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(Amelia Campbell aka Ma Dhyan Prasada aka Dhyan Prasada Ananda Dakini)

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I was born in Burslem in Staffordshire, UK in 1975 and took sannyas in 1983 aged 7 in Rajneeshpuram.

In 2012 I completed a Clinical Complementary Therapies Foundation Degree at Staffordshire University and now offer

Utopia Events in Staffordshire and Cheshire and Deep Awakening One to One's by Skype, Phone or in Person.
Darshan, Satsang & Sannyas in Congleton, Cheshire & Stoke, Staffordhire and
Awakening Love Retreats in Congleton, Cheshire & Arillas, Corfu.

Be aware that everything will be interpreted through mind, but that is where the confusion happens. Then it is really difficult to see the truth, once you start believing the story about it, you are lost in it. Go beyond the story, investigate what’s always available. Who is it that is dependant on a story? Who are you without a story?
The veil of illusion is the misidentification with the body, with separation a separate “you”. When someone views themselves as only the body, then they fall into a pattern of suffering. Believing this is mine or that is mine. :Attachment is formed.
This suffering which is rooted in attachment needs to be recognised in order to see the reality of it. What effort is needed? This creates the seeker, one who is looking for answers. This is the ripeness of the fruit, for the blossoming.
The Master knows it is all happening by itself, life is happening, Awakening is happening. The silent infinite being remains realised or unrealised. What a blessing!
Sitting with a Master, the fragrance can be recognised and truth can be remembered. Illusion is the greatest amnesia or forgetting of God.
Every moment is an opportunity for Realisation. It can happen with effort or no effort, Truth is there was never any effort...an apparent appearance of effort. God is.
Whatever one does or does not do, Awakening is happening...grace is happening.
Love is happening. God is.
Then like a happy accident you realise that you are not what you think you are. Life is not what you thought it was and a deeper infinite truth starts to embody within you, as you. God is realised within your own being.
Then God looks out of “your” eyes and see’s God everywhere. Consciousness playing with consciousness. You are home.
Life is for your awakening.
It is the compassion of the Master to end suffering and show you the way home.
It’s come to my attention out of the Silence that I have a rare pure gift to share with others. This gift is the grace of enlightenment or awakening. Through my own Self-Realisation I hold the frequency to facilitate deep awakening in others.
However I realise that some people do not even know what awakening is, let alone are ready for it or want it.
Who in their right mind wants to honestly drop their identity, suffering and cosy little life as they know it? Who is ready for that really?
Most people are so addicted to their suffering it’s like a comfort blanket for the poor me. It feels better to suffer than to reach out.
It’s better to join the human conditioning of pain - medication | intoxication | avoidance than to sit with it.
Well I am here by the grace of God, to show you another way, a way to empower your own being. A new way to live and to realise your innate freedom. Who will take it seriously though? Who will step forward to be burnt by the flame of truth? Who is willing to give up what they know and who they think they are?
Do you want a life of freedom? Or do you want to remain trapped forever, because it’s more comfortable?
Society has created comforts in all kinds of forms. Do you want to live life through a story that never happened or do you want to see the divine brightness of divinity all around you?
Enlightenment is not about achieving something so you can be “happy” 24/7. It’s about bringing truth, bringing God into being through your form. The reason this is so important is because we live in a moving, changing, becoming and expanding universe and you are the key to a new way of being.
You are the changeless manifesting forms, light and beingness. Through the chaos through the mess you will always find the treasure if you look for it.
God can only come to know its Self through many and you are that. You are the many divine expressions of God, the One.
Living an awakened life is a responsibility. A responsibility for creating a new paradigm, a new earth, one that is lead from the heart instead of the head.
If you do nothing else in this one wild wild life I suggest you look more deeply within your own being and question everything.
I have chosen to be here at this time, to assist, empower and liberate you as you wish, but you must be sincere in your efforts. I am not here to play games I am here to awake you up to your true nature and if you call on me I will come to your assistance.
My heart is pure, my life’s mission is truth, my greatest achievement is your openness to freedom and your ultimate liberation and empowerment.

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