Hare Krishna Hare Rama

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Traditional hindi
Lyrics, melody and direction
Hare Krishna    a b c c        Dance freely, loose             Praise Krishna -
Hare Krishna    b a b b        in line of direction            Joy - yin
Hare Krishna    a g a a        alone. Joy & let go.
Hare Krishna    g #f g#f e

Hare Rama       a b c c        Stand facing centre,            Praise Ram -
Hare Rama       b a b b        hands joined, elbows locked,    Consciousness - yang
Hare Rama       a g a a        looking straight to eyes
Hare Rama       g #f g#f e     of someone across circle.

Source: Aneeta's Sufi Dancing in Poona, nr 5.  See Notes on melody notation.
Lyrics and chord notation

Source: Shivananda's Songbook of Joyful Music. See: Notes on chord notation.

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