Dynamics of Meditation ~ 06

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event type interview
date & time 22 Oct 1971
location Bombay
language English
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Description of this chapter in Dynamics of Meditation (1973) #6: "Text of an interview with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh by seekers from India and abroad, in Bombay, India." Chapter title: "Kundalini and Meditation"
Reader of the questions: unknown.
Question 1
I have had a little study of anatomy, and through practice of meditation and yoga I do believe that the "kundalini" and "chakras" are there. Would you explain further where in the body is the kundalini located and how it works? Can it be harmful? If I know, it will help me in my meditation.
Question 2
It seems to me that meditation is only a fragment of the whole movement of the conscious awareness. But on the other hand, the practice of sitting itself seems to play an important part. So I wonder if you could shed some light on what exactly is the relationship between the active and passive parts of meditation?

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