From Bondage to Freedom ~ 08

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event type discourse
date & time 22 Sep 1985 am
location Rajneesh Mandir, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 1min. Quality: good.
Live music after the discourse.
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video Available, duration 2h 4min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle BONDAG08
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Hasya.
Question 1
Beloved master, is Christianity the only religion that has caused sex perversion?
What do you say about hinduism?
Question 2
Beloved master, why are there so many German sannyasins who come here year by year for a couple of months and totally refuse to go into one of the European communes?
Why is the atmosphere in Germany so hostile that we are not allowed to go into the streets alone, even in daytime?
How can we live with this hostility?
Here I have the possibility of being alone.
I love the space here, and nature surrounding me. Germany is tight and the communes are in the cities.
Please comment.
Question 3
Beloved master, in the past few days you have repeatedly discussed the need to support the former "moms." You keep on reminding the rest of us that we are responsible for Sheela, we allowed her to do what she did.
These moms are the same ones who threatened me for three years to either do what they told me to -- surrender to you, they told me -- or leave.
I, and many of us, without knowing all the facts, stayed on to be with you and help create what we were told was your vision.
Now you condemn us for staying here, that we must keep these very same people in their power positions. I do not understand why we cannot love these moms and still they could not become more assimilated and live with the rest of us; and new, fresh people do what these moms had been doing.
Please explain.


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