incorporation on land use grounds to the US Supreme Court
88.05.19 US Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal of Rajneeshpuram land use case, thus reaffirming the incorporation in this regard once and for all
88.07.07 Ore National Guard says it may turn Rancho Rajneesh into a training site
88.09.10 150 sannyasins hold goodbye party/reunion at Rancho Rajneesh
88.12.02 Rancho Rajneesh purchased at sheriff's auction by Connecticut General Life Insurance Co. for amount it is owed on mortgage ($3.76 million) plus interest on unpaid balance, $4.5 million total
88.12.13 Sheela released and deported to Germany
88.12.29 Rajneesh drops the title Bhagwan; Puja is returned to half way house in Portland
89.01.00 During 1989 Osho develops new meditations "The Mystic Rose", "No Mind", gives discourses intermittently due to health problems
89.02.27 Disciples officially vote to call Rajneesh Osho, which means "harmonious expansion of consciousness" and "oceanic"
90.01.19 Osho leaves his body