Come Follow Me Vol 3 ~ 08

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event type discourse
date & time 18 Dec 1975 am
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Poona
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 19min. Quality: good.
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video Not available
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shorttitle FOLL308
Reader of the questions: n/a; questions are being read by Osho himself.
Question 1
I often desire to have an isolated, secure place to allow surrender. Meditations several hours a day going deeper and deeper without distraction. As I understand, most yoga masters teach that withdrawal from the world is necessary for a period of time, once kundalini starts rising, until one is finally established in samadhi; at which time one can really be in the world, but not of it. Your teaching seems to be different: To engage in the world while the transformation is occurring. If this is so, how do I avoid the distraction of maya before I clearly see the reality?
Question 2 from Paritosh
Osho: You are the only man, if I can call you man, whom I have loved without reservation. With other men I have always wanted to challenge, or overcome. But I had to surrender to you without even offering a token resistance. Now, through your love, you are introducing me to Jesus for the really first time. My deep gratitude for this grace. Is it easier, at least in the beginning, for women -- as potential mothers and lovers -- to come to Jesus? Does man come to him through his feminine?


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