Don t Take It Seriously

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Contemporary, Fifties take-off
Composed by Ma Anand Savita
Lyrics and direction
>> A,  A D A,  A,  D A,  A G,  G F# E,  E C#m,  C#m Bm A
>> In circle, face a partner

Don't make it heavy
When you could take it lightly

>> Facing your partner, dance freely together 
   as playfully as you can.

Don't take it seriously,
Fill it with song.

>> Mimmick the most serious posture you can come up with
   (could be angry, deadpan...) and stop frozen in that position.
   Feel the seriousness totally as you sing without moving,
   looking at your partner.

Life's full of laughter
When you balance it rightly.

>> Playfully jump back to life taking hands in the circle,
   and skip to the center.

When Zorba's a buddha,

>> Turn to your partner, take both hands and skip back out.

You can't go wrong

>> Swing round half a turn with your partner leaving them behind
   going the other way. Face your new partner.

Source: Cover text

Wild Dances and Silent Songs

Sw Ramananda
Ma Satyam
Ma Anand Savita
Sw Jalal
Ma Anand Savita

Audio - full length

10 2:54