Dhyan: Ek Vaigyanik Drishti (ध्यान : एक वैज्ञानिक दृष्टि)

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Chapter 1 later published as ch.2 of Hasiba Kheliba Dhariba Dhyanam (हसिबा खेलिबा धरिबा ध्यानम्).
Appendix includes second part of q.2 of ch.11 of Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार).
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
Jan 10, 1971 : timeline
number of discourses/chapters
1 + appendix   (see table of contents)


Dhyan: Ek Vaigyanik Drishti (ध्यान : एक वैज्ञानिक दृष्टि)

Year of publication : Jul 1972
Publisher : Jeevan Jagriti Kendra
ISBN : none
Number of pages : 32
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :

table of contents

edition 1972.07
chapter titles
event location duration media
1 ध्यान : एक वैज्ञानिक दृष्टि 10 Jan 1971 am Shanmukhanand Hall, Bombay 0h 55min audio
ध्यान-मंदिर 25 Feb 1970 am
(here is only second part of q.1)
Bombay 0h 42min audio