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event type discourse
date & time 19 Dec 1984 pm
location Lao Tzu Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Missing, said to be destroyed.
online audio
video Missing, said to be destroyed.
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shorttitle IGNOR20
CD-ROM on this chapter: "The tapes of this discourse were erased the day after it was given, this transcription appeared a week later."
The original tapes were erased by Sheela the following day, because it attacked the powerbrokers in Rajneeshpuram.
Chapter 20 of From Ignorance to Innocence is a reproduction of the censored transcript, which was published a week later in the Rajneesh Times.
Sw Anand Parmartha says on SannyasNews 20 Apr 2011
Those few who were not part of Sheela’s circle who heard the discourse recall that Osho called for autonomous centres and communes again, and not ones merged with the Ranch organisation – as had increasingly happened since 1983. He also said that no-one could henceforth claim they were speaking on his behalf. (A common trick by Sheela and her group).
Finally he underlined that he was not intending sannyasins to be left under any kind of 'Fascist Regime'.
According to Sw Prem Rajesh (The Day We Got Guns, pages 182 - 184), he erased the tapes with a batch-eraser, on command of Ma Yoga Vidya, one of Sheela's lieutenants. See Rajesh's page for a download of this book:
Vidya: "Rajesh... Sheela says do it. The tapes are politically volatile. You know our dilemma. We have to lie to the government to survive, and then Bhagwan turns around and publicly contradicts us. We can't save the commune with him telling the whole truth."
Rajesh: "But..."
Vidya: "It's your American legal system that can't cope with the truth. And we have copies, minus the embarrassing parts. It's a few sentences, here and there, that we'll lose. We already know what Bhagwan says- he never fucking shuts up. He's published more books than anyone in history. Just erase these six tapes. You can do it with your machines."
Rajesh: "Okay."
Sw Devakant in In the Eye of the Hurricane:
Suddenly, without warning, Osho began speaking again after 3 years of silence, in a room up at his house, for a select group of about 20 disciples each night! I was given the job to get the transcript of the raw unedited discourse the next morning and find out what He was actually talking about: the topic, that is. This is no small task. I had been acquainted with Osho’s energy, that silent glow inside me that it provoked, and now I was to become acquainted with His mind, which was no less a marvel to me.
I would sort through all the words of a discourse lasting two hours, find the thread between the sentences that was the actual answer to the question, and would send that off to the Library of Congress to be copyrighted, each day. (...)
One day, in the discourse I was editing, I came upon the fateful words: and I paraphrase here: “Before I go I am not going to leave you in the hands of a fascist gang. If anybody is doing anything against the spirit of rebellion in the commune it is not going against the commune to stand up and confront it. It is upholding the rebellious spirit of freedom that the commune is based on”.
Reading those words, I felt as if a bomb had gone off inside me. That night, instead of showing that discourse to the commune in the Buddha hall like all the other nights, the message was given by Sheela that the master tape had been damaged in the recording. My ‘shit-detector’ was ringing loud and clear within my brain.The tape obviously hadn’t been damaged, because here I had read the typed transcription of it that morning, done by somebody in Osho’s house who obviously had listened to the tape. It was a bald-faced lie. Osho was telling us all to stand up to Sheela’s fascism, and Sheela is claiming the tape did not get recorded. This is fascism, pure and simple. The commune leaders were murdering truth, they had claimed the master tape destroyed to keep us from hearing that message about THEM, and were covering their tracks in the process. A coup was happening, a silent strangling of the Voice of Truth. I secretly copied the words and stashed them out of sight of my boss, sharing them with closest friends, and watched the signs of the growing and fast-approaching calamity.
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Question 1
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