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Who are the people in these images below? If you can supply new names or corrections for anyone here, please let us know, either by editing yourself -- Help:Contents if needed -- or writing to a regular wiki editor.

This is the beginning of a new page concept in the wiki, so it may go through some changes ... For now, we are making a modest start, with pictures of decent-sized groups from the Bombay days, 1970-74, where at least several people are unknown. The page may grow or branch out to include other eras and criteria.

Image Comments, names currently known
Photo from Woodland, likely early 1971.
Standing, from left: Dr. Ram Chandra Prasad (Patna), Sw Krishna Kabeer, Ma Veet Sandeh, Ma X, Sw Yoga Siddhartha, Ma Anand Meera (Sushila Tapadia), Jayendra Lashkari, Ma Krishna Karuna, Ma Y, plus three guys further back in shadows: far left Sw Krishna Saraswati (behind Krishna Kabeer).

Sitting, from left: Ma Yoga Laxmi, Sw Yoga Chinmaya, Osho, Mrs. Nalini Morarji, plus one woman behind Laxmi

Photo probably from Woodland, likely early 1971.
Standing, from left: Ma Krishna Karuna, Dr. Ram Chandra Prasad (Patna), two unknowns, possibly Ma Veet Sandeh, plus three guys further back in shadows.

Sitting, from left: unknown Sw, Sw Krishna Saraswati, unknown Sw, Osho, Ma Yoga Taru, Ma Yoga Bhagwati

Photo from Woodland, probably 1971, > Mar; counter-clockwise from bottom left:
1) Ma Tao ( California), 4) Sw Krishna Saraswati, 7) Ma Yoga Yasha, 12) Ma Dharm Jyoti 13) Ma Priya, 15) Ma Yoga Maya, 17) Sw Sardar Gurudayal Singh, 23) Sw Yoga Siddharth (Jayantibhai's nephew), 24) Ma Yoga Bhagwati, 31) Ma Veet Sandeh (Sec'y Neo Sannyas International, outside India), 35) Sw Chaitanya Bharti, 36) possibly Sw Krishna Chaitanya (Madhu's husband), 38) Sw Yoga Chinmaya, 39) Ma Yoga Taru, 40) Himmatbhai, 45) Ma Anand Meera (Mrs. Sushila Tapadia), 48) Ma Prema Nivedita (Jeyu)
Photo from Ahmedabad, 6 Dec 1970.
Standing, from left: Sw Anand Amrit, two unknowns, Sw Yog Siddharth, Sw Krishna Kabeer, Sw Chaitanya Bharti, two unknown, Ma Yoga Siddhi (with scarf) (Ma Yoga Meera, Junagadh??), Sw Krishna Chaitanya (Shree Babubhai), Ma Anand Madhu, unknown, Ma Yoga Kranti, mother of Pragya.

Sitting, from left: unknown, Ma Yoga Maya, two unknowns, Osho, Ma Yoga Prem, unknown Ma, Ma Yog Priya, Sw Anand Murti, Ma Yoga Bhagwati, two unknown Sw.

See File:Abhinav Sannyas Book Cover.jpg used as a coverimage on Abhinava Sannyasa (અભિનવ સંન્યાસ) which has same people with sight movements of people. Caption: Caption on Back of front cover of that book. Cover Image: Acharyashri [Osho], inaugural president Swamishri Manuvaryaji and Sannyasis at "Shri Geeta Gyanyagya" organised by Jivan Jagruti Kendra, Ahmedabad.
Group Photographer: Shri Sanat Zaveri (Gujarat Samachar).
Photo from Ahmedabad, May 1971.
Standing, from left: two unknowns, Osho, two unknowns, Sw Krishna Ashish,

Sitting, from left: two unknowns, Rita, 3 unknown, Sumi (Ma ?), Naresh (Sw ?), Ma Anand Bhavna

Photo from Mt Abu, Palace Hotel (Bikaner House)
L to R: Sw Krishna Kabeer, Ma Ananda Pratima, Sw Krishna Saraswati, Ma Ananda Prem, Sw Yoga Chinmaya, two unknowns, Ma Yoga Taru, another unknown, Ma Darshan, Ma Krishna Karuna; sitting with dark glasses is Himmat Bhai, with another unknown
Photo from Golden Temple, Amritsar, 1970
front from left: unknown, Osho, two unknowns;

back from left: all unknown