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Using this wiki

You do not have to be a registered user to view the wiki pages.

If you are not a registered user and need to contact us, just send an email.

Click on any image in the wiki to zoom in to full size.

Blue links work as they do anywhere, red links lead to pages that don't exist but can be created. To create a page you first must have a wiki user account.

Helping with this Wiki

  • If you see errors,
  • have additions, or
  • if you e.g. want to make a Wiki page about yourself,

please send us an email. An editor will make the changes in cooperation with you.

Thank you!

Discussion tab

Q: what are the "discussion" tabs/pages for ?

A: they are a space to discuss the page you are looking at, nothing else. Every page in the wiki has a discussion/talk page attached to it, incl this help page. They are usually used by several authors to discuss changes to the actual page to avoid "editing wars".

Adding new pages

Q: How do I add a new page?

A: first log in to the Wiki with your account. Then:

  • Search for the desired title of your new wiki page (ie. Red Roses) to make sure it isn't already used. Enter the name in the search box at the top right corner ↗ .
  • If the page does not yet exist, you will get Search Results that say : Create the page "Red roses" on this wiki!
  • Click on the link "Red roses". You then get another page called Editing Red Roses.
  • Fill in the page text and Preview the page. When you are happy with it, save it.

Adding personal pages

Q: How do I add my page(s) under the Name, Location or Topic categories?

A: When you edit a page, add at the bottom of the page any number of "category" entries (incl. the square brackets):

For example, the following entries will list "Ma Papaya Pineapple" under "Pineapple" in:

the "Browse by Name" section of the wiki


the "Browse by Location" section under the town of "New York"

[[category:New York|Pineapple]]

and the "Browse by Topic" section under "Computers & Internet"

[[category:Computers & Internet|Pineapple]]

You may list your page under as many Topics as you see fit, but only under one Location.
General articles (non-user-pages) should only be listed under Topics, unless they refer to a specific Location.

New page template

Editors, when entering names with missing info, please make a page for that person. In that way we will all be advised that this person is mentioned in the wiki. To easily make a page using the standard template, click on a "wanted" redlinked name and in the blank edit section just type : {{subst:People}}, save the page and then edit again. At the bottom of the resulting page, remove the comments around [[category:People - to be completed...| ]]. Once the info on the page is more or less complete, change over to proper categories (Names, <towns>, <topics>, etc).

Duplicate names

If you have a name that already exists, or as an editor you have to enter a Ma or Sw with a name that is already in use: put a space and (identifier) behind the page-name, like Ma Papaya Pineapple (Australian) or Sw Papaya Pineapple (author) .

When entering these names on the page, do it like this: [[Ma Papaya Pineapple (Australian) | Ma Papaya Pineapple]]. This way, it still links to the proper page but the "(Australian)" doesn't show.

Name-errors and name-changes

Editors, when you describe a book with the people that worked on it, there may be names that are misspelled or otherwise wrong. In that case, mention the name as in the book, but link to the correct name, and make a remark about the error.

An example is here where Ma Prema Veena is misspelled as Ma Prem Veena. It is handled like this: [[Ma Prema Veena|Ma Prem Veena]].

A different situation is where a person has had a name-change, like with Ma Yoga Vivek --> Ma Prem Nirvano. They get a "redirect" page for the older name, which points to the newest name. In this way all names are found in the people-lists.

Rules for Sannyas-wiki pages

General remarks on editing pages

Rules for books / book editions

Rules for film-pages, including TV broadcasts, YouTube downloads etcetera

Maintenance of Event Pages

Editing of wiki pages in general

How to edit a page

How to layout your pages

Images and other uploaded files

It’s important to check images before uploading them:

  • Resolution should be set between 110dpi - 200dpi. (Modern screen resolution is 110dpi, although Apple Retina screens are pushing that up now)
  • Note that the thumbnail generator is very temperamental and if your image size gets too large, you may not be able get a thumnail. In that case you *must* reduce the image size.
  • Also note that the thumbnail generator will fail with an "Insufficient memory" error if you use Progressive JPEG images. Make sure you only upload Baseline encoded JPEGs!

Magic Words and their use in advanced editing

Much of it is fairly arcane but one particular Magic Word, [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|linktext]] generates a link to the page's Talk/Discussion page, very useful especially when the page name changes. To link back from the discussion page to it's main page: [[{{PAGENAME}}|linktext]].

If you already have some website material that you want to transfer to the wiki, you can convert the website HTML source code at Maksy's site into the MediWiki format.

Searching in the Wiki

For enhanced search options, if you haven't done so already, log in and click on My preferences at the top right corner ↗, then select Appearance and switch to the Vector skin, then select Search options and switch on Enable enhanced search suggestions.

Now, to search, just enter a word or a phrase in the search box at the top right corner ↗ and press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon. If a page has the same title as what you entered, you jump straight to that page. Otherwise, it searches all pages on the wiki. If you don't want to jump straight to the page with that as a title, use the same search terms in a different order.

As you start typing, the wiki may display suggestions under the search box.

The search functionality can be considered to operate on whole words, separated by spaces or punctuation marks. So if your search term includes the word 'book', the results will not include pages that only have the word 'books' or 'booklet'. And if your search term includes the term 'inter', the results will not include pages that only have the word 'international', but they may include pages that have the term 'inter-national'.

The results will only include pages that contain all the words in your search.

You can search for a phrase using double quotes. A phrase can be considered to consist of whole words (case-insensitive), so the phrase 'Prime Minister' will not be found by a search for "ime Min", but it will be found by a search for "pRIME mINISTER".

Alternative to the inbuilt Wiki search, you could use other search engines and restrict the search to our website. This is a sample Google search for the word rose.