Dang Dang Doko Dang ~ 04

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event type discourse
date & time 14 Jun 1976 am
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Poona
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 43min. Quality: good.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle DANG04
Reader of the questions: n/a; questions are being read by Osho himself.
Question 1
'Happiness is not being smart enough to know what to worry about.' Please comment.
Question 2
During my dancing meditation I kept having flashes about what you said concerning the society, drugs, etc. And wondering that now that I am intoxicated by the ultimate drug, you, Osho, can anyone take that away from me? Bring me down from that eternal high?
Question 3
I kept wondering what you meant about our having to go astray -- wondering what I would have to do, and then suddenly realised, we are astray.
Question 4
Osho, I have fallen in love with Chuang Tzu, with Joshu, with Mumon, with Bodhidharma. How can I not follow them? I feel already they have transformed me. How can I not be thankful?
Question 5
I have got a future-ego. It keeps telling me what a super person I am going to turn out to be in a few years' time when I am finished with this trip. It is very smug and in the meantime, like right now, it is pretending to be so humble, so malleable, so adaptable, and so untouchable. Could you help me to get at it? It is bugging me.
Question 6
Yesterday in your discourse you said that one has to choose the path best suited to one's temperament -- either the path of meditation or the path of the heart -- but I do not feel both paths to be totally separate. Can one travel a path that is somehow a fusion of the two?
Question 7
Are you the trick or the treat?


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