Gently Bowing Down

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Sw Deva Subodha
Lyrics and chords
>> NB verse and chorus order is flexible

Am                    Em
You are just the music of an empty sky

      Am                           E4  E
Your heart is beating harmonies of joy

Am                       Em
You have turned my sorrow into golden wings

     Am                                E4  E
The desert turns to garden when you're near

Am                   Em
You have put my notes into a symphony

   Am                      E4  E
A song out of a cry of misery

Am                 Em
You are my beloved, you're my own true friend

      Am                              E4  E
This love for you could never find an end

And as this yes comes to my lips

Fmj7        E            Am
My head is gently bowing down

E       Am
Bowing down

Source: Sarlo's Songs in the Key of Osho. See: Notes on chord notation.     

Ocean of Joy

Sw Deva Subodha: Acoustic guitars, voices
Chintan Schmidt-Relenberg: Keyboards, programming, percussion, bass
Tobias Schmidt-Relenberg: Saxophones
Sw Prem Joshua: Bamboo flutes
Franco Morone: Solo acoustic guitars
Rishi Vlote: drums
Winter 2000/2001 at Studio Palazzo, Italy by Chintan; arranged and produced by Chintan Schmidt-Relenberg

Audio - full length

07 6:39