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Gulabchand Talakchand was a businessman in Rajkot GJ, possibly a jeweller. The two letterheads on two consecutive days suggest Gulabchand was Osho's host in Rajkot before he left on the second day, getting Gulabchand's business stationery on the fly and writing the second letter in transit. More to learn here.

The street name in Gulabchand's business address is no longer found in G**gle Maps, nor is the school (Vidyalaya), but that girls' high school has a history, and is now called Shree Kadvibai Virani Kanya Vidyalaya, on Dhebar Road. Prahlad Plot still exists as a neighbourhood of Rajkot, ~200 m east of Dhebar Road and ~1 km northeast of the school.

Both letterheads have Gulabchand's full name in the upper left, the home font rather more ornate than the business font.

The home letterhead reads in the top right corner:

44, Prahlad Plot,

The business letterhead reads in the top right corner:

                PHONE : 793
Vallabh Kanya Vidyalaya Road
      R A J K O T

Only one letter is known to have been written on each of these letterheads, both to Ma Yoga Sohan:

Letter written on 26 Jul 1965 (home)
Letter written on 27 Jul 1965 (business)