From Death to Deathlessness ~ 03

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event type discourse
date & time 4 Aug 1985 am
location Rajneesh Mandir, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 37min. Quality: good.
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video Available, duration 1h 44min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle DLESS03
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Savita.
Question 1
Beloved Osho, I trust you unconditionally. At the same time, I don't believe you. Can you speak about trust and belief?
Question 2
Beloved Osho, I have been a sannyasin for one year, and feel like a kangaroo who has to make big jumps to follow you. Today, I was shocked to read that you had said you may not remain celibate when you are healthy again. I thought you had said that an enlightened person has transcended sex. Yet, I know how beautiful it is to make love. Why do I feel so confused?
Please comment.
Question 3
Beloved Osho, like yours, my tastes are simple: I like the best. However, I take this to the extreme, and want the ultimate in everything -- and not only in material things. I want, especially with women, each meeting, each love affair to be the perfect, ultimate experience. Consequently I remain separate, miss much, and make myself miserable. Please comment.
Question 4
Beloved Osho, if the brain of an enlightened man was transplanted into an ordinary man, would he start behaving like an enlightened man? Would he experience enlightenment?
Question 5
Beloved Osho, could it be possible for scientists to develop enlightened people in a test-tube?
Question 6
Beloved osho, I have often heard the expression: When a woman says no, she means yes. But in this commune, it does not seem to be true. In your discourse the other day, however, it seemed that you are not against these games. Can you please comment?


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