Energy Darshan and Interview Sw Anand Rajen (2018)

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“Wild it was, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Coming out of the 60's, Osho's Poona ashram in the 70's was maybe the most liberating, creative, mind-blowing, consciousness-raising and spiritually awakening adventure to be found on the planet. What a ride! - from sex and drugs and rock'n'roll into sex and meditation and dancing our rocks off, while Osho (Bhagwan as he was in those years) pulled the rug out from under us every time our feet touched the ground. Ah, and THE WORK, for we who lived in the ashram; 8 days a week and no bitching about it. Surrender, celebration, transformation. The magic and the mystery of it all was literally beyond words, and that's where He took us.
Am I still a sannyasin? No, at the end of Oregon I knew in my soul that I had to let go. For 4 years then I was exiled, persona non gratis to many of my old sannyasin friends, and during those years alternately invited and vilified by Osho - until two astonishing things happened, one on the day he left his body, the other 3 weeks later.
Now, 28 years later, no matter the dark side that finally destroyed Rajneeshpuram - our home, our commune, the utopia we built in the wild wild country of Oregon - I live in the light and the love with which he illuminated my being, and that of so many others too. I have to thank Netflix for showing what it is like to spend all of life fixed inside the little box of one's conditioning, never emerging from it, and sitting in self-assured judgement of all that cannot be comfortably contained within its rigid walls and low ceiling. I don’t see any more important personal quest than the one that liberates us from that box. It gives me some hope, in our extremely polarised world, that Osho's legacy is still inspiring so many - especially young people - to embark on their awakening odysseys.
PS: I'm going to talk about my years with Osho next Monday in London. The post below this one tells you all about it."
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This video shows the energy Darshan and a TV-interview of Sw Anand Rajen now known as Alan Lowen in the Poona Ashram in the 1970s. Part of the interview is also seen in the video A Deeper Truth - Alan Lowen (Sw Anand Rajen) (2018).
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Publisher: Alan Lowen
Published: Jun 11, 2018

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