Flight of the Alone to the Alone (interviews) ~ 01

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event type interview
date & time 16 Aug 1970 pm
location Bombay
language English
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shorttitle ALONE01
On the CD-ROM, this discourse was published as Early Talks ch.11 - no time or place, title= Man & Man.
The CD-ROM then says: "This discourse is published as Part 3, Chapter 2 of The Mind of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh." Editor: This is not correct, this text has not been found in that book. The first three questions are the text of Flight of the Alone to the Alone (interviews) ch.1, the rest is unidentified.
An interview with Acharya Rajneesh by a French seeker, Dr. (Miss) C. Guinebert, Paris (France) on 16-8-1970, at Bombay. (Source: Flight of the Alone to the Alone (interviews).)
Question 1
Acharyaji, will you please explain to me, what do you mean by Yoga, Yogi and Meditation?
Question 2
You cannot talk in terms of Oneness when there is no two. Is it the mind that creates duality?
Question 3
Is sleep a state of loneliness?

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