Empty Heart

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Sw Prabhu Miten
Lyrics and chord notation
>>capo 5th fret

  riff around the notes:
C - E - F - A - G 
So many roads I’ve wandered. 

Dm      C               F             G     
Only to find out they all lead to my door

Dm          C        F 
So I don’t have to search no more

Am               Dm      Am 
I take the water to the thirsty

Am        G           F 
I sing my song to the empty sky

Am         Dm               Am       G 
I know the rains they have heard me cry. 

             C     F               C       F           
I’ve got this empty heart - that i can’t explain 

    Am         G        F 
No longing for love, no sweet pain 

   C       F             C        F 
No voice I hear - In the still of night 

         Am    Am/G   F 
Just an empty heart, full of light 

Am        G  F 
Resting in emptiness 
Resting in emptiness 
Resting in emptiness 

Satsang: A Meditation with Deva Premal and Miten

Sw Prabhu Miten
Ma Deva Premal
Sw Praful (bansuri)
Reiff Jnr (guitar)
2002? by Rajrishi and Simon Greeves.


02 5:04