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The phenomenon of Osho, or if you prefer Rajneesh, is of a magnificence rarely seen on this Earth. And we were there!

If that is also your experience, then we urge you to join in documenting all that happened and that made our lives such a blessing.

Especially if you have memories related to Osho's work, his words, the music, and all the multi-faceted energy that sprung up around him, please share those memories. In this way, Osho will be a beacon for those that come after us.


With any idea, about any subject, you can write to us, and we will try to work out a good way together with you to present your contribution. Just send an email to Rudra. (But remember that Osho has said that he will not be channeled by anyone ;-)

You can also get your own account to add to this Wiki. We are a closely working team, everyone comments on the work of the others, and in this way, we make a well-wrought documentation of Osho's work. Please have a look at Help:Contents to get your account.

Anyway, if you are being mentioned in this Wiki, please do make page about yourself. That can be small, just giving some details about you and your sannyas, or it can be big, with your stories. (A very nice example of the big option is the page of Sw Anand Nivedano.)


One area were we are still seriously falling short is the Hindi work. We do all we can in this area, but the present editors do not speak Hindi.

If you speak and write Hindi, or if you know someone who does and loves Osho, please talk to them and to us.

Missing Music

Do you have old audio tapes in the attic? We suspect there must be many recordings of songs and celebrations that we have not been able to find. Can you help?

Please have a look at Category:Missing Music.

Laxmi about preserving Osho's legacy

Ma Yoga Laxmi, in her biography The Only Life was asked in 1994 (shortly before her death):

'Have you any complaints or wishes?' asked another friend.
'Laxmi has no complaints but a non-serious observation and one wish only'
'Laxmi's wish is that His work be properly archived and protected, tapes that are missing be searched for and found. He once told Laxmi, "I only have my words." His words are the work, the only life that Laxmi has. Oh yes! Another wish, khichdi for lunch.'