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Also known as Woman Am I.

This song is remembered to be sung in the morning "Sufi Dancing" group, by a participant Ma Prem Neeraj. She writes on Sep 20, 2016:

A very uplifting song (even with all the “I”s — they are going through the song sung with joyfulness — dissolved…….into: "All this “I” am” ………. Amness……..by the end of the number ……….
The circle of participants learned to sing it playfully and joyfully together piece by piece after her, and then along with her as a group.
Though there was usually a dance with the songs I don’t remember it for this one. It seems to me recalling this timeless space/place/time that there was usually movement of the circle/individuals (‘the dance’) that went with each song too but for this song the memory is of the sense of the newness of the experiencing joyousness in the voice, body and group as one energy. We did sing some songs in stillness of a simple unmoving circle of individuals; maybe this was one of those.
The circle each morning was everyday very big and filled the entire hall’s wide circumference; just guessing looking at it in my mind’s eye, there were probably anywhere between 50-100 people each day (it is more a sense than a memory of bodies so truthfully I can’t really say.) I don’t Aneeta personally but I’ll bet she might know the actual numbers while she is young enough to offer them. With Aneeta in the center, sometimes later in the time period mentioned, Anubaahva (spelling?) too there accompanying her on the guitar for most songs, and sometimes a very small group, sometimes only a several of the younger children on campus that day, in the center of the circle too.
I hear Aneeta's voice on a microphone and the singing, as it was encouraging lightness, joyfulness and song and giving the movement of the circle dance so melodically it felt part of the song … easy… and the group enjoying throughly and freely -having a lot of fun with their voice, sound, movement and dance. There was a heartfelt talent on her part for giving permission to let it be and just let go, as a group of happy children might do.
It brings tears of connection to my eyes and love in my heart of gratitude for the experiencing.
This is from memories of 39 years ago (Oct 1977- Feb 1980) : the group happened each morning, as the next event, after Osho’s morning discourse, in that same space, of “Buddha Hall”. I recall the hall as a large simple sailcloth tent with fat long bamboo poles supporting it, and taupe grey coloured large flag-stone flooring. There was a place opposite the entrance of the circular hall where Osho sat with us each day on a dais so that the sometimes many many hundreds of us might be able to see him, sitting Indian style on the stone flooring.
Right after that hall was used for the Dynamic Meditation each morning near 6am (6:30?) Osho was giving, one day an English commentary on a sutra of a master recognized and published as enlightened, and on alternative days responding, playing with, visitors’ and disciples’ questions — and of course always including outrageous personal impressions, stories and jokes to tease, and bringing us into moments of relaxation - tension, frustration - peace, poking -giggling and let go laughing: all a release from the hold of our minds and emotions on our lives into the timelessness of just witnessing. This, is exactly as Osho let’s happen on every video talk, every day right now when we enjoy listening as a meditation.


As remembered how it was sung in "Sufi Dance":

It might have been: "All this I am” as is sung on the YouTube link that sent, but I remember "Oh Yes! I am"…….as in ‘amness' (not sure which). Amness in the “yessing”, joyful in just saying yes, opening and receiving.
Happy am I

Freedom am I

I am the infinite within my soul

I can find no beginning and I can find no end

All this I am  — Alleluia

>> Alternate words in last line:
Oh Yes! I am (with or without Alleluia)

Also see: Aneeta's Sufi Dancing in Poona, nr 25. 

As it is sung on the video quoted below:

Woman am I                            ┐
Spirit am I                           |
I am the infinite within my soul      |
I have no beginning and I have no end |
All this I am                         ┘-2x

Blessed am I                           ┐
Spirit am I                            |
I am the infinite with my soul         |
I have not beginning and I have no end |
All this I am                          ┘-3x

All this I am                           -3x


This song is not known from any album.

Ma Prem Aneeta

Unknown if this was ever recorded. No audio available.



A recent version, said to be by Sweet Honey in the Rock.