Early Talks ~ 02

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event type discourse
date & time 1 Oct 1969 pm
location Pahalgam
language English
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shorttitle EARLY02
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Reader of the questions: unknown.
Question 1
What is your mission in life? And what method should we use to fulfill this mission?
Question 2
When you say that knowledge is a hindrance to the awakening of man, then what type of knowledge are you awakening in him? Do you want man to be illiterate?
Question 3
That is knowledge about religious things only?
Question 4
But is there knowledge also imparted by somebody?
Question 5
How is that a hindrance?
Question 6
Then we should not read books about...?
Question 7
It is said, "As you think, so you become." If one thinks of the real self....?
Question 8
Knowing oneself will be thinking it.
Question 9
Awareness... Is it always something in contact with others?
Question 10
Aware of what?
Question 11
Would it be just like objective....?
Question 12
When you come subjectively?
Question 13
How do you define, atma chintan?
Question 14
Then, the words atma sakshatkar have no meaning for you?
Question 15
Buddha says "no atman"...
Question 16
Mahavira says there is atman.
Question 17
Up till now we have heard you on Mahavira and Buddha, or on the atman. Can you enlighten us about Christ's of the atman? Has he given any light on this?
Question 18
He also came to a state of enlightenment himself?
Question 19
What about Krishna?
Question 20
What does he say about this?
Question 21
The ultimate means....?
Question 22
What is your philosophy?
Question 23
So, when you experience something then you can define it, certainly?
Question 24
The drawing may differ, but the expression can be shared...?
Question 25
But it cannot be wrong? The expression...?
Question 26
... Express it falteringly?
Question 27
Jesus has said that those who have ears, let them hear. What does he mean by that?
Question 28
That realization state?.... How to avoid thinking while remaining in the world, and knowing your own self?
Question 29
Then, the majority of people are wasting their time in worldly affairs, doing this and doing that... going to the moon?


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