Georgie Lasso

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Traditional African song of love and marriage

Traditional South African
Lyrics and direction
>> D,  D,  G,  A,  D,  D,  G,  A
>> Playful chance for women to act out women's roles -
   from flirting to nagging and anything in between - and for the men to respond.
   Two circles with women on the outside facing inwards 
   and men on the inside facing them.
   If you do not have enough to make two circles, 
   this can also be done with partners within one circle. 
   Keep eye contact:

>> Women sing:
Georgie Lasso

>> Facing a partner in the other circle and taking one step towards him,
   the woman mimes, exaggerating as much as possible any female role that comes to mind. 
   The men take one step backward.
   Let the mime act change with each dance.

>> Men sing:
Georgie Lasso

>> Men respond with an equally exaggerated gesture taking one step towards the women
   while the women step backward.

>> Women:
Waizin da-bar

>> Men:
Zum-a-lassi zum-a-lassi

>> Women:
Wen du yaba naigar

>> Men:
Wen du yaba naigar

>> Women:
Waizin da-bar

>> Men:
Zum-a-lassi zum-a-lassi

>> Above alternates from women to men repeating the movements throughout the song.
   After last line both men and women take one step to the left
   and each will be facing a new partner.
Source: Cover text.

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